she just cried because we were fighting and she wanted it to be over because she was proven wrong

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.[*Smut]

A/N: Sorry this took forever to get up. I had to rewrite it. It’s not as smutty as I’d liked it to be but I’ll write another one later that more smut. love ya xx

Request: yes, by several people.

“You ready for this?” The Sheriff asked me as we stood in front of the door to Derek’s loft. I could feel him looking at me but my eyes were glued to the large metal door. On the other side was Stiles. Only it wasn’t really Stiles. As Kira’s mother liked to put he was void. More specifically he was possessed my a thousand year old fox spirit with a hankering for strong emotions. In a nutshell, everything about Stiles was Stiles except the only part that matter, his mind. I tore my gaze from the door and it landed on Mr.Stilinski. How do I answer? One of my best friends was in there.

“Are you?” I asked genuinely. He only look at me with eyes of uncertainty. I nodded and took a deep breath. I placed my hand on the handle and slid the heavy door open. Stiles was standing in the center of the loft in different clothes then the ones he’d worn to Echin House, which was the last time I’d seen him. His skin was more pale than usual, and the circles under his eyes made it seem like he’d never known sleep. The Sheriff moved closer to his son, producing a pair of handcuff and dangling them. I trailed behind him, being sure not to get to close.

“You’re going to handcuff me?” Stiles said and it was unsure whether this was really him or not.

“If any part of my son is still in there, he’ll let me. Because he knows I’m here to protect him from himself and others.”

The boy held up his hands together so the Sheriff could place the cuffs on him. As his father did so, Stiles looked past his father to me. I froze not expecting to be noticed, and stared directly in his eyes trying not to show fear. He pursed his lips into a dark smile, and it was clear the boy I loved wasn’t there. I’d never admitted I loved him to anyone before including him, and I was afraid I never would get the chance now.

“You’re not my son.” Sheriff Stilinski gritted. The Nogitsune smiled wider and broke the handcuffs, they swiveled off his wrist on to the ground. Derek, Chris Argent, and Allison all were standing close by waiting incase Plan A went awry. As if on cue, they appeared in the threshold of the door. Derek bent down on a knee changing from human to wolf form in the process. Chris and Allison were both wielding their weapon of choice. I’d been offered a gun and even a knife, but not being experienced with either, I declined. Allison attacked first, pointing a stun gun at Stiles and shooting. The point of this rendezvous was to capture not kill. Unfortunately, the Nogitsune had powers we weren’t aware of. He grabbed the prongs, even though electricity bolted through them, and whipped the weapon from her fingers. Derek attacked next without warning, so quick and agile I was sure he’d catch Stiles off guard. I was proven wrong, when Derek’s arm was twisted, then he was slammed into a nearby table, and thrown into an adjacent wall. Stiles shifted his head to me with an obscure smile, I stepped back a little frightened. Before he could make a move, Argent was in front of him with a gun pointed at him. The corner of Stiles mouth perked up before he turned to his father a fear stricken look on his face.

“Dad? Daddy? He’s going to shoot me! Don’t let him shoot me!” He cried. Argent didn’t budge saying he’d killed many supernatural creatures before, a Nogitsune would just be another. Father Stilinski drew his gun on Argent. A verbal fight broke up amongst the team. I covered my ears with my hands trying to block out everyone’s voice. It was so chaotic, and as I thought the words I knew this was his doing. He was feeding off it. Allison and I had the same thought and she spoke before I did. She yelled over them to stop, and they did just as the sunset outside. 

“This is what he wants.” She barked at them, no one lowered their firearm. 

“Not exactly.” He smirked. “I was kind of hoping Scott would be here. But I’m glad you all have your guns out, because you’re not here to kill me.“ He paused. Just as he did, the room seemed a little off. A second later, we learned why. The Oni surfaced into the room, two in front of Sheriff and Argent. And two near the entrance where Derek and Allison now stood. By accident I was in the middle of them, and to my misfortune Void Stiles sunk in with me. Sheriff Stilinksi attack first firing his weapon, Allison and Derek followed, and lastly Chris whose gun stalled delaying him. Frightened by the presence of the Oni, I didn’t even notice Stiles slip his hand into mine. Only when an Oni blade missed Allison and almost hit me, causing me to curl into Him did I realize how close we were. I peered into his eyes, looking for a trace of the trickster. But only saw Stiles’s beautiful amber eyes shining down.

“Stiles?” I asked hesitatingly and he nodded reassuringly. I smiled only to be confused when something fabric covered my mouth and a haziness washed over me. Last thing I remember was his voice low and raspy.

“Never trust a fox.”

I faded into darkness.

When I regained consciousness, I was cold. A bone chilling cold almost as if I was outside. I could tell I was laying on some sort of cushion, but I was still a bit hazy and couldn’t make out much more. Several minutes later, after the cloudiness left my brain, I saw where I was. I was laying on an old blue couch that smelt vaguely of bleach and old people. The ceiling was cement except for two grated sections off to the right. A light shined in through the small holes and I recognized it as the moonlight making sense why it was so cold.

“Morning Angel.” His voice startling me. Stiles sat on the arm of the couch, and looked at me over his shoulder with a devilish smirk. I hadn’t noticed him sitting there before, and I wasn’t entirely sure that he had been. It was dark in the cold room and I could only see him though the faint moon light coming from above.

