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Gruvia Week Day 4 - Vacation

Gruvia Week Day 4 - Vacation

A/N: My entrant for Gruvia week 2016 Day 4 Vacation.  A bit of angst and fluff for this one!  It’s VERY long so I hope you’re sitting comfortably!


A vacation…. Juvia Lockser thought as she stared down at her pale hands that were clasped in her lap.  Yes that’s what Juvia needs.  She needs to get away from all this…

“Yo Juvia, you alright?” Gray asked the watermage from his seat beside her as he took a sip of his drink.  She had been in a world of her own for a few days now and it hadn’t stopped raining.  It was ever since they had come back from a job a week ago, Gray thought at first that she had just been exhausted after everything that happened with him leaving her for six months in the rain, she had gotten sick and then the fight with Avatar, they had taken a job so soon after that, even he was feeling the magical drain.

Juvia looked up at the icemage putting on one of her huge smiles. “Yes Gray-sama! Juvia is fine!” She chimed getting up from the small wooden bar stool giving Gray a small bow.  “Juvia has to go.  Goodnight Gray-sama.” She spoke hurriedly.

Yeah right.  Gray thought as he watched her make a quick retreat out the guild towards Fairy Hills, shaking his head to took another longer sip of his drink.

Juvia drew a deep breath as she walked towards the dorms, the air was warm and filled with summer heat which did nothing to calm her down of quell her thoughts.  The rain poured out the sky endlessly it too was sickeningly warm.  Even Juvias own rain offers no comfort. She thought solemnly as she stepped into her apartment to pack up her things.  She’d decided to go on a short break to try and clear her mind and give everyone at the guild a break from the rain.  

Once Juvia had packed her belongings she found herself aimlessly running her hands over her pale yellow bed sheets, her green two-seater sofa, her bathtub, and squeezing her Gray-sama plushies.  Gray-sama. Would he miss her?  Juvia shook her head, she was acting like she was going to be gone a while, but she was really only going for a few days a week at max.  That was what she kept telling herself anyway.  A vacation.  Sighing she sat picked up her things, leaving a note on her dresser as she walked out of Fairy Hills to the Magnolia train station, it was cheaper to travel at night.


The sun shone vengefully down on Magnolia the following morning, it was like the rain had all been one big nightmare.  The birds were singing and chirping away nosily on a branch outside of Grays apartment.  What the? Gray pulled a pillow over his head in protest at the noisy little wretches, but after a few more hopeless minutes of trying to block them out and go back to sleep he threw the pillow off him and tore the curtains back only to be blinded by the brilliant sunlight that was pouring into his dark room.  Shit, my eyes! Gray shielded his pupils from any further destruction that the sun would cause burning his eye sockets.  What happened to the rain?  He furrowed his brow.  He was sure it was Juvias.  So what made it stop?  Deciding he wasn’t going to get anymore sleep he threw his legs over the edge of his bed to get up the mattress creaking under his change in weight distribution. Groggily he dragged himself to the shower mindlessly turning the silver handle as the water spurted sharply out the head pummelling on his muscles.  Going through the notions of his usual morning routine Gray found himself at the front doors of the guild before he realised it.  Pushing the doors open he wandered only a few feet in before he found his self standing there scanning the room for her, but she was nowhere to be seen.  I wonder what made her rain go away?

“Hey droopy eyes! Whatcha doing?!” An annoying voice belonging to an even more annoying pink haired dragon slayer boomed at him from across the guild, Grays eyes snapped over to the fire dragon slayer who was standing on a table fist raised as he sprung forward at Gray.

“Oh you’re on!” Gray shouted as their fists collided.  Jet, Droy, Gajeel, Elfman and the thunder legion were cheering them on as Mira and the rest of the Fairy Tail girls looked at the scene in disgust.  Someone was going to have to clean up after them.

“You guys are so childish!” Lucy shouted her hands on her hips. “Besides you’re going to wreck the guild!”

“Nah! We’ll keep the damage to minimum Luce don’t you worry about that!” Natsu grinned at her.

“Yeah right! That’s what you said the last time! And you almost demolished a whole village!”

“So manly!” Elfman admired them throwing his fist in the air taking a step forwards to join them, when a delicate but firm hand latched onto his muscles.

“And where are you going?” Elfman sweat dropped as he turned to see Evergreen glaring at him.

“Err nowhere! I was just cheering Ever really!” He chuckled rubbing his head.

