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diner girl | jughead x reader

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“order up”

i blow a strand of hair out of my face as i pick up the next order waiting to the table at the back accomodating to a local couple, they were older but always order the same thing, two coffees and onion rings.

“here you go” i smile brightly placing the order out onto the table “if you need anything else’s just let me know” i smile picking up the empty coffee pot and wondering back to over to the counter

“louis and amelia in again?” hermione asks and i nod brushing the crumbs off my yellow waitressing uniform and adjust my name badge “yeah, i hope I’ll be like them when im older”

i sigh leaning against the counter earning a playful smack on my butt from the lodge woman “you’ll find someone your young gorgeous smart-” she emphasis the smart placing her hands under my chin “and a waitress you forgot to add a waitress” i tell her sarcasm laced in my words

the bell dings indicating more customers, i smile recognising them instantly; they were in my year at school one being Hermione’s daughter Veronica lodge the newest member, Betty Cooper the blonde cheerleader, Archie Andrews the red headed sports jock and musician and finally Jughead Jones

“now there’s an eligible bachelor” hermione smirks as the brunette boy smiles at me before slipping into the booth with his friends.

i blush a strand of hair falling in my face, the older ladies eyes widen at my response “let me go work some magic-” she smirks

“no H please please don’t embarrass me” i complain trying keep her from going over to the group

she grabs my cheeks in her hands and i dart my eyes to see if the group is looking and sure enough jughead is, he chuckles as we make eye contact and i furrow my brows in embarrassment.

i let her walk away as i wait another table trying to keep myself busy and i imagine hermione is telling the boys how im a lonely single 17 year old.

i walk over to my tables and refill some coffee mugs before i discretely glance over my shoulder to hermione and the teenager only to find they’re eyes already on me.

i glance at the brunette boy curiosity on his face and he watches me whilst popping tomato sauce drenched fries into his mouth. I’m quick to look away continuing to busk the tables.

i scoop up the half empty coffee pot and make my way past the table hoping that they wouldn’t notice me sneak past but i was sadly mistaken, the raven haired waitress pulled at my arm tucking me under her arm.

“just the girl i wanted to see” she muses, “you guys need anything?” i ask pulling out my notebook and placing the coffee pot down they shake their head conversation falling silent.

i top up veronicas mug with coffee and pick up my tray removing the empty milkshake glasses and onion ring baskets. i turn to leave put hermione grabs my shoulders pulling me back.

this throws me off and send my tray crashing to the floor the glass shattering and bits of left over food and milkshake flying everywhere. i cuss and drop down trying to clean it up as everyone stares.

a scream fills the small diner and we perk up trying to find the source of the scream, my eyes land on the red headed girl and instantly roll at the drama queen.

“you just got milkshake all over my new shoes!” she cries out pointing to her white pumps small droplets of chocolate milkshake splattered on them.

“sorry ill just grab you a napkin” i mumble stepping over the spill and handing her a clean napkin. she scoffs at me flinching away from my outstretched hand

“you can wipe it you spilt it” i bite the inside trying to remain calm, i bend down and wipe her shoes clean placing the napkin on my tray “can i help you in any way?” i ask and she clears her throat.

‘i’d like another strawberry milkshake free of charge for the inconvenience of your tragic waitressing skills” i pull out my notepad scribbling down her order “ill notify pop to remove it from your bill”.

she places her hands on the table “you might wanna clean up your mess now” she sasses her friends giggling at me.

i turn and collect the mop and the dustpan, hermione already crouched on the floor tending to the glass “hey its okay I’ve got this can you make sure cheryl gets her shake and mr green gets his cheese burger” she nods.

“i think pop need to re think his poor staff choices, a lodge and a (y/l/n) god he really lucked out” i concentrate on cleaning the spill and try and block out cheryl rude comments.

archie and the group watch my intently as i finish cleaning my mess and walk over to the blossom girls table for the bill. i pick up the scrunched up cash and head to the till when the red head grabs harshly at my wrist.

“now make sure that all that money makes it to the register wouldn’t want your sticky fingers thinking its a tip, you know with all your family history’ the girls snicker and i smile down at cheryl.

before heading over to the till “spoilt brat” i mutter “excuse me what was that?” “i said you spoilt little brat” i repeat myself crossing my hands across my chest.

“you miss blossom are a huge pain in my ass, you come here and harass us all and you think that its okay all because your last name is blossom’ i spit my anger boiling over “the way you treat people is disgusting”

she raises her eyebrows “its not my fault you can’t do your job properly klutz, don’t even think that i don’t notice you always refilling their glasses and baskets of fries without costing them” she argues gesturing to the group of four.

i walk up to the counter and empty my uniform of my tips and place it all in the till “there happy? now all their meals are paid for” she taps on the table “wheres my damn milkshake” i grab the milkshake off hermione and walk over to her

“one strawberry milkshake?” she smiles sweetly at me and nods, with a smile on my face i turn the cup upside down at let the shake pour from the glass o the top of cheryl’s head.

she screams and wipes the shake from her face “you you-bitch!’ she stand from the booth snickers coming from the booth behind me “get the hell out of my diner, oh and heres your money back yano for the inconvenience”.

she storms out and i glance at a very un impressed pop walking toward me with  a mop “she been harassing me and hermione for weeks pop i had to put her in her place” he huffs and shakes his head “just get it cleaned up kiddo”

a round of applause fills the diner and i grab the ends of my dress curtseying at the crowd “thank you thank you very much” i smile my gaze falling o=n the group smiles of amusement clear.

“id clean up your mess missy if you still want your job” hermione tease smacking my bum playfully “yes mama” i tease dragging the mop across the diner floor soaking up the spilt shake.

“I’m headed home V you coming?” her daughter stands from the booth biding a goodbye before walking past me a slipping a 50 in my apron “oh no Veronica i can’t take this”.

i remove it and try and hand it back to the raven haired girl but she shakes her head “uh uh you kept it- its your tip okay, and call me V thats what my friends call me and after tonight you are defiantly one” i sigh placing the money back in my apron.

