she just wants to go out and party and be with her friends

That Guy? (Rogers/Sam Wilson x reader)

mattmurdocksgirl said: I’d like a story where the reader is invited to a Stark Party as a blind date for Steve Rogers, but discovers that she clicks much more with Sam Wilson when she meets him. I’m not super picky about who set up the blind date or how Steve reacts to the whole thing. I just like the idea of Sam getting the girl over Captain America. Thanks, Lady!

You had seen the tower a million times, several times a day in fact, but you had never been inside. Standing on the sidewalk at the entrance was suddenly daunting; you weren’t just admiring its architecture from afar, you were about to go in to attend an infamous Tony Stark party at the insistence of your friend Wanda.  You had been trying to get out of this for nearly two weeks, but she wouldn’t back down. She wanted you to meet her team, Steve in particular, as he had been the most supportive of her and the two had become fast friends after their rocky start.

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some stuff about having skinny friends as a fat girl:

  • my friend is a thin girl but she has a bigger butt/boobs and a small waist. this is what most men think of as “curvy” 
  • she thinks it’s quirky and okay to call herself fat in front of me as though she’s waiting for me to say “no you’re not. look how big i am compared to you”
  • whenever we go out, guys will always pick her out of the group and try to talk to her 
  • she doesn’t understand that this hurts me, it’s not that i want to be chased by men, it’s that i now know i’m not good enough. it’s like when you’re in gym class and you’re the last person to be picked into a group. that’s what it feels like
  • she doesn’t understand what its like to be a bigger girl when going to clubs or parties
  • she doesn’t understand why i don’t just talk to guys and dance with them like she does
  • it’s because; i’m not confident, i’m constantly being compared to her, i’m the duff to every guy there
  • she doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a fat girl in a world made for skinny girls.
Coachella Weekend 2

Alright so this is all fluff and we all wish we were Gigi in this story. I REALLY HOPE TAYLOR WROTE IT OR IS SINGING ON IT OR SOMETHING! Anyway I wrote this before we knew that his friends were on the jet but I didn’t feel like going back and changing it because it would weaken the story…oh and it’s kind Mature in the beginning.




“Why can’t Gigi just meet us there?” Adam whined into the skin of Taylor’s neck giving it a soft kiss. He rubbed his scruff against her neck making her giggle and push him away but then bring him closer.  

“Because Adam, it’s her birthday it’s rude especially since I already asked her if she wanted to come with us and because we missed her party because you got me sick” Taylor explained running her hands through his hair shifting her body slightly so her head was more comfortable on the pillow. Adam let out a warm breath on Taylor’s face. 

Adam was on top of Taylor making love to whatever exposed skin Taylor had on the couch. His Coachella performance was in a good few hours and he was looking forward to having Taylor all to himself on the plane ride over but then Taylor told him that her friend would be joining them. Not that he didn’t love Gigi, he just loved alone time with Taylor more.

“But babee” he whined once more sounding like a five year old. He moved her shirt to the side so he could kiss her collarbone. He sucked lightly on the skin there and she shivered actually considering the idea of having him all to herself for a few hours on a plane but she wasn’t about to tell her friend that she would have to meet them there 

“Can I try to convince you?“

“Try” Taylor challenged, she knew exactly what he would do to persuade her

He pulled away from her collarbone and kissed her lips hard and eager forcing his tongue into her mouth sending her over the edge. She responded eagerly with a moan as her legs around his waist tightened around him, pulling him closer but she was not about to give in. Two could play the game. He pulled away after pecking her lips a few times but she shook her head kissing his nose still not convinced. 

His hands ran over her legs roughly as he kissed her sweet spot her behind her ear gently over and over. He knew that was her biggest weakness. She let out a groaned but shook her head reminding herself to keep it together. She was going to win this

“Adam…” she groaned seductively, wanting him much more than she cared to admit.

“Fine I give into you, but not into your idea about telling Gigi she can’t come” she told him breathlessly and he nodded vigorously. He was victorious in his mind. How could she even try to resist him?

She reached for his shirt yanking at it, telling him to take it off. Once his shirt was off, her lips attached to his skin and began kissing down his chest, loving the sounds coming out of his mouth making her feel more and more confident. He pulled her up before she could get too far wanting to build up the tension between them a little bit more.  

He moved to the hem of her shirt and took it off exposing her breasts to the cold air, squeezing them gently making her moan. He moved down so that he was eye to eye with them. He licked his lips and reached eagerly for them squeezing them gently. She threw her head back and enjoyed the feeling of his lips attached to her skin.

“Uhhh” Taylor let out a groan as he sucked on one of them while his other hand was busy with the other one. He could spend all day loving up on Taylor, forget playing at one of America’s top selling music festivals he’d rather just stay right here where he was.

“Gigi…might be…early” Taylor barely got out between heavy breaths but he didn’t seem to be paying attention to what she was saying because he just continued to kiss the of her breasts.  

He kissed down her tummy slowly and stopping at where her jeans were. He heard her plead for more but he knew all the right ways to tease her and he did hear her when she said that her friend could show up at their doorstep. He saw goosebumps on her skin so he moved back up and took her into his arms bringing their bodies back together. She kissed him taking his bottom lip in between hers biting lightly on it. Her hand moved down to his pants and started rubbing him.

“Mmmm, babe”

“I rang the doorbell like twice- oh my god!” Gigi came into the room to see them tangled up and both of them half-naked. She quickly ran the other direction that wasn’t exactly the greeting she was expecting.  

“Oh…Gigi!” Taylor exclaimed. Adam instantly leaned his body heavily on Taylor’s to cover her up and then hid his embarrassed face into her neck

“Adam!” Taylor snapped at him bringing him back to reality “Babe, please” She pushed at his shoulders telling him to get up. He got up handing her his shirt that she had been wearing and then put on his own shirt.

“Sorry babe, I marked you up” his hand rested over her neck where he left a hickey on her skin. He tried to move the shirt so it covered her shoulder up more but it was baggy on her. He moved her hair so it would cover it up shaking his head. 

