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What do you like most about Stiles and Lydia's characters?

oh god Here We Go


  • I mean. the sarcasm. i too, use sarcasm and humor as a defense, in literally every situation.
  • the fact that he canonically has anxiety and panic attacks and social anxiety like that’s so?? important to me?? and he’s so in touch with it and it’s such a big part of his character but it also doesn’t rule his life and that’s just so important to me x2
  • his fierce loyalty. for a slytherin, the dude really does have some hufflepuff characteristics. he would die before he betrayed any of his friends, and is always on guard against any threat toward them
  • i also really love the fact that he is inherently suspicious of everyone. it’s a flaw, but it’s important to me because i can #relate and i think it says a lot about him as a character. not only is he loyal to his friends, he’s protective of them, because he can’t believe he has them and doesn’t want anything or anyone to break them apart. he wanted them to all stick together for college. that’s so precious? stiles stilinski loves his friends with everything in him 2kalways
  • going off of that, i love how deeply he loves?? like whether it be his dad, or scott, or LYDIA, he just loves with everything he has and so selflessly it’s heartbreaking like what the fuck save some for yourself you ball of mush.
  • i mean, he’s Too Smart. he’s the one who Always Figures It Out. he’s clever and observant and PERSISTENT when it comes to solving mysteries and figuring shit out and he’s gonna do so well in the FBI my son
  • his moral grey area is also very fun. me too stiles, me too. 

Lydia: (i have spent a significantly longer amount of time diving into who Lydia is than Stiles, so this could be even more extra than his list.)

  • her fear of vulnerability. it is extremely hard for her to let anyone see all of her at once, and she’s reluctant to show genuine emotions. this has changed quite a bit, through the seasons, but you still get that sense sometimes that she’s uncomfortable in intense emotional situations, and that hits my core man.
  • she’s insanely brave. we see this really early on, like in 2x11 (EEP) when she wanted to help jackson and had literally no method of defending herself but she was about to march into battle anyways. and now that she’s come into her powers, that bravery is still there, but it’s more confident now, like she’s not sacrificing herself anymore, but actually fighting.
  • my girl is a literal genius. deadass going to win a field’s medal. the actual reason i haven’t dropped out of school yet. and i love love LOVE the slow progression of her owning her intelligence and letting people know about it, from pretending she didn’t know a cougar was a mountain lion, to molotov cocktail, to “i read”, to slipping in little Lydia-isms here and there, to Kira in season 5 literally baffled at the fact that she used to pretend to not be smart. I’m so proud of my baby. that’s my girl.mp3
  • lydia martin exists unapologetically, and that’s kind of always been the case, now more so. she is here, and she is HER, and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, you can watch her perfect strawberry blonde hair sway as she walks away from you not giving a fuck.  
  • her development into someone who stands up for herself, removes herself from toxic situations, and fights for what’s right. this is where the pack really comes into play in her evolution, and it’s truly one of my favorite things. before allison and scott and stiles and the rest of the pack, she had never experienced or seen real love and friendship and what it can do, and once she had them supporting her and started fighting The Good Fight, she gained so much strength for herself and realization of what she deserves. (which is the world btw)
  • lydia martin rocks kickass outfits, on point makeup, beautiful hair, and HEELS most of the time, all while being an actual genius/badass in every sense of the word. she enjoys looking nice and spending time on her appearance, but it never takes away from the fact that she’s the smartest person around and could ruin you in a single “AAAEEE!” ?? lol this is really important to me because i love looking nice every day but i’ve legit had people question my intellgence because of it, and lydia just helps me to say fuck you to those people. 
Can someone tell me, how this lovely lady here, can be so fucking hot?

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“Soulmates” - Remus Lupin x Reader Imagine

request: Hi could tou do a remus x reader where the reader is badass but believes in soulmates and spirit guides and reincarnation and is just really spiritual and hes in love with the way she looks at life and one day sirius asks whether remus and reader met in a past life (for funsies£cuz they spend so much time together and she says that they were married then immediately get embarrassed bc why did she just say that I think it would be cute i dunno

— Here it is. Hope it’s what you imagined ! ♡ 

“What are y'all doing?” you said sitting at the library table with the four Marauders, putting your feet on the table.

“Nothing much, what about you?” asked James with a smirk upon his lips because of how Remus tensed when you arrived.

“Well, got a question for you. Do you believe in soulmates ?” you asked, putting down your feet on the ground to get closer to them.

Sirius rolled his eyes in a huff and Remus frowned. Peter started thinking and James had a big smile.

“Of course. Evans is mine!” he said cockily.

“I said in soulmates, not in stupidity.” you said rolling your eyes, making the three other boys laugh.

“Well, why don’t you tell us ?” asked you Sirius, interested as he doesn’t believe in it.

“Contrarily to you, Casanova, I believe in it. I think people are just meant to be together. They just click when they meet and they are linked forever no matter what!” you explained.

After a long talk on this subject and also spirits, which consisted mostly on you and Sirius arguing with different opinions, you all headed to the Great Hall for some dinner. You sat and started to eat with your mates, when Remus leaned to you.

“Are you okay, dear?”

“Yes, don’t worry.” you said breaking into a grin. “He just got me frustrated, I don’t get how he can’t see it.”

“You know, I think you’re right. And I love how you think..” he admitted.

You thanked him and he kissed your cheek. Remus really loved your way of seeing life, he wished he was more like you spiritually wise. You were always positive, all about learning about past centuries and believing in most ancient theories, he just found that incredibly interesting about you. Even when he told you he was a werewolf, you found a good side on this, saying it made him different and so, special. He loved the way you thought so much.

