she jumped

And I know it’s dumb bc he’s just a bunny but he was my best buddy and whenever I was anxious or sad or couldn’t sleep or just bored, I’d hold him and he would kiss me and he would literally fall asleep to me talking to him and he would lean into me when he heard me speak and i’d wake up every morning to his nose sticking out of the cage, like he was waiting for me and he was my favorite lil guy and I’m a wreck

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Sakura doesn't care enough for Naruto. She just stood by the sides and watched while he was fighting Pain. Hinata was the one to make a move. Sakura is useless.

Maybe she didn’t fight because Naruto told everyone not to interfere? Or maybe it’s the fact that she knew that she had no chance against Pain, and that if she were to die, that he would lose his shit and turn into the Nine-tails and cause even more destruction and possibly kill everyone else? Although I do appreciate Hinata’s courage, she jumped in without thinking of the consequences.

Sorry, this point isn’t valid. Better luck next time.

Enemies And Lovers
(Kol Mikaelson x Reader)

“I will not forgive myself if I don’t get you a drink by the time this ball ends” A voice, deep and alluring rings in her ears as the girl jumps where she stands almost letting a short scream escape from her pink lips. She swirls around and looks up at the man towering over her. He had this unrealistic height which made her feel like the tiniest person in the room. His eyes however were dark and they had these ominous shades in them which made her gut wrench. She maintains her silence and before any words could form, he skillfully takes her by the hand.

“Kol Mikaelson” He introduces himself proudly and bows down lightly to place very careful kisses her hand. His lips were ice cold.

“I know who you are” Y/n replies him coldly, quickly snatching her hand out of his grasp as he continues to smile down at her darkly.

“Are you enjoying yourself so far?” He asks, directing her gaze to her surroundings. It was nice…this mansion…the chandelier which hung over their heads like a second sun…the art, the music and people walking around with champagne glasses in their hands. This place was beautiful…but this place was also home to 4 other monsters…including Kol who was completely unaware of her desperation to run out of this building. This was not a ball…its an all you can eat vampire buffet and apparently, she beings to believe that she ended up on Kol’s main dish on the menu. He watches the way her body shivered lightly, the goosebumps down her bare arms. He was too distracted by the beautiful evening gown that she wore that he was oblivious to the fear she was feeling in this moment.

“No…you’re not, you’re nervous” He examines her 

“I’m on vervain…so you can’t compel me-”

“Aye love…I won’t hurt you, I’m on my best behavior tonight. Besides…you’re the best part of this evening and I must say y/n…you look ravishing” He gives a gentle nod

“Are you flirt-…Wait, how did you know my name?” She quickly asks and earns a chuckle from the Original. 

“Rebekah loves to bad mouth about you to us” He grins 

“She bad mouths about everyone” Y/n rolls her eyes

“No…she just can’t sense a good person when she sees one” Kol winks. 

“Why don’t I show you around our mansion? Its very unsettling to see someone as beautiful as you stand alone” 

“I came with Damon and Stefan” She quickly replies him

“…who only have eyes for Elena Gilbert” Kol continues and once again directs her gaze to Elena as she is swung out of Damon’s arms and caught by Stefan.  Goodness she was good, well, she is a good person. Good enough to be loved by two men at the same time. It was endearing and somewhat frustrating because deep down as y/n looked into Kol’s outstretched palm, she wanted to be treated that way too. But she hesitates and finds his smirk curve in more. 

“I can make you feel safe just until this ball ends…can’t have you walking around alone with Rebekah’s eyes prowling all over you like that” He leans in and whispers into the girl’s ear. She takes a moment to find Rebekah and finds her dancing with Matt. She catches her angry eyes in time before they rolled into her sockets. Unnerved and frightened, she grabs Kol’s hand tight, not baring to look at him. 

“If you do anything funny…i’ll stake you” She looks up at him

“This way my lady” He offers her a path

They begin to walk around the mansion and for a moment she believes that this house is a never ending kingdom all because of how it had so many rooms and so many different ornaments. She thinks too soon, as they exit from the back of the mansion and walk up to this tiny bridge over their pond.

“Big house” She turns and comments

“Yes…very big” Kol turns

“You seem unimpressed” She looks back at the way he’s leaning on the handrails of the bridge, eyes seemingly distant.