“Stiles?” I rasped, my voice getting used to working again.

He scoffed. “Wouldn’t that be a happy ending?”

No, it was void Stiles. Suddenly, the words resurfaced in my brain. ‘Never trust a fox.’ He’d convinced me with just a look in Derek’s loft that he was Stiles. How could I have been so naive?

“Why have you brought me here?” I demanded.

“Now, Y/N.” He chuckled standing and strolling over to me. I scooted further into the couch knowing there was no way out. “I can’t give away all of my secrets. But you know Stiles has many, would you like to know some?”

“Stop.” I whispered.

“Like how he had sex with Malia Tate on this very couch.” He pointed down to the couch. The news was a blow, I’d always imagined being Stiles first. My heart sank a little at the thought.

“Stop.” I said sternly again try to stay strong.

“Or how he’s kissed Lydia before, and constantly thinks about doing it again.” Another blow to my heart.

“Stop!” I screamed.

He bent down leaning his face close to mine and smiled. “Does the thought of Stiles fucking someone else discourage you? Is it because you love him?”

Rage boiled through me, I hated the fact he could see right through me. I couldn’t control myself and I smacked the boy in front of me across the face. His head was thrown to the side from the blow. When he turned back to me, he had a cold look in his eyes. My breathing was uneven from a mixture of fear and anger. As I stared back at Him, I saw something else in his eyes. Something I hadn’t seen until now. Unexpectedly, he rammed his lips into mine. I pushed him away confused by the act. My lips tingled with the feeling of his on mine. I kept him at arms length, my hand still gripping his shirt. I couldn’t get the thought that I’d just kissed Stiles out of my head. I knew it wasn’t really Stiles, but physically it was.

“Do you know what the Nogistunes feed off on?” he whispered.

“Chaos. Pain. Strife.” I listed.

“Mainly.” he agreed. “We feed on much more. We’re all hungry, Angel.” He pushed past my failed attempt at holding him back, and leaned into my ear.

“I feed off lust and desire. Like your desire for Stiles. Or your lust for me to fuck you right here.” 

I wanted to admit his was wrong, that I didn’t want him near me. But he began to run his hand up my thigh and a current ran through my core.

“You can’t resist me.” He taunted in my ear, before ghosting his lips over my neck.

I closed my eyes and found myself urning for him. I clenched my jaw.

“S-stop.” I stuttered.

“Hm?” He hummed against my neck.

My heart was racing, I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t give in, but I couldn’t help it. His lips finally connected with my neck instantly hitting a sweet spot, making me moan. I dug my fingers into the couch, trying not enjoy this. Trying not to reach out from him, I couldn’t give him what he wanted. I had to be strong. But he withdrew from my neck, and collided his lips with mine. Without hesitation, I kissed him back. He climbed on to the couch with me his body hovering over mine, and my fingers reached for the hem of his shirt. He pulled away allowing me to pull it off him. He grabbed the collar of my t-shirt and ripped in half making me gasp, I hadn’t been wearing a bra and my boobs were instantly exposed.

“Stiles is missing out.” he grinned.

His words angered me and I pulled him into another kiss biting on his lower lip hard. This only seemed to entice him and he let a growl, he grabbed my waist rolling his hips against mine. I felt his hard bulge through his sweatpants making me realize how wet I was. He brought his hands back to my chest kneading my breast greedily. His lips met my nipples, and he nibbled on the sensitive nubs. I let out a incoherent moan, dragging my nails across his back. 

“Just fuck me.” I half begged.

He didn’t need to be told twice, we both quickly discarded our bottoms. I opened my legs allowing Stiles to aline himself. He gently held on to my waist before he rammed his length inside of me and began thrusting vigorously, pulling a hungry groan from my throat. Already I could feel a rippling inside of me, each thrust sending me closer and closer to my release.

“Faster.” I bellowed.

He smirked speeding his thrusts to an unfathomable pace roughly hitting my g-spot. My walls started to clenched around him, and I knew what was coming.

“Come.” He demanded and I did. My orgasm fueled the Nogitsune to reach his. His movements became careless and needy, and a few seconds later I felt his warm liquid fill me. 

My eyes flung open, and I shot up breathing excessively. 

“Morning, Angel.” He said indifferently. Void Stile sat on the arm of an old blue couch looking at me over his shoulder.

“Sweet dreams?” His lips curled into a dark smile.


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A/N: So most of this part will be in flashback

     Crickets. Their sound was growing louder by the minute and you weren’t sure if you enjoyed it or if you were becoming annoyed by it. You had thought taking a trip out to the cabin would clear your head, but you were starting to think otherwise. You needed some space and Calum was giving you just that. He of course made sure that you would still think about what he said before leaving. It was only so he knew you hadn’t made a decision based off a foggy mind. This was a trip that you needed. To reflect upon everything that had went down and also time spent with your family.

You were curled up on the porch swing with a blanket over you. Eyes staring out into the trees and softly humming to yourself. You had been stuck in this position for a while mainly because the dog had fallen asleep on your lap. “What are you doing out here all by yourself?” your mom asked. Your gaze turned towards her and you gave a lazy smile.

