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The Jims are having a family reunion. What would go down?

the jims sat in the cafe, practically bouncing in their seats. sipping at strawberry milkshakes as they fixed one another’s shirt collars – wanting to look their absolute best for the little family reunion. remembering their mother’s words.

‘always look sharp and neat cause you’ll never know who you’re gonna meet.’

“jimmy?” the eldest jim twin asked his younger, nervousness creeping in his voice, “do…do you think he’s going to come?”

“of course he is, james!” the younger smiled, “we’ve made a name for ourselves. i bet he’s seen our news segments loads of times! i…bet he shows us off at work.”

he sat himself up tall as he pretended to brush through an imaginary beard. a gruff tone in his voice, “those are my boys right there!! james and jimmy!! what mighty fine young men they are!!”

“shut it.” james laughed, wiping away at his mouth with a napkin, “mama said he was from the south, dont lay on the accent too heavy.”

“i’m just excited!! gosh, all these years and this could be our first time meeting him. meeting pops…” jimmy looked off with a faraway dreamy stare.

they’d had a hard childhood without him.

every fathers day ended with mama sobbing in her room alone as the boys waited by the porch for dear old dad to show.

every christmas ended with mama taking them out to dinner, the twins saving a seat for dear old dad. a plate of warm cookies and milk growing colder as the night neared the end.

every birthday was spent waiting for the special someone who never showed.

james felt a pang in his chest – watching his baby brother go on and on. the same excitement he had when they’d found his address through careful investigations (…okay, so they asked google for help. at least he helped them after begging for hours and taking a small bribe of 270 dollars!!)

“yeah…you think pop’s older or like…not as old?”

“probably the same as–”


the twins turned to see dear old mama. her black and grey hair tied back in a heavy bun. wearing a purple dress with a white coat. brown eyes with an aged face smiling as she gasped. her baby boys all grown up.

“mama!!” james smiled as jimmy jumped over the booth to hug her. the same perfume she wore when they were little lingering in his nose. bringing him back to simpler times. times it was just him, mama, and james.

no egos, no dark, and no worries.

“oh gosh,” she gasped, “you two are so big!! i can hardly reach up to kiss you, jimmy!!”

“no need!!” he leaned down to allow his mama to kiss his cheek. giggling as her ruby red lipstick stained. james doing the same, blushing as he noticed the stain on his own cheek.

“so uh…wanna eat or–”

“wait!! james!!” jimmy whined, “pops isnt here.”

the youngest didnt catch his older brother or mother’s smiles fading.


with each passing hour, jimmy felt his own hope crush. afternoon turned to night before his eyes as james and mama ate. talking on about gun happy wilford. (“you sure he’s safe to work with, honey?”), wannabe vlogger bing (“sounds nice, honey!! maybe he can help with fancy editing on that camera you two have!!”) and even mysterious host (“my, what an…interesting young man he is…”).

all as jimmy stared out the cafe window.

where…was he?

the neon 'open’ sign mocked him as the stars twinkled above the city. the passing crowds lessening as he fought back tears.

no…he’ll make it. he’s….he’s running late!!

it’s when he sees another man, quite older than him, pick up two young boys. laughing along with them as he stops into the cafe. overhearing the man set his sons down in the booth towards the front door.

“you boys want milkshakes? or ice cream? it /is/ father-son night. we can always lie and tell mom i fed you some boring healthy dinner later.”

mama jumped as jimmy slammed his fist to the table. emotions bubbling up. years and years of…of abandonment bubbling up. years of anger and resentment bubbling up.

all as he quietly began to cry. tears flowing down his face and into his blue dress up shirt.



“why…does he not want to see us?” jimmy sniffled out, holding onto his brother for support, “what did we do? why…why does he hate us?”


