she keeps her faith through it all


And the very last of my new households for the Hamlet phase of the MCC, the Foundling House.

This is a tiny residence for orphans run by the Sisters of the Blue Lady. The Sister in charge, Golda, was once a foundling herself, but upon coming of age decided to spend her life in the service of the faith that had been kind enough to raise her. Now she oversees the upbringing of all the unwanted children of Dallùbach

Upon arriving at the house, all children are given the surname of “Waif”. They must set out on their own after becoming Teens, and at that point, they may choose to keep the name or change it to suit themselves. All children who pass through here will receive a basic education, so in many ways, the foundlings have a better life than that of a peasant or yeoman child of the same age. 

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Can we please admire Touka’s strength after Ayato left? She literally raised him, he was way younger than her when Arata left. She took care of him, carried him on her back so he wouldn’t have to walk, probably hunted some humans for him to eat because he was too little to even kill a fly. She held him during chilly nights when there was no bed and forced on a smile to make him feel safe even if she was breaking inside. She was his older sister but at the same time she fulfilled the role of a mother, and that’s something impossible to forget. I also had to take care of my nieces many times and although I know they’re not my children, I know they’re like little siblings more than my very own kids, but sometimes it feels like it. Touka looked a lot like Hikari so imagine how it is for Ayato to look at her, even if he was very young when his mom died. To have all those memories of her taking care of him, working her ass off so he would have a place to sleep, something to eat, someone to hold, a smile when he missed daddy… Touka was extremely brave to let him go and still carry on with her life with a smile. I wouldn’t be able to keep going knowing that he’s out there, on his own, alone, and not needing her at all. What shocks me the most is that Kaneki also left, Hinami too, and she never said: “I had enough of this shit, always waiting for people who leave me behind, I had enough with Ayato, I’m not gonna do this anymore”… she never did that, she had faith that he would come back, and I think a part of her always knew that Ayato would come back to her as well. I just have so much respect for Touka as a person, she went through a lot of shit, and she still tried to move on and keep studying and not give up in life. She’s an inspiration. 

Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 117 Summary Translation *SPOILER ALERT*

I translated the summary for those one who couldn’t wait to know what’s happening in the latest chapter. My translation is not perfect and I’m sure I did some mistakes, especially because it’s hard the understand some situations without images. But here you go!

The cover front is Ayane waiting for a kiss and Pin. (I need to see that!!!)

The chapter begins with Pin telling Ayane to shut the door because he will catch a cold with his wet hair. Ayane couldn’t believe he actually lets her in his flat. She comes in with her heart throbbing hard. His flat is cleaner than before (XD).

Pin offered her some coffee.

Suddenly Pin tell her ‘You came here to tell me isn’t it!’ which startled Ayane. He carries on saying ‘You’re still young and you still have your future ahead of you! The next one will be right, be positive!!’

Ayane thinks ‘What… Don’t tell me he’s trying to dump me…?’

While she starts crying she tells him ‘Wait!! Wait a minute~~!’

Pin says ‘What is one or two failures! You really tried your best!’ Pin tries to cheer her up but Ayane replies that she didn’t tried hard.

Pin says ‘Then are you going to give up and go somewhere else? Or are you going to be out of school?!’

Then at the same time they are like ‘WHAT??!!’

Ayane reports him properly that she passed the entrance examination. To that Pin replied ‘Why were you so slow (to tell me)! Do you know how long I have been waiting for y…’ Then ‘I have been waiting for you!! Today!! The entire day!!! I waited for you to come!!’ When Ayane heard that Pin has been worried about her the whole time, she was so happy she started crying again.

Pin tells her not to cry because she greatly succeeded, then they have a toast together with their coffee cup.

When Pin tells her that she did well, Ayane replied yes with a smile while still crying.

Pin became a little bit embarrassed when he saw her smile. He tells her that she is gross when she is too honest and then goes dry his hair.

Ayane remembers the chocolate inside her bag. She thought about not giving him the chocolate because he told her she was gross, but then she remembers Sawako, Chizu and Kento telling her to do her best.

She places the valentine chocolate next to Pin’s mug.

Pin comes back after having dried his hair and when he notices the chocolate box he asks what is that without understanding.

Then Pin shouts that it’s Valentine Day. He completely forgot about it.

Ayane says ‘This… is for you!!! For you Pin!!! It’s not an obligatory chocol…’ while becoming all red and crying a flood of tears. Then Pin tells her it’s better if she doesn’t say it. Surprised, Ayane ask herself if he knows, if he knew her feelings…

Ayane replies ‘It’s no good, I will say it!!! Because you told me! You told me that those who remember working hard would be able to get back on their feet!! You told me that!!

Still crying she gather her courage to speak: ‘… I love you!!!!! Whatever! I can’t help it!! I just love you!! That’s it. It took me a lot of courage to give you this chocolate! I thought about giving up, but I still wanted to give it to you!! It took me more strength then when I decided to take the entrance examination! Even though it’s chocolate from a convenient store, it’s up to you if you want to take it or not…’

Pin has been listening to her all the while, he then unfasten the ribbon from the chocolate box. While he ate the chocolate, he says ‘It goes well with the coffee. It’s good.’ Pin ate all the chocolate from the box.