“Just thinking,” you hummed, fingers softly scratching at the dog’s ears. “Can I ask you something?” you said, beginning to chew on your bottom lip in nervousness. Your mom stepped out onto the porch and sat down next to you. You let out a deep sigh and shook your head so that the tears wouldn’t fall. “So Calum and I recently talked. He asked me to look pass everything and not file for the divorce,” you told your mom. 

“Do you want to look pass it?” your mom questioned. You shrugged your shoulders and wiped away the tears that were starting to fall down your cheeks. “Marriage isn’t easy you know that right,” she said, you nodded at her words. “People change over time and you have to learn to grow with them whether it be good or bad,” she continued, “I know your dad and I always had our differences when we were married, but the both of us figured it was best that we got a divorce. We’re best friends even more now that we’re not together.” She laughed at the thought then it died down. 

“I don’t know what to do, or what to think,” you sniffled. “I love Calum. I do, but he hurt me so much it felt like my whole world was crashing down. I sometimes wonder if the other woman knew that he was married. That he had a wife waiting for him until the early morning because he failed to call and say that he was staying out late.” You gasped for air, nearly choking on your tears. You had been holding them in throughout this whole process. Now that the fate of your marriage was literally in your hands the pressure had became too much and you were breaking down. 

     Calum broke down. Knees wobbling as he sank down to the floor in tears. You had never seen him cry before, but here he was now crying because of you. You were the one to make Calum cry. The mere thought of you walking out of his life wasn’t something he could handle. The first time the two of you truly fought and you were going to walk out on him. He was a blubbering mess. Eyes bloodshot, hair standing on end at how much he was yanking at it, snot dripping from his nose. It was that ugly cry toddlers did when they were really upset. An ugly cry where you couldn’t just turn away. “Don’t please don’t go,” Calum cried even harder. You had your back towards him, hand gripping the door knob in desperation. The sound of his voice had stopped you. “Y/N please don’t let this be our end,” he whimpered, trying hard to stop his tears. 

“Hasn’t it already ended, Calum?” you whispered, hand pulling away from the knob to face him. You watched as he violently shook his head in response. It took everything in you not to console him. The fight from before still fresh in your veins. “I told you before that I can’t handle heartbreak another time, so I’m making it easier for both of us,” you told him. Another sob left Calum’s lips loudly this time and you found yourself wincing at the sound. 

“So you break my heart instead?” he managed to say, beginning to rock in his spot. It was some sort of calming mechanism, but the more you stood away from him. The more you reached for the door knob well nothing could calm Calum down unless you stayed. “You can’t walk away every time something doesn’t go your way. We talk it out together and fix what’s wrong.” You swallowed hard at his words feeling your body shake with emotion. Calum was still crying.

“I can’t stay,” you muttered, wiping away your own tears. You let out a small huff and closed your eyes in an attempt at trying to collect yourself. The sounds of someone gasping for air filled your ears and your eyes shot open. Calum was beginning to hyperventilate, which only seemed to make him cry harder. He looked almost vulnerable and you found yourself going to help him breath normally again. 

     You don’t know why your own crying made you think of the time Calum let his guard down for the first time. The memory being seared into you brain like a cow being branded for life. It almost hurt to think about it. Calum showed you all his scars and you two found a way to work it out. You caught your breath just like you had helped Calum do back then. “I want to look pass this,” you told your mom, “But I can’t help but to feel disgusted at the fact that someone else besides me has felt Calum in such an intimate way.” You ran a hand through your hair and let out a deep sigh. “I don’t even want him to touch me,” you whispered. 

“You don’t have to let him touch you until you’re ready,” your mom advised. You chewed on your bottom lip in thought and scratched at a mosquito bite on your upper arm. “Have the two tried a marriage counselor? I know it’s a stretch, but some are proven to help.” You let out a small scoff-ish laugh and rubbed at your temples. The minute you shifted in your spot the dog’s head lifted and seconds later she hopped off the porch swing and bounded her way inside. You and Calum had tried couples counseling before. It had been brought up after a that terrible fight. One that just like now left your relationship looming in the air. Your skin burned at the memory. The heat from your anger that night was intense. Less intense than the time you set fire to Calum’s stuff, but it was almost an equivalent of that. 

“Counseling might work,” you said.

     “So tell me what happened.” Dr. Stevens said, pen poised in readiness to taking down notes. You were sat on the sofa next to Calum the both of you on opposite sides. You looked towards Calum and he did the same to you. You weren’t sure whose idea it was to go see a couples counselor, but the two of you were there now trying to sort out a lot of things. When neither of you spoke up Dr. Stevens sighed and flipped back through the notes from the last session. “Last time we met the two of you were in a heated argument over intimacy. Are you two still fighting over that?” Dr. Stevens asked. You and Calum shook your heads. “What was the confrontation about this time?” he asked, “What happened this time?” 

“Eh Y/N threw glass plates,” Calum slowly spoke up. You began to bite at the nail on your thumb avoiding Dr. Stevens’ stare. 

“Was it thrown at you?” Dr. Stevens questioned. Calum shook his head and he began to fiddle around with his fingers. “Thrown at the ground?” he asked this time and Calum nodded. “Y/N, what made you break something?” Your lips parted but the words you were going to say never came. Your mouth closed shut and you crossed your arms over your chest. “The two of you can’t move forward unless we discuss what went down,” he reminded you. His eyebrows rose in an are-you-going-to-talk look and you nodded. 

