she jsut tries so hard to be what people expect her to be

So You Do Love Me (Jay Park x Reader)

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You were very successfull in USA, you were in the industry since you turned 18, you were loved by many people worldwide mostly cause you kept it real, you didn’t try to be the sweet girl or the sexy one or the goofy one, you were all of them. You showed different trypes of yourself, your latest album called ‘voices’ was a huge success, people loved how you played around with all different kinds of emotions, that’s why it was called 'voices’ because people have all kinds of voices in their head and you didn’t just stick to one. 

But you felt like you were getting comfortable. You wanted a challenge, yes you did get challenged cause being in the spotlight is a daily struggle, but you were getting used to it. A concert in Korea turned everything around, it was so different and you quickly noticed that not many foreigners made it big in this country. It took a full year for you to get realeased from your contract in USA and get signed in a company in Korea called YMC


You were very happy, but not many people were. Korea was a very competitive country and very strict with their bussiness, especially when you are a foreigner. Being called a “koreaboo” and stuff like that had become an everyday thing. You were very close to giving up and going back to USA, that was when you met Jay.

You could swear that you had never met such a positive person. He was very welcoming and helping, he knew how hard it could be for an artist that had nothing to do with this country and tried to find success. So he welcomed you with open arms, you collaborated on a song called “Still killing it” and it was great, you enjoyed his company and you decided that just because your song ended, that does not mean your friendship would


Jay had a very special place in your heart, like you had in his. You loved to talk to him, to get his opinion for everything and just be silly together, you understood each other and your bond started growing daily. Sometimes you questioned your motives, they were plenty of times that you caught yourself imagining stuff that were not what firends do, you felt that warm fuzzy feeling when he hugged you, you had a smile whenever he called you beautiful, you felt nice when he hid his face in your neck when he was tired and hugged you to find comfort.

You were extremely happy when he told you that you would appear together at a hiphop special that the variety show 'happy together’ was doing, with you it would also be Dok2, Bobby, Cheetah and Kittib. Of course you chose the dressing room that was next to his.“Come in"You said when you heard a knock on your door. He walked in with a smile and approached you and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

"You’re ready babygirl?”

“Yeah they are just finishing my hair”

“I like your lipstick, it brings out your eyes”

He complimented you. You smiled and winked at him. Recently the feelings that you usually brushed off were getting stronger and it was scaring you, you’ve seen how girls come and go and you did not want that to happen to you.


You walked in all togehter and because of your heels and your sore ankle made you trip, but Jay who was of course right next to you caught you and pushed you next to his body

“No, stay with me girly”

He said and posed, making it a bit comedic and acting like nothing happened. You posed next to him while others laughed, you giggled and went to your seat

“That was a quick save”

One of the MC’s spoke. You smiled and nodded

“Yeah, that’s why I hang out with him”


The interview kept going and it finally your turn came.

“So you have a second album coming up, what are we expecting from this one?”

“It’s more of a fluffy vibe to it. Since my last album was very bold and seductive, I wanted to show a different side of me”

“She has slippers with bunnies on them”

“Hey, you weren’t supposed to say that”

You said and covered Jay’s mouthed. He licked your palm- knowing that it will gross you out- and you yanked it away

“Ewww, disgusting" 

 You rubbed your hand on his shirt, making the saliva he left get rubbed on his shirt

"Aren’t they adorable?”

Dok2 pointed it out, and everyone nodded their heads

“I am adorable, he is gross”

“really? then why do you call me everytime you are sad? 'Jay I need to talk to you, I am upset, please Jay’ ”

He said in a high whiny voice, immitating you. You slapped his upper hand and desided to turn the tables on him

“Cause I feel bad for you and I want you to feel like you have friends”


“Yeah. Ah!”

He put you on a headlock, getting a wild reaction from not just you but from everyone, some of them even laughed at the silly view

“Take it back”


“Jay let her go, her managment will sue us”

The MC said. He let you got and you slapped him in the face this time.

“You idiot, that really hurt”

“I am sorry bunny”

He used the nickname he had for you and kissed your cheek. Everyone aww’d and you just pushed him awayDuring the rest of the interview you couldn’t help but question your feelings. Was this really just a friendly game? or did he also have some other feelings for you? was it worth the risk?