“What’s going on here!” A voice that shook everyone’s core boomed throughout the guild causing everyone to freeze.  It belonged to the fearful resident  red haired re-equip mage Erza.

“No…- nothing Erza!” Gray and Natsu said in unison laughing together acting like the best of chums.

“Glad to hear it.”  Erza nodded slamming Gray and Natsus heads into her hard steel armour.  “You’re here earlier than normal today Gray.” She noted.

“Yeah.” Gray scratched the back of his head as his swept the room once more for the blunette.  Sighing he walked over to bar for breakfast, he never had breakfast.  Except when Juvia cooked it for me.  Gray had found himself falling into daze like states ever since Avatar when he had left her.  This was no exception.

“You gonna eat that?” Someone spoke but Grays eyes were transfixed on the plate in front of him.  “Oi Gray!” Natsu shouted at the icemage.

“Hm.” Gray looked at him blinking.  “Uh yeah.” He picked up his fork picking up some streaky bacon and placing it in his mouth.  His face scrunched up in detest as he quickly washed it down with some water.  “It’s cold!” He looked over to Mira.

“Well Gray, you did order it like an hour ago! Food can’t stay warm forever!” Mira glared at him.

“An hour ago….” Gray wondered.  Where did the time go?

“Well if you don’t want it.” Natsu grinned as he devoured the cold breakfast.

“Would you like another Gray?” The white haired transformation mage asked.

“Nah it’s okay.  I’m not really a breakfast person.” He mumbled back to her remaining sat at the bar as the hours ticked by.  Gray was getting more and more agitated as the time stretched on.  Maybe she’s sick? He thought strumming his fingers on the bar.  Nah, I’m sure it would be raining.  

“Something off today…” Natsu had appeared again, Geez he won’t leave me alone today.  Gray eyed the dragon slayer as he sniffed the air.

“Where’s Juvia?” It was Gajeel to speak this time.  “I don’t think I’ve seen her since yesterday.” The iron dragon slayer gave Gray a menacing look.  

“I don’t think I saw her leave the dorm this morning actually… Unless she left super early?” Levy pondered at Gajeels side.  “Unless she’s just having a duvet day! I’m sure she’s fine!” Levy smiled trying to cheer up the mood.

“It ain’t like Juvia to have a duvet day shorty!” Gajeel stood with his arms folded over his chest.

“I don’t know….” Gray spoke wishing he could take those words right back, he’d have to finish what he was saying now.  “I mean…She uh… Sometimes she would spend the odd day in bed….” He blushed.  “You know when we uh lived together…” He turned away from the group his cheeks searing as Gajeel grmphed.

“Maybe someone should check on her?” Levy suggested as Gray and Gajeel both went to make their way to the door.  “Hey guys wait! It has to be a girl!” Levy shouted stopping them in their tracks as she waved her hands in front of her.

“I’ll go, it‘s getting late.” Erza spoke up, she had grown fond of the care-free optimistic water mage, everyone blinked as Erza walked out the guild to Juvias dorm.


Juvia had arrived at the Akane resort in the late morning, it was heaving with visitors she had enjoyed herself at first swimming in the deep blue ocean enjoying the way the water helped her release her worries as she became one with it, relaxing in the hot tubs to warm up after a long swim and then playing some of the casino games to see if she could win at anything, but the longer she stayed, the more alone she felt yet at the same time she felt overwhelmed. There were so many people, sounds and lights, it was otherworldly, she felt lost as well as a burden, people were commentating on how dismal the rain was and how it was ruining their holidays turning Juvias mood even more stormy, did she really think she could escape? Feeling light headed the watermage returned to her room, she was here to get away from her thoughts to relax and enjoy herself, but the darkness kept on resurfacing.  Feeling emotionally drained Juvia flopped down onto the four poster bed, pulling the burgundy duvet up to her chin and sinking into the big fluffy pillows letting sleep drag her down into its unconscious depths.  When she awoke in the early hours of the morning (around about 2am) the watermage got up and dressed.  Being in a big fancy place like this wasn’t going to make her feel better. Not on her own.  She felt empty here, she needed to feel whole. Repacking her bags she decided to change the location of her ‘vacation’.

Erza burst through the doors of the guild like a hurricane marching her way up to the bar a piece of paper in her hand.  The whole guild had fallen silent all eyes on her.