Ayane is waiting for him to say something with her heart beating fast.

With a smile Pin tell her ‘… Maybe in 10 years!! (I’m not sure about that one. If someone has a better translation please let me know) Sorry but you’re out of scope!!’

‘Aah, I just got dumped!!! After all that was no good’ Ayane says with a smile.

She thinks ‘Chizu, Sawako! My love is unrequited!!’

Ayane asks Pin since when he noticed her feelings. He tells her its since the ‘I’m not a kid’ time.

Finally she asks him if he never thought even once that she was cute/pretty putting aside she is a student. While hitting lightly on her forehead Pin tells her he has not.

Ayane acknowledges that she was completely defeated.

When Ayane was about to go home, Pin gave her the eraser he promised her if she passed the examination.

Then Pin says ‘This is my congratulation gift! I will praise you!! You’re a kind person. You can get angry, you can be depressed and laugh for someone else sake. Before you gave me those sweets, during the school festival when I was the only one who didn’t get any… That was very kind of you. You are kind! … So you can have more confidence in yourself. I’m not saying that for school related issues (here again I’m not sure about the meaning).

From now on you will be alright! Even if you go through failures! I have faith in you! Don’t worry! You will be alright! Yano congratulation for passing your entrance examination!!’

Ayane replies with a smile while crying ‘Thank you!! Sensei!!’ *T_T*

On her way back home, she keeps remembering how Pin cheered for her, how he ate all the chocolates even if he doesn’t like sweet things, and that he has faith in her.

Then she eats the throat lozenge that Pin gave her and that she used as a charm.

She thinks ‘I really did my best! After 10 years, even if it won’t be love, I wonder if I will be able to become a good woman. I really want to become a good adult that won’t make Pin ashamed. I wonder if I can become one.

She remembers Pin saying that she will be alright. ‘Yes, yes. I’m sure, I will be alright’.

-End of chapter-

Next chapter will be the graduation ceremony (already T_T).

Wow just by reading the summary, I was so emotionally involved! I think I will cry when I will read the raw… I’m sure there is more to read when we will see the raw but… T_T I really hope it won’t be the end for this ship… What do you think? Do you think there is still some hope? That Pin is hiding something?

What made me happy and sad at the same time is that we got a whole chapter focused on those two, but that’s maybe the first and the last one if KnT ends soon… So we have 2 chapters left for volume 29 and next chapter(s) will be the graduation ceremony… I will pray that it won’t end here and that we will have at least a volume 30… I want to see them at uni and when they are proper adults…

Anyhow I really look forward to reading the raw to see what kind of face Pin made!! >_

Fy Faen - Detailed Analysis of Sana Majorly/ Other Characters Minorly (Not in the exact order of the clip)

Guys, I’m actually on the verge of tears. Sana looks so left out. So heart broken. This is too much, you guys. Again, another outstanding episode, but I swear to God this is extremely sad.

Honestly, I’m not having this love triangle shit. It’s horrible to see Sana like this. She really cares about the girls so she wouldn’t say it to their face, you know? I wish I could say the same about the girls though.

It’s been two years, and they still don’t understand Sana. I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t be so hard for them to ask her about how she feels about things. What makes me even more upset is that they only ask her about her opinions or how she feels about things when it benefits them, or at least that’s what I’ve seen until now.

The boy squad treat her WAY better than this. You can especially see the care in Isak and Even’s eyes, although we have only seen one clip with them together.

Another thing is that the moment Sana sees Noora talking to Yousef is ALMOST the exact same as the moment in season 3 where Isak is at the door and he sees Even and Sonja. The hurt in their eyes is just the same. The look of ‘I can’t really do anything about it is the same’ but it’s worse for Sana. You know why? Because Noora is supposedly one of her best friends.

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La Dispute // all our bruised bodies and the whole heart shrinks

So now tell me how your story goes. Have you ever suffered?
If so, did you get better or have you never quite recovered from it?
Did you find your lover laying in your bedroom with another and then
Did you let it hover over you and everything else well after the fact?

Show me all your bruises. I know everybody wears them.
They broadcast the pain–how you hurt, how you reacted.
Did cancer take your child? Did your father have a heart attack?
Have you had a moment forced the whole heart to grow or retract?

Or just shrink.
Does the heart shrink?

Tell me everything. Tell me everything you know.

Were you told as a child how cruel the whole world can be?
Did anybody ever tell you that?
Tell me what your purpose is? Who it was that put you here and why?
Did anybody really put you here at all?
And what of those necessities? Like how to cope with tragedy and pain?
Did anybody ever show you how?
When it hits will my heart burst or break or grow strong?
Is there really only one way to know now?

I’m not sure if I’m ready yet to find out the hard way
How strong I am. What I’m made of.
I’m not sure if I’m ready yet to walk through the fire.
I’m not sure I can handle it.
Do you think if the heart keeps on shrinking
One day there will be no heart at all?
And how long does it take?
Am I better off just bursting or breaking?
Because I don’t see my heart getting strong.

