she just wants to go out and party and be with her friends

I met a girl for a date who turned out to be much better looking than her photos which is always a nice surprise. The date went well, just dinner and a walk, and we said our goodbyes. The next day she invited me out to a friend’s birthday party downtown as her +1. I wanted to go but I had to work the next day and wanted to be able to drink a little since it was a bunch of people I didn’t know. She said “That’s alright, you can park at my house and sleep over.”(Cha-ching!) So, of course, I said yes.

Fast forward to the middle of the party, I’m enjoying myself chatting it up with her friends and having a good time and next thing I know she absolutely loses it and storms out of the bar leaving me there. Drunk. With her friends. I still have no idea why.

One of them told me “She wants you to go after her!” and I said “Fuck that, it’s our second date.” which not a single person blamed me for. I stayed at the party and switched to water while I continued talking with her friends. That was over a year ago, and I still regularly hang out with them. They have since stopped talking to her.

midnight || calum hood

it was always midnight when they met. 

(inspired by the movie ‘the first time’)

y/n closed her eyes and inhaled the clear night air, relieved that she managed to escape the crowded party scene;  she was getting slightly lighted headed from the loud thumping music and the smell of beer, sweat and marijuana. 

she knew her friends weren’t going to be looking for her as they were probably too busy hooking up with some horny high school guys which they’ll obviously forget the name of the next day. y/n was sick of guys hitting on her and asking her out for a date, they all meant nothing to her and she meant nothing to them.

every guy she dated in her 17 years of life all wanted either sex or just a ‘fling’ that would keep them occupied for the nest couple of months until they were sick of being in a relationship. all she wanted was a person who would genuinely love and care for her; someone who would look at her as if she was the only star in their life and have deep and meaningful conversations about their dreams and fears.

she told her friends what she wanted, they told her to wake up.

the street was dimly lit by a few lamps and there were barely anyone around except for the kids leaving and entering the party through the back gate. with a small sigh, y/n sat on the side walk with her arms wrapped around her knees and mindlessly fiddled with the rings on her finger, completely bored and a bit sick of people in general.

“hi montana, i have to tell you something. so, the girl i’ve been telling you about is actually you. yeah i like your more than i should, like more than a friend.”

y/n looked up from her boots to see a tall guy in the distance, his shoulders were slunched and he seemed to be talking to a wall. she couldn’t figure out what he looked like due to the poor lighting and the fact that his back was turned to her.

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Drunk Confessions Pt 1

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Hey guys! If you haven’t noticed I have combined all the parts so that way I don’t have 12 different links.

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Derek’s POV

Tonight there was going to be a party at Christian’s place. I wasn’t going to go until I found out y/n was going to be there. I don’t know why but there is just something about her that makes me feel different. She makes me feel wanted unlike everyone else. She’s lived here about 5 months. The only problem is she’s my best friends’ sister. He doesn’t know I like her and would probably kill me if he ever did.  Whenever I go over his house I see her and it can change my mood around completely. I can really be myself around her. My real self. She makes the good side come out of me. I’ve asked her out a couple times but she’s always rejected. It almost seems like when we’re about to get close she pushes me away. I’m not stopping until I get her though. She has slipped away too many times.

I arrived at the party. Several people came up to me to say hey, half of them I didn’t even know. I wasn’t really paying attention. I kept searching the room for y/n. While waiting I decided to get a couple drinks to start the night off. About an hour later I finally find her with her friends on the balcony. I walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder. I’m taken by surprise with a hug. “Hey Derek! What’s up I haven’t seen you in forever!” She said, clearly drunk. She was never good at holding liquor being she is so innocent. It was kind of cute. “Hey y/n how are you?” I asked her. “I’m great, how are you?” she said smiling. “I’m good. Would you like to get some drinks with me?” I offered her. Immediately after her whole image changed. Her smile dropped and she almost looked intimidated. “No thank you.” She replied and turned around to continue talking to her friends. I decide to leave her alone for a minute seeing how weird she reacted.

A couple hours and drinks later I realize people are starting to head home. If I didn’t talk to y/n now I’d never get the chance to. I find her again this time leaning on the counter by herself in the kitchen. “Hey y/n, I’m sorry about before. I was just trying to be nice.” I said leaning next to her. “It’s fine. I just really wanted to hang out with my friends” She smiled and then looked back down to the counter. “Well did you have fun?” I ask. This time she laughs “Yes I had a lot of fun thanks for asking.” Her eyes meet mine. I get lost in them for a minute. “You know you’re beautiful y/n.” I say. “Why because you’re drunk?” She responds before taking a sip of her drink. “I never said you only did tonight. I was talking about in general.” I turned myself towards her. She leans up and faces me. “Really?” she asks. Clearly not believing it. “Yes you always have, why do you think I can’t leave you alone.” I put my hand under her chin leaning her face to mine. Our eyes are pacing back and forth looking deep into our minds. I start to lean in and so does she. But right before our lips meet she pushes me back “I can’t” she says. “Why not?” I ask. She’s done this to me about 3 times now and I’m tired of being led on. “I just can’t” she said starting to walk away. I grab her arm and pull her back. “No I’m fed up with this constantly happening tell me what I’m doing wrong.” I say sternly. “Just let it go Derek.” She says pulling from my grip. “I won’t let it go not until you tell me why the fuck you keep leading me on.” This time I raised my voice. “Because I’m scared of you okay!? Now let me be!” she screams back walking away and out the front door.

I couldn’t help but let the words repeat in my head. ‘Scared of me?’ What have I done to her to scare her? How do I fix this? I call an Uber and go home. I lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling. So beyond confused I couldn’t sleep. Constantly tossing and turning. I’ve been with a ton of girls and none of them have made me feel like this. I feel so weak. She’s the only one who can make me like this and she’s scared of me for no reason. I need to figure this out.

