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Once Upon A Dream (Part One)

Fandom: Riverdale
Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader/OC
Rating: NSFW, Mature
Warnings: Language/Cursing, Adult Themes/Situations, Emotional Stress/Angst, Gang Activity, Underage Drinking/Drug Useage (Party responsibly!), Rivalry, Smut!
Format: Part One of Three

Note: So this is a little something that popped into my head, inspired by the song, Wildest Dreams. Silly, I know, but some of those lines just seem to fit Sweet Pea so well. I couldn’t resist. This has a slight AU!Quality, where there is a strong football rivalry between the Southside High and Riverdale High. Cliche, perhaps, but I lovee it. There’s some Archie!Angst in the beginning, so if any of you are a sucker for that! This will be a three part mini-series, and should wrap up after the third part!

Looking at him, she couldn’t help but think he was beautiful.

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anonymous asked:

imagine plumiere first met AFTER they were turned into objects. so they fell in love with each other as a feather duster and a candelabra, and then post-curse WHAM they are blinded by the other's respective beauty, and all is wonderful. thoughts? -☁️


holy shit. holy shit holy shit. holy shit holy shit holy shit ok so we have to ignore canon for this but holy fucking shit i’m so fucking down

  • like lumiere, pre-curse, just swanning among all the maids. he loves all of them but he hasn’t had like…true love yet
  • (and tbh they’re beginning to all look a little identical to him)
  • then CURSE! BAM! FUCKING FIRE HANDS. fucking candelabra has to work with not being 6 feet high and having fingers
  • and like….damn, but there’s just something about being stuck in a stone castle that’s literally falling apart all around you while your master is a roaming monster and all your friends are dead inside to really take the romance out of things
  • but one day he’s just being melancholy on a table, sort of flickering in-and-out of being himself and being a candelabra, and then this precious beautiful lovely thing comes and sits beside him, and covers her eyes with one wing, and sighs?
  • and he falls in love? with the sigh?
  • and just ~~slowly~~ getting to know each other, and yeah plumette kinda knew about him before, but she was busy swanning through the footmen and hadn’t really paid attention to him. she’s not sure what his human face looked like
  • but his sense of humor is so funny?? he’s so charming! he knows the same parisian jokes that she does, but he twists them, makes them spark!
  • and he’s seductive, too. plumette knows this is weird because he’s a candelabra but…………………………………………………………………………..
  • like that long-ass ellipses are her thoughts sliding away because he’s hot. like in all senses. hot.
  • h o t
  • and lumiere just spends days wishing he had a sense of TOUCH, mon dieu, why did he not appreciate it when he had it, imagine how soft his plumette is?????? imagine!
  • all they can really do is imagine. and they start pretending they can hear the heart-beat of the other
  • lumiere tries to imagine her as human: soft eyes, he knows that much, and soft hands; but….what did she look like?
  • plumette is definite that human lumiere probably has big, brown eyes. and a smile that lights up the sun! it does that now, anyway, but it’s made of gold so that barely counts
  • what-the-fuck ever. they’re in love. candelabra and feather duster.
  • and they think?? they’re gonna see??? the human versions of each other???!?!??!?!? because surely belle and le prince are in love???
  • no, no, no. she fades in his arms. he cries, because he can’t feel her. he tries to cry. gold eyes yield no tears.
  • but THEN!!
  • FUCK!!!!!!!!
  • HE HAS ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SIX FEET FUCKING TALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and there’s a feather over here—and she landed over there—
  • mon dieu.
  • mon
  • fucking
  • dieu
  • obviously he’s the perfect courtier so manners kick in and he helps her up but no wonder he can’t speak???? she is—she is fucking sublime?! if she wants to throw him out the window right now that’s fine because she is dazzling and he has stopped existing
  • but like: she wakes up on the floor. oh—oh! hands! she can see her hands! she can feel the breeze on her arms! she’s being helped up by—
  • HOLY
  • SHIT
  • his eyes aren’t brown; they’re blue.
  • if these 2 were in love before i think they’re at next-level love at this point. like, whatever the opposite of murder is. they’re at it
  • and plumette is soft and lumiere sparkles and the theory that they have amazing sex is 1000% confirmed
  • This was great and good and i am content. fucking bless. cute as shit and i am pleased
Fourteen Years Later - A (kind of) Sirius Black Imagine - Chapter One

Hello! I know I haven’t been posting in a while, let’s say I’m working a lot.