Right after dinner you all went to hang out in the common room. Peter was trying to finish an essay, Sirius and James were talking Quidditch and you and Remus were on the couch, cuddling and chatting away without stopping. Sirius and James stopped and looked at you two as you guys were so loud. Due to the silence, you both stopped to look at them.

“Is there a problem?” you asked.

“Yeah, you guys are so loud. It’s like girls having a night in!” teased James.

“Shut it, Prongs!” replied Remus before kissing your cheek.

As you looked back at them after smiling to Remus, you saw Sirius with an amused smirk that didn’t announce anything good.

“What are you thinking, Black?” you asked suspiciously.

“I am starting to believe this soulmate theory..”

“Really?” you said excitedly.

“Yeah, I mean, look at you and Remus!”

“C'mon mate” “Shut up!” you both said in unison.

It only made Sirius smirk more as you earlier said soulmates speak at the same time sometimes.

“Don’t.” you said, knowing what he thought.

“No but, joke aside, have you guys like met in a past life or what?” he said smirking.

“Yeah, yeah, we were married!” you said rolling your eyes.

This caused a silence in the whole room, only making Sirius nod his head smirking while you and Remus looked as red as the Gryffindor coloured couch you were sitting  on. You started stammering, trying to correct yourself, but Remus cut you off.

“Maybe we were, actually.” he said smirking at you.

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Ninja Girl

Written by: spencerreidsmiles

Requested by @gnarlytricksbro for a fic where the badass reader jumps a fence when she’s going after an unsub and then gets teased for it but Spencer thinks it’s cute. 

Trigger Warnings: none


“Guys, GUYS, he’s going left! Morgan, take right with Prentiss and Tara. JJ and Rossi, keep following the bastard. Reid, you’re with me. Let’s go get this son of a bitch,” you instructed. Your eyes were focused on that stupid unsub, dashing through the alleyway between 8th and Broadway.

Reid followed you willingly, gun pointed in front and ready. You leapt over thrown trash cans and uninterested hobos. Nothing would distract you from getting this one.

“FREEZE! FBI!” you shouted as the unsub faced a seven foot fence. He looked back at you, alarmed, but then crawled through a tiny gap at the bottom of the fence.

You vaulted up the fence, climbing up .and landing on your feet like a cat. You didn’t look back to see if Reid was awestruck or a little weirded out at your display of Superman-like skills. There were more important things at stake. The lives of plenty of young women and the emotional well being of all of their families. You heard a rustling behind you and a shout of pain from Reid getting stuck in the gate.

“You good, Reid?!” you shouted back. He grunted back a pained reply as you continued running. That little bitch thought he could outrun you? As if. You quickened your pace and prepared for a huge leap.

The unsub looked back with a ton of fear in his eyes. You jumped onto his back and knocked him onto the ground without an ounce of remorse. You smirked at your new victory.

Reid finally caught up, huffing and puffing. He looked down at you clicking on some handcuffs.

“Oh hey,” he said between breaths. “You got him.”

“Yeah. Can you call the rest of them? My hands are sorta…full right now.”

The unsub began to start struggling on the ground so you just sat on him. The team eventually came around in a police car and loaded the unsub into the vehicle. Morgan gave you a high five as you passed with the unsub in tow.

On the plane, Reid began to excitedly retell your tale.

“And then, Y/N just climbed the fence like…like a pan troglodyte and took him down! He didn’t even see her coming; she was like a ninja!”

“This little shortie jumped that fence? You know, shrimp, there was a hole in it,” Morgan pointed out.

“Yeah, it seems a little counterintuitive to me,” Tara reasoned.

You looked down self consciously at your shoes.

“I thought it was really badass or something, you know? It was really cool, Y/N. You have to teach me how to do that when we get back so I can be just as cool as you,” Reid said.

“Looks like someone has a little crush on the ninja girl here, huh?” Morgan teased.

As the team shifted their teasing from you to him, Reid gave you a little smile of support and understanding.


All I want for Christmas is you || Natasha Romanoff

Song: Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

Summary: Nat loves you, but doesn’t have a guts to ask you out. But then there’s the Stark’s Christmas Party.

Warnings: cuteness and bad writing (I just don’t know how to write Nat)

Pairing: Romanoff x fem! reader

A/N: I’m literally sweating, I’m so tired after work and it’s so hot, I just can’t.


Natasha wanted to say she didn’t feel anything to that fire girl. She wanted and she did, but Clint just smirked. Nat cursed under her breath and took a sip of her drink.

- I know you better than you think - he whispered playfully. Nat rolled her eyes. She almost had enough. If it wasn’t for Clint and booze, she would be already in training room. She didn’t want to be here now. Stark and Rhodey were already dancing on the table, Thor, Bucky and Steve were watching them and laughing, Banner sat with Dr Cho and talked with her, probably about some science. And there was [Y/N], sitting with Sam, Pietro, Wanda and Vision. They were playing Truth or Dare and Nat just wanted to punch Mr Falcon right in these perfect teeth, because he was just too friendly toward [Y/N].

- Leave it, Clint, really - she mumbled and turned her gaze from the [y/h/c] girl.

- I’m not saying it’s bad, Nat, you know it - he said, now looking at his beer. - I’m happy that you found someone you really like, but if you’re going to hide it, it will be painfull.

- I know it - she whispered and clenched her palm. - I just… I don’t know. I just have that feeling that she’s too precious for me. I mean, I was in the Red Room, I was killing people without hesitation. And I know she’s a badass, I saw her on the field. It’s just… She never killed anyone. She’s here just because she’s a mutant and can controll a fire…

For a second there was silence and then quiet snort, so Nat looked at Clint with raised eyebrows.

- Wow, sorry, I just… I didn’t expect something like that. Sorry - he cleared his throat. - Okay, you got a point. You killed, she didn’t. And?

Natasha raised her eyebrows once again.