Your POV

As soon as you receive this text you know you shouldn’t have gone to that party. You like Derek you really do but the drugs, alcohol, tour, sex, ect. all intimidated you. You were never into that stuff. You were afraid of him choosing that over yourself. You don’t want him to change for you though so you’ve been keeping it a secret. But maybe it’s time to stop that.

*Blow = Cocaine*

Your POV

Your heart starts racing. You can’t tell if you’re excited or afraid of what’s about to come. If you do date your brother Nate will literally murder you guys. Nate is only a year older then you but he still thinks he can control your whole life. You’ve seen on Twitter Derek’s ex friends trying to help him out with drugs and he just flips on them, tearing them apart. You won’t be able to handle something like that so you don’t know what to expect. You take a shower and do your hair and make-up. You put on a nice casual dress. You want to look good for him but not look like you’re trying too hard. The clock hits 2 and Nate leaves. Your stomach starts turning as your anxiety rises. You’re now going to be home alone with a 24 year old boy who is capable of having full control over you. You shake off the thought and go get a drink of water to help calm you down. You turn on the TV to the food channel because what’s more distracting then food? You hear the doorbell ring. You look down at your phone and it’s exactly 2:30. You open the door to see no one other than Derek. He stops and stares at you. Only about 10 seconds pass but it feels like 5 minutes.

“Hello?” You say breaking him out of his trans. “Oh, hey y/n. Sorry I just don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a dress before.” He says. “Yeah I don’t wear them often. I have trouble finding dresses that look good on me.” You respond playing with the bottom of the dress. “Well this one looks perfect” He smiled. “May I come in?” He points into the house. “Oh yeah of course, you know where everything is.” You say moving out of his way. He walks in and sits on the couch. You follow him. He’s texting someone on his phone and looks slightly pissed. He huffs and tosses his phone on the table. “Sorry I’m trying to get Chad to make sure Nate stays at the studio so we don’t have to worry about dying today.” He says breaking the awkward silence. You laugh at the fact you both understand Nate won’t appreciate this.

“Alright so just hear me out for a minute.” Derek starts “I’ve been thinking about this for a while. You have made me feel something I can’t explain. Something no one else has made me feel like. I am not the mushy lovey dovey person. But for some reason I am around you. I’m willing to do anything to be with you. I know you don’t want me to change but it’ll be for the positive. I know you’re so innocent and I’m the complete opposite but I want to give it a try. I need someone like you in my life. Please.” He moves closer to you on the couch now with his arm around your shoulder. You look down and play with your hands. He sounds so convincing but this whole thing is so risky. You’ve never done anything risky before so why not start now? Who knows it might be fun. Plus after Nate knows, if Derek ever tried to lash out on you he’d be there to protect you. “Okay let’s try this.” You say smiling nodding your head. You see his face light up. He leans in to kiss you but you put your hand in the way pushing him back. “Not so fast you haven’t heard what has to happen for this to work.” You raise your voice slightly. He nods and leans back “Go for it.” He says.

“One, my brother has to know. We can keep it quiet for two weeks to see if this even works out, and if it does he will be finding out-“ Derek cuts you off “Wait he’ll k-“ This time you cut him off “I don’t want to hear it. He’s the only family I have out here he’s going to know. Two, I don’t care if you smoke weed-“ You do care but you don’t want to cut everything out at once so you’ll work on that later “-I don’t care if you drink-“ That you really didn’t care about “-But the blow, pills all that serious shit needs to stop.” You say sternly. You can tell he thinks about it for a minute. Eventually he lets out a breath “Okay. Whatever you want.” “Also if I catch you doing any of this stuff the relationship ends immediately.” You continue. “Wait can’t you give me like a month to get over it?” he asks. “No. You stop now.” You add. “Okay I promise.” He says. Leaning in for a kiss again, this time you let him. A feeling both of you have been longing for, for a while. Your stomach turns at the excitement. Maybe he’ll really go through with this. He pulls back and you both smile at each other. You look at the clock and its now 3pm. Nate will be home in an hour. Derek decides to put a show on. “It’s only 30 minutes I swear.” He says seeing you getting nervous. You let him continue anyway.

Ten minutes pass and you hear a car door from outside. You get up and look out the front window to see your brother walking up to the door. “It’s Nate! Run!” you scream to Derek while locking the front door. You hear Derek curse under his breath as he runs out the back. You quickly go back to the couch. Nate unlocks the door and walks to the kitchen. “Hey y/n is Derek here?” he asks. Your heart starts pounding. How does he know!? “Who?” you try to play off. “My friend Derek. The older one with the long dark hair? Usually goofing off? His car is in the driveway but I don’t see him in it.” He continues. “I didn’t hear anyone ring the bell so I don’t know” You say. Nate walks to the front room looking out of the window. You quickly text Derek.

You hear the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it!” you hear Nate from upstairs. He comes down and answers the door. Confused you see Derek open the door. You couldn’t help but laugh. It was kind of cute. But now time to try and figure out how to tell Nate.

Derek’s POV

Today marks 5 months since I’ve started dating y/n. It’s been the best 5 months of my life. Not feeling pressured, not feeling like I have to show off, I also haven’t stressed over anything. Well besides the fact we still haven’t told Skate. It’s been tough. I hang around him almost every day and he doesn’t even think I know more than her name. It’s also been kind of hard staying away from the drugs. I can do it fine on my own but when I’m with my friends and they’re all doing it, it’s so tempting. A lot of the times I’ve left to go sneak to y/n’s house and left flowers or something at her door to get away from it. Making her happy was the best distraction. Skate will be out shooting a music video today so I’m going to go see y/n to talk to her about telling him. I really hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship. I can’t believe I’ve even kept it from him for this long. He’s become one of my closest friends out here. He really helped me out of a tough time, I can’t keep this secret from him any longer. I call y/n and tell her I’m coming over.