“So I found out that Calum had been texting his ex and I got upset, so when the fight started I had to release my anger in some way,” you explained. You had done a few other things too. Snatched out pictures of you two from the frames and scratched out Calum’s face and almost left. “I could never hurt you,” you whispered.

“Calum what’s your input on what happened? The fault is on both sides.” Dr. Stevens said, “So tell us why were you in contact with your ex?” Calum exhaled loudly and he rubbed both his thighs. It was an action he did when he had to confess something big.

“Well first off she messaged me first,” Calum brought up. His head dropped low and he looked between you and Dr. Stevens. “She wanted to know how I was doing and if I was still single or not.”  Calum turned his body so that he was facing you and he grabbed your hand.

“And what did you say to her?” Dr. Stevens questioned.

“Calum clearly didn’t tell her he was in a relationship because I saw text messages of the two of them flirting,” you interrupted. You received a look from Dr. Stevens that signified now wasn’t the time for you to talk. You slumped back into the couch and squeezed Calum’s hand. “Sorry. Continue please,” you mumbled. 

Calum cleared his throat and you felt his thumb brushing over your skin. “I wasn’t necessarily flirting with her. I told her I was in a relationship and that we were very hap-that we are very happy with each other. You see my ex is not one to give up easily-” Another brush of his thumb. “Maybe it wasn’t right for me to text her back and not tell you, but I’m not a rude person. In any type of situation I will always be polite.” With that said Calum had tugged on your hand in hopes that you’d accept his explanation and move closer to him. 

“It seems to me, Y/N that you’re having a hard time trusting Calum. Why is that?” Dr. Stevens asked. 

“I do trust Calum,” you said.

“Do you really?” Calum questioned, tilting his head to the side and staring at you intently.

“I do- I- I don’t know,” you whimpered. “I’ve had a hard time trusting men that walk into my life. Each one has screwed me over in more ways than one and I guess I just feel terrified that you’ll end up doing the same.” Calum shook his head and you could hear him mutter some words of sorrow before pulling you into his embrace. 

“I could never hurt you, at least not intentionally. What we have isn’t just a one way street. We work together and sure we may have some rough patches but they’re just rough patches. I love you, Y/N.” Calum told you. You felt goosebumps rise on your skin. Calum had uttered those three words for the first time. Six and a half months and he was finally saying he loved you and though the situation didn’t call for it, you found yourself smiling. 

“I love you too,” you smiled, “I’m sorry I threw the plates-I just I need to work on my anger.” 

“Maybe we could get you into some anger management classes. This is good you two keep talking it out,” Dr. Stevens instructed.

     It was the feeling of your mom’s hand touching your knee that drew you out of your thoughts. Your body jolting in shock for just a second before you calmed down. She was looking at you with furrowed eyebrows, but knew not to question what was on your mind. “I’m going to head to bed are you going to be okay?” your mom asked. You smiled at her and nodded. “Alright. Goodnight and don’t stay up too long,” she said.

“Goodnight,” you replied, hearing the door close seconds later. A cool breeze went pass and you curled up and pulled the blanket over you even more. You and Calum had been through a lot and each time the two of you found your way back together. It was like some invisible pull you had towards each other. You often wondered what was it about Calum that you could never erase. The world going on around you both and the constant thing that never went away was him. Your eyes closed and you tried to picture what would life be like without Calum. A chill ran down your spine and you shivered. Cold. Life without Calum would be cold and discolored. You’d have to figure out the dating game all over again. Put your trust into someone new. A future without Calum had never sounded appealing and it still didn’t. He really got under your skin in both a good and bad way and you just couldn’t shake him off. You two wanted to build a life together.

     “That house right there,” Calum pointed out into the distance.

“That house?” you chuckled, resting back into his body. Calum nodded and pointed again at said house. 

“Not that exact house, but something like it,” he told you. You nodded at his words. You grabbed a grape from the bowl rested on your thighs and popped it into your mouth. Calum had wanted to go on a picnic for your date. He had chosen the location specifically for the view and as you’re finding it now, to show you the houses. You hummed in comfort as he tightly wrapped his arms around you and rested back against the base of the tree. 

“It looks nice from the outside,” you commented, continuing to munch on the fruit. 

“We’ll buy a big house like that. It’ll have a nice sized backyard for a pool and a patio. Also a place for the kids to run around and play,” Calum continued.

“Kids? Are we going to have some?” you laughed in question. Calum nodded vigorously.

“Oh yes most definitely,” he replied, reaching around you to grab the chicken salad. Your eyebrows rose in surprise. Calum sounded so sure of himself that the two of you were going to have children.

“How many kids?” you asked, deciding to entertain the idea. 

“Three,” he quickly responded.

“Three kids!?!” you exclaimed, your laughter growing louder. “Boys or girls?” you asked this time. 

“Two girls one boy or maybe the opposite,” Calum said, wrinkles forming near the bridge of his nose as he thought about it. You poked at his side in order to get his attention.

“What if they all end up being girls, or like Luke’s family and they’re all boys?” you questioned. Calum’s lips parted in thought. He hadn’t thought about that, but then he smiled. 