- When I didn’t have a guts to ask Laura out you told me that past doesn’t matter and now you’re saying something completely different. Besides, you didn’t have that problem with Banner - Clint shrugged and took a sip of his beer.

- Yeah, because with Banner it was just a stupid crush - Nat hissed more to her drink than to her best friend.

- Okay, okay. I feel like you don’t want to talk about it now - Barton sighed and turned around on the stool to face the rest of the team. - Do you want to join them? - he nodded toward the Thor and Steve. Bucky joined the Truth or Dare team, so Stark and Rhodey didn’t have the biggest audience.

- Yeah, why not? - Nat sighed and hopped off the stool.

- So… What are we doing on Christmas this year? - Steve asked. Bucky looked at him, shrugged and got back to eating his cereal.

- Stark is already planning the party - Natasha mumbled, scrolling through the news.

- Did I hear ‘party’? When, where and who’s going to be there? - [Y/N] walked through the door, still in her pyjamas and still with bed hair. Nat looked up and tried her best not to smile at the sight, but failed miserably, so she just went back to reading news.

- Here, in tower. 25 December. We’re going to be there. And a lot of other people too - Clint answered, drinking his 3rd cup of coffee already.

- Oh, nice. So in 2 days. Okay - [Y/N] mumbled to herself and opened the fridge. She stood there for a moment, but then she closed it. - I need to speak to Wanda. Maybe she has some nice dress - she muttered and almost run out of the kitchen. Natasha laughed quietly, but stopped when she noticed Clint’s smirk.

- Guess who knows something very interesting! - Sam sang, when he walked into the living room. Now there was only him, Nat, Wanda, Vision and Bucky. Everyone looked up at Sam. - It’s about [Y/N] - he wiggled his eyebrows and smiled at Natasha. - So, apparently, she’s…

Suddenly someone’s hand pressed against his lips. Red light surrounded him in the same moment that Vision appeared in front of Falcon.

- It’s not nice to tell everyone someone’s secret - Pietro said in sweet tone and let the Falcon go, but Wanda still had Sam surrounded with her magic. Bucky was almost killing him with his gaze.

- Okay, okay, sorry. I won’t say anything - Sam said, raising his hands. Wanda’s magic disappeared, Vision got back to his seat, but Buck was still trying to kill Sam with one single glare. Falcon walked out of the living room, mumbling something about not having fun with these people.

Nat sighed looking at herself in the mirror. She knew she looked good, but in her head there was still the million what if’s. What if her dress was too tight? What if it wasn’t elegant enough for Christmas party? What if her makeup was too bold? What if the curls at the back of her head didn’t look as good as she thought? What if the heels didn’t actually match her dress? She groaned quietly and looked at the ceiling. When did she start to think like that?

- Jesus fucking Christ, what that girl is doing to me? - she whispered into blank space with small smile. She shook her head and turned toward the door.

When she got to the party, there was already a lot of people. Natasha looked around to see if anyone from her team was there. She didn’t have problem with people or crowds. She was freaking Black Widow for God’s sake. But now she didn’t want to talk to women who just wanted to show off their bodies and judge everyone else or with men who would look at her boobs and probably try to drag her back to their room. So she looked around carefully and she almost got a heart attack when she saw [Y/N]. Her [y/e/c] eyes was almost sparkling, her brightly red lips stretched in wide smile as she listened to some man. She nodded at him and looked around discreetly. When she locked her eyes with Natasha’s, she sent her the awkward 'help me’ look. Nat nodded, put on her the best poker face and walked confidently toward [Y/N]. When she was close enough to hear their coversation, she almost attacked the man.

- But you’re too pretty to be lesbian. I mean, you don’t look like one. So, if you’re saying that, because you want to disgust me, it’s not working, beautiful…

And then he reached to [Y/N]’s face and tried to touch her cheek, but she took a step back. Natasha was already next to him. She walked past him and looked at [Y/N], looking for any sign of fear. When she didn’t find any, she turned around to face the guy, partly hiding [Y/N] behind her.

- Why did you try to touch my friend? - she asked, looking straight into his eyes.

- Oh, I’m sorry. Have we met? I’m Connor Stevad - he smiled slightly.

- I don’t care. I asked you a question, it’d be nice, if you answer - she said, still not breaking the eye contact. Her gaze was apparently too intence for the man, because he broke it after a few seconds. He mumbled something about his friend and walked away quickly.

- Geez, he was annoying - [Y/N] laughed slightly, when Nat turned around to look at her. Romanoff was serious for a few more seconds, but she couldn’t not smile, when [Y/N] was looking at her like that, with that soft smile and that sparkling eyes.

- Yeah, that type of guys are the worst - she sighed, letting her guard down. She felt like she was drowning in [y/e/c] eyes, like she was melting just because of [Y/N]’s smile. And she felt like [Y/L/N] had control over Nat’s mind. And she probably did.

- Oh, look. It’s Sam. And Buck!

The moment ended and Nat was dragged back to reality. [Y/N] was already walking toward the boys, so Romanoff followed her, wanting it or not. She didn’t really listen to anyone from that moment. So knew that she would flip, if Sam and [Y/N] start to flirt in front of her, so she excused herself and walked up to the bar.

Several hours later the party was still at its best. Nat finally sat next to other Avengers, between Banner and Clint. They were talking with some guests. Romanoff tried to talk with them too, but her eyes always tried to find [Y/N]. Damn, what that girl did to the coldhearted Black Widow? Natasha was asking herself that for about year now.

Now Romanoff was watching as [Y/N] and Sam danced and talked, clearly about something upsetting [y/h/c] girl. Suddenly Falcon looked at Nat, catching her staring. He smirked and said something to [Y/N], but she just shook her head. Sam stepped back and grabbed [Y/L/N], turned around and pushed toward the Nat, Bruce and Clint. And when they finally was next to the sofa, Sam looked at Nat.

