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I feel so awkward rn I'm kind of crushing on this woman at work who's like...well she mentioned being able to retire later this year, so she's at least 60 (I'm 23)? Is that wrong of me? I won't do anything about it, I'm not single and it's one of those "I just really admire you" kind of crushes, but she's just? So cool? And she's been really great to me, offering me advice (both for my job and life in general) and sharing tea with me and she's just this cool ambiguously-butch lady okay

Yeah, if it’s more like a (platonic) appreciation of her as a person, I don’t think that’s bad. She sounds really cool! Just like, stay within your boundaries and be safe, okay? xx


diego luna appreciation weekdecember 27 (diego + alice braga w/ surprise gael)

people that inspired in my in my journey, diego luna was special, because it was the first film i did abroad and he was such a strong actor in the sense of young, but with so much knowledge because he was an actor since he was a kid. - alice braga, interview magazine


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Iris: Hey Barry, how has your day?
Barry: *sighs* I met up with Y/N today.
Iris: Oh. Y/N. Didn’t you just hang out with her yesterday?
Barry: Yeah but we were both free today so we decided to hang out again.
Iris: I was working only half a day, I could’ve met up with you.
Barry: That’s great Iris but what me and Y/N we doing today wasn’t really your type of thing.
Iris: Oh.
Joe: *walks in* Barry! How did it go with Y/N today?
Iris: They had fun, apparently.
Joe: So she didn’t turn you down?
Iris: What do you mean?
Barry: I told her how I felt about her.
Iris: Barry. Do you really think that was a good idea? I’m glad she turned you down because that was just stu…
Barry: What do you mean you’re glad she turned me down?
Joe: She said yes?!
Barry: I’m officially dating the beautiful Y/N! *laughs*
Joe: That’s amazing Bar. *hugs him*
Iris: Yeah, totally amazing.
Barry: What’s wrong?
Iris: I just don’t think she’s right for you.
Barry: To you, nobody is right for me.
Iris: She’s not.
Barry: You might not like her Iris, but she’s my girlfriend we both care about each other so please just be happy for me.
Iris: Sure. Congrats.


More practice on the new tablet. After seeing @wiishu‘s first video I wanted to try something about jack and her that worked well together and separately. This ended up being the result of that! Wiishu isn’t just Jack’s girlfriend, she’s also a fantastic artist with her own great ideas and fantastic style. Jack isn’t just Wiishu’s boyfriend, he’s a clever comedian that makes millions of people smile everyday and his own charming style. They’re both also really great people. I’m excited to see what they’ll each do from here out!  

Also, my partner and I are in the same kinda boat where she’s a voice actress and I’m an artist but lmao not that im self inserting again whaaaaat

@therealjacksepticeye @wiishu

What Not To Do In High School (Pt. 4) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: bruhhhh… the high school au would be just great. A date in the library and shes trying to study but he just wants to do really cute things (and very sexual things) like rest his hand on her leg and stuff like that.

a/n: leadin up to dat smut tho (there was a lot more requests for this part)

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Barry is #blessed. At least, that is what he told Joe when he and Iris got dropped off at the station yesterday. Why? Because today he’s working on a project for English in the library with his new partner. Though, he and Joe both know he’s probably not going to do much in the way of helping; he never does.

He pushes the tan door open, nodding as a greeting when he passes his friend, Cisco, and inhales the crisp smell of the library. Ah, the smell of dusty books. His black torn up peasant boots leave indents in the dark, puke green carpet, making his way to the cluster of long tables; specifically the one closest to the concrete wall. Pulling out a bulky wooden chair, his gray skinny jeans meet a firm cushion that matches the carpet.

“Hey partner.” he smirks, resting a hand on your light blue skinny jeans. It was meant to be a sweet gesture in his mind. Yet, the sharp breath you take and how your grip on the ballpoint pen tightens, tells him otherwise. He knew it! He knew you wanted him! His fingers clutch your thigh, thumb doing random designs. “A little tense, are we?” he chuckles, green eyes darkening a shade, coming across as a brown.