“Just surprised this too hasn’t burned down to the ground yet”


He smiles instantly 

“My brother Klaus has this annoying habit of burning the house down everytime something goes bad that might or might not put our family in danger…he calls it, renovating and starting over” 

“Can’t believe i’m saying this but he cares for you guys, that’s why”

“I understand…but don’t you think it would be nice? To have some place constant in your life where you can always run back to when the world begins to weigh down on you” 

“Yeah, it would be” She turns and looks back at the house which was adorned with lights and music. It was stunning from this view where they stood on the bridge. 

“What about you y/n? Do you have something constant in your life you care to share with me?” He presses with a nervous smile, looking down at her glimmering bracelet.

“You trying to make small talks with me aren’t you?” She asks 

“Why not? Got the most beautiful girl in the Mikaelson ball all to myself” He replies her with a smirk which encourages her to slowly warm up to him.

“I guess my constant is art” She sighs and Kol’s body language changes, all his focus invested on her 

“You fancy art?” He asks

“Its everything to me, a home…an emotional dumpster…whatever”

“Do tell me” He leans closer, their shoulders now touching 

“What do you want to know?” She smiles, eyeing his lips

“Why art?” He goes

“I don’t know…maybe because it’s so misunderstood that it takes someone to take one look at it and see how beautiful and life giving it actually is” 

From there, his heart goes on a frenzy. The Original forgets to breathe, something he rarely does when it came to girls. He always thought his charm and quirks would earn their way into the hearts of any girl he came across but infront of her, he was a soldier without weapons in an open battlefield. 

He was completely unprepared and vulnerable. 

“How precious” was all he could say while watching her gaze into the pond. Her heart seemed to have settled down a little, her temperature from blazing to normal and her breathing, leveled and calm. She was calm, he could tell she was comfortable. 

“Your constant…don’t always has to be a house…it can be family you know” She smiles upon the Original sweetly

“Well…messed up family would be the right word to say”

“So is art…its messed up and sometimes even stupid but you know there’s something about it that draws you back…like your family…how they love you”

“You believe i am capable of love y/n?” Kol turns and asks 

“I don’t know yet…i mean, we just met”

“But you said you knew who I was…I assume that was from all the nasty things I did to your friends” He says in a sunken expression written all over his face.

“I knew you guys had some beef with us but that’s in the past now is it not? Then why else were we invited to your ball”

Kol smiles and looks down. Not only was she beautiful, she was smart.

“Would you like to accompany me back to my room?” He asks and quickly freezes watching the way her face changes.

“Are you going to rip into my neck and suck me bone dry?” She shivers

“Um…no?, I was going to show you some art portraits i’ve collected over the last 1000 years since you fancy art”

“Oh” She blushes “I’m sorry”

“You should stop constantly thinking of me as a monster darling. I would never do that, I am not some mindless killing machine love, i would never hurt you”

She nods, quietly but he takes a step forward

“…Since I fancy you” He winks at the girl. 

Before she could say anything, Kol gingerly takes her hand and leads her back into the mansion to show her his art pieces.

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11. “What’s with the box?”

Today is gonna be a fluff-writing day to make up for some horrible angst that was discussed between myself @bunny-virus and @irdeadite

Here goes

Dracul had gotten home earlier than he had though, the gym was extremely busy and it had become impossible to find space for him to work out in. He sighed, shrugged, and decided to call it a day and head home early. However, when he got home he was surprised to see she wasn’t there still. He was not too concerned though, thinking that perhaps she had run off to do an errand.

About an hour later he heard her softly curse and the sounds of her shuffling with something, when he pulled the door open, revealing her to be struggling with her keys, a large box at her feet. She jumped slightly and looked up at him in surprise, “Whoa hey you’re home early!”, she laughed nervously and eyed the box, “Damn I wish I had known…”

He frowned, his brows knit together in worry, that wasn’t the reaction he was hoping for, “Are you unhappy to see me?”

She immediately went up to him and hugged him when she saw his hurt expression, “No! Honey no I’m very happy to see you I just, ah, well, I had a plan see and I wasn’t expecting you until later when everything would be ready. But you know what? That’s okay.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”, she stopped him by patting her hands on his chest, “Shhh don’t worry about it, it’s fine. Nothing to apologize for.”