“So as you said, you are a very sexy and seductive artist? Does that scare guys away?”

“Sometimes. Some men was a very normal and cute girl, I like to wear tight clothes and show my curves, if a guy can talk about sex then why shouldn’t I do it?”

“That’s why I also approached her. She has that amazing and unapologetic attitude, she is also a straight boss, no artist would do what she did and go to a totally diferent country and start from scratch.”

Jay chimed in. You leaned your head to his shoulder and looked at him with puppy eyes

“Awww so you do love me”

“Sadly, yes”

Your smile dropped and you pulled away from him

“You just ruined a perfect moment”


You didn’t wait for him, you jsut went back to the dressing room as fast as you could. He noticed that, he had to admit that it bothered him, he wanted to talk to you. For a week now he was pep talking himself to talk to you, he couldn’t keep the act anymore, to him you were never a friend, he just never knew how to talk to you like a girlfriend, you made him nervous and protective. He was even overprotective towards you when it came to him, he knew his reputation and how he portrayed himself in the public, how could you trust a man that on it’s latest mv had a girl on his lap and on a bed? He thought he was protecting you, but in reality you jsut putted yourselfs in a torture

“hey, you weren’t really hurt by the headlock right?”

“No, I’m fine don’t worry about it”

You avoided eye contact as you took of your bracelets. The both of you could feel the tension growing, he had to put an end to this

“Let’s go out”

“I’m not hungry Jay

”“No, not like that. As a… date”

That got your attention. You turned to him completely stunned, you opened your mouth but nothing came out

“I…. um…. what?”

“I like you (y/n), I don’t want to be your friend, I never did. I want to be your man, I am sorry but I cannot stand on the side and just let other guys to touch you-specially after that Chul guy-  and…. I want to be that man”

You smiled at him. Seeing him so upset over your ex boyfriends, he never liked Chul, he thought that he was stuck up and arrogant. You ended with him on friendly terms but Jay never stopped complaining about how he treated you.

“You are so cute”


He raised his eyebrow, not expecting you to say that. You walked to him and wrapped your arms around his neck, he automatically wrapped his around your waist.

“Should I wear my bunny slippers on our date?”

“Ohhhh girl you trynna seduce me, with those sexy ass slippers”

“Maybe a hair bun too?”

“girl you sure know how to turn a guy on”

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UF+SF+HT Bros reacting to their s/o dying of old age. (Due to being different species and the fact monsters live much longer.)

(Iii did a similiar request a while back, with the s/o’s soul getting put into a robot body like Mettatons after their death for UT/SF/UF I hope you don’t mind if the HT bros get their s/o back as a robo friend)

HT Sans: Hahahaha. He is laughing. The moment he realizes how old you have become, how frail, how close to death he can’t stop laughing. He just knew it, you would leave him too, one of the few good things in his life, and you will leave too.

He won’t live that much longer himself, Skeletons are not immortal after all, but he still has a decent amount of years infront of him. So he jsut loses it, locking himself in his room, not talking to anybody. The only sign of life coming from his room is the giggling that send shivers down your spine. Papyrus has enough of this after a few days and breaks down the door where you find Sans in a catatonic state.

Since Alphys is no more, and you honestly don’t even know about her, and Papyrus barely remembers her, only having met her a few times, the beatings from Undyne sligthly blurring his memories of the past,  you have to take him to the hospital. You are lucky that a lot of monsters needed medical attention after beeing freed, so the doctors there can help you out. All in all he is fine at the end of the day…well as fine as he can be.

The moment he realizes that it would be possible to extend your life by putting your soul into a robot like Mettaton has been, after your death, he is suddenly a bit to energetic. He can’t get Alphys to do that, Mettaton is gone to, so no reference either. He lost to much of his memory and to much of himself to make something like this himself, mostly since he wouldn’t have been able even before everything went to shit. But he won’t give up. He just can’t let you go that early.