Swatting his hand away, you sigh, trying not to pay attention to his cute little moles sprawled across his exposed neck. “Can we - can we just focus on the project, please?” you beg, wrists pressed to the wood table as your hands wave. This boy!

His index and middle fingers walk up your long sleeve white and red striped shirt, ending at the ball of your shoulder. “We can do whatever you feel like doing, baby.” he whispers seductively in your ear, lips ghosting your skin. Your eyes dart towards him in a daring way and you kick his leg from underneath the table. “Ow!” Barry screams, earning multiple ‘shh’s from the librarians. “Wow, that’s what I-”

“Yep.” you say in a clipped tone, eyeing the pale skin of his chest that his black CCPD tank top shows. Raising an eyebrow, you toss the pen on top of the notebook, crossing your arms, causing the wide neckline of your striped shirt to drop. You choose to pay no attention to the way his eyes trace your neon red bra strap. “We are not doing that in the library!” you scold.

Barry smirks, scooting his chair closer to you. His light gray flannel dips off his neck, exposing his very pale shoulder. “So…that means we can do it somewhere else, eh?” he questions, boot knocking your sneaker. Is he…is he seriously trying to play footsie with you right now? Before you can make a comment, he points to the clock, “School’s over in two minutes, babe. So, unless you can do this project in two minutes, you’re gonna have to come to my house.” he slumps, hand falling slack against the table.

You squint at the clock above the library doors. Wow, he’s right. “Your house? With the cop?” you arch an eyebrow, arms still crossed.

He rolls his eyes, fixing his black beanie on his messy brown hair. “Joe’s not a cop. He’s a detective. There’s a difference.” he mumbles angrily, making you giggle. Wow, that’s cute. The bell rings and you pack up, standing from your seat. “Well…?” he asks.

“Okay. Thursday, after school.”

Barry grins, “Perfect.”

More of a really annoying situation..

I just started working at a new company. It’s hard to describe exactly what they do, but it’s industrial and they have a lot of car companies as customers. Anyways, I think it’s great so far and it’s the first job I’ve actually liked.
The thing is they’re looking for more new employees since they’re growing pretty fast.

Que the most negative person I have ever had the displeasure to work with. She’s 40-something and desperate for a job. The only thing is that she complains about everything. “This smells”, “this wasn’t as fun as the last thing”, “I’m so bad at this”, “yada, yada, yada”. She’s like a fucking Dementor.
The thing she keeps saying is that she hopes she gets to stay after her try week is over and if she doesn’t get to stay it’s because “she’s so fucking shy”. I’m just sitting there like “eeh, either that or bc you have a shitty attitude - but what do I know?” (Didn’t tell her that though bc I hate confrontation).
I could go on and on about all the weird little comments she kept telling people but I would be here all night. But one example was that she told me she thought it was ugly when I wore a hat (like sorry, I didn’t have time to wash my hair and it’s not like you have to wear it?).
So her try week is over and she doesn’t get to stay. It’s a few days later and I’m eating with my boss. I casually ask her if she (and another guy who also had a try week at the same time) didn’t get a contract bc they don’t have a lot to do at work atm (like they told them) or bc it didn’t work out with them.
My boss then tells me “Well.. let’s put it this way: if you’re new at a job your first question shouldn’t be ‘can I do something else?’ And rather ‘is there an easier way to do this?’ or 'hey, could you please show me again?’”.

Too shy, my ass.

But yeah, I don’t really have a point to this other than being really freaking relieved I don’t have to work with her and also to give you job hunting people a piece of advice: if you’re new at a job - do what they tell you and for the love of god try to be nice to people and don’t complain! If you don’t like all the tasks, keep that thought to yourself. You can complain when you get home. You never know who’s listening at work so the best thing you can do is to just be nice.