This is something I started to write back in June. I continue to write it when I have seconds to myself. 

Pairing : Stella, which is Sirius Black’s unknown daughter, seeking for the truth about her roots and identity. 

If you haven’t, you can read “tell me about the one who loved him” here, before. 

I know this won’t be very popular but I thought I had to share, mostly because I’ve been so not active lately and this is a very personal work. 



Fourteen Years Later - Chapter One

I guess you could say that being born a witch is great. It has a lot of good sides, I admit. I mean, I was born into a wizard and witches family, it was not really a surprise the first time I felt magic in me. But it has a lot of dark sides too. First, witches and wizards like their secrets. Initially, there is this world of magic that only wizards and witches know about and it has to be kept this way. This is an inviolable decree. To keep at peace both worlds, the magic one and the normal one, we have to be discreet about our magic. It would scare so much normal people to know about what we can do with our powers… But we also like to keep secrets from each other. I’d say my whole life, I’ve been lied to. This is probably the thing I hate the most about being a witch. Lies.

My name is Stella Gatti, but I’d rather you only call me by my first name. I am fourteen years old, though people think I look a little bit older. Some people think I’m odd. See, I have these very long and black hair, I take it from my mum. She has the darkest hair I’ve ever saw and for some time she kept it long too, almost down to her waist, which made her look quite young. I have to say, she had me pretty young too. She was twenty-two when she gave birth to me. When we moved in London, she decided to cut her hair shorter, to her breast, to make her look a little bit more mature. It didn’t work out that well, she still has that young face. My mum is really beautiful, but there’s something in her eyes, you’d say, that makes her look quite unhappy. For some time, I always thought it was just the way she was, that she tended for melancholy in an unhelpful way. Later I figured why, but that’s a story I’ll tell in the future.

I always was inspired by my mother for the length of my hair : I like to wear it long, but not too much though. Try to go to the restroom and always have to tie your hair in a bun so you can do your business without being scared to wet it. It can be messy, it happened to me once. The colour of it is a little bit less dark than hers, it goes more of a darkish brown than a true jet-black. And they wave a little bit. Nonna, my grandmother, used to call me a mermaid when I was younger. She’d like to brush it and tell me great stories about the mere people. She’d say they lived in all sort of waters. They were dangerous and pretty clever, but I was probably never going to meet one anyway. I grew up with my mother, her sister and my grandparents. I was born in a small village in Ancona, Italia. That’s where my mother was born before my grandfather moved the family to America. They come from a long lineage of an old family of wizards and witches. They’re aristocrats and very proud of where they come from. I never really felt proud like them, maybe because I’ve missed half of where I came from since I was born. See, I never knew my dad, it was taboo and secret to talk about him. The first time I asked about him, I was probably five. My mother was talking with her dad and suddenly it came to me : who was my father? Where was he? My mum looked at me on the verge of tears as Nonno, my granddad, answered to me that my father was dead. I sort of believed him, but deep inside, I knew he was lying.

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“What…what was that y/n…?”

“Labor. Hikaru.” you panted through pain, “I’m going into labor!!!”


“Just get me in the car and get me to the hospital!!!!”

Hikaru ran to you, still sputtering nonsensical and unfinished sentences and wraped his arm around your waist. He guided you down the stairs, into the car, and to the hospital, praying he could help you through this.

~After the baby was born: Hikaru lied in bed next to you, holding your new child. He felt all the pain he’d ever endured at once and swore mentally he’d never let his child go through that. His wife looked at his melancholy face and smiled.

“We’ll raise this baby to be the happiest anyone can ever be.” She said, and kissed the top of the child’s head then Hikaru’s cheek.

“I know,” he said finally smiling, “I was just thinking about all the hardships they’ll go through. But there’s plenty of time for that later. Right now they’re happy and so, so beautiful.”

