she knocks on his door

Remember that time Celaena thought Rowan and Gavriel were lovers?

When we first meet Gavriel Celaena thinks he didn’t get any food, and brought some up to Rowan’s room to give it to him.

“Balancing the heavy tray on her hip, she knocked on his door. The murmuring within went silent, and for a second, she had the mortifying thought that perhaps the male was here for a far more intimate reason. Then someone snapped, "What?” and she eased open the door wide enough to glance in. “I thought you might want some stew and-”

Well, the stranger was half-naked. And lying on his back stop Rowan’s worktable. But Rowan was fully clothed, seated before him, and looking pissed as hell. Yes, she had certainly walked in on something private.“

  • *a crime scene*
  • Greg: *shaking his head* This is wrong.
  • John: *shrugs* I know but what can we do?
  • Baby Holmes: *trots past, waving Sherlock's magnifying glass; giggling madly*
  • Sherlock: *following; rambling about soil samples*
  • Greg: *rubs the back of his neck* Molly's going to kill him.
  • John: *nods* She's knows what she got into, though.
  • Baby Holmes: *points at the corpse* Deaded!
  • Sherlock: *beaming with pride, scoops her up and gives her a big kiss* That's my clever girl!
  • Greg: *sighs* He's not even sorry, is he?
  • John: Nope.
  • Sherlock: *approaching, his daughter now strapped to his chest; proud af* She found the blood, the weapon and the missing wallet. My little detective. Brilliant, isn't she?
  • Greg & John: *exchange glances*

@oobs-kenoobs requested that I write a little something to go with this phenomenal sherlolly art she made yesterday. Please check it out if you haven’t already. Here goes…

Sherlock’s bow slid angrily across the strings as he came to a halt again, unsure where to take the next notes. He took the pencil and erased a few notes just as he heard a soft knock on the door…Molly’s knock.

She opened the door, tentatively peeking in. “Hi,” she uttered, briefly making eye contact with him before he looked away and picked up his bow again. “You writing?”

He didn’t answer, but instead began playing from the beginning again. She walked over closer, but he didn’t want to look at her. Likely Mary’s body had been taken to Bart’s earlier, and despite the fact that perhaps Molly was hurting and wanted to talk things through, he selfishly didn’t want to hear one word about it…for fear he might crumble instantly.

Sherlock cursed under his breath as he came to a stop again. 

“It’s lovely already,” Molly whispered gently. “I think, um…” Her voice cracked a little. “I think Mary would have loved it.”

Sherlock’s eyes started to feel burning hot and he drew a difficult breath. “I can’t…finish it,” he whispered, teeth clenched.

She reached out and touched his arm. “You will. It’s ok, you will.”

He set his mouth firmly and cleared his throat. “You don’t need to be here to right now. Surely John and Rosie-”

“Are fine. Harry is here for a couple of days. I’m not worried about them right now,” she said pointedly. 

He looked at her then, really looked in her eyes, and spoke firmly. “I don’t deserve your concern at the moment, or anyone else’s.”

Molly’s lips parted, her eyes full of horror. “Sherlock,” she said more sternly, grasping his arm again. “This was not your fault. Do you understand me?”

Sherlock wasn’t sure if he would ever believe her. He looked away and began lifting his violin again, but was a little shocked with what she did next.

Molly halted his arm and gently drew the violin down again, reaching up and wrapping her arms firmly around his shoulders and holding him tight. He thought about tugging out of her grasp, but his eyes started to burn again and somehow the tiny arms around him felt like the strongest support system ever built. And it felt so impossibly wonderful to suddenly be supported.

“It was not your fault,” she repeated softly but firmly. 

Sherlock couldn’t help feeling a twinge of shame as a hot tear slid down his cheek and onto her neck, but he still stayed firmly in place.

“Don’t go,” he whispered before really contemplating the words ahead of time.

“I won’t,” Molly confirmed instantly. “I’ll stay as long as you’d like.”

He couldn’t lose anyone else. He didn’t want to be without any of them ever again. Sherlock couldn’t fathom a world where any one of these precious people didn’t exist. And the woman holding him in her arms was certainly one of those people. 

Sherlock swallowed hard while setting his violin and bow down and finally wrapping his arms around her middle. He answer in a low whisper. 

“Then don’t ever leave.”

(Christmas Challenge Day 10) Edmund x Reader: This is War

(Y/N) knocked on Edmund’s door of his private study. She waited a few moments. No one answered.

She knocked again. “Edmund?”

She heard a small crash. She shoved the door open and rushed in.

She saw Edmund on the floor tangled in flashy garlands. “I can’t do this alone,” he sighed.

(Y/N) laughed. “I told you so! I don’t see why you can’t let the kitchen boy do it do it. He decorated the western wing beautifully.”

Edmund snorted. (Y/N) didn’t bother to inquire further. She placed the pile of papers in her hands on his desk. He could look at those later anyway. “Fine, if you won’t let him help, at least let me help.”

Edmund shrugged. “My dignity has already been lost.”

(Y/N) threw a pillow at him.

“Ouch! Where’d you get that!” Edmund said.

