she kills everyone or something idk


I always come back to the cast’s reactions to when they found out. 

1. KJ wasn’t surprised
2. Cole was slightly surprised, but thought it made sense
3. Madelaine thought it made sense and tied everything together, and also said it would ruin Cheryl’s life
4. Cami was surprised but had suspected them before
5. Lili said it was a complete surprise
6. Ashleigh said it was a complete surprise (but she’s also not in that episode)

So how could everyone kinda know except Lili and Ashleigh? 

The computer scene in the promo is definitely a video of the murder (see Juggy’s reaction). I don’t think this literally reveals the killer, but I think whoever killed Jason filmed the video to scare people away or get something out of Jason. idk. they killed someone. they are obviously crazy. Since all the kids are there, and they all look equally shocked… except maybe Archie (who looks like Oh) and Betty (who looks slightly guilty or sad) and they are notably the only ones who didn’t cover their mouths in shock. I’ve seen several people say Kevin is the killer/accomplice but I honestly can’t see it. He wasn’t involved much in the last episode, so it wouldn’t flow if he was the star of e12.

Now onto the matter of the gun. Theories are flying that the Alice planted the gun and it was the one she found in Betty’s room. But in the e12 promo you see Alice holding that gun. Unless she has another gun, it is the same one that Betty had. (sidenote: I have seen a theory that says the gun Alice found in Betty’s room is not the same as Grundy’s, which is very interesting. Also the gun found in FP’s trailer doesn’t even look like Grundy’s.) And besides the Coopers, who else do we know has guns? The Blossoms (they had guns when they were looking for Polly)

My money is now on one of the parents, especially the Blossoms. In the new promo, Betty accuses Penelope and Penelope is also dragging Cheryl around, which is very suspicious. My last theory was Clifford, but he isn’t featured in the promo at all. If the promo wasn’t chronological, Polly could have confronted Penelope after they watched the video. 

I found it very weird that Alice told B&V whoever isn’t in this room is a suspect because that is a very big absolute. Sure the she probably trusts Betty and Veronica wasn’t even in Riverdale, but she doesn’t know for sure, for someone who believes it could have been anyone. Alice knows who did it, but I don’t think it was her. 

Betty’s dad is in the promo staring at the murder wall (i think) which is sketchy. Yet I don’t think he has enough plot for him to be the killer- it just wouldn’t flow.

Fred is in the promo threatening Archie which is very sketch. Yet Archie’s reaction to the murder video is not incriminating, not in the way Betty’s reaction is. However it does seem that Fred knows something else, like Alice. (I don’t think Molly Ringwald is the killer at all.)

FP man. I don’t know. He was definitely framed but having Jason’s jacket and then not even being surprised at seeing the gun there, let alone claiming it wasn’t his shows he was almost expecting it. But when V and Archie left the trailer they didn’t even lock it… so maybe Archie at least was expecting someone to go in after them, and the lights in the trailer while they were kissing shows a car was outside… maybe watching them? (Also how tf did they not notice that?) Why was FP ready to leave for Toledo all of a sudden??

The Lodges are suspicious, but I think they would be too obvious. I love Hermione so I don’t want her to be guilty at all. She is in the promo though…

And finally, props to Jughead for saying, “If it wasn’t my dad, who killed Jason Blossom?” in the promo, which is the most obvious question ever.

I’d love to see a version of Twilight where Edward is only interested in Bella because he obsesses over not being able to hear her thoughts, because that’s really the only reason we’re given anyway.

I’d love to see the vampires sparkling have more of an impact on the plot than “if we stand in the sun we’re all shiny and stuff”.

I’d love to see Charlie as more of a character, especially using the fact that he’s a cop in the narrative.

I’d love to see Edward’s abusive behaviour called out by the characters.

I’d love to see Bella actually struggle to keep up with her old friends, both from Arizona and in Forks after she becomes a vampire.

I’d love to see Bella give something up that she actually cared about in her transition to glorified mosquito.

I’d love to see some of Tyler’s point of view after his van nearly kills Bella and see how he copes with apparent PTSD - without Bella’s self-absorbed narration filter over it.

I’d love to see ONE conversation between any two characters that didn’t make it sound like everyone hates everyone.