In the end it’s a bit of a miracle, he doesn’t have a lot of human friends, but he was still fascinated by science, and did make a few friends with the same passion. They creat a robot together, not very good, not ver durable, but it works. You won’t life for much longer then you would without, but that way you can spend almsot your entire life together. Sans tries to force you at first, despereate and scared of loosing you. But after a lecture by Papyrus, who still has that spark that makes people overthing their choices, he realizes that he can’t make you stay, you have to choose yourself.

HT Papyrus: He is..strangely alright with you dying. He knew things never last as long as one wants them to, he learned it the hard way more then once. His friendship with Undyne, his dream to be in the Royal Guard, his need to help everybody. So he didn’t expect you to stay around foreer either. Instead of beeing sad he tries to cheer you up, telling you that he still has Sans, so he won’t be to lonely after your gone. And until then you two can spend some good time together.

He tries so hard to go back to his cheerfull, positive self after leaving the Underground, but it is less cheerfull, then..scared and deperate. He tries to convince himself more then you that he will be alright. That this is alright. That everything is alright. That nothing is alright.

He will try to get out of your way, and turn to Sans for help. He is his big brother after all, he always turns to him when he is stuck in a situation where he can’t get trough himself. He is lucky, Sans has a good day and actually rememebrs about Mettaton. And Alphys. And how she can’t creat another robot body because she won’t be creating anything ever again. But maybe…. Sans has made human friends who coul help you out. 

Sans pretends not to know a solution at first, everybody dies afterall. He likes you, you are his brothers datefriend after all. But that doesn’t make you anybody special in his eyes. But after he sees how much your death is already affecting Papyrus, even though it hasn’t even happened yet, he gives in. You have a choice to live a few more years together with Papyrus, who is still trying to convince you that he will be fine no matter what you choose. But he won’t. In the end it is still your choice.

Laws of Motion & Attraction (V, You) Part 8

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“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” - Albert Einstein

Part 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

Life is a chemical reaction caused by the collision of two distinct or polar entities. Taehyung always thought this was the case whenever he crossed paths with Jungkook.

They stared as if they were seeing each other for the very first time; Taehyung’s eyes slightly widening behind his glasses while Jungkook steadily staring at him. After a moment, Taehyung was able to recover from the initial shock and he easily switched his expression to that of a bored and nonchalant look.

“What are you wearing? You look ridiculous.” Taehyung said as he returned his attention to his bag.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at the insult. “Is it so hard to get a hello these days?” He sighed and Taehyung tried to ignore the boy walking deeper into the lecture hall…straight towards him.

“Ouch, though.” Jungkook added as he leant back on one of the front row’s desks, feigning a hurt expression. He removed the buttons on his cuffs before rolling up his sleeves. “I thought I looked pretty dashing in a dress shirt.”

“You thought wrong.” Taehyung murmured but Jungkook heard it loud and clear, which he sighed deeply at.

“Taehyung, I didn’t come here to fight with you.”

“Good.” Taehyung said as he removed his glasses and placed it on his case. “Because I don’t have time for that or for whatever this is right now.”

Taehyung moved towards the door but Jungkook was fast to react and moved in front of him, blocking his way. “Taehyung, please.”

Taehyung wavered at the sincerity of his gaze but was smart enough not to fall for it. He knew that look and he was used to it having its way with people. “What exactly did you come here for?”

“For you.” Jungkook said simply as if the answer was obvious enough. “I came for you.”

“Why?” Taehyung sounded almost hostile.

“I–I want to talk to you.”

“We have nothing to talk about.” He spat and then regretted it; wishing he didn’t sound so defensive.

“Yes.” Jungkook pressed, stepping forward which made Taehyung stumble back slightly. “We do.”

Taehyung huffed and turned from him, returning to his desk. He remained silent, back facing him; thinking–hoping–that if he ignored him he’d go away.

After a few calls and efforts to make him turn to face him, Jungkook grunted in frustration. “You can’t run away from this… from me forever, Taehyung.” He said a matter of fact.

“Who said I was running?” Taehyung chuckled bitterly. “I’m just trying to have as much less contact with you as possible.”

“That’s the same thing!” Jungkook argued. "Taehyung–“

No. It’s not.“ He spat and Jungkook recoiled, surprised by the vile in his tone. “I’m not running away because firstly, I never did anything wrong. Secondly, I don’t think there’s anything to talk about when you already made it pretty clear two years ago that we…” Taehyung stopped, his voice cracking and Jungkook looked at him steadily. But a flash of guilt crossed his doe-shaped eyes.

