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You’ve all heard of “Full Boyle,” but have you considered… Full Thorin?

Dwalin having to hold Thorin back as he plans to make the most wild, over-the-top declarations of love to Bilbo inappropriately soon.

Balin explaining why it’s not practical, not at all, to propose marriage (two weeks into their courtship, mind you) in front of a full court, or to have a gold statue of Bilbo in full armour erected in the middle of the throne room.

  • mom: i'll be in the kitchen if you need me
  • me: oh! wait a second!
  • me, pulling out the knife from under my desk that i did not put away after using it to work on a cosplay: uhh, can you maybe take this with you?

I think I wanna do a sad Warden x Alistair story where he leaves her for Anora because they could never have kids only she is pregnant and he doesn’t know about it and she just disappears just like Morrigan did but she has these journals she always writes in and they are all letters to Alistair about her life and their children…. Should I?

(Spoiler, I did post a sneak peak of it up already. It’s called “The Letters She Never Sent”)

Rose Quartz, the best thing to happen to fiction since I don’t know when. I would estimate she occupies roughly 30% of my waking thoughts. Her hair took two entire skeins of yarn, and I kept changing my mind on colors and redoing tons of work, but it was all worth it in the end because this is clearly the best thing I will ever crochet.

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date a girl who will meet your family (even thought she’s scared to) then will bring your mom a Christmas gift and agree to go to not one, but two Christmas gatherings with you. date a girl who will hold you in the back of the car when you’re tired and if you’re being truthful, will hold your hand when you feel a little scared that if you’re not touching she’ll just disappear. Long distance is tough around the holidays.

There was a girl they knew. She always carried with her a book.
Sometimes she smiled with her friends but sometimes she kept
Quiet and wrote. Sometimes she walked with her head held high
But sometimes she walked with her head down while she cried.

People told her she’s changed. A lot. They didn’t know the story.
They kept talking. And talking. But she only smiled. She once
Left her home and traveled far. People said she ran away. But she
Just wanted to disappear. She just wanted to be alone with herself.

She’s been in love, yes. But it was only temporary. She realized she
Could never love anyone because she’s never loved herself.
The smiles she wore were cracked, broken. The books she read
Were armors, shields. The tears she cried were endless, infinite.

No, she did not change. She was just scared of getting hurt further.
So she stopped caring. She stopped being gentle. She learned that
When nobody caught you when you fell, you had to learn to fly.
But she had no wings. So down she went. She was devastated.

There was a girl they knew. She always carried with her a book.
Sometimes she smiled with her friends but sometimes she kept
Quiet and wrote. Her heart was in tiny slivers, broken. Cracked.
And she kept waiting for that someone who will build her back.

—  hanzelwrites
Okay, so, the sister

If this really is eros, and eros really is a holmes kid, holy shit.

That alone changes a shit ton of everything. To be honest, I loved Faith when she was with sherlock. They were easy, she just let him talk, didn’t get insulted, and didn’t praise him. Also there was that “Big brother’s watching over you” line. That’s their big brother. Both of theirs.

There’s also the whole suicide theme around that scene. “Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it” Where did he hear that the first time? I just have a feeling it was his sister and I like the idea of someone looking out for kid sherlock

Right when they were talking, after she just disappeared by the river, he got a flashback from his childhood. Their childhood?

(I'm sorry this is long.)

She wasn’t like them. They were smaller and more accepted. She wanted to be like them but she just didn’t know what to do. She was ugly and fat and gross and disgusting. She hated her appearance. She liked to forget what she looked like sometimes that she was even human that she even existed….she missed being a child where no one cared where she didn’t care. She just wanted to disappear but so afraid to do it the same. Her fear overtook her want and she loathed it and yet? The cuts on her legs? Oh they felt wondrous! She loved the color of the dark scarlet red blood and she loved seeing it trickle down her leg, she was happy when she saw it all! She remembers how it started one of her firsts breakdowns, she grabbed the knife her brother had gave her, and she scratched, because at the time it did the job it made her feel better and okay, but as she went on…she needed more, she cut with a razor instead and she fell in love. The razor blade oh my it was beautiful. It cut so nicely against her skin and felt so clean and cold. It was almost hard to believe that this little piece of metal felt so good. She was in bliss the way it made her feel as she also felt the blood coming out of the wound. It made her feel in control of her situation. She positively loved it. She could go on and on about how much she loved it. You can’t see it? Of course not! She wouldn’t cut where she’d let you see.