I’d love to see Bella refer to her parents as “Mom” and “Dad” rather than “Renee” and “Charlie”.

I’d love to read the plot without being able to guess what happens next. (IDK you guys, but that dream in the first book was SUPER SUBTLE and I’d have NEVER guessed that Jacob would turn out to be a werewolf when he appeared in it and turned into a wolf!) (Ignoring the fact that Meyer apparently didn’t plan that, so she was either being extremely unoriginal, lying or subconsiously spoiling her future books in the laziest way possible. At least make him into a werespider, an ogre at night, a zombie, a dancing skeleton with a tophat, a leprechaun, or SOMETHING other than that thing that was heavily implied in a FUCKING DREAM SEQUENCE)

I’d love to see Bella actually care about characters that aren’t vampires or Jacob, including herself.

I’d love to see a reason for me to care about Bella, Edward or Jacob as characters.

I’d love to see Bella’s physical appearance described in more detail, and not just by having Bella describe how average and uninteresting she is. (Especially since Meyer apparently didn’t describe Bella much so that the reader could insert herself into the book and then made Bella the worst female role model this side of the 20th century.)

I’d love to see a scene between Bella and Edward that made their relationship adorable, like if they talked about anything that didn’t involve the danger that they were in or how much they ~*~loved~*~ each other on the ~*~astral plane~*~.

I’d love to see the characters show how much they loved the other, rather than just repeating it in dialogue to try to get the reader to believe it.

I’d love to see more indication that Edward is actually over 100 years old, including struggling with electronics, complaining about how easy “Kids these days” have it, and providing his own point of view of historical events. What was he doing when WWII was happening? The Cold War? Did he listen to Elvis? What does he think of comics? What did he do with his life, aside from waiting for ~*~the one~*~?

I’d love to see Bella enjoy Jacob’s company for him, rather than just for providing a distraction from Edward.

I’d love to see what the other vampires do with their powers in their daily lives, and how they’ve lived with these powers for so long that they don’t remember that they shouldn’t morally be doing any of it. (Jasper can control emotions, for god’s sake. Nothing important would be lost if this power - or character - was removed. Did he ever make a girl super horny to get her to sleep with him, or just get some random guy super unbearably angry when he got bored at school just to watch him flip out?)

I’d love to see any of the characters actively working to improve.

I’d love to see any single character’s personality evolve between the first book and the last.

I’d love to see Edward at least attempt to make Bella feel better about herself as a person.

I’d love to see any character respecting another character’s personal space, privacy or free will.

I’d love to see the main plot begin before the halfway point of the book.

I’d love to see Edward turn out to be gay at the end.

I’d love to see ONE person at least comment on how creepy imprinting is.

I’d love to see the influence of Shakespeare, Faulkner, Chaucer or any of the other famous writers who are namedropped in an attempt to sound more well-read in the writing.

I’d love to see a werewolf imprint on someone who ultimately rejects them, especially considering the apparent wife-husbandry involved.

I‘d love to see a werewolf imprint on someone terminally ill or only minutes away from death.

I’d love to see any character not end up in a relationship by the end of the book. Especially the baby.

I’d love to see evidence of imprinting actually being a rare thing, especially considering it happens to at least three characters after it’s introduced.

I’d love to see the Volturi actually hinder the characters at any point.

I’d love to see a description of Edward that told us what he looked like, rather than that he was attractive, because that tells us nothing.

I’d love to see female characters who aren’t bitchy, and male characters who aren’t SUPER HYPER MASCULINE.

I’d love to see an actual conflict at the end of the series.

I’d love to see the Volturi snapping their fingers dramatically as they approached the main characters at the end of book 4.

I’dlove to see Edward actually have to contain himself from eating Bella when they are relaxing on the couch, instead of having it as a threat that might totally happen maybe.

I’d love to see a characteristic of Bella’s that matched up with what people actually said about her. (”intelligent”, “intuitive”, “selfless”, “mature”, “amazingly non-whiney”, “non-violent”, “honest”, “not a manipulative person”, etc)

I’d love to see the plot twist that Edward’s beautiful, glorious, godlike appearance actually turns out to be a product of his vampiric form, and all the times where Bella can’t bring herself to be angry at him, becomes physically weaker at his kiss and skews her priorities so hard that she’d give her life just to keep from seeing him unhappy are actually her falling under his hypnotic influence.

