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Either/Or: Single

Kara has a kid and meets Lena? Super or nah doesn’t matter.

“Five minutes, Jess,” Lena reminded her assistant as the car stopped at a red light. “Just five minutes, and then I’m going to finish unpacking.”

To her credit, she didn’t even look up from her tablet as her boss made the same insistence she’d made twelve times since they’d left the new offices. Jess was familiar with Lena’s rants and opinions and utter dislike of anything social, despite her best efforts to help break the youngest Luthor from her shell.

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dirty water pt. 2 // fratboy!luke

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy this chapter! let me know if you are enjoying these pieces and if you want me to continue :) feedback is always appreciated!

PART ONE (click here for more)

    Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t have left the game early. Maybe you shouldn’t have practically run the entire way back to Phi Psi on a heavily intoxicated system. And maybe you shouldn’t have grabbed Luke’s hand and pulled him along with you while you did so. But you did.
Oh god you did. And now that tiny bit of regret was creeping up on you, the alcohol’s affect fading.

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Raf's First Date

read on ao3

I wanted to write a cute Malec family thing and somehow it ended up almost 3k words, idk how but I hope you enjoy!!

Alec notices first.

Raf starts spending much longer at the Institute for training and comes home with a huge smile and laughter in his eyes. He leaves earlier to practice and seems actually excited to go to training each day and doesn’t complain at all like he usually would have.

Something is up.

Alec just can’t figure out what.

He figures it out one Friday evening when Raf comes home with a group of his friends after training.

The group of young shadowhunters burst through the Lightwood-Bane’s front door in a flurry of laughter.

“Hey Dad,” Raf calls as he walks into the kitchen where Alec is making a sandwich for Max who is sitting on the counter.

The group of friends moves towards the stairs but Alec stops them before they can get up.

“Are you going to introduce me to your friends?”

Raf blushes at that and Alec furrows his brows in confusion.

“Erm, this is Jules, Octavian, and Ella,” he points at each person as he says their name. Alec notices the way he pauses before pointing to the pretty blonde girl who smiles at him and he notices the way Raf’s voice softens over his name.


That’s when he realizes.

His son, his 15 year old son, has got a crush.

A surge of protectiveness races through Alec. Raf’s only 15 he’s a kid. He can’t have a crush. He looks at the way Raf smiles at Ella and his heart softens. They’re cute, and Ella seems like a sweet girl.

Magnus walks in just as Raf is leading his friends out of the room and Alec shoots him a look.

“Magnus,” he slides closer to Magnus so that his son can’t hear him and leans in conspiratorially “I think Raf has a crush on Ella.”

Magnus’ eyes light up in delight and he smiles wide like a Cheshire Cat.

“Our boy’s first crush, how exciting.”

Alec smiles lightly, “I can’t believe he’s so grown up already.”

“Soon we’ll be attending their wedding.”

Alec’s eyes widen.

“He’s 15!”

“I’m joking Alexander,” Magnus laughs and Alec punches his shoulder in retaliation, grinning when Magnus glares back at him before going to introduce himself to Raf’s friends.


Later when both Alec and Magnus are sitting on the couch in the living room they see Raf’s friends walk out.

Ella is the last one out and Magnus and Alec both quiet as they hear voices in the hall. Magnus sets his book onto his lap and Alec cranes his neck to hear better.

“Thanks for inviting me over,” comes a soft voice, “it was a lot of fun,” a pause, “you’re a lot of fun.”

Alec hears Raf start stuttering and Magnus shakes his head in amusement.

“Erm- I- thank you?”

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed.”

Alec and Magnus look at each other wide eyed as the door opens and closes behind Ella and they stumble into some semblance of a ‘natural’ pose as they hear their son’s footsteps cross the hall and into the room where they’re sitting.

Raf’s cheeks are stained dark red and Alec can’t help but relate to the feeling. He can’t count the amount of times his own cheeks have done the exact same thing after Magnus had done something particularly flirty.

Magnus sits up and grins devilishly at Raf.

“Someone’s got a crush,” he sings dramatically

“What? No! I-” Raf’s eyes move from Alec to Magnus and then back to Alec.

Alec nods encouragingly and Raf sighs in resignation.

“She’s so pretty, and so nice, and she’s a badass with a seraph blade and I can’t-”

“You’ve got it bad,” Alec interrupts with a chuckle.

Raf plops down between the two of them and cuddles into Magnus’ side.

“Ask her out on a date.” Magnus says simply and Raf stares at him in disbelief. Alec can’t blame him really, he remembers how scary it was to ask Magnus out the first time.

“I can’t just ask her. I- she-,” he trails off.

“It’ll just be like hanging out together except this time it will just have a different name. You’re already friends, it won’t be scary, I promise. “ Magnus says soothingly.

“And if you don’t ask you’ll never know.” Alec puts in, smiling at the hopeful look in Raf’s eyes.

“Okay,” he breathes out, “okay, I’ll ask her,” he’s tackled by Magnus and Alec from both sides and smothered in kisses.

Raf can’t breathe.

He clenches and unclenches his hands as he tries to go over what he wants to say to Ella in his head over and over again.

He’s gotten to training twenty minutes early in his anxiety and now he’s pacing the room, which isn’t helping at all. He can’t remember how he wanted to start and nothing is coming to him.

Because the universe hates him Ella chooses that moment to walk into the room.

She stops in her tracks when she sees Raf in the center of the room, frozen mid pace. Raf wishes he was invisible, not for the first time in his life.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were going to be here early too,” she says cheerfully, smiling a blinding smile at Raf and whatever bits and pieces he had remembered of his speech completely flee his mind at that.

He’s screwed. Absolutely screwed. He wants to run away and never ask Ella to go out with him. He can’t do it. It’s too scary.

He’s about to flee the room when he remembers what his Dad had said.

If you don’t ask you’ll never know

He wants to know. He clenches his fists determinedly, he can do this

“I - um- actually wanted to talk to you,” he stutters out.

Ella looks at him curiously before nodding and walking up to him

Nope, nevermind, he can’t do this.

Ella’s blonde hair glistens in the light from the training room and her green eyes are smiling warmly at him.

He swallows thickly, “Um- would you uh, like to- erm- go with me for dinner tomorrow night,” he steadies his voice and finally looks her straight in the eye, “like on a date. I really like you and uh, I don’t know if you feel the same but I’d like to take you out.”

Ella laughs a tinkling laugh and Raf holds his breath.

“Raf, you idiot, I’ve been trying to get you to notice I like you for weeks. Of course I’ll go to dinner with you”

“You-you will?”

He’s frozen in place in shock. She said yes! He can’t believe it.

“That’s um- that’s great, I’ll text you the details.” he starts stumbling out of the room when he trips over a discarded seraph blade and falls out into the hallway.

He hears Ella laugh as he picks himself up and stumbles all the way out of the room, cheeks burning.


Alec looks up from where he’s helping Max put together a Lego version of the Death Star (because Simon is a terrible influence on his son) when Raf stumbles in, cheeks flushed and a dopey look on his face.

Alec sees Magnus smirk from his spot on the couch.

“I asked her out,”

Alec’s eyes widen and his entire attention shifts to his eldest son who is looking at him with shining eyes.

Raf doesn’t say anything more and Alec can’t take it.

He widens his eyes and looks up at Raf.


Raf grins widely and falls backwards onto the couch.

“She said yes,” he says on a sigh and Alec feels an overwhelming surge of pride at his older sons triumph and his bravery for going after the girl.