“I’ll still love them. Either way we’re having three kids,” he muttered, kissing at your hairline. “What do you say? Buy a big house, have three beautiful children and possibly eight dogs?” he whispered in your ear. You smiled even more, lips pursing as you thought about his offer. Calum rocked the both of you from side to side, beginning to hum the Jeopardy Think Music song. 

“Mmm okay,” you finally said, “A big house and three kids…but we gotta negotiate on the dogs.” A large grin showed up on Calum’s face and began to attack your face in kisses.

“I can agree to that,” he said through kisses. His lips at last landing on your own in a sweet kiss. Your giggles beginning to litter the air. 

     You pushed the blanket off of you and fumbled around for a bit until your fingers grasped your phone. It had gotten real dark out. The only source of light being those on in the house and the porch light. Even with it being the spring it was still cold at night and you could see your breath in the air. Your fingers couldn’t have typed in the passcode quick enough. Almost panting as you hit the favorites button on your contacts. Calum’s name being the first one on that list. You pressed the picture and held the phone up to your ear. It rang once and your heart began to beat loudly in your ears. Another time and your breath caught in your throat. “Come on pick up, pick up,” you whispered in a chant. Two more times and you were beginning to lose hope. Finally on the fifth ring Calum picked up the phone. 

“Hey Y/N,” Calum voice came through. You found yourself sighing in relief and your mouth opened. You were ready to say what you needed to say. 

Connor Murphy x Football Captain!Male reader

- Connor didn’t want to go to the homecoming game but jazz band was performing at halftime

- So, he had to sit with his parents the whole game and watch some boys running on a field for 2 hours, oh boy what fun

- He didn’t notice you until halftime, when he saw you talking to Zoe before she went to perform

- Sure, he looked at you want thought you were attractive, but it’s not a crime to do so

- Then he saw your smile and then he was mad at himself

- He assumed you were like the football captains in the movies

- Rude, arrogant, and very straight

-  So, there’s no harm in admiring someone from far away, right?

- I feel like he’s very against liking you

- Not because he’s not oh no can’t be gay

- But he knows that he can’t be with you because you two seem so different

- One day in his photography class (I headcanon that Connor loves photography, don’t @ me) he gets paired with you from the advanced art class

- You two have to do a project where you use your art to see “the true version of your partner” (this a real project some kids at my school had to do lmao)

- Connor immediately assumed that you would be bad at art and wouldn’t take the project seriously  

- Even though you were in the advanced class??? Connor, where is your logic???

- He was quickly proven wrong when you went full investigative mode

- You requested that you talk about him first, and he agreed

- You asked him what books he liked, movies, TV shows, foods

- He answered all questions with reluctance, he wasn’t sure if you actually cared

- “I like the Twilight Zone”

- You perked up, “I love Twilight Zone!”

- ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

- Connor was confused, football players don’t like sci fi (regularly)

- “I thought you liked sports.”

- “Well I can like both. I don’t exactly fit the stereotype, y’know.”

- Connor felt like an idiot

- He didn’t like it when people stereotype him, he shouldn’t have done that to you

- You changed the subject back to the project, “So I was thinking I could do a portrait of you with like your interest coming out of smoke from a joint”

- “Because I’m a stoner?”

- “No, because sometimes you like to smoke weed. There isn’t anything terrible about that.”

- lmao Connor stop it with the assumptions

- You didn’t have enough time for him to question you because class had ended after you were done

- Later that day he got a text from you

- “Hey, it’s Y/N, I got your number from Zoe. Could we work on the art project this weekend?”

- Connor didn’t know if he wanted to kill Zoe or thank her

- He responded quickly

- “Yeah, sure. What time and where?”

- Did he sound too eager?

- Now he was beginning to sound like a teenage girl in a rom com because he was over analyzing this

- It was just two dudes hanging out working on an art project

- No romance here

- I feel like no matter what your gender or whatever, Connor would deny any feelings for you for a while

- He just didn’t have good experiences with those kind of feelings

- So when he was working with you on the project at your house that Saturday, he was a little cold

- He wanted you to not like him

- He wanted you to throw him out of your house and never want to see him again

- But you didn’t

- You were patient with him

- When he didn’t answer a question you had ask, you politely asked again

- If he seemed harsh, you still reacted calmly

- He was starting to get frustrated at the fact that you were being so nice to him

- You asked him if you could stay to actually hang out instead of working

- He responded, “Wouldn’t you like to hang out with Zoe more?”

- “I mean, She’s nice and all, but we aren’t like close or anything.”

- “So, you don’t like her?”

- You laughed, “Oh no, I’m very gay.”

- Connor was slightly taken back

- You liked boys, you could potentially like him

- “Oh”, was all he could say

- I’m gonna skip to when you two start dating because I can (and really want to)

- I feel like Connor and you really have to be understanding with each other

- If you’re confident in your sexuality, then he’ll try and be the same

- But he isn’t really, so you two keep in on the down low

- He goes to every game with his camera to take photos of the players ( *cough cough* only you)

- He says it’s for photography class but he’s just a good liar

- Oh and he has the photos of you that he took for the project on his wall

- When his mom asked who he were he was like, “He’s just my friend”

- She accepted it and was happy he had a friend

- Also Zoe knew you two were dating because she saw you two kissing when she was leaving to go to her friend, (girlfriend), Alana’s house

- lol neither of the Murphy children are straight (don’t fight me on this)

- Zoe didn’t say anything about it

- Connor was happy for once and she didn’t want to screw that up

- Connor also gets really jealous but like gets even more mad about the fact that he can’t do jack squat about that

- Like when Jared Kleinman will jokingly flirt with you (lol is anyone in DEH that’s not a parent straight) (The answer is no)

- ANYWAYS, Jared will flirt with you but like as a bro, ya feel???