“On your desk. Why’s a pillow on your–”

“Don’t ask,” Edmund said, standing. He pulled the garland off his head and wrapped it around (Y/N). “Just hold stuff for me. You probably can’t reach the top of the tree anyway.”

(Y/N) narrowed her eyes. “Edmund, it’s a small tree. You can’t fit a big–you know, Nevermind. If you want to fall again, go ahead.”

Edmund laughed and placed a wreath on her head like a crown. “All right. You can help.”

She pulled off the wreath and shoved it over his head. “You’re the royalty here,” she chuckled.

They started wrapping the tree with garland, and then added some ornaments. It was going smoothly for a little while. Only a little while.

Edmund pulled an old looking ornament from the box. “Hey! I made this when I was ten with Lucy.”

(Y/N) glanced at the glass figure in his hand. It was obviously meant to be a person, but the head was lopsided and a large, bent stick came from it’s hand. (Y/N) covered her mouth trying not to laugh.

Edmund glared. “I was ten!”

(Y/N) simply nodded. Edmund frowned before hanging the ornament on the sleeve of her tunic.

(Y/N) pouted. “Hey!”

She grabbed an ornament ball and hung it on his shoulder.

Edmund smiled. He pulled out some candy canes and hooked it on her lip.

“You’re lucky I like peppermint,” she shook her head.

Edmund grabbed the cane, snapped a piece off the other end, and popped it in his mouth. “Doubt those will last.”

(Y/N) turned to hang the ornament that was on her sleeve to the tree. A few moments later, strings of silver flooded her eyes. “Edmund! What on earth–”

She pulled the tinsel away and faced her suitor. He had a candy cane in his mouth, and was trying to keep it in as he laughed.

(Y/N) grabbed another packet of tinsel and gently draped it on his head.

“This is war,” Edmund said solemnly.

They spent what seemed like ages throwing tinsel at each other. They were making a mess, but they didn’t care. For once, they could forget about everything and just enjoy being together. (Y/N) had missed it.

“Respite!” She squealed when he brought out a small container of glitter. “Put the glitter down!”

Edmund smirked. “Oh? Scared of a little sparkle?” He threw a dash at her.

(Y/N) hit his arm. “Rude!”

He dropped the glitter on the couch and grabbed a garland. Before (Y/N) could take a step away, he swung the garland around her waist and yanked her towards him.

“Oh no you don’t!” He said. “Say that I won, and I’ll let you go.”

“No,” (Y/N) replied.

“Say it,” he repeated, pulling her closer so their foreheads were touching.

(Y/N) glanced down at his lips. “How about we call a truce?”

“I know what you’re doing,” Edmund chuckled. “Not going to work, sweetheart.”

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow. “What? You didn’t see the mistletoe?”

Edmund looked up. “What mistletoe–”

(Y/N) tried to push him away and run, but he caught her again. This time, he dropped the garland and caught her in his arms.

“Cheater,” he muttered.

“I offered peace!”

“Fine,” Edmund hummed. He rested his forehead on hers. “I accept.”

(Y/N) could feel the heat of his breath, which smelled like peppermint.

She smiled softly. “Thought you might.”
She kissed him softly on the lips and entwined her hands with his.

“I miss this,” he said after moment. “Just us with no worries.”

“I was thinking the same–” (Y/N) began. She was interrupted when he kissed her again.
She reminded herself to mentally scold him for stealing a second kiss…but later.

They never heard the door open. They never realized Peter had entered the room. That is, until they heard his horrified gasp.

They jumped apart and stared blankly at the older boy.

“Do you ever knock?” Edmund glared.

To their relief, Peter seemed to only be gaping at the piles of glitter, garlands, ornaments, and tinsel on the ground.

“Susan is going to kill you,” Peter shook his head. “What were you two doing!”

“Decoration war?” Edmund offered.


“There doesn’t have to be an explanation to everything, Peter,” (Y/N) sighed.

The older king looked up at them, a small smile on his face. “What about the explanation as to why you two were k–”

“Okay!” Edmund stepped forward. He spun his brother around and pushed him outside.
“Time for you to leave.”


“You can go discuss explanations with Susan,” Edmund said. He smiled briefly. “Merry Christmas!” He said before shutting the door in the poor boy’s face.

You’re My Hero

Originally posted by firsthybridfamily

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Words: 686

Warnings: Angst, drinking, sad Dean

          She knew he hated himself. She knew that he hated himself so much that he often drank away his hate. But she wanted him to love himself as much as she loved him. But he could be very hard to get to talk. He would write it off, say he was fine, and continue drinking. But she wanted to help him so much.

           She hated watching him drown his sorrows, hated seeing him hate himself. She wanted nothing more than to help him. It made her hurt to see him like this.

           She was walking by his door when she saw him throw back a glass of whiskey. She frowned and stopped at his door. She knocked softly on the open door. He looked up from where he sat on the floor. She gave him a soft smile. “Care if I join you?”

           “Sure, (y/n),” he said. She stepped over his legs and sat next to him on the floor. He handed her the glass and poured a shot of whiskey into it. She threw it back before handing it back to him.