Alec is about to congratulate him and pull him into a hug when Raf turns, burying himself into Magnus’ shoulder.

“I tripped and fell into the hall when she said yes,” he mumbles into Magnus’ shoulder and Alec feels a fondness pool in his stomach.

Max lets out a loud laugh, his attention now fully on the conversation at hand as well.

“Good job big brother,” he gets out in between laughs.

Magnus chuckles into Raf’s hair. He looks over at Alec with a smirk and Alec feels himself blush.

“Just like your father you are.”

Alec blushes harder and tries to convincingly roll his eyes, but he can’t hide the smile that makes its way into his face.

On the day of the date, the Lightwood-Bane household is a picture of chaos.

There are clothes strewn everywhere and Alec doesn’t even know how this many clothes managed to fit inside their house.

Raf is stood in the middle of his messy bedroom looking quite uncomfortable as both Izzy and Magnus stalk around him, each holding a large amount of clothes in their hands.

Max is sitting on the bed with Alec, looking sufficiently amused by the whole ordeal.

“Papa, I don’t need a glittery scarf,” Raf whines, pulling the material off his neck and throwing it onto the bed.

Magnus sighs in resignation and instead places a striped tie on Rafs shoulder consideringly instead.

Izzy smiles in agreement,

“Yes, that goes great with the color of his eyes,” she exclaims in excitement.

Raf still looks unamused. While Max took after Magnus’ flair for all things eccentric and his obsession with glitter, Raf remained more neutral, wearing mostly black and less extravagant clothing.

Alec knew what he really wanted was to just wear a t-shirt and have it over with. He could relate.

Alec pats Max’s head before standing to join Magnus and Izzy.

He places a hand on Magnus’ shoulder and smiles comfortingly at him.

“It’s just dinner, how about he wears that dress shirt of his you love so much and he can wear one of your necklaces as good luck?” he asks quietly.

Magnus softens as he looks at Alec and then back at Raf, standing uncomfortably in the suit Izzy had picked and the tie Magnus had draped across his shoulder.

“I went over the top didn’t I?” he says softly, so only Alec can hear, “I know he doesn’t like wearing this stuff I just- he’s our eldest going off on his first date I, he’s growing up so fast I don’t-”

Alec cuts him off because he understands, the intensity of such an important moment in their son’s life has made Alec feel protective of the 15 year old too and he has honestly even considered the idea of locking Raf with him and Magnus in their house and using some spell to keep him the little boy they had found six years ago forever, but alas he can’t really do that.

He tugs Magnus into him for a hug.

“I know, but we’ve got to let him be his own person,” he whispers in to Magnus’ hair. Magnus nods before pulling away.

When they separate Magnus asks Izzy to fetch the dress shirt and takes off his arrowhead necklace and slips it over Raf’s head.

“For good luck,” he smiles and Raf hugs him with a much more relaxed smile than a few minutes ago.

When the doorbell rings Raf springs up from the couch where he had been jiggling his leg impatiently for the last twenty minutes and all but runs to the front door.

Magnus shoots Alec an amused smile and Alec rolls his eyes back fondly.

The two walk back into the living room hand in hand.

Ella is looking rather pretty, her blonde hair curled around her shoulders and a pretty pink dress draped over her shoulders.

Raf is looking adoringly down at her but Alec notices he’s got his hands clenched in fists nervously. Alec can’t help but think about his and Magnus’ first date all those years ago and about just how nervous he had felt walking into Magnus’ loft that day.

Raf hands Ella the flowers he had bought that morning with a shy smile and stutters over his words as she takes them from him and Alec shakes his head at how similar the two of them are despite not even being related by blood.

After the two of them leave the house Max climbs onto the couch with Magnus and Alec.

“Is Raf going to get married to Ella? Do I get to come to the wedding?” he asks with wide eyes.

Magnus chuckles, “No, Blueberry, Raf is too young to get married right now. This is just his first date, he’ll go on a lot more of these with a lot more people before he marries anyone.”

Max looks at Alec confused,

“But, Papa, you and Dad got married and you were Dad’s first date.”

“Your father is a special case,” Magnus laughs while Alec hides his face in Max’s hair to hide his grin.

As he and Ella walk back from their dinner, Raf prides himself on a date well done. After the initial awkwardness the two of them had fallen into the familiar banter of their friendship and the dinner had gone more successfully than he had ever dared to hope.

He’d only stuttered once and he deemed that an accomplishment in of itself.

Now though, as they were walking up to Raf’s porch the nerves were back. He knew what he wanted to do but he didn’t think he had the courage to go through with it.

Ella looks up at him through her long eyelashes and Raf almost falls over again.

“I had a great time Raf,” she says softly, placing a hand on his elbow.

All his senses zero in on the touch and he tries his hardest not to freeze at the contact.

“So did I, we should do it again sometime if- if you want.” he stutters out, and curses himself at how uncertain it sounds.

Ella smiles sweetly and Raf thinks he could watch her smile for the rest of forever.

“I’d like that.”

Raf steps closer and sees Ella’s eyes dart down towards his lips. He holds his breath and thinks Ella does the same as they stare at each other.

Raf’s heart is beating so hard he’s almost sure Ella can hear it. He steps closer, determination in his veins, he wants to do this, he’s not going to let his nervousness stop him.

Before he can overthink anything he surges forward and leans down so he can press his lips softly to Ella’s.

She smiles into his lips and they pull apart quickly, but it’s one of the bet experiences of Raf’s life all the same.

“I- I’ll see you tomorrow,” Ella says with a grin and darts down the stairs.

Raf stays standing on the steps a few seconds, his fingers to his lips as he watches Ella disappear down the steps.

Alec didn’t realize how hard it was to act normal knowing his son was out on his first date. He had to control his urge to text and ask how it was going very ten minutes.

He’s curled on the couch watching a disney movie with Magnus as Max and he can’t help but notice the empty space where Raf should be.

He can’t focus on the movie at all and when he glances over at Magnus he finds that he’s having the same problem, eyes darting from his phone to the clock and back continuously.

When they hear footsteps on their porch Alec is out of his seat in a second, Magnus and Max close behind him.

They all stand by the door and out their front window they can see Raf standing in front of Ella hesitance and determination clear on his face.

They can’t hear what they’re saying but Alec’s heart jumps when they step closer to each other.

He grabs Magnus’ arm as Ella says something and then Raf is leaning down to kiss her.

Magnus cheers quietly,

“That’s my boy,”

Max makes a face from next to him,


Alec rolls his eyes and the three of them jump back as they see the doorknob start to turn.

Alec scoops Max up in his arms and they practically sprint back to the couch, throwing themselves haphazardly down, trying to appear like they hadn’t just been spying on Raf and Ella.

When Raf walks into the room he’s wearing a self satisfied smirk and his cheeks are flushed a dark red.

He rolls his eyes when he spots the three of them tangled unnaturally on the couch.

“I know you guys were watching, don’t even deny it.”

Magnus holds his hands up in surrender and the three of them move to make room for Raf on the couch as he tells them the entire story.

Mother’s Day (Finn Balor Imagine)

Finn Balor x Reader
Warning: None. Fluff
A/N:  Decided to mix it up a little, really hope you guys enjoy it. I loved writing this! And ty anon for requesting this!
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~1200 words

Finn and his twin girls get ready for Mother’s day.