“mama…mama, why did he leave us?”

jimmy continued to cry into his brother’s arms. james moving so jimmy could nuzzle into his chest and cry. mama moving from her seat into theirs. wrapping her soft arms around her two boys. her heart breaking as she heard james start to sob along.

damn him.

damn the man who gave her the pride and joys of her life, only to leave them the minute they were born into this world. damn him for yelling at her on the ride to the hospital, “i got better things to do, cutie. i ain’t sticking around for two boys when i got my career ahead of me. see ya someday.”

“i’m so sorry boys.” mama whispered to them. her comforting words silencing their sobs for mere minutes. humming to them quietly – the same hum she used when they were little. when they needed a shot from the doctors. when they were bullied at school. when they were up all night waiting for pops to come home for once.

their own little lullaby.

“i love you boys so much, you don’t know how incredibly proud i am of you. you’re both my reasons why i keep fighting to live on this earth.”

jimmy sniffled as james blew his nose into a napkin. the two calming down as mama pressed a kiss to the tops of their heads.

“and i’d never leave you two. as long as i’m alive, i’ll always proudly say, 'those are my boys’”


the jims ran a muck around the office the monday after their reunion. james carrying the camera as jimmy rushed ahead of him. nearly toppling over google as they ran.


“jims! jesus christ, slow down!” google yelled. the twins turning around. eyes wide in surprise.

“i came down here to let you know your father replied. i have his email right here ready for you two to view–”


“delete it.”

google stood dumbfounded. had they not just cried tears of joy last week when finding his address? what the hell has gotten into them?

“jims. this –” google pulled up a hologram of the email, “is your father. the same father you’ve been searching for since you two were kids. do you really want me to–”

“yeah.” the both responded. jimmy walking up to google. smile on his face, eyes soft as he sighed.

“…we don’t need him. we’re doing just fine on our own, okay?” he laughed as he grabbed his brother’s hand again. rushing out the door – ready to take on their newest adventure. as brilliant and proud young egos.

besides, who has the time to cry about lost deadbeat fathers when you got a suspect with a shooty on the loose?!

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Hi, can you do a short piece where Betty finds Jughead after the dance and tells him that she loves him?


Her toes were bleeding and the bottom of her dress had come completely unhemmed, dragging behind her like a makeshift wedding veil. She was frantic, her silky blonde hair now had streaks of red caused by running her bloody palms through it in frustration and she was freezing, the soon to be winter chill seemed to pierce right through her bare arms as she searched the Southside Trailer park for her boyfriend.. or ex boyfriend? The thought made her heart instantly ache. How had it gone this far? How had she let it? Every time she tried to do the right thing she failed, it was inevitable at this point.

She had just come from Pops, her jaw was still tense at the memory of her friends betrayal. it was so wrong, so selfish and inconsiderate of Archie and Veronica, and like always she found herself pulled in, lumped into the same selfish category. Finally grabbing her heels from her feet, Betty slammed the pointed article at a wooden fence, angrily stabbing the rotted wood. She was angry, disappointed, hurt and at this point? Just tired. Where could he be? The town wasn’t that big, he wasn’t home, he wasn’t at Pops, his father wasn’t around he was in….
Oh my god.

Pulling her other shoe off, Betty raced through the quiet streets of Riverdale, it was way after midnight and she knew her mother would be anxiously waiting up, but she couldn’t care, not now. Squinting at Sheriff Kellers makeshift prison, Betty slammed through the doors, her eyes dragging around the room, he had to be here, there was no where else to go. She spotted F.P instantly, he was leaning against the bars and his eyes had gone wide when he saw the blonde standing in the doorway.

“Betty?” He asked confused, his face leaning further into the metal as he scanned her concerned, eyeing the bloody streaks in her hair and her absolutely destroyed hands.

“F.P” she whispered, wrapping her fingers around the bars, her eyes filled with tears “I’m so sorry, we’re going to get you out of here. I know you didn’t do this, there’s no way they can think you did. Just give me a minute.. let me think..” she mumbled as he slid a hand through the bars and touched her arm

“This isn’t your fault darlin, I know that someone’s out to get me, but you know how it looks, wrong side of the tracks and all that, you need to calm down.. you’re bleeding.”