Tell your stories to me. Show your bruises.
Let’s see what humanity is capable of handling.

She lost her kid, only seven, to cancer. She answered with faith in her god and carried on,
While he was attacked by his son and was stabbed in his stomach and his back and his arms.
He showed me scars.
82 years old, told me, “I still have my daughter and my wife. And I still have
My life and my son.”

Tell me what your worst fears are. I bet they look a lot like mine.
Tell me what you think about when you can’t fall asleepat night.
Tell me that you’re struggling. Tell me that you’re scared. No,
Tell me that you’re terrified of life.
Tell me that it’s difficult to not think of death sometimes.
Tell me how you lost. Tell me how he left. Tell me how she left.
Tell me how you lost everything that you had.
Tell me that it ain’t ever coming back.
Tell me about God. Tell me about love.
Tell me that it’s all of the above.
Say you think of everything in fear.
I bet you’re not the only one does.

Everyone in the world comes at some point to suffering.
I wonder when I will. I wonder.
Everyone is out searching for someone or something.
I wonder what I’ll find. I wonder.

Yuuki Konno Appreciation

I want to do something on this blog that I haven’t done before. I want to every 2-3 days make an appreciation post for a character within Sword Art Online. I would love it if my followers would either tag or respond to the post on what character they want next. I have knowledge on about every SAO character except for the ones in SAO: Alternative. This includes all of Alicization, Girls Ops, Games, Anime, etc.

Today I’m going to start with an obvious choice for me: Yuuki Konno!

There is a lot to say about Yuuki. She is a girl of 15, diagnosed with the HIV virus due to a bad blood transfusion given to her mother directly before pregnancy. She was born a twin along with her sister Aiko Konno. Yuuki values one thing above all else and that is the courage to see things through and to never give up on dreams. 

She is a tomboy like character who can easily make friends with anyone she meets. Even if frienship isn’t involved, and people end up hating her, she see’s it as alright. In her mind, it doesn’t change the fact that she has touched their heart in some shape, way or form. 

Yuuki was raised with Christian values guiding her, having parents that would read her the Bible, helping aid to her belief in the afterlife and not dreading completely the time that she would meet her end. This was a struggle for many other’s to accept, but she saw that it was alright and reassured everyone about this decision that God had placed onto them, believing that God would only give her this if he knew she could handle it. 

The girl goes by a title known as Zekken which translates to Absolute Sword. This title is given to her because of how powerful she really is, even defeating Kirito while he was dual wielding. However, the argument stands that due to the Medicuboid, the device keeping Yuuki free of the pain she has to live with, has an increased system that allows her more frames to work with. 

Ultimately, there is a lot I can say about Yuuki still. I could write a thesis paper on her but that is only because I love her beyond all other characters. She is happy, courageous, strong, and friendly. In my opinion she is beautiful as well. Yuuki is a character that didn’t deserve her to go through what she did, but because of what she went through, it made her who she was, a person with faith, hope, and love.

So, which character should I do next? Did you enjoy this? Do you want me to go into more details like their past, their about, and other things that contain spoilers? Please let me know!


Henry and Snow inspiring Regina to believe in hope again. Just like she taught them to.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Rey [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod


Introverted Feeling (Fi): Rey first intervenes for the droid because she can’t stand by and watch it captured and torn apart for scrap; she also refuses to sell it even though it would earn her much needed credits, because she respects individuality and individual rights… even for a droid. She is assertive in wanting things her way, and also has a sense of internal ethics that resist the influences of the Dark Side of the Force (even though it would be rational to kill her adversary, she refuses to do so). Rey also forms a strong, largely silent bond with Finn. She is greatly impacted by a death, but does not mourn in public; she merely shares her sadness in a silent hug with someone else who has lost the person too.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): She adapts quickly to her environment and fully engages with it; taking on dangerous situations without batting an eyelash (hunting for scrap, bringing a door down on a monster’s tentacles to save Finn, stealing the Millennium Falcon, and changing her plans on a dime). She is incredibly skilled in flying even with no experience in handling a rig that big. She is aware of what is going on around her and opportunistic. Rey’s incredible ability to adapt to a new environment without much transition time means that she quickly senses the Force, and uses it to manipulate her guards…

Introverted Intuition (Ni): … but it takes her some time to internally process “feeling the Force” in order to actively use it; she still instinctively knows that it WILL work if she keeps doing it. She has faith that finding Luke will somehow give her the answers. She trusts Finn despite not knowing him long, because she senses he is sincere. Rey also seems to understand that BB-8 is important before she hears the details. She quickly figures out what’s wrong with the Falcon and how to repair it.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Her logic is quick, because it’s entirely objective; she doesn’t have to think, she just acts in the heat of the moment (with help from Se). Her conclusions are all logical, but motivated through personal moral guidelines (Fi). She tends to act on her feelings (beating up Finn because the droid told her he stole a jacket, going after Kylo Ren after… well, you get the point).