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Bechloe Week 2017- Coincidence (day 1)

           Beca absolutely hated the beach. Her skin tone and the sun were not compatible, but she somehow let her best friends convince her to take the five-hour drive from Atlanta down to Myrtle Beach with them for a week long vacation. So while Jesse played beach volleyball or did some other beachy activity and Stacie flirted with every lifeguard she could get her hands on, Beca walked the shoreline all by herself with a cheap plastic beach bucket, shovel, and sifter she got from one of those surf shops on the boardwalk.

           On her first day at the beach she encountered a man in his forties and two kids digging in the sand looking for shark teeth. When the man saw she seemed interested, he approached her and showed her all the ones they’ve collected as well as his methods for doing so. Beca thought sharks were badass and was immediately intrigued. So that night when they went to the boardwalk for dinner and to shop, Beca insisted on buying the bucket, shovel, and sifter that the gentleman suggested. She earned some looks from Jesse and Stacie, but they figured if Beca was doing something other than complaining about being at the beach than they should be grateful.

           She had been searching the past three days for shark teeth, but has come up practically empty aside from the three little ones she found her first day of trying. She secretly blames that man and his family for snatching them all up so she decided to venture a little further down the shoreline to see if she would have any more luck. By some miracle she was picking up little shark teeth left and right. She figured out the closer she was to the large pier, the more she was finding. She had been finding some decent sized shark teeth, but her goal was to find a big one. Like the ones you find on necklaces in surf shops surrounded by beads and shells.

           She squatted right where the sand met the water, cringing whenever a tiny wave would cause the water to splash against her butt. She pushed her bucket into the sand, to keep it from getting knocked over by a strong breeze or a wave, and pulled out her shovel and sifter. She let the water run over them briefly to clean them off and then looked at the sand around her to try and figure out where she wanted to start. She softly ran her fingertips over the surface of the sand before settling on a spot. She dug the shovel in and her eyes lit up on excitement when she saw something ‘big shark tooth size’ in part of the wet clump she scooped up. She plopped it onto her sifter and held it carefully just below the surface of the water to wash the sand away. She excitedly waited for what she thought was a shark tooth to be revealed, but instead a silver ring came into view. Beca immediately picked it up to look at it. It was a sort of thick silver band with a random design on the outside and the words ‘Be good’ engraved on the inside. Beca frowned and looked around the area as if she was going to be able to find the person who lost the ring right then and there. In reality, she knew that she would probably never find the owner of that ring. She sighed and tucked it into the pocket of her jean shorts and continued on her search for her shark teeth.

        When the three of them reconvened back at the little apartment they were renting for the trip, Beca had completely forgotten to talk to them about the ring. She was so focused on showing off all the teeth she found, as well as showering to wash away the sand and sunscreen from her body. It wasn’t until she was halfway through her cheeseburger that she remembered it.

“You guys need to see what I found at the beach.” She said with her mouth full of food. She pulled the ring from her pocket and held it out for Jesse and Stacie. Stacie immediately grabbed it from her Beca and looked it over.

“It’s nice. You should sell it.”

“What?!” Beca practically screeched as she snatched the ring back and shoved it into her pocket. “Dude, no. This is someone’s ring. It probably means something to them. What if I find them or something? I’m not going to sell it.”

“Okay, weirdo. What are you gonna do with it then? Wear it?”

“No, of course not!”

           Okay, so she started wearing the ring. When they returned from their vacation, Beca felt bad that the ring was just sitting on top of her dresser doing nothing except for collecting dust. She ended up taking a pendant off of a necklace that she never wore and slipped the ring on to the now empty chain and then clipped it around her neck. She thought it was weird that she was wearing a stranger’s ring on her neck, but she thought it was even weirder that she was oddly comforted by it. She would fiddle with it while she would work on her mixes and when she was feeling anxious she would run her thumbnail over the design on the outside of the ring to calm her down. After two months of having it around her neck, Beca completely forgot it was a complete stranger’s ring.

           Beca was sitting in her usual coffee shop for not even ten minutes when a redhead two tables down started staring at her. Like intensely staring at her. Beca shot her an awkward smile before looking down at her laptop and continuing to work on one of her mixes. She started fiddling with the ring again because this girl was really making her nervous. Every time Beca would take a chance and glance up at the girl she would either find the redhead staring at her or she would find her AND her blonde friend staring Beca down.

           When Beca went to take another glimpse at the girl she found that she was no longer at the table and it was blonde girl sitting by herself. The brunette nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw the redhead standing patiently in front of her. She practically ripped the headphones off her ears and gave the girl another awkward smile.

“Um…hi?” Beca said as she rubbed her now sweaty palms against her jeans.

“Hi! I’m Chloe.” The redhead stuck her hand out for a handshake and Beca wiped her palm once more before shaking her hand.

“Beca. Can I help you with something?” Chloe nodded and took the empty seat across from Beca.

“Actually, you can. This is going to sound so weird, but can I ask you about the ring on your necklace?” Beca instinctively clutched on to the piece of jewelry.

“It’s not actually my ring. I –uh found it.” Chloe perked up a little at that piece of information.

“You didn’t happen to find it at Myrtle Beach did you? It looks so much like the ring my grandmother gave me before she died. I lost while I was on vacation a few months back. Gosh, I know this is probably a long shot. I just love that ring so much an-“

“What does it say on the inside? Your ring?” This girl was rambling like crazy. Beca didn’t really mean to interrupt her, but she was eager to figure out if this ring actually belonged to this girl or not.

“It says ‘be good’ on the inside.” Chloe said hopefully. Beca smiled at Chloe before reaching behind her neck to unclip the necklace. She slid the ring off of the chain and handed the ring to Chloe. The redhead immediately slipped it on to the ring finger of her right hand. Once the ring was securely on her finger, Chloe lunged at Beca and pulled her in for a tight embrace. “Thank you so much.” Chloe whispered into her ear and squeezed her tighter. Beca wrapped her arms around the girl as well and awkwardly patted her back.

“It was no problem, really.” Chloe finally pulled away from the hugged and wiped away a few stray tears from her cheeks. “I found it while looking for shark teeth. I thought it was a big tooth, but alas it was not.” She said awkwardly, internally cursing at herself for saying the word ‘alas’.  Chloe let out this angelic giggle and Beca was couldn’t be happier about the fact that she found that ring.

“Let me repay you for taking care of my ring. Can I take you to dinner or something?”

“Oh, n-no. You don’t have to do that, really.” From the corner of her eye Beca caught Chloe’s blonde friend rolling her eyes. She wasn’t sure who it was directed at, but she’s pretty sure it was aimed at her.

“Okayyyy, well how about I take you to dinner for the sake of getting to know you more? Maybe even call it a date?” Chloe shot Beca a heart-stopping smile and how the hell was Beca going to say no to that?

“Yeah, okay. Let’s do that. Do you want to see my shark teeth, too?” Beca’s eyes widened slightly. She was nervous. Like really nervous. Such a beautiful girl had never asked her out before and she was suffering from freaking word vomit now. “I mean-uh.”

“You’re so cute, Beca.” Chloe was trying to suppress a giggle when she said that, but Beca would still take the compliment. “But I would love to see your shark teeth. Can I type my number in?” Chloe gestured to Beca’s phone sitting on the table and the brunette unlocked it before handing it over to Chloe. She tapped away for not even a minute before she handed Beca’s phone back with a smile. “I texted myself off your phone so I have your number. I would totally be up for going now, but I promised my friend I’d spend the day with her. I’ll text you tonight and we can set up the date?”

“Yeah, absolutely.”

“Awes! Thank you again for finding my ring. I’m looking forward to our date.“ Beca just smiled and watched Chloe exit the coffee shop with her friend. Beca couldn’t wipe the smile off her face no matter how hard she tried.

Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt6

Type: Angst Fluff

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Request:Can you write a part 6 for friends? Youngdo on Y/N mom birthday dinner asks her them if they can go live together, they say yes with some conditions and Youngdo’s brother finds out and he wants to meet Y/N

On the part 6 request for Friends I mean Y/N brother not Youngdo’s I was sleepy when I sended it xD.

“We’re still in high school” you state “so?” he responds jiggling the keys in your face. “At least check it out” he says as he unlocks the door. He held the door open allowing you to walk into the apartment he thought was perfect for you two. “Check it out babe” he says showing you the empty apartment. He put his hands on your shoulders “see we can get a couch like the one at your house. The one I nap on all the time” he says as you smile. “A plush seat that we can cuddle on” he continues as he pulls you around the apartment. “This would be your sink” he says as you two walk into the bathroom down the hall “this one would be mine” he says pointing to the one beside it. He continues to pull you around “this would be your room” he says opening one of the bedroom doors “mine will be beside it” he tells. “At least until we’re married” he finishes as he rocks you two “oh this is my favorite” he says as he remembered one last thing.

“What is it?” you asked him as he opened the last bedroom door “this would be our baby’s room” he says as you froze “baby?” you asked him “we need an heir one day so this one will be ours. A little girl, Choi Yoonmi. She’d look like you with little bits of me. She’d be so pretty so so pretty” he says just staring out into the room “what id it’s a boy?” you asked him “I don’t know. I didn’t think of that” he states. You laughed “Youngsoo” you say “Choi Youngsoo. I like it” he whispers wrapping his arms around your waist. You turned around wrapping your arms around his neck as he brought you in for a kiss “we can ask then” you tell him as he rests his forehead onto yours and smiles brightly.


Your parents didn’t even know Youngdo proposed and much less Youngdo didn’t know your eldest brother came home for birthdays. Youngdo rang your doorbell as your mother rushed to answer “Youngdo!” she says happily as he smiled at her “happy birthday” he told her leaning down and pressing a kiss onto her cheek. “Oh my” she says fanning her face, she noticed the dorky balloons and things in his hands. “Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Rose” he spoke holding up the expensive bottle of wine “Youngdo, how did you get this? You’re not old enough” she says as he laughed “I had someone get it for me” he responds as he passes her the present that had the balloons attached to it. “You spoil me dear” she tells him as he shrugs “your daughter doesn’t let me spoil her so why not spoil her family?” he asks as she laughs “come come” he was told.  

He walked into the living room seeing a male sitting there he didn’t recognize “Youngdo” Yangho called as he rushes over to Youngdo who quickly picks him up but he continued to stare at the other male there. “Gray. The loser” he spoke as Youngdo made a sound “she told you about that?” Youngdo asked as Gray nodded. “I came for my mother’s birthday but to meet the man who stole my only sister’s heart” he told Youngdo. “I’m pretty great so” Youngdo jokes as the two had an awkward silence. “She went with my dad to get mother’s cake” Gray explains as Youngdo sits down on the chair instead of the couch. 

“I noticed you proposed” Gray said as Youngdo’s head shot up in shock “I’m guessing no one else noticed” he continues as Youngdo shook his head no “we were going to tell them today” Youngdo explains “you love my sister?” “what kind of question is that? Why would I propose if I didn’t?” Youngdo asks “well don’t you rich kids have arranged marriages and what not? Maybe you got her pregnant-” Youngdo scoffs “that would mean I would have to sleep with her. I promise you I haven’t” he told “good you’re too young” “well not really” Youngdo mumbles. 


“Happy birthday to you” you all sang as your mother just smiled largely “this is so great” she says after blowing the candles out. “Presents” she calls “cake” Daeho says watching the cake being taken away “but cake” he whines “later” your mother told him as she looked over her gifts. “From Yangho” she read picking up a tiny box. She opened it and gasped “Youngdo let me pick it and say I got it” he tells his mother as she looks at the diamond necklace “that was supposed to be a secret” Youngdo leans over saying “well then thank you boys” she spoke. “Did you buy all the gifts?” you asked him in a soft tone he smiled “just the gifts from your brothers” he promised “Daeho” she then says as she opened the next seeing the matching earrings inside “oh my” “you’re out doing me boys” your father jokes. You poked Youngdo’s leg “sorry sir” Youngdo says as they get to Youngdo’s gift. 

“Oh Youngdo” your mother says pulling out the bracelet “there was a ring too but it’s on your daughter’s finger” Youngdo says as your mother grabs your left arm violently lifting it into view as Youngdo smiled. She then screamed “stop please” you say feeling embarrassed. “After dinner I was hoping you guys would speak to me about something else” he asked as he looked at both of your parents “of course don’t worry” your father told as your mother was overjoyed by everything. 


“What did you want to talk about?” your father asked as your younger brothers had rushed off to play and your elder brother stayed to hear what Youngdo was going to talk about. “I wanted to ask you if your daughter and I could move in together?” he asked as your parents looked shocked “we’ve been dating over a year and I truly love her” he continues as he took your hand. “Did you have a place in mind?” your mother asked taking it all in. Youngdo passes him his phone with the apartment already pulled up “3 bedrooms so we won’t be sleeping in the same room” he promised. “You two had had sex correct. You two aren’t active-” “no no no” Youngdo quickly stopped your father.

Your parents shared a look after scrolling through the pictures of the place “your father is okay with this?” your dad asked “his opinion doesn’t matter in this. I already don’t live with him” he told as he squeezed your hand. “We would have conditions” your mother starts. 

“Since your high schoolers, no sleeping in the same room. No sex until after you graduate, no grandchildren until you’re no longer children” your mother starts as Gray smiled remembering the same rules for when he moved in with his girlfriend when he was about 19. “No drinking or staying out passed 11″ Gray spoke up “surprise visits will occur” your father says “make my daughter happy” he continued as Youngdo nodded. “Love each other” your mother told as you both smiled “of course’ Youngdo says. “I’m willing for all of this” he promised as he leaned over kissing your cheeks.

I won’t let him hurt you

Boy: Jay

Summary: Jay wants the reader back but she has a date with Harry.

Warnings: it’s unedited so sorry for the mistakes!

A/N: i’m sorry i haven’t posted in ages! back to school and all that, also let me know if you want a part 2!

masterlist // request imagines here!

“Hey, Y/N.” You jumped out of the sound of Jay’s voice. He hadn’t talked to you since you two broke up four months ago so you were very surprised to be hearing from him now.

“Jay, hey.” You said closing your locker door shut.

“I was just wondering if we could talk, about us you know.” He told you whilst following you down the hallway.

“Uh, you never answered my texts or calls four months ago.” You reminded him.

“I know, love. I just, I felt really bad about how I ended things and I was too scared to face you and hear how much I hurt you.” He explained.

“You did hurt me, Jay. But it’s okay, I got over it. I have a date tonight actually.” You told him, smiling.

His mouth practically hung open, “You have a date?!”

“Don’t act so surprised Jay. It’s been four months.” You said.

“Who is it with?” He asked, frowning.


“Harry- Harry hook?”

“Yes, he asked me out last week and we’re going to the beach for a date tonight.” You told him.

“You can’t go out with him, Y/N. He is a player, he’ll just end up hurting you. I won’t let him hurt you.” He promised.

“Jay, you were always the protective type. But I don’t need your protection anymore. We’re over and you don’t have room for me in my life, you made that pretty clear last time we talked.” You said as you two reached the cafe, you always came here for a lunch time coffee.