“She wrote a note.” Erza turned to look at Gray.  “She said she had gone on a vacation.  To get away from her thoughts, that she’d be back and not to worry.” The re-equip mage handed the note to Gray who took it begrudgingly but on the inside he was desperate to the see the words for his self.  He scanned the paper over and over again looking for some hidden meaning, something between the lines.  Escape from her thoughts?  What did she mean?   Gray sat the bar with the note in front of him, everyone was back to doing what they were doing before Erza had come bursting in.  “I know you’re worried Gray.” She sat down next to him as Gray turned to look at her, his mouth open about to protest.  He couldn’t lie to Erza.  She knew more than anyone what Juvia meant to him.  She was the one who pointed it out at the Grand Magic Games, he was the one who had pleaded with her to let him tell Juvia what was going on with Avatar and the undercover mission, she was the one who told him to keep Juvia safe, it was best if she didn’t know.  Erza never missed a thing, she seemed to understand his feelings or the watermage better than he did.  “I don’t think she’s been quite herself lately, she is always so cheerful and optimistic.” Erza smiled at her memory of the watermage so ditzy, but strong.

“I know.” Gray spoke barely a whisper.

“Hm.  Do you know what this sudden vacation is about?” Erzas eyes pierced him with scrutiny.

“No.  I keep wracking my brains but comin’ up empty.” Gray sloshed his drink in his glass trying to piece it all together.

“Well I doubt it’s still the fact you left her for six months.  She seemed to have forgiven that.” Erza spoke her thoughts out loud as she dug into a slice of strawberry cake.  Gray winced at the memory.  He still felt immeasurably guilty about that.  He ran a hand through his raven hair sighing in frustration.

“How did that job go you guys took the other week?” Mira asked breaking the silence.

“Hm.” Gray looked up at Mira.  “Yeah, we had to clear off some thieves at some archived building.  They were a pain. They weren’t regular thieves. These guys knew magic, but we beat ‘em.” Gray placed his hands behind his head as he leaned back on the stool, remembering Juvia looking at the some of the files.  He had told her to stop snooping as the building began to collapse, he had had to drag her out of it.  His eyes grew wide.  “She was looking at some files, that was when she started acting all weird and quiet.”

“What were the files on?”  Erza and Mira both asked together.

“I… I don’t know… but I’m going to find her.” He had a bad feeling about the content of the files.

“How will you find her?” Mira asked as Gray dashed out the guild to the bank.

Running down the brick streets as fast he could he skidded to halt in front of the Magnolia bank doors, they were shut.  He would have to wait until morning.  Damn it! He cursed.  All he wanted to do was check what money had left his joint account with Juvia, they had decided to join their accounts when they brought a house together.  He could track her down by finding out where she had spent jewels.  Annoyed Gray trekked back to his apartment he’d be at the bank the second it opened in the morning.

Sure enough Gray was at the bank at the crack of dawn impatiently waiting for the staff to unlock tapping his foot on the ground arms folded over his chest.

“Sir you’ll have to give us twenty minutes or so…” One of the accountants shook in fear at an angry looking Gray.

“Whatever.” He grunted at them.  The second the twenty minutes was up Gray made his way into the bank to a cashier.

“How many I help you?” A young female asked from behind the glass.

“Can I see the latest transactions from this account please.” Gray handed the brunette woman over an old statement with the account number on it.

“Of course Mr. Fullbuster please just wait a moment whilst I print it out for you.” Gray scowled as he waited for the stupid little machine to print out the document.  It was taking an agonisingly slow time.  “Here you go.” She pushed the paper through the gap in the glass and Gray immediately looked to the most recent transaction.  Akane resort.  

“That’s where she’s taken off to.” He mumbled, odd she didn’t seem the kind to go somewhere like that on her own.

“I hope you find your wife.” The cashier smiled at him.

“She’s not my-” He began.

“Oh sorry.  Girlfriend then.” She smiled at him again.

“Whatever.” Gray muttered his cheeks stained a pale pink as he walked out the bank to Magnolia station, taking the first train to Akane Resort. The train seemed to take forever to the reach the sandy shores of Southern Fiore.  Shit, everything is taking forever today! The icemage shouted internally as he made his way to the reception.  The place was packed, there was barely room to move, the whole place was an assortment of sounds, sounds that were grating on his already bad mood.  He enjoyed being here when he was here to relax and have fun but that was not why he was there now.  He cleared his throat to get the girl at the reception to acknowledge his presence.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Welcome to Akane Resort the place to-” He cut her off.

“I need to know if someone is checked in here.  Juvia Lockser.” He said curtly he couldn’t take anymore waiting.

