she just thinks theyre cute ok


request ; Ur fics are so good??!! Like theyre so cute really. Could u do an oak fic bc there’s not enough. Idrc what it’s abt. Thanks!

by anonymous

pairing ; oak x reader

words ; 2320

summary ; he gave her some of him. she broke him. he gave you everything. you fixed him.

warnings ; mentions of cheating; depressed!oak; breakups

note ; ok ok ok i wasn’t sure this made sense at first, so i had to ask jo, and she said it was good, buuuut i’m not positive. lemme know what you guys think!

A broken boy.

That’s who he was. Just out of a relationship that meant the world to him. He still loved that girl, but what she did shattered everything he was. He trusted her, so much so that he gave nearly all he had in himself, and he dated her for two years. But then she turned around and decided that his love wasn’t enough, deciding she needed someone else’s love to satisfy her sadistic needs.

A girl who loved him.

She loved him before he love the girl who broke him. But she stayed in the background, stayed out of his heart. Then, the girl came around, and y/n, the girl in love with the boy, had never felt more alone. After those two years, complete with two good-for-nothing boyfriends and getting through a debuting Broadway show with that boy, she never fell out of love with him. She just couldn’t help herself.

A story to always remember.

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Andrew playing with Neil’s hair tho

  • now that neil doesnt need to run he finally has a chance to buy good products
  • and he probably gets some really nice smelling conditioner
  • and one day theyre probably making out or smth
  • and andrew is just like “tf was his hair always this soft”
  • he finds that he kinda likes it actually
  • not that he’s about to tell neil this
  • but then neil comes home after a long day

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fractalobes  asked:

I'm really sorry if I'm being any trouble and please don't feel pressured to do this but all the kids as different types of dogs? Also I love your art ^-^.

here it is !!! this took me so lon,g omg i probably shoulve saved it for a lil later but thts ok !!! tysm for this request it was super duper fun omg !!! c: 

Stingy is a chihuahua bc theyre lil nd selfish omg, Stephanie is a newfoundland bc my v good nd lovely buddy @lazytownbunny was tryin 2 help me figure it out nd she named som of Steph’s traits nd it made me think of one of thos big guys !! so shes just uuh Huge omg,, pixel is a poodle bc theyre super smart !!! c: ziggy is an english bulldog bc theyre rlly cute nd silly and lil, and trixie is a collie bc theyre rlly independant and smart nd mischevious omg here they all are !!!!! c:

anonymous asked:

quick!!! ship your mutuals with each bts member ♡

omg !!!!! i love this !!! ;-;

jin: @jinjikook uM THEYRE JUST SO??? FUNNY??? AND ADORABLE AND HOW CAN I NOT OK??? i love lei and i love jin so jinlei,,, may it rise [insert firey bunny kook meme]

hobi: @wonhopes i still like to believe that she’s hobi biased even tho 99.9% she’s talking abt tae and wonho but i think they’d be rlly cute together bc he’s so fun and tbh i imagine him being a rlly playful person n that’s what that hoe loves so

yoongi: this is a toughie,,,,, but i will forever ship my parents the min spoopys @yongceo

namjoon: @gukydoo don’t let her url fool you she loves joon ‘till she dies and i will forever ship that

taehyung: fuuu this is so tough didnjsnsjdndjdj like ?¿ (can’t i just choose both?????) @taesthetes & @taechubs

jimin: @spoopyi AHAHAHAHA she’s the cutest tbh and so is he so,,, perfect amirite???

jungkook: duh my queen my love my one-third of my fave ship trajikook @workofteaguk

hi!!! i saw that someone submitted some raggedy ann dolls that their grandma made and so i wanted 2 send this in 2 if that’s ok!! my grandma loved raggedy ann and she bought this doll for me when i was a kid (her dress got lost somehow over the years rip but the doll is so so cute n really soft!) her favorite thing 2 do was sewing and she made this pillowcase for me and my sister along w a bunch of other pillowcases n so whenever i see raggedy ann stuff i think of her! ♥️

ohh i love this !!! i love this raggedy so much! i have the same one,, hasbro raggedies are my fav bc theyre just so comfy??? and soft??? also that pillowcase is so cool!!!!!i love the fabric so much!!!;; 
im so happy tht raggedies remind u of ur grandma! raggedies r real sweet & r always real good at reminding ppl of Happy Things. its so nice!!! 
thank you for sending me this and ur story abt it! its rlly awesome & made me smile!!!

um……. anyway better ideas than forced straight relationships in stranger things:

• will actually being gay and the duffer brothers not using homophobia just as a fun plot line

• eleven having a cute schoolgirl crush on nancy, not really understanding it because she was never properly taught the concept of romance, but it’s ok because she just thinks nancy is so pretty

• lucas/max is good bc interracial relationships are important and progressive, but could that relationship hold off until theyre older bc theyre just fucking kids and could we just see boys and girls being just friends for a second Please

• literally could girls exist on the show without being used as objects of romantic interest

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i think i mightve sent this already but it prob got buried and i just. so lexa asking clarke to prom. she gets her whole bball team in on it and literally everyone knows shes gonna ask except clarke shes just really oblivious and its this huge thing, shes got flowers and everyones there recording it and cheering for them bc theyre That Couple. also clarke rode lexa so good later that night