“I will always care about you Y/N. You know that and I’m sorry, I can’t believe I destroyed one of the best things I had.” He told you as he reached for her hand, “I missed you so so much.”

You sighed, “Then why did it take you four months to talk to me again?”

“I was scared, scared that you wouldn’t want me back or that you had moved on. And now I’m pretty sure both those things are true.” He stated.

You looked him in the eyes, “One of those things is true. Why don’t we go out Saturday night?”

“What about Harry?”

“It’s not I’m official with him yet, it’s just our first date. It’s okay for me to go on a date with you too.” You explained to him.

“Okay then, uh Saturday night I will um, pick you up at 6 and we can get dinner?” He suggested.

“Sure.” You smiled before kissing his cheek and walking into the cafe and leaving him outside the door, absolutely stunned that he was finally getting another chance with you again.

“Harry, hey where are you?” You spoke into your phone. You were outside the restaurant you were meant to have dinner with him in, he was already twenty minutes later.

“Oh, uh yeah. I’ll be there in fifteen sorry.” He said, though you could tell he sounded distracted.

“You-you didn’t forget right?” You questioned.

“No! Uh, yeah maybe I’m sorry. I just lost track of time, I’ll be there in twenty.” He said.

“Well I won’t be here. I’m worth more than being forgotten about it Harry.” You said before handing up the phone and making your way back to the bus stop, trying to act like you weren’t crying.

You checked the time table and the bus didn’t come for another half n hour, “Great.” You mumbled to yourself as you sat down on the bench and took out your phone.

“Y/N?” You looked up to see Jay standing in front of you.

‘What are you doing here?” You asked.

“My friends and I are going out, they’re just parking the car now. Why are you here? I thought tonight was your date with Harry.” He said.

“That didn’t happen.” You told him.

“Why? What happened?” He asked and you could tell by the tone of his voice he wasn’t happy that the girl he loves was sitting alone crying waiting for the bus.

“He, uh he forgot we had our date.” You explained.

Jay rolled his eyes, “He’s such a dick. I’m so sorry Y/N. He’s not worth it, he doesn’t deserve you.” He told you, sitting down next to you on the bench, “Do you want to come out with us?”

“Oh, no I don;t want to intrude.” You said just as Evie, Doug, Mal, Ben, Carlos, Jane and Lonnie came up.

‘You guys don’t mind if Y/N comes too?” Jay asked his friends.

“No, of course not!” Evie said and everyone else nodded.

“Okay, cool. So where are we going?” You asked with a smile on your face.

“The city.” Mal replied. You nodded and Jay put his arms around your shoulder, a movement that defiantly didn’t go unnoticed by you or anyone else as Carlos raised an eyebrow at Jay.

You ended up having a great time in the city. You had missed Jay’s friends and even though you were still good friends with Mal and Evie, you didn’t hang out much with anyone else anymore.

Ben dropped you off at your dorm building and Jay insisted on walking you upstairs, “Thank you for tonight Jay. I had fun.”

“I’m glad, me too. I missed us being together like this.” He told you as you two reached his dorm.

“Yeah I did as well. Well, um, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You said as you started fumbling for your keys.

“Yep.” And as your eyes were on your purse, you didn’t see Jay inching closer to you and when you looked up he was so close to you. He started leaning in and you copied his actions. He wrapped his arms around and pulled you closer to him as you leaned more into the kiss.

“Have a good night Jay.” You smiled at him before kissing his cheek and walking into your dorm.

It was now Saturday evening and Jay had texted you earlier confirming your date. You had showered, and did your makeup now you were just picking something to wear.

“Evie, what should I wear?” You spoke into you phone as you looked over at the clothes on your bed.

“What are your options?”

“A blue dress with roses on it, denim shorts with a pink crop top or a teal skirt with a white graphic tee.” You described.

“Hmm, I’d say go with the teal skirt and shirt. It’ll go really cute with that heart necklace Mal got you for you birthday.” She told you.

“You’re right. I’ll go with that one, it’ll look good with the lipstick color I’m wearing.” You replied, “Alright E I’m off to finish getting ready, I’ll text you how it went.”

“You better!” She laughed and after you said goodbye and hanged up.


Finally actually did a screenshot redraw aaaAAA
Original shot from this post

Fragmentary Passage was so heckin good, I’m really really excited for KH3 

school dress code! ft. s.j.m characters


rowan : simple jeans and a shirt. nothing special. blends in with the crowd. probably wear timberlands. probably gets them stolen by aelin. may wear rings occasionally. very tall, so midriff always showing when he stretches. 

aelin : always wearing tight™ clothing. rowan always has to walk her to places because of it but he doesn’t mind. tight high-waisted skinny jeans and mid waisted crop tops. snap back caps too, probably aedion’s. doesn’t wear dresses or skirts. big on shorts. wears thigh high boots. 

aedion : ripped jeans and ripped sweatshirts. model™ every day. how does he do it? the world may never know. probably takes as long as lysandra in the morning, if not longer. muscle tees definitely. wears normal sneakers that keep being stolen by his cousin and his girlfriend. 

lysandra : girly girl that will assault you if you call her a slut™ don’t mess with her™ she may wear skirts and blouses and heels and headbands in her hair but she will cut™ you. wears necklaces and bracelets and rings too. probably has a blade hidden in her bra.

dorian : black black black everywhere. when does this boy ever not wear black? when he’s wearing grey or white. expensive™ clothes. “where you get that black shirt?” “this isn’t black, it’s charcoal off-black black and it costs $400″ he’ll mix it up but those are his three go to colors. they compliment his eyes. 

manon : goth™ hot topic™ always wearing band merch. always some ripped dresses and shirts and jeans. black stockings and those ridiculously high heels. spiked rings and necklaces. the queen of chokers and choking people. skulls and roses too. but mostly skulls. wears less black than dorian, but still loves black. 

chaol: mostly wears sweatpants and whatever shirt he just found. nothing special about him. but he still kind of looks good?? as long as he doesnt walk directly beside the others. sweatshirts of course and muscle tees but like twice every summer. 

nesryn : closet goals™ everything you could ever wish for™ mostly red and brown and gold. maybe some white and grey here and there, but she really does have everything. mostly wears midriff showing red shirts and brown high waisted skinny jeans. loves combat boots. has body jewelry and you know it. makes chaol look good. 

fenrys : probably on the sports team. so he just wears his uniform. but if not, he’s wearing those sport-like shorts and simple white tee shirts. muscles rip through shirt so beware™ wears joggers too bc he’s trying to look cool™. aelin most likely dresses him. 

asterin : wears a lot of gold and she looks drop dead gorgeous in it. and mix of lysandra and aelin. most likely will not wear a dress or a skirt, but when she is in one, you know it’s about to go down. definitely™ has blades hidden under her clothing. 

lorcan : he’s too tall for clothes. he’s too cool for school. he messes up the dress code every day. probably lets elide dress him. and she just throws xxxxxx-large sweaters at him, which they found on some black-list site. very hard to shop for him, but he likes simple things. 

elide : makes lorcan look 128% better. loves long sweaters with leggings. mostly likes grey, black, creams, browns, and reds maybe. always has too long sleeves so she can look extra cute. wears beanies. simple flat shoes on. 

connall : smol gay bean™ doesnt hide his gayness™ but he doesn’t look gay. just beanie and sweaters and jeans. simple, easy to find, vaughan loves ripping it off in the janitor’s closet, probably the best fashion sense next to aelin. fashion wars™ between those two. 