“thanks V, see you around?” 

the blonde girl stands along with the red headed boy “it getting late jug we’ll see you at school” he nods continuing to eat his burger as the last of his friends leave the diner.

i grab the bill for my last two tables and star wiping down the booths removing them from empty dinner plates and drinks. it was just after 11 and everyone had cleared out leaving an eerie quietness leaving only a single customer; jughead.

i sit on the stool at the top of the diner waiting for pete to arrive for his shift so i could finally go home.

i walk over to the occupied booth nervous “hey” i say softly gaining the young boys attention, he tilts his laptop screen down smiling up at me “can i sit?” he nods and i slip into the empty seat opposite him.

its silent for a few seconds but he breaks first “(y/n) right?” i nod “thats me (y/n) (y/l/n)” i laugh nervously “jughead jones?” “the third” he adds smirking.

he pushes the bowl of fries over to me but i shake my head declining them and he shrugs plucking more and throwing them into his mouth. “heard a lot about you” he starts wiping his lips with his thumb.

my eyes flicker from his lips to his eyes “oh really?” i state playfully “miss lodge seems to have an endless list of compliments about you-” i roll my eyes siting back my hand outstretched on the table top almost touching jugs.

“correct me if I’m wrong but are you perhaps single?” “as a matter of fact i most certainly am, you?” i move my hand closer to his our fingers brushing together. 

“i am in deed, there this girl though” he start continuing to flirt “there always is” i muse “she gorgeous actually, intelligent, funny and can actually be a pain the ass sometime but i like it” “maybe she just has a great sense of humour” 

he narrows his eyes “maybe, she has excellent taste in clothes too, but i almost never see her out of the incredibly yellow waitressing uniform” his eyes fall to my lips then back up to my eyes.

the bell rings and i look past jughead to see Pete entering giving me a small wave before clocking in. i slip out of the booth “you have a thing for ronnie’s mum?” i place my hand over my mouth faking shock.

he exhales laughing and shaking my head at me “told you she was funny” i grab my bag from behind the counter and push on the door starting my journey home when i hear the bell ding followed by heavy steps.

“(y/n) wait” i turn and start walking backwards “you need something?” i ask turning forward when he finally catches up “let me walk you home?” he questions and i sigh “fine this way” he laces his hands with mine and we begin the short trip to my house.

we create small talk until the familiar house comes into view “this is me, thank you for walking me home” he smiles shyly “anytime” i go to walk up he steps but he stops me placing his hands on my face.

he presses his lips to mine in a sweet warm embrace, i kiss back instantly my hands darting to his suspenders pulling his body flush against my own. he smiles into the kiss and i break away stepping back a few steps.

 “what about hermione?” i tease.

“oh be quite and get your cute ass over here” i walk back over to him wrapping my arms around his neck as we continue to kiss butterflies thrashing my stomach.

best shift ever.

Don’t Say Anything (part 1)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angsty angsty angst


“Nat?” you spoke softly as the two of you laid on your bed, staring up at the ceiling.


You turn your head to her. “Do you think it’s time I tell you know who that I like him?”

Natasha looks over at you and smiles. “I’d say yeah, you’ve been talking about him for years now Y/N. You’re madly in love with this dude which, by the way, I still do not know.”

You blush. You weren’t about to tell her that the man you’ve been crushing on is Bucky. No one knew how you felt about him and you’re surprised that Natasha didn’t already figure out who you always talked about.

“Well, if everything goes well I’ll tell you who he is.” you say.

“You better. It’s not nice keeping your best friend in the dark like this.” she jokes.

You laugh. “Oh hush.”

“I need to interview this guy. Make sure he’s good for you.”

“Soon my dear, soon.”

Your door suddenly opens, revealing the man you’re in love with.

“Hey Y/N, I just came by to ask if you wanted to go get a milkshake with me.” he smiled.

“I’ll get going. See ya later, snooka.” Nat says, kissing your cheek before leaving your room.

You look over at Bucky. He’s so beautiful.

“So, what do ya say?” he’s now leaning against the doorframe.

Steve would kill you if you drank a milkshake, especially since you’re training with him tomorrow. But Bucky throws on his best pouty face and you’re done for.

“Let’s go.”

You enter your room after a tiring training session with Steve only to find Wanda sitting on your bed with a smile on her face.

“What are you doing here?” you question.

“I’m here to train you.”

You scoff. “I don’t know if you knew this but I just got back from training with Steve so..”

Wanda playfully rolls her eyes. “Not that kind of training. I’m here to train you for when you tell that guy that you like him.”

You nod. Wasn’t Natasha supposed to help you with that?

“Nat said she had something to do and asked me to help you.” she adds as if she could read your mind.

“Okay.” you nod. “So what should I do first?”

“Well if I knew who he was..” she trailed off and you laugh.

“You’re not getting it out of me, Wanda.”

“Darn.” she frowns. “When am I going to meet the guy? He could be a murderer for all I know!”

You chuckle. “If he feels the same way about me, you’ll meet him soon.”
Although you’ve already met him.

“He’d be a fool to not like you back, Y/N. You’re a big ball of happiness mixed with cute things and sprinkles.” she tells you and you smile. “Okay so we have to work on what you’ll say to him. You don’t want to be stumbling over your words or stuttering. That’s really awkward.”

“This is going to be harder than I thought.” you sigh.

“Pretend I’m Jake.” she says and you give her a confused look.

“Who’s Jake?”

“The guy, duh.” she spoke. “You won’t tell me who he is so we gotta improvise.”

“Oh, right. Okay.” you clear your throat and close your eyes, Bucky’s face coming into your mind. You can see him smiling at you, waiting for you to speak. You open your eyes. “Hey.. Jake.” oh god saying Jake was so weird.

“Hey, Y/N. What’s up?” Wanda responds. Your throat began to feel dry. Why - how?

“I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love yo- your sweater.” you sigh and squeeze your eyes shut.

“Wrong! Do it again. And be less.. Cringy.” Wanda says.

You glare at her. “Oh jeez, thanks for boosting my confidence.”

“I’m trying to help you get laid here.” she gives you a look.


“Do it again.”

You take a deep breath and nod, speaking from your heart. “Jake.. We’ve known each other for quite some time now and every time we hang out it’s amazing. You’re amazing. You know how to make me laugh and our conversations are never boring. You’re a really interesting person Jake. What I’m trying to say is.. I like you. I have since the day I met you, and I want to know if you feel the same way.”

You exhale, not knowing you were holding your breath before and Wanda’s lips turn upwards into a smile. “You did it.”

“I did it.” you breathe out. Wanda chuckles and you break out into a grin. “Thank you so much Wanda.”

You pull her into a hug and she squeezes you. “Go tell him. You got this.”

You rush down the hall, nearly tackling Tony down in the process. Bucky’s door comes up into view and your heart starts beating quickly. You’re going to do it. You’re going to tell Bucky how you feel. Finally.

You stop in front of his door and take a deep breath before twisting the knob and pushing it open, not even bothering to knock. At the sight in front of you, your heart drops.


Bucky moves away from Natasha, both their hair a mess. Nat’s shirt was discarded, thrown across the room and Bucky was just in his boxers. His lips were red and swollen from kissing. You almost forgot how to breathe.