“Well I’m afraid I cant just tell you, that is personal protected information.” The blonde stated blinking at him through her thick black glasses.  Crap!  Gray thought now what he was supposed to do?  An idea suddenly came to him.

 “You see, it’s my girlfriend.  I need to know if she got here safely, we are supposed to meet here.” He lied, the word girlfriend feeling foreign on his lips another blush spread across his face.  The receptionist didn’t seem to believe him.  “Look here,  I have a joint account with her.” He pushed the crumpled piece of paper with the latest transactions from their account in front of her.  It clearly stated Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser.

“I see.” She pursed her lips.  “Let me check.” She gave Gray the falsest smile as he picked the paper back up. “No.  I’m afraid she was here yesterday, that’s odd.  She booked for a week but left earlier this morning… I’m sorry.” Gray felt anger rise inside him again as he stormed out the resort.  Where the hell is she?!

“Excuse me sir!”  A member of staff came running over to him, Gray turned to face the slim male who was panting in front of him.  “I saw Miss Lockser this morning.” Grays eyes widen.  “She said she was going ‘home’ I saw her guild mark and asked if she was going back to the famous Fairy Tail and if she had enjoyed her visit.  She said she was going to a different home.” Gray felt his heart stop.  She was going back to Amefurashi Village.  Their home.  They could never bring themselves to sell it.

“Thanks!” He shouted as he ran off towards the train station again.

The rain poured down above Amefurashi Village as Juvia sat on the sofa enjoying the quiet trying to centre her thoughts.  She had been depressed since the mission.  Her and Gray-sama had gone on a mission to stop a bunch of thieves from robbing an building full of old police reports, they had been there for days rifling through files, keeping the people in the building hostage, it turned out they were wizards.  It was like it was fate that file lying open was of some interest to Juvia. She remembered holding the tattered beige file in her trembling fingers as her brain had tried to make sense of the words on the page.  Gray-sama had said something to her about not snooping through other peoples files but the words hadn’t registered in Juvias mind.  Even when the building had started to collapse she had still been frozen in the same spot, the icemage had practically half carried half dragged her out of there, he had gotten angry at her asking if she wanted to die, but when she didn’t answer his voice had softened and they walked in silence back to Magnolia, Juvia had the file hidden away in her dress coat and when she sat down to read it that night the rain had begun to fall and it had done so since everyone putting it down to the fact it was nearing the end of summer and not her.   The tears started to fall from her navy blue eyes down her cheeks, she had best let all her emotions out then she could truly move on.


Gray finally reached the village as he made his way up the path to their house which was just on the outskirts, sure enough it was absolutely pouring with rain, there was no doubt that Juvia was here.  He felt nervous as he approached the front door.  What would he say? What would she say? How would she react? His palms felt clammy and his heart picked up speed he could hear it pounding in his ears as he neared closer and closer.  Finally he reached the door knob and he turned it to walk in, should he have knocked?  It was to late to think about that now as he crossed the threshold inhaling deeply, the smell of Juvia mixed with something musty hitting him like a tonne of bricks, it had been almost two months since they had come back here before heading back off to Magnolia to rebuild Fairy Tail.  Gray walked into the living room but no one was there, a beige file caught his attention on the coffee table but he couldn’t quite place it.  He didn’t know whether he should call out for her or not. Deciding to stay quiet as he couldn’t find his voice he made his way through to the kitchen, Juvia was standing there gazing out the window entranced by the rain.  He took a few steps closer his eyes wide, his adrenaline through the roof.

“Hey.” He spoke through the thick silence his voice sounding strange in the hollow emptiness.  Juvia spun around, tears spilling out her eyes running down the tracks of their predecessors, she looked like she was in so much pain his heart felt like it was going to burst or shrivel completely.  He hated seeing her like this.  She should never look like this.  She was a happy person.  A ray of sunshine.  “Juvia, I…are you?” He struggled for the words as they stared at each other unblinking.

“Gray-sama.” She managed to choke.  “Why are did you come here?” The watermage asked as she almost seemed to withdraw from the situation, like she was trying to keep the remaining pieces of her sanity together.  Gray decided to not be a chicken.

“I…. I came here to find you.” Juvias eyes went wide as she wiped some of the tears off her cheeks.  “You haven’t been yourself and I was, I mean everyone was worried.” He swallowed taking another step closer as more tears fell.  “What’s wrong Juvia?”  He placed a hand on her shoulder trying to offer her some form of comfort.  He remembered when she had been there for him at his parents grave.  The moment he decided to let her in.