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I like to imagine what would happen if some of the overwatch moved into a like tower together. not stealing Lucio green shirt and wearing it on one of hers gaming streams. Only too have Lucio knock on her door asking if she seen his shirt. An she sinks into her seat trying to hide.

As she answers “no, I have no idea where your green shirt is.”

And on her stream chat its like OOOOh! Why you got his shirt! Sell his shirt I’ll pay you! Busted!

An she eyes, her chat as she quickly types"None of you better snitch i swear to god-“

It is like 2 minutes flat before Lucio come back and he leans up against her door; phone in hand, shirtless. An hana all sweaty because theirs a shirtless Lucio in her room. She can it basically see him in her computer screen. An Lucio just scrolling through his phone as he talks.

“Ya know that funny cause, i’m getting a lot of tweets about people knowing where my shirt is. An how a famous streamer is wearing it. Would you know anything about that?”

An pulls her keyboard into her lap, “nope! Not a clue haha.” Clearly not playing it cool at all. An she types out to her chat. Snitches all of you!

And Lucio raises and eyebrow, like really tho? An he walks up beside her chair and the chat is going crazy. has missed like 20 donations at this point. An everyone can see Lucio clearly now arms folded. is nearly dead in her chair. And he just smiles and says hello to the chat. Then turns to

“You know you could have just asked, it looks better on you anyway.” There a wink and Lucio leaves the room.

A just disappears from her chair onto the floor her face redder than the sun. The game forgotten the chat and donations have gotten out of hand.

This is why it usually planed for when Lucio comes onto her streams.

Imagine in the beginning of Civil War Steve is in his apartment, rolling up the cuffs on his suit, adjusting his tie in the mirror, and picking up a small music box off his nightstand as he sits down on the edge of his bed. He carefully opens the top, a gentle melody (like this) plays as a ballerina slowly spins in a circle. A flashback reveals Peggy had given it to him one of the last times he visited her, it had belonged to her since she was a little girl. Natasha knocks on his door then telling him it’s time for the funeral. The lid snaps shut abruptly stopping the music as a single tear lands on the top. 

Flash forward to Infinity War and Steve has been deserumed (“is it permanent? So far..”) Bucky and the team tell him to stay behind, that he’d only get hurt now. Hydra agents invade avengers tower while the other Avengers are out on a mission, Steve nearly is killed and would have been if Bucky had not decided to come back and stay at the last minute, but it doesn’t stop Steve from having a Asthma attack and needing to be hospitalized. 

At the end, Bucky and the other avengers have no choice but to leave Steve in the hospital while they fight a battle. As the fight goes on the scene switches to Steve lying in his hospital bed, a familiar music box on the table beside him. His heart rate monitor flatlines. As the nurses rush around him the doctor knocks the music box off the table and it crashes to the floor, the top opening and the melody beginning. Switching between slow motion scenes of the Avengers battling and the nurses trying to restart Steve’s heart, no sound but the gentle melody. Finally the doctor frowns and shakes his head. Steve is gone. A close up of Steve’s eyes as a nurse closes them and pulls the sheet over his face in a parallel to his eyes opening in the first avenger. A nurse stops Bucky in the hallway, his face pales and he pushes past her and rushes into Steve’s room. He starts to pull back the sheet but stops himself and sinks against the wall instead, head in his hands crying. The little ballerina slowly coming to a stop as the melody ends. 

Steve dies not on the battlefield, but in a hospital bed. A ordinary death, not that of a hero and icon, there is no heroic moment of self sacrifice in which he gives his life.

He died, not as Captain America, but simply as Steve Rogers, just a kid from Brooklyn.

One day, months later, she knocked on his door. She waited a few minutes and when there was no answer, she rang the bell.

He was doing homework in his pajamas. His roommate went back home for the weekend, and he was a mess. He heard the bell ring and assumed it was just Girl Scouts or another politician, so without even thinking, he looked through the peephole.

His heart stopped beating in his chest. She was looking down, but he’d know her blonde hair anywhere. He looked away and rested his hand on the door. Collecting himself, he opened it.

“Hey,” came out of her mouth before he even had a chance to speak. Her breathing was short and labored. Her cheeks were red and her hands were shaking.

“Well, hey,” he said. He didn’t know what to say. She was here. On his doorstep. After all this time of him being too stubborn to reach out to her. She was always the more level headed one. He was so stupid to let her go. And his second chance just knocked on his front door. He couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face. “What brings you here?”

But then she told him. About her engagement. About how she hoped he could make the wedding. About how she wanted him to be in her life again…as a friend.

And he nodded and smiled, telling her congratulations and that he was happy that she was happy. But when she left, he closed the door, and he sat on the couch, and he realized that he had waited too long. He expected her to show up one day—even though he was the one who sent her away—and say that she missed him. That she still loved him.

But that only happens in movies. Losing people happens in real life.

So he sat on the couch, and he knew that he had lost her. And when you lose certain things, they never come back.
—  excerpt from an unfinished book #105 // It’s too late and that’s too bad
On My Way

Aaron glanced down at his phone as it vibrated for the tenth time. Not recognizing the number he hit, ignore paying attention to Garcia and the case she was presenting.