She glared at him, walking towards the kitchen making him laugh. “I hate you”  

“You don’t, babe you love me” he told her knowingly catching up to her and grabbing her hand as she made her way into his kitchen where Gigi was sitting at the bar on her phone

“God do you guys do it every second of everyday.”  Gigi asked making a disgusted look as they walked in hand in hand. “Nice hickey, Tay”

Gigi laughed when she saw Taylor’s cheeks turn red as she scowled at Adam once more who put his hands up in the air. 

“Well…” Adam started with a chuckle earning a smack on the chest from Taylor. He grinned at her and then winked pulling her close even as she tried to resist but he was much stronger than her  

“No! We don’t!” Taylor protested shaking her head looking between her best friend and her boyfriend who just looked at her as though they knew she was lying. She hid her burning cheeks in Adam’s chest as he chuckled

“Sure seems like it” Gigi said while taking a sip of her water looking at the couple knowingly. Adam nodded and Taylor’s eye widened sending him another glare pulling away from him

Gigi was used to the couple making out every time she turned to look at them. She knew both of them very well but she didn’t need to walk in on them having sex.

“OK! Let’s talk about something else. Babe, you need to go get changed. Your jet will be ready in like an hour they called me and told me” she pushed on his chest lightly. She felt like his mother sometimes, knowing his schedule better than him and his guys calling her whenever they knew she was in town, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.  

He was wearing his usual workout attire he shrugged knowing just how to get a reaction from her said “I might just go in this”  

“No, Adam Richard Wiles! You will not even if I have to strip you down myself!” Taylor put a hand on her hip telling him she meant business. He smirked at her shaking his head

“In that case I’ll go in this” he said winking at her and pulling her close. He attacked her face with many kisses making her groan and push him away.

“Still here guys. Still here.” Gigi reminded them getting off her place at his bar and coming over to where they were “Adam go change so I can talk to Taylor"

“But I wanted the shirt she’s wearing” Adam pouted reaching for her making his eyes big but she shook her head taking his hand and dragging him towards the stairs that lead up to their bedroom  

“You have plenty of black shirts in the closet and I wore this to bed and all day today so you’re not wearing this” she told him “Now go!” she smacked his butt and he turned around at her giving her a wink, which only made her shout at him to get going again. Gigi rolled her eyes and started walking back towards the kitchen

“Alright alright” he chuckled but then came back down quickly ignoring her warning glare, kissing her lips quickly and then running back up the stairs before she could do or say anything  

“Man you guys are…something else” Gigi said sitting at back at the bar, Taylor sitting across from her after getting herself a water.  

“Yeah sorry about that. He’s so stubborn and annoying and a child most of the time but I love him…how could I not love him” she rolled her eyes but couldn’t hide the smile on her face as she talked about him “So are you excited to see him tonight? He’s gonna be amazing. I went last week too and man that was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of them.” Taylor couldn’t hide her wide grin as she talked about how talented her boyfriend was

“I am! I’m happy that you invited me to tag along with you guys. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to the party. It was really fun.” Gigi said apologizing “but I understand"

“I’m sorry we couldn’t either. Adam was sick last week, which is how I got sick. So I really am sorry. How was it though? Tell me about it! “ Taylor exclaimed interested sipping her water as she listened to Gigi talk about the extravagant party Zayn threw for her.  Even though there had been some bad blood between Adam and Zayn, but she refused for that to prevent Gigi from talking about Zayn. 

“Babe how does this look? I decided to wear purple to support Prince. Does it look alright?” he asked her coming down the stairs in a purple long sleeve shirt and black pants. He turned around a couple of times. She glanced at him but then went back to talking to Gigi.  

“Fine. You look good.” she told him intentionally brushing him off making him scoff. He grabbed her face in both of her hands catching her off guard.

“Did you even look, babe?” he asked her blowing in her face making her pull away from him

“Yes I did. You look handsome as usual. Purple is a good color on you. Did you pack everything for the trip?” she asked him and he nodded kissing her cheek repeatedly. She saw Gigi shaking her head from the corner of her eye “Alright big guy sit down”  

She let him rest a hand on her thigh as she began talking to Gigi continued to animately about everything that she had missed with her friend these past few weeks. Adam listened throwing in his opinion in every now and then but mostly just starting at Taylor as though she was the most interesting thing in the world

“Adam the way you’re staring at Taylor is kinda creepy” Gigi said interrupting herself looking at the couple

“Oh yeah, don’t mind him” Taylor said looking at Adam and giving his mouth a short kiss. He just grinned leaning in again but Taylor turned her head towards Gigi so he couldn’t kiss her. “Anyway what were you saying, Gigi?“

A few minutes later, his security came to pick him up to drive them to the airport. They chatted all in the car like they were best friends. Taylor told Adam that they needed to not act so couplely in front of their friend but he decided not to listen to her, kissing her whenever he wanted and touching her wherever he wanted to. They arrived on his comfortable plane and dumped their things down. That’s when the nervousness started to kick in and Adam went quiet, which Taylor instantly noticed.

“Are you feeling ok?” Taylor asked Adam rubbing his back. He had been quiet for the first half an hour they had been on the plane, not even on his phone. His head was leaning on her shoulder and his hands played with her hair as she talked to Gigi “Just nervous?”

He nodded burying his head on her neck, she continued to rub his back trying to ease his tense muscles. He normally didn’t get nervous doing these kinds of things but this was a huge festival that it was a big deal for him to be playing at.

“Hey, babe did the guys bring the cake?” she whispered to him and he nodded in her neck “can you get it for me please?”  

He kissed her neck before getting up and getting it for her. She was his rock. She made everything better for him. She knew how to make his nerves ease before these kinds of things, she knew that there was not much she could say but holding him was enough.  

“Happy birthday Gigi” Adam exclaimed as he set the cake down in front of her and she gasped looking gratefully at them.