Betty shook her head and opened her mouth to speak , when she was cut off suddenly by a very familiar voice from behind her


Whipping around, Betty gasped slightly when she made eye contact with jughead, his eyes were red rimmed and his beanie was gone, he looked exhausted but by the look on his face, she assumed she looked worse.

“Elizabeth? What are you doing here?” Sheriff Keller asked the blonde as he brought forward a tissue to wipe her hands.

Betty’s face turned nasty and she threw the tissue dramatically
“Don’t try and be nice to me Sheriff Keller, I saw what you did to F.Ps trailer, I saw the way you wrecked it! You can’t do that, even if you think someone is guilty you can’t destroy their property!”

The older man had the decency to look ashamed, he had gotten caught up in the moment

“No!” She cut him off “this isn’t right, you can’t do this! You know that he’s not guilty, you know he’s being framed! Why can’t you do your job! You need to find the real killer, but you’re just here wasting everyone’s time!”

F.P shot a glance over the fighting pairs head at his son and nodded quickly, nudging his head towards the door and mouthing
“Go. I’ll see you tommorow”

Jughead took the cue and gently took Betty by the arm, pulling out the door as she continued her rant. When they finally hit the fresh air, Betty stopped and looked up at him

“Juggie.” She whispered “I am so sorry, I should have told you but I didn’t know for sure, I thought maybe just once my mother would let me have something, let me have something that makes me happy!” Her lips were quivering and jughead fought the urge to take her in his arms

“Why are you here Bets?” He asked exhaustedly, the day finally catching up to him, he felt a sense of calm in Betty’s presence and it was enough to allow him to breathe.

The gorgeous blonde sighed softly, dropping her hands limply to her sides
“I’m doing this because your father isnt guilty, I’m doing this because you don’t deserve this, any of this and.. and I’m doing this because.. because I love you.” She whispered so quiet he had to strain to hear, his entire body tightening at the words, his heart was pretty much out of his chest at this point and he could do nothing but look at her wide eyed, how long had it been since he had heard those words?

“I know that this is terrible timing and we can pretend it never happened, but I just had to tell you.. I just had too…” she was cut off instantly when Jugheads hungry lips attacked hers with a passion she had never seen before, pinning her up against the wall her took her scarred palms in his own and dropped his lips to her hands

“I love you too.” He whispered, eyes finally coming up to meet hers, Betty gasped quietly and rested her forehead against his.

This had been the longest night of her life and this was definitely not how she expected to hear those words for the first time, but standing here under the harsh street lamp with jughead hands in hers, she couldn’t imagine another way.

writing out my fireheart becomes a medicine cat au bc im stuck in an airport

- starts diverging when spottedleaf tells him about the prophecy. “fire alone will save our clan” Firepaw reveals that he sometimes has strange dreams and spottedleaf replies that medicine cats often have that happen.

- Firepaw is a little bit confused but is steadfast in becoming a warrior. However he grows to the idea of becoming one when he is punished to care for yellowfang. He cares for her and wonders if its his destiny to become a medicine cat realizing how nice it feels to help out

- He comes to a decision after he helps spottedleaf delievers brindleface’s kits, he will become a medicine cat apprentice to spottedleaf

- Spottedleaf is overjoyed, but not because shes in love with him, its because she has formed a mother-son bond with Firepaw

- Bluestar isnt very happy with this, Feeling that Firepaw must become a warrior, but sees how much spottedleaf supports the decision and reluctantly agrees

- Graypaw feels like he’s losing a best friend but tries to be there for him despite his sadness

- The events of into the wild happen as usual, firepaw still helps Ravenpaw escape.

- When Spottedleaf dies, Yellowfang becomes his new mentor.