I’d love to see Bella snap out of her trance when she turns into a vampire herself and finds out that she’s been tricked and she can’t go back.

Mostly, I’d love to see any of this done by an author that isn’t Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight actually has some cool ideas, but they’re all executed terribly. No character experiences real loss, character growth, or any conflict that isn’t about romancing the opposite gender. Every character that we are supposed to like gets everything they ever wanted and everything they didn’t know they wanted at the end. I never thought a book with vampires, vampire government, werewolves and sentiend disco balls could be so boring.

Hey guys I’m trying to find the fic where Mona kills everyone. I think it’s called like colors or something? She kills Ezra for molesting Aria, and Emily’s mom for being homophobic, and hannas dad for being a dick, and I think Spencer’s dad too. And it’s like “here are the colors that lead to their houses” it’s sorta poetry? Idk. Does anyone know where I can find it…

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Idk why they would lie about this but if Mary was wearing what Jessica was wearing that night, couldn't Mary be in the grave? And Jessica be acting like Mary. Idk it's far fetched and I just want the season to be over. But like I'm so annoyed with the whole "everyone is always wearing the same thing" shit because that ain't real life.

Yes this show can be really unrealistic sometimes and it can be frustrating, however I think it gives us insight into the relationship between Mary and Jessica. Like Mary has a couple of times pretended to be Jessica and wear her clothes which says something.

But I think the biggest hint about Mary killing Jessica was when she was pretending to be Jessica and scared Ali in 6x20. She was wearing the clothes Jessica was buried in, which was a clue to Mary seeing Jessica the night she was killed!

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Okay, so a friend of mine had a theory about Dumbledore's death, and I wanted to know what you'd think of it. She thinks Dumbledore stepped off the tower, and it looks like he got hit with the killing curse because of where everyone was standing. Something that backs this up is that your soul splits when you kill someone, and when Snape died his soul was still intact. We think Dumbledore actually stepped off so Snape wouldn't have to kill him. Just look like he did. (Idk, but what cha think?)

I think that Severus did actually kill Dumbledore, but his soul was not split because Dumbledore asked Severus to kill him.  In fact, I think that perhaps Dumbledore made Severus take a Vow with him, which would nullify the soul-splitting thing.

Also, AK-ing people doesn’t automatically make your soul split.  The only reason Voldemort’s did was because by the time he tried to kill Harry via AK, he’d already fragmented his soul at least five times. At that point, it was fragile enough that Lily’s protection was enough to make a shard fly off and embed itself in Harry.  Normally, the process of making a Horcrux is involved (and I headcanon that it requires the sacrifice and partial (blood or flesh) consumption of someone connected to whatever object it was. I know, that’s a bit dark, but from what I can tell from reading the books, that’s what it seems to me.  If it was something relatively tame, Slughorn wouldn’t have been so horrified that he literally damaged his own brain to change the memory of telling Tom about it.

Not too Lovey Dovey

Request:  “ Can you please do one where the reader in Slytherin or Ravenclaw. She’s nice but not too nice she’s okay with killing and violence but she’s sweet and into Draco and of course he’s mean but he has a soft spot for her too. (Not too lovey dovey) maybe smut. Everyone always wants the reader and Draco to be fighting but not that maybe something different? Lol maybe she doesn’t like, harry and the gang either?” - Anonymous

Oh my goodness this is a lot to digest into writing….Hmmm…..

Smut scares  me a little I’ve never written it so maybe not….

Well I’m going to try my best and I really really really hope you like it!

I’m going to call you Dove anon. Idk why so don’t judge my weirdness.

The first thing I like to do, every single morning, is to wait. To wait for what? Who knows. I just enjoy sitting in our common room, with our familiar green torches, leather couches, and silver serpents sliding up the walls. I wait.

But today, someone was waiting for me. In my spot. With his feet on my table. Holding my book in his hands.

“Malfoy,” I greeted, nodding at him and sitting down at the couch on the other side of the table.

His hair was messed up today, his face sunken and tired. He seemed like he had something major on his mind and because of that he’s given the thought many nights of no sleep at all.

He scowls at me, but even that is halfhearted as he looks back down at the book in his hands. It’s a muggle book. Romeo and Juliet.