- And like Connor does the thing where he just glares as Jared and Jared is like lol you jealous murphy

- And Connor is just like stfu Jared

- You and Connor have kissed a few times in supply closets in school

- Okay so like when he wants to tell his family (after like 6 months of dating) Zoe has a happy reaction, Cynthia was happy also but like she cried cuz she was happy that he felt comfortable telling them that

- I don’t take Larry for homophobic, but it took him a little bit of time to get used to it

- He was okay with it, it was just different to him

- Plus he’s trying to be more understanding to Connor

- I just want Connor to have a happy family damn it

- So then you’re like okay so we can tell our friends

- And Connor’s like nah

- But one time Jared was play flirting with you again and Connor got so jealous that he just pulled you into a kiss by the lapels of your letterman

- Jared snickered, “I called it”

- Okay okay but don’t imagine Connor wearing your letterman when you left it over at his house after a game

- I can’t handle that

- I feel like your teammates would tease you for hanging out with Connor because “he’s a freak”

- And you stand up for him

- You tell them that they don’t even know him

- Connor overheard this and he’s like yeah I love him

- I just feel like Connor is just filled with such love and admiration that he doesn’t care who knows that you two are dating

- He asks if you want to like be a real couple in public and you’re like HELL YEAH

- You’re both not ashamed of your relationship

- So, one day he but let grabs your hand in the middle of the hallway and asks like nothing out of the ordinary is going on

- One of your teammates is like ???

- And you just told them that you’re dating and he’s like okay but like don’t let that affect your playing

- A lot of the football players at my high school are actually really nice so I don’t see them being like we gay bad

- they will gladly beat up anyone who is disrespectful to you and Connor

- I got nothing else to say

- Just that you and Connor would have a nice and pure relationship

Dangerous Love

TITLE: Dangerous Love
AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that, when Loki comes to the tower, you fall in love with him even though you know you shouldn’t. Knowing that you are absolutely terrible at hiding your crush, you avoid him to not get into trouble. Everyone at the tower keeps away from him, but none avoid him as much as you do, and he gets curious. That’s how he finds out your little secret and he will no longer let you ignore him just like that.
RATING: M (For violence and sex in later chapters. Who knows what else.) 
NOTES/WARNINGS: This was too tempting not to write. Next chapter will have more Loki, I promise. I just didn’t want to make this chapter ridiculously long.

Falling in love with the God of Mischief was never a good idea, though in Ragni’s defense she never was one to do things the right way. She often wondered if her brain was broken. Why in the hell else would she been swooning over an, erm…Alien?

Space Viking?

Norse God?


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Prompt for @lovelyluthor, ‘I’m always a hoe for “turtlenecks in the summer to cover up hickeys”’

If anyone asked her, Kim would stand by her words that it was all Trini’s fault. That is to say, she didn’t regret anything that had happened up until then, but the fact remained that the consequences were inconvenient, uncomfortable and altogether undesirable.

Kim was hot. Like, really hot. The fact that it was summer and Angel Grove was one day into the projected heatwave was only exacerbated by the fact that she was currently wearing a heavy, black knit turtleneck. In June.

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Do Not Anger Her

Requested by @justcallmecinammonMay I have a Loki x reader oneshot with an AU where Loki and Thor are on good terms and he takes Loki with him to visit reader to figure out something difficult for their mission. Her and Thor are good friends and when she meets Loki she’s sweet and openly invites him in. Thor warns Loki beforehand not to mess with her because it’s definitely best not to make her angry, but Loki’s like “I do what I want” and when he does he regrets it. Then afterwards he’s like “… sorry” and she’s okay with him and he falls for her. He learns she loves geckos and snakes and frogs. With a funny and fluffy ending plez? Reader is short and loves Hamilton the Musical. (This sounds like the most random shit ever and I apologize XD I’m getting over a bad cold and I think it went to my brain.) you can decide how he upset her and whether or not she gets quiet when angry or the opposite lol

Here you are, lovely!! I apologize for taking so long. I do not own Loki, Thor, Steve or Tony. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: slight angst, fluff, mentions of snakes and other reptiles and it’s a bit long (apparently I can’t write a Loki fic less than 1,000 words!) 

Pairings: Loki x fem!reader, Thor, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

“Thor, we need you to convince her to help us,” Steve told the Asgardian, who agreed. “We shall need her assistance in this endeavor.” Steve smiled and clapped Thor on the back while Loki simply stood by in confusion. There was a mission coming up and apparently, the Avengers needed your help.  "Whose assistance do we require?“  Thor turned to his brother with a bright grin. “We require the help of Lady Y/N.”

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combateng1neer  asked:

Prompt #25: Judy is going places in her career but Nick is still an officer. But it turns out that Nick's career is about to sky rocket when he saves the city by himself. Junior officer Wilde is about to become Judy's boss and she can't be more proud.