“AWWW Taylor you shouldn’t have” Gigi knew that it had taken Taylor time to make this cake and she knew that the girl was limited to time.  

“Adam did some too. He put the fruit on and helped me ice it” Taylor grinned giving Adam the credit too. He pulled a chair close to Taylor’s and sat next to her taking her hand in his always needing to be touching her. That alone was enough to calm him down.  

“Yeah I tried to help make it but I thought I would just get in the way” he grumbled hanging his head shamefully making Taylor lift his chin up kissing his cheek

“You wouldn’t have! You kept me company that was helping me” she giggled against his cheek  

“Thanks guys!” Gigi exclaimed taking a picture before Adam got a knife and cut them both a slice. “thanks, Adam”  

He told Taylor over and over as they were making the cake that he wasn’t going to have any, Taylor nodded her head and went along with it but she wasn’t going to listen to him “Here babe a piece without icing” she scooped some cake off her fork and put it in front of his mouth  

“Taylor, I told you a million times yesterday-“ he tried put she wasn’t falling for it because she only brought in closer to her lips but he only shook his head  

“It’s one fucking bite, Adam just taste it.” she shook her head at him while looking at Gigi who was laughing at the couple taking a video of them with her phone

He paused but then rolled his eyes and ate the cake off the fork to make her not go into a long lecture about how one bite wouldn’t make him gain anything. He grabbed her fork and scooped up some cake and took another bite. Some cake crumbs ended up on his face making Taylor laugh at him. She grabbed him a napkin and wiped it off of his face and then kissed the side of his mouth.  

“Here babe, you’re shivering” Adam got up and got her the jacket that had his lightning bolt on the back of it. He was very responsive to her and he knew almost instantly what was wrong with her by one movement. He rubbed her shoulders and kissed her neck.  

“Thanks” she gave him a smile and put it on “I forgot where I left it last and at first I thought I would be cold the rest of the night"

“Nah. It was sitting on top of my things and I remembered to bring it downstairs with my stuff. I wouldn’t let you go cold anyway. I’d perform with no shirt just so you’d be warm” Taylor kissed his cheek as a thank you. Taylor blushed as she looked at Gigi who was smiling at the couple  

Adam was uncomfortable sitting on a foldable chair so he picked up Taylor, putting his arms underneath her legs and sat down on her chair and placed her on his lap. He buried his head into her shoulder and went quiet again. Of course Taylor picked up on it.  

“Oh I have to show you these pictures of Adam and Meredith. It’s hilarious.” Taylor laughed and Adam moved his face out of Taylor’s hair to look at Gigi resting his head on her shoulder instead.

Taylor reached for Adam’s phone that was sitting on the table, she unlocked it easily and went through his pictures as though it was her own phone.

“Look” she showed Gigi a picture of Adam sleeping and Meredith perched on his head. Olivia was underneath his neck. Gigi laughed, Taylor played a video and made them laugh  

“The cats didnt even wake me up. They woke her up because they had crawled all over her to get to me. I feel like such a cat man.” he continued to tell a story about the time when the cats almost fell off the counter over a piece of chicken. His nerves were completely gone just what Taylor wanted.  

They all got off the plane and headed to dinner. Gigi sat across from Taylor and Adam, Taylor felt as though they were making Gigi feel like the she was third wheel the entire time. Adam was extremely clingy to Taylor because he was very nervous about performing. She made sure that he was taken care of while trying tom are sure Gigi didn’t feel completely left out

“You’re going to be fine, Adam. I promise. I’ll be there the whole time watching you. I’ll be there, your team will be there and not to mention Burns and Charlie. But we’re all good be there if you need anything” Taylor rubbed his shoulder  his head was on her shoulder and he was refusing to eat anything “Babe you gotta eat something”  

She tried feed him chicken through out the meal but he only had four bites in all  “You already did it last week you can’t do it again. You can do it again. But you can’t go on stage with nothing in you. ”  

“Adam just eat your damn food so we can have a conversation without Taylor trying to coax you into eating every five seconds” Gigi finally shouted at Adam which made him accept Taylor’s fork  

“You’re fine, babe” Taylor assured him “just eat something”

“It was worse last week. Once we get there he’ll be fine” Taylor told Gigi, chuckling and running a hand through his hair  

Taylor was able to keep Adam talking on the car ride home. He explained to Gigi about releasing his single next month on their anniversary which was in a few weeks. She seemed just as excited as Taylor was when she found out.

As they neared the stadium, he began to get excited. Gigi was confused at his sudden change in attitude but Taylor assured him that it was normal. Cristiana, Burns, Emil and Charlie met them all there. Gigi knew all of them very vaguely so she was introduced to everyone once more

“Alright Gigi I know you’ve been with Taylor to concerts but it’s a little different at these kinds of things. So should anything happen my friends Burns, Conor, and Charlie are over there if you need anything.  Conor is taking pictures but they will be happy to help you. I normally have them watch over Taylor while I’m on stage if she doesn’t have a group of friends around her or even if she does. But you and Cristiana will be with her so she should be ok. Ummm…also get them if she has too much to drink they know what to do. Not that you wouldn’t but it can be a challenge sometimes when there is so many people.” Adam chuckled looking over at the bathroom making sure Taylor still there “If something really wrong happens then come tell someone backstage and I’ll be notified but she should be fine she always is, Just gotta be safe. Don’t want anything bad happening to her when I can’t really do anything about it"

“I got you, Adam” Gigi said nodding her head “You’re so sweet to her and she finally has gotten the love that she deserves from you. Even though I’m a third wheel to the two of you guys I’m so happy for the two of you.“

“Hey babe” Taylor said coming up behind Adam and wrapping her arms around him from behind. Gigi excused herself giving the couple a few minutes before he had to go on “You feeling alright?”

“Yeah I’m feeling a lot better thanks, All because of you” he kissed her lips quickly after pulling her in front of him. He leaned her forehead against her head. He looked into her blue eyes, they were so beautiful he wanted to swim in them, drown in them. Her smile was everything. It could light up the entire arena that he was about to play at.  