“What’s done is done.” Taehyung said instead. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some grading to do.”

Jungkook huffed as he walked passed him, running a hand over his face in frustration. “Why can’t you see?” Jungkook burst out, his voice resounding through the hall and making Taehyung stop. “Why can’t you see that I’m trying here?!”

Taehyung remained still but was hyper aware of the presence behind him. The heat rolled off Jungkook’s body and was almost like a furnace burning on his back.

“I’m sorry, Taehyung.” Jungkook said, biting back his pride. “I get it, okay? I was wrong. It was an accident–”

Taehyung scoffed at the word, a visible tension wafting through the air around him. “Accident.” He spat. “That’s the oldest excuse in the book, Jeon Jungkook. I think you can do better than that.”

“I was upset with you.” Jungkook defended, his voice rising. “I was mad…I was–” he huffed, eyebrows furrowing. “You left me so you can study abroad–”

“So you didn’t trust me?” Taehyung roared, as he whirled at him. “Admit it, you didn’t trust me!”

“I did!” Jungkook yelled back. “God Taehyung, I trust you–”

“Then you wouldn’t have thought that way!” He shouted. “I wasn’t going to run off and leave, Jungkook. I was going to come back for you. For us.” He pointed out, eyes fiery and determined.

Jungkook stared at him with lips shaking and he wanted to say something but his voice betrayed him. “I–”

“I came back, didn’t I?” Taehyung said, the pain visible in his tone and Jungkook could only gulp. “I came back, but what did you do?”

Jungkook looked away, and Taehyung saw his jaw clenching. “Tae–”

“I’ll tell you what you did.” Taehyung told viciously, his face reddening from anger. “You couldn’t control you freakin’ thirst and got a girl knocked up!” He snickered. “Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wan’t the only one. Or was it only a ‘she’?”

“What happened between me and Liz was an accident.” Jungkook protested and Taehyung turned in irritation, having heard his alibi countless times. “I didn’t mean for that to happen. We were drunk. I was lonely–I–”

“But you still did it.” Taehyung said, but there was no sadness in his tone; jsut pure resentment . “You still slept with her while you were with me.”

Jungkook ruffled his hair in exasperation before stepping towards him. “I said I was sorry, didn’t I?” He said, his desperation tangible. “I’m sorry, Taehyung. Why is it so hard for you to believe that?! Can’t you just forgive and let’s just forget–”

Taehyung whirled and gripped Jungkook’s shirt, pushing him back forcefully till he hit solid concrete. Jungkook’s eyes widened in surprise as Taehyung pinned him to the wall with his forearm, his eyes ablaze with anger.

“Forgive and forget?” Taehyung chuckled bitterly, his stare menacing. “You think it’s that easy, huh? I bet you do that all the time. After all, who was the campus player?”

“Taehyung–” Jungkook warned, his chest heaving as Taehyung stared him down. But the older just pushed him harder, wanting to let out the anger he’d been bottling up for far too long.

“I can’t just forget.” Taehyung voice shook as he felt a sting behind his eyelids. “You don’t just take someone’s everything and expect them to be okay with it. You don’t just take those firsts and walk away, Jungkook!”


I loved you.” Taehyung continued, his voice deep and gruff as pain surged through his system. “I gave you everything. And who was as it who told me to be careful whom to trust? Well guess what Jungkook? I trusted you! And how dare you turn those words against me.”

“Taehyung–” Jungkook pleaded desperately as he gripped his arm on his chest. “I’m sorry.”

Screw you. You have no idea, how much I wanted to punch you…” He growled as he pressed his forearm harder into Jungkook’s chest, causing the younger one to gasp slightly at the force. “To beat you up so you can feel the pain you caused me when you cheated on me. When you left me–”

“You think the pain was one-sided?” Jungkook interrupted and Taehyung’s eyes blew wide at his statement, his grip loosening. 

“You think I didn’t hurt too, Taehyung? I regretted it, okay?! I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it. Especially not to you–”

“You lie.” Taehyung said grimly but Jungkook levelled his stare, unyielding.

