she isnt allowed to be happy

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Hi, can you do a short piece where Betty finds Jughead after the dance and tells him that she loves him?


Her toes were bleeding and the bottom of her dress had come completely unhemmed, dragging behind her like a makeshift wedding veil. She was frantic, her silky blonde hair now had streaks of red caused by running her bloody palms through it in frustration and she was freezing, the soon to be winter chill seemed to pierce right through her bare arms as she searched the Southside Trailer park for her boyfriend.. or ex boyfriend? The thought made her heart instantly ache. How had it gone this far? How had she let it? Every time she tried to do the right thing she failed, it was inevitable at this point.

She had just come from Pops, her jaw was still tense at the memory of her friends betrayal. it was so wrong, so selfish and inconsiderate of Archie and Veronica, and like always she found herself pulled in, lumped into the same selfish category. Finally grabbing her heels from her feet, Betty slammed the pointed article at a wooden fence, angrily stabbing the rotted wood. She was angry, disappointed, hurt and at this point? Just tired. Where could he be? The town wasn’t that big, he wasn’t home, he wasn’t at Pops, his father wasn’t around he was in….
Oh my god.

Pulling her other shoe off, Betty raced through the quiet streets of Riverdale, it was way after midnight and she knew her mother would be anxiously waiting up, but she couldn’t care, not now. Squinting at Sheriff Kellers makeshift prison, Betty slammed through the doors, her eyes dragging around the room, he had to be here, there was no where else to go. She spotted F.P instantly, he was leaning against the bars and his eyes had gone wide when he saw the blonde standing in the doorway.

“Betty?” He asked confused, his face leaning further into the metal as he scanned her concerned, eyeing the bloody streaks in her hair and her absolutely destroyed hands.

“F.P” she whispered, wrapping her fingers around the bars, her eyes filled with tears “I’m so sorry, we’re going to get you out of here. I know you didn’t do this, there’s no way they can think you did. Just give me a minute.. let me think..” she mumbled as he slid a hand through the bars and touched her arm

“This isn’t your fault darlin, I know that someone’s out to get me, but you know how it looks, wrong side of the tracks and all that, you need to calm down.. you’re bleeding.”

Betty shook her head and opened her mouth to speak , when she was cut off suddenly by a very familiar voice from behind her


Whipping around, Betty gasped slightly when she made eye contact with jughead, his eyes were red rimmed and his beanie was gone, he looked exhausted but by the look on his face, she assumed she looked worse.

“Elizabeth? What are you doing here?” Sheriff Keller asked the blonde as he brought forward a tissue to wipe her hands.

Betty’s face turned nasty and she threw the tissue dramatically
“Don’t try and be nice to me Sheriff Keller, I saw what you did to F.Ps trailer, I saw the way you wrecked it! You can’t do that, even if you think someone is guilty you can’t destroy their property!”

The older man had the decency to look ashamed, he had gotten caught up in the moment

“No!” She cut him off “this isn’t right, you can’t do this! You know that he’s not guilty, you know he’s being framed! Why can’t you do your job! You need to find the real killer, but you’re just here wasting everyone’s time!”

F.P shot a glance over the fighting pairs head at his son and nodded quickly, nudging his head towards the door and mouthing
“Go. I’ll see you tommorow”

Jughead took the cue and gently took Betty by the arm, pulling out the door as she continued her rant. When they finally hit the fresh air, Betty stopped and looked up at him

“Juggie.” She whispered “I am so sorry, I should have told you but I didn’t know for sure, I thought maybe just once my mother would let me have something, let me have something that makes me happy!” Her lips were quivering and jughead fought the urge to take her in his arms

“Why are you here Bets?” He asked exhaustedly, the day finally catching up to him, he felt a sense of calm in Betty’s presence and it was enough to allow him to breathe.

The gorgeous blonde sighed softly, dropping her hands limply to her sides
“I’m doing this because your father isnt guilty, I’m doing this because you don’t deserve this, any of this and.. and I’m doing this because.. because I love you.” She whispered so quiet he had to strain to hear, his entire body tightening at the words, his heart was pretty much out of his chest at this point and he could do nothing but look at her wide eyed, how long had it been since he had heard those words?

“I know that this is terrible timing and we can pretend it never happened, but I just had to tell you.. I just had too…” she was cut off instantly when Jugheads hungry lips attacked hers with a passion she had never seen before, pinning her up against the wall her took her scarred palms in his own and dropped his lips to her hands

“I love you too.” He whispered, eyes finally coming up to meet hers, Betty gasped quietly and rested her forehead against his.