“You’re so beautiful, baby” he said speaking against her cheek, that felt warm underneath his lips

“Thanks” she said biting her lip and blushing “So I’m going to be right there in the middle of the crowd, cheering you on and you get nervous or something than you look right there and I’ll be there for you ok?” she kissed his cheek and then his lips.

“Good luck, Adam. Go do what you’re good at” she looked into his green, emerald eyes. She fell in love with him all over again when she looked into those eyes.  

“Thank babe I will. I love performing when you’re in the crowd it calms me down a little bit. Oh and hey Charlie and Burns are in the crowd if you need anything” His hands dropped from her cheeks and his hands wrapped his arms around her before kissing her a couple times before letting her go.  

“I’ll be fine. Don’t be worrying about me while you’re up there” she pushed him lightly towards the steps that would lead him his place on the stage

“I always worry about you!” He shouted over the noisy crowd, grinning widely “Love you!”

“Love you too!” she called. She watched him go on stage from backstage. He turned to her giving her a smile before going on stage and putting the headphones and getting ready.

“Hello Coachella” Adam’s voice boomed throughout the arena, Taylor’s face spilt in two because her smile was so big. She headed back to the crowd to where their friends were

She danced and sang the entire night away. They often made eye contact throughout the show. She absolutely loved watching watching him perform he was such a natural. She loved to see how wild these crowds were just for him. She was his biggest fan she knew every lyric to every song. She had consumed a few drinks, enough to get buzzed but not enough to forget why she came here, which was for him.  Gigi looked like she was having the time of her life, which is just what Taylor wanted. Taylor had a couple of drinks and had Burns and Charlie keeping an eye on her.  

Before she knew it, his set was done and she was heading backstage to greet him after his show was done. She walked through the crowds giving the fans hi-fives. She loved supporting him and she wanted people to know that she was a proud girlfriend.  

“Hey babe” Taylor felt familiar arms around her and leaned back with a smile. Gigi and Cristina were in a deep conversation about Adam’s set and Conor was showing Burns the sick new pictures he had taken throughout the show.

“Hey, you did amazing. The crowd loved you including me. I think it was even better than last week which I thought was impossible”

“Thanks, babe” 

She kissed his lips wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands that were wrapped around her body kept her steady and brought her closer to him. She was much shorter than him because of the nike shoes she was wearing, so he lifted her up so she was standing on his feet and continued to kiss her.  

“Calvin!” Hearing Adam’s stage name, Taylor pulled away from Adam and stepped off of his feet trying to make them both look more composed then they obviously were.

Taylor Launter came up to them smiling brightly. Adam dropped one of his arms and moved to her side so he could shake Taylor’s hand  

“Hey mate, how are you? Thank you for coming” Adam’s handshake was firm and Adam smiled looking down at Taylor, who was a good bit shorter than him. His arm went back around his Taylor pulling her close to his side.  

“No problem! Your set was incredible. The lights and the sound. I was quite fascinated. Hey Taylor!” he exclaimed reaching for Taylor giving her a short hug. She was glad to see him. They had met up after they had broken up and made amends. Adam had met him a couple times when they were at public events and happened to run into each other. It was always friendly. 

“How are you?” she asked him excitedly with a giggle. She was quite surprised to see him there. “Why didn’t you tell me you we’re coming?”

Adam’s arm went back around her instantly after she stepped back to his side, her hand grasped the hand that was on her waist. He listened to the two of them talking while trying to figure out how many drinks she had. She was slightly buzzed because she was a little bit more giggly than usual, but she wasn’t drunk. 

“It was last minute and stuff. I didn’t even know I was coming to Coachella until Wednesday. But I’m doing well. Doing well” he replied smiling at the couple. “You?“

Her adrenaline was still running wild and the drinks she had made it hard of her to stand still. Adam’s hand was the only thing keeping her steady.

“We’re good. He just played an amazing show so that was pretty awesome.” Taylor giggled. He noted how she said that ‘we’re’ good not just ‘I’m good’ it made him pull her closer.

“Yeah you did plan an amazing show, man. Congrats” Taylor Launter congratulated him again before shaking Adam’s hand and giving Taylor another short hug

“Thanks great seeing you again” Adam said grinning

“Wow” Gigi said impressed at the couple. She realized how in love they must really be, no one from the outside including exes could break them apart

“What?” Taylor asked Gigi but Gigi only shook her head

“I think I saw Sophie here too, babe. Was she here tonight?” Taylor asked him just as she said the words she saw Adam’s friend and ex coming towards them

“Sophie!” Adam exclaimed as she walked over with a grin. All the other guys stopped what they were doing at the mention of Sophie’s name and came over to hug her

“How you doing, girl?” Charlie asked running up to hug her, Burns not too far behind him

“I’m good. I’m good. Adam your set is unbelievable” Sophie complimented she turned towards Taylor “Hey it’s great to see you again!”  

Sophie and Taylor had met before and they had instantly clicked. Sophie leaned into give Taylor a hug. Sophie moved to give Adam a hug making him let go of Taylor momentarily to let go of her to hug his ex girlfriend and friend.  

“It’s really nice of you to come, Soph” Adam exclaimed looking at Taylor for a few seconds making sure she was ok before turning back to Sophie and continuing to talk to her  

“It’s no problem. I haven’t seen any of the guys in forever and you and Taylor either. How are you guys?” Sophie asked excitedly looking at Adam and Taylor

“We’re good. Yeah, I’ve been working at home from the studio. Taylor’s taking some time off. Everything is really great.” Adam informed her looking a at Taylor, who was grinning  

“Good I’m glad to hear that” Sophie said with a smile

“Sophie we’re all going to hang out for a while. Do you want to come with us” Taylor asked her  

“Yeah I would love too” Sophie said enthusiastically  

Taylor smiled up at Adam. Adam reached for her hand and followed the rest of their friends. “I love you babe”  

“I love you more” he promised but she shook her head




I hope you like it!