EXO Reaction || Idol Girlfriend Filming A Kiss Scene With An Actor
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| iKON | B.A.P | BTS | Monsta X | SVT | Got7 | SHINee | - This will take a while


*Extremely uncomfortable*
“Ah, why my girlfriend…”


*Actually really grumpy even hours after the kiss*


“Work… Ha. You better not enjoy it.”


*Hates the idea of you kissing another man, but then again, he knows about acting and how it must be*


*Says nice things but with a sour face*
“You’ll do great, honey, I won’t watch it, but come back to me soon”


“Now I hate kissing scenes…”


“She’s my girl, he’s just gonna be jealous of me after that nightmare is over”


“… Y/N…”


*Not feeling good about this situation, but doesnt talk about it either, because he’d feel like it’d start an argument because of how jealous and endangered he felt*


“Just, have it over with, okay? I’m gonna wait for a compensation for having to support you in this upsetting situation”


*Tries to entertain himsef so he doesn’t think about it too much*


“This is not okay. I’m going home”
*Gets grumpy for at least two hours*



“A Sicilian never refuses a favor on the day of his daughter’s wedding. Ask whatever you want.”
“Great. My daughter Shelly is selling Girl Scout cookies and she’s way behind in sales to a girl named Becky in her troop. Top salesgirl gets to meet Sting and make fun of him any way they want to. It really means a lot to Shelly to do that, sir.”
“I understand. I will buy however many cookies Shelly needs to beat that Becky girl. No problem.”
“Oh, really? I was just gonna have you kill Becky and her whole family, but I guess buying the cookies works too. She needs to sell 5,493 boxes. At $5 a box, that’s $27,465.”
“Fine. Let me write a check.”
“Really? Are you sure? I’m sure you can get Becky and her family killed for $20,000 max. Hell, I’d do it for $15,000.”
“It won’t be necessary. Here is the check.”
“Oh. Alright then. Thanks!”
The woman left the room. A minute later, a little girl entered.
“Hi, I’m Becky.”
“Let me guess, you want me to buy your Girl Scout cookies?”
“No, I want you to kill me and my whole family.”
The wedding was beautiful.

Lili X Cole

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about #lilicole and #sprouseheart. Although I ship their characters on Riverdale, I don’t think they would make a good couple in real life. Before you read further, I want to be clear that I love both actors, and whatever is mentioned below is my opinion based on the way they interact on public platforms.

Here’s why:

1. Even though I love Lili, she isn’t the most articulate one in the group.Cole on the other hand  is really well spoken and well informed. That college education really did him good.

Having said that, they both have artistic inclinations, and are great at what they do.

2. Cole and his brother are video game enthusiasts(rather addicted to them). This can be exhausting to a person who isn’t into video games.

Can opposites attract? I hope so. It definitely worked out for me. 

I really hope they’re more than just friends. But if not, I have a ton of tumblr posts I can read to fantasize about them. Keep writing you guys. Love you all.

Bughead forever!

Hamilton as Swimmers

So my siblings had their swim championships today. I return bearing an au.