Note: She’s not an ISTP. On a superficial level (she fixes stuff!) she looks like one, but her decisions are motivated by personal integrity; compare her to Han Solo. He’s more detached and has to think in order to fix problems (he’s astounded how fast she fixes things; because Ti is creative thinking and Te is “the solution is obvious” thinking), but also more emotionally reactive, and has morals “in flux” (lower Fe).

Faith - Westallen

Title: Faith

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,229

Summary: Iris is left behind as Barry gets lost in the speed-force.

Odd, how the first time she had stood in this room it had been empty.  In this dark, empty room, Barry had offered her the start of a life together.  The whole world had seemed open for just the two of them.  Now the room was full, of furniture and people.  The voices around her sounded like they were miles away.

Odd, how everything could be full and loud and she felt like she was in the void.

Her father, Wally, HR and Cisco stood by the fireplace, arguing.   Words filtered through: Barry, speed force, help, Iris. Wally looked like he was going to vibrate straight outside of his skin.  Her father was beside himself-Joe West unraveling before her eyes.  None of it would help. She should say something.  

Linda’s face came in front of her, and Iris nearly jumped. She was furious with herself that she hadn’t noticed her friend’s approach.  Usually she had better instincts than this. Ace reporter Iris West depended on them. A hand landed on her shoulder and a steaming mug was placed in front of her.

The sadness and worry mixed together in Linda’s big eyes.  “Drink this,” Linda insisted.  “The tea and the whiskey will help.”  

Iris stared down into the mug but didn’t see the warm brown liquid.  Instead she saw Barry’s eyes, pleading with her. “Trust me, Iris.” He begged, the void a gnawing hole behind him.  “It’s the only way.  I promise I’ll come back to you.”

Her hand reached out to grab him.  “Bear, please…” Instead, he jumped into the speed force. It had closed behind him, leaving her alone on the street.

The room came back into sharp focus. Iris had no idea how they had all ended up back at her and Barry’s apartment. Somewhere between the cry that had left her throat and being here, everyone else must have shown up. 

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i just love every single member of the cluster so much

will who takes on the responsibility of protecting everyone and keeping them safe and jumps in to say that that guy was wearing a kevlar vest and if you don’t get your hands off her i’ll show you what violence looks like

kala who believes as much in science as she does in her faith because everything happens for a reason and whether it was by a god or created out of science a miracle is a miracle

wolfgang who has literally had to fight his way through life and is incredibly intelligent he can crack a safe as well as he can crack skulls and does what he has to keep the people he cares about alive

sun who actually resents her father and brother but made a promise to her mother to protect them and who is she if she can’t keep her promises so she lets out all of her anger in underground boxing matches

capheus who is so hopeful about everything and the only one who didn’t question what was happening like hey korean lady i felt your spirit inside me riley can i have some of your english tea because i’m going to have a good day today i can feel it

nomi who spent so long feeling uncomfortable in her own skin and fighting for what she believed was right even though it was illegal because what are laws if they’re being used against the people they’re meant to protect

lito who struggles with the characters he plays in telenovelas and who he is in his real life and believed that he couldn’t have both but he really can because having courage doesn’t always mean shooting bad guys sometimes it’s being with the person that you love

riley who truly believed that she was cursed and couldn’t love anyone let alone herself but ended up finding seven other people who can take her places she’s never been and show her that she matters because she’s not just one person anymore she’s eight

every single person in the cluster is equally important and they all balance each other out in different ways and i honestly can’t believe a show has made me feel this way


It was very peculiar
She despised those who treated her heart as a destination
Never noticed those who set out on a journey to explore her heart and unravel the mystery her eyes withheld


Was she scared of the certainty of finding someone who had the perfect pieces to tessalate the empty parts she longed for

Was she unsecured by the idea that the “perfect match” would jeopardize her dream of becoming the prestigious mystery woman whom she dreamt of as a kid.

Those who dared to unscramble the questions above
And went through her hate, disgust and humility
Were awarded indeed by the most precious gift of all
Not just love
But her faith.

So who do you want to be
The one who cries over her absence
Or the one who works to decorate her presence
The choice my friend is all yours.

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Shifted - Part 1, Chapter 10

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

It was mid-morning, and Jamie Fraser couldn’t stop staring at his daughter’s face.

Seated at the nook in their bedroom, the windowpane latched tightly against the chill outside, he held Brianna’s head wholly within one palm, her tiny body resting comfortably on the inside of his forearm. Her eyes – so blue – darted about the room, unfocused. Her limbs struggled against the blanket wrapped tight around her. She grunted, softly and then louder.

“Hush, a graidh. Hush. Yer mam’s a wee bit tired, just now. Let’s let her rest a bit, aye?”

Two things he knew for sure about his daughter. One, she was red-headed. And two, she had powerful lungs.

Brianna’s cries as soon as the midwife had placed her on Claire’s belly had torn at his heart. He’d heard newborns cry, of course – but not one so new. The poor lass was shrieking.

Claire, exhausted but radiant, slowly lifted an arm to rest on Brianna’s back. Not caring that the baby was still smeared with blood and God knew what else, she held her daughter’s face between her breasts.