There was a knock on the conference room door, clinching his jaw at the disruption, he pulled the door open.

Anderson was standing at the door, looking down he saw Jack at his side. Panic filled his soul, stepping out into the hall, he picked up his son.

“Sir, the Metro P.D. brought Jack in..”

“Dad, we were at the zoo and (Y/N) passed out. They took her to the hospital, and brought me here.”

“She’s at Washington University Hospital, Sir.” Anderson told him.

Grabbing his phone, he called the number that had been calling him. His heart beating out of control. “This is SSA Aaron Hotchner, my wife is a patient in your ER.”

They wouldn’t tell him anything, except that she was there. He rushed inside the conference room, telling the others what was happening.

One his way out, his phone rang, seeing it was (Y/N)’s number. He answered the call. “What’s going on? Are you hurt?”

“Do you have Jack?”

“Yes. I’m on my way to you.”

“I’m fine, I’m going to take a cab back to the…”

“Stay where you are..”

“Aaron, I’m fine…I’ll see you at home.”

“Damn it (Y/N) Hotchner!”


Aaron rushed into the ER, Jack running along his side. He was ushered into the exam room.

He felt relief at seeing his wife laying on the gurney. The lights were dimmed, her eyes closed, he went to her side. Taking her hand, he leaned down kissing her forehead.

She opened her eyes, smiling at him. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay.” He watched as she put the call light on. The nurse walked in. “We’re ready.”

“What’s going on? Did the doctor say what’s wrong?”

She smiled again. “Yes, just sit down.” The doctor came in, pushing an ultrasound machine.

Aaron’s heartbeat picked up, as he sit down, a smile on his face. Looking at the screen, his eyes filled with tears. “We’re having a baby?”

“No, not a baby…”

His his clouded up with confusion. “What’s going on then?”

She smiled at him. “We’re having babies…twins.”

The doctor smiled. “Your wife is about ten weeks, both babies look healthy.” He looked at (Y/N), I want you to take it easy the rest of the day. Drink fluids, your slightly dehydrated.“

He left the room. "I love you.” Aaron’s hands covered his wife’s stomach.

“I love you too.” She smiled up at him.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Hi, can you please write story about 40!Bucky, who falls in love with Y/N - Steve’s sister. But he tries to ignore his feelings for her, because she’s much younger than him and because he thinks that Steve won’t approve. But Y/N makes it really hard for him - one day she knock on his door and ask him for some advice about how to flirt/seduce man, because she’s kinda insecure & innocent and she knows that Bucky is experienced guy :) - anon

A/N- I hope this is what you were after. My tumblr still wont let me do gifs where I want so here’s another gifless imagine :(

Bucky was dying, at least that’s what he felt like, he was meant to be round at Steve’s teaching him how to play a card game so he wouldn’t get hustled at a bar for the tenth time but he kept on getting distracted. Steve’s younger sister, Y/N, was only a few meters away in the adjoining kitchen and humming to herself while she cooking dinner for the three of them. He had been trying to deny his feelings for her for so long - it was completely wrong, she was Steve’s sister and a few years younger than him - but it had gotten to the point where he could barely contain it, he was hopelessly in love with you and he was sure it was obvious.

“Will you quit staring at my sister and actually teach me?” Steve asked quietly in an exasperated tone.

Bucky blushed and glanced over at you one more time, you were oblivious to the whole conversation, then forced himself to focus on the cars. “Yeah, sorry. Okay, so this is called a double bluff..”

You paced outside the door to Bucky’s apartment, it was his day off work and you knew he wasn’t with Steve so this was your one chance. The other girls in your class had been teasing you (not so subtly) behind your back about the fact that you were too innocent and prudish, that wasn’t the case at all you just hadn’t had the right opportunity.

For weeks you had been agonising over how to prove to them and yourself that you were desirable, but you had no skills when it came to flirting and ended up just embarrassing yourself and making your self esteem plummet. You had been cleaning up the apartment one evening after Steve and Bucky had gone out that it clicked, Bucky was an experienced guy and you were sure that he would be willing to help you out and give you some tips.

Now that you were outside his door you were having second thoughts. What if he didn’t want you here? What if he thought you were being weird and didn’t want to speak to you, you were only Steve’s little sister it wasn’t as if the two of you were close friends. Even you couldn’t deny that Bucky was one of the most attractive guys in Brooklyn, oh god, you were going to make a fool of yourself. That’s it, I’m going home, you thought.

Just as you made a move to turn and walk home the door swung open, “Y/N? I thought I heard something out here. What’s up?”

Your eyes widened a fraction and you panicked for a second, “Can we go inside? It’s kind of private.”

Bucky frowned a little but nodded and stepped aside to let you pass, you didn’t notice how his breath caught when you walked past him and into his apartment. “What do you need?” Bucky cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck as he walked further in to join you.

You blushed and you were thankful for the dim light in the room, “I need some advice,” you started slowly, being specifically vague.

“About what?”

“How to flirt with men,” you said plainly but avoided eye contact.

Bucky felt the wind get knocked out of him and he had to brace himself on the back of the sofa, “I’m sorry what?” he croaked.