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(Evans again- I'm so sorry for spamming you with requests, you don't have to do this I just wanted to share this weird idea with someone) ok but imagine the main three + Phichit walking into s/o's room to find them sobbing uncontrollably- "What's wrong?" "YOUR LIE IN APRIL" so they watch the show to see what's so bad about it. Their reactions?

((I don’t think I have to say this, but this has heavy SPOILERS for Your lie in April))

Viktor is dead inside. This has destroyed his heart. He is never watching sad shows again. I MEAN, HE SAID SHE WAS IN HIS HEART WHILE HE WAS PERFORMING, HOW CAN YOU NOT CRY??? 

Yuuri doesn’t really get why you’re so sad. I mean, it’s just a show, right? True, it’s sad that she disappeared just like that, especially on the day of his big performance, but he’s not affected by it too much.

Yuri’s trying very, very hard not to cry. He really is. He’s not succeeding though. Of course, he’ll deny being sad, yet there will be silent tears streaming down his face. Then s/o decides to show him Hotarubi no Mori e.

Phichit is a sad, but not too affected. He’s watched a lot worse, trust me. He’s actually a sucker for sad movies, so he’s been through worse. He did cry a bit, though.

Written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork​‘s 4x09 Coda Challenge! 

Synopsis:  Fitz and Jemma talk through their emotions related to the events of 4x09. AKA, Jemma is getting pretty tired of hearing news through text.

Note: I’m assuming that Jemma doesn’t know about Vijay’s fate yet. She just knows that he disappeared with Senator Nadeer. And like, obviously, their texts are encrypted. 

Read on AO3 or below. (~1700 words) 

Jemma steps off the Quinjet, her phone still clutched in her hand. She spent her time on the way back to the base rereading the texts Fitz sent her throughout the day. She regrets moments like this where they can’t share news to each other face to face. It’s been happening all too often lately.

I’ll be fine. Or, as she interprets, he’s actually not fine, but he doesn’t want to make a show of it. She doesn’t know what state he’ll be in at the moment, so she doesn’t waste any time debriefing with the Director, instead heading directly to find Fitz.

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For anon…enjoy!

“I promise Professor,” Jubilee recounted, “We all saw it!”
“I-It was a little girl’s ghost,” Peter added.

Hank and Charles shared an amused look.

“I know a Spirit when I see one,” Ororo spoke up, “And that was a spirit.”
“And where did this said spirit go?” Charles inquired.
“She just…disappeared,” Jean told him.
“Into thin air,” Scott added dramatically.
“You guys weren’t watching horror movies again, were you?” Hank asked.
“That is true,” Kurt admitted, “But we all saw the spirit.”

Hank’s attention moved to the office door before he smirked. A little girl padded across the room and toward the scientist. Grinning, he picked her up and held her on his hip. The little girl giggled.

Meanwhile, the teens eyes widened in fright. Jean, Scott, and Jubilee scrambled behind the Professor’s desk. Kurt transported himself to the ceiling as Peter sprinted back to the door. Ororo stood in her place, fists at the ready.

“That’s the ghost,” Kurt called from the ceiling.

Hank quirked a brow, glancing around the room. Charles couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped his mouth. Hank just shook his head as the little girl joined in. Hank turned to the teens.

“Guys, she’s my niece. She’s staying here while her mom’s out of the country,” he told them factually.

The group looked around sheepishly as the Professor and little girl continued to giggle. So, maybe the horror movie had put them on edge.

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Lowkey I am so sick of ppl asking where Hillary is if Bernie is still talking Bc Bernie 1) holds public office and she does not 2) the media and half of you would be tearing her down and asking why the sea witch who lost us the election is still around when she should just disappear with grace and pride like leave her alone