she killed this performance

Chantal Janzen explaining how the audience thinks Willemijn is singing on full power but she doesn’t… unless she’s angry about something. (x)

Today’s gif is from a shaky video I took over nine years ago, back when you actually had to bring a camera to record things. This is my friend Caitlin, during her “individuals” performance. She was killed in a car accident nine years ago today.

Caitlin taught me rifle, back in 2006. Rifle is my favorite piece of equipment, but the truth is I am very slow at learning it. Unlike anyone else, especially myself, she was always patient. It was the same way with any drama in the guard - she was always fair.

Over the years, I’ve tried to emulate her approach, both with my students and with the asks I get from you guys. I never got to thank her, so it’s the best I can do to pay her back. I know that when you’re young it often feels like nobody cares about you, but that is incredibly untrue, especially if you’re in colorguard. Just over 3,600 people follow this blog, and I want each and every one of you to be successful. And I especially want you to appreciate the presence of your fellow humans, and to be happy.

Love always,

American Black History: Bessie Coleman

Because US flying schools wouldn’t admit her, she learned French and moved to France to learn how to fly. When she returned, she specialized in stunt flying and parachuting, and earned a living barnstorming and performing aerial tricks. Tragically, she was killed at only 34 years old during a rehearsal for an aerial show which sent her plummeting to her death.

Read the Fine Print My Ass~CLOSED RP with eritsuhunter

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Tenma stared him down, a rumble starting in her chest. This kid was pushing his luck. Fine print be damned, she was about to perform an abrupt exorcism and kill this guy. Shaking her head, she went back to her work, ignoring Jason.  

So how do you get this terrible ending? Well, you need to lower your morality. This is usually done the same way you’d do it in real life, by killing things. However, there’s one action that earns you amoral points that doesn’t quite make sense – forgiving a grieving woman. At one point, you find a confession booth and overhear a horrific story from a distressed woman. She tells you about her murdered child and the vengeance killing she performed on the murderer. She knows she’s going to Hell and begs you for your forgiveness.

Giving this woman some forgiveness is a pretty nice thing to do, right? No, you monster. Only priests can forgive sins, and you’re an unwed girl pregnant with a cult monster. So even if you find killing your child’s murderer a forgivable offense, you know what isn’t? Impersonating a priest. Doing so costs you a ton of morality points and puts you a step closer to getting possessed by your own evil God baby. The most moral thing you can do is turn your back on this crybaby and let her tortured soul suffer alone.

Actually, no, the most moral thing to do is to kill 30 bad guys with the alien weapon at the start. That gets you the best ending where Heather’s dad is still alive and accepting of you, before the two of you sit down for tea with a space alien and nuke Silent Hill with UFO lasers.

5 Video Games That Pose (And Reward) Awful Moral Choices

who you should fight: x files edition
  • mulder: why would you fight mulder? not only is he alarmingly jacked, but he's also got years of pent up rage that will make him a terrifying opponent. plus, do you really want to fight a man who cries as he throws punches? conclusion: don't fight mulder. he'll beat you up while crying and you'll probably end up feeling guilty for some reason.
  • scully: theoretically, you could beat scully in a fist fight. but scully is probably smarter than you. and a better shot than you. she'll use her weirdly detailed knowledge of every field of science to destroy you. fight at your own risk. conclusion: don't fight scully. she'll kill you and perform the autopsy herself.
  • skinner: don't let skinner's unassuming looks fool you. though he doesn't have nearly as much pent up rage as mulder, he has a surprising amount of brute strength. your only chance of beating skinner is to get at him psychologically. bring up that creepy woman that appears in his dreams, and you can probably overpower him. conclusion: psychological warfare is the only thing that can save you here.
  • chris carter: do you even need a reason to fight chris carter? fight chris carter. it doesn't matter if you win or lose. just fight chris carter. do it for all of us. conclusion: make him pay.

Trying to clear out my phone. I have so so so many drag related pictures it’s out of control. Here’s a handful from Katya momsgoldteeth’s performance at 340 Pomona. She fucking killed Chicago’s All That Jazz. And then she and dianadzhaketov killed it again with TATU. Check out thezaprecap for footage from the night.

Okay, I need to know something… where do people get the idea that Caroline is the moral character of the show?  That’s an actual way I saw her described, and it blows my mind.

This is the girl that used one of her mother’s deputies as a human shield.  She killed Luke, just to force Liv to perform the spell to bring her friends back.  She literally performed human experimentation on a man to see if she could cure his cancer (something I hated, not because I think it’s ooc for Caroline to do, but because I do think it’s ooc for her to just do it once, not take copious notes, and examine the side effects - girl is a control freak).  Hell, remember when she killed twelve fucking people to save her best friend?

I mean, the list of her morally questionable actions could go on for a very long time… remember when she went to Atlanta for the sole purpose of killing a completely innocent man, and the only reason she didn’t was because he shared a face with Stefan?  Or when she made a deal with Klaus to save Elena, that involved killing a hybrid that had done nothing to them? How about when she worked with Katherine to a torture a man for information?  I’m sure I could come up with more, but I feel like you all probably get the point.

Like, I’m sorry, but Caroline Forbes is the very definition of morally grey. If this were Harry Potter, she would be the most Slytherin person to ever enter the Slytherin House.  Having her tell Klaus that he’s awful and she’s good doesn’t eliminate her actions, which are those of someone that really doesn’t give a damn about morals when it comes down to what she’s actually going to do.

June 14

LA Pride

Today, Fifth Harmony headlined the closing concert of this year’s LA Pride festivities!


With Frankie Grande:

Performance pictures!

About Hawaii

Dinah loved cliff diving in Hawaii:

So we all know now that both Camila and Dinah bruised their behinds while cliff diving in Hawaii… Dinah did it wrong the second time. Thus she warned us about the perils of incorrectly hitting the water in diving:


OUCH, (part 2)

Dinah apologized in advance if she didn’t perform as well tonight:

But she killed it anyway, along with the girls! Relive their performances from tonight HERE!

Congrats, Fifth Harmony!

Good to know the girls had a blast!

Social Media/Others

Two interviews from the UK!

Fifth Harmony play ‘Who you gonna call?’ …the Sony Music edition!

Fifth Harmony do celebrity impressions including One Direction and Ed Sheeran

ICYMI, Dinah’s snaps yesterday:

Camila’s IG posts:

todavía me ves en tus sueños? 

Normani for The PSYLENCE:

Worth It

Worth It reached another milestone today!