“Hello, love,” she whispered.

Jamie watched his own hand – almost like it didn’t belong to him – slowly rest on Claire’s, touching Brianna for the first time.

So soft – so fragile.

He felt Brianna’s tiny chest rise and fall with her cries, and his heart cracked wide open. “Hush, Brianna,” he murmured, gently stroking from her wee bottom down the back of her legs. “Hush.”

Claire sat up straighter, only to be pushed down by Jenny.

“Ye must deliver the afterbirth, Claire,” she said, kneading Claire’s tender stomach.

The midwife stepped forward, unfolding one of the cloths Claire had boiled the day before. “Here, Mistress Fraser. Let me take her.”

“No.” Claire’s voice was faint, but the steel was unmistakable. “No. You can’t take her away from me.”

Brianna’s cries softened to whimpers as Jamie continued to caress her. His entire hand fit around her back, his forefinger tracing the impossibly small bumps of her backbone. His other arm tightened around Claire.

“She must get cleaned up, Claire.”

Claire only held Brianna closer. “No. Not yet, please not yet.”

Sighing, Jamie met the midwife’s exasperated gaze. “Give me the cloth, mistress,” he said, reaching to take it from her and turning back to Claire.

From the corner of his eye he saw the midwife huff and take a position next to Jenny, together kneading Claire’s stomach as the afterbirth slowly slipped out.

“It’s all right, Claire,” he whispered. “Here, let’s put this around her. She must be cold.”

Sniffing, Claire cupped Brianna’s small bottom, creating space for Jamie to wrap the cloth around their daughter’s tiny, panting back. The baby had completely gone silent, her small face now rooting blindly against Claire’s breasts.

Tucking the cloth tightly around Brianna, Jamie rested his chin on Claire’s shoulder and kissed her cheek. It struck him that right here, on this bed, was his whole world.

“My God, Claire. Look at her.”

Brianna picked that moment to open her eyes. And Jamie and Claire, spent, began to cry.

Through the haze of tears, he helped Claire sit up straight and cradle Brianna to her breast. Arms locked tight around them, he nuzzled Claire’s neck and watched over her shoulder as Brianna began to nurse. He traced a finger across Brianna’s brow, down her bitty nose, over her wee pursed lips and up the slope of Claire’s breast. So small, so perfect.

Brianna’s blue eyes darted back and forth, up to Claire, over to Jamie.

“She can’t see very much yet,” Claire whispered, absolutely serene.

“What do ye mean?” Softly he kissed and sucked on his wife’s neck, tasting the salt of her sweat, unable to tear his eyes away from his daughter.

“Newborns can only see about one foot away from their eyes. Just enough to see me, to learn my face as she nurses.” Claire’s finger traced the shells of Brianna’s tiny ears.

“So she can see ye, then?”

“Yes. And right now she can see you, too.”

After Brianna pulled away from Claire’s nipple, Claire had finally relented and given Brianna to the midwife, but only if Jamie brought her to the foot of the bed himself. He unfolded his long legs from his cramped position behind her, and Claire placed their daughter in his hands.

He was stunned at just how tiny she really was, and for a moment was convinced he’d drop her straight to the floor. But he slowly, gently paced to the side bureau where the midwife had a basin and clean cloth waiting.

“That’s the other water and the boiled cloths, aye?” He asked, cradling the baby to his shoulder.

The midwife – tired, exasperated, and frankly at her wit’s end – had had enough of taking orders from a man, even this man who had supported his wife through her ordeal like none other she had ever seen.

“Yes. Now will ye give me yer daughter afore that blood and all else gets caked on her permanently? I ken weel what I’m doing.”

Narrowing his eyes, he gingerly handed Brianna over for her first bath. Glancing back at Claire, he saw Jenny cleaning the clotting blood from between her legs. From this angle, he could see just how much blood it had taken to deliver Brianna. God help him, had he seen this an hour before, when Claire was in the throes of her pains –

“Ah, then, that’s a good lassie,” the midwife crooned softly, cupping her hand to draw water over the infant’s limbs. “Ye’re so fine and fair, just like yer mam. And that hair – just like yer da. You’ll be a real beauty, you will be.”

Jamie turned back to watch Brianna – and took the chance to really look at her. Tiny limbs flailed in all directions as she squirmed and mewled, hair showing more and more red as the midwife rinsed the dried blood from her crown. Perfect, pale, unblemished skin. He swore right then and there to do everything in his power, for the rest of her life, to keep it that way.

An unexpected bolt hit him straight through the heart. Faith. She must have been as perfect as Brianna – perhaps even more so. And he’d never seen her. He swallowed hard.

But the moment passed as midwife patted Brianna dry and swaddled her tightly before handing her back to Jamie.

“Ah, there’s a good lassie. She’ll be wanting rest, now. Ye should get some – and yer wife as well, that goes without saying.”

“Aye, I’m mindful of that.” Greedily he held Brianna to him tightly, watching her tiny eyelids close. “I’ll do so when I’m ready. I think I’ll hold my daughter just now.”