- Fire and Ice starts with Firepaw (who hasnt gotten his name) still being allowed to go on the mission with graystripe. Firepaw becomes close friends with barkface and onewhisker over the journey. He is hurt that graystripe isnt talking to him as much.

- Brackenpaw is given to Graystripe, Cinderpaw is given to Willowpelt

- Firepaw faces his first loss with the greencough epidemic. Bluestar’s life loss and the loss of mistlekit and ashkit and Fernkit’s siblings deeply effects him and drives him into a depression

- The depression gets worse as he unravels more and more about tigerclaw’s schemes, he wonders if he should have chosen the path of medicine catship.

- Cinderpaw gets hit by a monster and instead of being forced to become a medicine cat, Firepaw helps her adapt. They become close friends and Firepaw becomes a mentor figure to her

- Graystripe is further driven to Silverstream and Firepaw realizes that he is meeting with a Riverclan cat

- In his depression he meets with Princess, who encourages him and gives him cloudkit, who bluestar reluctantly accepts.

Heres where shit hits the fan

- Brokenstar’s group attacks Thunderclan. Tigerclaw, finding the perfect diversion kills Bluestar while Firepaw watches.

- Yellowfang also dies. In her dying words she names Firepaw as Fireheart.

- Bluestar is now dead, Tigerclaw takes up the position of leader. The rogues are mostly driven away. The prisoners are publicly executed by Tigerclaw’s warriors. One by one. Brokenstar and blackfoot are among these prisoners.

- Tigerstar becomes leader and warns fireheart that if he tells anyone about bluestar, his neck will be snapped

- Fireheart doesnt tell anyone in fear and also because he’s the sole medicine cat and wants to protect his clan

- Fire and ice ends with Sandstorm and Dustpelt becoming warriors and Tigerstar declaring that Thunderclan will thrive.

- Whitestorm is declared deputy as he is a popular choice

- Cloudkit is surprisingly kept in the clans, the appease the queens.

- Forest of secrets starts

- Tigerstar doesnt start wars at first. He is a logical tactical leader, not the large ham he is in the dark forest. Also Goldenflower is expecting his kits.

- He rebuilds Thunderclan while keeping his medicine cat in fear

- Bluestar refuses to talk to Fireheart who’s paranoid for his own life.

- Cinderpaw has recovered enough to resume training.

- The only things that are keeping fireheart going are the love of his own clan, Cloudkit and Cinderpaw.

- Windclan is pleased with the rogues’ death and allys with Thunderclan

- Silverstream starts expecting kits.

- Graystripe confides in Fireheart. They have a good cry and become friends again.

- Cloudkit becomes Cloudpaw. He’s apprenticed to Mousefur

- Cinderpaw and brackenpaw become cinderpelt and brackenfur.

- Goldenflower gives birth. Fireheart delivers the kits and tigerstar gains somewhat of a respect for him. (but not really)

- Silverstream gives birth and dies. Graystripe is ran out of Thunderclan but the kits are kept.

- Forest of secrets ends with Tigerstar refusing to give up Graystripes kits, Starting a potential war with Riverclan.

- Rising storm beginns with a bang.

- Cloudpaw is caught talking with his mother and taking twoleg food. Despite Mousefur, Whitestorm and Fireheart’s protests, Cloudpaw is ran out of the clan. Tigerstar whispers something into Darkstripe and Longtails ears and follow Cloudpaw

- Shortly after Darkstripe and longtail run into camp, scars on their back and muzzles streaked with blood. They say that a dog attacked them while they were escorting cloudpaw out of territory and Cloudpaw’s dead.

- Mousefur, Sandstorm and Fireheart follow the trail and see Cloudpaw’s body. Mousefur says that those were cat wounds and Fireheart points out the fur between Cloudpaw’s claws.

- Mousefur and sandstorm deduce that Longtail and Darkstripe were told by Tigerstar to kill Cloudpaw. Fireheart collaspes into cloudpaw’s fur and tells mousefur and sandstorm everything.

