she just looks really badass here so


I love this scene!

I love how Reigen is clearly being all big-brotherly behind the scenes, mentoring Mob on how to be a good guy. And I love how Tsuchiya is presented, as a woman, as a worthy match for the male protagonist and strong enough to want a fair fight with him.

I’m really in love with this series!


The actual quote from the manga is even better:  “…you’re a gentleman, but that’s an insult. I am looking for a fair fight with you. Besides, I’m the adult here beating down on a kid. SO we’re even. There’s no way I’d lose anyway. Just give it your best shot.”

She’s being all big-sisterly to her opponent while at the same time telling him she’s a badass, so don’t underestimate her because she’s also a lady. Love. It.

Can someone tell me, how this lovely lady here, can be so fucking hot?

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Okay okay listen guys,
I know I SHOULD be doing something else considering my finals this week BUUUUT
I still read an amazing ff and I am at the point where I just HAD to draw akumatized Chloe Bourgeois !
I am aware that it may not fit the description, and I don’t really like her actually, but in my head she just looked so badass and amazing, I just had to :’D

The fic is here:

fandomnationwhore  asked:

Hi I love your imagines on twilight and i was wondering if I could request one on how the readers a hybrid (werewolf/vampire) like Nikalus from TVD and she moves to forks only to meet the Cullen's one day at school so she flashes her fangs and eyes at them when no ones looking and it takes them by surprise so when schools over the corner her in the parking lot asking 'what is she' and she replies with some badass mystery comment like 'your worst nightmare' and uses her hybrid speed to run off

That sounds super cool! I love the request. I just want to put a little disclaimer here: I haven’t actually seen TVD so as a result there may be wrong information in the imagine I write. It will be completely unintentional and if that happens, I’m really sorry! However, you can expect this imagine to be up next Tuesday :) Thank you for requesting.

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i wanna introduce my friend to b.a.p but idk which MV to show first so she'd the more complete idea of them????


I think ‘No Mercy’ gives a pretty good image of B.A.P?? I know it’s not their usual go-to concept but I always felt that No Mercy really shows each member’s unique charisma and individual energy :)

Here’s a brief list of why I love No Mercy so much:

1)The performances were just so exciting and the members were all smiling, making dorky faces but while looking badass (how? idk. they’re legends).

2)The song has more rap lines than vocals (which used to be B.A.P’s original song structure (I’m not complaining I love the new stuff too)) but
Daehyun had the chance to hit them high notes like no other,
Youngjae’s smooth voice always there to make you melt,
Himchan helped arrange the music and use his instrument-playing-skills (cuz he’s a genius but people keep forgetting about that).


4) They looked so young and they looked like they had so much fun on stage *cries*


6) That badass beat

7)crotch grabbing

If we talked only concept-wise, I wouldn’t say No Mercy (probably 1004 or One Shot) but honestly, No Mercy will always be how I picture B.A.P as a group :))


The (female) Artisans by @mbtianimegifs (a submission by them)!!
I still envy ISTP as being so cool and then I see a picture of HOW cool ISTP is!! She’s pretty badass and I can’t stop loving her hair! *rubs her hair*
But the most beautiful here is ISFP for me! She looks so unique (or I’m just one of the humans who don’t see such type of woman). She looks like an academic with a streak to literature and art!
I find it kind of cool that you tried drawing ESFP in an unusual composition which makes her a bit more dynamic!
ESTP’s hair fits her really, really well! Such charming girl!

Please have a look at their blog! @mbtianimegifs, thanks so much for sharing!
They also drew The Individuals - The Rationals - The Guardians !!

One Piece chapter 826.

Okay, I have many things to say: 


She got all the attention, I mean, Yonji were there just like “Yeah bitches, it’s me” and it started getting better because he turned to be like an evil Sanji AND HOLY SMOKES, A GODDESS, MELLORINE.

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Yeah, that was my reaction, literaly. 

She just looks so badass! KDNFKJNFJFSKJ 

And then she just like… kissed Luffy or some… what the hell, that bastard is stealin’ all the ladies. 


I mean, just look at her, FUCKING LOOK AT HER. SHE’S GORGEOUS.

And what the fuck, Luffy.

I know you’re an idiot but, really? LMAO.

Sanji’s wanted explanation, poor Duval.

And this~ 


Are you guys sure he’s not Sanji? lol.

aaaaaaaaaaand, then, we have this





Stop comparing Malia x Theo with Jackson x Lydia

Jackson was an abusive ass, he was tired of Lydia since the first episodes, I didn’t see any chemistry in the first phase of their relationship.
Theo may be evil, but he did save Malia, and he really looked scared for her, he had no reason to fake, she was too panicked to see his scared look and they were alone. So even for some seconds, he cared about Malia.
When Jackson was with Lydia, she had no idea of what she was, she was totally defenseless in front of him, so he just took advantage of that and tried to get rid of her.
But here, we are talking about Malia fucking Tate. She would not allow herself to be hurt by Theo or anyone else, she is a strong badass character who doesn’t need to be saved. Theo knows that it he’d EVER try something like that, she would snap his neck and throw him into Liam’s hole in 0.5 secs.
Theo is not trying to push Malia away from him, he’s trying to seduce her. Maybe to hurt Stiles, or to get something unknown yet, but he will fail.
He will be the one who falls for her eventually because she’s so hot and she proved she won’t fall for his crap.

Tbh, all I want is for there to be a moment where Ichigo and crew come up upon Rukia in her bankai and everyone just kind of stares in awe, because Rukia’s bankai is literally WOW. And while everyone is standing there in silence watching as Rukia kicks some sternritter ass, someone breaks the silence and is like “wow… she’s…” and they’re unable to finish the sentence because really, how can I impress enough that Rukia’s bankai is literally the best most badass bankai and she’s an ethereal goddess of elegance and grace and Ichigo. Oh man. He’s just standing there literally dumbstruck and he vaguely hears the “wow… she’s…” and there are hundreds of words running through his mind because really, wow.

Okay, and like here’s what I want. I want one of those panels where it has Ichigo looking dumbstruck at the top and he’s watching so intently that he doesn’t even realize he’s talking out loud, and then the rest of the page is white and all there is is one speech bubble and it says,

“She’s beautiful.”


Ever After High’s Dragon Games: Apple White Dragonrider & Darling Charming

The books have made me love Apple so much more than I did when I was just watching the show/movies and the same is true for Darling, so when I saw this Dragon Games line was coming out, I already knew I’d want them both, especially because Apple comes with a freaking dragon! Now, I would have actually preferred Raven to come with one, since her ‘pet’ is actually a dragon, but I’m cool with having Apple instead because this dragon is EPIC and she looks so badass riding it (I only wish she’d come with a sword – it feels like she needs a sword, too)!  A lot of people seem turned off by her leggings being designed right on her skin, and I can see how that might bother me in other dolls, but I actually think it works here. Plus, they are really detailed so it’s better than them just painting her legs silver or something. I also wish her hair had a little more life like the box art suggest. I ended up pulling half of it back in braids so the gel bend by her ears didn’t look so sharp. 

I am very tempted to unbox Darling as well because her coloring and armor looks amazing, but I actually really love the packaging for this line, too and I wouldn’t really have a place to display her just yet anyway (hard enough finding somewhere for Apple and her giant dragon as it is). I really hope to get at least Mira Shards from this line as well and I actually saw her in the wild this week at my local Target, but since I’d just gotten this somewhat pricey “playset” I told myself I had to wait. Hopefully when I’m feeling less guilty about buying her, she’ll still be available. I love how dark and sinister she looks!

Who else is excited about the Dragon Games movie?! I can’t wait! :D