she isnt in this one im cheating

  • im sick of the fact that we keep fighting when you're the last person i want to be fighting with. im sick of saying sorry and taking the blame when the person to blame is miscommunication. im sick of being second in line to jealousy and how she makes it seem as if things arent really the way they are. im sick of being cheated on by her and how many words get twisted by the thought of her. im sick of somehow always doing the wrong thing when all i want to do is make this work. im sick of hurting so much from the one person who can heal all my wounds. i just want us to be okay. im sorry my past isnt a clean roadway you can track back to the origins of me. im sorry im sloppy and have footprints trailing back to my mistakes i thought i covered them up fully. im sorry that you cant believe in me but i understand because i cant even believe in myself. im sorry you have to be the one to love me, when i cant even love myself. im sorry that i make you upset but you have to understand that was never my intention. im sorry im so aggravating and that nothing ever happens the way i planned.