she just like a goddess

~Legend says a Goddess watches over each clan. The Healing Goddess, Sakura, in charge of the Hatake clan was once disguised as the koi the Hatake clan has taken care of way back when Konoha was founded. Being the last of the Hatake, Sakura must take care of Kakashi in order to make sure his line continues [wink wonk]. But he has to prove himself worthy of her presence; else she becomes another clan’s Goddess.~

I also don’t know why a Goddess would hold a scalpel but I love the idea of her threatening people (Kakashi) with it when she’s pissed

I want there to be an episode of Voltron where Allura has her hair out. Not jsut having her hair out, but having her hair out.

I want her to have a full on afro, and not one originating from some joke or prank where she got electrocuted somehow, but she had it all done up for an important diplomatic meeting with some crucial planets and civilizations that could turn the tides on this whole war.

I want her talking and making some good points and after hours she succeeds and ends ends up securing all the allies and more than she planned for and after I just want the leaders to come up and congratulate her on her work and everything she’s done and compliment the ever living fuck out of her hair and just make her seem like the goddess that she is.

I just want it shown that black girls with their natural hair isn’t unprofessional and they can still be the kickass lion goddesses they really are and have always been without needing to change that.

And can you imagine the poof physics though???? And she’s in space, god that’d be fun to see


Thinking about that Sleeping Beauty retelling where it’s a gay prince who’s put to sleep until true love’s kiss wakes him, and imagining other variations on fairytales - now I want a trans Cinderella retelling. Think about it.

Cinderella shut out of the family, away from the public eye, because she won’t wear boys’ clothes or let anyone call her Jonathan, and her stepmother won’t see her as Lucinda. Her sisters’ mocking when they find her dressing up in their old gowns, the child they’ve thought of - reluctantly - as a little brother. The nights she curls into her blankets in the empty kitchen, staring blankly at the fading embers, wishing for anything but this.

And then the night of the ball, she sees a shooting star and makes a wish in the garden, and her fairy godmother appears. Spins her tattered shirt and ash-smeared trousers into a beautiful gown. Pulls her hair into an elegant up do, for the first time in Cinderella’s life, because she hasn’t figured it out herself, and certainly no one else has ever been willing to show her. Takes a few minutes to practice dancing in the garden, with the godmother leading (in vest and breeches, long hair in a simple ponytail, top of head just reaching Cinderella’s chin - once those beautiful glass slippers are on her feet), so Cinderella can know what it feels like to dance backwards in high heels.

At the ball she hangs back, worried that she’ll see her stepmother and her sisters (though, she realizes, they might not even recognize her like this). Knowing there are a thousand other girls who (she thinks) have a real chance with the prince. It’s not even about him, truly - the important thing is that she gets to be herself for a night. But then she does catch his eye, from clear the across the room, right over the heads of all those noblewomen who came here in search of a husband. The prince walks forward, the men bow, the women curtsy. Cinderella moves a beat later than the others because she has to remind her body to perform the gesture she usually practices alone in the attic, not the one she’s always been forced to do in public. And just before she lowers her eyes, cheeks burning with embarrassment over her misstep, the prince grins at her. Seconds later, he is taking her hand and asking her to dance.

They dance, and talk, and laugh. The time flies. It’s the most wonderful, magical, amazing night of Cinderella’s life. She could have sworn she was paying attention, but somehow she’s lost track of time, and the clock begins to strike midnight. And she runs, completely heedless of her shoes and her dress and her hairdo, because in a few seconds she’s going to be without any of those things anyway, and the prince will see her as she’s not, and that can’t happen. She trips, twists an ankle, loses a shoe, but doesn’t stop. Not until she’s back in her magicked coach, and then home, in her trousers and shirt, in her attic, sobbing. 

The next day, all her sisters and stepmother can talk about is the mysterious woman who danced with the prince. Tall, and beautiful, and no one had ever seen her before. “Like a goddess,” says the kinder of her sisters, and the meaner one scoffs while Cinderella herself barks out a short, harsh laugh that she tries to turn into a cough. 

The day after that, of course, comes the announcement that the prince still has one of Cinderella’s shoes. Throughout the kingdom, girls line up to try on the shoe, but it fits none of them. When the royal entourage reaches Cinderella’s family’s estate, she herself is in the attic, trying on an old dress she’s altered to fit herself - though she’s fighting back tears, fearing that she’ll never again have the chance to be herself in public. The kinder of her sisters has seen it, and raised an eyebrow, but apparently she hasn’t told. 

In the parlor, the two sisters try on the shoe, each in turn. “It’s too big,” whines the meaner one, and she crosses her arms angrily. “Perhaps the mysterious lady was wearing three pairs of socks.” 

The kinder sister stops, blinking. She remembers her youngest sibling, years ago - before her stepfather died - wearing three pairs of socks and trying on her mother’s shoes, swaying in the dressing room to music no one else could hear. She remembers the old dress, her step-sibling’s long fingers stitching late into the night. She remembers the mysterious lady, tall like a goddess, eyes shining like she had just seen the key to the universe. And she puts it all together. 

“Wait!” she shouts, jerking her leg away from the slipper they’re moving toward her foot. “Wait. I won’t fit that shoe. But I know who will.”

As she runs up the stairs, the whole entourage follows - the stewards, the footmen, the prince himself, along with her mother and sister. 