  • Washington – The coach. Has years of swimming under his belt and plenty of advice to share.
  • Hamilton – If he doesn’t take at least several seconds off his time, he probably wasn’t even trying. Power house, works his butt off trying to swim the more important races.
  • Burr – Okay swimmer. It’s not that he’s not good, it’s just that he’s not really trying. When he actually makes an effort to improve, though, he’s great.
  • Laurens – Wanted to join the team, but his dad got him to join something else, instead. Comes to all of the meets, is basically the loudest cheerer on the bleachers.
  • Eliza – The most graceful swimmer you will ever see. When she flip-turns, you could swear she was a mermaid. Watching her do freestyle is breathtaking.
  • Angelica – Such a powerful swimmer it’s scary. Would be neck and neck with Alex, if they swam the same races.
  • Peggy – Often overshadowed by her sisters, but a fantastic swimmer. Also, looks really cute in the uniform suit.
  • Lafayette – Can swim literally anything. Backstroke? Yup. Butterfly? No problem. Good at everything, but also really, really nice about it. Amazing sportsmanship.
  • Hercules – Could probably dive halfway across the pool if he were allowed to. Disappears until immediately before his races, which pisses off the heatwalkers, but they’re learning to deal with it.
  • Maria – Not on the team because her boyfriend forced talked her out of it. Gives Laurens a run for his money as loudest cheerer.
  • Theodosia – Might be the only one cheering on Burr.
  • Jefferson – Complains about the water despite telling everyone else that they were whiny babies for doing literally the exact same thing.
  • Madison – Couldn’t be on the team because of health reasons, cheers on Jefferson.
  • Lee – Disqualified because the water was too cold and he refused to swim.

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Clarke POV for the queen's thief fic, pls and thanx <3 <3 <3

you know erin the anon who asked for this knew the name

Original fic here, alt-POV here!

It was probably stupid, to agree to crash with Bellamy in Vancouver, but if Clarke is going to get started with stupid decisions she’s made in the whole Queen’s Thief project, she’s not sure crashing with Bellamy is really the place to start.

Probably she should start with the Alice-and-James episode of Marauders when she was sixteen, the first time she and Bellamy really worked together, when she realized he wasn’t actually just hot, he was intelligent and sarcastic and perpetually grumpy, a great actor who took his job seriously but also made sure to text his baby sister every time they had a lull in filming. And they worked really well together, well enough to make her sad they didn’t do it more often. But it wasn’t–it was a crush, and it was a crush that lingered until the show ended, and popped back up when they’d run into each other again. Bellamy would keep on being awesome, and Clarke would keep on wondering what he’d say if she asked him to make out. It was a pretty good system, as far as she was concerned.

She’d nearly had a heart attack when he texted her out of nowhere, and her next stupid choice was probably agreeing to help him with the show, but–she liked the books, she liked the project, and she needed something to do. It was completely and totally the right choice for her career and her own mental well-being.

It’s just stupid, because she’s definitely falling in love with Bellamy, and she absolutely shouldn’t be in his apartment in the morning, making her way to his kitchen in her pajamas, feeling close and intimate and far too much.

And that’s before she sees him at the coffee machine, in his own flannel pants and a faded Batman t-shirt, before he turns and says, “Morning,” in a rough, deep voice.

This is absolutely the stupidest thing she’s ever done. Not even close.

“Coffee in a few minutes,” he adds, pushing his glasses up when they slide down his nose, and that at least distracts her. She hasn’t seen him in his glasses in years. She wasn’t sure she was ever going to again.

“Wait, you really wear glasses?” she asks, delighted. “I thought that was a James Potter thing.”

He adjusts them again, flushing a little. “No, they’re mine. I usually wear contacts, but if I put them in before coffee I’d probably lose an eye.”

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I wasted two bucks on this issue just for two pages worth of content so ya’ll are gonna have to listen to me rant about these two perfect henchgirls.

