she is trying to lowkey kill us

FT 528 - What if it is Anna?

The most possible theory for FT 528 is that the ending panel is indeed Anna Heartfilia. I agree, the outfit and hair make me think of her, but if it is her, what is she really going to do?

What I mean by this is what can Anna do? She has no spirits to our knowledge that she could hold right? Well, here are my predictions for what she is going to contribute to the story line if it is her:

  • She has Aquarius’s key. Let’s be honest, Aquarius is probably the strongest celestial spirit because spirits are based off bonds with their “master”. If her key is back in play being in Anna’s care I find her using it to take on Acnologia or entrusting the key to Erza to give to Lucy, adding more to the plot as to why Lucy doesn’t have her key. Remember- no one in fairy tail knows this yet (and its a topic I’ve been dying to come up and talk about w her and the family)
  • Lucy could die. Fact is, if this is Anna then there are some major risks here. When FL (future lucy) died it didn’t affect Lucy- meaning that her death wouldn’t equal her own. But now that Anna is here, if Zeref were to kill her/she died somehow that equals end game for Lucy. This is another way Lucy can die now and add onto the risks for her going on later. And what more you may ask? 
    ( !! Major speculation about this next part SO !! ) 
    Well, Lucy could lose her right hand. I feel that it makes sense if Anna could die, Lucy could pull a FL and save Anna, because what FL said herself: “if her past self were to die, she would too”. Anna cannot die, and Lucy would have to save her in order to save herself. I feel that this could be how Lucy could possibly lose her right hand. 
  • She is apart of Mavis’s plan. If Mavis somehow doesn’t sense Anna then I call bull. Mavis knows, and Anna is apart of her plan. I’m not to sure as to what Mavis’s plan is exactly, but somehow Anna is getting roped into it whether she likes it or not. 
  • She teaches Lucy. I think this goes along with the first by having Aquarius’s key. I feel like she is going to teach Lucy a forbidden/lost magic that celestial users don’t/can’t use anymore. In doing so I think this magic she learns will save Natsu in the end (lol puns!)

tl;dr though like lowkey don’t trust anna. Like Zeref has said, Anna was his friend. 

And who is Zeref trying to kill? Natsu, Mavis and possible Anna (and Lucy)

And can we also remember it was Anna’s initial plan to defeat Acnologia from the beginning? Like, bitch could be back to take care of business.   


  • how tf did she get to 400 years in the future at this moment?
  • did she know Zeref was using her?
  • was she alongside Zeref from the beginning? (I doubt this BUT)
  • is she aware she is putting Lucy at extreme danger and the future as well? Lets be real dudes Lucy actually dying is no bene, she absolutely can’t if Natsu is to have any future

I find it ironic that Lucy and Natsu have their own kryptonite & could possibly die, and they both are from 400 years ago…

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I see RBers are hating on Emma in the sneak peek because she didn't immediately want to help Gideon and insinuated she'd be willing to kill him. No shit...? The guy actually did try to kill her! It doesn't matter if he was born yesterday, he's literally an evil 28-year-old NOW who left a terrible first impression on the Charming fam. They don't owe him anything though it seems like they're willing to try and negotiate for Belle's sake.

Gideon’s main goal was and will soon once again be to kill Emma.  Emma has no obligation to help him.  And you know what?  I’d be lowkey saying I’d like it better if he were dead too, because this motherfucker has tried to kill her and has sent her TL away and is using him as blackmail.  Like Emma should have any obligation to help him do his dirty work.  After how horrible Rumple has been to Emma, she doesn’t owe him the kindness of mincing her words around him.  And TBH, what has Belle even done to try and help the situation other than let Rumple fucking help him?  As far as she knows, Gideon is still trying to kill Emma, and Belle was totally okay with that as long as her son didn’t darken his heart.  Yeah, I have no sympathy for them.  Boohoo, Emma said something mean to Rumple and Belle about their son, meanwhile said son is trying to fucking kill her and they are actively helping him.

Chlorinated Hearts - Jackson

A/N: Shoutout to @yves-saintlaurtuan. This one’s for you!

A knock on the door distracts me from lounging on the couch with a novel in my hand. I lazily sit up to greet the expecting person behind it. I make eye contact with him the second I twist the brown, polished wood that serves as a barricade, open.

I sigh at the sight of his annoyed face, “Jackson, I told you I’m not going to attend this pool party of yours.” It’s some party his family decided to throw and if it’s just going to be them, I wouldn’t resist, but his friends are going to be there and that fact makes my decision solid.