From her attic, Cinderella hears shouting, and running footsteps, and her stepmother’s shrill voice. “Don’t listen to her. It’s nothing, I promise-” 

And then the prince interrupting (and here Cinderella’s heart flutters, knowing he’s so close, and yet so far): “Let her show me.”

“My son-” says her stepmother.

“My other sister-” says the kinder sister.

“What?” says the mean sister.

And the door bursts open.

Cinderella would have changed out of her dress; or brushed her hair, washed her face, shaved; or jumped out the window, but there wasn’t time. So when the door opens, she’s standing in the middle of the room in a patched dress, hair loose around her shoulders, face stubbly and tear-streaked, holding one glass slipper.

The crowd of people stop abruptly, just inside the door. For a long moment, no one speaks, or even moves.

Then the prince comes forward, takes the other slipper from the steward charged with carrying it, and crosses the room. He bows, takes Cinderella’s free hand in his, and kisses it. Then he holds out the slipper, so it’s beside the one she’s still holding, and says, “Madam, I believe this is yours.”

She’s so startled, the slipper she didn’t lose slides from her fingers and crashes onto the wooden floor, shattering into a thousand pieces. 

By then it doesn’t matter. Her prince is right there, looking at her with a stupidly besotted grin on his face. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“I’m not usually-” she begins, and then stops, unsure how to finish the sentence. She gestures, futilely. 

“You’re you,” he says. “Lucinda. That’s all that matters.”

Then she’s in his arms, and they’re kissing, and laughing with joy, while everyone else gapes. But he’s right: she’s Lucinda, and nothing else matters.

And they live happily ever after.


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 7/?

daddy's 95 ❖ jongin

word count : 3304 words

admin : - velvet

style : smut, daddy kink, cheating, basically i have a thing for jongin’s skin, age gap - it’s a relationship stepfather - stepdaughter, so if you don’t like, please don’t read (个_个)

(not my gif, cr to the owner)

It wasn’t weird at the beginning, maybe because you were young and didn’t know what was really happening. You were six years old and had just started school, it was all so weird and when the the teacher asked you for the first time what you parents’ name were, you could just say your mother’s one.

Was it because you didn’t have a dad? Well, not really. You used to have a father just like all the other children in your classroom, it happened some months before that you mom and dad parted ways and you were not quite sure why, mom just said that it was for good.

It didn’t last long, at seven, when your teachers were already accustomed to the fact that little Y/N didn’t have a dad, he came into your and your mother’s lives.

Jongin was just like the princes you were used to see in cartoons, maybe without the blonde hair and the blue eyes, but he was probably the kindest prince of all.

He was your mother’s boss’ son, and thinking about it now: the thing was kinda fucked up. But he wasn’t even younger than your mother was.

She got pregnant at sixteen and when you were seven, she was only twenty three, she had just found a job and she managed to not take home just money, but even a twenty five years old Kim Jongin.

When Jongin first came to your house, you and your mother were waiting for him at the door. You probably never saw your mother this nervous and this beautiful. She already was the most beautiful woman on earth for you, but when she painted her lips with red colour and wore the shoes that make her look even taller than she already was, she just looked like a goddess in your eyes.

And probably even in Jongin’s eyes, that when came in couldn’t tear his eyes off her. He couldn’t until he saw you. And you were probably the most beautiful human being he had ever seen in his entire life, even without some teeths and with red puffy eyes caused by the fact that your mother didn’t let you wear one of her pair of shoes.

Right after, maybe in a little less than a year, Jongin became daddy in your eyes and his house became yours and your mother’s.

You were eight when you started sleeping in you new daddy’s house, and in the bed in the bedroom he gave you.

Daddy❞ you called out one night, it was probably half past eleven and he still was in his suit. When he heard your voice, he quickly lifted his head to see you standing by the door. His eyes became soft watching you drag your feet until you were next to him.

I didn’t finish my homework❞ you whispered dropping your gaze to your feet. He probably saw it coming as he chuckled. He knew you better than your mother, and probably better than your own self. The only times you were awake till late was because something about school happened.

And dear Lord, you hated school with all your being.

Sweetheart❞ he called you gripping lightly your wrist ❝why didn’t you finish your homework?❞ he asked taking you in his lap.

’Cause…❞ you started, unsure if it was better to say the truth or stick to the excuse you made-up some time before.

You lifted your gaze, positioning yourself better on his legs. Jongin knew you. He knew when you were lying and he knew when you were scared, when you were uncomfortable or too happy that you might have started crying.

I don’t wanna go to school, daddy❞ you whined hiding your face on his neck. His laugh rumbled through his and your body.

Princess, why do you always come to me? You know I can’t tell you no

At ten you still were “princess” and he still was “daddy”, he still came to your room to kiss you good night, but he started to kiss your cheeks and not peck you on the lips anymore. He was still the sweetest person on earth, he still cared for you more than he cared for anybody else on this world, but he started being always more tired and it was always more unusual to see him next to you for you night-time-talks.

He wasn’t going away, you knew it. Even if your parents started fighting over stupid things, they still cared too much about each other to ever end the relationship they had.

And other than that, Jongin would never leave his princess.

He literally grew addicted to the fact that he was your father, the only man in your life and he wasn’t going to let your mother take you away from him. It wasn’t anything sick or weird, he just really loved you as his own daughter.

When you were eleven your dad and your mom married.

Now Kim Jongin was you father even for the Korean State and on the papers you were not anymore Kang Y/N, but Kim Y/N.

When you were twelve Jongin started leaving the room when you were changing and started giving you your spaces, accepting the fact that you were becoming a little woman.