“Oh god..” Nat murmurs, throwing her head in her hands.

“Y/N, hey.” Bucky grabs your attention again, standing up from his bed. “Listen I-I.. No one knows about.. Nat and I.. Please don’t tell anyone.”

You look between Natasha and Bucky. How stupid could you be? To actually think that Bucky might like you back. Of course he doesn’t. Of course he likes Nat. Of course they have a thing going on. Why wouldn’t they?

You muster up a fake smile. “Your secret is safe with me.”

Bucky lets out a sigh of relief and pulls you into a hug. “Thank you so much Y/N.”

You keep your hands at your sides, not daring to wrap them around him. When he pulls away, you clear your throat. “I’ll uh.. Get going.”

Bucky nods. “Thank you.. Again.”

“No problem.” you back out of his room and he shuts the door, leaving you to stare at it.

If only you knocked.

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Some McKirk where Bones wants to leave the Enterprise for any reason and Jim desperately tries to convince him to stay

  • Bones has resigned so many times, it doesn’t even phase Jim when it happens again. Because Bones always changes his mind one way or another - voluntarily or not. Jim can be very persuasive. And most of the time when Bones resigns, he doesn’t even really mean it. It’s just a threat because Jim’s pissed him off, or he’s seen one too many cadets with new and exotic alien STD’s, or because Spock throws him an insult that’s too clever for a comeback. Hell, even because Chekov’s no longer hiding his whiskey in his locker. Jim has seen so many reasons why Bones wants to resign, he just knows it’s never going to happen.
  • Until one time it does. Jim has seen the resignation file in in his message box before, but he doesn’t take it much heed. And it takes another two days for Bones to approach him about it. “Can you accept my resignation, please?” he asks, surprisingly decent, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “Sure, buddy.” “I’m serious,” Bones says, and Jim nods. “Okay, sure. Look,” he says, lifting up his PADD to accept Bones’ resignation with a simple click. When he does, Bones rolls his eyes and walks off.
  • “How are you doing?” Sulu asks Jim when they both meet up for their twice a week workout session. “Yeah, I’m fine,” Jim says, “why?” “Because Leonard resigned,” Sulu says with a frown. He stands behind Jim when the other lies down on the bench press to lift weights, and Jim shrugs. “Yes, but he’s not really resigning.” Jim says, grabbing the weights and pushing it up with a grunt. “But he is, though,” Sulu says. “Nah, that’s just him threatening me because we had a small argument the other day,” Jim says, but Sulu shakes his head. “No, he’s resigning because Jo is moving to York Town, and he’s been offered a permanent position as head of Medical there.” Jim’s grip on the weights falter, and Sulu makes sure to grab it before he chokes himself on it. “What?” “Yeah, dude,” Sulu says, placing the weights down as Jim squirms away from the press and sits up straight. “I accepted his resignation.”
  • “Bones, are you insane? You can’t just resign,” Jim says when he gets to Bones’ quarters. Still in his sweatpants and old Starfleet Academy t-shirt. Bones glances up at him, though he’s not putting his PADD down. “You accepted my resignation.” “I thought you were joking!” “I literally told you I was serious,” Bones says. Jim sits down on the couch next to Bones, frown evident on his face. “I’m not going to let you resign.” “You already did.” “I take it back,” Jim says. Bones huffs, finally putting his PADD down. “You have a fully capable medical staff, you don’t need me here. I want to be with Joanna.” “But I want to have you here,” Jim says, realizing very much how selfish he’s sounding right then. “Bones, please just think about it.” “I have thought about it,” Bones says. He sighs, resting his hand on Jim’s leg just briefly, “I’m sorry, Jim. I have to do this if I ever want to see my own daughter grow up.”
  • Jim can’t blame Bones for wanting this, of course. But that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it, and he does everything in his power to keep Bones aboard the Enterprise for as long as possible. On their way to York Town they receive an opportunity for a mission that extends their trip for a day, and Jim accepts it without hesitation. The rest of the crew might groan in protest (“Seriously, Captain? We’re retrieving a rock that holds no significant importance?”) but Jim knows that means it’s just one day longer with Bones. And he spends every free hour with him. “I’m not going to convince you to stay, am I?” Jim asks right before they finally arrive at the space station. There’s so many things on Jim’s mind he wants to say but doesn’t know how to express, and does it really make a difference if Bones isn’t going to stay anyway? Bones sighs, but it’s not an annoyed sigh. He gives Jim a small smile and squeezes his shoulder. “We’ll see each other every few months, when you’re here.” “Yeah, great,” Jim says, and it’s really sarcastic. Bones knows it, too, but there’s nothing he can really do about it.
  • And Jim is absolutely miserable in Bones’ absence. Their first trip is maybe three months at most, but they feel like three years. Bones has left him a generous amount of whiskey and quality bourbon, and they message each other all the time. But still, Jim feels terrible. He misses Bones, and it’s obvious to the crew, but he just can’t phrase it to Bones properly. Or at all. So instead when Bones asks him: “How was your ground-mission? Did you get hurt? I know you got hurt.” Jim just replies: “Fine. Just a few scratches.” And then they talk about other things. Non important things. Gentle banter between the two of them. And that’s it.
  • Bones isn’t there when Jim arrives back in York Town. The others are off immediately towards the nearest bar, celebrating that short lived freedom from their otherwise routine lives. Jim kind of expects Bones to be there, like in one of those romantic movies, but Bones is working until later, so he’s not there. “Hi Uncle Jim,” Joanna says as she approaches him instead, and that takes Jim by surprise. “Jo? Hey, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?” Jim asks, smiling just lightly and Joanna throws him a sly grin. “What? Demora got time off to pick up her family. I can do the same.” “Your dad lives here, though,” Jim counters. “Yes, but you are his family. Therefore, also mine.” “You are way too clever. Are you sure Bones is really your dad?” Jim replies, and Jo smirks. “D'you want to go get milkshakes with me?” “Sure,” Jim says without hesitation, because he has nowhere else to go, and Jo is a good way to catch up on Bones without looking too pushy. “You’re paying,” Joanna says, and Jim laughs. “Of course I am.”
  • “So, how is your dad?” Jim asks, sitting across Joanna in a booth near the window. She’s skipping school, but she still has her homework laid out in front of her and somehow tricked Jim into helping her, even though she doesn’t really need his help. “He’s okay,” Joanna replies. “Just okay?” “I know he hates his job and he’s only doing it because I live here now with mom.” She explains, and Jim listens. “Maybe he could find a different job?” “Only if it’s back on the Enterprise,” Joanna says, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “What?” “He’s going to hate every job except on the Enterprise,” she says, “do you have a nurse job available?” Jim laughs at that question and just shrugs. “Always. But your dad chose to be near you instead.” “Just because he’s not near me doesn’t make him not my dad,” Joanna says, and Jim smiles lightly. “Well, maybe you should tell him that.” Seriously, she should tell him that.  
  • Jim is completely ready to give in. He craves Bones’ attention more than anything, and he expects Bones to pick up Jo, but it’s Jocelyn instead because Bones is forced to do overtime. Jim considers visiting him in the hospital, but he restraints himself from doing so. Barely, but still. He sends Bones a quick message to meet up tomorrow morning instead, and he heads home with a bottle of bourbon.
  • But come midnight, there’s a knock on the door and when Jim opens it, Bones stands there. Still in his uniform, dark circles under his eyes, hair a mess. “Bones,” Jim says, pleasantly surprised, “what are you-” Bones forces him to shut up when he pushes way into Jim’s personal space (–not like Jim minds when people do), and he’s kissing him. Just like that. Leaving Jim breathless, but every inch as desperate as the other man. Bones’ arms move around Jim’s waist and Bones pulls him impossibly closer, but Jim doesn’t mind one bit, sliding his arms around the other’s shoulders - and then pulling him more inside his apartment.
  • “I didn’t realize you missed me THAT much,” Jim says with a smirk. His fingers trace Bones’ naked chest, exploring every curve of the other man’s toned skin. “Oh, like you were any better,” Bones counters weakly. Jim smiles. He’s waiting for Bones to ask him to return to the Enterprise, but Bones is silent instead. It’s not an awkward silence, though, and Jim shifts closer to him under the warm sheets of his bed. He leans in to kiss him again, sighing against warm lips. “Come back to the Enterprise,” he says himself, unable to stop himself any longer. Bones looks up at him in surprise. “You have any vacancies?” he chuckles softly, and Jim shrugs. “Maybe a nurse.” “That’ll work,” Bones says, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “Wait, really?” “Oh my God, Jim, I hate my job so much. I don’t do any surgeries, I just oversee them. I miss Chekov coming to me for an unnecessary checkup after a casual alien encounter. And I miss Spock telling me my work is ‘trial-and-error’, the asshole,” Bones mutters the last part, and Jim just laughs. “And I just… I miss you, yeah.” “Lame,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “You were the one asking me to return.” Bones counters, and Jim smiles. “Guess I’m just as desperate as you are. What about Jo?” “We talked,” Bones says, “and she says the two of you also talked.” “Yeah,” Jim grins, ignoring that stern look Bones has - probably because Jim allowed her to skip her classes. “She says that I should go if I want to,” Bones says. Jim reaches out, his hand gently running over Bones’ cheeks, which are really due for a shave. “And?” “And I want to,” Bones replies. Jim nods, satisfied at that answer, and he leans in for another kiss. “Welcome back to the Enterprise, Nurse Bones.”