- All three come back home after burying Cloudpaw.

- A fire rages on Thunderclan’s territory and Fireheart saves Bramblekit, who starts to admire him.

- Riverclan forces Thunderclan to give up Stormkit and Featherkit in exchange got staying on their territory for a while. Things are still tense and Greystripe is nowhere to be found.

-Bramblekit starts finding an interest in herbs and starts asking Fireheart to mentor him. He reveals to Fireheart that he had a strange dream. A blue cat told him that “The flames may ebb but a spark can always light them again.” Fireheart also finds remeanments of the fire still flickering after a half a moon.

and thats it so far. that was long. And my flight got delayed again

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i love, LOVE how marco isnt all "she likes me? uhhhhh" and making everything awkward cuz of that (that goes for both of them actually) and instead hes just happy hes with his best friend. hes just glad he gets to spend time with her and that makes my heart melt

Yeah, the scene didn’t exactly allow them to talk about what happened, and at the same time the relief of meeting eachother again in such a moment of desperation was rightfully bigger than any awkwardness that the confession might have brought. Well done.

Obviously the effects of the confession are still coming, though. Soon, hopefully. It’s going to be painful.

Nct reaction to their girlfriend being a vegetarian (127 and U).


He would be excited because he loves to cook so he would always ask what you like and try to cook something that you eat. He would love to try out the food to see if he likes it or not.

-”Honey look i made this pretty salad just for you! Please sit down and try it. I worked really hard.” he would say and eat with you while having a small talk about you lifestyle.


Absolutely adores the fact that you are a vegetarian in his eyes it makes you even more special. Like Johhny he loves to cook so expect random dishes that he found on the internet.

-”I saw this recepy that i really want to cook for you so please keep me company while i cook for my beautiful girlfriend” he would say smiling at you.


He would be really curious about everything asking you stupid questions like “So have you ever eaten meat before?” or “Do you only eat fruits and vegetables or are you allowed to eat something else? also this “Have you always been vegetarian or did you chose to be one?” this boy would annoy you sometimes but honestly he just wants to know you better.


He would be the mature one. He would always cook you different meals, try them out with you and maybe who knows in the future he may become vegetarian too. If anyone picked on you just becuse you are vegetarian he would shut down everyone imediatelly. 

“So what if she is vegetarian? At least she isnt a judgmental asshole like you”


This boy would be so happy to find out that you are vegetarian. 

-”In school i had a friend who was vegetarian he ate so many interesting foods. Im so excited to cook something interesting with you. Lets go cook  something right now!” he would say and drag you to the kitchen, after cooking you went to watch a movie and cuddle.


He would be proud to have a vegetarian girlfriend. He would always compliment you and tell you that you look amazing and if you are making something for yourself he would always be like 

“Ohhhh what you are making? Ill want to try some too” he would say and hug you from behind.


this boy didnt know what a vegetarian even was so when you told him first thing he did was google what it meant.

-”Omo so are you telling me that you dont eat meat at all? how can you even live without eating meat?” he would say dramaticaly. Later one he would get used to you being a vegetarian, so he would bring you your favorite food to make you hapy.


He would be really happy and excited about you being vegetarian.

-”Really? you are vegetarian? so is my mom! that is so cool “ he would say in a rush. But what shocked is what happened next. He grabbed his phone and called his mom  saying

-”Mom i just found out my girlfriend y/n is vegetarian too thats so cool right?” after he ended the conversation he would tell you that his mom invited you both to dinner at her house.


This boy would be hella confused. 

-”Wait so we have been dating for over a year and i just now find out that you are vegetarian? Well dont worry im not going to judge you” he would say and make you sit down next to him. He would make you tell him all about your lifestyle and the foods you eat so in the future he could surprise you with your favorite dinner.


He would be really interested in everything from the food you eat to questions like “Do you find meet gross?” or “Do you think that the people who eat meat are disgusting?”. Although he may seem annoying he just really likes talking to you and getting to know you better so in the future he could take care of you properly.