- I want to talk with these gentelmen right here. Can you, please, accompany [Y/N/N]? - he said with his evil smirk. Romanoff cursed in her head, but smiled sweetly and nodded.

- Of course, Sam - she said, her voice almost dripping with sugar. She stood up and turned toward the girl. - Do you want to get a drink?

- Yeah, drink would be nice - [Y/N] said, her voice slightly higher than usual. She cleared her throat and put her hair behind her ear. Romanoff smiled and led her toward the bar.

- So, ladies and gentelmen! What’s a Christmas party without the winter’s best hits, right? - Stark said to the mic. Romanoff sighed and rolled her eyes. Tony was having a time of his life, just like on every party he attended. When 'All I want for Christmas is you’ started to play, Nat felt a gentle grip on her wrist. She tensed instinctively, but relaxed when she saw it was [Y/N]’s hand. Romanoff looked at the girl concerned. [Y/N] was nervous for some reason, she couldn’t look at her. Nat was already drowning in conclusion. Maybe she knew about Nat’s feelings toward her? Maybe that was her secret? Maybe Sam tried to convince her that rejecting someone wasn’t that bad?

- Um… Natasha, do you want to… Just, please, don’t laugh. Do you want to dance with me?

Romanoff was completely shocked. Like, shocked wasn’t enough to express her emotions right now.

- I mean, if you don’t want to it’s fine…

- No. I’d love to - Natasha cut the girl off with the most serious, yet gentle voice anyone ever heard. [Y/N] looked at her with surprise written all over her face. - I’d love to dance with you, [Y/N] - she smiled slightly and gently grabbed her hands. Romanoff placed [Y/L/N]’s palms on her shoulders. Natasha herself gently and slowly pulled [Y/N] closer, her hands on the small of the girls back. They started to sway to the music. It was awkward as hell.

Natasha cleared her throat and [Y/N] looked at her, waiting for whatever Romanoff wanted to say. 'Now or never’ Nat thought to herself. She leaned closer, her lips just right next to [Y/N]’s ear.

- Do you want to go out with me sometimes? - Nat whispered, not daring to look straight at the girl.

- I’d love to.

Romanoff smiled widely and rested her forehead on [Y/N]’s shoulder. The girl pulled her closer and hugged her tightly. In that moment they both were the happiest girls in the room.

- Hey, man. Look - Sam whispered to Clint, pointing at Nat and [Y/N]. They were dancing, Romanoff leaned and said something to the girl. Suddenly she lit up like a Christmas tree, her smile wider than ever before.

- Finally - Barton sighed, rolling his eyes. He tried to look annoyed, but he was already texting his wife to told her literally everything.

Are you flirting with me?

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Skye (Daisy) x reader

Summary: Set in season one, you’re Skye’s S/O and she uses training sessions to flirt with you.

When Skye officially joined SHIELD you had been assigned to be her S/O, which included training her.

Your sessions the last few weeks hadn’t been very successful. She always seemed distracted and you always ended up doing most of the work.

“I think I need to see that move again,” Skye requested after nearly an hour of her half-assed attempts on the punching bag.

“You know if you want to go into the field you’re gonna actually have to learn to fight right?” you joked.

“Maybe I just like watching you do this instead,” she grinned.

Considering how hectic your life was with SHIELD it had been a while since someone had really flirted with you which left you oblivious to Skye’s come ons.

“Fine, I’ll show you one more time but you really do need to start putting in some effort if you want to prove to Coulson you’re mission ready.”

“Alright Alright captain killjoy I’ll try this time,” she said blatantly checking you out as you worked the bag.

Another hour of training passed and Skye was relieved when you told her to hang up the gloves.

“Well Finally, Y/N, what do you say to an after training drink? I know where Coulson keeps the good stuff.”

“Why am I not surprised, but sure.”

You had enjoyed some of Coulson’s not-so-secret anymore stash while talking to Daisy about how you got involved with SHIELD, what some of your more intense cases were and so on.

You had been telling her about one of your first missions where you had to retrieve some alien technology from the middle of no where up north.

“I bet you looked good though, you know, being a badass and all,” she told you.

“Skye, are you flirting with me?” you asked her.

She poured herself another drink, “have been since I got here.”

“Wait really?” you responded taken aback.

“Why do you think I’ve been drawing out our training sessions? I know how to hold my own, I just liked spending time with you.”

You couldn’t believe you hadn’t picked up on it before.

“Well how about next time we land we go out somewhere that’s not the bus… like a date,” you asked nervously.

“I’d like that,” she smiled.

Ajin Live Action Movie --FULL SPOILERS-- (may also include spoilers for the Ajin manga and anime)

Table of Contents:

1. Overall verdict

2. Plot summary

3. Detailed plot (coming later)

4. Other thoughts

5. Thoughts about each character (long)

6. Final status of each character (summarized)

–under a cut because of spoilers and length–

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Hmm since Pidge does seems like she's about the same age as the other bois (from the post you reblogged), it's just that she looks really young, what if few years later she suddenly looks all lady like but still with her badass personality inside and all the other guys (except the paladins) falls for her, then the paladins get really protective over her XD like, she would have 5 older brothers then XD

I’m always here for Pidge ‘accidentally’ becoming attractive as she gets older. Even better when she doesn’t notice it herself, doesn’t really try, and really doesn’t care much for the attention. The other paladins have already shown moments of being protective over her, especially Shiro, so I could definitely see them screening anyone who takes an interest in her. And, knowing Pidge, she’d use that as a quick trick to get rid of anyone she doesn’t want coming on to her. 