Kana has seldom seen a little kid throw such a tantrum in public, she was shocked. Yelling and stomping, the eardrums of the other people in the fast food restaurant already close to bleeding. Where was his mom? The Japanese brunette pressed her lips together awkwardly, avoiding eye contact like everyone else with the kid as she stood in line, playing with her cardigan sleeve. She just wanted a burger. An out of nowhere craving. Why not? The line was only fairly long, three people in front of her and a good four behind. Oh, it looks like the little kid got his milkshake from his mom. Finally relaxing, the little kid was about to leave.
S p l a t
Kana gasped, barely twisting around in time to catch him before the milkshake in his hand flew partially onto both her pants and the person’s behind her. “Be careful,” She crooned, keeping the boy hauled up from tripping in his run. She simultaneously made a face at her and the other person’s predicament.

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Y/N does something with 2 friends and get third wheeled and wants to get out of there so she texts dan asking if he could please save her.

“You won’t be a third wheel!” They said.

“Just come, it’ll be fun!” They said

“We’re going to get pizza!” They said.

It was two in the afternoon and you were third wheeling, you had not in fact gotten milkshakes, which you had no problem with, but you’d only gotten two. They shared one. You were basically throwing up in your mouth. “So-” You said, trying to start a real conversation, but they were walking in front of you talking to each other, holding hands, leaning on each other, kissing each other. You needed to get out of here that’s what you knew. You couldn’t just say you had to go, they wouldn’t believe you then they’d feel bad. You needed one of the boys to ring you, you knew Phil was in a meeting and you had to pray Dan was functioning. You texted him a quick, SOS and waited, and Dan delivered. Your phone started to buzz in your hand. “Hi Dan.” You grinned.

“Alright, you want out of this. So I’m going to get you out. Where are you?” He asked, you could hear him laughing already. You told him where you were and he said he’s be there in about five minutes. Dan did not disappoint. He ran up to you and grabbed you. “Oh my god [Y/N]! Phil’s been in an accident!” He said.

“Dan, oh my god. We have to go; I’m so sorry you guys.” You said, Dan grabbed your hand and pulled you away and you ran you just ran until they were completely out of sight. The two of you stopped, panting a little or a lot you couldn’t really tell with Dan. But then the two of you looked at each other and started laughing, and laughing and laughing. “You’re so welcome.” Dan grinned.

“Yeah I guess I owe you one now.” You said shaking your head.

“Is that a milkshake?” He asked.

“Yeah blue heaven.” You said handing it to him.

“This is some good milkshake.” He grinned. “I think we’re even again.” 

Begin Again - Chapter 7

Justin’s POV:

I sat in a booth at Hooters waiting for Ryan to show up. Again, I am so glad he agreed to meet me for lunch.

I just had to know if I’m a father.

I couldn’t get any sleep last night thinking about this.

I played with the straw of my drink, when the waitress brought some hot wings.

“Here ya go handsome.” The blonde flirted. I looked up at her and smiled trying to keep my eyes away from her breast.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“Anytime babe.” She smirked sending me a flirting wink before walking off.

I took one of the hot wings immediately moaning to how good they were.

“Hey now, don’t eat ‘em all.” Ryan joked sliding into the seat across from me.

“Sorry they’re just so good.” I laughed. “Anyways the waitress just brought them, this is my first one.”

“Still—don’t eat them all.”

“Okay, okay.” I laughed putting my hands up in surrender.

Ryan and I talked for a while before our waitress came back taking our orders.

“So what was so important that you had to talk to me about?” Ryan asked taking a sip from his drink.

“It’s about Selena.” I began.

“What about Selena?” Ryan asked raising a brow.

“Well not really her—alone, more like her and Kaylie both.” I said.