“Juvia is fi-”

“Don’t say you’re fine Juvia.  Cut the crap.” He spoke more harshly than he intended to, it just tore him up inside to see her like this.  “I’m sorry. I just…” He trailed off as she had plastered herself against him wrapping her arms around him making his heart flutter.

“Juvia wishes she hadn’t looked!” Gray was confused, looked at what? he put his arms around her waist loosely as she looked up into his gray eyes.  “At that folder Gray-sama.” she sobbed again and he couldn’t help but wipe a few tears away getting lost in the depth of her eyes, he thought they were deep before but they were endless now.  “That folder Juvia found on out last mission.” Gray remembered the beige folder she had held so tightly in her fingers as the building had collapsed around them.  The one on the coffee table.  She had taken it.

“What’s in the folder?” He asked as she tugged him along to the living room sitting them both down on the dark blue sofa knees touching as they sat next to one another at an angle.  Juvia shakily picked it up passing it to the icemage.  Gray opened it and drew in a sharp breath “Locksers file” It was about her family.  If it was anyone else he would’ve asked if they were sure that they wanted him to read it, but he wanted to read it and Juvia wanted him to as well.  He took one look at her before opening the file, silently asking if it was okay.  Juvia gave him a small nod as she spoke.

“Juvias family…. They….. They tried to…. Kill Juvia.” She broke as she spoke the words, her voice cracking reaching unknown decibels.  Gray immediately reached out and grabbed her hand with his free one bringing it closer to him as he read on growing angrier by the second.   “Juvias father beat Juvias mother, he killed Juvias grandparents, and tried to kill Juvia.” She placed a hand to her head and buried memories singed her thoughts, a belt he’d hit her with a belt, or a bottle or a chair. Anything.  Her and her mother.  She remembered her mothers screams and pleas.  Gray looked to Juvia he felt sickened by what he was reading. Juvia had ending up in a psychiatric ward for being so traumatised, she had coped by deciding to disassociate herself from the word through her use of the third person, it was easier living her life as an outsider from herself then actually live in herself.  He read on as Juvia continued to speak.  “Juvia saw her father almost kill her mother but Juvia interrupted him, she ran in screaming, shouting and crying at her father as her mother lay a bloodied mess on the floor.” She squeezed Grays hand and he laced their fingers together.  “Juvias father took Juvia to the bath and tried to drown her.  That’s when Juvia realised she was a wizard, but at the time she thought she was freak.  It had always rained but Juvia had never controlled water before.  Just as Juvia was losing consciousness the water rose up out the tub and killed Juvia father.  Juvias mother left Juvia on the doorstep of an orphanage.” She paused turning to look Gray straight in the eyes.  “Juvia killed her father.  She is a murderer.  No better than him.” She squeaked as Gray closed the folder putting on the coffee table as it all sunk in.  Juvia needed him now.  Gray took her other hand in his making her blush.

“You are not a murderer.  You’re not a bad person Juvia.  You have more good in you than anyone I know.” He reached up wiping more tears from her cheeks and brushing a lock of pale blue hair out her face.  “It was self defence, you had no idea that you could use water magic, you were protecting your mother.  You both would’ve died by his hands if it weren’t for you! He would’ve just moved on to another victim after.  Juvia. You saved more than just you and your mother that day.” Juvia remained silent desperately trying to etch those words in  her mind. “But what I don’t get it why your mother gave you up?” he mumbled to himself.

“Juvias mother gave her up because Juvias mother too was so badly damaged mentally she went crazy, she knew she couldn’t look after Juvia properly so she gave Juvia to an  orphanage and then took her own life.” Juvia whispered.

“You’ll never go through anything like that again ya hear?” Gray said as he kissed her on the cheek gently, the watermages eyes going wide and sparkly before dulling again the weight of the news laying heavily on them both. Juvia was shaking again but the rain had stopped.

“Oh Gray-sama!” She wailed Grays heart feeling like it had been sliced open as she threw her arms around him sending him flat on his back on the sofa her straddling him arms either side of his head.

“Hey…” He grumbled until he met her eyes, they were so vulnerable, it was as if her blue orbs really were moving like the waves, tangible as a few tears escaped.  Feeling his heart turn to mush he reached up and cupped her face in his hand.  “Why didn’t you just tell me?” He spoke softly.

“Juvia thought she made you angry, that Gray-sama wouldn’t want to know” She bit her lip.

“Why wouldn’t I want to know?” He turned away blushing.  “You know I care about you… a lot.” He added his face turning scarlet.