I miss…my grandma so much??? Ive been thinking about her lately and I just/??? miss her? The last time I saw her was a few years ago, 3 I think, we traveled to philly to take family pictures with her and she was just amazing. She had like really pretty hair, it was short & silver to the point it looked like a light blue, she was so beautiful, just like my great grandma, she was unapologetic in her attitude n proud to be jewish, my grandma was a badass b/tch, like seriously she’d fight you. I get everything from her bc she passed that down to my mother. She means so much to me, and I cried. I miss her 

Okay I did it

So LiEat 3 is out!
Of course I had to play it.
The art’s beautiful as ever.
And Efi’s got so big and pretty(ier) ヽ(;▽;)ノ

We get to see little Teo ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…

Well, we finally get to know about his past!

Also, a new character, Iris.
I wasn’t sure what to think of her at first, but I guess she’s okay.
Her ability’s interesting o3o
And she’s a nice addition to the two other police derps~
Just look how badass they are in here

And then there’s Cyril.
I really thought she was a guy.

Apparently not.
Too bad.

And then, there’s Teo, overwhelmed by his lies,

And Efi trying to save him

The Normal Ending was quite depressing

Even more depressing than the Bad Ending :/
So I replayed the last part to get the Happy Ending!

And Teo tells us about his missing kidney.

The riddles this time were a bit harder/ I needed more time to find the clues o(´^`)o
But I really liked the animated cutscenes in this game~
The art & graphics will never disappoint me in LiEat (>____<)
Btw, Enos is cute.

Badass - sirius x reader.

Request:  HI! Can you do an imagine where the reader is being picked on for dating sirius and she stands up for herself (like the badass bitch she is) meanwhile sirius is in the background like ‘Yeah! That’s my bae!’ Sorry if you a similir requests it’s just there are so many imagines where the girl /always/ ends up being saved by the guy it gets boring


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Never- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Never
Request: Everyone always requests pan fics where he turns good for the reader but I want one where the reader turns bad for him, maybe she’s Emma’s daughter. Could you do that?
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader x Emma Swan

“Mom I’m going to the park!” Y/N yelled to her mother, Emma Swan.
“Ok, be back before 6!” Emma yelled back as Y/N left their apartment.
Y/N rushed down the street to the park. She was meeting her boyfriend, Peter Pan, there. Her mother Emma did not know about her relationship with the devil of a boy.
“Peter!” she said as she saw him in the park.
Peter ran to her a hugged her, “Hey love.”
They sat on the park bench and talked for a while, and Y/N didn’t notice the time.
“Oh god it’s 6:30. My mom is probably coming to get me.” Y/N said getting up.
As soon as Y/N was about to run home, Emma saw her with Peter.
“Y/N!?” Emma asked.
“Mom I’m sorry!” Y/N pleaded.
“Are you here with him?” Emma said pointing to Peter.
“I can explain.” Y/N said.
“You’re dating him behind my back. Y/N we are going now. You can never see him again.” Emma demanded.
Y/N glanced at Emma, then to Peter.
“No.” Y/N said.
“What do you mean no?” Emma asked.
“I’m not going home, and I am staying with him.” Y/N said, “Let’s go Peter.”
“Bye Emma.” Peter smirked as he used his magic to make him and Y/N disappear.
“Damnit!” Emma yelled when they disappeared.

Y/N and Peter ended up on an island. It was heavily wooded, and in a very strange place.
“Where are we?” Y/N asked Peter.
“I don’t know. But I’m sure as hell no one will find us here.” Peter responded.
“Oh god I just ran away from home.” Y/N realized.
“It’s ok! We can live here together in peace!” Peter said, “We can take this place over.”
Y/N smiled, “You really think so?”
“Yea.” Peter responded.
“So my mom with never find us here.” Y/N said quietly, and smiling as she looked around the island.
“What could we name this place?” Peter asked.
“I don’t know.” Y/N laughed, “Why do you want to name an island?”
“Well if we are going to rule this place, we need to be able to say ‘We are the rulers of’ and then some really badass name.” Peter smiled.
Y/N laughed, “What about Peter’s a cute little idiot island.”
Peter smiled, “Or what about Neverland? As you said, you mom will never find us here.”
Y/N thought for a second, “I like it.”
“Y/N and Peter! Rulers of Neverland!” Peter exclaimed.


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The (female) Artisans by @mbtianimegifs (a submission by them)!!
I still envy ISTP as being so cool and then I see a picture of HOW cool ISTP is!! She’s pretty badass and I can’t stop loving her hair! *rubs her hair*
But the most beautiful here is ISFP for me! She looks so unique (or I’m just one of the humans who don’t see such type of woman). She looks like an academic with a streak to literature and art!
I find it kind of cool that you tried drawing ESFP in an unusual composition which makes her a bit more dynamic!
ESTP’s hair fits her really, really well! Such charming girl!

Please have a look at their blog! @mbtianimegifs, thanks so much for sharing!
They also drew The Individuals - The Rationals - The Guardians !!

The 5 times Peter realizes he loves you.

The first time:

Peter had known the girl for a while, about 5 years, the were two inseparable. Even since you were a little girl with pigtails and he was a little boy with glasses too big for his face. You moved into his apartment building in the fifth grade and went to the same school together. You two became best friends quickly due to your equal love for school and you soon turned into a duo of sorts, if there was Peter there was Y/n and vise versa. 

Peter couldn’t help but fall for you, it was a clitché but he loves you. He didn’t realize it at first, not being able to pinpoint the overwhelming feeling of adoration and compassion. But when he did it was the greatest, and scariest moment of his life.

 You were laying on Peters couch, waiting for him to put on Lord of the rings, a throw blanket over you as your head rest on the arm of the couch. The movie begins to play, Peter lifts your feet, sitting down and returning your feet on his lap, fixing the blanket to cover himself slightly as well. You sit up just enough to stuff a pillow under your head and throwing one at Peter, giggling slightly at his odd expression.