His wife leaned her head on his shoulder and said, “You’re right. Our baby is so beautiful.”


Mori noticed your water broke even before you did. In a flash he had you and the pre-packed suit case in the car and to the hospital.

~After the baby was born: Mori sat by the bed watching his wife hold their newborn baby. He couldn’t wipe the smile from his face as he thought about how absolutely perfect they both were.

“Mori,” his wife said, “here, do you want to hold our baby?”

Suddenly his baby looked so small and fragile. His smile faltered, but he nodded his head and his wife handed him their newborn.

Mori marveled at how a human could ever be so small, that he had once been that small. He thought about how innocent and pure his child was at this moment, how angelic and amazing his wife was for giving him the opportunity to have something this perfect. Family. His family.

And he would protect them. Both of them and any future children to come, he would protect them, and love them, and give him everything he was as a human to make sure they were always happy, safe, and loved.


It took a second for Honey to register what his wife had just said. She was going into labor!!

He was exited and nervous all at once as he grabbed the suit case and helped his wife into the car. As he drove her to the hospital he had one hand on the wheel, the other hand grasping his wife’s, and no matter how hard she squeezed he never lost the happiness in his voice as he rambled about how amazing their family was going to be.

~After the baby was born: “Honey, I would very much like to hold our baby now.”

Honey had been holding the baby since it was born and had only let his wife see it’s face as he held it. He didn’t realize she hadn’t held their baby yet. He was just so absorbed is the beauty and adorableness of his newborn.

“Oh!” Honey said, “I didn’t realize…sorry. But…”

“But what, Honey?” His wife questioned.

“But if you hold our baby then I’ll be too far away from it!”

“For goodness sake Honey, just let me hold our baby and you can sit next to me on the bed and and do what I’ve been doing for the past hour!” She laughed slightly, holding out her arms, “It will do you good to just look for a while and give your arms a rest.”

Honey reluctantly handed the baby to his wife and slid next to her on the bed. He was going to be so clingy. He already knew this, but with a baby this adorable, how could he not be?


When his wife went into labor he helped her to their bathroom and into the large tub they had kept empty for this ocasion. Kyoya knew germs were abundant in hospitals and didn’t trust any doctor, no matter how good they were, to deliver his child.

So Kyoya calmly filled the tub and called his family to tell him they would have a new member soon. He coached his wife through the birth, and delivered his baby himself.

After the baby was born: Kyoya kissed his wife’s temple and looked down at their beautiful baby. Both of their families were on the way and he planned to take this time until they got there for just the three of them. The first family time they’d had.

“So,” Kyoya smiled and gazed down at his child, “What are we going to name the first child of the Kyoya Ootori clan?”

“Excuse me,” his wife laughed, “Kyoya Ootori clan? How many children do you plan on having? And don’t I get to be a leader in this ‘clan’ too?”

He chuckled and kissed his wife again, “I plan on having as many children as we can handle. And I’d bet that’s around 3 or 4.”

A knock came on the door and they realized their family was there.

“We’ll talk about this later Ootori, but for now,” his wife smiled at him and caressed his face with her hand, “lets introduce our family to the newest clan member.”

the night patrol, chapter six

chapter title: A Light That Never Goes Out
words: 2.4k
chapter summary: Confessions and half truths and Ladrien fluff and mush city.

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

a/n: this wasn’t supposed to be so mushy but here I am now haha

AO3 | FF

Fridays are always busy for Adrien, but even by his standards, today is exceptionally grueling. After school, he has a two hour photoshoot, followed by a private Chinese tutoring session, followed by a brief twenty minute break for dinner with Nathalie, which he spends eating a salad while she runs down the fifteen unique items on his itinerary for Saturday morning, followed by another two hours spent working on physics homework.

Even though it’s his favorite subject, Adrien’s exhausted, and he barely makes it through the questions. By the time he finally gets a chance to go upstairs, even Plagg is already asleep, quietly snoring from inside Adrien’s shirt.

Adrien’s half asleep himself, and he doesn’t even turn on the lights in his room when he gets there. He’s about to collapse onto his bed when he sees a shadow at his window. It’s Ladybug.

