she kept yelling at me ;m;

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A woman today watched me clock out, she said "can I ask you something?" I told her no, her response was "did you just tell me no?" I said "Yes I did, I'm off the clock." I'm not sure what she yelled at me after that, I just kept walking lol.

*Warning: smut* RFA+V+saeran react to MC dancing sexily and them acting upon it *Wink wink*

 This was requested by @trustxfundxkid-jumin ^^ YAY lol

Oh right, ‘nother huge disclaimer is that Jumin’s had a ddlg kink ok? Ok, I don’t want any more negative feedback about it ‘cause it really hurt me when people criticised on my last post ^^ Anyway, yeah, I warned ‘ya!


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Study Buddy's - pt 2 - Philip Hamilton x reader

Warnings - swears most likely

Requested by - Me I really wanted to write this

Requests are - Always open and I really need some so :)

Damn this is long whoops sorry :)

“You had 2 weeks Y/N.” your best friend Theo yelled though the phone

“I know! You don’t have to remind me Theo!” You whisper yelled and put a ugly dress back in the rack

You were shopping for a prom dress you hadn’t picked one yet and prom was tomorrow

You had been busy.. Okay that’s a lie you had been getting to know Philip an kinda just forgot.

“Yeah I do!” She yelled again. Mad.

“It’s just a dress Theo. a dress!” You exclaimed as grabbed a black dress.

“OoOoO.” You said when you looked at the dress you had grabbed from the rack

Its was a long black dress with lace it was in your size to. How lucky.

“What?” Theo asked confused and yo had heard her grab her keys through the phone.

“I found a dress.” You said happy and started waking towards the change room

“I’m on my way.” She exclaimed and with that hung up you locked the door to the change room and put your phone on the chair that was in the small room

As you slide out of your pants you heard your phone buzz you finished taking your pants off and then grabbed your phone to see a text from Philip

Philly<3: Hey, I’ll be picking you up around 7:30 tomorrow. can’t wait to see you beautiful!!

You blushed and the nickname and pit your phone down and slide your shirt off and carefully slide the dress on

It was perfect!

It fit perfect and looked amazing on your body shape

You must have been starring at yourself or awhile cause you suddenly heard

“Y/N! Which room are you in?”

“Room 5 Theo!”

You in locked the door and she walked in as locked it again then turned around to look at you and gasped

“It’s beautiful!” She screamed and hugged you

“Thanks Theo.” you breathed out

“I think ok going to buy it.” You said looking at yourself once more 

“Duh, i wouldn’t let you leave without it.” she exclaimed with that duh tone you hate.

as you slipped off the dress and slide you pants back on you heard you phone buzz and Theo grab your phone

“Oh you got a text from lover boy.” 

“Theo give me my phone.” you said and put your shirt on.

“Hey Love, Do you wanna come over for dinner tonight?” she read and tried to make a Philip voice

“That was terrible! you’ve never met Philip!” you said taking your phone from her hands 

You: Sure Philly!! ill be there in 10 mins! you replied and closed your phone and stuck in your pocket if you were wondering what you were wearing 

its a black crop top, tight jeans and you black Tennis shoes.

“Ok thanks for the help but i have a dinner to got to.” you said and grabbed your dress, your purse, and your black beanie.

“Alright go see lover boy, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Theo.”

“Bye soon to be Mrs. Hamilton!” she yelled.. i mean like screamed.

“Shut up.”



“Hey Love.” Philip exclaimed as he answered the door. you blushed and hid you face by looking down

“Hey, hey, hey, never hide your face.” he said as he cupped your face and gently made you look up

You blushed even more and tried to look down again

“What did i just say.” he laughed and kissed your forehead 

You laughed and grabbed his hands from off your face and then dropped them and wrapped your arms around his neck and his arms found their why to your waist

you guys both were leaning in when

“Philip, Mom said din- oh my god sorry.” you heard a young voice squeal and footsteps running away

“Damn it Angelica” Philip muttered and grabbed your hand and pulled yo through his house to his dinning room

you laughed and stopped him form walking.

“Y/N what we have din-”

You cut him off with your lips on his was about a 3 second kiss when you broke apart he laughed and spoke up “Okay you can stop me for that anytime.”

“Ill hold you to that.” you said and grabbed his face and started tracing circles on his cheek

“Ill count on it.” 