 “For your neck.” You say, his expression lightens once he realizes that you didn’t randomly throw a pillow at him, even if you would. You sit up a bit more, making sure you don’t kick Peter, shrugging off your thick hoodie. Peter tries to hide a smile when he sees your shirt, a Spider-Man shirt, you didn’t know his secret and he thought you may question why he found the shirt so comical.

 After a hour into the movie you start to drift off, you were exhausted from the 2 a.m study session and Peter lightly massaging your calf didn’t help you stay up at all. Peter looked over at you, you didn’t see the look of admiration that took over his features, he wanted no more than you wrap his arms around you but he didn’t want to wake you.

 You looked so peaceful and helpless compared to your normal sassy and independent ways. Those were some of the things he loves about you, how you wouldn’t take anyone’s shit, even his, especially Flashes. You were a little firecracker as May called it. He loved your soft hair. Your bright smile. Your eyes. Your heart shaped birthmark that sat on your collarbone. All of it and he never realized until you were laying there , the glow of the television highlighting your features. 

He felt like an idiot for not noticing until now. But he guesses it was better that way, so he might be able to cut ties without causing too much pain. He thought he was protecting you, that’s all he wanted to do.

 The second time:

 You and Peter have never had this bad of a fight but he loved how strong you were and held your own during it. He keeps lying to you, he really is a terrible liar. Plus after seeing him lie to May, for however many years, you can tell easily when he is even if the lies were innocent. Like when he had to tell May you needed to urgently run to the store for tampons but really Peter had forgotten her birthday present on the subway and needed to get a new one. 

 “You are just being so annoying!” He yells, standing up from his bed and paces back and forth. He was frustrated, he didn’t know how to deal with this. He felt like shit for what he’s saying but it was the only way. 

 “To bad I didn’t ask for your stupid opinion.“ You snort, spinning in your chair trying not to focus on the insults spilling for your best friend, and crushes, mouth. If you were to focus on them you would cry and you weren’t allowing that.

 “Well, too bad because I’m tired of you thinking you can do no wrong! You are being over dramatic and annoying.” This all started from you complaining about him canceling plans for the third time, this week, and the fact he had new bruises sprinkled across his skin. You were only worried. You refused to apologize for caring about Peter.

 “I think you already used annoying-” You said until Peter interrupts you.

 “Wow, that’s something an annoying person would say.” 

 “Well, you would know!” You two were fighting like children, you both knew it but it seemed like Peter was just trying to find something to fight about. Peter runs his fingers through his hair and you stop spinning because of the frustration and dizziness clouding your head. “Peter, why are you doing this?” You were angry and confused with the boy. He had never snapped like this, he was always caring and as sweet as bubble gum.

“I-I have, I have been holding this in for too long and I need to get it off my chest.” It seemed painful for him to say, almost as if he had to convince himself that that’s what he wanted to say.

 “Well, anything else you need to get off your chest? Please say it now, rip off as many band-aids as you need to.” You say with a fake smile, beginning to gather your school materials you were studying before Peters meltdown.

 “Nope, I think I said it all. Your annoying ways and how over dramatic you are. Oh, and don’t get me starting on your bitching.” He says it a matter-o-factly and counts on his fingers as he listed the things off, each thing felt like a stab to the heart. It hurt you, the words burnt, the fact you have been called annoying many times before from others when you were younger. The word has haunted you ever since. Plus, it didn’t help one of the people you care most about is saying them.

 “Well, congratulations asshole. You just lost your best friend.”  

The Third time:

 Its been awhile since you’ve talked to Peter, you have seen him in Physics class but outside that, nothing. You cut all ties. Yes, you miss him but you didn’t deserve the way he had talked to you, it was rude and uncalled for. So you gave up, it took a lot but you needed to. You took your seat across the room from his, by some of your friends. You were ready to throw yourself into the class but still had a few minutes until the bell rung. You refused to allow yourself to peek at Peter, whom was already sitting too.

 “Should of known Parker would be here early.” Flash joked, acting like Peter couldn’t hear him, even if he knew he could from the lack of bodies and noise in the room. His friends laugh at his joke, cheering him on. He kept making a few more jokes until your instincts to protect Peter kicked in.

 “You’re such a hypocrite.“ You says loudly with a light laugh. Shocking Peter, that’s the first times he’s heard your amazing laugh since the fight, it was music to his ears.

 “What did you say Y/n?” Flash asks surprisingly nicely, you could tell he heard you the first time. You scoff, turning in your seat to better face them.

 “You’re a hypocrite, meaning you are basically calling Parker a nerd for being early to class yet, here you are, early to class.” Flash smiles at you, it was a false smile but you appreciate the effort.

 “I didn’t ask you. Could you just shut up for once?” He sounded so annoyed, it was entertaining so you couldn’t just shut up. That would be too easy.

 “Honey, I could but that doesn’t mean I would.” You smile sweetly at him, Avoiding Peters stares completely. Peter stiffened at the sarcastic pet name. Flash rolls his eyes and finds his seat as the bell rung. Peter still staring at you with a goofy look in his eye but you didn’t notice as you were trying to stop yourself from doing the same thing.

 The fourth time:

 “Tony, I don’t know what to do, I love her.” Peter whined to Tony, Tony tried to pay attention to him but couldn’t pull his focus from his project. Peter was dying to talk to you, regretting his decision to cut you off. He thought he was protecting you but in all honesty he was just scared. Scared of messing everything up, more than he already has.

 “I can see why the girl seems intimidating.” Tony laughs, taking some notes at his desk. Peter was sitting on the desk across from his, probably Banners, he didnt care at the time. He ignored how Tony might know you too lost in thought.