“I don’t understand muggle stories,” Malfoy scowled once more, “There are so many faults in this story. Especially the love part. There’s too much of that.”

A laugh escapes my lips before I can stop it, Malfoy complaining about a muggle book? How odd.

“Something funny Y/n?” 

Pulling my laughter to a halt I shake my head quickly and run a hand through my hair. 

“No. You were laughing. Tell me why,” He was on the edge of his seat, the book off to the side as he rested his elbows on his knees and his chin in the palms of his hands. Did he really want to talk to me about a muggle book?

“W-well you see. I find it odd that Draco, the ‘Slytherin King’,” I put hand quotes around the last part just to make sure that my point gets across, “Is reading a muggle book and- and complaining about it! That is one of the most original love stories any muggle has ever written and you’re complaining about the amount of how it’s too…..Lovey Dovey?”

Malfoy stared at me with soft silver eyes, his pinky finger playing with his bottom lip as he did so. I’ve never really had a full conversation with Draco, is this what it was like?

Suddenly, he jerks his head, almost like a nod, and launches himself off the couch and out the door, leaving me dumbstruck and confused.

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The signs as things I've done in church
  • aries: ask the pastor to take a selfie with me, in the middle of the sermon.
  • taurus: noisily ate a twix during closing prayer
  • gemini: ask sister Angela what Jesus's scene phase was like
  • cancer: ask the pastor if he thought Jesus owned a puppy and then cried when he said no
  • leo: got drunk and forgot the lyrics to "This little light of mine" while I was performing in front of everyone
  • virgo: read gay fan fiction
  • Libra: made this post
  • scorpio: ask the lady serving communion if she could bring me something stronger
  • Sagittarius: got high and watched free willy on my phone
  • capricorn: hotboxed the bathroom
  • aquarius: demanded to know why God killed the dinosaurs
  • pisces: listen to hasa diga eebowai from the Book of Mormon

So I was thinking about how Qrow obviously isn’t telling Ruby everything about her powers, and that there could be more behind it than just the obvious come on this is Ruby she’s going to try and save the world with her magic powers.

In volume 2, when Yang is telling Blake about her mother, she mentions that she doesn’t find out about Raven until after Summer’s death. She says something about her father shutting down and that she soon learned Summer wasn’t the first love he had lost. 

I’m going to assume it wasn’t Taiyang who told her that, which leaves Qrow. Think about it, baby Yang asking Qrow why her daddy won’t leave his bed, and Qrow, drunk off his ass trying to numb the pain, tells her more than he should. Tells her about Raven, how she left Yang and disappeared. How it broke Tai’s heart, and how Summer helped him piece it back together. Only for it to be smashed again when she dies.

This leads to Yang trying to find her mother, and almost getting her and Ruby killed. 

So this time, Qrow doesn’t tell Ruby everything. Because he knows her, and he’ll be damned if he puts his nieces in danger again because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

its funny when people are like “BUT MICKEY TRIED TO KILL SAMMI !!!! he deserves to be in prison” but like apparently in the s6 finale everyone on the show tried to kill frank. they threw him into a freezing cold lake (or w/e) and he was in a comma? or something idk i didn’t watch. but he could have easily died. what do you have to say to that then? put everyone in prison then. not to mention frank has killed a number of people. fuck i hate this show 

Lucy can't die???

Ok so this is like a weird theory I guess that I came up with. I mean it’s like kinda stretching it but idek. So like you guys saw how Lucy had blood all over her eyes when she woke up. If Natsu had intercepted the stab or whatever (there was a stab sound) there would be blood splatters on Lucy not like an overflowing amount near her eyes. Which leads me to believe that Lucy did get stabbed and killed but was somehow brought back to life. So like you all know how Lucy is the heart of fairy tail and brings everyone together. I have like a little idea that Lucy may not be able to die or something and has some sort of special power. This would also explain why Lucy was the only one that didn’t get stuck into Alegria back in Tartorous bc she had such a pure heart or whatever and couldn’t get sucked into the demonic area. This whole thing is totally stretching it but hey it’s something I came up with and idk.

Hey look!  it’s not a text post!  :D

This will probably required some explaining:
The ever so awesome ToastyHat has challenged the fandom to an AU creation… thing
And this is my creation!  thing.