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all im gonna say is its so nice to see marinette being being so pure and happy and kind and how nice it is to see adrien allowed to be a flawed human being.

she was kind and forgiving and he was in the wrong; a nice table turn from how things usually are on this show.

edit: this isnt to say marinette isnt usually like this, just that its nice to see the show let adrien be flawed and let marinette be in the right.

Save me from saving her

Tied down
wrapped up in massive
tragic pennance
guilty of massive
savage events.
She just needs to be loved now
but what follows her
Is a trail of bleeding hearts and innocents.
Only to be glued by forgiveness.
I stay long after I witness this
To see if my kiss
wakes this princess.
I can taste the sadness
deep within her lips
and find myself lost
within her grip
Falling too quick
i sever the ties
in blind
dramatic fasion.
Living through her everlasting
prophetic prediction
Attracted like
magnetic magic.
No secret im after her
I’d rapture her
ravage her softly
just to take her blackness.
I mean we were just talking
About defying logic.
Now im touching her softly…
How did this happen?
abruptly shes on me…
My welcome assault
orgasmic emphatic
relapsing compassion
volcanic explosion
Froze in her grasp
good love
Her love
can make 1 love
from 2 broken souls or a
fantastic memory of passion
Our history, classic
when you are with me.
When you go back its
misery killing me.
My happy / sadness
My explicit innocence
You begged me to
eat you alive
I do so
In Savage animalistic
Tender madness
But this isnt cannibalism
tantric charisma
tatrum without you
Cant just allow you
To take me over
Id stop you…..
But I just don’t know how to.

-Devine Theory




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Hi~ I wanted to ask, what made you ship ichiruki? What are the things you love the most of the ship?

Hello, sorry for answering so late. Well they’re just so good, lol. I think people often forget that while Rukia changed Ichigo’s world he changed hers too. Before Ichigo, Rukia was lonely and hurting but then she met Ichigo and she gained friends and was able to laugh and smile again. Renji says this himself when she is held prisoner, she hasn’t smiled like that in years(something along those lines). I think Ichigo helps Rukia realize shes allowed to be happy and she has the right to want to be happy and live. That’s just so wonderful to me. 

Then there’s the fact that they’re friends who have each others backs. Friendship truly is the foundation of a good romantic relationship. If you cant talk to your spouse or trust them, then whats the point. Anyway the way they’re comfortable with each other is great. Rukia hid who she really was for years but then Ichigo comes and instantly she can be her silly chappy loving self and Ichigo grumpy faced loser isnt afraid of being himself either. I dont even know how to put into words what i love about them. They’re just so freaking great. Its honestly so refreshing to see a ship like ichiruki. They’re not the typical ship.

I guess to sum it up id say 

  1. the trust they have in each other
  2. the way they understand each other
  3. their interactions
  4. their comfort with each other
  5. their friendship 
  6. the way they changed each others worlds

I’m sure there’s more but i’m bad at putting things into words with out rambling on and making so sense.

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Riarkle and Lucaya camping headcanon

akjhfkjan this would be so funny

+ ok so like . farkle and riley would be completely clueless

+ like no fucking idea of wha t is going on

+ maya and lucas would have their tent up in like five minutes and farkle would still be trying to understand the directions as riley is sitting up against a tree, crying, because she stepped on a butterfly

+ and then lucas would try to offer help and farkle would be like super stubborn bc HE CAN DO IT he’s a GENIUS he surely can put together a fucking TENT

+ but . it turns out he can’t

+ so he begrudgingly joins riley against the tree and is just all huffy but she reminds him that he is very manly and talented and HOW EXCITING LOOK AT THAT BUNNY! WE’RE ONE WITH NATURE FARKLE!