“So Y/N, Have you gotten a dress yet?” Mrs. Hamilton asked.

“Yes i have Mrs. Hamilton.” you said and looked down.

“How many times have i told you to call me Eliza?” she asked and ate her food

“A lot..” 

“Then please do. your part of this family to.” 

this made Mr. Hamilton laugh

“Whats so funny Alexander?” his wife asked you didn’t realize he was there

“You said she’s ‘Family’ she’s not.”

“Alexander!” Eliza yelled

“She just using him for money!” he Exclaimed

That hurt… 

“Pardon me?” you asked

“Your using him, your family’s poor and you want money.”

“Pa stop.” Phil said

“Its the truth Philip.”

“Its not! Yes my family’s poor! but no i am not using your son for money! until i started dating him i didn’t know you had money! so if you could stop accusing me of stuff Mr. Hamilton That would be great!” You said loudly. not yelling, but you said it loudly.

“Philip ill see you tomorrow. Mrs.- Eliza thank you for dinner sorry i cant stay.” You said and pecked Philips cheek and walked out of that house

~*~*~*~*~*~Philips Pov~*~*~*~*~*~*~

“Philip ill see you tomorrow. Mrs.- Eliza thank you for dinner sorry i cant stay.” she said and Pecked my cheek and walked out of the house

“Damn it Pa.” i yelled and ran after her.

“Y/N.” she kept walking.


“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

“What Philip?” she ask still not facing me

“Can you look at me please.” i asked quietly 

“We haven’t been dating long enough for you to see me cry.” she said crying

“Ive seen you cry before.” i told her

“Yeah before we were dating.” she stated 

“Y/N.” i sighed “look i’m sorry about what my dad said he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” i stated she looked away

“its not true right.” i asked tho i really hope its not

“Of course not!” she yelled and turned to face me

“Y/N i love you! i Love you so much. even if i was banned from seeing you i wouldn’t stop!” i yelled getting closer to her

“I love you too Phil! i just-” i cut her off with my lips 

“See you tomorrow?” i asked

“7:30.” she stated 

we kissed again

~*~*~*~*~*~*~Elizas pov~*~*~*~*~*~*~

“Damn it pa.” My son yelled and stormed after his lover 

“Philip.” i stated and stood up.

“Alexander Hamilton! That was unacceptable! She’s a lovely young Lady. What the Hell is wrong with you.” i heard many gasps i cover my mouth i had never used strong language in front of my kids.

“She using him i will not let my son be seduced by a whore!” i gasped at his words.

“You know you didn’t have any money and my dad let you marry me!”

he stayed silent

“Now apologize to your son!” i said point towards the door.

“Fine.” he stated and got up and i followed him

we walked out side and heard yelling

“its not true right.” i heard Philip say

“Of course not!” she yelled

“Y/N i love you! i Love you so much. even if i was banned from seeing you i wouldn’t stop!” He yelled getting closer to her

“I love you too Phil! i just-” he cut her off with his lips

“See you tomorrow?” he asked

“7:30.” she stated

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Your pov~*~*~*~*~*~*~

“You look wonderful Darling.” Eliza gasped as you walked out she wanted you to get ready with her. 

“Thank you Eliza. i don’t think i could look this pretty if you didn’t help me.”

“Your mother wouldn’t help?”

You stayed silent  

“Are you okay hun.”

“uh my mom was murdered.. by my dad when i was 4.” 

she gasped and hugged you 

“Im sorry hun.”

“Its okay it was along time ago.”

“Mom philips ready!!”


“Come on hun.”

Philip was down the stairs waiting for you

you walked down and his mouth fell open 

“wow, you look… Wow.” was all he said but he held out his hand so you could grab it and you did

After Eliza toke pictures you guys were on your way


“Everyone thanks for coming to Senior Prom!!” the lady on stage Yelled 

“Its almost time for it to end sadly but we still have to announce Prom king and Queen.”  she said and everyone clapped

“Prom King is.” she Yelled as she open a piece of paper 

“Philip Hamilton.” she Yelled and i clapped and looked at Philip he looked shocked you pushed him and he walked and they put a crown on his head.

“Uh thanks?” he said

everyone laughed

“And the Queen is…” “Y/N Y/L/N.” 