It’s actually a spin on 2 of the suggested AU’s-  Glassbent and Desertbound,  resulting in a…
*dun dun duuuuun(e)*
Hourglass AU..!  :D

The story goes something like this-

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Yo who wants to join me in forming a Flynn Carsen defense squad our mission statement is to track down and hurt everyone who ever hurt this small precious bean. First order of business we find Nicole Noon, knock her unconscious and then drop kick her across a football field and then next we bring back Flynn’s Uncle Jerry from the dead for the sole purpose of killing him all over again.

And idk maybe we track down Emily too I mean I don’t have much of a problem with her but she can get like a stern talking to or something. And idk much about that little bitch Katie but I think she likely hurt Flynn the most since he was gonna propose to her so maybe we can rough her up just  a little you know?

But yeah anyways I love Flynn Carsen and he’s been hurt too much and people need to pay WHO’S WITH ME?

So Rose totally 100% shattered Pink diamond no questions about it. 

 "But Spooner!“ You scream loudly "Rose was so against Shattering! Look at Bismuth!" 

Well, let’s look at the timeline shall we? Bismuth was bubbled 5,300 years ago, at which time we can presume rose had her current disposition against shattering gems. 

Sapphire and her Ruby guards were sent to earth in response to a "Small, persistent group of rebels” 5,700 years ago. Mind you, Blue Diamond was there. On earth. What could possibly draw one of the four god-like rulers of Homeworld out to one slowly rising colony? 

 The answer is simple. The death of another ruler, sent to oversee the construction of a new gem planet

I don’t need to remind anyone of earth’s “potential” of course. In fact, Garnet even said earth was “Promising.”

Anyways, point is 400 years passed between when we saw rose and Pearl taking on Blue Diamond’s forces and when Pearl and Garnet stopped seeing Bismuth. That’s a whole 400 years to change ideals. 

“But spoooooner!” You cry, unsettled. “Why would she doooooooo that??? It’s not like she’s evil!!!

She isn’t?

She bubbled Bismuth for being nothing more than overzealous and never told anyone what happened to her to keep her forces under her command. Seems to me like she’s got something to hide. 

Why would she shatter a Diamond you ask? It’s simple. At one time she wasn’t the gem we all know now. She was ruthless. Unforgiving. Unmerciful. That speech she gives Garnet in The Answer? Do you hear any hints of “I find beauty in everything and love all life regardless of how rigid and strict it is” in it? 

Bear in mind she and Pearl destroyed the physical forms of a dozen gems without a second thought that same episode. 


It’s really simple: Killing a Ruby? Three Rubies? Not much weight to it. Three expendable soldiers. Plus you gotta go the extra mile to break their gem. That takes time and energy. Poofing them so you can get what you need and get out? Easy. But. Let’s go back in time for a minute. You want to send a message to the Axis powers of World War II. You can only kill one person though. So who do you kill? Not a soldier, not a General. You kill the National Leader. Hirohito and Mussolini and Hitler and the like. That sends a message to the other leaders and everyone beneath them: you mean fucking business. 

And from a strategic standpoint, it works like magic. Blue Diamond came to Earth directly following something happening to Pink Diamond. Blue Diamond may have set up a trap for Rose, but in the end her plan still worked. She offed one diamond and came close to killing a second. 

from a tactical perspective, Rose is a fucking monster and she scares me. 

Recap from anon Kristen

The show was amazing. Like they talked about it being this crazy show that you wouldn’t expect and they weren’t even kidding. My mom and I already want to go in the summer if they do it again.

Moving on, I’ll start with Maksyl. My mom had no idea about them other than seeing their freestyle because I showed it to her and when I did she was like “they’re together right?” And I was like idk, they say they’re just friends. She side eyed me. FF to tonight: she was in complete shock. They’re dances went quite quickly but they were amazing. Seeing them live was insanity. My mom looked at me after the rhamba and said, “you don’t have that much passion and connection with just friends.” “Her parents don’t bring so many of their friends to see their daughter dance 2 dances in a huge production with someone that was just a dance partner you won with.” And I agree. Its so much more than that. I don’t know what they are, I don’t know if I ever will, but what I saw tonight was not something between just friends. Maks and Peta? For sure, it was fun and sexy in a dancer to dancer type way. Meryl and Maks were on a different level. No one could touch them. I watched them walk into the meet a greet and they were just goofing off and getting pumped outside the door, but still together and touching and adorable.
Everyone else was perfect. Tony and Sharna killed it and she constantly made me question my sexuailty. She’s perf. Jenna and Val are awesome when they dance together. Idk if I ship it, idk what they are but they know how to move and make it hot.

