she is trying to kiss ashley on the lips for real


A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 5,717 (yup…)

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut! Sexual penetration, oral (male and female receiving), face sitting, dirty talk, language, drinking, Bucky being everyone’s wet dream…

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long, but I worked HARD on this one and I’m totally proud of it! (and before anyone asks, Howl at the Moon is a real bar in Indiana!) Enjoy. :) 

You stood in the street and looked up at the new sign that was being hung up in front of the building.

Howl at the Moon

Your pride and joy. You smiled with a shake of your head. This bar had just started out a little hole in wall. Nobody knew about it, and you were barely making ends meet with only 2 people on staff.

Now, it was a world-renowned biker bar. People from all over the globe have stopped in. You have worked hard to make it what it is. The many roaring engines from motorcycles and loud laughter rule this spot.

It kept your life interesting.

The alcohol stays flowing all night long and the grill stays hot. Your most popular item on the menu? Beer served in buckets. You would be surprised at how many buckets these burly bikers can put away.

Sing-a-longs, dance-offs and dirty humor keep your patrons coming back for more. Your lady bartenders have been known to jump on the bar to dance to some old rock n’ roll. Yourself included.

Ashley, your best friend, came up beside you and looked at the sign as well. “It looks fantastic.”

You poked her with your elbow, “Well I would hope you think so, you drew up the concept.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and tipped her head, “I’m a genius.”

You looked up at the black wolf, nose pointed up at a blue moon with a howl. It was really going to stand out at night when it was all lit up.

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The Raven Boys Reread Things

- Gansey’s a frappuchino drinking nerd I bet he can’t even handle real coffee

- Adam has a secret warning knock for monmouth. Its such a #clubhouse honestly these boys

- For some reason there are copies of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition all over the place?? I honestly can’t imagine who they belong to????? who would buy them???

- What the heck ever happened to Ashley? She was prepped to be a major character with all her knowledge about Glendower and connection to Declan and then she just vanishes completely?? Is she actually Piper, just pretending to be Ashley and picking up hot young men?

- Ronan collects his speeding tickets. What a dork. 

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Band & Youtubers Masterlist...

You guys asked for one so here you go :) Will try and keep updated every month…enjoy and don’t forget to keep sending me those imagines :)

-Beth *fangirl94stuff*


All Time Low

Finding out he has a crush on you (Jack)

Acoustic (Jack)

Attention seeker (Jack)

Bookshop Encounters (Jack)

Movie Night Trouble (Jack) (SMUT)

Did We Forget Something? (Jack)

Backseat Serenade (Jack)

Omegle Boy (Alex)

He Doesn’t Deserve You (Alex)

Time Bomb Dawson (Alex)

Vocal Rest (Alex)

Things Always Happen In Lifts (Alex)

Dammed If I Do Ya (Alex)

She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful (Zack)

Suicidal Thoughts (Zack) (TRIGGER)

Fall Out Boy

Demon Patrick (1/3) (Patrick)

Demon Patrick (2/3) (Patrick)

Demon Patrick (3/3) (Patrick)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Patrick)

Stumped Love (Patrick)

Age Is Just A Number (Patrick)

Skype Sex (Patrick) (SMUT)

Pete sets you up (Patrick)

The Proposal (Patrick)

Screw Waiting Till Marriage (Patrick) (SMUT)

My Student (Patrick) (SMUT)

Dirty Boy (Patrick) (SMUT)

Do You Really Need Another Tattoo? (Patrick)

He walks into your music class (Andy)

Just A Girl (Andy)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Pete)

You interview them (Pete & Patrick)

Cheering him up (Pete)

Fall Out (Pete)

Summer Makeover (Pete)

Jealousy Is An Ugly Colour (Pete)

Stop Biting Your Lip (Pete)

High School Flirt (Pete)

Out Of My League (Pete)

Pet Shelter (Pete)

Tall Cuddles (Pete)

Wet Dream (Pete) (SMUT)

Two Can Be Better Than One (Pete & Joe)

Tease (Joe) (SMUT)

Model Love (Joe)

Pierce The Veil

Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (1/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (2/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (3/3) (Whole Band)