You walked on stage and they put a tiara on your head 

“Uh thanks.” you mocked Phil

everyone laughed

“Time for the last dance.”  she yelled

You and Philip walked to the dance floor

You slid your arms around his neck and he slid his around your waist and he whispered in your ear

“To think… This wouldn’t have happened if weren’t Study buddy’s.”

“Yeah Study Buddys.”  


so no one cares about what I’ve been up to this week but I’m gonna tell you because I have yet to stop crying about it

(all yelling kept respectfully below the cut bc I need to learn how to shut up)

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watching the dub

and vegeta’s hair just caught my eye

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: The most uncomfortable delivery I've ever been on.

I’m not sure what I should have done.

Last night I took a delivery to a house two blocks from where I used to live. I get to the door and I can hear noise coming from the window to the right. This guy starts up, just screaming at someone. I hesitated a second before knocking. They didn’t hear me.

The guy kept yelling about “4:30” (it was 7 by that time). After a minute there was a pause, then “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, JUST GET OUT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE” and “I’M GOING TO BURN YOUR STUFF”. And more about them getting out.

I almost left, almost called my manager, had no idea what to do, so ended up knocking again. Heard a bit more yelling but it stopped and a woman opened the door. She looked like she had just bawled her eyes out. I could see a little kids legs in the living room (sitting in front of the tv or some such). She pays and I leave.

I told my manager about it when I got back and he asked if she paid. I said she did and he flippantly says, it’s not our problem.

Talked to the other driver about it, said the guy who lived there was a meth head that had threatened to kill him when he went to collect his dog that the guy’s gf had found.

By: Jaitzche


I used to think my sexual fantasies were pretty vanilla, but then a couple weeks ago I had a dream in which I ended up having sex with a woman who was trying to assassinate me with a kitchen knife, and now I’m not so sure. It wasn’t even a fancy knife. You could imagine your foodie roommate yelling at you for spreading peanut butter with it. “You’ll dull the blade,” they might say, removing a freshly seasoned skillet from the burner. The assassin in my dream looked like she probably never spread peanut butter with her knives. She had a whole bunch of guns too–I kept noticing them stashed under benches and taped to window frames as she chased me through, in order, a hockey rink, an abandoned cathedral, and a library where all the patrons shushed us angrily as we pelted past–but the knives were her favorite. She told me so after finally cornering me in what looked like a crumbling Greek amphitheater, which had dozens of guns laid out along all the benches and more guns hanging from pegs hammered into the pillars in the back. It wasn’t actually a sexy backdrop at all, but guess what happened.  

Anyway, I don’t know if this means anything, or if there’s some kind of Freudian analysis to be had here. But if you want to bring your kitchen knives the next time you come over, that would be fine.  

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Oh my gosh Emma are you okay?! That's wild. Do you know why you passed out? I hope you're alright bub! xx

I don’t know tbh. I was like halfway through this older Italian woman pinning the dress where it needs to be hemmed and I’m like slowly turning around, and suddenly I felt so nauseous, but I just ignored it, and then my vision totally blacked out and my legs were shaking and the next thing I know, I’m down and this poor woman is freaking out. I kept apologizing and saying I was fine and then she was yelling at me for apologizing and I guess she lives above the shop because she literally went upstairs and got me a glass of water and a glass of cranberry juice AND she made me toast and eggs (apparently she has a chicken lol) and she forced me to eat it all before she would continue the fitting. It was just an incredibly embarrassing experience because this has never happened to me before (my vision blacks out when I stand sometimes, but my doctor always acted like it was nbd) and this was just….the worst timing for it to happen lol in the middle of a fucking fitting. Only me, I guess.

Anonymous said: Oh no, Emma. You’re not the one getting married. Don’t pass out. lol. take care :)

Hahaha I’ll keep that in mind going forward.

Anonymous said: You passed out?? Are you okay now? What happened? I hope you’re okay! Also your relationship with your sister is better then? I’m so glad I hope she apologized to you

She didn’t apologize to me, but we’re mostly okay. My mom basically guilt-tripped me until I agreed to be a bridesmaid lol. Thank you though!! <3

Anonymous said: You passed out?! Hope you’re okay! ❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous said: Hope you’re ok and didn’t get hurt when you passed out 💙💚

Anonymous said: Oh no! Emma are you okay?