At sixteen boys started to come around and your insecurities started to surface, forcing you into diets.

It was half past two in the morning and you were seated by the fridge with a big spoon of lemon ice cream and probably the most devastated face you’ve ever had in your all life.

You weren’t sure if you were crying or not, you just knew that you were hungry as hell and you didn’t have a proper meal in - at least - two weeks.

You didn’t see you father approach you, but when you sensed his presence behind you, you let yourself go. He was sitting behind you, his legs at both sides of yours and his arms stretched in a tight back hug.

Your head fell into his shoulder and your back pressed against his chest.

Why are you doing like this, sweetheart?❞ he questioned resting his chin on your head.

You weren’t very touchy with dad anymore, even because it felt wrong, in some kind of ways. Sometimes it just pops in your head that your father is too handsome and when the sick idea that he is not your dad by blood, meaning that isn’t wrong for you to feel some kind of ways, comes, it makes you curl your skin in disgust.

Boys don’t even look at me❞ you sniffed, trying to calm yourself. Thinking about your dad in different ways makes you want to cry even harder.

Jongin pressed a kiss on your hair, then started to get up, taking you in his arms in bridal style. He started to take you to your room, and it didn’t even feel wrong that at sixteen your stepfather is still holding you.

When he reached the end of the stairs he finally spoke: ❝You have your daddy, baby. Why would you want anyone else to look at you?

At eighteen your thoughts about your dad started to go wild, and they didn’t feel wrong anymore. You started to crave for him. You started to wonder what was hidden under his shirt and why he looked so hot even if he was in his late thirties. You started to dream about you father - your stepfather -, you thought that maybe he may see you has a woman too, and not just as his step daughter, you thought of him basically every second of your life.

When you wake up, when you prepare for school, during breakfast - when he’s in front of you smiling -, when you ride to school, during school hours, when you have lunch, when you come back home, when you do your homework, when you eat dinner with him and mom, when you take a shower and the worst: in bed.

It really hurted when you were in bed alone, it hurted your head, your heart, your body, the boiling space between your legs.

When you were alone it was all fun and games, but when he was around it was kind of embarrassing, you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes and you would find yourself checking him out.

So you started to avoid him.

Until he understood something was wrong.

The door of your room slammed shut. You knew your mom was at work till eight pm, and it was just five in the afternoon. The only ones at home were you and you dad.

You took off your earphones and turned around to see your dad walking silently towards your bed, sitting down.

He lifted his eyes and patted the spot in the bed next to him.

In your head curses started to follow one by one, while you raised yourself from the black chair you were on and started drag your feet to your bed.

His face was kind, but his eyes were hard and his jaw clenched in a tight manner. He wasn’t looking at you in the eyes.

You already saw you dad angry, but now you were too sure of the reason why he was angry at you.

When you sat down on your bed, chewing the inside of your mouth, he finally looked at you.

Why don’t you talk to me?❞ His voice sounded way more desperate than what you would have ever thought and his eyes were in despair.

Your gaze fell accidentally on his wet lips, making you silently gasp. Your eyes fluttered closed for a second, but swallowing quickly you reopened your eyes, trying to focus on your dad and not on the way you stomach started to dance at his presence.

What do you mean, daddy?

That word: daddy - still sounded wrong in your mouth, if referred to him.

You’ve been avoiding me for so long, is something bad happened?❞ he was so hopeless, his eyes so desperate that you took his hand.

You felt so sick in that moment, he was sad and you were thinking about satisfying your hunger for him. At least you were not playing him, you really felt something for your daddy, but your mother and some papers were in the middle of you two. Might as well just go for it, Jongin was nice, if he rejected you he wouldn’t tell anyone anyway.

Daddy❞ you called out, and your voice sounded more like a moan.

You took your daddy’s hand and put it on your right breast. If it felt good in your dream, it felt even better in real life.

Jongin eyes grew wide, he didn’t understand what was going on, but took off his hand right away, surprised when he saw your eyes go to the back of your head when you put his hand on your breast.

Wait, daddy❞ you murmured taking his hand again in yours.

You adjusted on your bed, sitting on your knees and placing his big and warm hand again on your right breast. Both of your nipples perked up and Jongin could see them through your white t-shirt.

You weren’t wearing any bra, since you were going to stay at home till the day after, where you were going to go to school. Jongin stayed still on your breast, watching it with his mouth agape.

You swallowed, you knew this was wrong, but you couldn’t care less in that moment.

You squeezed his hand, causing him to squeeze your breast to, Jongin’s tongue darted out of his lips, wetting them.

Y/N❞ he whispered, it was going to be a warning, but it sounded more like a plead.

You other hand snapped to the hot zone between your legs, with you middle finger you brushed your clit, squeezing his hand and your breast harder. A mewl brushed out of your lips and Jongin’s eyes run to your clothed womanhood.

Daddy❞ you moaned a little, opening your legs and grinding a little on your middle finger.

You were going to keep on talking, begging him to touch you, but he was faster.

Jongin’s lips pressed again your opened ones, his tongue started to taste your mouth and if the feeling between your legs was hot, his mouth again yours was even hotter.

You always looked at your dad lips in awe and now that they were on yours, you just felt too good.

Your hand left his on you breast to intertwine with his black hair. You were still kissing when he pulled your t-shirt down, exposing only your breasts. He took advantage of the new skin and left your mouth with a trail of saliva, connecting his lips with your left breast. He took your nipple in his mouth, circling the darker skin and then sucking on your perked nub.