“Ok?” Ryan said—more like questioned.

“Did you know Selena had a daughter all this time?” I asked.

Ryan thought about it for a second but nodded his head.

“And you didn’t tell me?” I asked.

“You never asked.” He chuckled.

“Well yeah—but I asked you to tell me how she was every time she and Demi talked.”

“And I told you she was fine, which she was.” Ryan pointed out taking another hot wing.

He did have a point.

“Do you know who the child’s father is?” I asked.

Ryan thought even longer this time before sighing and then nodding his head. “Yeah I do.” He sighed.

“Who is it?” I edged on.

“Justin it’s really not—“He began but I cut him off.

“Is it me?” I asked and that surprised Ryan.

His eyes went wide and he literally stared at me for a while.

Ryan was about to speak up when our waitress brought us our food.

“Here ya go boys. Enjoy.” She winked.

Selena’s POV:

“I want chicken fingers and fries!” Kaylie smiled to the waiter who was taking our order.

“Make those four orders of chicken fingers and fries.” I smiled. I went ahead and ordered for Gracie and Jazzy already knowing what they wanted, and I decided—hey why not so I ordered the same thing for myself.

My dad ordered a BLT and fries, and both Pattie and my mom just ordered regular burgers with fries.

We were all out to lunch at a new diner that had just been built a little under a month ago. And it was pretty nice actually. I gave off that 70’s vibe feel which was cool.

“Can I have a milkshake mommy?” Kaylie asked looking up from her coloring.

“After you eat your food.” I smiled and she nodded her head and went back to coloring.

“So Selena, are you happy to be back in Florida?” Pattie asked smiling.

“Yeah it feels good to be home.” I smiled over to her.

We decided on sitting in a big round booth so there would be room for everyone. My dad sat on the left end, with my mom beside him, then I sat next to her and Kaylie sat in between Gracie and me, which leaves Pattie on the right end with Jazzy next to her.

“So I heard Kaylie had a play date with Justin?” Pattie chuckled.

“Yeah, and she had fun.” I smiled looking over to Kaylie.

“Yeah. Justin sucks at Mario-kart though.” Kaylie chuckled.

“No he doesn’t. He always beats us and rubs it in our faces.” Jazzy spoke up.

“Well he didn’t beat Kaylie.” I said.

“I beat him at his own game and won ice cream.” Kaylie exclaimed. “But he claims I cheated so I have to have a rematch with him tomorrow.” Kaylie said rolling her eyes and everyone chuckled.

“No way how did you beat him?” Gracie asked.

Kaylie just shrugged her shoulders. “I let him win the first rounds, and he let me win one, but I learned the way he plays and I beat him and won ice cream.”

“You’re gonna have to teach us how to win.” Jazzy said causing everyone at the table to chuckle.

The waiter brought us our food and we wasted no time digging in—well I didn’t anyways. I was hungry.

I got an incoming call and I reached in my pocket taking out my phone seeing it was Mason calling and I smiled.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Selena.” Mason said.

“Hey Mason.” I smiled through the phone.

“Mace?” Kaylie asked excitedly.

“Hold on Mason, someone wants to say hi.” I chuckled and handed the phone to an eager Kaylie.

“HI MACE!” Kaylie smiled through the phone. “I’m good……I miss you too!…..When are you coming to visit?…Oh ok…I’ll tell her….I love you too Mace bye!” And with that Kaylie hung up.

“Mace said he’ll call you later because he had to go back to work. But he misses us and loves us and is trying to come visit soon.” Kaylie said handing me back my phone. I smiled and nodded my head.

“See Kaylie, I told you Mason wouldn’t forget about you.” I said grabbing her cheeks giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“I know, I just miss him.” Kaylie sighed before she began eating again.


“I want my milkshake now!” Kaylie said after she finished her food. She does have an appetite like me.

“Wow Selena, she’s just like you.” Pattie laughed.

“What kind of milkshake do you want?” I asked Kaylie.

“Chocolate!” She said throwing her arms in the air.

My dad ordered the girls and I chocolate milkshakes, the adults not wanting any.

Well I am an adult—but lets face it—I still act like I’m 17.

It didn’t even take ten minutes before our milkshakes were brought to us.

“Mhm, this is so good.” I smiled sipping my milkshake the best I could—being careful not to get a brain freeze.

I felt my phone vibrate indicating I had a text message. I opened the message and I gulped and I felt my nerves tense up. My parents and Pattie were having a conversation amongst themselves, Jazzy and Gracie were in their own little conversation and Kaylie was too busy coloring to notice either.

From: Justin

We need to talk about Kaylie. Asap.

I think I just died.


I was literally pacing around my room right now.

At 11:32 at night.


It’s been nine hours since I got that text from Justin, and guess what—I haven’t replied to him. Like what am I suppose to reply to him?

I’m a train wreck right now.

“Selena, mom said stop pacing, you’re causing a draft.” Gracie chuckled.

“Oh ha-ha.” I laughed sarcastically.

“Seriously Selly, what is the matter with you?” Gracie asked walking into my room making herself comfortable on my bed.

“Nothing—nothing.” I said and looked at Gracie but she gave me that ‘not buying it face’ causing me to sigh. “Fine, it’s about this text I got from Justin.” I said handing her my phone showing her the text.

“Ok?” Gracie said confused. “He just wants to talk to you about Kaylie.”

“Yeah, what if he found out he’s the father Grace! No, no, no see this is why I should have kept my butt in New York and—“

“Selena, breathe and listen to yourself.” Gracie said. “He sent you a simple text. Maybe he just wants to talk about the re-match him and Kaylie are gonna have tomorrow.” She said simply.

I nodded my head taking deep breaths. “Yeah you’re probably right.” I said.

I can’t believe a ten year old is telling me to calm down and making sense right now.

“Should I text him back? It’s almost midnight—he’ll probably know I was avoiding him.” I said worrying again.

“Selly stop worrying. Just text him back ok and see what he says, ok?” Gracie said and I nodded my head.

Sometimes I wonder how she is the younger sister.

“Hey, what are you doing up late anyway?” I asked. “Everyone else is asleep—apart from me.” I chuckled.

“Well I couldn’t sleep because it feels weird not having Jazzy over. Ever since summer started we’ve been together 24/7.” Grace chuckled and I chuckled along with her.

“You two are seriously joined at the hip.” I laughed. “So are you excited for your birthday coming up in four days?”

“Yeah.” Gracie said excitedly.

“So what do you want?” I asked.

“I really don’t know.” She chuckled.

“So I can get you a peacock and you’ll be fine?” I chuckled.