“No,” Jungkook countered and Taehyung was unconscious of the fact that he had leant in so close that their noses were almost touching. So close that he could smell his familiar scent, overwhelming his senses.

“You deny.” He said simply and before Taehyung could react, Jungkook gripped the front of his shirt and kissed him.


7 years ago


That was the first thing that came to Taehyung’s mind the moment Jungkook’s lips touched his.

It was so undeniably soft and warm like nothing he had ever felt before… Not that he had anything to compare it with. Jungkook, after all, was Taehyung’s first kiss.

“Is that okay?” Jungkook asked as he broke the kiss. Taehyung, still dazed from the light brush of their lips just nodded, tasting try sweetness of marshmallows which Jungkook had been snacking on just a while ago. 

Who knew their usual Friday study session turned into something more…

Jungkook gave him a small smile before placing his lips on his once again and this time, Taehyung moved his lips in sync with his, thinking how he had waited so long for this moment to come. He knew he hated the guy from the beginning, but as time passed and Jungkook became more of a buddy than a bully… Taehyung started seeing him in a different light. Suddenly, his obnoxious way of complaining about exams became quite endearing, his weird  ways of bothering him in his readings became bearable–enjoyable even, and  his voice…his voice became the soundtrack of his day; he would always look forward to the time he would come in to see him, his name painted on his lips. 

He started feeling differently towards him which scared the sh*t out of him at first but later on became more of an acceptable notion.

So he fell? Isn’t love supposed to hurt anyways?

Despite his inexperience, Taehyung was a fast learner and soon he was the one making Jungkook breathless.

“I thought–” Jungkook gasped, his hand gripping the front of Taehyung’s shirt as his lips traveled to his jaw. “You said…” Taehyung kissed him again, smirking at how the younger is coming undone right in front of him. “You’ve never kissed anyone before?!”

“Am I good?” Taehyung asked teasingly, staring at him with bright eyes that it almost made Jungkook laugh at how young and innocent it looked.

“Good.” Jungkook grinned. “For a rookie.” He added before practically pushing him against the wall, returning to where they had left off; showing him who exactly is the better kisser. 


The kiss came as a surprise and Taehyung yelped at the feeling of his lips on his. He tried to push him away but Jungkook was persistent; pressing closer as he gripped his shirt tighter, determined to make him give in.

And he did.

Taehyung would be lying if he said he hadn’t dreamt of this moment in the past two years. All those nights spent at bars, drinking his head off just to forget the thought of him… the thought of Jungkook and the relationship that apparently burned down to ashes.

Taehyung kissed him back, shakily at first, his hands firm on the wall on either side of Jungkook’s head. He was afraid to touch him; afraid that if he did, he’d just might loose it right there.

Jungkook made a deep sound at the back of his throat, his heart swelling at how he had reciprocated.

But as Jungkook snaked his hand to grasp his neck, Taehyung tensed.

“Is that okay?” Jungkook whispered against his lips and Taehyung felt a sense of déjà vu as well as bugging feeling at the back of his head.

“I–” he stuttered before Jungkook smiled and captured his lips again, kissing him passionately. Taehyung was hyper aware of his hands on his body, his warm lips against his. And it felt good…so good.

“I want you back.” Jungkook whispered in between kisses. “I still love you, Taehyung.”

At his words, it’s like everything went to a screeching halt and Taehyung found himself opening his eyes; the flame dying down as fast as it had resurfaced. As Jungkook captured his lips again, Taehyung couldn’t reciprocate for everything suddenly felt… off.  

Jungkook felt his stillness, sensing how he wasn’t kissing him back any longer. He parted from him with a confused look; his chest heaving and his lips slightly swollen. Taehyung couldn’t look at him as he gently removed his hands from his shirt, which was now rumpled from his grip.

“Taehyung…” Jungkook started but Taehyung only looked down, eyebrows furrowing in thought.

“I’m sorry…” Jungkook muttered as he sensed his discomfort, reaching out for him. “I didn’t mean to–”

Taehyung stepped back, looking almost bewildered and–lost. Jungkook stared into his eyes and saw the internal struggle from within him.