I arrive at her house and let myself in. “You know you really shouldn’t leave the door unlocked.” I say to y/n whose sitting at the kitchen table reading a book. She quickly jumps up and hugs me. “What are you doing here?” she said excitedly.  “I came to talk to you about something.” I say releasing her off of me. Her expression changed from excited to worry. “Don’t worry it’s not bad it’s just about your brother.” I laughed seeing she got nervous. “Oh thank god you made that sound so bad.” She said pointing to the table for me to sit. “Can I get you anything?” She asks. I loved how she was so willing to do things for me. I never wanted her to though, I want to be the one to spoil her. I grab her arm and pull her into the living room. I sit on the couch and pull her onto my lap facing me. We embrace in a kiss. I pull back but our foreheads are still touching. “Don’t feel like you have to do anything for me okay?” I whisper to her. She nodded and kissed me again before sitting next to me on the couch. “So what about Nate?” She asked me. “We need to tell him. I can’t keep this from him anymore. We’ve both been pushing this off for too long" I explain.

She nods in agreement. “I don’t know how we’re going to do this though. I’ve thought of some things but I don’t know how he’s going to take it.” She says. “What have you thought of?” I ask. “Well I’ve thought about me just bringing it up to him but then that would look bad on your part. I’ve also thought of you telling him but then that makes me look like an ass. So then I thought what if we both invite him out to a restaurant with us and we will both tell him together. It’ll work but if he gets mad and flips shit we have witnesses which is awkward. So I don’t know.” She continued. I liked the restaurant idea but she made a good point about him flipping shit. So we’d have to go somewhere more private but not too private where he could get away with beating the shit out of us. I started to think of places we could go. Our houses are too private, friends’ houses are too public, and mountains is too private. “What about the beach? We’ll go to a private one so there’s still people but it won’t be a lot?” I add. She lights up. “That’s perfect! Who could be mad at the beach? Now when are we going to do this?” she asks. “Well he’s pretty busy today so what about tomorrow morning 10am?” I say. “Sounds perfect.’ She says climbing back onto my lap, our lips meeting. We don’t get to see each other often so when we do we tend to enjoy each other’s touch. Our kiss starts getting a little more intimate as we haven’t seen each other since last week. Which only lasted 30 minutes. My stomach started to get butterflies as my hands start travelling up and down her body. Not in a sexual way. Just feeling and knowing she was there and she was mine.

“What the fuck!?”

I hear come from my right. Immediately our kiss is broken and my stomach drops. I know that voice. Skate. Before I can process anything y/n is already off of my lap walking up to her brother. He’s just standing there, jaw wide open. His eyes pacing back and forth between y/n and I. Y/n is talking but I can’t hear. My mind has so many thoughts it won’t focus.

Skate’s POV

I have to head home in the middle of filming to get something from my house for the shoot. I pull up in my driveway and see Derek’s car there. Again? He knows I’m not home so what’s up this time. I step into my house and for some reason the door in unlocked. I walk to the living room and see my sister on top of my best friend. Not only that but with their tongues down each other’s throats. Derek’s hands all over her, and hers slightly tugging at his hair.

“What the fuck!?” I scream. No other words able to come out of my mouth. They barley know each other and now they’re on top of each other? This doesn’t make sense. My sister is not like this. She’s too innocent for shit like this. Why Derek out of all people? I was purposely trying to keep her away from him and now, what even. I can’t contemplate what’s going on. It’s all so confusing. Y/n is now next to me trying to talk to me. I can only catch a couple words being my brain trying to comprehend so much at that moment. I see her start to cry. I hate seeing her upset. I need her in her room for a minute.

Derek’s POV

Is y/n going to hate me for this thinking I lied about him being busy? Is Skate going to drop me for making out with his sister in his own house? I see y/n start to cry. I get up and walk over to them. As soon as I get there “Y/n go to your room for a minute.” Skate tells her. “Nate please just listen to me we wer-“.  He cut her off “Go” he said more sternly pointing up the stairs. She obeyed and went upstairs. Skate then turns to me. “I’m going to get something to eat because this is obviously going to be a long conversation. Go sit at the table.” He says walking into the kitchen. This is going to be interesting.

Your POV

You run upstairs crying. You quickly grab your phone and text your best friend not knowing what to do.

You listen and lay down. Exhausted and stressed you drift off to sleep.


I had just gotten out of a lengthy relationship. It was Halloween night and all of my close friends were going to a party that my ex was at, so I was alone on Halloween to do something crazy. A Tinder girl who lived about an hour away with her parents wanted me to hang out with her. I hadn’t really done anything with Tinder yet, but figured “why not?”

I’m about to make the lengthy hour long drive when the Tinder girl informs me that I have to help her sneak out through her window (one story house). It is about 1030 PM, her parents are home, she is 24 and about to sneak out the window, and I have to help her climb out. I do this, thinking her dad might come out and shoot me at any given moment since they must be way over protective.

She and I go to a party nearby where I am able to verify that she is in med school and a normal person. She just had some issues in her past and her parents are extremely religious. We have a few beers and everything goes pretty normal until about 2 AM when it is time to take her home.

She has to sneak back into her room which is adjacent to her parents’ room. I give her a boost and then she invites me in. I end up climbing in through the window too and make enough noise to possibly wake up her parents. But they don’t wake up and I gradually relax as much as a guy could in these circumstances.