Anonymous said: Hope you’re okay, Emma! 💕💕💕💕

Anonymous said: hope you’re okay!!! that’s so scary bub :(

Anonymous said: Ouch. Are you okay now? What the hell happened? Hope you didn’t hurt yourself. :/

Thank you all!!! I’m probably fine. <3



Duncan’s POV

Ophelia Specter was leaning against the bar and watching the scene with her eyebrows raised sceptically. I already knew that comment wouldn’t do any good; Pita looked at her with sparkles of fury in her eyes and I desperately glanced around the room to find any cover from the oncoming storm.

“You!” Pita yelled, pointing at Ophelia, “Who do you think you are?! You have no right to get into it, it’s not your business!”

“Calm down, girl, I’ve done nothing–”

“No, nothing at all! You just took everything from me and forced me to live in a freaking shed! You’re not welcomed here!”

“I’m sorry Pita, but as far as I know, this place’s still mine…” Hoot started, but she ignored him and just kept on screaming. Sinjin, Adrianna and Annie watched it in silence, the last one crossing her arms.

“And why are you so concerned about Gimi right now, what’re ya doing here?! It’s not your business and it’ll never be!”

“Well I actually live here, so it’s my business as hell!” Ophelia snapped back.

“Oh yeah? Since when do you care ‘bout anything about my family? Of course when you’re not trying to STEAL our property!!”

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My easter sucked pretty thoroughly, I went to a party and the host's little brother kept calling me "she/her" just to fuck with me even after his brother made it clear to his family beforehand, everyone yelled at him and his mom hit him with a shoe in front of me but... I dont know... And my mom bought me a push-up bra and threw out my first binder and she broke my computer so I cant write... It just... it just sucks dude.

Ughhhhajfskdf I’m really sorry.

Today is a new day and it’s not with those people though <3

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PT 1: I used to think my mom was really supportive of me. She liked telling me how grateful i should be for her. Now she was asking me when I was planning on getting bottom surgery I told her I wasn't.. then she told me I wouldn't be a real boy without a penis. When I told her that was kind of a transphobic thing to say she started yelling at me that I was bullying her and insulting her because if there was one perdon who's standing up for 'the transgenders' it's her..

PT 2: She’s saying she has kept up with my bullshit for too long and that I can’t wear my binder anymore because I’m just faking it anyways.. I’m feeling really sad and dont kniw what to do


I would suggest you and your mom to see a gender therapist together, that’s a very serious thing for her to say and it’s clear she isn’t educated on the levels you thought and I think it would beneficial for her to sit down and hear from a professional that you do not need a penis to be a man. Many men choose not to have bottom surgery as it is incredibly invasive and some guys don’t like the options available. 


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I was someone who would hint at stuff rather than outright yelling "I'm a lesbian" and one of my friends figured out I wasn't straight so kept hinting at such without realising I was also hinting. For two years we played this game where she would ask me about people and I'd reply honestly then hint that I preferred girls. It was incredible because in the end she didn't realise that it was common knowledge so we both just continued playing this weird game

oh my god truly tho i have been out for a while i think but i can nvr rmbr who??? im out to??? so i turned to my best pal one day & i was like hey i told u im gay right & she was like??? yeah & i was like oh cool great

mom was u m, yelling at me for crying again.. i asked her about something and she yelled so i got. scared and started crying and this kept happening so she. asked me why and i finally told her that i was scared of her but that didn t,, make her do anything she just kept fucking yelling and told me i cant cry anymore because i’m fifteen..,, cant she understand my shitty emotional state??? i’m not like her im not.. like her,,

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Hiiii! Would you write how the boys try to distract their girl from studying? Because she wants to get excellent notes and had locked herself in her room, never leaving it with her nose in the books, not giving a damn for her surroundings?

Kou: Rukiii! M-neko-chan won’t leave her roooom!!

Ruki: And…?

Kou She’s like telling me to go away cause shes got her nose buried in some books! Then she yelled at me and threw one of them at me!!

Ruki: *sighs* Kou…

Yuma: *runs in covering his eye* Ruki!! I tried to get Sow out of her room and she fuckin threw a pencil at my eye!!!

Azusa: I went in her room…cause I was lonely…and she wouldn’t pay attention to me…or respond to me…so I kept poking her…and I even tried moving her books…then she told me…I was being annoying and I should leave… *sniffle* is she mad at me?

Yuma: Maybe I’ll throw a pencil at her eye! See how she likes it!!