Turning back to Claire, he saw her standing against the wall, gripping the headboard as Jenny stripped the bed and replaced it with fresh linens. Clad in a new shift, she shook with exhaustion. But she only had eyes for Jamie – and Brianna – and smiled widely as he approached.

Jamie watched as Jenny eased Claire under the covers, and he pulled up a chair to sit beside her, helping her maneuver around her tender stomach to settle on her side. He bent and kissed her forehead gently.

“You rest now, mo nighean donn. I’ll mind the wee lass.”

“Jamie – you need to sleep, I can’t imagine – ”

“It’s all right, Claire. It’s my turn to get to know Brianna – ye’ve had the keeping of her these past months.” His thumb stroked Claire’s temple, her eyes already drooping.

Tenderly he bent and brushed his lips along the shell of her ear.

“Thank you for my daughter.”

It was the last words she heard as she finally, finally sank into an exhausted sleep.

That had been about four hours before – right as dawn was touching the horizon. Jenny had sent the midwife to bed before giving Jamie’s shoulder a congratulatory squeeze. He ripped his eyes from Brianna’s sleeping face to clutch his sister’s forearm.

“Jenny, I – I canna repay you for what you’ve done tonight. I –”

Affectionately she ruffled his hair. Any doubts she’d had about Jamie’s commitment to being in the birthing room were shattered long before Brianna had arrived. Jamie and Claire had truly been one body, drawing strength and taking comfort from one another. Claire clearly would not have survived her ordeal without him.

“Ach, it was nothing, a ruaidh. Had it not been for you and your stubbornness, ye wouldna be holding your beautiful daughter now.”

He swallowed. Just how close they’d come to that dark precipice was something he didn’t care to think about.

“Though I have to say, Jamie, God bless the puir lass. She’s the spitting image of you.”

He laughed, releasing much of the tension that had curdled in the pit of his stomach for the past day. “Ach, off wi’ ye then. Go tell Ian and the weans there’s a new Fraser at Lallybroch.”

She smiled, kissed his forehead, and slipped out the door – leaving Jamie, Claire, and Brianna alone together for the first time.

Now as the sun’s rays touched his daughter’s cheek, highlighting the hairs as fine as a bee’s, he found himself whispering to the baby in the Gaidhlig.

“I love ye, mo nighean ruaidh. I love yer mother something fierce, and I thought that’s what I’d feel for you. But now – it’s so much more, I canna explain it.” He paused, thinking. “Ye may not have come at a good time, a graidh, but yer mother and I – we wanted ye so much. I know it will be hard going sometimes, and God help me if ye’re half as stubborn as yer mam and I are. But there’s nothing in the world now that’s more important to me than you.”

Brianna gurgled. Jamie kissed her fair brow. Turning back to the bed, he saw Claire watching them, raised up on one elbow. Her face held a smile bigger than any he’d ever seen.

Jamie carefully crossed the room, sat beside Claire on the bed, wrapped one arm around her and used the other to place Brianna on her mother’s chest. He buried his nose in Claire’s curls, breathing deeply.

“We’ve really done it,” she breathed, amazed. “She’s here. I’m here. With you.”

He nodded against her, words failing him.

“Tell me this is real, Jamie,” Claire whispered, unbelieving.

Jamie held his women close. “Aye, it is, Claire. It is.”

HAPPY HOLBY TUESGAY!! Just a bit of silliness to get a fan girl through Robbie’s reappearance 😋

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DR3 IF AU - what if mukuro met chisa? you know because i think that would be interesting to read

A/N I’ve always wondered on how this would go, PS feel free to give me ideas if you want this post dr if continued

Former Despair Meets Remnant of Despair - post DR IF Mukuro Ikusaba and Chisa Yukizome confrontation

Their confrontation was inevitable.

Mukuro expected this to happen at some point. Once they had gotten out of school and had been taken in by the Future Foundation, she knew that it was only a matter of time until she’d meet her. She was the person who used to be someone else sometime ago.  She whom she had messed up with her own hands.

She who was still in despair.

“It must have been tough for you in there.” Chisa started as she smiled easily at her, unnaturally so. “But you made the right decision. You chose hope over despair and that’s what matters.”

“…” Mukuro kept quiet.

“I really admire the courage you showed back there.” She commended in an uplifting voice and then her smile twisted at the corner of her lips. “I mean not everyone can just go and do what you did. Like I can’t imagine myself to betray my one and only precious family over a bunch of friends-turned-strangers I’ve already betrayed before.”

Mukuro did her best not to flinch at the statement but she could not stop the ache in her heart.

“That must have been really hard for you, wasn’t it?” Chisa said in a sympathetic tone, in an almost motherly tone, in a tone that sounded too good to be true. “It’s okay. You’re safe here now. Here where you’re far away and separated from your sister. Just like how you decided. Just the way you wanted.”

Mukuro honetly tried not to let her words get to her but she knows when she’s outmatched.

“…That’s enough.” She finally spoke up as her eyes levelled with hers. “Enough about me.”

“Oh, of course. I’ve been rambling all this time and I haven’t even introduced myself!” She clapped her hands and cheerfully spoke, “I’m Chisa Yukizome. It’s nice to meet you!”