You groaned and began pacing, “It’s everyone at my school, I know they’re saying I’m a prude and I’m not it’s just I don’t know how to flirt with guys or seduce them - I always embarrass myself and make the entire situation awkward. And then I thought ‘hey Bucky’s and experienced guy’ and it’s not as if I can ask Steve something like this for pretty obvious reasons, so really I just need your help on what guys like from a girl because I’m not a teenager anymore I’m getting older and I need to know these things,” you spoke animatedly as you walked.

Bucky felt like he was on fire as he heard you talk, “Is it hot in here?” he said, mostly to himself, tugging at his shirt collar to try and get some extra air.

“Will you help me?” you looked up at him, making direct eye contact with his blue eyes that still stood out in the dark.

He licked his lips, “Sure.”

You pulled him into an unexpected hug, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Before he even had time to hug you back you were moving away once more, “So let’s start with the basics. What do guys want a girl to look like?”

He squinted as he looked you over, to him you already looked perfect and he didn’t want to change anything about you, but he knew that wasn’t the response you were looking for. “Uh it’s not how you dress it’s how you act. Um, confidence,” he said, trying to think back to all the meaningless relationships with faceless women he had had in the past, “If you’re confident it doesn’t matter how you look, guys will like it.”

“But I’m not confident, look at me what do I have to be confident about?” you said sadly.

“Don’t say that, you’re beautiful,” Bucky intervened quickly and sincerely, surprising you both. A blush crept up onto your face and you mumbled a thank you.

“What else?” you tried to change the subject, “How do I actually seduce someone?”

Bucky hummed, he had no idea if he was being honest. It wasn’t something that he had ever planned, it always came naturally to him, “Okay let’s see,” he sighed and pushed aside the thought of you leaving his apartment to go and seduce another man. “Get up close to the guy,” he suggested.

“Like this?” you asked, stepping forward so there was only a few centimetres gap between you and Bucky, looking up at him.

Bucky licked his lips, “Yeah, like that,” he nodded, his voice lowering unintentionally.

“It’s um, it’s hot– attractive if she grabs onto something like your suspenders or belt loops,” he stammered out.

You reached forward and looped your fingers into his belt loops and tugged him closer and Bucky had to hold back a moan. “What else?” you asked, your own voice barely above a whisper as you felt the heat and tension rise between you.

“Then you,” Bucky trailed off, his hand rising to brush your hair behind your ear. “Then you,” he repeated again even quieter, both of you leaning closer and closer together. You could feel his breath against your lips and you were sure your heart was going to beat out of your chest any second.

Bucky leaned down and captured your lips in a passionate kiss, moaning softly as you tugged him even closer to you. His grip of your hair tightened and his free hand came to rest on the small of your back, and felt like hot lava through the fabric of your shirt. “Bucky,” you whimpered when you pulled briefly away for air and the your lips were crashing back together.

This was everything Bucky had been dreaming about for months and everything you never knew you wanted. Bucky had moved you so that you were pressed back up against a wall, his hand thoroughly tangled in your hair whilst you moved your hands over his chest.

“This is wrong,” Bucky panted as he moved to kiss down your neck, not stopping in his advances.

“Mhm,” you agreed breathlessly, gasping when he raked his teeth gently over your neck. You ran your hands through his dark hair and pulled him back up to kiss him deeply, lost in the passion that was accelerating between you two.

Eventually you had to break the kiss as you both had a serious lack of oxygen, you leaned your foreheads together and panted heavily trying to regain air. “What’s Steve gonna say?” Bucky asked quietly, his head now racing a mile a minute now he wasn’t occupied - Steve was going to kill him.

“Steve doesn’t need to know,” you suggested.

“I don’t want to hide a relationship with you,” Bucky shook his head slightly then paused and looked you in the eye, “If you want to be in one. If not forget I said anything.”

You smiled up at him, “How could I say no?” you leaned up and kissed him again, gentler and sweeter this time.

“You sure?” Bucky asked, “People aren’t gonna like it.”

You shrugged, “Who cares about people? I care about you.”

“I care about you, too,” Bucky grinned.


A/N- What did you think, I kind of chickened out of taking that all the way to smut but do you like it anyway? Let me know what you think! Requests are open <3

I Should Have Opened My Door

Summary: The Reader is Alexander’s little sister and he has been ignoring her due to his work. The reader tries to talk to him about her sickness and her upcoming marriage, because both are unknown to Alex, but Alexander gets super annoyed with her because she is distracting him. Alexander then yells are the reader to leave him alone. The reader, feeling abandoned leaves and Alexander only sees her again when she’s on her deathbed.

Reader Gender: Female

Pairing: Brother!Alexander x Sister!reader

Warnings: Sickness, dying!reader, death, SADNESS, and angst

Time Period: Hamiltime

Word Count: 2,397

“Alexander! Your sister is here!” Eliza knocked lightly on the door and listened hopefully, eager to hear the movement of her husband’s chair or the stopping of his quill, scratching against the paper. “She needs to speak with you.”

Alas she heard nothing but Alexander continuing his work. Eliza sighed, and knocked on the door again, only a little harder this time.