This had been the longest night of her life and this was definitely not how she expected to hear those words for the first time, but standing here under the harsh street lamp with jughead hands in hers, she couldn’t imagine another way.

A Blessing Or A Lesson (Part One)

You were new to Charming and had barely moved in before people started warning you to stay away from The Sons. You thought it was a little weird barely understand what “The Sons” were, or who they were. It was only when you had to get your car fixed, when it had broken down in the middle of the road, when you finally met one of them.

You sighed, slamming the door and leaning against the stupid machine. “Why do you have to do this?” You whined at it gently kicking the tire.

Apparently you hadn’t noticed the tow truck pull up, “I don’t think kicking it’s gonna help,"as the deep voice sent a shiver down your spine as well as causing you to jump. You looked over at the voice’s owner, looking somewhat frightened for a split second.

"Oh? You don’t think? I was thinking if I kicked it, it might start working,” You quipped, with an amused smirk. You could swear you saw a small look of amusement cross The Man’s face, but all you got in response was a ‘Hm.’

“So what seems to be the problem?” He was to the point, you admitted.

You rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly, “It just died, that’s about all I know.”

“I’ll bring it down to TM, have us take a look.” He looked you over for a moment, contemplating you’d say. “Do you have a ride?”

“Uh.. Actually I don’t think so. I’m kind of new to town and I don’t know anyone really.” You shifted your weight awkwardly, as he stared at you hard. You shrunk under his strong gaze.

“Ride with me down to the shop. Someone can give you a ride from there.”

You processed the offer, deciding soon after that you really didn’t have a choice. “Alright.. Just uh let me get my stuff.”

You shuddered as he gave a small noise. 'God, his voice,’ passed gently through your lips, as you grabbed your bag. You turned towards him, and you swore that he heard you with that small grin on his lips.

“Let’s go,” He said with no more volume then needed.


The ride to TM was a lot longer than you expected, or maybe it just seemed that way because your mind was swirling with dirty thoughts of the man beside you, whose name you didn’t even know. He didn’t spare you a glance the whole ride, so it was a rather claustrophobic ride.

He hopped out of the truck and you followed, rather awkwardly if you had to admit it. You stood off to the side taking in the surrounding area. Oh god, you realized, this was “The Sons” everyone had warned you about. You weren’t one to judge though, you reminded yourself.

A person handed you paper work to fill out, as you gawked at him, “Hello?”

“Oh! What?!” You jumped and finally pulled your eyes away from him, to be faced with a grinning older woman.

“Heh, you’re watching Happy?” She smirked and looked between you and the man, Happy you assumed.

“Um.. I guess?” You gasped lightly, flushing. “Fuck..” You muttered, why did you say that?

She smirked wider before telling you how to fill out the paperwork. She watched as again your eyes wandered back to Happy. “Do you have a ride home, dear?”

You shook your head, “No, I’m new in town.” You smiled gently, “I can walk through. Its not too much trouble to do so.”

She shook her head, looking around. “Hap!” She called out to him, and he sauntered over to her.

“Yeah?” He asked, glancing at you subtlety. If you hadn’t been staring at him you would have missed it.

“I need you to take…” She paused searching for your name, realizing she didn’t know it.

“Y/N.” You added lightly. You watched her smile kindly at you, allowing a smile in return.

“Y/N home,” She spoke confidently, smiling sweetly. You already guessed she was a meddler. “I’m Gemma, so you know sweetie.”

Save me from saving her

Tied down
wrapped up in massive
tragic pennance
guilty of massive
savage events.
She just needs to be loved now
but what follows her
Is a trail of bleeding hearts and innocents.
Only to be glued by forgiveness.
I stay long after I witness this
To see if my kiss
wakes this princess.
I can taste the sadness
deep within her lips
and find myself lost
within her grip
Falling too quick
i sever the ties
in blind
dramatic fasion.
Living through her everlasting
prophetic prediction
Attracted like
magnetic magic.
No secret im after her
I’d rapture her
ravage her softly
just to take her blackness.
I mean we were just talking
About defying logic.
Now im touching her softly…
How did this happen?
abruptly shes on me…
My welcome assault
orgasmic emphatic
relapsing compassion
volcanic explosion
Froze in her grasp
good love
Her love
can make 1 love
from 2 broken souls or a
fantastic memory of passion
Our history, classic
when you are with me.
When you go back its
misery killing me.
My happy / sadness
My explicit innocence
You begged me to
eat you alive
I do so
In Savage animalistic
Tender madness
But this isnt cannibalism
tantric charisma
tatrum without you
Cant just allow you
To take me over
Id stop you…..
But I just don’t know how to.

