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Never let them know your weakness, they will use it against you.


so i just noticed how gay touga and saionji are on the cover of the utena sega saturn game.

just look at them they’re not even trying to hide it


Tal Tal the Cold and Heartless, featuring Wang Yu the Devastated.

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❛ You’re the apple of my eye.❜ (Belle to Evie !!!!!)

shippy meme  |  @immortalxdreamers

she’s left to stare for a moment, entirely taken aback by the other’s words. perhaps they’re playful in nature, but still evie takes them to heart. she’s never had that with her mother. the evil queen only ever cared about her looks, and any compliment or kind word she offered her daughter were about how her well-styled her hair was, or how wonderfully her makeup complemented her features.

belle, however, cared for none of those things. she always encouraged evie to care about more than just her apperance, always nurtured the intellectual side the princess kept hidden for so long. maybe that was why evie was so quick to see her in a MATERNAL light. she still loved her mother deep down, in her own way, but part of her wished she had grown up under belle’s wing instead.

“that was a really bad joke, your highness.” her title’s used as a joke of her own, and immediately evie breaks into quiet laughter, unable to hold back any longer. it’s an unusual sight, a state of happiness she doesn’t often feel, even after coming to auradon. she’s always felt as though she always belonged in the land of princes and princesses, but in that moment evie feels like she’s truly meant to be here, with the queen. “      thank you,” she adds after a moment, tone softer now. “that was the nicest way anyone’s ever compared me to an apple.” her mother’s compliments certainly fell short, ever obsessed with another young girl. “it… means a lot. really.

please remind me to only draw frisk with darla dimple legs


drive references in halsey’s badlands music videos


My brother has a terribly cutie pie of a dog that literally got dumped on his doorstep by someone. He’s in the process of getting her healthy (case of non-contagious mange), but if anyone in the Florida area (he’s in Jacksonville) would like to adopt her, please let me know ASAP.

She gets along extremely well with his other four dogs (all ranging in size), but not sure about children.  She’s pretty much fit in with his family and while he would love to keep her, he doesn’t have the means to do so.  I would keep her myself, but funds and lack of space doesn’t work.  It’s kind of killing us because we hate to see a stray in a bad situation and just want her to have a loving family.

Please signal boost so she can have a loving family to care for her.

He named her Bella.