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Could you do a little one shot thingy where DiE messing up time and is about to murder DW because she's trying to save it and AP (Apostasia) comes in to save DW from gettin killed? (tryna lowkey make a fan fiction about this but I'm having some trouble lol)

(Hmm… You can use this for inspiration, but please don’t use this scene verbatim!  That’d be plagarism, after all~)

The splintering of her staff felt like her own backbone was breaking - heartwrenching, numbing pain split through her body, making Aisha stumble back and open her hand.  The staff shattered into two pieces.

A burst of faint lavender magic appeared, then guttered out and died without anything to shape it.  Add leered.

“Stop trying to repair my work!” he shouted, and thrust his hand out.  Aisha stumbled and fell ungracefully to her butt.  “You’ll ruin- you’ll ruin everything!”

There was nothing she could do.  Without her staff, she was helpless.  Aisha shut her eyes and braced for the end.

A cackle, a flash of light, and then nothing.


It was too cold and nothing-like to be death.  Aisha cracked open her eyes, then gasped in shock.

She floated in a void of darkness.  Ain stood before her, his skin glowing with corruption, hair slicked back and horrific dark wings shimmering from his back.

“Aisha,” he murmured, and even his voice sounded different, low and echo-y.  “I couldn’t let you die.”

“Why?” she managed.  Ain tilted his head.

“A question I wonder myself…” he mused, then moved on.  “There is still time.  Other timelines have not yet been destroyed.  Would you like my assistance in saving them?”

This decides my voltron self-insert/OC:

I’m a bisexual Altean (HELL YES) who probably knew Haggar when she was good and we were childhood friends and I kindda had this crush on her but she digs the douche bag kid next door named Zarkon. But she was my first kiss anyway.

When I got older, I joined the fleet medical force and that was how I met Sendak and kindda lowkey fell for him??? (Makes me a furry???) He was a nice guy at first and he still had his biological arm but then as time went by, he changed when the douche bag kid Zarkon became the emperor and brain washed him with his visions of glory. And surprise! My childhood love, Haggar, was with him. (That bitch, but hey, love blinds us lol)

Then Altea got destroyed and Sendak betrayed our love by trying to kill me. I escaped and seeked sanctuary with the royal family. They hid me in a planet and put me into a cryopod along with other survivors and hoped it will be safe. 10,000 years later, the pod is scheduled to re open and i oake up. I set out to find the princess and any who might still be living.

Upon finding the princess Allura, that is how I met team Voltron. Lance became my best friend and we shared our sadness that we dont really like to show the rest of the team. Lance, with his insecurities, and me, my bitter distrust and heart break from the people I loved betraying me and leaving me out to die.

Also, I become Lance’s and Allura’s wingwoman for Keith and Shiro.

Life’s tough.

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Hiii, can you please write Alex Summers relationship headcanons? Thanks!

here you go :) 

  • Alex is super touchy and always has at least one hand on you at all times.
    • He always reaches for your hand or places his hand on the small of your back when you’re walking.
    • As he drives his hand always manages to find its way to your thigh.
    • He’s highkey the worst when he’s turned on tho bc his hands go dangerously low on your back (or find their way to your butt) and when he’s driving his hand goes higher and higher up your thigh until you have to make him pull over. He totally pretends to be all innocent but he knows exactly what he’s doing to you. 
  • A super jealous lover.
    • He purposely leaves hickeys all over your neck so everyone else knows that you’re his.
    • Any time he sees a guy flirt with you he instantly appears at your side and slides his arm around your waste as he pulls you in for a slightly uncomfortably long kiss to ward them off.
  • The way Alex looks at you makes every girl jealous.
    • He looks at you as if you put the literal stars in the sky. You could trip over your own foot and fall on your face and he would still think you were the most perfect person on the planet. Have food in your teeth? Alex thinks you’re adorable. Look like a dying raccoon when you wake up? Alex thinks you look better than most supermodels. 
    • Basically every time he looks at you, any girl who witnesses decides that she needs a better boyfriend.
  • He wakes up earlier than you every morning.
    • Alex always makes you breakfast in the morning. He makes the world’s best chocolate chip pancakes and uses them to bribe you to get out of bed.
    • He always tries to convince you to go for runs with him early in the morning bc he’s lowkey a health freak and has way too much energy early in the morning. It usually ends with you claiming that he’s trying to kill you with exercise and a very hot and sweaty session of his other favorite type of cardio ;)
    • Wakes you by kissing your neck, but when that doesn’t work he continuously moves lower and lower until you wake up.
  • Lots of sex.
    • Shower sex. Car sex. Kitchen counter sex. Elevator sex. 
  • Alex had never had a serious relationship before you.
    • He would do anything to make sure that he doesn’t lose you.
    • Basically the most devoted and loving bf ever.
    • He acts all tough with everyone else but he actually melts for you.