“Oh gosh no, Selly you know I hate those things. Especially their feathers.” Gracie said whispering the last part.

I chuckled. “Okay, okay. I’ll surprise you.” I smiled. “Now go to bed, its getting late.” I said shooing her out of my room.

“Selly, it’s summer break.”

“Still, you’re only ten; you’re not ready for the all-nighters.” I chuckled.

Gracie stuck her tongue out at me before she walked out my room and to hers.

I took my phone off from its charger opening up my text messages.

Here goes nothing I said nervously.

Justin’s POV:

From: Selena

Sure x what do you need to talk about??

I sighed reading the text message from Selena. Now she decided to text me back when I’m trying to sleep. Sasha was sleep next to me, so I grabbed my phone quietly and walked down the stairs hitting the ‘call’ button to Selena.

“Hello?” I heard her voice say.

“Hey Sel.” I said.

“Hey Jay. So what—um—did you need to talk about dealing with Kaylie?” She said stuttering.

“It’s not my place to say anything. You need to talk to Selena yourself about it.” Ryan’s voice echoed through my head.

“Yeah about Kaylie—she’s still coming over tomorrow right?”

I can’t believe I choked. But asking Selena if Kaylie is mine is more of a face to face conversation. Not over the phone conversation.

“Of course. She’s excited too.” Selena chuckled.

That laugh can brighten up anyone’s day.

“Justin are—are you sure that’s all you wanted to ask?” Selena asked carefully.

“Yeah. Well for now anyway.” I said. “Sel you should get some sleep it’s getting late. We’ll talk more tomorrow.” I added. “Goodnight.” I said.

It took everything in me not to say “I love you”.

“Goodnight Jay.” Selena said before she hung up.

I hung up my end and set my phone down on the kitchen counter running my hand through my hair.

What the hell is wrong with me?

First I say I miss her lips, and now I wanna say I love her?

Because it’s true.

“Justin are you okay?” A voice said startling me.

I snapped my head up seeing it was only Sasha.

“Huh—yeah I’m okay.” I smiled.

I’m no where near okay. I’m a fucking mess. I miss my ex-girlfriend, who I might also be the father of her child.

“Oh—okay. Well come back to bed. I miss you next to me.” Sasha smiled.

“I’ll be up in a sec.” I said.

She nodded her head and walked back up stairs.

I think I’m going insane.


Hey cuties! So I’ve decided that I’m gonna post only on Monday’s and Thursday’s. It’s for the best. It’ll give me time to write out more chapters and not be so stressed out about everything x

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Chapter 3 - Survivors Tribe

Words: 3.1k

Warning: Might be swearing

Summary: Y/N and Michael on there way home when they stop off at a busy diner..

Survivours Tribe Masterlist

“I’m fucking starving, Y/N. I’m pulling over and getting food, you can’t stop me this time.” Michael grumbled, his hands gripping the steering wheel tight and his belly growling straight after he said that. A giggle escaped my lips as we slowed down and pulled into a gas station with a diner just across from it.

Michael gave me a pointed look of ‘don’t test me’ which made me giggle and snort louder. We had been travelling for around an hour and a half and Michael had complained of his tummy eating itself but I didn’t let him pull over once, saying he should of ate before leaving. I thought Michael was joking about stopping until he took the keys out the engine and got out, walking round to my door and opening it.

“No Michael, I want to get home by 7!” I glared at him through my sunglasses, not moving a muscle. My legs were spread up on the dashboard and I was sunken into the passenger seat, my head leaning on the arm rest.

“We can stop for at least half an hour Peach, our houses aren’t going anywhere.” Michael said before lunging over me and unbuckling my belt and pulling me out of the car. Kicking and screaming of how I want to get home as soon as possible I saw how Michael had parked. He had reversed into the spot without me even realising and half of the car was over the line, very close to scratching the red Camaro parked perfectly next to us.

Michael had a nice car as well, but next to the Camaro it looked like garbage. He was able to save up for the car by working as a bartender during college - he had three jobs as a bartender, one being a bartender at a popular club in the city where he got the gossip of everyone we knew at college. Lets just say pretty girls gravitate towards Michael just by looking at his smirk and quirked raises eyebrow.

“Right I’m gonna put you down now so please don’t go back in the car or I swear to god I’ll shave that mane you call hair.” Michael groaned, putting me down with a glint of mischief in his eyes. I gasped and slapped his arm before smirking and jumping up on his back making him stumble in shock and groan.

“How could I forget you would do that.” Michael muttered to himself before grasping my thick thighs in his hands, throwing my arms over his shoulders and resting my face in his neck. He laughed when he pretended to drop me but I gripped onto him tighter, nearly choking him which made him not do it again.

“Oink.” I snorted right in his ear just as we were getting closer to the diner. Why the fuck did he have to park at the gas station and not in the diner?

“What the fuck? Why are you oinking you weirdo?”

“It’s not called a ‘piggyback’ back for no reason motherfucker.” I laughed, placing my hands over his eyes and licking up his neck to the spot behind his ear. Michael cursed and started spinning around quickly, but no matter how hard I clung to him I still slid off his back. I smirked when seeing him out of breath and leaning on his knees, his eyes closed and cheeks flushed red.

“You’re crazy Peaches. You know that right?” He smiled before taking my hand and walking the rest of the way to the diner.

“That’s why we’re friends Rocket.” I said pulling the diner door open and letting Michael walk in first, getting pulled in after him. We made a beeline for the booth right at the far end on the diner as if we knew this place like the back of our hands, weaving in and out of tables and chairs. The booth had white and red checked lather pattern with a long silver table covered with cutlery, napkin dispenser and menus. The table has a glass covering and beneath it was old comic books, pictures and records as it’s design - as if those things were trapped between the base and top of the table.  

Michael sat on one side as I sat on the other, my feet instantly wrapping around his ankles just like they have been doing since we were little. Michael didn’t notice as he passed me a menu, opening his and his eyes scanning across the pages to what there was to offer. I pushed the sunglasses up on my head and scanned over the menu too, my mouth watering at all the calzones, pasta bakes and pizza’s. As it was nearly five in the evening I decided to ditch the idea of pancakes and get a cheesy pasta bake and a milkshake. I like dairy okay, leave me alone.

Michael put his menu to the side just as a tall platinum blonde girl came over, her huge boobs looked as if they were suffocating in the frilly apron and low cut pink top. From the corner of my eye, I saw Michael raise his eyebrows and his lip curl just a little bit making me smirk and roll my eyes.

“Hello there, I’m Sophie and I’ll be your server today; what can I get the lovely couple?” She smiled, crinkles forming by her eyes an her slightly crooked bottom teeth showing.