If you didn’t know better, you would have thought that this was one of your wet dreams, where you moaned your daddy’s name and that was right and not wrong as it will feel in the future.

His mouth went to the other nipple playing just with his tongue, flicking it with the tip. His hands positioned on your ass cheeks, taking you with a sharp move into his laps, legs open and you clothed centre was pressing on his hardening manhood.

If your mother finds out❞ he whispered taking your shirt off completely.

You made quick moves, taking off his shirt button by button, throwing it out of the bed and on the floor.

If you don’t tell her, she won’t❞ you moaned taking in the beautiful tan skin you always adored.

Jongin always looked like as if he was kissed by the sun and then someone just poured honey on his skin. You were so in love with the color of his skin. It was so precious.

You pushed him down, so that his back was now laying on your bed. With a shy smile you pecked him on the lips and then went down on his neck, kissing it lightly. You didn’t want to spend time with games, you just wanted to taste his skin. You went down to the base of his dress pants, and just took a long lick of his abdomen, from his bellybutton to his neck, tasting his honey-like skin and his muscular figure. His skin tasted like cream and smelled like the cologne he always used, since you was young. You found yourself drowning.

Princess❞ he breathed when you then returned down with your face, planting a firm kiss on his clothed manhood.

Mh?❞ you looked at him, taking his clothed member - or at least the little you could since it was constricted in his pants - in your mouth, showing him what you would have loved to do.

Come here❞ he whispered looking at you. As much as he would have wanted you to give him a blowjob, he felt like stopping you and praise your body.

As you turned to kiss him, he quickly turned you around, so that now you were with your back on the bed and he was hovering over you. He too quickly took off your pants, you almost didn’t even notice it. He didn’t broke the kiss, he kept on playing with your tongue, but you had to open your mouth to let go a silent scream out when he pressed his finger on your clit, under your underwear.

You started to rock your hips, your mouths were against each other, but you weren’t kissing anymore. You were too focused on feeling his calloused fingers work on your throbbing clit.

❝I didn’t think that daddy could make you this wet❞ he whispered watching your face contort into pleasure when he dipped his middle finger into your heat.

Oh my God❞ you breathed together.

So tight❞ he smiled next to you ear, resting on his side, watching you moan and open your legs even wider for him.

His finger pumped into your core, while some of his finger brushed involuntarily against your clit, touching it just slightly, without stopping the nub from pulsing. And you weren’t sure if the throbbing in your ears was blood in your veins or your clit, but it felt amazing. Jongin next to you was panting, his other hand was now palming his member in his pants.

His finger in your core stopped moving, he took it off and spread your wetness on you clit, touching it with fervor. It felt too much, you wanted to come so bad, but still you couldn’t.

Daddy, please❞ you moaned, knowing that he was on the limits of endurance too.

He took his hand off you, working with his zipper for a little while, then took off both pants and boxers. When you saw his manhood you just smiled at yourself, you knew his skin there would be honey just like everywhere else, but now its tip was an hungry red and no honey color was there to be seen.

Jongin hovered over your body, taking his member in his hand before placing it just between your folds.

You had sex with some boys❞ he started and it was more like an exclamation than a question ❝now you will have sex with a man, baby

You gasped when he slammed his member into your more-than-wet womanhood.

Tell me who’s better❞ he whispered in your ear starting to pump into you.

Even if his first thrust was angry and violent, he then slowed down, trying to compose himself.

Don’t slow down❞ you moaned tracing your thumb over your nipple and squeezing your left breast.

Sweetheart, calm down. Relax. You’re too tight for daddy

His length into you was paradisiac, but almost too big. Your walls were being stretched to impossible, his tip started with brushing everything in you and then stopped there.

Here, baby?❞ he questioned when you let out a rather loud ‘fuck, Jongin’. It was almost incredible the fact that the only one who ever touched your g-spot was actually your stepfather.

Daddy, there please❞ you cried out arching your back. It was all almost too erotic for you. Jongin, your daddy, was fucking you in the bed, his usually combed hair was now a mess and his honey skin was all covered in sweat, his member was deep into your boiling core and his balls slapped against your ass. But his lips, oh his lips, they were the hottest. They were wet and tan, now red for the kissing and they were parted. His eyes boring into yours.

Baby, you’re so beautiful❞ he panted going a little slower, his orgasm approaching and yours was very near too.

You smiled a little, trying to reach your goal and it came too fast.

Jongin furrowed his eyebrows looking deeply in you, one of his hands left the side of your head and went to grab your ass, then he slammed into you one last time.

Your eyes went to the back of your head and you saw black for al least thirty seconds, your body shook from the violent orgasm and Jongin took off quickly his member from your entrance, grabbing it and slamming it into his hand. When he came he let his seed spurt on your clit, brushing his tip on it and helping you ride your last drop of orgasm through the friction.

He took a deep breath looking at your body. You nipples were red from his attentions, your lips red aswell, you womanhood was puffy and swollen from his actions and his white seed was all over your tummy.

Princess, you look gloriously beautiful❞ whispered Jongin, attaching his lips on her mouth again.