 “It’s like I tried to hate everything I love about her. Her beautiful hair, Her messy hair. Her smile, her crooked teeth. Her heart shaped birthmark, the random spot. I cant seem to hate it, the things I hate, I love.” He has a dreamy look in his eye that weirds Tony out. He returns to his work trying to avoid the boy. 

 “Kid, I’m not really the best person for this right now, my mind is completely else where. Try Nat and Clint, they are better at this stuff.” Peter nods and jumps down from the desk, wandering to find the two assassins. The finally came to the gym to see Clint and Nat talking to a young girl. You. He was in shock, slowly walking to the three of you. Nat noticed him and smiled, motioning him to walk faster. 

 “Y/n, this is Peter. Peter, this is Y/n. You two are the same age.” You smile and turn from looking at Clint, your face instantly dropping as you see him but you regain your sticky sweet grin and reach your hand out. 

 “Hi, nice to meet you.” You say sweetly, almost too sweet, he took your hand cautiously.

 “Y/n, Why are you doing this?” He asks, still shaking your hand, god you missed him but this was for the better. Nat and Clint exchange awkward glances not knowing the complete story but enough to still interest Nat. 

 “You know him?” Nat questions, raising her perfectly arched brow. “No? The Peter I knew is dead to me.” His smile fades but yours doesn’t. You were being petty, you knew that but you couldn’t help it. Every time you saw him the wound he caused reopened. Nat and Clint exchange confused looks but could still feel the tension so try and help a bit.

 “Y/n here is our newest recruit. Maybe you could show her to her room? Nat and I have to go find Steve.” Peter nods quickly, grabbing the keys for your room and then your hand, leading you out of the gym.

 “Let go on me, Asshole.” you say, pulling you hand away from him but still walking with him.

 “Oh, She does know me.” He says with a smirk causing you to scoff with an eye roll Tony would be proud of.

 “Like I could forget.” You walk into the large glass elevator. “I can find my room by myself, I really dont’ need your help.”

 “Nonsense. So, why are you here?” He looks over at you with a raised brow, you almost forget your anger with him. Almost

 “New recruit.”

 “How’d that happen?” He didn’t sound shocked, just amused. 

 “I’m a badass.”

 “I could have told you that.” The elevator stops at what you amuse is your floor. The living room is huge with a beautiful kitchen attached. Peter showed you it all, you were amazing, your tiny Queens apartment didn’t compare to this at all.

 “This is my room and right next to it is yours.” He waves towards the door then turning to you with a bright smile, honestly he was just happy to see you and have the chance to straighten all his mistakes out.

 “You’re a real Vanna White, you know that?” You both chuckle and he happily nods. 

 “I have been meaning to talk to you.” 

 “Is this going to be the whole clitché, its not you its me thing because I think we have realized Its you, Spider-Boy.” You slowly make your way to your room, readjusting your backpack for the short over night stay. You felt yourself surprisingly enjoying talking to Peter, not that you didn’t in the past, you just weren’t sure if it would be awkward. Peter was confused on how you know about him but almost as if you’re reading his mind you say. “I do my research.”

 “I cant disagree with that statement because It was me. I was a jackass who was scared and thought being a jerk was the only way to keep you safe. Seeing you here now, I have realized that you don’t need my protecting and also that I-still-love-you.” He rushes the last part but you can still make out what he said. You grab the keys from Peters hands and unlock the door, facing Peter once more.

 “Dammit Peter Parker.” You mumble, looking down at your hands that were fumbling with the keys.

 “What did I do?” He looks scared that he has offended you until he sees a wicked grin cross your face.

 “You’re making me fall in love with you a second time, If I even stopped the first.” 

 The fifth time:

“So you like Spider-man?” Peter questions, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You chuckle, shaking your head, secretly trying to think of a  snarky comeback. He had continued to bring up you shirt ever since you found out, he just liked seeing you get flustered because of the question, which made you keep wearing the shirt as lounge wear because of how happy he would get. You had also purchased an Iron man and Captain America one just to tease him but you wore the Spider-man one most.

“Maybe, I mean, I do normally root for the underdog.” Peter lightly pushes your shoulder and you make your way to the kitchen. You two had already built your fort and picked out a stack of movies that there was no way you would make it through all of them. You had decided you needed snack when you had gotten comfy, snuggled into Peters chest until you were rudely interrupted by his stomach making noises mocking a dying badger.

“Tony always keeps popcorn above the fridge in that basket no one knew its purpose.” You struggle to reach the basket, jumping multiple times to extend your reach. Peter finally steps in after a few minutes of him watching you struggle with an amused grin.

“Why don’t you just use you powers?”

“Because Wonder-boy, that’s cheating and its not as rewarding.” You go to step on the counter after giving up on the jumping strategy or Peters help, even if you didn’t ask in the first place. He chuckles at your stubbornness and stops you before you can even get a knee on the counter.

“Last thing we need is for you to fall and break your arm and waking up Tony, getting us caught. Let me help.” 

“Wow, I didn’t know I have such an affectionate boyfriend, I’m so lucky.” You sarcastically say as Peter, instead of easily grabbing to instead, lifts you to grab it.

“Aha! We prevail!” You chant as Peter sets you down, you quickly peck his cheek before going to make the popcorn. Once it was done you had returned to the comfort of your fort and using Peter as a pillow, his stomach calmed as he munched on pop corn. Peter looked down after hearing the familiar sound of your light snores, smiling to himself as her brushed you hair out of your face and then began to play with it. Soon he felt his own eyelids getting heavy and pulled you closer to him and securing the blanket around you too causing you to hum happily and snuggle into his neck. He started to drift off but just before he did he pressed his lips onto you forehead lightly then allowing himself to fall asleep as well.

