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the acting choices will haunt me forever... amandas eyes and lip curl and nose scrunch when she says "what you really are doesn't really matter"... if they wanted that to be a sweet line she would've fucking played it sweetly... also marks tweet about that detective show and blue mondays? i didn't know what it was so i just googled itv blue mondays and the first article that came up was so weird? "The date was coined by a doctor who claimed to have calculated it using an equation." okay?

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RIGHT! I think Amanda is a great actor- that whole scene is designed to sit Wrong with us- Mary’s last DVD is dismissive and subtly sneering, as shown in Mary’s facial expressions, as you said. (more on the writing side of things in that scene here

Compare that with Amanda’s acting as Miss Mardle in Mr Selfridge- a really beautiful, moving performance, in my opinion.

For example: (spoilers though!)

We feel empathy for her as her character in Mr Selfridge and yet in what should be Mary’s ‘shining moment’ in her death scene, we feel none. That’s deliberate to me, with Amanda deliberately playing into the insincere melodrama of it. She is consciously playing Mary as a villain.

As for Mark’s tweet:

Blue Monday this year was Monday 16th January… I just saw @teapotsubtext say this was the day after The Final Problem… :)   Hopefully the RT means this detective show is worth the watch! ;)

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(1/2)When I pet my cat along her back (mostly lower back), she tenses up and sometimes she threatens to bite me (opening her mouth and jerking her head towards me). This happens when I've stroked her 1-3 times, with no signs of over stimulation beforehand. Is it possible she's in pain, or just doesn't like being touched there? I got her in February of this year, and I've only really noticed this in the past few months. She's indoors, fixed, and had an appointment right after I got her so if it's

pain the cause would have been more recent. I think she’s about 4, but the spca didn’t know since she was a stray. I’ve done a few google searches, but everything was inconclusive. I’m really worried about her. I’m taking her to a vet regardless, but I’m just hoping you have some insight. Thank you for running this blog <3

I obviously can’t tell you for sure, but it sounds like it could definitely be caused by pain if it’s abnormal and doesn’t seem to be related to over-stimulation. Get her checked out by a vet to be sure (and I’d get someone to video the behavior before you go in, in case she shuts down in the vet office that they don’t get to see it). 

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The idea of pregnancy is absolutely disgusting to me. But my mum really wants grandchildren and I'm an only child. She said just because I'm aro/ace doesn't mean I can't have kids—she googled it, even. I'm in a really tough place with her right now on the matter, and I think it would help to know if being grossed out by pregnancy tied into sex repulsion.

Is it her body? No? Then she has no goddamn right to pressure you for kids. It’s your body and your life and your decision. 

This is something that really pisses me off. I get passionate about a lot of stuff, you all know that, but nothing takes me from calmly answering asks to full on, hands shaking, almost inarticulate rage than people pressuring other people to have kids. 

Yeah, she’s right, you can technically still have kids. Anyone with even semi-functional ovaries and a uterus can have kids, even if it takes medical intervention. But the ability to physically carry an embryo to term does not mean a damn thing. 

If you don’t want kids, you do not have to have them.In fact, if you don’t want kids, you shouldn't have them. There are more than enough unwanted kids in the world. 

You are not a child-producing machine. Your grand purpose in life is not to have kids. You define your own purpose. And if you don’t want kids, then you don’t have to have them, no matter how much your mother wants them. It’s not her life. 

She doesn’t have to carry the pregnancy. She doesn’t have to go through labor. She doesn’t have to sacrifice her time and possibly career to have the kid. She doesn’t have to feed and clothe the kid for 18+ years. She doesn’t have to put the kid through college. If she wanted another kid she should have had one. 

I have gotten on my soapbox about this before. I’m starting to get incoherently angry, so I’m going to quote myself:

Kids are a huge fucking commitment and parenting is not for everyone. 

Having kids is not like having an object, or even like having a puppy. Having a biological child involves 9 months of pregnancy for someone, many hours of labor (which, by the way, is the single most painful thing human beings go through without dying), then 18 years, give or take, of that child being completely financially dependent on you, not to mention the emotional toll of parenting. Yeah, there’s rewards, I guess, but for some people, those rewards pale in comparison to the costs. 

She wants grandkids the way that I want a new TV - it’s something I’d like to have, but I don’t want to put effort into it. I want it to be there when I want it, and not a problem when I don’t want it. If she wants to actually have a tiny human around, she can go adopt one. 

Now, your actual question… I’d be inclined to think that for some people, pregnancy could be tied into sex-repulsion. If you find the act that is traditionally part of becoming pregnant to be repulsive, then the whole thing is just a giant reminder of that. Or if you find genitalia repulsive, well, pregnancy involves a lot of stuff to do with your genitalia. 

Disgust towards pregnancy could also be tied into dysphoria - I don’t know your gender identity and if you experience any, but that can be an element for some folks who have ovaries and a uterus. 

One of the reasons I have such a strong reaction to this is that I, like you, find the idea of pregnancy horrifying and awful, and I have a profound dislike of tiny humans (anything under age 6 is unacceptable, and under age 10 is questionable). But focusing on the pregnancy thing… I know, for me, part of it is a little gender dysphoria, but most of it is a combo of sex-repulsion and control issues. Penetrative anything is an absolute no go for me. Pregnancy just goes on its ow, so the whole situation is out of the pregnant person’s control - which, for me, is terrifying. Having your body change without any control over the situation? God no. On top of it, the only way in which this body could ever get pregnant would be through rape, which adds another layer of “hell no” to it all. 

Regardless of your reasons for not wanting to have biological kids, your opinion is valid and the only one that matters. It is your body and your life and you get to say whether you have kids or not. YOU DO NOT OWE YOUR MOTHER GRANDKIDS.


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I love Richonne, but I'm not a fan of black Hermione. It feels forced and Jk is calling people who disagree with her on it idiots and racists, so I definitely feel like she's just playing the race card. I'm not white (Native American, actually), and it just doesn't feel right, you know? Like, the book describes her as having bushy brown hair, but I don't think that POC can have brown hair without it being dyed, and she obviously doesn't care much for how her hair looks, so why would she dye it?

I really don’t understand why it matters. It should not matter to you. If she was the best actress that auditioned, she deserves the part. They shouldn’t have to give it to a white woman just because a white woman played her in the movies. WHY does it bother you? 

I also just want you to know that just to prove my point, I Google-image searched “bushy brown hair” and this was about halfway down the page that was otherwise spammed with pics of Emma Watson with rather flat dirty-blonde hair but uh okay. 

I’m about 110% sure POC can have brown hair LOL and I guess you forgot that brown comes in more shades than so-light-it’s-almost-blonde. Please do not send me an ask like this again.