“…” Mukuro was not amused by her show at all.

“…Not!” Chisa winked at her. “But saying something like, ‘we meet again’ just sounds too cliche, you know?”

“…You haven’t changed at all in this time, haven’t you?” Mukuro phrased it as a question even though she already knew the answer.

“Who knows?” Chisa pondered out loud as her lips twisted into a smile. “Can’t say the same about you. Can you believe it? The SHSL Despair chose hope! What a plot twist!” She laughed hard at her own humor.

Mukuro had enough of this tiring conversation and so she bluntly cut to the chase. “You can’t keep this a secret forever.”

That made Chisa stop her laughing fit. But she wasn’t threatened at all, in fact if anything, she was the one who looked more threatening between the two.

Her voice was sweet just like always but the words that came out of her lips were like poison. “If you tell on me, then you’re also telling them about the horrible things you did to me.”

Mukuro’s hands twitched slightly at the memory.

Chisa’s smile grew even wider, her tone dripping with mock. “And do you really want your precious Makoto to have an even worse opinion on you?” She calmly approached her until they were face to face and the manic glaze in her eyes was made that much clearer. She taunted her, “Aren’t you just the worst? You are. You’re absolutely despairing.”

Despairing. This situation was absolutely despairing. Had it been Mukuro’s past self then she would have given in to this despair. However, it’s different now. She’s different now. She has something to hold on to now that isn’t despair. Something better than despair. She found hope.

Hope that could overcome despair.

“And… I’ve made up my mind. As long as I’m out there… I’m going to accept everyone’s resentment at me.”

“I know I’m the worst.” She answered back. Her eyes didn’t even blink from her gaze as she faced her on with determination. “He already knows that too…”

“We’re friends. We spent all that time together. I’d be happy if you could find another path, not despair… And if I could help you somehow, I would.”

“And still, he accepted me.” She affirmed as her heart tugged at the memory. He was willing to accept her despite her faults, despite her sins, and despite her despair. And so she chose another path. A path of hope. A path filled with great difficulty. But if he could believe in her so much then she wasn’t about to go and waste his faith. She would see this path through the end. “This is just one of the many sins I have to atone for and keeping quiet about you won’t make what I did go away.”

Just as there was despair in Chisa’s eyes, Mukuro’s eyes mirrored hers with hope.

“You’re despair. And I… turned you into despair.” She admitted solemnly. “That’s why I… I need to turn you back into hope.

“I’ve come all this way… How could I take another path?”

“But I can’t do it. Not alone.” She declared but her resolve didn’t waver one bit as she continued, “I’m just a former despair who’s good at killing people, I don’t know how to help you. But I do know the people who can help you. And these people need to know about your situation.” She paused as she held her gaze challenging. “This is the only thing I can do for you so I won’t let you stop me.”

Chisa stared back at her with an unreadable expression for a long while. And then she clapped with great gusto.

“Look at you. You used to be SHSL Despair and here you are talking about hope. I’m really so proud of you.” She said in her normal caring voice but knowing her true nature, it just sounded all the more wrong. “Can’t say the same about your sister though. She must have been absolutely disappointed with you, wasn’t she?”

That hit a nerve for Mukuro as she felt the despair wash over her again. She narrowed her eyes into a glare. “That has nothing to do with your situation.”

“Oooh, dodging the topic. She must have been way more disappointed than I thought.” Chisa commented and noted that she was giving her a piercing glare. “Don’t give me that look! I’m just having fun!” She giggled easygoing and then softly said, “After all, it looks like you’re going to tell on me.”

Mukuro confirmed this. “I will.”

“Hmmm…” Chisa hummed happily. “Go ahead.” She urged her on challenging, mockingly. “Who would believe in you anyways? You’re former SHSL Despair. Practically the right hand person of the mastermind. Who would take your word over mine?”

That’s right. The reason she had been hesitating all this was because of how hopeless it was should she even try to tattle on her. Not even everyone of her class trusted her completely so what more of the Future Foundation? Especially when the said person she was pointing her finger at was one of the closest confidants of the vice-chairman. Her situation was hopeless from the start.

“…I don’t know what you should do, or what I can do, Ikusaba-san… But I don’t think whether you find the answer matters as much as giving it a try.”

But even so, she knew from firsthand how hope could be born from a hopeless situation.

“You keep giving me questions and honestly, I don’t know the answers myself.” She admitted with a soft voice. “But a certain someone told me that it’s not all about the answers.”

“I’m not going to die until I’ve destroyed all the despair Junko spread, but… I’m going to do my best.”

“That’s why I’m going to give it a try.” She boldly declared with not an ounce of hesitation in her.

“I’d like to see you try.” Chisa taunted her with a smile.

“I will try. No matter how hard it is, I’ll give it my best and try.”  Mukuro stood her ground. “I’m going to try and restore the hope that I took away from you on that day.”

And just as how inevitable their confrontation was, it was also inevitable how there was hope for both of them.

