she just looks so beautiful and melancholy


More translations from that Mexican magazine (only the white boxes) (apologies for the amount I don’t know!):

- Welcome to Mexico.  What is the girl of your dreams like?
Ignazio: Simple and with personality; if she is pretty in my eyes, it’s a bonus.
Piero: A girl that understands me, that is loyal and intelligent and although the physical (/body) isn’t the most important, she has to be a beautiful girl (does that make sense? He just contradicted himself…).  The physical beauty may tire but the inner never will.
Gianluca: I reflect in her eyes(?).  Her look/appearance must capture me.  I need someone that makes me smile because I am very melancholy.  If she’s going to fall in love with me, she must love my melancholy and I her joy.

- What would your ideal date be like?
I: I really like to cook, so I would love to do a dinner for two on the beach.  
P: (I literally don’t understand - someone help??? I think it’s something about being up for anything if he’s with a girl he likes?)
G: A dinner alone at the pyramids(?) having white wine.  

- Which actress or singer do you have a crush on?
I: I really like Anne Hathaway.
P: I love Angelina Jolie and for singers; Taylor Swift.
G:  Natalie Portman is my favourite.  I love elegant women.

- What is your most sad, entertaining or strange date story? (I’m guessing “historia de ligue” means something like “date story”, someone know?)
I: One time I met a girl in Brazil.  I don’t speak Portuguese and she didn’t speak English so we couldn’t communicate with each other.  She started to speak ill of me to her friend and I understood some words.  Before I went I told her  "Look, I don’t know how to speak Portuguese but I know to respect people in all languages".  I turned and went.   (This doesn’t sound like a date, Ignazio…)
P: The first kiss. (Fue con una papa a la francesa = it was with a French potato???  Or as a dictionary says: “Papa French” - does this mean anything to anyone?! Someone help! I don’t understand Piero!!), same as in the Disney film “The Lady and the Tramp”.  Each one I ate at one end until our lips touched.  
G: I remember when I was small a woman kissed me and I ran away from the pain it gave me (???).  I was 12 years old and I was very shy.  

- Lastly, would you like to go out with someone famous or do you prefer to go with women who aren’t in the media?
I: Definitely I prefer someone who isn’t in the media, because it is difficult to meet a girl in my world that is simple.  The fame and style of life in many cases prevent being humble.
P: I couldn’t tell you.  In one possibility I meet a famous actress, I fall in love with her and we marry.  Or maybe I meet any fan and I marry her.  I don’t plan my future.
G: “Low profile” because I need someone that reminds me what I did before I was famous, that keeps my feet on the ground.  I want to return to my house and do what I miss doing.  

Well this went well! I tried, okay.  Sorry again for the amount I don’t know! I’d be really appreciative if someone could help me out on the bits I don’t know! :)