vaughan : connall dresses him. he can never dress himself. he’d look like a hobo wearing green with orange and a side of purple. connall just puts him in simple clothes that he got from whatever store was next to his favorite. probably bright colors too, just so he can laugh. vaughan is never amused™ jk he is bc he loves connall. 

gavriel : dresses like the dad, is the dad… the hot dad your best friend is having an affair with. loves those nerdy glasses. does not dress like a nerd. but oh my he looks good. “stop staring at the dad™ of the group” “cant stop wont stop” “ugh” simple v neck shirts and jeans. so simple, but he makes it look so good.


rhys: drag queen clothes. over the top. calm down rhys. everyone is looking at you. wears as much black as dorian. actually dresses feyre and everyone else “oh honey, that color makes you look sick” “oh no no no this just wont do” sassily walking down the halls, a grumbling feyre behind him.

feyre : she doesnt even know what she’s wearing. she loves shopping at thrift stores but rhys puts her in high brand things. she loves getting old clothes and making them better but rhys loves spending thousands of dollars on her. mostly just wears ripped clothes and makes them look good. doesn’t care about the name brands™.

cassian : hot™ boy™ at™ school™ everyone wants him. that poplar boy but with a heart of gold. has “nerdy glasses” competition with gavriel bi-weekly. they switch turns when it comes to winning. wears skinny jeans because it’s good for the butt muscles. and good for the ladies. he is a sin. 

nesta : elegant clothes™ the epitome of class. created the word ‘classy’. wears those big shades just to dramatically slide them off her face and flip her hair like a super model. has nice fitting clothes, not too edgy or revealing. the “it” girl. 

azriel : mor actually dressed him. he couldn’t dress himself if mor smacked him in the head with the clothes she wanted him to wear. which she does. he likes to hide behind his clothes and mor. doesn’t feel worthy of the hotness he has. actually has a nice sense of style when he got into it. wears belts and tucks his shirt in and has cufflinks. probably the occasional bowtie and blazer. hotter than you think™. 

mor : walk walk fashion baby, the hallways are her runways. always in the hottest styles. in those eight inch heels, but can totally fite™ you™. has short dresses that barely just reach her thighs. always wearing short in the front long in the back. made the term “business in the front, party in the back”.

lucien : elain is actually impressed by his sense of style. loves autumn colors. its the middle of spring and you ill find him in browns and reds and golds and orange scarves. loves normal jeans and normal shirts and just wears rings to accessorize. the occasional beanie here and there. 

elain : spring incarnate. exactly like lucien, but with spring. always wearing light pinks and blues and yellow and tangerine oranges. she can pull off anything. always wearing those light pink skinny jeans and light blue tops. color clashing™ somehow it works™ huuuuge hoop earrings and necklaces that drop down to her belly button. wears sandal platforms.

amren : drop dead hot. and scary™ watch out. wears more spikes than manon. has spikes on her heels. spikes on her bra. spikes everywhere. loves silver and red. has the best body jewelry and a lot of earrings in her ears. and septum one. red and black lips. gotta love her sense of style. chokers™ with spikes™ and skulls™

tamlin : …

Unwanted Conversations

* Anthony Ramos x Reader
* Modern rpf
* 146: I wasn’t planning on asking you, but I’ve come to realize that life is short. Will you marry me?
* Requested by @doggirl212
* Request: with Anthony where he was looking at a wedding ring for his girlfriend, but he only saw the readers face for each one and he realizes he loves them.

A/N: done! I don’t really have much to add except I have horrible writer’s block and absolutely no motivation to do…anything. So, I’m apologizing for my slowness. But anyway, enjoy!

Word Count: 2,780


“She is so amazing!” You friend Anthony was currently raving about some girl he’d met after a showing of Hamilton. You worked stage crew on the show and the two of you had become fast friends. The past few days he’d been going on and on about this girl he met backstage after the show. You were growing bored of it by now.

“Uh-huh?” You mumbled, uninterested. You were scrolling through you phone and sipping a coffee from Javier’s makeshift coffee shop. You were both sitting on the couch in his dressing room.

“Are you even listening?” Anthony asked. You sighed, locked you phone, placed your coffee on the table by the couch, and looked up at him.

“Not really. But that’s only because I’ve heard this a thousand times by now. This girl is super pretty and funny and amazing. You’ve told me this countless times already.” You complained.

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- So all the bat boys go shopping like a day before Mother’s day.

- And they go in pairs.

- Like Jason and Tim are at Macy’s going through women’s clothing, with these confused expressions.

- “Tim, dude, look at this, It’s like a dress, only it has shorts at the end! How awesome is that? “

- “I feel like that’s really convenient, you know how busy they are, just slip it on and you’re ready for the day.”

- It is literally the ugliest romper in the world, it has a yellow and black block color pattern, and ruffles on the end of the shorts.

- “But you know we should keep our options open.”

“Yeah of course, of course.”

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Imagine you’re the new bartender and Juice has a crush on you 

You were 18 when you moved away Texas from and into Charming, thinking, no, more like dreaming about quiet sunday evenings drinking tea and long reading sessions under an apple three, a white fence house and the sound of children playing on the street. 

Instead of that you got a small, dark and hot room in the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse, sponsored by your uncle Quinn and his friends. Soon enough your country girl dreams faded when you found yourself being the new SAMCRO bartender.  You couldn’t complain, really, everything was better than being back in dusty old Texas, with your abusive stepfather and your pill head mother. In some way, Quinn was like a father to you, since your dad died on a run when you were just 9 years old. Your mother lost it, and everything went downhill. You secretly thought that Quinn was fond of you because, apart from being the only child of his only dead brother, he thought of you as a daughter since he never had the chance to settle down and have a proper family. 

That’s why when he called you, asking you to move to Charming with him and his new chart, you inmediatly said yes, dropping your job as a waitress and went running to his arms. 

“Off limits.” You remember he said to his brother when you came out of the cab and went running into TM. Everyone laughed, except for the cute puerto rican guy in the stupid haircut. 

A few days later and everything was running smoothly. You poured drinks, took out the trash, cleaned the bar and also found the time to read and study a little, for you wanted to keep studying some day, when things at the clubhouse settled down. 

It was a good job with good people that did good things…sort of. 

You turned up the radio, Alan Jackson singing his heart out. As cheesy as it sounds, it reminded you home. As you cleaned around the bar, Gemma Teller-Morrow walked inside the clubhouse, her heels clacking the cold tildes and making everyone stare, wave and smile at her, out of love or fear.  You always had an admiration for the her, being the matriarch and being able to, somehow contain all these crazy  bikers at ease. It amazed you how much they loved her and respected her.

“Hey, Gemm.” You said smiling when she put her purse on the bar and took off her sunglasses, sitting down on the stool. “What can i get you?” 

“Just water, sweetheart. It’s a hell of a hot day…” She said puckering her lips and looking around. Everyone was either on the run, or getting groceries for tonights party, while the rest was working at TM. Except for Juice. 

He was playing a solo on the pool table, trying not to look guilty of staring at you doing your work, when you were oblivious. But the Queen of bikers knew better than that. Smirking, she pulled herself up and water in hand, walked over to the stupid kid with the mohawk. 

“Hey Juicy.” She said looking at the balls all over the table. You looked at them and flashed them a smile, not thinking much of it.  

