she isnt leaving


when im not at the strip clubs or the bar, i’m drinking by myself


She’s about as apologetic as she looks

ok but now i just want something to actualfacts happen to robert that puts him in the hospital (because obviously this whole groundhog day/ghosts of christmas past shenanigans is gonna be GREAT) and liv has to deal with her (extremely justified and dealt with in the usual teenage manner) anger and telling robert she wishes he’d die and aaron has to deal with still being in love with robert and Suffering and just wanting things to End 

i love pain

So a few days ago my math class found out I was teaching myself korean, some girl said wow you watch to much anime………




A few days pass and it’s brought up again by the same girl for some reason, others were like wow that’s cool congrats but then THAT FUCKIN GIRL says wow you listen to too much kpop………BITCH FIRST OF ALL SHUT YA ASS, AND SECOND OF ALL YOU CAN’T JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC AND LEARN A LANGUAGE WTF DO YOU MEAN GTFO

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So how do Lena and the kids handle things when Kara gets hurt from a fight with an alien or something?


  • i mean when they’re little, the kids aren’t super duper aware??  and the adults around them keep a p good handle on everything when shit goes down so they usually remain p blissfully ignorant when kara gets hurt
    • like they get that kara has a sometimes scary job where she has to protect ppl but its like aunt maggie or aunt alex’s jobs and sometimes she walks in the front door moving a little stiffly and sometimes they have to go see her at the deo, sitting under these bright lights that make maia and finn feel a little weird, a little dizzy, a little powerful, and they hurt stella’s eyes (or maybe that’s not why there’s this heavy pounding at the back of her skull?  she’s so little, she doesn’t have words for it) but it doesn’t rlly…..idk sink in??
      • that said: lena is quietly a Wreck.  bc the kiddos respond to how she responds, she can’t rlly fall apart (not that she ever rlly did??  but she was able to cry abt it and drop everything to rush to the deo and fuss over kara) so she gets v quiet abt it, all hurried crying with the sink running, bathroom door locked.  she gets v good at hiding the evidence that anything is wrong 
    • one time, when finn is abt six or so and maia is four and stella isnt quite a year old, kara gets Hurt.  like big time, holy shit, lena we’re doing everything we can for her hurt.  and lena’s stretched so thin already bc kara’s been gone a lot in the week leading up to this, trying to catch this trio of aliens (one rozz escapee, two that got caught up in his schemes) bc they made a direct threat to that pretty luthor you seem so interested in, isn’t she married supergirl? so she just—she can’t imagine not being with kara at the deo but she can’t make their three little kids spend the night in uncomfortable chairs either and she’s exhausted and terrified bc for the first time in a long time she’s not like one hundred percent sure kara’s going to be okay??  and she can’t do this alone, she can’t raise their children on her own, this was always a partnership and she can barely keep them all on schedule for a week how on earth can she do that for the rest of their lives?
      • and god bless the superfriends, they all step the fuck up.  they’re all sick with worry, obviously, but these kids are still pretty sheltered, still dont have any idea of what their mother does, who she is, what she risks to protect them every day, and everyone pulls it together a little, just enough to take shifts with the kiddos.  
        • maggie takes mornings, gets finn and maia up and off to school, makes sure they have packed lunches and healthy breakfasts and sends lena little text updates, a picture every morning of the kiddos grinning in their carseats
        • james covers afternoons—winn picks the kiddos up and drops them at catco and listen, they love their uncle james to no end and he comes up with a million and one games for them to play.  cat usually emerges from her office at some point bearing sweets and the offer of cartoons on one of the many tvs on her wall
        • lucy flies in on the weekend and hosts a sleepover at her apartment in the city, promises that she’ll make sure they eat their fruits and veggies and then immediately gives them just about as much sugar as they can ask for.  they watch the incredibles and finding nemo and the aristocats (abt 37 times, lucy counted)
        • eliza stays at the house, helps take care of stella when lena needs to sleep.  she and alex understand The Most, and they stay the closest; eliza cooks meals and moms the hell out of lena and alex sits right next to her at the deo, squeezes her hand whenever she starts to cry and cries along with her
          • its not good and its not easy and those six days are the Longest of lena’s life but the kids dont even remember them rlly, just a hazy sort of fog of hanging out with their cool aunts and uncles and finn’s the only one that kind of remembers??  but he only rlly remembers kara coming home and them eating a lot of potstickers


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I didn’t think to grab my yearbooks when we lost the house cause I really didn’t give two fucks. But now I am filled with regret. I am positive that my neighbor is a former teacher but I can’t for the life of me remember her name and its driving me crazy. And no, I can’t just ask her because she is incredibly unpleasant and I don’t want to be stuck talking to her. But I need. To. Know.


hello i got tagged in the whole 6-selfies thing by @peachpellets, so here we are. this year has been fabulous for me in the aesthetic sense, seeing as i had green hair and experimented with a shit-ton of bold lip colors. bask in my beauty.

i’m gonna tag @baiser7cette @kingofthegarbage @isleofapplepies and @killerville, if they havent been already. fuck 2016 but at least we looked great, right?

my uncle who i havent spoken to for like. five years messaged me this morning abt wanting to talk to me more and it made me really happy dndndn !!! i love him sm hes so kind and sweet and caring

“You would have said, to see the thoughtful reflection in his eye, that he had already, in some preceding existence, passed through the revolutionary apocalypse.” – Les Misérables

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no one likes phantom planet. everyone hates it. i hate it. there were so many unresolved plot points and plot holes. vlad never before wanted world domination. how the fuck did the portal not kill danny if it half killed him the first time. what about valerie figuring out that vlad is plasmius? tucker and sam were so unsupportive of danny when previously they were willing to follow him into battle without a second thought?? how did tucker become mayor wtf hes 16??? what about dani?????? where does she live?? is she alright???? isnt leaving vlad alone in space a little harsh?? there was so much room for valerie’s arc wtf happened to that. im so mad. fuck phantom planet.