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LMAO if you’re donating the proceeds to something for charity or research, you make that clear. You explain the percentage and the recipient - that’s kind of the point. Not all charities or research organizations are created equal, as you likely well know. Even legit fundraisers that claim to donate to specific organizations or causes are likely to fudge the numbers for personal profit as often as not. If an individual creates and sells a design for personal gain and makes no claim to do anything with the proceeds, let alone clearly identify recipients, it’s casual and thoughtless exploitation at best, a malicious scam at worst.

no, he just likes sleeping with his eyes open while sitting up

…and Paul? Well, call me crazy, but he lost the wife. I’m certainly not implying anything of a carnal nature here, but to almost all intents and porpoises (as John would have put it), what they had was a marriage.

On the afternoon of July 6, 1957, right across the street from the ossuary of a certain spinster called Eleanor Rigby, an unsuspecting schoolboy named Ivan Vaughn, lad about town, villain of Vale Street and part-time tea chest bassist, took a chubby 15-year-old Paul McCartney to listen to local ‘legends in their own lunchtime’ - the band they called The Quarry Men. The group was headed by a sexy, sardonic closet nice-guy, the almost 17-year-old John Winston Lennon with his £17 guitar.

John and Paul were meant to meet, meant to create and one was designed to play sturm and drang to the other’s yin and yang.

Then on the February 9, 1964, Ed Sullivan shone the proverbial light on the viewing public. The long night was over. The Beatles had conquered America. For the next two and a half years, John and Paul, (together with George and Ringo), would travel, eat, rehearse, write, play, record and “sleep” (again, not literally) together.

—  Paul’s stepsister Ruth McCartney - The Chemistry of Lennon & McCartney   

Baby Cris & Auntie Zen 💙

My day was made when @iamtaylormichelle dropped my little chunky boy off! He was so happy to see me (as you can tell haha!) Who knew this little guy liked selfies? Thanks for letting me babysit him Tay, he kept me active running all around my apartment lmao

Ok I’ll go to bed in a minute, but you know what frustrates me: Moghedien

Like, I adore Moghedien, look at my url. I love and fear and want to protect her and all her evilness, but like, what the hell did she do?

With other Forsaken, we got a general idea of what they did to earn their reputations and their places as Chosen. Moghedien? We know she was some kind of math person, committed vague atrocities that killed a lot of people (like all the Forsaken tbh), and Birgitte really pissed her off that one time. Oh, and she’s real sneaky about it all. But like? What did she actually do? Specifically?

Like some Forsaken are in and out of the series pretty quickly, but Moggy is there for a Long Time and a pretty major player at some points, but her role among the Chosen seems nonexistent at the best of times. So what did she do that made her earn her place not only among them, but with the Dark One?


It makes me so sad that we’ve barely heard noodles voice this phase. We’ve heard murdoc and 2D so much and even Russel for a bit in the live interview. The only time noodle has spoken was for two seconds in the jaguar racing video. Basically I! WANNA! HEAR! NOODLE! TALK!


favorite fancasts: naomi shimada as nina zenik; heartrender

“Poison in his cup?” suggested Nina.

What if noora and yousef are just meeting bc they’re trying to find a way to get money so that the girls can get their own bus?

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everyone loves John, Juniper's thoughts?

I don’t…see why you all like him so much.

He’s loud, annoying, he constantly pops up when you least expect him to - and I don’t know what he has to be so darn happy about all the time. 

He should really try to ground himself and focus a little more on the things around him. And I don’t mean by paying attention to every stranger that says ‘hi’….