  1. Echo (the short black hair girl) has always seemed closer to Ed than Query. When they usually talk to/about Ed, Echo will address him as Eddie whereas Query usually calls him boss. In one issue when they work for someone else while Ed’s in Arkham, Echo goes so far as to stand up for him, saying “Eddie’s okay, and he’s not so grabby.”
  2. Another thing to consider is they’re working on their own right now. Riddler is more than capable of escaping from Blackgate on his own and this hold up is too messy for Ed to have come up with. I dunno, I think it’s really cute they want their boss back and are willing to go to these measures to do so.
  3. Query has great aim! A lot of henchmen just fire aimless at Batman and can’t land a single shot but she was able to hit him seven times all in a kill zone while he was coming after her. The only reason he’s not dead is because of his batsuit (that’s cheating batman)
  4. Echo’s name is actually something I’ve debated about a lot because what does Echo have anything to do with riddles? But after reading this comic it makes so much sense. She’s called Echo because she’s always repeating herself. Three times in this span of ohh– five minutes, the theme comes up. So what if she named herself that? Riddler wanted to go with Quiz and Query but she steps in and says she wants the name Echo instead and after bit of a fight he agrees to it.
  5. Echo probably has more common sense out of the two. Both of them are pretty smart, I mean they have to be to run with the Riddler for so long. Did you know Riddler will spout off riddles throughout their jobs and most of the time his henchman won’t answer them. But Echo and Query answer every last one of them. Usually with the right answer and I doubt that Ed gave them that answer at the beginning.
  6. This has nothing to do with panels above but I love how much they touch Ed. For a guy that hates being touched by practically anyone, it says a lot that he lets two women have almost free range over his body and trusts them not to do anything out of his comfort zone.

haha i always used to kinda jokingly explain new who fans not familiar with the character that bernice summerfield is basically river song but better written and honestly? now that i know more of her books and audios this is so true like

  • she’s a much more complex character, and her relationship with the doctor, braxiatel and even stupid jason kane is much more interesting than river and doctor’s 
  • also the way she’s more… scientifically accurate? i mean she’s shown doing actual archaeology, and it’s often really tedious and she sometimes gets into adventures just by wandering off a really not exciting dig site
  • still she gets excited by her work even when it doesn’t involve alien monsters and haunted places
  • and i bet she wouldn’t deface the oldest wall in the universe just to write “hello sweetie” on it
  • anyways it’s also great how she’s a mess but still really cool and badass? which is very typical of male heroes/antiheroes but more rarely achieved with women
  • honestly i love how… visceral her characterization is at times
  • like she swears a lot and drinks a bit too much and often looks a mess
  • like she gets tortured by villains and beaten and chased by monsters and she has to deal with that instead of just brushing it off she has to actually cope with the trauma
  • or like she gets impregnated without consent and bc of that has trouble accepting her child (but is not demonized for that)
  • but still overcomes it all but in like, a real way, not a “i’m the hero so nothing gets to me and i deal with everything perfectly” way
  • i love her ok

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The thing about pippa that makes her so great (i work at rrt so I've seen everyone whose played eliza) is that she acts with every inch of her body. Even down to how she swishes her skirts. She does these minor things that really sell her performance that i don't see anyone else doing with eliza. Pippa absolutely became eliza every time she went on stage.

Yeah, like she just lives the character.

It’s amazing!

And because she’s so good and makes it look so easy, I think people can overlook her performance.

And after seeing Amelie, you see that she carries her body so differently than she did as Eliza.

Essentially, from what I’ve seen of her in Great Comet and what I know from Hamilton and Amelie, every role she plays seems like the role she was born to play.

I also really like that in the first 3 issues Misfits hasn’t played into the idea of it being a reality show would be super intense drama of it.

The comic has this very real world feeling to it that I adore that shows up in both the writing and the art and I really appreciate that, because while Jem and the Hologram’s everything is great and always works out perfectly thing is enjoyable and really fun, I do like seeing The Misfits having these much more grounded problems and solving them in a more realistic way.

In today’s issue it was really nice seeing Pizzazz not freak the fuck out about Blaze having her own band and encouraging her in it because she’s good and should be the lead singer of a band. I just really like Pizzazz being supportive and encouraging to her bandmates.

And another fashion post -  I said this when issue one came out, but adding to the much more realistic tone of the series, I like that the fashion also looks way more like something you’d wear in the real world - I keep seeing things and going ‘oh I own/owned that’ or ‘I’ve seen that around a bunch’. Every Jem artist has been so on point with fashion and there hasn’t been one who I haven’t loved, but Jen St.Onge’s tends to feel the most grounded…

I really love that while this is a cute outfit, it’s still something that I can see being worn in a casual setting since she can just toss it on, hair in pony tail, bit of make-up and go.