I looked over at Michael waiting for him to speak to say our order with Sophie but his mind to be occupied on the diner itself, the old jukebox in the cone taking his attention. I kicked his leg, making him wince and zone back into our conversation with Sophie.

“Oh shit sorry. Uh, could we have one strawberry milkshake, a coke - not diet, that shit is lethal, a spicy mexican pizza and-”

“A cheesy pasta bake please.” I smiled at Sophie as she laughed, took the menus and went to put the order through.

“Did you see those melons? Jesus, I thought they were gonna fall off at one point.” Michael said, his voice quiet as he threw his arm across the back of the booth and smirked. I reached over and grabbed the cutlery we needed, then watched him pull his shirt away from his chest and scoff.

“How did you even know I wanted a strawberry milkshake?” I folded my arms and leaned on the table, trying to change the subject.

“Thats what you always get. Well other than water and you’ve drunk at least four bottles today, I’m sure you want a break.” He shrugged with a smile, his nose crinkling slightly.

“You know me too well Clifford.” I winked at him. Michael just shook his head as he laid out the cutlery that I had left in a pile, smiling when I saw Sophie come over with our drinks.

“A coke for you sir,” she said placing down the coke and plopping a blue straw into it, “And a milkshake for your girlfriend.”

“We’re not dating ma'am.” I laughed, taking the milkshake from her and stirring it around, making sure the cream wouldn’t overflow.

“Oh, I’m sorry-” Her eyes went wide with panic and her cheeks gained a rosy colour.  

“No it’s ok! He’s single.” I winked and I saw her blush even more as she walked away, I turned my attention to my milkshake and slurping it.

“Why’d you do that?” Michael groaned, taking the straw from his drink and chewing on it.

“What? Don’t you want to ever settle down?”

“Not just yet Peaches, I’m happy studying.” He smiled at me, throwing the saliva covered straw at me.

“You’re 'happy studying’.” I mimicked him, doing air quotations and pulling the straw out of my hair and putting it back in his cup.

My eyes scanned around the diner and I hadn’t realised just how much it was like a 1950’s diner. The floor was red and white checked, just like some of the booth seats with the bar stools being the only plain things with a white cushioned top. There was a jukebox in the corner of the diner, surrounded by flashing neon signs, signed records and black and white pictures of famous people hung up on the walls. Michael shuffled out of the booth without a word and made his way to the jukebox, stuffing his hand in his back pocket and searching for change. He pulled out a couple of quarters and put them into the slot, spending some time choosing a song.

Michael turned back round and walked towards me, his long strides bringing him quickly back to the booth. I listened out for the music until i heard the opening of the song and I laughed into my hand, flipping my curls over my shoulder. 'Livin On a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi flowed throughout the diner, a few people stopped eating their food and smiling, nodding their heads along to the music. This was the song that Michael would play to make me cheer up and it worked every time.

After I broke up with my ex I was completely heartbroken and went straight to Michael, and cried ugly tears on his shoulder. Now let me just mention that I was 13 years old and we were only dating a few weeks but it hurt - and since then, I have never been in a relationship as I couldn’t face the feeling of heartbreak again. Anyway, Michael just sat there and played the song and waited for a couple of seconds, knowing that I would be belting out the lyrics with him. Michael came back to the booth but this time he sat next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“I love this song so much.” I hummed, leaning my head on his shoulder.

“I know you do, it’s our song.” Michael stated, squeezing my shoulder gently.

“I thought our song was 'Everybody’ by Backstreet boy. We used to dance to it all the time Rocket.” I teased him, looking up at him.

“And we used to scream 'Livin on a Prayer’ at the top of our lungs.” He chuckle, cocking his pierced eyebrow at me.

“I am NOT screaming Bon Jovi in a diner.” I said, slurping on my shake and blowing bubbles. Michael pushed the milkshake cup out of my reach as he sat on the other side of the booth, laughing when I started to curse him out in Spanish.

Sophie brought over our food and the cheesy scent instantly hit me, making me moan as she placed it down in front of me. I grabbed my fork and plunged it into the bowl, the crispy cheese topping melting in my mouth. I looked across at Michael who had sauce dripping now his chin and mozzarella stuck in the corner of his mouth.

Once we were finished with our food and drink, Michael paid for the bill whilst I tried getting Sophie’s number but Michael was acting coy and kept quiet, so she said no and glared us out of the diner. We had made our way back into Mikey’s car and we were causally driving a long, Michael was humming to Ed Sheeran on the radio, his voice and the background music making me fall asleep.

“Y/N babe, we’re home.” I heard Michael whisper and shake my shoulder gently. I groggily opened my eyes, wiping at them and I was met with the pink peach tree outside my window. I smiled and unclipped my seatbelt, getting out of the small car and stretching.

Michael was already out the car unloading the suitcases so I walked over to him and laughed when he chucked them all down on the path that led up to my house.

“Right, I see you later okay?” Michael kissed my cheek and got back into the car going round and parking in his drive.

“See ya!” I shouted before walking up my driveway. I took a deep breath in before putting my hand on the handle of the door but it flung open instantly and everyone was there, including Michael’s parents.

“Welcome home!” They all shouted, letting off party poppers and turning the lights on. I laughed looking over at Michael’s house where he was now looking over at me with confusion written all over his face due to the shouting.

“Come over here you dumbass!” I said, walking inside the house. I wrapped my arms around my dad engulfing him in a hug and when I looked up from my dads shoulder, I saw Michael tripping over his suitcase into his mum, who caught him safely. I snickered when Michael gave me a middle finger as he hugged his mum.

“I missed you Y/N.” I kissed his cheek and let go of him, his rough hands cupping my cheeks as his kissed my forehead.

“I missed you to Dad.” I smiled up at him.

My dad, who now had a few grey hairs mixed into his hair - he always complained about his hair on phone calls. The man (who after my mum left when I was 7) looked after me and my three brothers; Oscar, Ty and Jamie. I have always looked up to my dad and he has been my hero ever since I was little.

Oscar was the oldest but when he turned 18 he joined the army and was sent all around America, then got deployed to Afghanistan so I never got to see him - he’s now 25 and he has risen in the ranks in the army, which only happened within 7 years. I walked over to him with a smile on my face and a skip in my step. Oscar looked a lot like my dad with a black quiff with a few curls escaping the gel and bright blue eyes, just like mine. He wrapped me up in a hug, his muscles half squishing me and his arm sleeve tattoo coming out of his shirt.