Oh look at the happiness!!!!


“You’re time will come, don’t worry.”

Nick is tired of hearing Judy saying.  He knows she means well, as optimistic as ever, because at some point someone has to acknowledge him.  Nick loves her for being like that.  And knows at some point someone is going to have acknowledge his work, but he’s pretty sure that someone will be Judy at the going rate.

Because he’s passed all the tests, with flying colors.  More than proven himself to be trustworthy and an amazing officer.  Yet he gets passed over promotions after promotion by some far less qualified.

Nick’s not dumb.  He knows why it’s happening.  No one in the hierarchy where decisions are made trust the fact that he’s a fox.  Nick joined the force, almost exacting something like this happen.  But it still burns when it does.

However, Nick’s content with watching Judy climb the ranks ever so steadily.  Because at least one of them is going somewhere.

And that’s okay.

But then it happens.

A suspect has the city on high alert.  Running around killing mammals in broad daylight from high perched spots.  The ZPD barely has any leads.  The city is scared out of it’s mind, and the mayor wants to make a speech. 

Security it high, higher than it’s ever seemed to be for a mayor holding a press conference to assure the city they are safe.  And the suspect does something to get the ZPD to look at something else.  Some other plan, something that gets everyone’s attention in an effort to just stop it.

Yet, Nick’s gut tells him something else. 

That it’s all a trap, and everyone is going about the whole thing wrong.  Of course, when he tells everyone they don’t buy, because it seemed awful elaborate for no reason. 

But Judy tells him to listen to it, even through she doesn’t really buy it either.  She simply just trusts Nick enough.  It it’s nothing, it’s nothing, they’ll think of some reason to explain it later.

So he went off.

And it turned out he was right.  Their suspect was after the mayor and city hall.  And their also a giant grizzly bear.

Nick managed to hold his own, for the most part.  The bear takes to throwing him around a lot more than he would like, and decided to kill him before getting back to work. But Nick manages to scramble and fight enough to make it a fair fight.

Or at least it was a fair fight, till the gunshot rang out.

Nick wakes up in a hospital room with a massive pain in his shoulder.  Judy sitting in a chair, visibly worried for him.  She breaths out in relief when he turns to look at her in general confusion of what just happened.

She muttered at him “dumb dumb fox” at him as she cried against his paw when he asked what in the world happened.

“Everyone heard the shot go off, Nick,”  Judy explained once she stopped sobbing in relief enough to explain.  “And we realized you were right about the suspect’s plans.  Thankfully though, you managed to foil it.”  Judy continued as she played with some of the fur on his arm.  “The mayor was okay, and no one in the crowd was shot, and I lead a team to find you as quickly as we could.  When we did, you have the suspect well tranquilized, and you kind of collapsed when you saw us.“

“I have a feeling Fangmeyer won’t let me live that one down.”  Nick muttered absently as he started at the bunny.

“You were shot and running on pure adrenaline, according to the doctors, I think she’ll let it go.”  Judy returned softly.  “Besides, you did save the city by yourself.”

“That was nice of me.”  Nick muttered in return.

“Those drugs are treating you really nice now aren’t they,” Judy giggled with a sniffle. 

Nick in turn nodded at her.

The mayor ends of giving Nick a medal.  Nice and shiny, and more than publicly things him for his dedication and service to the force.  She really drove the point that the first fox police officer was a hero of Zootopia home as much as she could in her speech.

“Congratulations, Sergent Wilde!”  The mayor said with a wide grin as she shook Nick’s paw after pinning his medal.

Nick coughed at the words.

Judy’s loud cheers are the only thing that breaks him out of shook.

“See, I told you, your time would come.”  Judy practically sings as they walk into the precinct together.

“Yeah, yeah,”  Nick says waving his paw at her.  “No one likes a not it all, Carrots.”

Judy giggles as she almost skips ahead.  The rabbit had been more excited about this day then Nick had.  Which Nick supposed was understandable, as he was finally medically cleared to come back to work, and she’s just excited to have him back.  But he also knows she’s excited for him to start his new position.  She had talked excitedly about it on their way to work.

“Really hope my new boss isn’t a stickler.”  Judy mused playfully. 

The fox rolls eyes at her.  “Get to work, Hopps, this isn’t chat with your boyfriend time.”  Nick returned just as playfully.

“Sir, yes, sir!”  Judy said as she quickly straightened herself up and saluted, before turning and bouncing off to work in a manner that could only be described as Nick-finally-got-his-much-deserved-promotion bounce.

Nick just shook his head at the rabbit.


AN: I don’t know!

Been reading lots of these, even though I’m stucky af, so I wanted to give it a go. 

in which he blames himself / bucky x mutant!reader


He didn’t believe that anything could be scarier than falling back into Hydra’s hands. Especially now, when he was getting better, fading more and more from the soldier inside him. 

But he was proven wrong, because right now he was living an actual nightmare. And to think that he’s suffered so much through his unusually long life, he’d be better with dealing with this, but God he just loves her so much and it hurts more than anything to see her this way.

Hydra wiping his memory again sounded like a dream, because the footage of her getting tortured was now imprinted to his brain permanently. He recognized the room, she was tied to a wall, her naked chest pressed against it as they ripped out her wings, blood pouring down her back as she cried. She screamed until she lost her voice, but her mouth was still agape, trying so hard to reach out for help, but she lost her voice to the pain.