“I have to go.” Taehyung mumbled before Jungkook could say anything.

“Tae–” Jungkook caught his hands but Taehyung let it slip out just as soon as they touched.

“Please.” Taehyung pleaded before practically bolting out the lecture hall.

Jungkook cursed the moment he was out the door, fisting his hair in his hands and feeling like the worst person in the world. He leant on the wall and slid down, leaning his head on his knees; feeling like the world just crashed beneath his feet.

For the look he saw in Taehyung’s eyes showed just how much he had messed up…

And just how too late he was to fix it.


Taehyung bolted out the door and almost barelled into someone. He muttered an apology and heard his name but he ignored it and continued to walk away.

I need a drink, he thought as he gasped for air. I need to get away.

He walked briskly to the parking lot, ignoring the stares he was getting as he stumbled through the asphalt.

He hopped into the driver’s seat, throwing his bag to the backseat hastily. He started the engine and gripped the steering wheel, catching sigh of himself through the rearview mirror. 

He gulped at his reflection, seeing his wild eyes, slightly disheveled hair, his rumpled short, and swollen lips. 

“I want you back.” Jungkook said. “I still love you, Taehyung.”

He closed his eyes and huffed, his hands tightening on the steering wheel, before switching the consoles and stepping on the gas like his life depended on it.

to be continued

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Invisible - Chapter 6

“This is not the way you treat girls. No wonder Jane left you!” Mina blurted out and the entire table fell silent abruptly. We all stared at her in disbelief. We were at loss for words when she mentioned Jane’s name. Lady Jane was taboo. Simon may act like a dick or be a jerk sometimes, but no one could deny how much he loved her. He loved and maybe he still loves her with all of his heart. Simon never really got over the break up. It left a deep scar in his heart and even the slightest touch was able to recall the agony.

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Do You Think I Am A Man? (Simon D x Reader)

Requested by @delirefriends. Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to give this scenario my 110% so I hope you understand. Also, it’s my birthday today! yay, anyway enjoy!

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You always wanted to be in a serious relationship. You’ve had your fun, but after you hid a certain age, you decided it was time to stop the brief relationships and settle down with a good man that loved you. You were successfull, financially independent which means you could support yourself, but you were tired of coming home to no one, eating by yourself and sleeping by yourself. You wanted love and affection, someone that could offer you a hug and a sweet kiss.

Kiseok was a bit intimitated by you. He made you during work, you were helping Jay figure out an outfit for his concerts and you had your own fashion and accessory line. You were very serious about your bussiness, you’ve wroked hard to establish yourself and be in charge of your own company, you couldn’t full around. So when he saw your serious face and how well put together you were, he couldn’t help but feel a bit uneased but also attracted.

Finding a woman that was in charge and didn’t wait for no one, someone responsible, someone that could understand his drive and his hard work was hard. You seemed like that woman, a go getter, you knew exactly what you wanted out of life.

“I fear for the poor boy that is with you”

Jay joked. You scoffed and put a chain around his neck, not paying attention to Kiseok who sat in the corner watching everything.

“I am not interested in boys. I prefer men, so yeah boys will suffer with me”


Kiseok said to a defeated Jay. You took a step back and observed the outfit

“How do the pants fit? can you dance in them?”

Jay started doing a few dancemoves and then nodded. You smiled and took a picture of the outfit.

“So I don’t really have to worry about how the shirt fits, since you will take it off. So I think this is good”

“Yes, you only have to take care of Hyun-jung”

“I have a few outfits for her, i’ll bring them tomorrow”

You informed him while fixing all your stuff and putting them back to where they belonged to.

“(y/n) it was a pleasure as always”

Jay said and gave you a quick friendly hug. You hugged him back and went back to doing your stuff

“Something you want to say Kiseok?”

You questioned him, your back still facing him. Kiseok got up -after pep talking himself- and approached you.

“Do you think I am a man?”

You smirked at his words. You had taken an interest in him, but of course no one knew. Hearing him asking you if you consider him good enough for you, brought you some type of joy.

“Are you trying to ask me out?”

You turned to face him this time. Kiseok just nodded and brushed your hair behind your shoulder, taking in your full face.