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her eyes are filled with stars. i spend my time trying to connect the dots and find the constellations floating around her irises.
i found the planets on her body and in her soul. similar to mercury, at first you may confuse her for stars. just like the roman goddess venus, she is known for her love and just like the earth, she is life. she breathes beauty into the world with every exhale. so close, yet so far away. just out of reach, as mars seems to be. she and jupiter have the shortest days of all; perpetual sleepiness sometimes seems to be her defining trait. the curls of her hair are more captivating than saturn’s rings, and all the ice of uranus reminds me of how cold it was the night of our first kiss. and like neptune, she is far from her sunshine.
she is more than the solar system. she is entire universes, a million galaxies in one beautiful girl.
—  galaxy girl
Bad Dream (Joji)

Anon Request: An imagine where Joji has a nightmare and he wakes up all freaked out and u have to calm him down? You can really do anything u want with this whether it be spice it up and make it NSFW or just add fluff or neither of the two! Just whatever u see fit :D

Sitting in bed and reading through my book with only the bedside lamp as my source of light was my nightly routine. It would normally take place after Joji fell asleep, which was usually before me. I flipped to the next page in my book and glanced over at Joji, who lightly turned in his sleep. I watched him for a few moments. Looking at Joji while he slept was a typical thing that I always found myself doing. He was peaceful whenever he was in such an environment, always calm and his breathing was steady, but tonight was something rare. Joji began groaning disturbingly, making me furrow my brows at him. He frantically moved about, his arm centimeters away from hitting my face unexpectedly. Murmurs escaped his lips softly as I tried shaking him awake. The shaking seemed to make things worse; he started sweating and turning his head from the left to the right as he kicked his legs everywhere with his eyes still shut tight. I straddled him, having no other way to get him to stop kicking.

“Joji!” I shouted.

He shot up quickly, his face nearly bashing into mine. I took his face into my hands, he was lost and out of breath. Joji wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me tightly. I embraced him. Never having witnessed this type of situation before, I was confused and a bit panicky. I climbed off of him, putting my hand on his thigh as he wiped off the sweat from his forehead and rubbed his eyes. George sighed and cleared his throat.

“Wanna talk about it?” I whispered.

Joji stayed quiet for several minutes as he adjusted his breathing and looked around the room, as if to avoid my gaze.

“I-I didn’t save you.” he let out in a mutter, his voice was raspy and dry, “I tried but, I couldn’t. I’m sorry-“

“Babe, it was just a bad dream. I’m right here.” I ran my fingers through his hair and placed a kiss on his temple, “It’s okay, baby. It wasn’t real.”

I grabbed his hand and led him into the kitchen where I opened the fridge and took out the pitcher of water. He pulled out a cup from one of the cupboards and handed it to me. He watched me with some difficulty due to his tired state as I poured water into the cup and handed it to him. Joji gulped down the water quickly, earning a slight laugh from me, he smiled and kissed me quickly.

Joji’s POV
Y/N sighed heavily and made a comment about how tired I seemed and how she’d never seen me this alert before due to a bad dream…or any dream, really. Putting her hand in mine, she guided me back to bed where she tucked me in like some kind of five year old. It was well needed though, I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

“Joji.” she said in a soft voice as her finger brushed my cheek.

I turned my face to look at her, “Yeah?” I muffled.

“Why do you shy away from me at times when it comes to your dreams?” she asked as she looked elsewhere.

“I don’t.” I protested as I unstuck my arms from my mummified body under the sheets. I leaned my head on my arm and grabbed her hand, “Hey. What do you mean?” I whispered.

I tiredly reached for her face, grabbing her chin and making her eyes meet mine, my thumb brushed against her lower lip. She softly pressed her lips to my finger, delicately pressing kisses on it, her eyes never leaving my gaze. She casually took my thumb in her mouth and sucked lightly, pulling away and leaving me in astonishment. Y/N leaned in and pressed her lips against mine fervently. I placed my hand on the back of her neck, leading her mouth as it tangled with mine. After minutes of making out, she pulled away, panting. Y/N slid her hand down my torso and abruptly stopped at the band of my boxers. She removed her underwear and tossed it somewhere across the room. I was too befuddled to even grasp what was going on. Her smile hid so much mischief and trying to guess her next move hurt my brain, but she definitely knew how to make me feel better. Y/N compelled me onto my back by straddling me. I looked up at her; the light hit her just the right amount, she looked like a goddess on top of me. I assisted in the removal of her shirt, tossing it across the room like a fucking frisbee. I wanted her now. I grabbed her tits in my hands, a moan left her lips, making me hard.

“Fuck.” I whispered.

She agonizingly teased me by slowly grinding on me. I could feel how wet she was through the fabric of my briefs. Removing my hands from her tits, she placed my hands on her hips as she lowered my briefs exposing my dick. She was moving too slow for my liking, I groaned under her as she purposely teased me by rubbing my tip against her wet core then sliding herself on me, letting just the tip in then pulling back out. I was tired of her teasing me and when she went to do it again, I gripped her hips and slammed her down onto my cock.

“Shit.” she moaned as she titled her head back.

I watched her ride me like she was some kind of fucking miracle. The way she felt around me was pure bliss. She took her tits in her hands and squeezed them as she bounced on my cock. Her moans became louder and louder; she leaned back a little, placing her hands on my thighs. This gave me more control over her.

“G- George.” she gasped, “I’m gonna cum. Oh, fuck.”

I gripped her waist tightly and slammed her onto my dick harder and faster than before.

"Shit.” I breathed as I let my head fall back onto the pillow. I shut my eyes for a brief moment as I continued pounding her; her moans drove me insane.