“Hi, Gemm.” He said smiling in full display, pressing a soft kiss on Gemma’s cheek. “Looking for Clay? He’s on the…”

“Oh, cut the shit, punk boy. I see you’re into Quinn’s little kid.” She said flashing Juice a smirk, watching him get all bothered and nervous. He stared at Queen B with pure terror in his eyes for a few seconds before trying to laugh it off. 

“Good one, Mom, really good one.”  He said grabbing the pool stick and looking at the ground, still red and shaky. Gemma just stared, hands on her hip as his glass of water stayed on the table, making it impossible for Juice to continue his game. 

“Her name is (Y/N). Might as well invite her to tonight’s party.” She said placing her purse under her armpit. “Oh, and apologize to her.” 

“The party? Quinn would chop off my fingers and wear them as a necklace.” He said staring into nothing, as if he was imagining the scenario. “Apologize? What? Why would i…?” He talked too soon, when Queen B knocked over the glass of water all over the table, she gasped sounding everything but surprised. “No, Gemma…”

“(Y/N)!” She shouted in your direction, still looking at Juice with a smile on her face. “Goofball here knocked over the glass of water” She started to walk over to the office. “Fix it.” 

Seconds passed and you were already there, cloth in hand, resignation in your eyes. You started to dry the place, minding your own bussiness. Juice looked at you, biting his lip slightly, when he heard a sound from the door. The one and only Gemma, arms crossed over her chest looked at him, encouraging him to make a move. 

“Uh…” he started off calling your attention. You smiled at him, standing a few inches under his nose, placing a strand of hair behind his ear. “I’m…I’m sorry. I’m the goofball”

“That you are. No worries. Juan Carlos, right’?” You said, grabbing the glass and poking your hip out. 

“It’s…Juice. My friends call me Juice.” He smiled, showing his perfect teeth and scratching his scalp. You bit your lip, nodding and starting to walk away. 

“Well. Nice to meet you, goofball. Stay out of trouble.” You said, walking over to the bar, for you were quite busy with tonights party. 

That’s impossible, Juice said to himself. The sound of the door again and as he turned around, Gemma was still there, mouthing and motioning to grow a pair. He cleared his throat and jogged over the bar, leaning against it and calling your attention when he knocked over the already dry glasses of tequila shots. 

“Shit…” he muttered picking them up. “Uh…(Y/N), i was wondering if…you know, i could call a croweater to relieve you from your work and…” he looked down forgetting where all of this was going. “We can, well, the party and all…” 

“You’re asking me to the party tonight? As a hang around, not the bartender?”  You asked, putting the glasses on the sink, smiling widely, and finding it cute that Juice, the big bad Queens biker, was so nervous. 

“Yeah…” he sounded relieved, sighing. As if when you said what you said, a big stoned were removed from his chest. 

“Sure, if Clay’s okay with it.” 

“He will. I mean…I’ll talk to him” 

“Cool. Meet you here at 9 PM” 

“It’s a date then.” You nodded, licking your lips out of habit. “I mean. Not a date, in case you want a date, then it is a date and i would be one lucky dog and…” You laughed and waved him off, turning around and facing the sink.  

Juice smirked and went back to table, knocking his feet over the couch and tripping on his way over, making you giggle as he went full red, trying to look as natural as he could. 

Goofball...” You said under your breath. 

Damn it, goofball.” He thought to himself blushing a new different shade of red.

Fucking goofball.” Gemma trailed off, smirking to the young biker. 

anonymous asked:

((Hey can you draw Pranks and Mrs. Sandlot? I really want to know what they look like. Thanks!!!))

((Here we are! Some information regarding the both of them:

  • Mrs. Sandlot usually wears her hat everywhere she goes,even if it doesn’t go with her outfit of choice, because the flower is actually a recording device and she never knows when she’ll stumble upon blackmail material.
  • The necklace she wears is actually a vial of poison.
  • Her jacket isn’t just a fashion statement; it actually hides many weapons that she keeps on her at all times, including a gun and knife.
  • (Yes she can still fire a gun even while blind, because she has good intuition and has a device in her ear that says what’s in front of her by using identification technology, so she knows she’s not about to fire into a wall or anything.)
  • Pranks often wears “underlord clothe”, ie the big jacket and handkerchief to cover Pranks’ face and make it harder to identify Pranks.
  • While the gun is never loaded, or sometimes a fake entirely, Pranks still carries it both to feel more protected and to use against anyone who tries to get int Pranks’ way.
  • Pranks’ belt is full of a variety of things to use against attackers, backstabbers, or just to prank people.
  • In case you haven’t noticed yet, Pranks doesn’t use pronouns. In place of pronouns, Pranks prefers that you just say “Pranks”, even if it gets repetitive.

Thanks for asking me to draw them!! I kept putting it off so it was nice having a reason to finally get around to it haha.))

Hoshidan Festival: Keaton and Kanna Parent-Child Convo

This conversation is interesting because it seems that Dragon Blood + Wolfskin Blood = Cannibalistic Kanna. But if he’s a Dragon-Wolfskin hybrid, does that mean that eating humans is not cannibalistic? 

Either way, he still manages to be the little sweetheart child that is loved no matter who his parents are. 

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Playing “Guess the talent” LEVEL HARD!

Just noticed that the Danganronpa wikia has updated with only the names of the Student Council, so I will try guessing their SHSL talent and names. Just for the LOLS :D For the names I’m actually using the order they appeared in Junko’s chart in the anime and linking it with the name’s order in those tapes she showed them.


So, any ideas guys? I would love to hear it! /o/

This is Murasame Soshun. The only survivor and the SHSL Council President. So, not fun because we already knew it.

So I guessing this guy is the student council vice president jut because HE LOOKS LIKE IT XD So Ikuta Kotomi, but his talent, huh, maybe SHSL Mathematician? Because glasses. I saved his picture with the name “notthepresident” because HE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE A CHARACTER WHO WOULD BE THE COUNCIL PRESIDENT! LOL

ASAHINAAAAA! I mean, it is totally her. So, by the order that would be Someya Ryota, the name is kinda strange. Hm, SHSL Voleiball player? Everything about her SCREAMS athletic type and tomboy because she looks like Asahina XD

Kisaragi Karen. Hm, I guess her talent would be SHSL Secretary since she is the council’s secretary and I wouldn’t put that past DR XD

TERUTERU WANNABE! Obligatory chubby character. So maybe he is Hino Asuka…HIS NAME IS A PUN LOL I can totally see him getting this type of name. Talent? TALENT? HMMMMM. This one is hard…SHSL Metereologist…? Just because of the pun.

We didn’t even get to see how you died man. So sad. He looks cool. Goriki Tomohiko is the SHSL…secondary character? HE IS SO GOOD AT BEING IN THE BACKGROUND RIGHT? No I’m kidding, huh. SHSL Jewelry maker? He uses a necklace. Wow, I’m really grasping at straws right now XD

Oh this guy. He loved the pink haired girl and then killed the couple out of despise after having to kill her. Yeeeah, sad. So his name would be Kurosaki Taro…I think it kinda fits. He looks like the athletic type too, so maybe, SHSL Basketball player? I’m not creative with sports at all XD

SONIA IS THAT YOU? SO PRETTY *-* Why did you have to die? D: She was going to kill herself together with her boyfriend, oh man. So her name would be Kamii Tsubasa. Tsubasa-chan? It kinda fits! But her talent…SHSL Diplomat…she looks like royalty and stuff D:

The handsome boyfriend. That’s right, beautiful people get together to put more beautiful people on the world…not these guys, but you get it. Ichino Sosuke, I like this name for him too. He is too pretty, he has to be the SHSL Enchanted Prince or something like that. Ok, seriously, SHSL Poet. Because of the lover’s suicide kinda like Romeo and Juliet.

