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I love your Dad!Jason and I was wondering how the kids would be around The Outlaws (preferably Roy and Starfire). It's okay if you don't feel like answering btw I'm just curious :)

I’m always up for asks (especially now that I’m finally on break!)

The Outlaws would ADORE Jason’s kids and they would adore the Outlaws right back.

Roy already has experience with kids so he is that cool Uncle who blows things up but also can be a semi-decent responsible adult, like, if he absolutely has to be. Sammy pumps him for embarrassing stories about Jay and Jordon is quietly tinkering with one of Roy’s inventions with a small smile.

And you can’t tell me Kori wouldn’t be all over those kids. I mean, she’s Kori and she loves kids but also she loves Jay and she sees that these kids have stabilized and made him happy. She loves that look of warm contentment on his face when the kids are around. Meredith and her get on like a house on fire. Kori always has the little bunny in her lap, braiding her hair, chatting on this Space thing or other. Meredith has stars in her eyes, she wants to be Starfire when she grows up. She has the merchandise and everything.

Jason gets free babysitting pretty much whenever he wants but Sammy also finds new ways to prank him and Meredith is swearing in Tamaranean now so it’s a mixed bag.

She Lied


I’m now gonna go look over the stuff I have written for Ronin’s Backstory. 

Important To The Story

Words: 1,032 

Rating: High T (Mentions of Blood, Torture, Being a Prisoner. Just take caution.)

Summary: The entire story had been leading to that sofa, in that room, in the Darkness that she could hide in. 

She lied.

It weighed on her, every day, every hour, every minute and every second, it weighed on her very soul. The pressure didn’t get any lighter, she’d buried every memory of every capture she’d gone through, the tortures she’d endured.

She refused to deal with it.

She lied.

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After The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I was thinking, was there any other film or TV series that featured more than one actors here in the HTTYD franchise?

Turns out there are quite a lot!

It’s so interesting to hear those familiar voices interacting with each other in completely different stories and different characters~


Don’t look back. Just look at me”