she just went vegan

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Shanina Shaik (model) just went vegan, she said on her Instagram a few days ago! 🎉

Yasss its spreading like wildfire right now 😃In 2009 1 million people were vegan or vegetarian. Now in 2016 16 million+ people are vegan in the USA alone!

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(I know you probably get asked this a lot but I scrolled on many vegan tumblr pages for it and failed) but can you please give me one sentence facts about the animal cruelty occurring? like even if it's just 5 facts e.g. male chicks are thrown into grinders. it's just that I wanted to give my mum some facts because she asked why I was vegan, but I just went blank !!! xx

Females have to be pregnant or nursing to produce milk (just like your mum was/did for you). Since it was realised that exploiting cows and selling their milk can make an incredibly significant profit, we have to continually and forcefully impregnate them. As well as stealing their milk, we also have to steal away their babies so that they don’t ‘waste’ it and cause the dairy industry to lose profit. If that baby is male, they will be killed and sold to us to eat, if she is female, she will either be killed or raised for the same fate as her mother.

• Eggs, just like ours, are part of a hens menstruation cycle. Therefore, male chickens are useless to the egg industry, so when a baby male chick is born, he is killed. In factory farms, the baby chicks go along a conveyer belt, and people reach in, pull out the boys and throw them into a bag or down a shute. They are either stomped on, suffocated, or most commonly, ground up in a machine.

• Bacon, the precious breakfast food that so many can’t seem to live without, is a baby pig. Naturally, they live to be around 15 years old, but we slaughter piglets around 3-5 months to be turned into bacon/ham/pork/etc.

• These industries worked out a very precise system so that they can conserve and earn as much money as possible. It is far cheaper to stuff as many chickens into one tiny dark shed than it is to let them roam free. The more they can fit in together, the better and the more money they can make. It’s also cheaper to have a “higher turnover rate” if you will, which means they save money by killing more animals more often as babies, rather than letting them age to become adults.

• Cows naturally live to be 30+ years old, but we pay for them to be killed at 1-2 years old.

• We kill baby chicks around 6 weeks.

• Most animals are killed alive, often skinned alive or even burned alive.

• We have NO necessary need or a single justification for doing any of these things. We can live long(er) and healthy(ier) lives without eating other animals dead bodies. Statistically, vegetarians live longer. The only justification we have for killing and eating animals is that we like the taste. Rapists like the feeling of raping others, but that doesn’t make it okay either.


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