We talk for a bit and then things get physical. We have sex, and she is purposely being crazy and making noises as I try to muffle her sounds. It was a terrifying turn on. This craziness is what got her in trouble in the past. I swear she almost wanted to get caught. Of course her parents are still just right on the other side of the wall.

We hooked up twice, it was about 430 AM and I had an hour drive home. She says her parents wake up early, but somehow she wants me to try and stay. I decide to get the hell out of there, but going out the window is tough without help. So, I am left to exit through the front door. Complicating matters, her brother is sleeping on the couch because relatives are in town. (You’d think I’m making this stuff up) It takes me at least 30 minutes to work up the courage, but finally I know it is go time.

I am terrified and walking through the dark living room towards the front door. I see her brother sleeping on a couch about two rooms away. I freeze for a split second but then move much faster towards the front door to just get the escape over with. I reached the door, opened it, stepped out, closed it quickly behind me and took off on a dead sprint to my car a block away.

I got in my car, overcome with adrenaline and the excitement of victory. Drove home watching the sun start to come up, arriving home a little after 6 AM. Success.


Derek Hale #1

Fandom: Teen Wolf/The Originals

Prompt: OC is new to Beacon Hills and is Supernatural. The gang try and find out what she is but she won’t let them find out. Derek and her fall in love and she helps them. 

I made it an OC for this one because I wanted to do something different, if you don’t like the name just change it whilst reading. 

Beth smiled just before going out onto the stage. She had been invited to perform with her band Twisted Saturday’s at some teenager’s party, yeah it was an odd name but the boys and her thought it was hilarious. She laughed to herself about how many times they had changed the name over the last years. Honestly she didn’t remember the original name but it was probably something just as stupid if she could guess. Back to the performance she was absolutely ready to do, she thought about her friend that had been the one to organise the party. She had been friends with Kira Yukimura for a very long time, not as long as she had been friends with her mother but long enough. Beth then frowned as she remembered the secret she had kept from Kira but she knew that it would be safer that way. 

Beth had heard about all the craziness that had happened in Beacon Hills of the last couple of years and she had just shaken her head when she heard their way of dealing with it. She had been around for a while so she knew how to deal with situations like theirs easily. 

Cheering broke her from her train of thought. Looking onto the stage she saw her band start to play Kids In The Dark by All Time Low. She smiled and put on her best ‘sexy smirk face’ before strutting onto the stage. Finally she had become confident after years upon years of being shy and recluse. But that was a little while ago now. Running on to the stage she began to sing. 

We’ll never surrender,
The kids in the dark,
The kids in the dark.

When the song ended Beth scanned the crowd, they were roaring. A large smile broke on her face and she bowed along with her band. She brought her head up when she locked eyes with Kira, she smirked at her and sent her a wink which Kira then laughed at. 

The band thanked the crowd after a few more songs and they all went off stage. Grabbing a small towel and a bottle of water she cracked it open and poured it on her face to make it look like she had broken a sweat. Smiling to herself she went toward the front of the stage and into the crowd. Listening intently through the hoards of sweaty teenagers she finally honed in on the familiar voice that belong to Kira. Getting closer she listened closer to their conversation. 

“She totally winked at you! Do you know her? Should I be scared? Why did she wink at you in the first place? What is going on? Is that her? Is she coming over here? Oh my god what if she can hear us? She is so much more hot close up.” A really cute boy standing with Kira spurted out quickly.

“Kira, Kira, Kira have you not told your lovely friends about me? I feel rather hurt by that, love.“

“She’s British too? What else?” The boy exclaimed again, Beth smirked at his erratic behaviour. His head snapped forward when a strawberry blonde girl next to him whacked him over the back of the head.

“Stiles shut up and be nice. Oh my god I love your shirt! Where is it from?” The girl gripped the front of Beth’s black lace shirt. 

“Oh, this old thing. I’ve had it for years, can’t remember for the life of me, darling. I love your hair, is it natural?" 

"Of course, my name is Lydia by the way,” she held her hand out for the girl in front of her to shake. Beth smiled. 

“My name is Elisibeth (Elizabeth, basically) but please call me Beth,
love. Kira, darling why don’t you introduce me to all your lovely friends.” Kira’s eyes widened and she nodded intently.

“Well, you just met Lydia, the spastic one there is Stiles, that’s Malia, Derek there is the sourwolf and this is Scott,” she breathed heavily, “he’s the one I was telling you about."

"Ooh lover boy, so glad to meet you darling, Kira never shuts up about you. She’s always yapping on and on about how she’s so in l-” Beth was cut short when a hand snapped over her mouth. She sent a hard glare to the accused which was completely unsurprisingly Kira. The girl immediately removed her hand and apologised. 

“Wait you called Derek ‘sourwolf’,” Scott started, “does this mean she knows?" 

Kira nodded, "yep, she knows everything. Where did you think I got all my information from?"

"Yes that was me, honestly I’m surprised that you guys can come up with such stupid plans,” the girl attitudinally spoke. 

“Yeah, like you could do any better. You’re like 16,” the so-called sourwolf sassed. 

“I’m actually a lot older than you think I am Derek,” Beth spoke matter of factly, “I’m 21 by the way."

"21! Why do you look so young? Do you bathe in the blood of the innocent?!” Stiles yelled, again waving his arms all over the place. 

‘You have no idea,’ Beth thought to herself. 

Beth’s eyes scanned over Kira and her friends, she was happy for Kira. She really fit in here and she finally had some worthwhile friends. Her eyes locked with a certain green brooding pair. Those very same eyes sent her a 'what?’ look so she averted them. 