She waves. “Hi, Adrien.”

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Why I prefer Kikyo over Kagome

If you’ve watched Inuyasha, then you definitely know why I compare Kikyo with Kagome. They’re like, according to fans, rivals. At at some point, in the show, they actually are. The main reason is of course, Inuyasha’s attention.

You can’t deny, Kagome is kinda jealous sometimes. And Kikyo can’t stand this girl. I mean she looks like her, she uses the same powers, she even steal her man. Can’t blame her.

Since I’m an Inuyasha fan, I haven’t found someone to love both. Or even like them both. No. Or Kikyo, or Kagome. Now, don’t think this is a fact. It’s possible to exist fans who love them both. But, again, I haven’t heard this yet.

And, of course, I prefer one of them. That’s Kikyo.

She was first

Kagome may be beautiful, may know how to fight, Inuyasha may love her but you know what ? Kikyo was actually first. She was the one who made Inuyasha fall in love with her. She convinced him to want to turn into a human. She’s the only one Inyasha wanted to marry with initially. She was the first archer. And she’s still better. Even Inuyasha, comparing them, admits that. She was first. No one can deny it.

Inuyasha still loves her, for more than half of the show

This is a fact. At least for the first two seasons, Inuyasha is still dieing for her. I mean, ever single time he hears something about her or if she’s around he runs to her. It does no matter if Kagome is with him. Of course, he doesn’t want to show it, but this is how it is. She still loves her. Remember when she came back to life ? He couldn’t fight with her, literary. She had him. And even she tried to kill him, he still wants her. He seems to forget what she’d done to him. Or when she fought into that miasma and Naraku took Kikyo, he was something like : ‘I won’t let you touch her!’ or something. It doesn’t necessary means that he loves her but he carries for her. Even more than for Kagome, at some point. And, after all, he’s not Ichigo or Allen to care for people, he seems to hate people, at first. So, carrying for Kikyo is a thing. Plus countless kisses and hugs.

She doesn’t interfere with anyone

I’m sick and tired of all the crazy fan girls who keep saying Kikyo is getting in Inuyasha’s way. Actually, it’s not like this. I’ve previously said that Inuyasha is the one who runs to her every time he sees a possibility. Not Kikyo. Now, if Inuyasha wanted Kagome, wouldn’t he just ignore Kikyo ? Logically, that’s what he would have done. But no. Plus, Kikyo seems to hate him. She even tries to kill him various times. If she can’t stand Kagome, it’s understandable. If I were her, I wouldn’t stand Kagome too.

She’s a complex character

Unlike Kagome, she’s a complex character. I mean, Kagome is just a teenager very easy to read. She’s like an open book. I could stick my hand in the fire that she’d fell hard for Inuyasha. And that’s what she did. She’s just foreseeable. Too foreseeable. On the other hand, Kikyo it’s a very interesting character. You have to analyze her actions to understand them. At some point she seems she doesn’t understand herself. She just wants to become what she was once. Also, she’s
unpredictable. Some fans think that she’s getting in Inyasha and Kagome’s way, but they don’t see the facts with her eyes. If they did it, maybe she wouldn’t be so hated …

I just see her much more beautiful than Kagome

Honestly, to me, she’s much more beautiful than Kagome. She’s so delicate and handsome. Plus her melancholy smile drives me crazy. Kagome’s teenager look annoys me, just like her whole personality. But that’s just me.

OK, that’s just my opinion. I know most of the fans won’t agree with me but this won’t make me change my mind. I would’ve preferred Kikyo over Kagome, even if she’d killed Inuyasha or someone else. She’s beautiful, strong, lovely and she’s just different. But again, that’s just me !


A/N: Why did my first fic in months have to end up like this?! I’ll make it up to you. :’)

Dark // Dean x Reader

Words: 2314

Warnings: Mentions of death, very depressing moments. 