“Dear, you have not seen your sister in months! It is very important that you stop-”

“I cannot stop Eliza! Whatever [Y/N] wants will have to wait, for I am extremely busy and cannot stop for her childish nonsense!”

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Big Mistake


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can you do a Theo’s imagine when some random guy of school start to hang out with the reader, and Theo tell her that stay away from him because he’s bad and they get into in a HUGE fight and she tell him that he is THE bad. And they don’t speak each other for days and one night she knocks his door house and she’s bruised and wounded and she say sorry to him bc he was right(the guy maybe wanted steal her powers) and they have a fluff make up and the next day Theo made pay the guy for try to kill her?

Side Note: I just picked a random name for the guy, hope that’s okay!

Everyone at Beacon Hills High School knew not to touch Theo Raeken’s girl, it was like the single most well known rule. You and Theo had begun dating shortly after he arrived in Beacon Hills, despite initial warnings from some people to stay away you however did the opposite and got to know Theo on multiple levels. He wasn’t the easiest person to be in a relationship with, but despite his need to be very over-protective, random mood swings, a jealous strike and so much more you wouldn’t change a thing.

You were partnered up with a guy name Adam who like Theo had just recently moved to Beacon Hills. He was your lab partner for an upcoming assignment which meant spending quite a great deal of time together, naturally Theo didn’t like it one bit. It was getting late and you had an evening planned with Theo so you started to collect all your things and put them in your bag. Adam came back from being at the printer and saw that your side of the desk was fully empty.

“Are we done already?” he asked.

You laughed, “I wish but no I have plans with Theo and well my brain is completely fried from working for 3 hours straight. And plus it would be a good idea to take a break and come back with fresh, well rested eyes tomorrow”.

“Your right, hey maybe tomorrow we could spend the whole day working on it. I mean that is if your free?”.

Glancing at your watch time you promised Theo that you would finish studying around 6, it was exactly 6:10 which meant you were 10 minutes late. “I’ll text you” you said hurrying this conversation along. Before Adam responded you were already half way out of the library, rushing to spend a quiet evening in with your boyfriend.

Walking into Theo’s house was a normal occurrence for you there was no need to knock, at least that’s what he always use to say when you entered you saw him sitting at the table. “Hey babe, sorry I’m late time just got away from me”.

You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before heading to the kitchen to grab a quick snack.

“You said you’ll be back at 6”.

Coming back to the living room you sat down next to Theo, “I know but this assignment has been taking up more time than I thought. But good news is Adam and I are nearly finished, which means pretty soon I’m all yours”.
Silence fell upon the room and immediately you knew that it wasn’t a good thing.

“Everything okay Theo?” you asked.

“No babygirl it isn’t. I hate the fact that you’ve been spending all your time with Adam, his bad news”.

“Where is this coming from?”. You suspected that Theo was jealous but you never realized that it was to this extent. This was another level even for him.

“It’s coming from the fact that Beacon Hills isn’t exactly the safest town and I don’t want you to get hurt. Who knows who this Adam guy really is.” he couldn’t sit down anymore so he stood, lightly pacing within the room.

“Theo aren’t you forgetting that people especially Scott didn’t know of your intentions when you first came here. But yet he gave you the benefit of the doubt, more than once I might add.”

“That’s different”.

Now you were the one who couldn’t sit down, you stood up feeling Theo’s eyes on you. “Oh okay I see, because it’s you that’s what makes it different?”.

“See you’re finally getting it”.

Shaking your head Theo at the best of times could be a real pain in the ass, he always had to be the one that was right no matter the topic or discussion.

“You’re unbelievable!”. You pushed past him heading to the kitchen.

“Why thanks babe” he said.

You spun around, pointing you finger at him. “That wasn’t a compliment!”.

“I want you to stop seeing him” he said like it was no big deal to even ask such a thing.

“And I want you to stop being a jerk, but that’s never going to happen so it looks like we both don’t get what we want.”

“I’m your boyfriend, were in a relationship! I’m suppose to protect you and me telling you to stay away from Adam is doing just that.“

This conversation was starting to give you a massive headache, it was beyond intense and the atmosphere wasn’t one any person would want to be in.

"You know what screw you Theo. Just because were in a relationship doesn’t give you the right to dictate who I can and can’t see. The problem isn’t with Adam, the problem is with you!”

“Would you stop being stubborn for once in your life and listen to me!”

“I’m not going to listen to you, if it bothers you Theo or if you don’t approve then there’s the door. You’re welcome to leave if I’m being too stubborn for you!”.

Fed up with the auguring you grabbed your coat and marched towards the door, “Actually you know what Theo, I’ll leave. I can’t keep on having the same argument with you whenever you get jealous or suspicious of some guy, who may or may not be evil….But then again what do I know? I mean out of the two of us you would know what a bad guy looks like,right? Considering you were one not too long ago! So of course every other person in this damn town is bad in your eyes”

Slamming the door behind you, you heard a shatter. Automatically you knew that Theo had either broken something or smashed something against the floor or wall.

This was the worst fight you and Theo have had during the duration of the relationship. It felt like all those other tiny fights rolled together to create a massive blow out, which is what just occurred. Obviously you didn’t want to go back so the next best thing was to head over to Lydia’s, out of everyone in the pack she was the least judgment, well apart from Scott that is and you knew that whenever you needed her help she would always be there.