I felt her contract around me, closing me in on my high. She let out a string of inaudible swear words as she placed her hands back onto my chest. Her small yelps and loud moans were brought to make me cum after her. Seconds after, I rubbed my face with my hands as I tried catching my breath. I looked up at her, she dropped next to me with her eyes fluttering shut. I let out a small laugh, she ‘fell asleep’ after a good fuck. I moved the hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. Grabbing the blanket, I tucked her in and brought it just under her chin. Stumbling out of bed, I turned off the light. The room became a dark void. I couldn’t see shit. I somehow managed to make my way back to the bed after tearing up the whole room in hopes to find the fucking mattress. I slid under the covers and laid my head on her shoulder. I yawned and kissed her forehead, “I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you.” she spoke in a quiet voice, “Maybe you won’t have another nightmare.”

“If I do, will provide the same treatment?” I chuckled.

“Go to sleep.” she giggled.


welcome h o m e

Konosuba has all the hallmarks of a classic sitcom except it takes place in a fantasy setting

You have your deeply flawed main characters who keep on getting into ridiculous situations because of their flaws.

-The Masochistic knight who keeps on pulling in more than she can handle and can’t hit to save her life. She is canonically bad at her job because she gets turned on by things that she should be repulsed by according to her job description.

-The tiny mage who has the ability to create an explosion on par with a tactical nuclear weapon but lacks the mana to be physically be able to move after casting her spell once per day. She refuses to learn any new skills so she really is only useful up to a point. She also acts like a goth high schooler who just discovered the occult.

-The Goddess/Healer who despite her heavenly origins is a total ditz who is bad with money and keeps on investing her skill points into useless party trick spells.

-Our leading man who is a total asshole who keeps on getting into trouble because he is an asshole, he is actually the one who is the smartest of the group but it doesn’t do him much good due to everything I just mentioned about the above group.

And they never learn their lesson, just like a successful sitcom.

I love it.

iamwalkingdead1  asked:

Do you think the Fishing Hamlet still exists, or is it simply continuing in the nightmare? Like, do the fish people still live there, or was everyone and everything massacred? Also, why would the hunters kill Kos? Wouldn't they want to protect great one's? That theory that Gehrman and Lady Maria killed Kos never made sense to me, like Redgrave (creator of the "paleblood hunt", comprehensive lore book on bloodborne) said "I think that's stupid."

If it still exists it’s most likely abandoned.

If not, and it was dragged into the nightmare like the Lecture Building did we can assume that the survivors are the ones we met in the Nightmare-Hamlet. If I am not mistaken, the Fishing Hamlet Priest is referred as a ‘survivor’ in the guide. Obviously, the guide isn’t 100% canon but I still think it makes sense.

I feel like most of them were killed and those who weren’t got captured and experimented on by the scholars (a fate way worse than death)

Skull of a local from the violated fishing village. The inside of the skull was forcibly searched for eyes, as evidenced by innumerable scratches and indentations.
No wonder the skull became stewed in curses. [ Accursed Brew ]

As we can see from this item, the villagers do look human-ish under their weird garb covered in seashells and seaweed. My assumption is that they slowly turned into fish-like beings because of the influence of the corpse of Kos that washed ashore long before the hunters’ arrival. So I do agree with you/with Redgrave, it makes no sense for them to have killed Kos… unless she was aggressive and they had to defend themselves, which I doubt. Great Ones seem to be intelligent and peaceful beings. Most of them, and those who became their kin (like Rom) are all nice and fluffy. Ebrietas is just minding her own business and even willingly cooperates with the Choir, so does the brain of Mensis (hey, it’s not its fault if our inferior brains can’t comprehend its majestic beauty!) and even Moon Presence doesn’t just plunge down and attacks us. She’s not a beast, y’know?! She gently grabs us, tests us, and if we’re strong enough to resist THEN she goes berserk on the hunter. The Orphan doesn’t count, his mother wasn’t there to teach him manners and he has tons of good reasons to want to see all the hunters dead.

I never read Redgrave’s essay on purpose because I didn’t want my interpretation of the lore to get influenced by it, but I’ve watched most of his videos and he is an awesome dude! I completely disagree with his theories about the Mensis ritual and Brador but I think that he got many other things right, including this one.

Kos was already dead and if someone was killed by someone else on that beach I’d say it was the Orphan at the hands of Gehrman. Which is the reason why I believe the curse exists in the first place and why my boi Gehrman is directly tied to the Orphan himself. Kos didn’t care about the villagers even if they revered her as a goddess, all she cared for, just like all Great Ones do, was her progeny.

“Curse the fiends, their children too. And their children, forever true.”

The Hunters robbed Kos of what was most important to her. And she cursed them not only to a life of endless hunt and torment but also to know that their successors won’t find peace either. Gascoigne and his daughters are, in a sense, the last link in that chain.

Kos is most likely not completely ‘dead’ since Great Ones are supposed to exist on a different plane than ours so they may technically only appear in physical form to us while still existing somewhere else in some other form. It’s a staple of Lovecraft’s horror that such entities can’t really die and the fact that we need to kill that small black thing rising from Kos body to get the nightmare slain message supports this theory. Even the angels/pilgrims of Londor in The Ringed City seem to work in a similar fashion and yes I know that’s a different franchise but they are still ascended, powerful beings.

I do believe that the one placing the curse on the hunters is Kos herself and that what we hear as we get transported to the Hunter’s Nightmare is her voice. She even answers her son’s call by channeling thunder from the sky/cosmos into her dead body to blast the hunter. Kos is definitely still _somehow_ present and Micolash knows it. His ravings may be less random than we may think. He knows that she’s still powerful and that all she wants is another child.

Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry.

And well, Hail the Nightmare is literally a prayer to Kos:

Mater sanguine [The mother’s blood] 

Redemptionis nostrae [our redemption]

Exi et exi, et pleba tua salus [Get out and out, and your people shall be saved]

and.. and.. there’s even other stuff that adds up but I’d say that’s enough for now :D

Stop Romanticizing Bismuth.

Guys she’s a flawed character who went too far with her beliefs and tried to kill a 14-year old kid because he didn’t agree with her on the issue of killing people is bad. Saying stuff like “she did nothing wrong” erases her flaws presented in the episode. I still love her but cmon guys. She’s not a goddess. She’s a flawed character, just like everybody else on the show.

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The Older Siblings

  • Matt Holt
  • 23
  • Pidge’s older brother
  • Works at Galactic Rock Climbing
  • A rock climbing instructor, every kid’s favorite
  • Was a former medic for the Garrison Air Force, left because it was too much.
  • Lost his father on the Kerberos Mission, a “training accident gone wrong”
  • Helped Shiro with physical therapy for his arm, giving him free lessons at the rock climbing business
  • Has taught Pidge German, how to use an ipad, how to kick ass at Splatoon and how to climb anything and everything in sight with the speed of a small demon.
  • A smol. Only 5’5”
  • Is a Ray of Sunshine. Every kid that comes to Galactic asks for Matt as their instructor, because he’s patient and fun and gives Hello Kitty bandaids if they fall off of the wall (even if they don’t get hurt).
  • Loves Shiro, so so much, and is best friends with Allura.
  • Enjoys climbing Shiro like a tree, and clinging to him like a koala. Tiny Matt has no problem climbing 6’4” Literal Giant Shiro.
  • If anyone’s hips are straight from a Shakira song, it’s Matt Holt’s.

  • Allura McClain
  • 23
  • The oldest of 6 siblings, Lance’s adopted sister
  • Adopted by the McClain family at 10 after her father died, she was already with the family when Lance was born (when she was 16).
  • Student at a prestigious fashion college, also an intern at Altean Designs under Coran’s guidance
  • Has known Shiro and Matt since high school
  • Reconnects with Shiro after his return from the Kerberos Mission
  • Is an amazing designer, and tests all of her designs on a very willing and enthusiastic Lance.
  • Loves visiting the daycare in her free time, and loves all of the kids just as much as she loves her own siblings
  • Loves Shiro, so so much, and is best friends with Matt
  • Is tall, like 5’8”, and when she wears heels she’s just an unstoppable goddess.
  • “Are you a princess?” - Hunk, the first time he met Allura.
  • “Yes.” - The answer Allura gave Hunk.

  • Takashi Shirogane
  • 23
  • Keith’s foster brother
  • His parents took in 4 year old Keith when Shiro was 19
  • Shiro joined the Garrison Air Force at 18, and served until he was 20.
  • Was one of the only survivors of the Kerberos Mission, where he lost his arm before being honorably discharged.
  • Is a giant cinnamon roll
  • He is Tired…. Save him.
  • He loves the kids, and loves spending his days with them
  • He loves Matt and Allura both so so much
  • Is Tall. 6’4”.
  • “Literal Giant Shiro.” - Matt, probably
  • Is great at arts and crafts, but not as well at cooking.

  • After the Kerberos Mission, Shiro came home to stay with his family and recover, and was given a prosthetic arm
  • His parents died when he was 22, and he realized he was the sole provider for now not only himself, but Keith as well
  • His checks from the military covered mostly everything, but he was searching for part time work for extra money anyway.
  • Running into Allura, she offered to pay him to watch Lance. Hunk’s family offered as well, and Matt asked one day during rock climbing therapy
  • A year later he’s still running the daycare, even occasionally watching kids from the middle school, Rolo and Nyma.

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Dad I love ur fem taegi do u ever think about fem jungkook and fem jiminie??? I like to think about how jimin would be so smol and curvy and probably a bit insecure about her weight and jungkook would be this tall, toned beauty who is a little insecure about her own lack of curves. They would look so good together and you just KNOW jungkook would be so fascinated by jimin's boobs and even if they were just platonic at first she'd find herself always staring at jimin's body and blushing ☺️☺️☺️

[[okay but i literally thought of high school Au for this i hope you don’t mind]]

Jungkook hasn’t always been self-conscious about her “lack” of a body. Sure she’s never had the biggest boobs or giant butt, but that was never really a problem to her. Jungkook had muscles, Jungkook had tone thighs and Upper arm strength that put some boys in her class to shame and for someone who played on the school’s basketball and football team as well as the shool’s softball team, that’s all that mattered. Not to mention she never really had the time to think about her physical appearance in between her loads’ of practices and classes.

It’s not until prom time that she begins to develop some insecurities.

She’s waiting in line behind some cheerleaders waiting to buy Taehyung her tickets for prom since the little shit wants to surprise her own girlfriend and can’t be seen buying them, when she hears some giggling. Normally Jungkook would have ignored the sounds but this time she notices that the cheerleaders in front of her are giggling and sharing glances at HER.

“Who would ask out the perfect Jeon Jungkook?”

One girl says a bit too loudly and the others nod.

“Isn’t she strong enough to break her date?”

“Probably, plus who would go with someone that looks like an ironing board in a dress?”