A/N- So a few days ago @somewhatinvisible​​ requested four lines from this list (this is line 68). I decided to place all of them during the season 3-4 hiatus. The ficlets do not rely on each other but part 1 can be found here and part 2 here if you’re interested!

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“Nope.  That’s not going to work this time, Felicity. Put down the pillow.”


“I’m not doing that right now.”

“Are you really that mad that I told Laura what’s-her-name that I needed a drink before I could hear her talk anymore about the summer block party? I was just kidding! I mean, kind of.  She was talking a little extensively about it.  It’s still 2 months away! Buy some wine and beer, make some pigs in a blanket, bring out a pong table, maybe some horse shoes, and it’s done!”

“It’s Laura Hoffman Felicity, and they’ve been very nice to us since we moved here.  She’s just trying to make sure we feel included.  She even invited us for brunch next weekend.”

“Oh my God… You’re pouting? You’re really pouting over this?”

“… I’m not pouting.”


“I just think it would be nice if we could put down some roots.  Make some normal friends.  Ones we don’t also run around the city and catch bad guys with.”

“I mean, friends who are able to take down a mirikuru soldier are pretty useful.”


“Okay, I’m sorry.  I’ll… be nicer to the Hoffmans if it’s important to you.  We can even go to their brunch if you want.”

“Not if you don’t want to…”

“Of course I want to.  You, food, maybe a mimosa?  Two or three if she brings up slow cookers again? Sounds perfect.”

“They’re going to think you’re a booze hound, Felicity.”

Maybe the suburbs will turn me into one.”

“What was that? What’d you just mumble?”

“Just that I love you so much and hope you make those egg thingies you made for the last brunch we had.”

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hear me out: lucaya love,Rosie au

yES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES OMG can you imagine, it being Maya’s birthday and them both getting drunk and partying together and the kiss and the misunderstanding, and then she hears Lucas, her best friend, has apparently caught the yes of, you guessed it, Missy Bradford, and they all go to Prom together and the whole condom scene i can picture with Lucaya to a T and Lucas BLUSHING ABOUT IT but driving Maya to the hospital because he needs to, there’s no way he’d let anything happen to her and he’s probably so concerned when she comes out of the hospital room like ‘Are you okay, do you need anything’ and Maya’s just like ‘Huckleberry, I got a condom stuck up my vag, it’s not like I had a heart attack.’ And omg Maya wanting to go away for art school and Lucas and her planning to go away to the same school until MAYA FINDS OUT SHE’S PREGNANT with none other than Joshua Uncle Boing Matthews’ baby, and she’s always liked him from afar and she was so excited to go to prom with him and lose her virginity to him, but him being the father of her child and having to tell him that and pin him down is too much for her, and Maya doesn’t want her child to grow up without a father like she did but she also doesn’t want to drag Josh down with her, and a lot of crying to Riley about it honestly, of course Riley is the first one she tells and Riley tells her she has to tell Josh but she says nothing about Lucas so when Lucas gets accepted to the school of their dreams she tells him she didn’t, just so he can go off their without worrying about her and so she doesn’t have to deal with the sinking feeling in her stomach whenever she looks at him now and Lucas is concerned but Maya’s pushing him to go, and she sees him off with her hand against the glass window of his car door, his meeting hers and matching it on the other side and he’s off across the world to live a whole life without her and Maya honestly just shows up at Riley’s door in tears and she isn’t completely honest to herself about why at the time, because she can’t be, because there’s Josh, who she still hasn’t updated on the whole pregnancy thing, who’s oblivious and probably living his own life when his little niece’s best friend shows up at his door with a tear streaked face and a pregnancy test and just a little Joshaya family for a while, Josh and Riley taking her to all her appointments as she lies to Lucas in her letters back to him and tries not to feel bad about it, Josh trying really hard to do this right, despite the circumstances, and court Maya, brings her on dates, pregnant belly and all, bring her flowers and chocolates (because I honestly hold the popular headcannon that Josh Matthews is a great guy tbh) and Maya falling for him slowly and trying not to compare him to someone miles away, someone she wishes she could just spill the beans to and be honest with but instead she talks to Lucas about his classes over the phone and paints and sketches his face on every canvas or piece of paper she can reach, only to hide or destroy all evidence with the excuses of ‘them not being good enough’ instead of her true fear or Riley or worse Josh finding them, and it’s neither Josh or Riley who find out, instead a warm voice behind her commenting on how she got his nose right, and Maya jumps out of her skin, hand flying to her swelled belly as she turns to see none other than Lucas Friar behind her, eyes soft and sad and on her stomach and of course after that comes the ‘why didn’t you tell me’ conversation, the hurt and the healing, the moment when Lucas places his large hand over Maya’s stomach and just stairs at it reverently. And that’s that honestly, without no real conversation about it, Lucas Friar is back to the front end of her life, on her right as Josh sits on her left at all of her appointments, right at her side in the baby shops making stuffed animals say inappropriate things just to make her laugh, being there and making her want him to stay there all at once, without any idea he’s doing it Maya was sure, and Maya is torn between yelling at him to quit it and begging him to never leave again, know what she feels for him is less than friendly while also knowing that it can’t be, because she’s carrying Josh’s baby, and she’s dating Josh and what do you mean you proposed to Bradford, Huckleberry, and just somebody write this please and thanks. 

Zootopia/ROTG crossover. (Closed)

A young wolf holds her pup to her chest sighing as she looked around her minuscule apartment hopping her babysitter was going to be here soon so she could head off to work at the flower shop, all she knew about the boy was he was an arctic fox and he was a year older than her.

Cree felt slightly jealous of the boy, he was probably going to go to school and do something interesting she was just going to stuck in her dead in job barley able to support herself and her pup. She didn’t want this life the whole thing was an accident. She was at a party she was dared to by some friends and she did it. It was okay until the condom broke, and coming from a very religious family, they didn’t accept her and kicked her out on the street with only $200 to her name.