“So Beth,” spoke the strawberry blonde next to her, “how did you meet our lovely Kira over here?"

"I’ve known her for a very long time, since she was born actually. I’m friends with her mother, god it seems like only yesterday."

Kira looked at at the girl oddly, she had only met Beth when she was 12, how did Beth know her when she was born. She wasn’t too much older than her. Somethings didn’t quite add up throughout all of Beth’s stories but she generally let it go, but this time Kira knew she had to dig deeper. Beth must have felt Kira’s gaze as she turned her head to look at her, she smiled and then excused herself from the group before sauntering backstage once more. 

All of the gang turned their eyes toward Kira, they had noticed Kira’s unease after Beth’s story and wanted to know why she felt that way. 

"What’s wrong Kira?” Scott asked her, his voice laced with worry. 

“It-it’s nothing, it’s just Beth’s stories never seem to add up fully. I would brush it off but I only met Beth when I was twelve, I don’t know how she’s known me for so long."

"I get what you mean, it’s like how she knows so much information on the supernatural and the fact that she looks eighteen but is twenty one,” the group nodded their heads as Lydia spoke. They all agreed that something was up but they just didn’t know what it was yet. Suddenly all the werewolves and coyotes in the groups heads snapped up as they heard a voice yelling. 

'Yes! I know I said I’d only be a few days but I’m staying for longer. Look while I’m gone you need to run the house and keep my people in check. You’re not my second in charge for nothing, I have to tell her sooner or later and she’s already suspicious about it. Yeah, yeah, I have to go. Keep me updated, you understand, oh and please don’t wreck my mansion while I’m gone, love. Bye now,’ the voice was Beth’s. They all looked confused as she progressed in her phone call.  


Weeks passed and Beth stayed with Kira and her family. The pack were still suspicious about the girl and what she had been hiding. She hadn’t shown any signs of being supernatural but there was a problem; she didn’t smell like a human, nor a werewolf, or anything they knew of for that fact. Whenever a problem came up with the supernatural she knew immediately what to do and whilst it was helpful for the pack it confused them as to how she knew so much. 

Another thing that ticked at the packs minds was the phone call she had on the first night they met. They didn’t know which point made them the most confused, the fact that she owned a mansion, she had a second in command, her 'people’ or this secret that they were suspicious of. 

In Beth’s sixth week of being in Beacon Hills the pack and her where faced with a new problem. The bodies that were found were all drained of blood, had holes in them and had absolutely no connections. Beth was more than helpful, in fact at one point she stated, “this is a very personal problem.” This statement really confused the pack, how could dead people be personal? She had no connection to them. 

The pack decided to Kira’s mother’s disapproval that they would confront Beth and find out once and for all what she was hiding. After spending the day in Derek’s loft and talking about how they would ask, they came to the conclusion that they would just come out and ask. They were sitting around the living room when Beth burst through the large metal door. 

“Guys, I’ve know what they are and exactly how to kill the-,” she stopped when all eyes were nearly glaring at her, “okay I’ve missed something, why do you look like you are going to kill me?"

"Look Beth, you need to tell us right now, why don’t your stories add up ever? Why are you so secretive? But the most important, what the hell are you?” Kira’s sudden outburst shocked everyone in the room, all except for Beth. She simply sighed and closed her eyes.

“I knew this day would come eventually, you could have asked a whole lot nicer, love,” her voice was cold and Kira became stiff, she opened her mouth to apologise when Beth opened her eyes and smiled, “I’ll tell you, you may hate me for keeping this secret but you may also not believe me at all.”

“I think we’ll believe just about everything,” Derek spoke, his voice wasn’t sassy or rude but smooth and sincere. 

“Okay, thank you. It all started in the year 1109, I was a normal day for me in my village. I was to be married the next day though so I was ecstatic. I was young and in love, I was 18 and the middle child of five and the only girl so my brothers were very protective. That night though my entire life changed, it was a full moon and so we all his in the caves away from the werewolves. I needed to get my younger brother when he ran out though as I was the only one he really listened to. I chased him though the forest but was grabbed from behind and thrown against a tree. I saw my fiancé’s face in the moonlight but it was different, it was horrifying. He shoved his wrist against my mouth and forced me to drink his blood. I was bawling, I was scared. The worst happened next when he stabbed me in the heart with a dagger and left me dead on the forest floor. I woke up back in my hut, I checked my chest but I was perfectly fine. I thought it was a dream until I was hungry, I was in pain from hunger and nothing could satiate it. My youngest brother came to check on me and I could hear it, it was the most beautiful sound on earth. His pulse pumped through my ears and when I hugged him I just wanted to eat. My teeth hurt so much and so I did, I took a bite and punctured his neck with fangs that I didn’t know I had. I drank him completely dry, just like those bodies that have been showing up recently. But after one it just got worse, I got more and more hungry. I drank every single person in the village completely dry of blood, all except one, my fiancé. He had just up and left, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I couldn’t go outside during the day and so could only walk around at night. After a nights travel to the next village over I found a witch, I was scared about what I had done and needed someone to tell me what was happening to me. She said that I had been turned into a vampire by one of the Originals, it made sense after a while though, my fiancé had just shown up on his own with no family and immediately came to me and we were going to be married within a year of meeting each other. She gave me this ring so that I won’t die in the sun and taught me how to control my hunger. I’ve only run into my fiancé and his family a few times in this 900 odd years but they are the worst supernatural creatures to fight. I’ve built myself a legacy and an army. This is a personal matter and you have to stay out of it. The Originals are who I’m fighting and you must not interfere,” with that Beth turned on her heel and left leaving the pack in a state of absolute shock and horror.

