she just was so cute here

honestly im so here rowdy 3 being immediately ride and die for amanda. martin saying saying that theres no way they’re leaving until she’s ready to go was so cute. and later, amanda asks them to go on a mission, and it doesn’t even matter that it could be dangerous, because she asked them to do it, so they’ll get it done. i just really like the rowdies loyalty to her. and like martin said, she’s the boss. they’ll follow her anywhere.

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french class anon: well that was less romantic than i was planning on it being. i sent an ask to a blog on tumblr that i didn't realize she also followed, asking for just comfort about this whole business, and i fucking forgot to turn anonymous on, so she texted me and asked me about it and i was like "well shit." so i told her "yeah it's about you, i like you. sorry" and she said "it fine" soooooooooo

Holy shit I didn’t see that coming!!! So what happens next?? What does this it’s fine mean? Is she actually into the other girl? Are you gonna stay friends? Your friendship seems so cute and nice. (Only share if you wanna share, of course, no pressure here.)
Not turning anonymous on is awkward but you’re gonna work it out just fine, I believe in you :)

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She's so cute !!! is there a color version of her ? i wanna see !!

Here you go! X3Also just made this color pallet for her, and plus not sure if she will have a cutie mark or not, but you guys tell me if it looks better with one or not X3

I loves her X3

- Ban and Nab 

Oh, look. It’s a mysterious light. Shining round a corner. Approximately ten feet away.

Details about D.Va to Consider

So I realize that there are some things about Korean culture that people might not think of readily, so I wanted to offer a few fun thoughts and tidbits:

  • To recap, Hana Song aka D.Va is a teen World Starcraft Champion from the port city of Busan, famous for its beaches and Buddhist temples
  • At 19 years old, she is old enough drive, but the legal age is 18, so she wouldn’t have had a license for long. Oh, and personal anecdote: The Korean system makes it so that you can attain your driver’s license in three days if you really wanted to. So, I have a license, but I haven’t touched a car since I got the license… which I got in three days…
    • Also, within Korea, Busan is known for its aggressive taxi drivers / drivers in general, aha. I did a day trip with some friends the other day and it was gorgeous, the beach was stunning, but the bus ride was… a little nervewracking…
  • Being from Busan, D.Va should actually have the Busan dialect, which sounds very different from Seoul dialect. Even if she can switch comfortably between the two, if she was raised with the Busan one, it’s probably going to be her default. Here’s an example of the dialect, and here’s an example of D.Va’s Korean voice actress, who is from Busan herself, doing the inflection.
  • Korea has mandatory military service for its men for about two years, which you can fulfill between the ages of 18 and 25. So, unless Overwatch plans to change the system in their world, D.Va is working in a military with this in place.
  • Dunno what Overwatch is going to do with futuristic Busan, but in Korea, if you’re super famous, you’re going to end up on a lot of pizza, fried chicken, cosmetics, and or air conditioner commercials. Each of those are links, but if you want an example of how excessive Korea can get about one person, look at this Kim Yuna compilation. That’s not even all of them - just some of the ones from the year 2016. If D.Va is recognized as a national hero and an idol simultaneously, I wouldn’t be surprised by this kind of treatment.
    • Further, Korean idols are held to a high standard of moral character, as they are expected to be hardworking, positive role models for children and other youths.
    • But seriously, I could write an essay on how celebrity culture / marketing in Korea differs. Heck, I have, for school.

More under the cut since this is getting long:

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y'all today i went on a date with this girl and we drove like 40 minutes north and went hiking and then when she was dropping me back off, we went to visit the tallest building in atlanta and it was so fun and cute

I’m playing the Citadel DLC and omg I dont even know what my favourite part of my squad line up is like:

- “what do you know about the mercs?” “they have guns and they don’t like me”

- “I heard you fell through a fish tank” “we’ll talk about it later” “shame, I liked that restaurant” “WE’LL TALK ABOUT IT LATER” 

- Liara stopping her thought process to get turned on my Shep’s outfit and Shep just fukin GRINNING

- Joker not letting the decoy thing go

- Tali’s whole speech about the sushi place??? like its so cute and dramatic and then “is there anything you can even eat there?” “not the point, sheperd”

- Shep says “drugs” in a realy funny way she sounds like a pta mum

- Vega ordering a fuCKING PIZZA I JUST. I have a new love for Vega

- I didnt know how much I needed Wrex yelling “Uncle Urdnot has a present for you!” and calling everyone princesses until now

- Ash and Garrus havin a lil Mako/Hammerhead team rivalry 

- when theyre yelling “we have the better sheperd” and Liara just yells “and better looking!” I just omg


- Badass shooting line up

- Brooks before she was a bitch

- the options being I will end you and I will end you painfully and who are you so i can end you

- “I should go” 

- Garrus’ little “awh I was hoping to get picked” 


- why does shep know so much about traynors toothbrush

- “remind me to reimburse her for that” “okay. Sheperd?” “LATER. Remind me later”

- Wrex looks adorable squished in the vent

- theres something super satisfying about a showdown on the normandy

- both joker and shep alling it “my ship” is so cute


- why is joker so aware of his pancreas