-Devine Theory




Transgender Allies/Supporters: Target’s new bathroom policies!!

If you believe yourself to be an LGBTQA ally or supporter PLEASE READ!!!!

We, transgenders, need you desperately!!

As you may have heard Target retail stores have a new policy stating that transgender team members and guests/customers are allowed to use which ever fitting room and restroom that they prefer to use according to their gender identity. With this being the new policy there are too many people out there that are furious about this calling it unsafe, disgusting, and want to get rid of this new policy more than anything right now. This has lead to very negative, rude, and harsh reactions. Just today I had a lady approach me about this bathroom policy, and she went on a rant about how terrible this was after I kindly and very briefly explained to her what it was about, and what it meant since she had asked me to do so. Well she wasnt too happy and continued to rant, but near the end silently adding “So does this mean you (referring to me, literally gesturing towards me who was standing not but 2 feet away from her) can peep around in the mens restroom?? This is disgusting.” at that point one of my co-workers stepped in possibly over hearing everything allowing me to find my manager to take over the situation.

This apparently isnt the first case like this, Ive heard some very negative and some concerning comments on this topic in my very own location too…

With all this said, PLEASE allies this is where you come in.

If you happen to notice anyone being harassed in ANY restrooms, not necessarily just Target’s bathrooms, PLEASE evaluate the situation, if you notice the person being harassed has/is obviously minding their own business, just trying to take a piss and wash their hands, PLEASE STEP IN OR GET HELP. Nothing good ever comes of harassment, and it can easily turn violent.

If you are out with a friend who is trans and the opposite gender/sex they have to use the restroom, please take extra precaution and wait for them, stay within ear shot of the restroom, if you hear, see or suspect anything suspicious PLEASE GET HELP IMMEDIATELY.  

Until things calm down these are VERY NECESSARY THINGS YOU AS ALLIES/SUPPORTERS SHOULD CONSIDER. Please help a fellow human being out, adults can still be BULLIES, and in the worst form, DONT STAND FOR BULLYING. PLEASE HELP DEFEND OUR TRANS BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

If anyone you know or meet has a complaint to make request that they call Target Corporate Offices Guest Relations number: 1-800-440-0680 (FREE)


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It's not that I don't like Audrey, I love her and think she's amazing. She served look after look and did lot of amazing things. It's a shame people keep attacking you about it. Personally I'm not too concerned about Audrey because where the plot left off in season 2 she wasn't that involved. I would love to see her again but I think a cameo is the only thing that makes sense. Maybe I'm wrong. The Windom/ Lodge plot was mainly just Cooper. Idk of this makes you feel better.

you know, it’s just mostly on forms and stuff and a wee bit here too but its honestly exhausting  because im allowed to miss her, she was a big reason why i loved twin peaks and yeah im sad she isnt back. its half way through now and yeah i think its only going to be a cameo and im not happy with just a small cameo. but then again, i will take what i can get. 

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Riarkle and Lucaya camping headcanon

akjhfkjan this would be so funny

+ ok so like . farkle and riley would be completely clueless

+ like no fucking idea of wha t is going on

+ maya and lucas would have their tent up in like five minutes and farkle would still be trying to understand the directions as riley is sitting up against a tree, crying, because she stepped on a butterfly

+ and then lucas would try to offer help and farkle would be like super stubborn bc HE CAN DO IT he’s a GENIUS he surely can put together a fucking TENT

+ but . it turns out he can’t

+ so he begrudgingly joins riley against the tree and is just all huffy but she reminds him that he is very manly and talented and HOW EXCITING LOOK AT THAT BUNNY! WE’RE ONE WITH NATURE FARKLE!