A faint hissing noise came from the box she had set down, and he gave her a bemused look, “I’ll take your word for it, but…what’s with the box?”

“Go ahead and open it, just be careful, she’s a little skittish right now after the car ride…”

He made his way over to the box, carefully opening the top, revealing a very alive but none too pleased red iguana. He looked at the iguana, back to her, back to the iguana, and then back to her

“For me?!”

She shuffled her feet and looked away, “Well yeah you’ve been wanting one for awhile and I heard about this one, she needed a new home with someone who would actually care for her, and with her being red and all…”

She couldn’t finish her sentence as he had picked her up into a hug. Her voice was muffled from her face being in his chest, but she managed to squeak out, “Did I do good?”

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Hi! Loved your Yuma as a daddy scenario!!!❤️💜💚💙 Can I request a scenario where Yuma's little daughter gets scared in the middle of the night and runs into her daddy's room and asks if he could sleep with her?

She was running, brown curls whipping in the wind behind her. She was fleeing, from what, she wasn’t sure but she was trying to get out fast. She bolted upright and gasped. The six year old looked around her room and noticed her pumpkin nightlight had died so she was plunged into utter darkness. She started to shake a bit, being both scared and a bit grumpy. She pouted until she heard the tree branch by her room strike her window. She quickly jumped up and ran. She ran straight to Yuma’s room where he was splayed out, sleeping soundly, soft noises could be heard. She didn’t even bother waking him and only jumped onto his chest. That was enough to wake him with a start.

“Oi… Piglet…” He mumbled.

“P-Papa…? Can you sleep with me tonight? I had a bad d-dream and my p-punkin died…” Her big hazel eyes looked up at him and he sighed. Her bed was fucking tiny… but she hated sleeping in his bed because it was so big.

He sighed before standing and silently carrying her back to her room. He plopped her onto the bed and climbed in after her… taking up over half of the bed. His little girl squished up close to him and he held her safely to his chest.

“We’ll getcha a new light in the morning. Now get some sleep.”

“Okay. I love you.”

“Love you too…” And despite his feet hanging off the edge of her bed, they both slept soundly that night.

Closed rp

Mania sat on the grass outside auradon university, broken tea cups scattered around her. She picked up one in her hand, poking the sharp edges before she took a sip. She leaned back against a tree, opening her Chem book. She heard familiar footsteps approaching. She looked up to see her old friend and she jumped up, letting her tea cup collide with the ground. “KENNNNYYYYYYY!!!!” She screamed running towards him. @smatterofhatter

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what are bffs for? || cassie&rose


This para takes place one week after school began at Hogwarts

     Rose was nervous, to say the least. She sat on her bed and fidgeted with her wand, turning it in her hands, over and over. She wasn’t nervous. She was terrified… but Rose knew it had to be done. Even if it did cost her the remainder of her sanity. She couldn’t live with a hole in her life any longer. 

     The Weasley girl couldn’t remember a time that felt longer in her life than right now, waiting for Cassie to arrive. The only thing that compared was when she came home for Christmas that first year and seeing her father’s face fall at the sight of her trunk, which she had painted the Slytherin crest onto. His silence was the longest moment in her life before now. A silence filled with anxiety and held breaths. 

     The door opened to the room and Rose jumped. She wanted to hide or scream or… “I’m going to throw up, Cass.”  

 Saga had finally arrived to her destined location. Only a few weeks ago had she came back from the dead as les morts-vivant. If that was not enough stress, she had to adjust to the enormous time jump. She sighed, her eyes scanning the people around her. She had turned to the person closest to her “jarlson,” she sputtered out. “do you know anyone that goes by jarlson?”she asked to make herself more clear. Her tactics in finding her family were not the best but she had to start somewhere.

in her head, she’s a supermodel. in her head, she’s walking down a runway and absolutely rocking her outfit and everyone loves it. but in reality, she’s making ridiculous poses in front of a public mirror and she nearly jumps out of her skin when somebody approaches. she’s quick to duck behind her hair and her fingers grab a hold of one of the flaxen strands and starts to twist, pull, tug at it nervously.

❝  you —- you didn’t see that, did you ??  ❞