A few days had past and you and Theo hadn’t spoken. Lydia and her mum were kind enough to allow you to stay as long as you needed too. A few nights ago you had told Lydia what the entire fight was about, she didn’t interrupt when you were explaining and she was your shoulder to cry on.

Driving along the main road your car made a funny sound, deciding that it was better to pull over you got out and opened the hood of the car. The engine and everything else seemed to be okay, so what had made that sound?.  While you were busy trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with your car, a hand covered your mouth.

Fear, adrenaline and fight all kicked in. Knowing that whoever this was you couldn’t overpower them, so you bit their hand instead. They yelled out in pain, which gave you a chance to run. Wasting no time you headed down the road to see if you could flag down a car, your attacker was gaining and you prayed that someone would be around to help.

“This would be a whole lot easier if you didn’t fight Y/N”.

Wait a minute? You knew that voice, the street lights blinded you for a moment but once your vision came back into focus you saw Adam coming towards you.

“Adam? What are you doing?” you asked him.

“Ah Y/N you should of listened to Theo, but I guess I was just too damn charming for you to resist. I can’t believe how easy it was to get you to trust me.” he laughed which made you feel sick inside. The one person you so desperately needed and they weren’t here, all because you were being too stubborn to actually listen to reason.

“Your insane!” you shouted.

He came closer each time you took a step backwards. What you needed to do was to get back to your car, and the only way to do that was to run. Deciding to blot now you only got a few meters ahead, when Adam grabbed your waist. Thrashing and screaming he threw you against the pole to get you to shut up.

Reaching around your hand came in contact with a large thick stick, picking it up you waited for the perfect moment and whacked Adam across the head. He fell almost instantly, taking that as your chance you fought back the pain and ran towards your car not daring to look back.

You quickly closed the hood and opened the car door and thanked god that you didn’t take the keys out of the ignition. Starting up the car you could see Adam coming towards you, stepping on the gas you sped down the road as fast as the car would go leaving Adam behind.

Theo was all that you were thinking about, he was right and you ignored his pleas to stop seeing Adam and what happened to you just now, that was your karma. Not bothering to park right you frantically got out of the car and scanned the surroundings making sure Adam wasn’t near, who even knows if he followed you.

Knocking on the door repeatedly in hopes that Theo was in fact home, because you had no idea what to do if he wasn’t. “Alright come down, I’m coming”.
A sign of relief washed over your entire body when you heard his voice on the other side of the door, he opened it and his expression screamed anger because you probably looked like a mess and shock at the state you were currently in.

Tears were now making they way down you face, “I’m sorry. I should of listened, but I didn’t and now Adam came after me and I had no idea what to do. You were right Theo, my god you were right.”

He pulled you in for a tight hug and shut the door, “It’s okay babygirl you’re safe now. I swear I won’t let him near you ever again”.

He took you towards the bathroom where he carefully lifted you up onto the counter, “This might hurt a little okay” when the cloth came in contact with your skin you winched back in pain.

“I’m sorry, I know it hurts but I have to clean yours cuts before they get infected. Hey babygirl look at me okay, keep your eyes focused on me”.

And that’s what you did, your eyes didn’t leave Theo not even for a second because he was the only one who could make this pain go away. Picking you up he gently laid you down onto his bed, wasting no time in joining you under the covers.

“I’m sorry” you whispered.

He stroked your cheek, “You need to stop apologizing this wasn’t your fault”

“But it was, if only I listened to you none of this wouldn’t of happened. I can’t believe I said what I did, I didn’t mean any of it Theo you have to know that”.

Pulling you close, you felt nothing but safe in Theo’s arms. “I do know that. We were caught up in the heat of the moment, but that’s all forgiven and forgotten about. I promise you he won’t get away with what he did. No-one touches my girl and gets away with it”.

“Please Theo don’t do anything that you’ll regret, I don’t want you to get hurt because of me”.

Kissing the top of your head, he ran his fingers along your back which made you feel sleepy. The last words you heard him say before exhaustion took over was.

“The only one getting hurt is him”.

Going to school the next day wasn’t going to be pleasant. Most of your cuts and wounds had healed, but they were a few that were visible. Putting on a long sleeve top and jeans Theo was by your side the entire morning, this time around he was extra protective and wouldn’t leave you unless it was absolutely necessary.

The both of you walked into the parking lot hand in hand, but his hand slipped away from yours when he saw Adam getting out of his car. Wasting no time he hurried over to him and landed the first punch.

“What the hell man!” Adam shouted which caused a crowd to now gather around.

Theo wasn’t falling for that, he grabbed Adam and slammed his back against the car “Touch her again and I swear I’ll do more than just beat the crap out of you” Adam had a sick smile on his face and leaned in, “If you want me to stay away from your precious girl Raeken, then the only way for that to happen is to kill me.”

“Listen here you sick son of a bitch, if you come after her again then you have   to go through me! And you better watch your back, because if you even so look at her I will kill you. Stay away, I’m warning you”.