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So this is a cliffhanger and I don’t know if you want me to do Part 2. So let me know.


if you believe that all of this baby drama is true, read this

so you’re trying to tell me that briana stayed the same weight for her entire pregnancy? and louis was out partying and smoking weed the entire time she was pregnant when he’s always loved and wanted kids? and he coincidentally never mentioned his upcoming fatherhood when they asked how he would be spending the break? and he said he was just going to chill out? and every time it was mentioned in interviews all of the boys (including lou) looked like they we’re going to throw up? and none of the boys or any other friends congratulated him on being a father? and his mother did not once acknowledge it either, but she did acknowledge the new music video and how it made her cry? and louis (who we all know loves children) looked absolutely miserable the ONE time he was seen with the baby carrier? and in the photos that were “released” of B and the baby, he looked about 2 when he had been born 3 days prier. and B (who is very skinny and weak looking) carried an (at least) 15-20 pound baby carrier that contained an actual baby with 3 fingers and a phone in her other hand? and the day after his child was born he was spotted in a sunglass hut? (not only is that a friends reference to fake pregnancies but also why would you need to go shopping for sunglasses the day after your son was born?) and why were their so many rumors about the baby name (jacob, sydney rain, conchobar, etc.) when all other celebs announce the baby’s name, weight, and height right after the pregnancy? and why hasn’t he looked happy these past few months when anyone has said anything about B or the baby? louis is not happy. larry aside, louis did not put himself in this situation, and he clearly wants out. we all know louis and we know what his happiness looks like. and if you can’t tell that he’s unhappy, wake up.

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prompt: the delinquents decide to do something to get Bellamy and Clarke together, and throw a party in attempt to get them both drunk so that they will admit their feelings. But the thing is that Bellamy and Clarke are already together, they just didn't tell them yet.

Thanks for the prompt! I changed it a little bit, I hope that’s okay. I feel like their friends trying to get them together is overdone, so here are some totally oblivious friends.

Once They Know

Summary:  Bellamy and Clarke just want some time alone together but their friends can’t seem to take a hint.

AO3 //

Their relationship is new, and that’s why they don’t want to tell their friends yet. Clarke is sure they’ll all be annoyed once they finally find out, but right now it’s more important to her to keep it under wraps so that she and Bellamy can see where it’s going without the pressure (and probably constant teasing) of their friends. It’s also partly because their friends have been trying to get them together for ages and neither Clarke nor Bellamy wants to give them the satisfaction of knowing they were right.

The only problem with a secret relationship is, their friends never seem to give them any time alone, and it’s not like they can ask for time alone without telling them why. And that’s clearly off the table. So they have to invent an excuse so they can finally actually get some alone time.

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Danny held two bags in each hand, each from a different store. He was shopping for Valentines Day presents for Carina, and even though he didn’t really have the money for everything, he was still buying the things she wanted. It was a holiday, he always spoiled her on holidays. Or, more accurately, most days. For the most part.

Looking around at the different stores- he had never been in this mall, it was huge- he didn’t really pay attention to where he was going. Like the tall klutz that he was, Danny ended up tripping over one of the benches, falling flat on his face, and dropping his bags. Toys and candy spilled out onto the floor.

“Ah, hijo de puta!” He swore.

While scrambling to grab his stuff before anyone tried to grab anything, he noticed someone sitting on the bench he had just stupidly tripped over.

“Oh, hey! William, right? Long time no see!” He greeted.


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FS + 25

“Jemma Simmons!” A girlfriend reached for her across the party crowd. “So glad you’re here! I didn’t think you were going to make it! You know, with you always studying all the time!” Beer spilled over Jemma’s arm, and it was then she noticed how drunk Lauren actually was.

“I don’t study all the time!” Jemma yelled defensively over the loud music.

“Hey,” Lauren slapped her shoulder playfully. “Fitz’s dorm room is three doors down if you want to check it out.” The girl giggled. “I heard he’s in there studying. Ha - just like you were an hour ago. Isn’t that funny? It’s like the two of you are perfect for each other!”

Jemma adjusted the purse strap on her shoulder. She reached out to stabilize her swaying friend. “Why are you telling me about Leo Fitz?”

“Because. One,” Lauren raised her index finger to Jemma face. “That’s the reason you’re here. You only showed interest in this party when you heard his roommate was throwing it. And. Two,” she popped up bunny ears. “Because you have shown an interest in him ever since he asked that alien DNA question the first day in Biochem.” She took a sip of the beer in her other hand.

“I have not!”

Lauren spit out the beer she slugged down. Jemma was thankful she directed her spit at the wall and not at her. “You, my friend,” she poked Jemma’s collar bone. “Are a liar….Fitz is three doors down!” Lauren pointed down the hall before spinning from Jemma.

Jemma sighed, silently wishing her usual responsible friend to be careful. As she looked around the mess that was the second-floor boy’s dorm Friday night party, she realized her friend was right. There was nothing here that interested her—except Fitz.

“Knock. Knock.” Jemma said the words as her knuckles hit the wood.

She heard someone scrabbling and swirly-chair metal scrapping as she pushed the dorm room door open and walked in.

“Simmons. Hey.” Jemma caught Fitz in between siting and standing. He adjusted his tie as she moved further into the room.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt your Friday night studying.” She peered over his shoulder to the books piled on the desk.

“I wasn’t—I am not studying on a Friday night! I was just getting ready to join the party actually.”

A knowing smile spread across Jemma’s face. “I just came from studying in my room. Been locked up there all afternoon. Ever since—”

“Dr. Hall talked about gravitonium.”


“I wanted experiment with distorting the force of gravity—”

“Yourself. Yeah. I’ve been doing the same thing all afternoon.”