After a bit of being alone in her thoughts she heard a knock on her and smiled. “Hi I’m Cree Delith, and you are Jack Frost correct?” She said looking at the Arctic fox.

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I need advice!! I believe my friend got raped at the prom after party. And I just weaseled the proof out of one of the guys that was in the room where it happened but I don't think she'll go to the police because of the shame & stuff. How can I help her???

First off I am so sorry for your friend. The best thing you can do is just be there and care for her. Don’t force her to do anything that she doesn’t want to. She’s had all control taken from her, and she needs to know she has a life where she can have control.
Remind her she’s loved. Remind her it’s not her fault and she’s still beautiful and worth it. She may brush off your words, but I promise that it does get through.

And make sure you take care of yourself too. It’s hard to be there for someone who went through it. But if you ever need to talk about it with someone go to a person who isn’t her. And someone she’s okay with knowing, or keep her identity a complete secret.

Ultimately, just help her gain back control. Support her in every decision she makes. I never reported. I was guilt tripped for the longest time over it (I still am sometimes) and it hurts.

So I have this "friend"

I sure we all have/had someone like this in our lives. You’re always the one who has to reach out first. To say “hi”, just to check in, to make the plans, etc.

Well, the last time I spoke with my “friend” was late December. She came to a holiday party at my house. I barely spoke with her that night. And when I did, I felt like I was forcing the conversation. I’ve know for a while that I was the one holding this friendship together. We’ve talked about it in the past, and she’s apologized for being so “flighty” about it. Well, after the party I decided that I was just going to stop. If she wanted to know how I was doing, she could reach out to me. I see her posting on Facebook all the time, I’ve consciously chosen not to comment on or like any of it. I haven’t heard one word from her since December. It’s not surprising. But it still really hurts, because I notice the absence, but she apparently doesn’t. It’s hard knowing that someone who you once valued, apparently never held you in the same regards.

Old notes. Old songs. A story.

September 7 

Her birthday, it’s coming up in December. She told me she never had a birthday party before, like with friends and stuff. I’m going to give her a pretty badass birthday party. Not because I expect anything in return, I don’t expect her and I to have any feelings for each other in three months. But I just want to do something nice.

The day we went out to study, it was last Sunday because we watched an episode of Breaking Bad. I had never seen the show before but it was one of her favorites, so I sat on her bed, legs crossed, my eyes stuck on the T.V., my hands picking off grapes in a bowl. She laid in front of me, her head near the wall on a pillow, her legs covered in a small, fuzzy blanket that looked like it could have been with her since birth. Tomorrow is Sunday and this past week I finished the entire first season of the show in two days, catching episodes before and after class. I won’t be able to catch up to the latest episode by the time it comes out tomorrow. I won’t be able to watch it with her because she’s in a different city. But I’ll catch up. I’ll catch up to her once I finish all of this work I neglected last week.

I looked out the window again and it’s now black and windy. I closed it, and now my room is quiet and warm. It’s not warm the way a cozy blanket feels warm. It’s warm like when you’re stuck in a car, in traffic, during a hot day and you’re running late.

I kissed her goodnight. I closed the door quietly as I stepped out and I was immediately greeted by a stray cat that darted down steps of the two story apartment building. There was a guy smoking marijuana with his shirt off, and at the courtyard, a couple of middle-aged women holding worn plastic bags from the dollar store, speaking in hushed tones with their yellow teeth, thinning hair and wrinkles. As I turned the corner to get to the gate, I looked up at her window. With the blinds there I could only see the glowing flicker of the TV. I walked away with my hands in my pockets, clutching my keys while her window was blue. It pulsed and breathed, a quiet buzzing light behind glass. 

September 18

The train screeched as it left the station. I looked out the window and noticed there was a single streak of red Sharpie marker smeared onto the glass that filtered the colors of El Cerrito streets. The sun was too bright and it shone through the window so I took off my glasses and stared at the ceiling of the car. The high-pitched screaming melody and bumpy beat of the train, along with the people on-board, isolated in their own seats, plugged into their iPhones, blasting Tupac or some new indie band, brought an image to my head. I plugged myself into my phone and on came the sound of Metric’s “Help I’m Alive.” The train stopped and the doors opened at North Berkeley station. I pulled up the picture on my phone and took a deep breath. 

We spent an hour browsing the little store. It was 10 at night, and we pointed at the live crab crawling over one another in a bubbling tank of water, while the employees dressed in stained white shirts threw salmon on trays of ice. We danced around the aisles underneath bright fluorescent lights looking for “yummy snacks” while the store played 80’s tunes. We came across a canned drink with a parrot on the front called “Nice time!” The bottle didn’t give any hint as to what the drink was made of. “Is it made out of parrot juice?” I asked. Later, we drank it all. It was surprisingly sweet. 


I stared at the picture on my phone until the screen on my phone went black and the train began to move again. I picked up my bag and placed it on my lap leaving the seat next to me empty. The last track of the Metric album started to play. I shifted in my seat and took another deep breath to remind the rest of my body I was still alive. There were people walking on the streets below the train, people in cars laughing and when we got to the next stop, faceless suits and shirts came in with bicycles, suitcases and backpacks. When the train took off again no one sat next to me. I put my backpack on the empty seat again then looked out the window as the tunnel lights flashed by. The gray sky came down as the train rose to the surface.

She talked to Jesse again, after a month of silence. Jesse was a friend of hers from LA . From what I heard, Jesse was in love with her, and had confessed his feelings, but was ultimately shut down. Jesse then found out about me.

She wore a gray military cap, her blonde ponytail sticking out the back of it. I looked at her for a moment, I took a deep breath, I could literally feel my heart. Was it knocking at my bones, sending me a message? Perhaps it only wanted to be closer.

“I haven’t seen you in weeks,” I said. “What’s wrong?” I took another deep breath, it calms me down the way cigarettes calm her down.

She shook her head and sighed. She pulled herself away. I heard the train screech as I looked at her. The hat hid her eyes. She might have not even been there. 