The Local Badass (S.Coups AU) Pt.14

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12 Pt.13

They leaned against the concrete railing “where are you from? You just magically reappeared here” he asked. “I’m not allowed to talk about it” she spoke as he threw the butt of his cigarette to the ground. “Why is it some military secret?“ he joked a serious look come to her face “wait really?” he asks excited. “That’s why you’re so badass"he sad as he looked up at the sky. “You aren’t going to kill me for finding know right?” he asked as she shook her head no.


“What happened to Y/N?” Hansol asked Chan who looked at him confused. “She never texted me back” he mumbled as he headed off to find Seungcheol “yo have you seen Y/N?” Hansol asked when he found out where he was. “No” Seungcheol said him moving from his space. “Did she have anything to drink?” he asked as Hansol shook his head unsure. Seungcheol quickly got up and nearly fell as the alcohol filled him up pretty quickly. 


Wonwoo walked Y/N back in and she went to slide the jacket off but he stopped her and told her to keep it on. "Give it back at school when you see me" he told her “alright” she responded. “Do you need a ride home?” he asked coughing slightly. She cocked her head “neither of us are having fun in a social situation so why not leave?” he asked as she nodded.


Seungcheol went one way while Hansol went the other. “Hey have you seen Y/N?” he asked Minghao who was chatting up some girl. “She just left” he spoke pointing to the door. Seungcheol’s eyes widened as he took off outside in time to see Y/N getting into Wonwoo’s car as Wonwoo was finishing off a smoke. “Hey!” Seungcheol yelled causing people outside to look at him including Wonwoo who watched him come over “what do you think you’re doing?” he hissed. Wonwoo raised his brow “killing my lungs slowly” he said stomping his cigarette out. “Why is she in your car?” Seungcheol asked being more clear. “I’m taking her home. She’s not having fun. I’m not having fun so why not leave?” Wonwoo said walking over to the drivers side door. Seungcheol opened the passenger side “get out of the car Y/N” he told her.

“She’s not some pet to order around she can stay if she wants” Wonwoo says as both males stare at the girl. She grabbed the door and shut it making Wonwoo smile. Seungcheol felt instant betrayal as he watched the pair leave.

ratherbereadingrn  asked:

I one thousand percent agree with you over the Thalia and Annabeth thing. the more I think about the more it makes sense.

yeah, I just think the context of their relationship gets lost in the nostalgia a bit. Because Annabeth was a little kid and here she saw this badass older girl who made her feel safe and so yeah obviously she is going to connect with her, especially when she doesn’t really have a mother figure of her own. But then Thalia is a tree, so Annabeth has to deal with that ambiguous loss, and then Thalia is back! But when she comes back, Annabeth isn’t that scared little kid anymore. She’s not looking for a leader, she is a leader. She has people that look up to her and count on her, so the dynamic between them is completely different. Then you have Annabeth still dealing with the admiration of Thalia and having to replace that with actually knowing Thalia as an equal, which again is a completely different dynamic. Not to mention the way Thalia butts heads with Percy, who is now for all intents and purposes, Annabeth’s person and you don’t fuck with her person. Even if you saved her when she was 7. 

Basically I think it’s much more complicated than it seems at first glance and especially with Thalia joining Artemis it just wouldn’t be a close relationship anymore. 


First of all, AbrahamXSasha (I still dont know the couple’s name)

i Was sooo up for RositaXAbraham but since the first minutes of these episode came out i just cant help myself. I Ship SashaXAbraham like A LOTTT!!

Also the last scene did you hear that??, Abraham its sooo up to it.

Maggie and Glenn omg it cant get more cute than that, they’re just omg, the babie, Maggie being a badass asking like a real woman for THE HALF!! it was just perfect!!! i really enjoy them in this episode.







RI almost-everybody-saw-we-were-apocalypse-and-chilling-last-night-and-its-so-awkward-CHONNE











Stop comparing Malia x Theo with Jackson x Lydia

Jackson was an abusive ass, he was tired of Lydia since the first episodes, I didn’t see any chemistry in the first phase of their relationship.
Theo may be evil, but he did save Malia, and he really looked scared for her, he had no reason to fake, she was too panicked to see his scared look and they were alone. So even for some seconds, he cared about Malia.
When Jackson was with Lydia, she had no idea of what she was, she was totally defenseless in front of him, so he just took advantage of that and tried to get rid of her.
But here, we are talking about Malia fucking Tate. She would not allow herself to be hurt by Theo or anyone else, she is a strong badass character who doesn’t need to be saved. Theo knows that it he’d EVER try something like that, she would snap his neck and throw him into Liam’s hole in 0.5 secs.
Theo is not trying to push Malia away from him, he’s trying to seduce her. Maybe to hurt Stiles, or to get something unknown yet, but he will fail.
He will be the one who falls for her eventually because she’s so hot and she proved she won’t fall for his crap.

Why I'm Down With the Lady Disney Villians

-Pissed off she didn’t get invited to a party, which I totally agree with
-Just invite her
-She probably would have brought a nice gift
-You don’t always like all the people you invite to big events, especially if you own a KINGDOM, deal with it Mr and Mrs Beauty
-Pulls off amazing classic horned hat, like Lady Gaga or Bjork
-I mean, not to victim blame here but we all know by now that touching needles is a bad idea, right?!
-And she just put her to SLEEP it’s not like she shaved her head or something. I love sleeping. I would love to sleep forever until some boring hot guy wakes me up.
-Nothing against Sleeping Beauty, I respect the sisterhood, but honestly would you want to hang out with a girl who constantly talks with animals about her dream of a perfect man…or a lady who specifically chooses to wear black capes and is also a DRAGON. Just sayin’.

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