This show is so wondeful and if anyone ever has the chance to see it they need to. You won’t ever regret it.

If you guys have any questions, either reblog with question or anon it in saying it’s a question to this anon, and I’ll send her the question and she’ll answer it.

Someone mentioned an au where Allison was alive but project freelancer still happened and that could be a really interesting idea like her and the Director working on the project together.

She makes sure the agents are in tip top shape and he handles the sciencey stuff and maybe it could have become something wonderful, something that would have kept soldiers alive instead of killing everyone in it. A world were project freelancer actually does what it was supposed to and helps people.

So I had this really random thought on the way to work this morning and I know it’s highly unlikely BUT I was thinking about the fact that we seem to have spoilers of Hook back in normal Storybrooke but I’ve only seen him with Emma. And then I thought about how Colin said Hook was sticking around in a “different” way or something like that and I was like, what if Emma is imagining him? And THEN I remembered that season 6 is supposed to have this mental institution arc and like… What if Emma just loses it because she is a freaking black widow? I know everyone says they can’t kill Hook because Emma has already lost enough love interests, but if it fed into the next arc and they used it to lead into Emma having a break down… Idk, like I said unlikely but it would certainly be interesting!!

(Note: this is not an idea in line with the the theory that the entire show is Emma’s imagination. Completely separate idea!)

some quotes from my not so serious EC power point

Duke Slide:

“He had this like face on the side of his face thing”

“Some loser named Kachess killed him when the duke took his gf with his seduction powers of seduction”

Banica slide:

“She always really liked food, therefore making her a representative of the world, cause everyone likes food too”

Riliane slide:

“Some prissy lil 14 yr old tyrant princess”

“Really long name jesus”

“Her fiance fell in love with a lesbian tree so she burned the lesbian trees country”

Allen Slide:

“Riliane’s brother that everyone loves?”

“He’s like God or something”

“Also best drag in the series”

Margarita slide:

“She poisoned her cheating husband”

“Then everyone else”

“Then herself”

“BTW she had the poison in her blood for a while?? Idk how she didnt like fall over and die??”

“Canon ver of the Everyone Is Eve joke”

Kayo Slide:

“For once i didnt forget her”

“She liked stalked this guy she thought was her husband”

“Then killed his wife”

“And daughters”

“and took there clothes to like impress him or something then she killed him when he didnt know who she was”

Gallerian Slide:

“Also known as Trash or Trash Gallerian”

“He thinks this like american girl doll is his daughter”


Nemesis Slide:

“grew up with her only friend being a giant octopus thing”

“but like after she killed gallerian she took over most of the world”

“then she blew it up”


“Also she’s swag money”

Every season someone finds out about Ian and Mickey.

Season 1

  • Kash 
  • Lip

Season 2

  • Frank
  • Monica

Season 3

  • Mandy
  • Lloyd (he knew the “sorta boyfriend” was Mickey)
  • Terry (fuck you, Terry! you ruined eveything)

Season 4

  • ?
  • ??
  • Debbie?
  • Kev?
  • V?
  • Fiona?
  • Carl?
  • Mickey’s brothers?
  • Svetlana? (well, she kinda knows something, but that was a particular situation and idk)
  • Sheila?
  • Everyone??????
  • ???????????????????????

i think it would be great if rey’s parents were revealed to be just…random people? other than the implication that greatness isn’t something you have to be born into, we already have a link to the skywalker-solo family tree thru kylo ren. 

i like to imagine that rey’s relation to luke is that of a mentor-student and that she’s like..his last surviving student. she was probably a jedi youngling when everyone else was killed and maybe the trauma of the event caused her to repress memories? idk i just think the whole “rey skywalker” thing is too obvious and would reflect shittily on the entire skywalker-solo family for ditching her