Chills ran down both of their spines. Jemma searched his face to find her same thrill reflected in his expression. They stayed, frozen, in their exuberance a moment too long before they realized what had just happened between them: They were inspired by the same lecture, that inspiration led them to do the same experiments on a Friday night, which led them to skip the same party, which led them here - finishing each other sentences and sharing the same excitements.

The realization of their shared experience hit them at the same time. They looked at the floor instead of at each other.

“So…” Jemma spoke first. “Here we are, alone in your dorm.”

An odd sensation came over Fitz - like they both had decided not to talk about the same thing. “So, should we experiment with…”

“With the party or with gravity?” Jemma offered when it seemed Fitz struggled with what to do now they were in his room alone together. “Definitely with gravity.”

Excitement swelled in Fitz once more. “Definitely.”

Companion flashback piece - here.

Send me a prompt, and I’ll write you a drabble!

i just want a 1x1 where it’s just full on fluff and angst. 

the kind where she gets mood swings just  a few days before her period starts and she’s hanging out with her friends and then she feels left out and hated. and then she comes home to him and ask ‘do you think im annoying?’ and he’d be like ‘yea, you are *kisses her everywhere and gives her a back rub*’

the kind where he remembers approximately when she would get her period, and then she’d snuggle up in sweatpants and groaning in pain while watching keeping up with the kardashians. and then he’d come bearing chocolate and flowers and just cuddle her messed up and disgusting-self all night.

the kind where she gets drunk after a party at a hotel ballroom and they decide to get a hotel room bc its too late and he’s too tired to drive and she’s way too drunk to sit still. and she decides to go crazy around the halls, and woke a baby up, and he’s afraid that someone might come and kick them out.

the kind where he would wait for her in the bar and some girl tries to hit him up while she walks in and then sees him try to avoid the other girl.

the kind where the girl is some shy girl but gets in a relationship with a famous guy and they went to an event where some of the bitches who makes fun of her are there. and then the receptionist lady or whatever has to check her name on the list, but it wasnt there. and she’s embarrassed and the girls laughed at her but then he swoops in and is like: she’s with me

the kind where he has problems like maybe with work, or like maybe some family thing and he was never the type to show off his emotions but then one day she’s just like there, hugging him and he finally tells everything to her.

the kind where he has an embarrassing family and they just tell her what he’s like as a kid and shows her his baby pictures with his gap tooth and ugly haircut. and his favourite red cape that he used to wear around the backyard bc he wants to pretend he’s superman. he’s just like: oh god pls stop.

ok lets b honest this is just basically unrealistic relationship goals and me wanting some dream guy. AM I REACHING FOR THE STARS HERE? NOT REALLY. well maybe. but since i can’t have him irl, maybe i can have him in roleplay idk man.

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‘we’ve been fucking with no strings attached but i just saw you go upstairs with another guy and im drunk and following you both upstairs to punch the shit out of him’

:for a starter based on the last entry in my wanted plots.

The Christmas party was in full swing. Pepper was impressed, it had to be a record attendance. Tony was off somewhere, she wasn’t sure. Probably talking to some blonde or another. That was fine. She had found a blonde of her own.

Derek was an investment banker. Smart. Funny. Brought to the party by one of his friends that worked in accounting. They had been chatting for an hour before she was just buzzed enough to invite him to her room. They managed to slip out basically unnoticed.

Or so she thought.


          Wendy hadn’t WANTED to go out to this party to begin with. Her friends had convinced her. Well, sort of. They’d said it was good for her to go out and have some fun after the BREAKUP. She didn’t think it would be fun, but they kept talking and talking, and she couldn’t take it. Talking about it, thinking about him, remembering how EVERYONE had warned her not to trust him, hurt too much. She’d go if it meant changing the topic.

                        ( She’d believed in him. She’d loved him. In the end, she just got BURNED. )

The brunette had agreed to go, but that didn’t mean she would do anything beyond that. Eventually, the other girls had left her to go find some food. That’s when the PREDATOR swooped in on the wounded bird. He kept talking to her, his gaze leering and his grin that of a jackal. Eventually, he started trying to TOUCH her. That was the final straw. She shoved him away from her and shouted:

               “Just LEAVE ME alone!”

Update on Jasper’s Exes/Stalkers.

Things that have happened during the skipped months.

For the last few months, everywhere that Jasper has been going, Elsa and Luna just happens to show up. At first he thought it was a coincidence. Thinking that Elsa just moved back in town  and wanted to get out with her friend.

Maybe it’s just in his head. That’s what he thought until he saw Luna at his engagement party.

The night of the engagement party…

As soon as Nia went to the bathroom, Luna storms over bombarding Jasper with questions. 

Luna:Why are you getting married to her? Whats so special about her? What does she have that I don’t? 

Before Jasper could say anything, his sister interrupts them. 

(*Jahyla pulls Luna aside*) 

Jahyla: Hey you need to calm down. If you have a problem with him, address it privately not in front of everybody. As a matter of fact, this is not the time or the place for this bullsh*t. You need to leave. 

Luna: Look, I’m sorry I just couldn’t setback and not say anything. I still have feelings for him.

Jahyla: You knew what kind of party this was. Why did you even come?

Luna: I don’t know. I should’ve stayed home. I’m gonna go now.

After she leaves, Jay annd Jas talked about what happened and decided not to bring it up to Nia. 

mum’s friend started up tryna take fucking photos of me at my mum’s party. like 35 fucking people there and she’s fucking lurking up on me trying to take photos of me WHILE I’M IN CONVERSATION TALKING TO MY FRIEND 

so I’m like “can you fucking not?” and she’s like “oh come on you didn’t even know I was here” and I’m like “I’ve told you I don’t want you taking photos ofme so can you just get out of my face” and she’s like “oh well I’ve got one now anyway” but then she goes AND DOBS ON ME TO MY MUM OVER IT

she’s like “Krystal just had a go at me for trying to take a photo of her” mum’s like “…so stop doing it????”