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More translations from that Mexican magazine (only the white boxes) (apologies for the amount I don’t know!):

- Welcome to Mexico.  What is the girl of your dreams like?
Ignazio: Simple and with personality; if she is pretty in my eyes, it’s a bonus.
Piero: A girl that understands me, that is loyal and intelligent and although the physical (/body) isn’t the most important, she has to be a beautiful girl (does that make sense? He just contradicted himself…).  The physical beauty may tire but the inner never will.
Gianluca: I reflect in her eyes(?).  Her look/appearance must capture me.  I need someone that makes me smile because I am very melancholy.  If she’s going to fall in love with me, she must love my melancholy and I her joy.

- What would your ideal date be like?
I: I really like to cook, so I would love to do a dinner for two on the beach.  
P: (I literally don’t understand - someone help??? I think it’s something about being up for anything if he’s with a girl he likes?)
G: A dinner alone at the pyramids(?) having white wine.  

- Which actress or singer do you have a crush on?
I: I really like Anne Hathaway.
P: I love Angelina Jolie and for singers; Taylor Swift.
G:  Natalie Portman is my favourite.  I love elegant women.

- What is your most sad, entertaining or strange date story? (I’m guessing “historia de ligue” means something like “date story”, someone know?)
I: One time I met a girl in Brazil.  I don’t speak Portuguese and she didn’t speak English so we couldn’t communicate with each other.  She started to speak ill of me to her friend and I understood some words.  Before I went I told her  "Look, I don’t know how to speak Portuguese but I know to respect people in all languages".  I turned and went.   (This doesn’t sound like a date, Ignazio…)
P: The first kiss. (Fue con una papa a la francesa = it was with a French potato???  Or as a dictionary says: “Papa French” - does this mean anything to anyone?! Someone help! I don’t understand Piero!!), same as in the Disney film “The Lady and the Tramp”.  Each one I ate at one end until our lips touched.  
G: I remember when I was small a woman kissed me and I ran away from the pain it gave me (???).  I was 12 years old and I was very shy.  

- Lastly, would you like to go out with someone famous or do you prefer to go with women who aren’t in the media?
I: Definitely I prefer someone who isn’t in the media, because it is difficult to meet a girl in my world that is simple.  The fame and style of life in many cases prevent being humble.
P: I couldn’t tell you.  In one possibility I meet a famous actress, I fall in love with her and we marry.  Or maybe I meet any fan and I marry her.  I don’t plan my future.
G: “Low profile” because I need someone that reminds me what I did before I was famous, that keeps my feet on the ground.  I want to return to my house and do what I miss doing.  

Well this went well! I tried, okay.  Sorry again for the amount I don’t know! I’d be really appreciative if someone could help me out on the bits I don’t know! :)

A lil something for jack-frostitutes! Happy belated birthday, gurl! Thanks for being an awesome follower :) I hope you enjoy it!

“Hiccup. Hiccup. Hello, earth to Hiccup!”

He jolted awake, squinting out in the late afternoon sun. He sighed inwardly, realizing where he was. This is it, he thought sardonically. I’ve done the impossible. I’ve actually managed to-

“-You fell asleep while standing up!” Snotlout exclaimed. “Look, buddy, I know you’ve got a wacked up sleep schedule in recent times. But this is a whole new level of insane.” He clapped Hiccup on the shoulder, hard enough to shake the tendrils of tiredness from his too-short vertical nap. He wiggled out of Snotlout’s reach.

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les mis + modern aesthetics // cosette

Cosette, in gaining the knowledge that she was beautiful, lost the grace of ignoring it. An exquisite grace, for beauty enhanced by ingenuousness is ineffable, and nothing is so adorable as a dazzling and innocent creature who walks along, holding in her hand the key to paradise without being conscious of it. But what she had lost in ingenuous grace, she gained in pensive and serious charm. Her whole person, permeated with the joy of youth, of innocence, and of beauty, breathed forth a splendid melancholy.

You Lead I’ll Follow - Chapter Four - The Champagne Waltz

A look at the different times Roy and Riza have danced together. 

Chapter 4: The Champagne Waltz. Roy and Riza attend their first military ball, and a life-altering decision is made.

Can also be read here.

I am so sorry that this took a month and a half to update. I’m horrible. The song for this chapter is The Champagne Waltz, as arranged by Ryan Daniel Music. Enjoy!

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