she killed edward with that wrench

Fullmetal Hunger Games #1

sgkhskgjhsldkjghsd guys Kayla and I have been working on this AU foreeeveeerr and we still have so much more planned but here is one of the many drabbles I’ve written plus a really visceral animation by @pahndah. AND WE WANT YOU TO HATE US AS MUCH AS WE HATE OURSELVES FOR DOING THIS ;____;


Ed twitches awake at the sound of his brother’s voice. He stands in the doorway, half leaning in, with a smile that breaks across his whole face. Before Ed can make sense of his own surroundings, he fleetingly observes that his little brother’s jaw looks squarer than usual, and if he’s not mistaken, his shoulders have broadened too.

He casts a glance at the digital clock mounted to the wall, waiting for the room to come into focus. It’s quarter to midnight, though, for how long he’s been asleep, he can’t fully say.

“Al,” he croaks. He pulls himself into a sitting position but the wound in his side screams in protest. Black spots spray across his vision from the pain. Dizzied, he slides back down with a hiss.

That’s right, he recalls. His entire body throbs all the way up to his brain. The bed feels like it’s undulating beneath him. I was shot.

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