We talked as the bugs danced around the lamp post, around and around. They’d mostly stay far enough so that they didn’t get burned, but when they built up enough courage, and had taken in enough of the cool night air, they dove close to the light. At first the bugs were visible, then they were swallowed by the lamp. Eventually the lamp looked like it were turning into wax. It blurred and I had to blink so that I could clear it up again. 

My tiny spirit dissipated into the light glow of her room as I looked up at her window. She said nothing, and the world around us said nothing, as if everyone was quiet and watching.

“That’s it?”

October 9

I got off at Civic Center station and walked up Hyde to catch the 31. Of course I missed my stop and got off a few blocks from where I needed to be and I ended up at a park that was on a hill, a fairly steep hill. The park was very green and the sun was out, high above in the blue sky without a cloud in sight, strange occurrence for San Francisco. After a moment of awe, a car horn and a smelly, scruffy lookin’ gentlemen with a spiky beard walked passed me, and I followed. I walked up the hill and looked on at the park beside me, one leg at a time as Honda Civics and police sirens blew pass. There was a woman on the corner as I reached the top, she decided it was more efficient to cross the street before the signal told her it was safe to. I looked across the street at the park. I recognized it, I had been here.

We laughed as I carried her on my back. We ran over the white stripes of crosswalks and through busy intersections where we were exposed to dozens of people staring at us from behind their car windows. I don’t remember any of the sounds when she was on my back. I can only remember the steady rhythm of her body as I took each step. 

I asked her if she felt any better. She responded with a simple “mmhmm” and then I felt her teeth kiss the back of my neck. 

I waved my blue Clipper card at the thing you’re supposed to wave it at and I can’t recall if it even beeped, I couldn’t help but look out the window at the park where a couple was picnicking on the grass, on top of a plaid red blanket. The bus sighed as its doors closed, and started moving again. The bus shook me and for a second I almost tipped over before I grabbed a hand hold. I kept my eyes on the little green field surrounded by a metal fence. 

I saw myself laughing and running, disappearing down the hill across the street with this girl on my back.

This song reminded me of all that. 

Down with the Shine by: Kate Karyus Quinn

4 stars out of 5

There’s a reason they say “be careful what you wish for.” Just ask the girl who wished to be thinner and ended up smaller than Thumbelina, or the boy who asked for “balls of steel” and got them-literally. And never wish for your party to go on forever. Not unless you want your guests to be struck down by debilitating pain if they try to leave.

These are things Lennie only learns when it’s too late-after she brings some of her uncles’ moonshine to a party and toasts to dozens of wishes, including a big wish of her own: to bring back her best friend, Dylan, who was abducted and murdered six months ago.

Lennie didn’t mean to cause so much chaos. She always thought her uncles’ moonshine toast was just a tradition. And when they talked about carrying on their “important family legacy,” she thought they meant good old-fashioned bootlegging.

As it turns out, they meant granting wishes. And Lennie has just granted more in one night than her uncles would grant in a year.

Now she has to find a way to undo the damage. But once granted, a wish can’t be unmade…

Release Date: April 26, 2016

Down with the Shine was a pleasantly unique, fun book. With the lesson “be careful what you wish for” and a plot based on moonshine, I was all in. It blends humor with some dark storyline making for an interesting tone.

Basically the plot goes like this..Lennie lives with her uncles. They are bootleggers, it’s the family business. They brew moonshine and sell it, making a toast to the buyer’s wish upon each sale. This is the family tradition that goes along with their business. It’s the family legacy. Buyer makes a wish, her uncle’s toast to it, the end. Or so Lennie thought…

What Lennie doesn’t know is that this all isn’t just some stupid family tradition to go with the business. The wishes come true. If only she found this out before bringing her uncle’s moonshine to a classmate’s party toasting to dozens of wishes. What chaos will the wishes bring? …Well it depends on how exact their wording is, because as it turns out..wording is key when it comes to a wish!

The story gets very silly, but also has darker moments. You can’t expect too much of one or the other..otherwise you might be disappointed. The writing was actually my favorite thing about Down with the Shine

Characters from Kate Karyus Quinn’s previous books were referenced throughout meaning all her books take place in the same world. I love when authors do this! It actually gives me motivation to go out and read all their books, but it also makes the reading experience more fun.

If you’re looking for a fun read, this is one to go out and get!


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Failing the Oral Exam

Just yesterday, I wrote a post about how badly I want my daughter to grow up to be strong and empowered. This means I’m her advocate and protector…but it ALSO means I occasionally get completely tripped up by my own word choices. 

Like every other father in the world who has a girl, I often think about the days when she’s going to be pursued by boys, and given my own memories of what my friends and I did during that phase, these thoughts fill me with dread. This might be why even the most innocent questions and answers can turn horrifying (at least to me).

This past weekend, I was at a birthday party with Sally, and the hosts handed out those noisemaker/streamer things you normally see at new years. Sally picked hers up, and we had the following exchange:

SALLY: Daddy…how do I do this?

ME (Growing more uncomfortable with each word): You just wrap your lips around it, and…blow. 

SALLY (Trying and failing): Daddy…it’s not WORKING!

ME (Feeling even worse): Try…blowing harder.

SALLY (Failing, then throwing it away): I don’t want to do this!

ME: THAT’S my girl!!

As her father, I know it’s my job to prepare her for life with all its ups and downs, but I have to confess I was VERY happy to give up on this one. I just hope that, in the grand scheme of her life, I didn’t blow it. 

Roommate Drama

So, my roommate threw a dinner party with her friends. And didn’t let me know it was gonna happen.

I was in my room, as usual, and she didn’t knock to let me know we would have a bunch of visitors, or that the kitchen (which is also our “living room”) would be occupied the whole night. Nor the entrance for the balcony where I smoke.

I just heard the doorbell and suddenly all those voices.

Like… seriously?

I had to go out and grab some dinner, because of course i was super starving, and now, when finally everyone left and I went to the kitchen to maybe do something more substantial, everything is dirty. Of course.