Jungkook frowns and looks down at her outfit, ripped skinny jeans and a plain white tee shirt, and feels her heart clench painfully when she notices they’re right. She had no real curves, surely no one wouLd want to be with that.

Jungkook’s about to just turn away and make Taehyung buy her won tickets when another voice, this one light and airy, speaks up.

“I would go with her, she’s hot and is extremely talented at what she does.”

When the freshman looks up again to see who had said that her already large eyes widen even more. Park Jimin, head cheerleader, most wanted girl in the entire school and Jeon Jungkook’s biggest crush, smirks at her.

All the cheerleaders turn around when Jimin pushes them aside a bit to stand directly in front of Jungkook.

“In fact, Jungkookie” Jimin giggles and Jungkook thinks she’s melting over how adorable the girl’s eye smile is. “Will you be my date to prom if you don’t already have someone?”

All Jungkook can do is nod and blush as Jimin smiles and tiptoes to kiss her cheek.

“Unnie You know you really don’t have to go with me right?”

It’s a few days later and Jungkook feels a bit guilty about Jimin asking her to prom. She feels a bit like maybe Jimin did it because everyone knows Park Jimin is a fucking sweetheart and she Just wanted to shut the rude cheerleaders up. Not to mention that now Jimin and her are in the mall shopping for dresses and the first time Jimin had come out of the dressing room in a skin tight black halter top dress that showed off her double D breast Jungkook almost fainted.

Park Jimin was a solid ten and Jungkook felt like a negative two next to the beautiful pink haired girl.

“Oh, Jungkookie.” Jungkook hears Jimin sigh from the inside of her dressing room. “I didn’t ask you because I felt bad if that’s what your thinking.”

Jimin pulls the curtains back to reveal her body now being hugged by a long sleeve maroon, Jungkook’s favorite color, laced up dress with a nude opening around the butt and breast area and Jungkook suddenly needs to sit down.

“I asked you because I really think you’re beautiful and I’ve liked you since I saw you tackle the shit out of Jackson Wang at the beginning of the football season.”

Jungkook gulps, her eyes are glued to the open back of the dress as Jimin turns around to look in the mirror in front of her and the younger really really just needs some water. Jungkook nods, completely missing the smirk Jimin shoots her in the mirror and bites her lip.

“O-Oh I’ve liked you too…. For a long time actually.”

The prom goes by perfectly.

Jimin ends up picking out the maroon dress after she saw the way Jungkook couldn’t keep her eyes off of her and even giggles when the younger admits she was just planning on wearing skinny jeans and a red crop top to match.

“I’m not the dressy type, you know?”

“That’s okay baby.” Jungkook blushes at the nickname. “The skinny jeans will let me check out those delicious thighs better anyways.”

Jungkook later text Taehyung and lets her know she’s going to permanently die of blood loss from all the blushing she does because Park Jimin is a fucking tease.

They’ve been dating for a few months now and holy shit is it something. Jungkook finds herself blushing a lot more because now, at every game, she has head cheerleader Park Jimin jumping and dancing around in short skirts cheering for her. Hell, Jungkook’s lost count of how many times her coach has to yell out “JEON FOCUS YOU CAN OGLE THE CHEERLEADERS LATER!” only to hear Jimin’s beautiful high laughter right after.

It’s become kind of a thing of theirs really. Jimin has made it clear she loves Jungkook’s thighs. The elder constantly has a hand on them or is resting on them while Jungkook just can’t help but lay her face against Jimin’s boobs while they cuddle. She can barely help the way she stares because Park Jimin is really Satan and loves to wear tube tops and halters or tight tees that show off those wonderful tits.

Not to mention that wonderful ass the elder has.

They just love each other’s bodies so much, almost as much as they love each other.

Sadly, they find themselves in a similar situation to the prom event not too much later.

Only now Jungkook is not letting things just sit calmly.

It’s during lunch and Jungkook groans as she’s once again stuck behind some girls she really doesn’t like.  She can hear them laughing and no doubt talking shit about someone amongst themselves. She really plans to ignore them and just stare at Jimin where’s she’s seated and drawing when Jungkook catches her girlfriends name leave on of the girl’s mouth.

“How is she still captain?”

One of the girls ask and Jungkook begins to panic when she notices her girlfriend has now gotten up from her spot and is walking towards them.

“Really she thinks she’s so hot.”

Jimin smiles and tiptoes to peck Jungkook’s lips and that’s when the elder finally hears them.

“Honestly shouldn’t cheer captain be skinny and not a whale look at that ass I bet they can’t throw her up because she’s so heavy.”

Jimin’s Precious smile falls and Jungkook has had enough.

“Hey, Jinrae?”

The girl that had been talking shit turns and looks at Jungkook with an annoyed face.

“Are you so jealous of Jimin’s curves because Hoseok said he felt nothing but bone when he fucked you?”

Jimin’s eyes widen and the entire cafeteria breaks out into a mix of silence and loud “OHHH’S”

“What about you Heejin?” Jungkook turns to another girl that had been saying mean things. “You must be bitter because Jimin doesn’t have to stuff her bra in high school like you do.”

There’s more laughter and Jungkook finally pulls Jimin closer to her while holding onto her girlfriend’s soft tummy lovingly.

“Please don’t hate on someone who works her ass off in practice just because she looks like a goddess.”

(Jimin later pins Jungkook against a locker and kisses her so hard the younger’s lips nearly bruise but she totally loves it because Jimin lets her slips her hand up her shirt to squeeze her boobs.)