I’m Just Here For The Chocolate || Singles Only Party  || Open Para

Another mushy movie was coming on the tv and Xenovia found herself more than board. Her manager messaged her, letting her know she had received another arrangement of flowers. Valentine’s Day was never a holiday Xenovia enjoyed. She found it to be fake and annoying. She couldn’t remember the last time she gave a genuine gift on the day, but she did receive many herself. Staying in and watching tv just wasn’t going to do this year, she wanted to get out. More importantly maybe meet new people. 

Bringing some of her model friends, she decided to stop by the Singles party at The Writing Nook. She figured it would be fun, her friends were down, and it was something to do. As always, she came fashionably late, three hours to be exact. Which was good considering Xenovia’s track record. The Nook had a nice vibe and the crowd seemed good. Eight o’clock for a party was early, but she had no complaints. 

The group of friends split up. Some finding more attractive distractions and meeting familiar faces. Xenovia found herself more occupied with the desserts. Loading up her napkin, she started popping the truffles in her mouth. Of course with her luck as she was stuffing her face, her eyes fell upon someone she recognized. Not from meeting in person, but from pictures, the site. Receiving a wave first, she grinned, her cheeks too full to reveal a smile. 

Once she scoffed the chocolate down, she gave a light laugh, her cheeks turning slightly red. “Now every time you think of me, you’ll remember me looking like a chubby chipmunk” She teased, offering her handful of sweets. “Come on, now you have to have some to make me feel better” She joked again, her head tilting to the side. “I’m trying to remember your name, but it’s running from me. Unless I just remember a picture of you and don’t know your name.  Remind me again” She flashed her pearly whites. “Or tell me your name” 

I work with this girl who is just super nice and interesting and pretty and I’ve really been wanting to hang out with her. I’ve never asked her to anything though because I figured we work full time together, why would she want to hang out after work?

Last night she texted me saying she found out there’s parties (receptions with food and an open bar) every night when congress is in session, and that I should come with her next time.

And I swear I got the stupid smile of someone that just got asked on a date. Ian noticed and teased me saying that she likes me and everything.

But yeah, all 3 of us are going to a party with free food and an open bar next Thursday :D

This crush

I’ve always had a crush on Justin, I’ve had this since I was in Kindergarten. Only Sophia knows this because she’s my best friend. She really wanted me to go to the party, Justin’s going to I agreed to go I went in the shower and put my clothes on and Sophia put her clothes on. ( We went in and I went to the kitchen to get a drink for Sophia and I. I gave her the drink “I’m gonna go, you find Justin” Sophia said walking to another part of the house. I start walking when I bump into a hard surface which was Justin. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to” I yell over the music, he just nods and takes me into a hallway by this time I’m scared out of my mind of what he might do. The closest is really quite and has lots of lights but it’s not blindingly bright.“hi” he says smiling “hey” I say back lightly smiling “I just wanted some quietness and you look like the type of person that likes that” he says looking at me, I nod. “Do you wanna play a game” he adds “what kind of game you thinking of” I say with a little more confidence “let’s ask each other questions” ( this is what Justin is wearing ) “ok sure I’ll go first, what’s your favorite food?” “I have to say pasta” he said looking at me smiling “ok your turn” I said. The game went on for a while “when was your first kiss” he asked I looked down at the floor, he looked at me and lifted my head. He looks at me deeply and leans closer I lean in. I start to kiss him he pulls me closer ( I pull away and look at Justin he has a smile plastered on his face.

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So uh someone told me to come to your blog for advice today since its Clinic Tuesday but anyway, I've been friends with a girl for about three years but last week we went to a party together and I kissed her?? We're going to go on a date this week but I'm scared that this will turn out like every other relationship I have and that she'll get bored of me and drop me. Advice??

you’ve been friends for that long!! i’m sure she won’t drop you, your relationship will probably be stronger since you’re basing it on top of a strong friendship!! just try not to sweat it so much, be yourself and it will work out <33


anonymous asked:

hey, lately I found myself not being interested in what my friends want to do anymore & I always feel like I disappoint them when I tell them I don't want to go to a party or drink or even just stay out late because I'm tired. I just don't know how I could tell them, especially my best friend, I really love her but I just wish we could do other stuff, for example going for a hike or camping. Sometimes I feel like she thinks I'm boring. (Good thing I inspired and helped her to go vegan!! 💖)

Invite her out hiking! Make a day of it! You shouldnt feel like a disappointment for not wanting to go to partys and your friends should understand and respect that x

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Alyssa: ✯, ◉ , ☢

Send a symbol to hear my muse talk about their:

◉ Dream(s): sometimes she lets herself dream about a future where everyone’s happy and alive and she’s got a good, stable family and house with a picket fence and probably a dog and things are just normal. but mostly she knows that’s never going to happen.

✯ Perfect day: a (manageable) work day that ends at a decent time and a lazy evening that includes a) kaidan, b) a long bubble bath and possibly c) both at the same time.

that, or a day she can devote to friends, preparing and throwing a dinner party with the people she cares about

☢ Personality Flaw(s): the biggest one is that she’s nosy. she wants to solve people’s problems and if they don’t give her all the details she’s just gonna find them out for herself so she can handle it. she also has a tendency to be judgemental, in a “I should make a decision now so I can move on to the heart of the issue” way.

there’s also her enormous guilt complex and tendency to be overly introspective