“How are ya puddin?” He questioned, his head burying in my hair.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” I whispered into his shirt. He kissed the top of my forehead before I made my way to Ty, who had his fist out ready to bump. I laughed bumping it and giving him a quick hug. Ty was the most laid back brother I had, Oscar being strictest one of the men I knew and Jamie being a hyperactive 16 year old who couldn’t be controlled by anyone. Ty was wearing a suit in which raised a eyebrow at, his black hair matted against his forehead.

“What? It’s vintage okay.” He mumbled and walked off in a strop.

“Yo Sissy!” I heard Jamie squeal, wrapping his arms around my waist and swinging me around. Showing me just how strong he is for a 16 year old. When he put me down he giggled and pulled me into his chest, hugging me tight. I looked up at him and choked on my saliva, taking a step back to get a proper look at him. He was wearing on of my (probably Michaels) Greenday shirts and ripped skinny jeans, his brown hair was now a honey blonde and he had a silver nose ring poked through his nose.

“Oh my god what is that!” I laughed poking it and he wiggled his nose.

“It’s cool okay, leave it out.” He pouted then poking out his tongue. Just as I was about to say something some tall lad came up behind him and kissed the back of Jamie’s head, making me raise my eyebrows.

“Oh yeah! I’d like you to introduce you to someone.” He smiled, and laced his hands with the tall lads. I smiled at him and scanned over him; his hair black and curly, small ear stretchers and a lip ring. I smirked at Jamie watching his cheeks flush red, nodding in approval.

“Hi, I’m Ryan.” he said putting out his hand but I knocked it away and gave him a hug. Jamie from next to me laughed and wrapped his arms around the both of us.

“Right wheres the alcohol?” I said pushing away from them and they both laughed as I walked over to the food table. I hooked one of my fingers through a party ring and crunched down onto it some of the crumbs falling down between my boobs - eh, I’ll save it for later. I looked down at all the food laid out and there were cocktail sausages, a bowl of fruit juice, biscuits, fairy cakes and potato chips.

“Fancy seeing you at the food table aye?” Michael laughed, but I hit him on the shoulder as he grabbed three sausages and shoved them in his mouth, grumbling and trying to push me away from him.

“Want some juice?” I asked grabbing a cup and pouring the juice into the cup with the ladle.

“Yeah please.” He mumbled with a mouth full of cakes. I poured the juice in all the way and passed it to Michael, grabbing myself a cup. I poured the juice in and let go of the ladle drinking it all up. It was a strong mango flavour with hints of raspberry and vodka. I grabbed a cake and walked over to the table where all my aunties were sat. Michael followed and sat down next to me.

“Who’s the kid with Jamie?” Michael said sipping from his cup.

“Ryan, his boyfriend.” I smiled, watching Jamie kiss Ryan’s nose and hold him close. I lent my head on Michael’s shoulder and brought the cup to my lips.

“What are you two doing? Don’t you spend enough time together?” Oscar laughed and sat down with us. I wrapped my arm around Michael’s arm and smiled contently, lacing my fingers with Michael’s.

“You’re like conjoined twins.” He scoffed, taking a sip of his beer.

“So how long are you staying for?” Michael asked as I laughed at Oscar. Oscars smile fades as he swirled his punch around in his cup. I sat up and gave my cup to Michael, I rested my arms on my legs and looked at him.

“I’m er..going tomorrow.” He half smiled and I felt tears prick at my eyes. 3 years he’s been gone and I thought I would spend these next two weeks with him.

“Are you fucking serious?” I spat, Michael pinching my arm and shaking his head and looking at Oscar.

“I’m sorry Y/N, they want me up in Washington. I’m also taking the family with me, we didn’t want to tell you just yet.”

“You’re taking Jamie?”

“Yeah we’re taking Jamie and Ryan, Ty and dad is coming. We’re going to visit Nan in Seattle”

“So I’m going to be here alone?” I whined. Oscar laughed before pointing to Michael.

“Pretty sure you’re going to be with this dick.” I gawped and looked at Michael who looked slightly offended but wrapped his arm around me anyway.

“Well I wasn’t, but looks like I’m going to have to now” I sighed dramatically.

Those little habits

               “Believe it or not Mira, Natsu has found a way to be even more annoying than before.” Lucy groaned, banging her head against the guilds bar.

               “What happened?” Mira asked, curious as to how her favorite couple to be was doing. She still wasn’t convinced the two weren’t dating in secret.

               “So our entire relationship is kinda based on the fact that we drag each other everywhere, headfirst, no regrets. Well, one time I dug my heels in, I did not want to go on a job for the Steelkins, their son was a total jerk to me when I was a debutante, so Natsu decided instead of dragging me he was just going to pick me up and carry me. And. He. Hasn’t. Stopped. It’s not piggy back or bridal style either, he literally just walks up to me and throws me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Uggh, I’m going to need another milkshake, maybe if I drink enough of these I’ll get so fat he won’t want to carry me anywhere.”

               “I don’t believe you, Natsu might not be the most socially adept person, but he knows better than to throw a girl over his shoulder like a bag of loot.” Mira actually found the story quite believable, but she would need a demonstration. She was secretly making a photo album for her favorite couples in the guild to give to them on their wedding day, and the awkward stage where Natsu still hadn’t admitted he loved Lucy, but felt the need to be in constant contact with her was under represented at the moment. Well, not really, but Mira loved it so of course she needed more.

               Natsu entered the guild, “Give it a second,” Lucy moaned, trying to down as much of her milkshake as she could before Natsu could spot her. Mira readied her camera.

               “Yo Lucy,” Natsu called out as he walked towards her, “Want to go fishing with me and Happy today?” Lucy winced as she stopped drinking and a brain freeze set in.

               “No, I am talking to Mira about drinking fifty strawberry milkshakes in the next two days, getting fat, and never going anywhere again. Meaning I’m bu-sy.” Lucy put extra stress on the last word, hoping to get her tone across, but Natsu just pouted.

               “So, you’re saying you would rather drink yourself sick than spend time with me and Happy?”

               “At this moment? Yes.” Lucy replied and turned back to resting her head on the countertop and drinking some more.

               “Okay, I understand.” Lucy was a little surprised at his response, but only had the energy to grunt in acknowledgement. Until she felt two hands on her hips and her body being flung onto the warm back of the dragon slayer.

               “Natsu! Put me down! I stayed up late last night and don’t want to do anything today! And keep your hands off my butt!” Lucy struggled the best she could, but thumping against his back did nothing, and he was holding her legs together so she wouldn’t kick.

               “You can ‘not do anything’ with me and Happy, let’s go!” Natsu then proceed to kidnap Lucy, much to the amusement of her so-called friends.

               Mira caught it all in pictures.