“Good, We can talk about the details later”

He said. You leaned in and placed a lingering soft kiss on his cheek and then grabbed your stuff and walked away. Before you opened the door you turned to him.

“Just so you know. If you jsut want to fuck around, forget everything about this today. See ya around”


He was surpised to know you were a rather gentle woman. You liked cooking for him, taking care of him, you made him feel good. Also he loved to spoil you, sometimes with gifts, but mostly with affection. Kiseok was never a big public man, but you learned to love the small things. Like when he asked you if you were feeling alright with him going out or when he helped you get away out of awkward small talks random people tried to strike with you or when he asked you if you ate and if you wanted to go home. Kiseok was very affectionate behing closed doors, he loved to cuddle you, sometimes he would even like to curl on your side hugging your torsot tighly if he had a lot on his mind. His affection could from very extreme, to a swift pet over your hair.

He actually felt like this could be the start of something very important, he finally started thinking about marriage and kids. Yes he did think about that stuff before, but he never had a specific woman on his mind, now it was always you.

Of course the media was not involved in this. You both wanted it this way, it was easier to enjoy what you had and just cherish the privacy and the freedom of not caring what others say. If it was up to you, the only people that would not would be you and him, according to you that’s the only people that need to be informed. So you agreed on keeping this at a very tight circle of friends, some of your firends didn’t even know you were in a relationship.

You supported him, so like usual you tuned in to watch his interview. You always thought he looked hot and he was also wearing clothes from your clothing line, so you wanted to see how amazing he would look this time around.

“So you are 33 right?”

“That is correct”

“Have you started thinking about marriage?”

“Yes, I always wanted to settle down and be with a woman that I love”

“Have you considerate the possibility of returning to lady jane?”

Oh come on! not this again! you knew how pissed he got when she was brought up. You knew about the relationship they had, everyone has a past so you expected it, it was a relationship that taught him a lot and you knew he would always have a place in his heart. It was his past, you were the present and that was it, you didn’t care. He wished he could be as calm as you, but when reporters still brought her up he got mad, especially now when you were around, to him it felt like a form of disrespect towards your relationship.

“Are you serious?”

“Well you were 6 years together. It has never pasted your mind that she is the woman you’re supposed to end up with?”

“No, cause the woman I am supposed to end up with is at home waiting for me so we can eat dinner together.”

“What? you have a relationship?”

“Yes. Hi (y/n) i’ll see you in a bit”

He said rather calmly. His reaction brought a smile to your face “the woman I am supposed to end up with” it made such a fuzzy feeling bubble up in your stomach. Then you realised, he didn’t say that infornt of your friends, his family or someone close to you, he said on a show, on a live show.


You waited for him to come back as you had set the table and the food was ready. That was when you heard the door open and your dog running to him.

“Ahhh little monster”

He said to it and you walked to them. He had the little dog in his armsa and petting the fluffy dog that enjoyed the affection ti was getting.

“Hey baby girl”

He put the dog down and wrapped his arms around you and gave a sweet peck on your soft lips.

“Did you really have to reveal our relationship?”

“I am sorry, it just slipped out”

You put your hand over his cheek and looked straight into his big full of emotion eyes. the feeling of love growing between you, you knew he felt it too by the way his arms gripped you tighter.

“you’ve set that you never wanted to be in a public relationship”

“Well, they have to get used to you at some point. It would blow up more if they learned about us on our wedding day”

He casually spoke, walking away to the kitchen. You smiled, hearing him say it right into your face that he saw such a long future with you felt amazing.

You followed him and wrapped your arms around his waist, your face peeking over his shoulder

“wedding day?”

“Don’t act like you never thought of it, I’ve heard your talks with Hyun-jung”

“…. a girl can dream”

“Which means I don’t have to worry, cause judging by your conversation you seem that you’ve thought this throught and already arranged every detail”

You pushed his face bringing it to your side so you can attach your lips with his on a long butterfly kiss.

“I love you”

You whispered to him. He smiled and turned around to you, holding your hands in his and bringing it up to his lips to give a kiss on your knuckles

“I love you too, now let’s go it. Revealing relationships makes me hungry”