she just kinda word vomited everywhere

Luck Be a Lady

Bartending was nothing new to Charlotte. She’d been making her own cocktails since she’d started drinking, and she loved experimenting with different combinations. But this whole job business was very odd. She wasn’t used to being at someone’s beck and call like this, but she wasn’t sure she totally hated it. She got her days off and worked evenings, and she got to be in a party sort of atmosphere that she loved. 

Now that she was back in contact with Hades, she wasn’t totally sure that she was still sold on this back-to-Walt deal. But it had been part of convincing Daddy to let her travel around the world, that come 2013 she would come back and get on her feet in Edinborough before starting school again in the fall.

She wasn’t sure she wanted to let her presence be known to anyone else in the school just yet. She wasn’t sure what had possessed her to speak to Hades, but then again, looking back, he was the last person she’d spoken to before she’d run away, and they had been starting to get on better terms just as she had decided the stress was too much for her. Besides, he was nice to look at on her dashboard. She was entirely confused as to why he was still flirting with her, even after so many months apart. She figured his interest would have moved elsewhere pretty quickly. But she was looking forward to his visit this evening, oddly enough, and hoped that her work wouldn’t keep her from talking to him as much as she wanted to. 

Wait, she wanted to talk to Hades? In person? In public? The more she thought about it, the more willing she was to admit it - and to admit that she didn’t want to just talk with him. 

She needed to play it cool. She had work until 1 in the morning and she seriously doubted he would wait around for her to get done. He’d probably head back to his dorm and tap some other fine piece of ass - Lord knew there was no shortage of that at the school. But even so, she’d worn a lacy blue bra underneath her white button-up that she was required to wear for work and had unbuttoned one more button than she usually did. She’d dealt with a few more perverted glances, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. 

Play it cool, Lotts, she said to herself. Poker face. You are Lady Luck tonight, and he has to earn your favor.