Kou: Who cares about that stupid test tomorrow!! She doesn’t have to be such a nerd!!

Ruki: So, you guys constantly complain about how “annoying” she is, but as soon as she leaves you guys alone and spends her time doing something decent, then you guys all of a sudden start complaining? 

Kou: …

Yuma: …Tch.

Azusa: I really…miss her…


So got in my first stripper altercation ever. My best friend since 7th grade started dancing like 3 months ago and a girl who brought me into dancing hates her from high school and I’m friends with both of them. The one who brought me let’s call her blonde. Well blonde always would get so drunk and yell at my friend “ugly ass hoes on stage ew” “learn how to dance” and then she would always tell me “you better get your friend imma fight her” etc etc. I kept the peace for quite sometime until blonde punched my friend in the face. Bleeding and crying, which it was a dirty hit because she was fucked up and couldn’t have hit her back. Well she came in again and was about to hit her so I stepped in and pushed her back saying I’m so sick and tired of your shit!!!! And long story short my friend quit cuz she’s scared of her. And this blonde bitch still is allowed to work and isn’t fired????? She’s tweeting about me and everything and my weak ass even texted her apologizing…… and no response. Idk what I’m gonna do when I go back to work on weds cuz she’s crazy and I feel like she’ll play with me the was she’s been playing with my friend for months….. and I will never ever swing at someone. Just need to plot to get her fired so my 2 friends will come back….

Almost had a panic attack today when my clinical chemistry educator fucking yelled at me like a goddamn mangy stray dog for trying to leave while she was running controls on a machine that had been down all day. I stayed late to try and diffuse the situation, but the damage had been done to me already. I was so fucking embarrassed because she did that IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY IN THE FUCKING LAB. Now I’m scared she’s gonna fail me for this rotation. I mean, I guess I at least kept it together until I got to my car. I don’t even want to show my dumbass face there tomorrow, but I have to. I barely made it through work without vomiting, and my chest hurt the whole time.

The Boyfriend made tacos for dinner and got beer. I ate too much and now I feel like a fat piece of shit, but I can’t be bothered to care.

Today can eat all the dicks.

Birthday dinner

Hello! I’m a dark brown sista in my mid 20s, and I love your blog so I have my first ever story time to tell y'all! IM Shaking from excitement while i write this so excuse my typos! and this just happened so I’m writing it all out while my memory is fresh. I went to my friends pre bash birthday dinner just now (dinner before her party tonight) and let me tell you! I met the sweetest, most handsome Japanese guy I ever laid eyes on! he was there at another table with this handsome and also kind! Black man! Our tables were so close, so when we got there we sat down, ordered our food and then a few minutes later they came in and I thought it was some of my friends friends so I said Hello to them, thinking she knows them and he was so sweet he gave me a smile and said hello! and oh lord! so gorgeous, but I was so embarrassed, because my friend was like" uhhhh you know them ? they fine?“ So I told her I thought they were here for your dinner party and she told me, “No, I wish girl!” (face palm), I was so embarrassed, she kept turning around looking at them and I begged her to stop! but she couldn’t help it , they were handsome. BUT that didn’t stop him from talking to me still.

But before he talked to me again, I was scared to look at him from embarrassment, so we get our food and I’m talking to others around me and I wanted to look at him and kept telling myself, don’t do it, finally looked over at him and he’s staring dead at me ahahaha and how do I know? because he waved at me and smiled and I waved to him and he said, “I like your hair clip”, I had a sparkly butterfly clip and I told him thank you! And my friend (who was sitting in front of me) kept making faces saying “you betta get him girl” and being silly, and I’m just like stop! and he kept looking over at me! I swear, I usually stuff my face while eating, but I was eating so slow and proper trying to be cute. and playing with the curls in my face, so I try to low key look over at him again and pretend that I’m fixing my hair and not only is he looking up at me again but his friend also had his back turned, both looking dead at me. And I looked away so fast, I was shaking a little, because I get shy around guys I like, and I heard the Black guy speaking Japanese to him and I was like, Ok! I see you speaking Japanese, that’s so cool! I had no idea what was being said, but I looked over at them AGAIN and he was staring at me once again and my other friend saw it this time and he asked me “Why is he looking at you, do you have something in your teeth” ahaha! no I didn’t! But I’m so glad I’m not the only one that saw that he kept staring at me!