+ and he suddenly remembers why he even went camping in the first place

+ bc he’s fucking in love with riley matthews

+ MEANWHILE lucas and maya have already set up both tents and are preparing lunch

+ and lucas is being a cocky little shit about how fast he can light a fire and maya is like …seems fake but ok

+ so his masculinity is Shook™ and challenges her to a campfire off and whoever lights it first gets to call the shots later

+ and as everyone knows, maya never steps down from a challenge especially if it’s one that could take lucas down a peg

+ so they begin working and within like two minutes Maya has a fire going and is screaming bc she even surprised herself

+ and then all of a sudden riley is running up to Maya and jumping on her BC SHE’S SO PROUD HER PEACHES

+ so lucas mumbles something irrelevant and sulks over to where farkle is and sits next to him so they can be whiny babies together

+ and then the girls come over and harrass them bc they boys are being so EXTRA 

+ and they’re just like “whatever you two are better off without us”

+ and the girls are like “u right”

+ so they walk back over to the tents and the fire where they start lunch and riley is playing music off of her solar powered bluetooth speaker that she will literally never use again

+ and then theyre dancing and laughing and the boys are having a very hard time acting like theyre helpless and whiny

+ bc look at their girls theyre so happy !!! we should be happy with them !!! such ethereal beings !!! how did we get so lucky

+ but of course they dont say that bc the masculinity is strong with this one

+ it isnt until the girls run back over to them and grab them to dance that they allow themselves to be happy and dance with them and eat their lunch of hot dogs and actually have a good time

+ and then night falls

+ and things get wild

+ maya is cold . always . but she hates admitting it

+ so lucas tries to offer her his jacket and she’s like IM FINE

+ and he’s like YOURE FREEZING

+ so they’re bickering and farkle are laughing at them as theyre all snuggled up together as they have like thirteen blankets

+ and then finally maya storms off to the tent

+ and lucas is like “she’s lucky i love her”

+ and then he follows her in there and theyre bickering for a little bit and then it’s silent and riley is like …did she

+ did she kill him

+ so she gets up to go check on them and farkle yanks her back down and is like “i don’t think you want to do that”

+ and she’s all confused bc she’s like LUCAS COULD BE DEAD

+ but then she realizes

+ and she is now disgusted

+ and goes and unzips their tent with one hand over her eyes just to yell at them about how WE WERE LITERALLY FIVE FEETS AWAY HAVE YOU NO DECENCY

+ but then the only response she gets is maya throwing a pillow at her bc “jesus christ riley we were ASLEEP lucas and i did all of the work all day we were SLEEPING”

+ and then she’s embarrassed

+ so she apologizes and zips it back up

+ but little does she know that they were doing exactly what she had thought but pretended to be asleep as soon as they heard farkle try to stop her

+ lol they wild

+ so then farkle and riley go over to their tent to go to sleep bUT NOT BEFORE LOOKING AT THE STARS AND MAKING OUT UNDER THE CONSTELLATIONS BC THEYRE SPACE HOES

+ it’s just . a magical time

Top 10 K Rated Fics

1. They’re Right (436)

Description: The McCall Pack goes on a camping trip and Stiles and Lydia are forced to share a tent AKA the pack is trying to get them to finally get together.

Genre: Fluff, Comedy

Author: Cinemariel

2. What Are We? (329)

Description: Stiles thinks him and Lydia are going out but isnt sure until she calls him the ‘b’ word

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Romance

Author: baseballbatofstydia

3. The Perfect Combination (220)

Description: This one just came to me: Stiles and Lydia construct a blanket fort/nest in the living room because their daughter Claudia is terrified of thunderstorms so they camp out for the night downstairs and watch movies and Lydia even allows junk food.

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Comfort

Author: baseballbatofstydia

4. Dressed in White (188)

Description: STYDIIA WEDDING! tears, happiness, love and fluff. 

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Slice of Life

Author: stydia-is-real

5. Partners (186)

Description: The nogituse is gone, Lydia and Stiles are dual in chemistry and they’re talking and she says that she is so glad that he is ok now, and she realises her feelings for him

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fluff

Author: cinemariel

6. Cuffed (177)

Description: Lydia finds Stiles cuffed to a desk in the sheriff’s department and tries to help him out. 

Genre: Fluff

Author: Cinemariel

7. I’ll Come to You (171)

Description: A fic where Malia sneaks in Stiles’ house (as Stiles said she always does) and sees that he’s not sleeping alone, but with Lydia.

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Author: nee-socks

8. Maybe This Time (164)

Description: Lydia is a nerd who has a crush of the nice but sort of weird Stiles Stilinski.