Blaze and I share a similar style with warm weather clothes…
But once again, it’s genuinely something that is more of a realistically casual outfit. If I saw her I’d go ‘hey that’s a cool person’ but it wouldn’t be super unusual. 

I just really like seeing cool people who look like real cool people….and that through this and Jem fashion is always very consistant with what fits best with their personalities…

and then there’s the contrast between messier dressed down casual and their on stage outfits which are more glam with their hair fully done and the outfits being more complex/less comfy. Most of the time everyone looks pretty damn comfy.

And the contrast of Stormer having to dress up and look perfect for a meeting where she went in knowing her appearance was going to be picked at because that’s what you do when you’re anything out of the perceived ordinary that you are expected to “make up” for (*sigh of having to live this*) and then the more dressed down look.

I’m sorry for the long post - the clothes in this series just really stood out to me so much and being perfect every time and I’m just sad this isn’t going to be an ongoing series :(


窪田 啓子 (Kubota Keiko) 1985/12/05

Happy Birthday my beloved Cakey!!! \(^▽^)/

Your smile is the most precious thing ever and it is really contagious! It lights up the whole world and it makes everything seem so alive. Your dorkiness is unbearably cute, I just want to squeeze you tightly! Please never change!

Keiko is very serious and earnest, no matter in what regard, she is the type to work extremely hard. I am quite irresponsible and unserious at times so she always provides great support. Looking at Keiko’s efforts and her endurance, I can’t help becoming motivated myself, “Right! Yes! I have to do this!” If I didn’t have her in my life I’d be utterly useless *laughs*.
In everyday conversations she will often say things that I would never have expected. In fact, I have a notebook called “Kei-quotes” where I will often write down all her little quirks and what not, it’s quite fascinating *laughs*! For example, these days when there’s something exciting happening and the tension is high, she won’t simply say “This is fun, right!” She will go ahead and say something like “OMG, I am feeling completely SAVAGE right now!” *laughs* This sort of expression, it’s not something you’d normally use, right?! I am unable to take my eyes off of her whenever she is like that, I just can’t help it. Sometimes I’ll be completely baffled and I’ll have a hard composing myself but she is just so funny and cute.
- “Wakana’s Eye” from their Kadokawa issue

No matter in what regard, Keiko-san is very stoic and strict with herself. Just being together with her will give you the feeling of wanting to stand up straighter and raise your head higher.
Supporting and balancing Kalafina as the middle part, she is a person of firm character and yet, she’s also very charming as a human being. There are many occasions where she will unexpectedly initiate a moment of skinship, for example, she will suddenly grab my hand. In these moments she is so sweet and loving that my chest will momentarily tighten up a little.
- “Hikaru’s Eye” from their Kadokawa issue

“Keiko holds together Kalafina’s chorus work with her deep tone. Her singing voice is bold, impressionable and rich, which can echo as grand as a vast field, or with a soft and warm connotation.”
- Spring pamphlet


You know what’s great? She’s right most of the time, which is fantastic.  You know 90% of the time if something doesn’t feel right to her in a scene it’s correct. But I’m a man so I gotta go against it anyway  But her instincts are really brilliant  She can’t always say why it doesn’t feel right she just says “Oh just do it the way I said!” you know so I just learned to do that. But it was really fun working with someone with that level of instincts that were so different from my own.

@knightedrogue asked #21 Han and Leia: which one becomes obsessed about something?

Leia accidentally gets really hooked on a reality TV show when Han’s gone once. The season premiers the night he leaves, and she finds that it’s really a great show (actually just mind-numbing in the way that she needs when she doesn’t have her man to unwind her). She watches it every week and the season finale airs the night he lands. Somehow, Leia talks Han into sitting with her through the episode so she can talk about it with some girls at work the next day (they do it on the couch 4 seconds after the credits roll).