HEY LOOK, IS THAT GUY’S CRUSH! She is pretty too. Umesawa Aiko…yay, another name that fits! Hm, maybe SHSL Fashion Designer? She looks so stylish.

GREAT GOZU’S SON! YOU KILLED PIKACHU GIRL! I DON’T LIKE YOU! D:< He is the diesel character so SHSL MMA Fighter. But, I would love if he was like the SHSL Contemporaneous Dancer or something XD Following the order his name would be Yoko Shoji…GREAT SHOJI THEN!

PIKACHU GIRL! S-so cuuuute! Whyyyy! Her death was horrible btw. Her name would be…Kubo Daiki? Err…I don’t know, it doesn’t sound right D: PLOT TWITS SHE IS ACTUALLY A GUY! Ok then, SHSL Cosplayer. Just because she was using that Pikachu hoodie XD

Almost a hero. Almost. In a different timeline this kid killed Junko and the DR’s games never happened. He is probably the SHSL Toymaker, since he has those plushies with him. By the order his name would be Nishizawa Kiriko…yep, don’t fit. And when he was all like “I will avenge her!” I thought that maybe he had a crush on the first victim, that would be cute since he is so smol ç-ç

You are a tsundere, right? I get these tsundere vibes from her. Her name would be Kashiki Suzuko. Talent? Hmm. Oh, maybe she had a really useful talent like SHSL Firearm user? Or hunter! And she got took down first ironically!

~Ophelia and Jules think they’re subtle. Everyone else just thinks they’re gay.~

Ophelia stood in front of the Zeta house, debating whether to follow through on her crazy plan. What in the sweet mother of hell have I done to deserve this? Curiosity getting the better of her, she entered. If any one asks, I’m here to sell weed. She’d never been happier to be ‘the weed girl’, not that she didn’t always love the identity. But now it made the perfect cover. The green hair didn’t exactly lend itself to subterfuge, so she’d have to hide in plain sight. 

One of her regular customers flagged her down, a Zeta whose name she couldn’t quite remember. Pheobe? Felicity? Something like that. 

“Nice party”

“I’m sooo glad you’re here” Farrah slurred “How did you know I needed you? Are you psychic? Does weed give you powers?”

“Sure. Let’s go with that.” Ophelia wanted to get this over with. She had more important things to think about. Like finding a sorority ninja that’s down one necklace. How is this my life? Damn my insatiable curiosity. I shouldn’t have watched so much Veronica Mars. She glanced at Frankie, confirming the girl was wearing her necklace. Yeah, that’s not a shocker. “How much do you need?”

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“Well I’m officially bored.” Dean said as he shut the book of lores he was reading 

 "Well I for one find this all extremely fascinating.“ Sam replied as he flipped the pages of the old book. 

 "Of course you are Sammy.” You laughed as you placed your empty bottle on the table and took a seat at the table. 

“Well what do you expect from a giant nerd in hunters clothing?” Dean laughed, causing a small giggle to escape you, causing Sam to glare jokingly. “Well isn’t this a lovely sight?” A Scottish accent greeted causing you all to whip your heads towards the entryway. 

“What the hell do you want?” You asked 

“Just was bored, figured I come bug my favorite Moose, Squirrel and Duck. I see the Giraffe is missing." 

"I’m right here.” Cas said as he appeared at his side 

“Well it’s an honor really for you to show up. How’s Heaven?" 

 "Good. How’s Hell?" 

 "Hot.” Crowley smiled

“Oh will you two just shut it?” You snapped as Dean and Sam rolled their eyes at them

“I’m sure they would if you kissed them?” You shot a look at Dean

“No Deany I’m sure she would much rather have a lolly.” Gabriel appeared handing you your favorite kind of lollipop, which you gladly accepted.

“Well since we are all here, what should we do?” Cas asked

“I’m sorry am I just chopped liver?” Balthazar said as he appeared on the table holding a necklace

“Did you really need to bring a stolen necklace?” Sam asked as they all stared at the angel who was still standing on the table

“This isn’t just any necklace boys, and [Y/n]. this is the heart of the ocean.” He said

“Still stolen.” Sam said

“Well I feel like a game. How about you?” Crowley asked causing you all to nod

“I suggest Twister.” Cas said, pulling a twister board out of the trenchcoat

“Do you really have a twister board in your coat Cas?”

“Doesn’t everyone?” He asked confused

“Well there is too many of us to play so maybe next time.” You replied as Gabriel picked the empty bottle up.

“What about truth or dare, Spin the bottle style?” 

Everyone agreed, and formed a circle on the floor, since you were the only girl they allowed you to start, the bottle spun and spun and soon landed on Balthazar.

“Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” He answered

“I dare you to break your favorite bottle of wine.”

“What! No I….”

“No refusing.” Dean answered as Balthazar disappeared, returning in seconds with a bottle of red wine, which he threw out the window, and crashed to the ground.

 After that the game went on, before it landed on you Sam had put his hair in a messy bun, Crowley was in a dress, Gabriel had drunk a bottle of hot sauce and Dean was wearing your makeup. Then the  bottle landed on you.

“Truth or Dare?” Dean asked

“Truth.” You said, refusing to be like everyone else

“In this circle who do you like?”

“I like you all Dean?” You looked at him confused

“No I mean Like-Like?”

You looked nervously, for your crush was here but you didn’t know if they felt the same, you took a deep breath, sure that the fear was in your eyes. Then you said it.







I guess

My sister always has marks on her arms that look like cat scratches, except we don’t have a cat. I can hear her crying every night and I always wonder any she is so sad. She has lots of friends, people talk about her all the time, and her phone is always going off, but she always makes a sad face when she reads her screen, I guess they had bad news.

Mommy and daddy found her sleeping on the bathroom floor one night, an empty bottle of pills were next to her. I guess she was sick. We went to the hospital because i guess she must’ve hit her head. Mommy and daddy cried and argued. I didn’t understand much of what was going on. 

After she was okay again mommy and daddy told me that she was going to a camp that for special girls like her. It wasn’t much of a camp, it was really just a building that had a fence around it. We could only see her on Sundays and Wednesdays, she was always bare foot, she was never wearing the bracelet I made her, or her necklace that wrapped around her neck. 

She didn’t look good. She was skinny and pale, I guess the food wasn’t too good. The cat scratches were going away, but she had band-aids where they were. 

When mommy got off the phone she told me to go and get all of my scissors, the tape from my sisters room, her shaver from our bathroom, her pocket knives, the medicine from the bathroom cupboard, her broken glass bunny, and bring it all down stairs. I got all of the stuff and brought it down stairs. Mommy had a bucket and a lock, I guess she wanted this all to herself.

Daddy took the locks of my sisters door, I guess he didn’t care if I accidentally walked in on her.

One day my sister came back. She looked a little bit better. We took here out to eat at her favorite restaurant. I saw her slip a knife into her bag when we were about to leave, I guess she needed it to cut something.

My sister has to ask now if she had have her shaver when she showers. Mom tells her to bring it right out after she’s finished. I guess she doesn’t want it to rust.

Today my sister came home with a black eye. She screamed when mommy and daddy tried to talk to her. She ran outside. I guess she just needed some air.

I went out to see if she wanted to talk. She was hanging from the rope swing. She didn’t move. She just swung back and forth with the wind. I guess she just wanted to be an angel.