Final Night at Freddy’s - Part 7

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[Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9]

As soon as the hooded figure landed in the office, they launched themselves at Gearbunny with a furious cry.  The animatronic turned just in time to be given a solid, brass-knuckle punch across the face, effectively knocking it over.  Faith, now free of the shadow, lay prone as she gasped for air.

“You’re not touching them ever again, monster!” the stranger declared.  They aimed a kick at Gearbunny’s shoulder, rolling it further away from Faith; the stranger quickly stood between them, taking a battle-ready stance.

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As promised, this is (or maybe was?) my take on Gray and Juvia’s reunion/confrontation. The spoilers for the next couple of chapters seem to change many things, but I thought I should post it anyways, since I had it almost done before they came out and well, I didn’t want my effort to go to waste! ToT I do think that those two are ready for a kiss, but there’s also a high possibility we won’t see one just yet in case Mashima wants to save it up for later. We’ll know eventually. For now, I hope you enjoy this one xD

I’ve figured it out, home is where your heart is around~

The sky was still dusted in the gloomy gray Juvia knew better than anyone when she stepped out of the house. Their home, the place where she had to keep her faith and the happy memories they shared beating alive on her own for half a year. She leaned against the wooden pillar and looked up, letting the thick raindrops soothe her face. The fever had subsided, although her skin still felt hot. But she was well enough to walk out and have some peace to herself, in her rain. It was a bitter sign that something was still not mended inside her.

Gray-sama finally came back to her. Her heart swelled with relief to see him safe and sound, too much for her to care about anything else. She hugged him and he did the same, and she knew in his warmth that gushed through her, the one no fever or sun heat could make her feel, that he was real and she hadn’t lost her sanity. He didn’t come back alone though, of course there was Natsu and the others and even Erza, who bowed at her, begging for forgiveness and punishment for reasons she couldn’t quite grasp.

They celebrated their reunion with the rightful amount of booze, and Juvia eagerly listened to their stories. About how Gray-sama learnt to control the black marks on his body with old lady Porlyusica’s help and infiltrated this Avatar cult to gather information under Erza’s request. About how Natsu busted in their base and took out 3 of their members without a sweat. How Gray-sama put up an incredible act to the point he made them think he had lost it, until he came to release them when they were taken captives. About how they prevented the annihiliation of 3000 innocent people in the name of Zeref and how Gajeel and Levy were, as they spoke, handing in their resignation to the Council.

But how come every word they said felt like another sting of betrayal? Why the more she heard the harder it was to keep smiling? Gray-sama was back home, so why did her heart ache so much?

She heard footsteps and looked over her shoulder. Gray was standing at the door frame, holding a blanket.


She forced a weak smile.

“It’s could out here, shouldn’t you come back inside?”

“Juvia will be back soon.” she assured, shifting her gaze back at the horizon that lay before her.

“Wendy says you haven’t recovered fully yet, it’s better–”

“You were gone for six months, can’t Juvia have her five minutes?”

Her lips trembled as tears pricked the corner of her eyes. She was being selfish. He had just returned from a noble mission and all she did was vent her frustration on him, but she couldn’t help it. Now that her worries were swept away, all the whys she suppressed underneath came busting through her in a wild cascade of emotions she could no longer contain.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. “Juvia…” he hesitated, his fingers curled tighter on her, “I’m sorry…I wanted to tell you but Erza asked me to not say anything. If I knew it would take this long I–”

She shook his hand off and turned around, startling him. “Erza-san didn’t live with Juvia, you did!” the words slipped louder than she intended, and he shrugged at the temper that resonated in her features. She looked so fierce like he had never seen her before, lips twitching and cheeks flushed as damp hair clung roughly on her face.

“You left me Gray-sama, not Erza-san. We made a home together and you let Juvia believe that no matter what happened, we would have each other. And then you left without a word, without a note, without anything! Juvia was waiting for half a year, wondering if something bad has happened to you!”

Six months, drifting between faith and fear, from praying for his safety to crying her heart out at the thought he could be dead, and from that to blaming herself for not believing enough in him.

She burst in loud sobs, and he could no longer discern the tears from the raindrops that spilled on her face. “Did you even wonder how worried Juvia would be?”

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Fun Faith Fact: she doesn’t eat from a bowl. I believe that all dogs must work for their food, and it should never just be handed to them. Sometimes she gets her meals through a training session, but with school keeping me busy, we mostly use the “muffin tin game.” What is the muffin tin game?

There is ½ cup of kibble (total) sprinkled unevenly throughout the tin. In each cup, I place a tennis ball. She must pick up each ball in order to get the small bite of food underneath. This requires her to think, and has her work in order to get her meal. This greatly increases the time it takes to eat her meal as well, reducing the risk of bloat.

Lastly, making a dog THINK more often is shown to increase their receptiveness to training and learning in general…. All great things for service dogs and show/sport dogs :)

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why do you like sansa stark? i see you blog a lot about her, i'd just like to know why.

friends. family. children. everyone. this is gonna be a long one. buckle up. im not even putting a tl:dr because honestly it doesnt do my explanation justice. but i will put it under a read more to spare y’all. its gonna be long. 

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