+ and he suddenly remembers why he even went camping in the first place

+ bc he’s fucking in love with riley matthews

+ MEANWHILE lucas and maya have already set up both tents and are preparing lunch

+ and lucas is being a cocky little shit about how fast he can light a fire and maya is like …seems fake but ok

+ so his masculinity is Shook™ and challenges her to a campfire off and whoever lights it first gets to call the shots later

+ and as everyone knows, maya never steps down from a challenge especially if it’s one that could take lucas down a peg

+ so they begin working and within like two minutes Maya has a fire going and is screaming bc she even surprised herself

+ and then all of a sudden riley is running up to Maya and jumping on her BC SHE’S SO PROUD HER PEACHES

+ so lucas mumbles something irrelevant and sulks over to where farkle is and sits next to him so they can be whiny babies together

+ and then the girls come over and harrass them bc they boys are being so EXTRA 

+ and they’re just like “whatever you two are better off without us”

+ and the girls are like “u right”

+ so they walk back over to the tents and the fire where they start lunch and riley is playing music off of her solar powered bluetooth speaker that she will literally never use again

+ and then theyre dancing and laughing and the boys are having a very hard time acting like theyre helpless and whiny

+ bc look at their girls theyre so happy !!! we should be happy with them !!! such ethereal beings !!! how did we get so lucky

+ but of course they dont say that bc the masculinity is strong with this one

+ it isnt until the girls run back over to them and grab them to dance that they allow themselves to be happy and dance with them and eat their lunch of hot dogs and actually have a good time

+ and then night falls

+ and things get wild

+ maya is cold . always . but she hates admitting it

+ so lucas tries to offer her his jacket and she’s like IM FINE

+ and he’s like YOURE FREEZING

+ so they’re bickering and farkle are laughing at them as theyre all snuggled up together as they have like thirteen blankets

+ and then finally maya storms off to the tent

+ and lucas is like “she’s lucky i love her”

+ and then he follows her in there and theyre bickering for a little bit and then it’s silent and riley is like …did she

+ did she kill him

+ so she gets up to go check on them and farkle yanks her back down and is like “i don’t think you want to do that”

+ and she’s all confused bc she’s like LUCAS COULD BE DEAD

+ but then she realizes

+ and she is now disgusted

+ and goes and unzips their tent with one hand over her eyes just to yell at them about how WE WERE LITERALLY FIVE FEETS AWAY HAVE YOU NO DECENCY

+ but then the only response she gets is maya throwing a pillow at her bc “jesus christ riley we were ASLEEP lucas and i did all of the work all day we were SLEEPING”

+ and then she’s embarrassed

+ so she apologizes and zips it back up

+ but little does she know that they were doing exactly what she had thought but pretended to be asleep as soon as they heard farkle try to stop her

+ lol they wild

+ so then farkle and riley go over to their tent to go to sleep bUT NOT BEFORE LOOKING AT THE STARS AND MAKING OUT UNDER THE CONSTELLATIONS BC THEYRE SPACE HOES

+ it’s just . a magical time

Top 10 K Rated Fics

1. They’re Right (436)

Description: The McCall Pack goes on a camping trip and Stiles and Lydia are forced to share a tent AKA the pack is trying to get them to finally get together.

Genre: Fluff, Comedy

Author: Cinemariel

2. What Are We? (329)

Description: Stiles thinks him and Lydia are going out but isnt sure until she calls him the ‘b’ word

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Romance

Author: baseballbatofstydia

3. The Perfect Combination (220)

Description: This one just came to me: Stiles and Lydia construct a blanket fort/nest in the living room because their daughter Claudia is terrified of thunderstorms so they camp out for the night downstairs and watch movies and Lydia even allows junk food.

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Comfort

Author: baseballbatofstydia

4. Dressed in White (188)

Description: STYDIIA WEDDING! tears, happiness, love and fluff. 

