she just wanted to hold herself hostage so I'd never disagree with her

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w/r/t to the "those who cannot fit inside this order must be purged" line, Jasper *can't* just be talking about willful disobedience. Immediately after, she singles out Amethyst for "coming out misshapen"-- how could she have chosen that? (I'd also dispute that Peridot holds Jasper in 'fond regard': if she likes and/or trusts Jasper, why is the first thing she says upon meeting her again, "I'm not afraid of you!"? That's not what you say to a friend, it's what you say to a bully.)

Hi, Anon.

> I specifically talked in my post about Jasper’s relationship with “misshapen” Gems

Jasper feels like she has no control over bad things happening so she wants to believe that it’s all part of a larger plan. That everyone gets what they deserve so she can tell herself that she stays safe as long as she continues to be The Best.

And why shouldn’t she? She’s the one who survived out of Beta, the “perfect quartz”, when the other ones that she was told weren’t as good all left her in the end, one way or another.

The other Gems that came out of Beta were, like Amethyst, ‘defective’. Given Jasper’s incredible issues relating to others, this would suggest she does not have an abundance of people around her with common ground, so Jasper’s experiences tell her not to care about people who she thinks “aren’t going to make it” and this is what she’s projecting in regards to Amethyst.

> In regards to Peridot and Jasper.

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