Before I continue, I have to point out that

I knew he reminded me of someone but I couldn’t point it out until later I went home and looked it up for like an hour trying to figure it out and finallly I go his name, he looks dead on like this Japanese actor named  Sota Fukushi!!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him, I even showed my friends and they thought it was the same guy and asked me how did I find him so fast and she called me a stalker! ahaha! He looks EXACTLY! to the T, Like Sota especially in this picture (I hope you can see it): *now i can’t stop looking up pictures of this Japanese actor, i need help!! ahaha*

So it was about time for us to leave so that we could go buy things for the party! The entire night I was blushing because I could literally feel him staring at me❤️ so I got a carry out plate (could barely eat because of him!) and while I was talking to my guy friend, I got up walking off sadly because I wanted to see him again! And I forgot my carry out so I was walking back to my table and I look up and see my friend talking to them and I was thinking omg! What is she saying?! Will she invite them to her party tonight?! Did she tell him I like him? Is she trying to get with him?! I was like forget my carry out! Let me walk out before she sees me and embarrass me! So I left my plate there! HHaha! But then she called put my name and was pretending like I didn’t hear her and kept walking so she yelled my name!! And I said “sorry I didn’t hear you girl!” (I did hear her!) she told me to come here and I gladly did I can’t lie, I picked up my carry out and said “oh I didn’t see this” ahaha! So here I am face to face …..O M G UP CLOSE!!!! LORD JESUS!!!!!! TALK ABOUT DROP DEAD HANDSOME!!! I was just thinking lord am I dreaming?! Up close he’s deadly and he looks like he should be a celebrity too! And why the fuck did he have to have dimples?!!! My weakness! You can really see them when he looks to the side instead of fave to face because when I walked over he just looked down and smiled shyly!

Ok back to it! So before I even walked over all the way she said to me that “they wanted to know where you went!” 0_o (happy me!) so I told them my name, they told me there’s, I’ll call him ‘Sotal’ lol! shook their hands, we said nice to meet one another and my friend said “He’s coming to my birthday party tonight, I invited him” I was so happy! But then I was like “oh that’s great! But Which one?” Laughing and she pointed to SOTA!!! I was so happy my heart dropped, his friend had to leave town so it’s just him and he said he’d bring his other friend so he doesn’t have to come alone, i told him that’s something I would do honestly! We didn’t talk much but he exchanged numbers with my friend (and later being the great friend that she is she gave me his number too and I was happy! ) they both were so sweet And they hugged us both! (He smell so fucking good!!!) and we said to him see you there! You better show up etc. and as we were walking off I looked back at him trying to be sexy and I did not know he was looking dead at me again!! So I was like “see you later again” ahaha and he laughed and said “I’ll see you there! I promise” I’m crying!!! The party is TONIGHT!!! So if he actually shows up and something happens I’ll tell you again! I’m so nervy! I gotta look good tonight! And also if I have a few drinks and get bold maybe we can take a picture together and I can show you how dreamy he is and how beat my outfit is!! or might make a story time video, I might have so much to say! Love you guys! Wish me luck tonight!

KM & BW: Girl! get ya man!! go GO GO! xD

The Laws of Physics | Preview

Upcoming fic cause I deleted the last one plus I need to study some more physics so this should be interesting.

Wonpil x Reader/You
Second Person P.O.V
Summary: A dedicated physics student runs into something peculiar on her way home from the library. She battles between belief and logic all the while she finds herself protecting this strange being.

*Self-harm is mentioned in the preview*

Originally posted by helloday6

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anonymous asked:

So I'm living in this situation right now and I'm not quite sure if what's happening is abuse. It's really just me and my mom but this mother's day she said some things that made me question if our relationship is healthy? I cleaned the house up for her and when she got home from work she started yelling at me about how I didn't do anything. She said "Does mother's day mean nothing to you? Do I mean nothing to you?" And it just kept going like that. (1/2 ♡)

(2/2 ♡) And also since we moved to this new town I haven’t made any friends and sometimes when I’m upset about it she yells at me. I don’t see why it matters that I don’t have friends, it’s not her life. And of course these are all abusive behaviours but it’s not like this all the time, or even often. It happens usually twice a months since we moved here? It’s definitely gotten more frequent since the move. I just don’t know what to make of the situation.


that sounds abusive, i’m sorry you have to endure that :(