She is usually a super nice girl, so I didn't want to interrupt the party or just barge in, but, idk, it seems pretty obvious to me that you just don’t do shit like that. Even if you don’t know about all the anxiety issues of your roommate. Common sense, motherfuckers. Argh. 


Kennedy’s mother had been urging her to go to her parents’ anniversary party for months. With mid-terms and final examinations stressing her out, she rejected her mother’s invitation, not really wanting to see all her family relatives and colleagues. If she wanted to have a good time, she’d definitely just go to one of her friend’s place. But knowing that there maybe potential investors for her business, she’s decided to go for a couple minutes. She wore a tight-fitted, black, scoop-necked dress with ended a coupe inches above her knees. “Yeah, I’ll just meet you at your place and we can go out for drinks or somethi – alright, I gotta go.” Kennedy ended the call as soon as she saw her mother talking to familiar faces. Her mother noticing her from afar, stretched a grin at her and announced her arrival. A force grin appeared on her face as she waved at relatives and family friends. “Happy anniversary, mum.” Kennedy placed a peck on her cheek, giving her a side hug. “Mrs. Thibault, how are you? It’s been quite some time.”

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OH I LOVE SLEEPOVERS. Hmm. I'll go with how my parents meet and a funny story. So my grandma turned 50 and totally lost it. She thought she was old and did not want to celebrate turning 50. My mom planned on hanging out with her mom, but went to a party with her friend since my grandma was a mess. They was my dad. Now here is the funny/sweet story. My dad asked my mom for her number about 5 times that night. My mom asked him why he did last year and he said "I guess I just really liked you".


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"Can I go out tonight with a few people to celebrate my birthday? Or do you want me to stay in?"

        [He hates these kinds of calls for his mind splits at the seams. She has every right to go out, and he wouldn’t blame her if she became annoyed if he said she was to stay in (what eighteen year old stays in on a special occasion?), but can he trust their circumstance to be fair and keep her safe should he allow her? And worse yet, what would Sal think?]

        [JOE hesitates, glances down at the ground. It’s on him to make a good call and he’s never been so stressed about making one until now.]

               “…maybe we could have a BIG celebration for ya when
               all this blows over? A big party - lots’a friends and stuff,
               but for now I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea… maybe 
               we could hold off until we know it’s safe and then have
               a big thing to make up for it?”

        [Grief outlines his face then for he knows how lame it sounds. JOE slowly moves over to his daughter, embraces her lovingly.]

               “I’m sorry, baby… I know it sucks… I just want so badly f-
               or ya to be safe…”

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“I don’t want to be friends.”

Marley hoped she heard him incorrectly. ‘Please don’t tell me Ryder just said what I thought he did,’ she thought to herself, her baby blue eyes widening as a deafening silence formed between them. The two were alone in the office, everyone else enjoying the party in the warehouse. Her fiancé was among those people, though he was more preoccupied with hanging out with his friends than giving Marley more than a fraction of his attention. She had grown used to it, though. ‘That just just how Jake was,’ she rationalized to herself.

Most of her evening was spent alongside Ryder, who had grown to be her best friend in all of the office - well, her best friend just in general, if she were honest. Whenever something happened in her life, he was the first person she wanted to share it with, whether it was a shenanigan going on with one of their co-workers or even a new verse she had been working on for her song. But that’s just how it was with a best friend, right? The want to talk to them all the time, the one she felt most comfortable turning to in her times of trouble?

She hadn’t even noticed he trailed after her until she turned around and saw him. And when she was about to open her mouth to say something, he spoke first, “I don’t want to be friends.” Perhaps he had gotten a hint of how displeased she was over the way Jake had been treating her that night; truthfully, he hadn’t been treating her the way she deserved for a long time, but she loved Jake. She did. Or at least she thought she did. It was all too confusing, even more so with Ryder’s confession looming over them.

“You’re kidding, right?” Marley asked him, finally managing to find her voice. “You’re my best friend,” she told him. “We’re just… we’re just friends,” she continued, unsure as to why the words made her heart constrict in her chest. Staring at him was becoming too difficult, so she turned away from him, shaking her head as she said, “I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression tonight, but I’m engaged, Ryder.” 


So I went to a party last night. i didnt really want to go, but my friend girls made me because they were drunk and also are always talking about finding me a girl and how I don’t put myself out there. So whatever. I go. I get there and this beautiful blonde girl recognized me from walking Oreo. But not just randomly, she was 1 of 3 landscaping girls that wanted to pet Oreo but he got too excited and just barked at them.. (Which was extremely embarrassing) And of course Im already shit faced at this point, I was nervous enough this girl was talking to me and I could barely string a sentence together.. the best I could do was her and and where she’s from.. and then the convo died. At that point I figured I blew it but throughout the rest of the night we gave each other looks but I didn’t do anything about it.. i used to never have problem talking to girls but last night made me realize how bad I have become at it. And what little confidence i have.

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send me a and i’ll generate a number.

22. spin the bottle kiss

| 🎈 |   Everyone knew Pinkie enjoyed parties, but this sort of thing wasn’t her scene. Red Solo cups, drunk teens passing out all over the floor. Not to mention all of the… Touching, and kissing she had to witness all around her. Pinkie had never played spin the bottle before… She’d never been asked to play spin the bottle before either. But eventually the others started taunting her, so she was, in a way, forced to join in. 

She noticed Rainbow was there, remembering suddenly that this was her friend Gilda’s party and Pinkie had come along just because of the bakery next door. The cake for her next party was in her car and now she was here… She didn’t want to be though. Apparently she was going first, so she turned the bottle  to the side before flicking her wrist to make it spin. When the glass bottle whirled around, she looked up, seeing that the other end was facing…. Rainbow Dash? She couldn’t exactly say no. Being the party planning master that she was, she’d heard how this game works… So, she leaned over, closing the distance between them with a chaste kiss… It wasn’t that bad to be honest. She was glad it was a kiss with a friend though.