Genre: Nerd!Lydia, Fluff

Author: The General

9. I’m Only Looking at You (162)

Description: Future fic based on Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’ song where Stiles is going to get married but Lydia speaks up and then they run away together.

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: stydia-xo

10. Union Reunion (162)

Description: Stydia, Scira and Allisaac couple years in the future, gathering for a wedding

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: baseballbatofstydia

Can people shut up once for all? Floriana is so cute and sweet and cares for us and understands this. And she is proud of this character and this ship. She is beautiful and has awesome chemistry with Chyler!

Leave her alone, leave her friends and family alone. Care for your own shit. she is an actor , she got casted for this role, She has the talent and people who chose her will have thought why she gets this part.

Instead of being happy that there is such a sweet gorgeous girl that gets this role and this ship and the importance of representation, you crawl out of your caves and annoy her people with bs  about things you dont even know the truth about.

They never claimed Maggie was a latina, they called her non white on the show and thats it. She didnt steal shit from anyone . Get of your high horse and stop being offended by things.

And  stop telling us who we are allowed to “stan” cause how problematic she is , she isnt , there are mio  Justin Bieber fans and i swear to god tht he is 10000 times more problematic than she ever will be. Or there are several others who have  huuuuge fanbase  and act like assholes but  with her its a  problem?

And at least keep your shit out of her tag i wanna see gorgeous pics and sanvers

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im crying cuz i just realized that sarah could be using bren for his money and nothing can convince me that she isnt

look,,,,,,,,,,,,@ my parents,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

the EXCITEMENT ! !.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

on her face,,,

the TRU LOVE !!! !ever present !! in her eyes!!

she hold him

she lovb him s o much! she cares so much!!!

i have never seen 2 people so HAPPY 2 be married to each other,,

i get u are scared,,, i understand,,,,but the thing is,,, what we kno about sarah is very little,,What they allow us to SEE of their relationship is very small.. She is generally a private shy person but even at THAT she shows SO MUCH!! love !!!!! for brendon, she is so proud of him, she cheers him on, she knows everything about him because he trusts her that much. She’s helped him through shit that we all go through at times. She doesnt flaunt him, she doesnt act like he is some kind of trophy or money maker, she looks @ him like a literal disney character in lov and gos h i hope 2 find someone like that someday. Ik u are worried…But it is very Not Fair to assume or claim that she is only with him for money!! or fame!! it is disrespectful 2 her & brendon! u must realise that they kno each other more than we ever !! will!! we dont kno them! we know only what they allow us to know. Brendon trusts her so i must tell u it is best to trust her. Thinking about “what if” is not something u want 2 do in this situation, and if it is due to her not havin a job well that isnt fair 2 her also bc again she was stalked and thats fucked up, and doesnt even need 2 have a job if she doesnt want 2, they both seem 2 be fine w the situation at hand! plus also she could do private things we do not even kno about, ja feel??? i rly would not worry, she love him


A/N: that-first-glance-feeling, gravityshipsus cllarkesmoak, charmingrapscallion, imhookedonaswan, captainswanapproved emmastruelove swansweetheart and evil–isnt–born. Here, have whatever this is as a sorrynotsorry apology for all the sad headcanons I send you <33

Emma loved mornings like this.

Mornings when their legs were still wrapped together as they hadn’t fully managed to untangle themselves before they fell into an exhausted sleep.

Mornings when she woke up sore and used and happy.

Mornings like today when she opened her eyes first.

It allowed her to divulge in one of her favourite insomnia-induced past-times, watching Killian sleep. 

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Song Preference: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

Requested: YYEs

Calum: But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She’s cheer captain
And I’m on the bleachers

“Wooooo! Go Calum!” You shouted from your spot on the bleachers. Your school was hosting a soccer game against the rival high school, and your best friend, Calum, was leading the game. His girlfriend was the head cheerleader for your school, which meant that they were basically ‘teen royalty’ and no one who isnt popular was allowed to speak to them.

She shot you daggers with her eyes before turning around and cheering for Calum to 'make a three pointer swissh!’ and laughing in your direction. You raised an eyebrow at her before rolling your eyes.

When the game ended, you stuck around to congratulate Calum on the winning goal. Walking down the hall way you bumped into his girlfriend who looked pissed.

“I hope you’re happy now, bitch.” She spat before continuing her walk out. Confused you walked towards Calum.

“Hey! You were amazing!” You smiled hugging him.