Theo threw him on the ground before walking away, leaving everyone stunned at what they just witnessed.

“What did he say to you Theo?” you asked following him back to his truck.

“Nothing, he was just taunting me”.

He saw your worried expression and came over, taking you hand in his he looked right into your eyes. “You have nothing to worry about babygirl, his not going to come after you ever again. Come on let’s go home”.

Climbing into his truck you looked out the window and saw Adam staring, shivers traveled throughout your body and you had a feeling that this wasn’t over. However whatever came your way next you could deal with, as long as Theo was by your side.

Zutara Month Day 12: Snowed In

Zuko screamed as Druk tried to burrow under his parka.  The dragon was still a little thing, even if Iroh assured Zuko he (Zuko assumed Druk was a he) would get bigger.  Iroh also said that the bond they formed would grow if the dragon went everywhere with Zuko.

Which included a visit to the South Pole and a surprise snow storm.  Zuko was happy that he was staying in the newly built South Pole Palace it was still cold.  Zuko scouted on the floor towards the fire place, hoping for some more warmth.

“Zuko?”  Katara asked as she knocked on his door.

“Come in,” he said, hating how his teeth wanted to chatter.

“I brought you an extra blanket,” she said as she dropped it around his shoulders.


She sat down next to him and looked him over.  “How in the world did you manage to swim through those ice passages in the North Pole?”

“Had to,” Zuko said.  “Capture Avatar, regain honor.”  Druk hissed.

“I never thought I’d hear you say that ever again.”

“Oh, you know, in a few years you know you’d miss me saying it or you’d end up back at that play and hear it.”

Katara raised an eyebrow.  “Who says I’ll miss you in a few years?”

Zuko swallowed hard.  “Won’t you?”

Katara wrapped her arms around him.  “Of course I will, you big idiot.  Do I need to get you another blanket?  It would reflect badly on the South Pole if the Fire Lord froze to death here.”


Comforting Pal

Summary: The reader goes to Dean when she needs a safe place. 
Word Count: 975
Warnings: Mention of physical assault.
A/N:  Fourth part to Cuddle BuddyGuy Friend, and Trusted Companion. This is offically a multi-part fic; one more part after this!

@spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean

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Luke is overwhelmed by the truth, and is suddenly protective of his sister.

reylosanctuary  asked:

That Gerry gifset? Look at the first one. With the American flag behind him. It looks like he's saying "I love you, Jyn" :) :)

I was so upsed by the last one where he cries that I didn’t even notice BUT YOU’RE RIGHT! It definitely looks like it! Just imagine, him knocking on her door, she wants to shut it right to his face when he stops her: “I just want to say, I’m sorry. I love you, Jyn.”


16 Days Until Jonerys Appreciation Week - January 23-29, 2017

sample day 01: ice & fire or alternate universe

modern day au: courtesy of @daenerysjon

He missed her. So much, so much he didn’t wanted to think about it. And it would be easier if he could forget the last time he had seen her, been with her.

It was four in the morning and she knocked on his door.

It was loud and urgent and he knew it was her before reaching the door.

It was her looking at him with an intensity in her eyes that took his breath away.

It was her trying to say “hey, Jon,” but him not letting her. It was lips finally, finally together and hands trying to hold onto each other for dear life.

It was her nails on his neck, her name on his lips, him pushing her inside closing the door and a gasp when he finally reaches for her waist grinding her into him.

It was his shirt on the floor and her hair over his shoulder when she moaned in his ear and he thought he was going to lose it.

It was his couch and his mess, and their mess and she laughed and he laughed and they kissed, again, and again.

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HOW COULD YOU APOLOGIZE FOR SUGGESTING THE CUTEST THING IN EXISTENCE. I’m sorry it took so long for me to answer this!! it has been a busy few days rip

I was thinking of this and like coming up with plausible reasons for why one of them would be sleeping over and then I realized I don’t need one because athena is DEFINITELY that best friend to text and be like “I’m coming over get ready”. by the time old man simon remembers to check his phone she’s already knocking at his door.

WHAT KIND OF PAJAMAS DOES SIMON WEAR THOUGH. (angsty headcanon that he always wears a long-sleeve shirt that has a fairly high collar to avoid anyone seeing the scars, and while athena knows about the ones on his wrists from electrocution, she doesn’t necessarily know about a possible shock collar???) but anyway not angsty headcanon, he probably like wouldn’t have a set pair of pajamas?? he’s more of the guy to pick up some comfy clothes and make sure they smell okay and go to sleep in that. his pajama bottoms are probably a horrendous plaid pattern. yet also I want him to have a sleep shirt that says like “He’s My Snuggle Bear” or something disgusting like that and nahyuta/significant other of choice thinks it’s hilarious, and it is probably also very true. maybe at some point he gets gifted this ugly pajama set with a sleeping panda on it that he absolutely detests. best friend athena probably makes away with the shirt because it’s warm and big, which is fine with him.

they probably inadvertently have sleepovers when they fall asleep at the other person’s place and they don’t have the heart to kick them out. and they were hanging out so late that they just decide to stay the night and go home in the morning. BECAUSE THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS WHO DO AND TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING TOGETHER.