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Slice of Life

Author: stydia-is-real

5. Partners (186)

Description: The nogituse is gone, Lydia and Stiles are dual in chemistry and they’re talking and she says that she is so glad that he is ok now, and she realises her feelings for him

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fluff

Author: cinemariel

6. Cuffed (177)

Description: Lydia finds Stiles cuffed to a desk in the sheriff’s department and tries to help him out. 

Genre: Fluff

Author: Cinemariel

7. I’ll Come to You (171)

Description: A fic where Malia sneaks in Stiles’ house (as Stiles said she always does) and sees that he’s not sleeping alone, but with Lydia.

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Author: nee-socks

8. Maybe This Time (164)

Description: Lydia is a nerd who has a crush of the nice but sort of weird Stiles Stilinski.

Genre: Nerd!Lydia, Fluff

Author: The General

9. I’m Only Looking at You (162)

Description: Future fic based on Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’ song where Stiles is going to get married but Lydia speaks up and then they run away together.

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: stydia-xo

10. Union Reunion (162)

Description: Stydia, Scira and Allisaac couple years in the future, gathering for a wedding

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: baseballbatofstydia

Can people shut up once for all? Floriana is so cute and sweet and cares for us and understands this. And she is proud of this character and this ship. She is beautiful and has awesome chemistry with Chyler!

Leave her alone, leave her friends and family alone. Care for your own shit. she is an actor , she got casted for this role, She has the talent and people who chose her will have thought why she gets this part.

Instead of being happy that there is such a sweet gorgeous girl that gets this role and this ship and the importance of representation, you crawl out of your caves and annoy her people with bs  about things you dont even know the truth about.

They never claimed Maggie was a latina, they called her non white on the show and thats it. She didnt steal shit from anyone . Get of your high horse and stop being offended by things.

And  stop telling us who we are allowed to “stan” cause how problematic she is , she isnt , there are mio  Justin Bieber fans and i swear to god tht he is 10000 times more problematic than she ever will be. Or there are several others who have  huuuuge fanbase  and act like assholes but  with her its a  problem?

And at least keep your shit out of her tag i wanna see gorgeous pics and sanvers

anonymous asked:

im crying cuz i just realized that sarah could be using bren for his money and nothing can convince me that she isnt

look,,,,,,,,,,,,@ my parents,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

the EXCITEMENT ! !.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

on her face,,,

the TRU LOVE !!! !ever present !! in her eyes!!

she hold him

she lovb him s o much! she cares so much!!!

i have never seen 2 people so HAPPY 2 be married to each other,,

i get u are scared,,, i understand,,,,but the thing is,,, what we kno about sarah is very little,,What they allow us to SEE of their relationship is very small.. She is generally a private shy person but even at THAT she shows SO MUCH!! love !!!!! for brendon, she is so proud of him, she cheers him on, she knows everything about him because he trusts her that much. She’s helped him through shit that we all go through at times. She doesnt flaunt him, she doesnt act like he is some kind of trophy or money maker, she looks @ him like a literal disney character in lov and gos h i hope 2 find someone like that someday. Ik u are worried…But it is very Not Fair to assume or claim that she is only with him for money!! or fame!! it is disrespectful 2 her & brendon! u must realise that they kno each other more than we ever !! will!! we dont kno them! we know only what they allow us to know. Brendon trusts her so i must tell u it is best to trust her. Thinking about “what if” is not something u want 2 do in this situation, and if it is due to her not havin a job well that isnt fair 2 her also bc again she was stalked and thats fucked up, and doesnt even need 2 have a job if she doesnt want 2, they both seem 2 be fine w the situation at hand! plus also she could do private things we do not even kno about, ja feel??? i rly would not worry, she love him


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Emma loved mornings like this.

Mornings when their legs were still wrapped together as they hadn’t fully managed to untangle themselves before they fell into an exhausted sleep.

Mornings when she woke up sore and used and happy.

Mornings like today when she opened her eyes first.

It allowed her to divulge in one of her favourite insomnia-induced past-times, watching Killian sleep. 

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