“Juvia is sorry for not telling you Gray-sama, Juvia thought she could deal with it on her own.” She turned to lay next to him the both of them on their sides.

“Yeah well next time, you tell me first.  Cant have you disappearing again.” He gave her a half smile making Juvia heart squeeze in her chest as he brushed his dark bangs out his face.

“Juvia is meant to be on a vacation, she didn’t disappear.” She chuckled, the feeling of laughter and happiness felt alien to her, she liked the feel of it and Gray seemed to as well.

“A vacation huh?” Gray smirked at her as the watermage let out a yawn, snuggling into his chest.  He’d let her have this one.  She’d had a rough few months.  “Maybe we’ll stay a little longer then…” He muttered one arm around her holding her close the other playing with the ends of her blue waves.  Juvia smiled into him at his words, her vacation just got a lot better.

A/N: Well that was a million times longer than I wanted it to be! If you made it to the end I hoped you enjoyed it!



Oh dude…

I’m just minding my own business, when suddenly I remembered this time back in the early 2000s, when some girl who liked my brother (my brother was super popular in high school, and i super wasn’t) decided to print out a bunch of Yugioh fanfiction she’d written and gave them to him to read.

And my brother, who only ever read the Harry Potter series and wasn’t interested in reading at all gave them to me because ‘i liked Yugioh or whatever’

And I read them. And am still wondering to this day what sort of person gives the straight boy they like printouts of their explicit Yugioh slash fics

Manager hates me

My doctor made me stay home three days (she wanted me to stay home 4 but I need to work to pay rent) because something’s been going on where I can’t breathe. I’m kind of used to it, so I speak fine, but as soon as they put on an oxygen monitor they’d do a double take and ask if I could breathe (It happened more than once). And then I broke my toe. The manager that doesn’t like me was on duty and I guess my boss told her to be nice because she didn’t speak to me, even as my MOD. She’d send someone to cover me for my breaks but never tell me directly. When that happens, I’m supposed to radio and ask to double check but she wouldn’t answer. When she came back from lunch, I said hi, because I figured she’d be mad at me for talking to her, but she’d be madder if I DIDN’T. She just looked at the air next to me and glared. When she sent someone to cover me so I could go home, I radioed to ask but she, again, didn’t answer. I had to go ask another manager, who radioed her, and she told the other manager that I could leave.
It’s the same manager that wouldn’t let me get my inhaler from the break room when I accidentally left it, and (another time) gave me extra work and didn’t let me stop until I literally collapsed because she was angry again (she gave me my first break super early and then didn’t let me take my second break until the end of my shift, so I had 5 hours of non-stop cleaning and stair climbing). I had to lay on the break room floor for 45 minutes after work before I had the energy to even stand. She knows I’m disabled but thinks it’s just an excuse (“this is America, /everyone/ has a disability and an addiction”) According to customers, I’m the most polite employee, and I’ve never been written up for anything in the 16 months I’ve been there, so it’s not like I’ve done something horrible to make her hate me. She’s tough on everyone, but I’m the only one she treats like this. I think she doesn’t like me because I’m not as fast as my co-workers? I have another disabled co-worker, but she’s nicer to him because his disability is almost completely physical/visible so she accepts that he has some limitations. My boss doesn’t really care, and I know if it comes down to the manager or me, I’d be booted out the door in a heartbeat. Where I live, it’s perfectly legal to fire someone for any reason (technically you can’t discriminate, but you can fire with no given reason, so in practice discrimination is acceptable). I’m looking for other jobs but I only got this one because I know someone, and I’m not having luck anywhere else, so I’m stuck here.

Everything you DO NOT WANT in a con roommate

So this happened last year. it was at a PNW convention. I know I shouldn’t still be dwelling on this but when you experience the things i have and STILL have to deal with her making fake accounts just to contact me/ Yeah I’m still gonna be salty about it! the Phrase “it gets worse” will happen A LOT

At the time, my online friend was gonna spend the con weekend with me, my girlfriend, and her best friend.

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I’ve seen a couple posts & discussions lately that boil down to the idea that fandom/being a fan/being a giant geek is something it’s inappropriate to engage in after a certain age. (What age? Who knows, it depends on who you ask: 18, 25, 30, I’ve seen it all.)

Actual footage of me every time I see this idea:

COME WITH ME, MY DARLINGS. Let us explore the many wonderful, varied reasons why this idea is a steaming pile of horsecrap. 

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