And when Bucky finally came she couldn’t even speak up to him, only opening and shutting her lips before passing out in his arms. And his chest was rising up and down so quickly, because Jesus fucking Christ all of this is his fault. Hydra took her instead of him because they knew it would hurt him more.

Her recovery was even worse, Bucky knew the exact feeling she was dealing with, as he had lost his arm she now was wingless. You could barely refer to her as a mutant anymore, the white feathers that always trailed behind her as she walked were now gone, the wings that she used to wrap around herself when Bucky wasn’t there to hold her were now left on the ground as she stood with broken bones poking from her back.

And so when she finally got back on her feet, Bucky distanced himself from her. He couldn’t risk anything else happening to her, even though what was done now was bad enough. He promised himself not to get close to anyone anymore, God he knew this would happen, a piece of shit like him shouldn’t be allowed to touch someone like her. But she was just so fucking beautiful, and she looked at him like no one ever has, ignoring his past and only seeing him. Sometimes he’d even feel uneasy under her gaze, because he didn’t fucking deserve, why does she love him?

And now he missed that gaze, because he was mostly alone. His room was empty without her, the bed cold as she wasn’t there laying beside him. And he knew that he couldn’t go on like this, but there wasn’t anything he could do, because it’s all his fucking fault and she could not love him anymore after this.

His nightly thoughts were disturbed by a silent scream. Silent because it came from the upper floor, and he didn’t even know how he heard it, he was skilled, yes, but not that skilled to hear fucking screaming from the other floor. But his gut was giving him this feeling that it was her, sort of like an instinct when Y/N is hurt, he’d know it. So now he was on his feet, in the elevator, telling F.R.I.D.A.Y. the number of the upper floor.

And as he got closer to her room he knew it was her. Anyone could tell by now, the sound was so broken, her voice still not fully healed. So he burst through the door, shushing her as best as he could, as she clung to his chest, her cries now silent. And as expected, she couldn’t talk very well, a sigh leaving her lips as she pointed to her throat while shaking her head.

“I’m sorry.” He looked down, remorse washing over him yet again, because if he wouldn’t have dragged her into this mess she could talk.

She stood up, looking around the dim room as she picked up a pen and notebook, scribbling something down and showing it to Bucky.

It’s not your fault, I’m the one who started screaming.

“It is though.” He repeated, earning and eye roll from the girl as she started writing down something again.

Fight me, Barnes. It’s not your fault that those people are monsters. It is your blame though that you’re ignoring me. Do you not like me anymore? Are we not together anymore..?

And he thought his heart would shatter to her hand writing, because this girl, this fucking girl, after Bucky hurt her so much she’s asking if he still likes her, if they’re still together.

“Y/N, I don’t want to hurt you again.” He whispered, not daring to meet her eyes.

“Listen-” she hit her chest, coughing a little to the soldier’s concern. “-that’s bullshit. It’s not your fault, I don’t blame you, isn’t that enough? Yes, I lost a half of me, but now you’re trying to take away the other half too?” She spoke, her scruffy voice and their breathings the only thing audible in the room.

“You shouldn’t talk, doll, your health-“ 

"You’re the other half, James.” She cut him off, lacing her fingers with his silver ones. “Please don’t leave me.

Her voice was so so weak, and it only reminded him of the torture, and he couldn’t, he just couldn’t risk her hurting again. So he let go off her hand, her eyes widening, Bucky stepping away, wincing at what he was about to say.

"I’m sorry, but I just can’t.” He whispered, leaving the room, the irony being that he didn’t want her in pain, yet he just hurt her more than any Hydra torture ever could.

Naruhina Month, Day 10

Day 10: Honeymoon

Summary:  “I love you, Hinata.” The words, softly spoken, were etched upon her skin. Her eyes trailed to the ring on her finger, solidifying them, bringing them to life. “I know.”


Day 9

A/N: Urgh. Bad case of writer’s block. I almost didn’t get this finished on time. I’m still not completely happy with it. Oh well, Naruhina month is now in double figures and I haven’t slipped up yet. Yay! I wonder how much longer that will last. 


“Are you sure you like it though?” Naruto asked Hinata as they lay together on his bed, his around surrounding her and her snuggling against his chest.  

Glancing up, she followed his gaze to the ring adorning her finger, and lifted her hand above her head to examine it. Hinata giggled softly, the question having been one Naruto had asked her several times already. A less patient person might have been starting to get frustrated. Hinata, however, found it endearing. It was flattering to know that Naruto was concerned about her and making her happy.

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Set during the Gem War. After being put in extreme danger due to her inability to shapeshift, Pearl feels forced to admit that aspect of her defect to Rose, as much as she absolutely hates talking about it. But that will never change how Rose views her. Also features the first time they fuse.

This was written a couple of weeks ago and proofread today; I wanted to explore my thoughts on Pearl’s ‘defectiveness’ following a theory I read that suggested she has trouble changing the shape of her physical form. I’m still not sure that this is my definite headcanon, but it’s an idea I wanted to look into.

Fits the themes ‘wartime’ and ‘fusion.’
Words: 2,763
Characters: Pearl, Rose
Pairing: Pealrose

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