“You too!” He said before hitting his head. “I mean-”

“No! I did do a pretty good job cheering. I wen’t from 'go team go!’ to 'defense defense’ without missing a beat.” You both smiled at eachother before he laughed. 

“Good, anything is better than '3 pointer swish’” he laughed. “I mean what?”

Ashton: You’re on the phone with your girlfriend—she’s upset,
She’s going off about something that you said
'Cause she doesn’t get your humor like I do.

“No babe! It was a joke!” Ashton spoke rather loudly into the phone. “I would never- no of course not! I swear if you-” He huffed. “She hung up on me." 

"Well, I thought it was funny Ash.” You said trying not to make the situation any worse. 

“See! It was hilarious! She’s just too stupid to understand it.” He said putting his phone away.

“If she’s that dumb, why don’t you break up?" 

"Don’t laugh,” He paused, you nodded. “I’ve been trying to for a week. She just thinks I’m joking with her like I do with you.” He said. You tried not to laugh, you really did.

“Oh my god Ashton! How does she not get your humor?” You questioned over dramatically.

“I don’t know (Y/N)! But thankfully you, my best friend, do!” He returned with the same dramatic voice. You smiled, wincing only slightly at the term 'best friend’

“That’s me!” You replied, dancing slightly, missing the smile falter on Ashton’s face before he joined in with your dancing.

Luke: Walking the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I can’t help thinking this is how it ought to

Looking up to your best friend you smiled. You two had been sent out to get dinner for the others but once you had reached the restaurant, Calum had called you to tell you not to bother since they made mac&cheese. 

“I guess its back to the house then yeah?” Luke asked you.

“I guess so.” You shrugged and started back to the house.

“Wait up short stuff!” Luke said catching up to you.

“Ya know, for someone with such long legs you’re really slow.” You joked poking his side. 

“Shut up!” He scoffed, throwing his arm around your shoulder. You smiled, looking down. “Oh (Y/N) look!” He said turning your body.

“At what?” You questioned. Luke looked at you like you had three heads.

“Ice cream you fool! I’m buying, you want any?” He said bouncing on his heels.

“Absolutely!” You shouted. Laughing while he ran to the ice cream stand your heart swelled.

Michael: Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me?

You and Michael have been friends for as long as you can remember. He had decided in kindergarten that you were going to be friends when he saw that you were playing with pokemon figurines. Since that day it was almost as though you were inseparable. That is until he got a girlfriend, who was the total opposite of him.

She was considered a total girly girl, wearing everything brand named, pink, and only listened to pop music. You on the other hand, had basically been the female Michael. Recently though, Michael and his girlfriend had been going through many problems. Not that you could complain, you hated having her around.

“I just, we’re so different (Y/N). I don’t even know how we’re together!” Michael sighed as he walked into your house.

“Suuuure, come on in.” joking, you continued. “What is it this time?”

“We fight all the time! If its not about what I’m wearing, its about the music I listen to! Music (Y/N)! It’s like she hates my entire life!” he said throwing himself on your couch.

“Why don’t you break up? And before you give me that whole 'I love her’ crap, actually think about it. You deserve to be with someone who likes all the same shit as you.” You replied sitting on his feet.

“That’s true. But where am I going to find someone who likes all the same shit as me that isnt you?” He laughed.

“Good luck with that one.” You laughed along with him, rolling your eyes. Then it hit you. He could just date you. “Actually,”

“Have you ever thought about it?” He asked.

“Not until just now." 

"We could work. Right? I mean you won’t treat me any different than you do now, so I think I need to end my relationship!” He shot off the couch. “I’ll be back!” he shouted before running out of your house.

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Hi you probably won't answer this I'm in seventh grade. The 7th grade dean Ms.A is a lesbian and she's out. I have a huge crush on her. My friends know I like her. I'm gay but I'm only put to my CLOSEST friends. I got her a rose for Valentine's Day. I left it on her office desk. She was really happy and thought it was cute. BUT doesn't know it was me. I'm practically IN LOVE with her. She a little taller than, has short hair and her smile is adorable. I really don't know what to do. Please help.

Hoo wait, don’t do anything. She is a teacher and you are a student. IT ISNT ALLOWED to have a relationship. It even illegal for her to do. SO get over her. Focus on the les and not on her. For all the people out there who have a crush on their teacher, try to find someone else who can have a relationship with you what isn’t illegal please.