she isnt allowed to be happy

Can people shut up once for all? Floriana is so cute and sweet and cares for us and understands this. And she is proud of this character and this ship. She is beautiful and has awesome chemistry with Chyler!

Leave her alone, leave her friends and family alone. Care for your own shit. she is an actor , she got casted for this role, She has the talent and people who chose her will have thought why she gets this part.

Instead of being happy that there is such a sweet gorgeous girl that gets this role and this ship and the importance of representation, you crawl out of your caves and annoy her people with bs  about things you dont even know the truth about.

They never claimed Maggie was a latina, they called her non white on the show and thats it. She didnt steal shit from anyone . Get of your high horse and stop being offended by things.

And  stop telling us who we are allowed to “stan” cause how problematic she is , she isnt , there are mio  Justin Bieber fans and i swear to god tht he is 10000 times more problematic than she ever will be. Or there are several others who have  huuuuge fanbase  and act like assholes but  with her its a  problem?

And at least keep your shit out of her tag i wanna see gorgeous pics and sanvers