New merch girl (Vic)

Height Doesn’t Matter (Vic)

Show Me What Love Is (Vic)

Firebug (Vic)

Broadway Duet (Vic)

Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? (Vic)

Beautiful Scars On Critical Veins (Vic)

Celebrity Crush (Vic)

Little Baby Fuentes (Mike)

Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Mike)

Show Me Your Best Tattoo (Mike)

Dance In The Rain (Mike)

Drumming Lesson (Mike)

A Very Turtle Christmas (Tony)

Girls Can Play Guitar (Tony)

Skater Boy (Tony)

Comic Con (Tony)

Be The Luigi To My Mario (Jaime)

Record Store (Jaime)

Panic! at the Disco

Runner Runner (Brendon)

Strangers On A Plane (Brendon)

Coffee Shop Conversations (Brendon)

Defending you from haters (Brendon)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Brendon)

Meeting your parents for the first time (Brendon)

Late night Skyping (Brendon)

You’re his stylist (Brendon)

He’s a Vampire (Brendon)

Reading P!ATD smut (Brendon)

Signing (Brendon)

Black Veil Brides

Stay Behind (Andy)

Meet Uncle Andy (Andy)

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Andy)

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover (Andy)

Easter Egg Hunt (Andy)

Young Love (Andy)

I Can Date Who I Want (Andy & Oli Sykes)

Earthquake Shock (Ashley)

I’m Not One Of Your Whores (Ashley)

Purdy’s Girl (Ashley)

At The Rock Show (Ashley)

Daddy Jinxx (Jinxx) (SMUT)

My Boyfriend Is A Vampire (Jinxx)

Candy Shop (CC)

Of Mice & Men

Secret Kisses (Alan)

Cat In A Tree (Alan)

Food Court (Alan)

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt Her (Alan & Austin)

Daddy’s Little Dancer (Austin)

Not Just Another Girl (Austin)

Best Friends Before Hoes (Austin)

Friends With Benefits (Austin)

Christmas Surprise (Austin)

Duet Love (Austin)

Lady and the Tramp (Austin)

The Amity Affliction

Signing (Whole Band)

First meeting (Ahren)

Not Just Another Merch Girl (Ahren)

More Than Friends (Ahren) (SMUT)

Bring Me The Horizon

He finds your scars (Oli)

Kiss At Midnight (Oli)

How he wakes you up (Oli)

Sweet Nothings (Oli)

Dark Secrets (Oli)

Best Little Sister (Oli)

Cuddle Buddies (Oli)

I Can Date Who I Want (Oli & Andy Biersack)

Old Friends (Nicholls)

Sleeping with Sirens

Dedicates a song to you (Kellin)

Your family disapproves but he tells you he loves you (Kellin)

Possessive Quinn (Kellin)

Family Stick Together (Kellin)

Santa Kellin (Kellin)

Take Me Away (Kellin)

Alone (Kellin) (TRIGGER?)

Motionless In White

Scream My Name (Chris) (SMUT)

Dance With Me (Chris)

Parental Disaster (Chris)

Be My Cannibal Queen (Chris)

Guitar Shop (Ricky)

The Stripper (Ricky) (SMUT)

Camp Counsellors (Ryan)

Beat Me Black And Blue (Ryan)

Lost In The Crowd (Ryan)

Corpse Bride (Devin)

Demonic Ragdoll (Josh)

Asking Alexandria

Camera Crush Pt.1 (Denis)

Camera Crush Pt.2 (Denis)

Blogger Blues (Ben)

Tease (Ben) (SMUT)

Twenty One Pilots

Baby Preparation (Josh)

Daddy? (Josh) (SMUT)

Crazy Meeting (Josh)

First Word (Tyler)

Falling In Reverse

Haunted House Scares (Ronnie) (SMUT)

Teenage Kisses (Ronnie)

Rough Patch (Ronnie)


Promise Ring (Lynn)

Rude Barista (Alex)

New Years Day

You’re My Girlfriend (Ash)

You Me At Six

Red Carpet Proposal (Josh)

My Chemical Romance

The Busker (Gerard)

Street Artist (Gerard)

I Trust You (Gerard) (SMUT)

You’re Mine (Frank) (SMUT)

The 1975

Surprise Encounter (Matt)

Set It Off

Please Take One Small Bite For Me! (Cody) (TRIGGER?)


Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Calum’s Little Munchkin (Calum)

State Champs

Don’t Listen To The Haters (Derek)

Imagine Dragons

Wake Me Up (Dan)

Violent New Breed

Lift Your Spirit (Max)


Dan Howell

Daddy’s Little Girl

Do You Like What You See (Dan & Phil)

Ice Skater Blues

Secret Tattoo

Halloween Costume

Make Love Not War

You’re Beautiful

Phan Is Real? (Dan & Phil)

Takes care of you when you’re ill

Finding out he has a crush on you

Help them escape from fans (Dan & Phil)

Friendly Pain

Love At First Twirl

First Night Nerves

Caught Red Handed (SMUT)

Dirty VidCon Messages (SMUT)

Publicity Love 

Existential Crisis

Phil Lester

Tries to get you out of bed

Finding out he has a crush on you

Best friends (Dan & Phil)

Jack & Finn

Cheers you up on Skype (Finn)

Bored in class (Jack & Finn)

Chris Kendall

Making faces behind the camera

#45 Three Days To Love (Harry Styles Series)

Hello guys! 

So, I was so inspired by SNL and soldier Harry that I have written something along those lines. I have so much planned and I’m finally writing again! 

I hope you like this one! 

“Are you sure?” She asked me again.

 "Am I sure about what?“ I asked packing my bag and finalizing the checklist. 

"Sure that you want to meet him. Sure that he is safe and not some creep!” Her doubts coming to the front.

 "He is not a creep, Ashley! He is in the army and we have both Skyped him, remember?“ I laughed. 

"Yeah, 6 months ago though! And once! And you only talked to him so many times and only have corresponded through letters and…" 

"Babe, he is the army. And we have corresponded as closely as we have been able to, whenever he is around, right?” I assured her. 

“Are you sure you want to spend the day and well, the night with him? I mean, we are here on a holiday and you’re here with me and that’s what your parents know! If you happen to die or something, what will I tell them! That we lied to them and you went to meet your boyfriend, who you are meeting for the first time in a year!” This did sound crazy. 

“I have talked to him for two years now! And we started dating only 9 months ago. We haven’t been able to meet because we never were in the same place, you know that. When he was in town, I wasn’t and he only comes home for a bit. He is on an off for three days for me and I can’t believe my luck that our parents agreed to send us here. I am so ready to meet this guy. I have loved him for a long time and even though our relationship isn’t conventional enough and questionable, I really don’t care at the moment,” I told her. “Do I make sense?”

“Yeah, you do. Okay! Alright…go. But, you’re texting me your location all the time. I will be right here. Have a relaxing day, and keep a track of your texts, okay?” She hugged me.

“I promise! Okay, wish me luck!”

I sat on one of the benches in the park. I was early, 30 minutes to be exact, but that’s just because I didn’t want to be late. I was in my best dress, the one I thought I looked nice in at least. It was not too dressy, but not too casual. I was so nervous. In two years, we were meeting for the first time. Taking our friendship to a relationship was a big risk, but we figured that, I wasn’t falling for anybody else and he didn’t have any other interests except me, so we just fell.  It wasn’t strictly planned or asked, it was just said.

 I remember how my friend got me his contact from her boyfriend. I had been cribbing about being lonely forever and, she just proposed this to me. I, intially found it absurd, but having no interest in the guys around me, planned to give this a try. It panned out nicely. I don’t think either of us took it too seriously in the beginning. We were just corresponding through hand written letters. But, slowly as the letters increased to topics we both couldn’t stay away from, and the months passed, it suddenly just happened. Then came the first call, then skype, exchanging actual photographs of ourselves to talking on call, and taking a deep breath when we heard each other’s voice. It was surreal, but also so real. We actually had real conversations through our letters. Not conversations like my friends had about going to gyms or sex, or booty calls or sex, it was so much more. Yes, there were a couple about sex, but they came a lot letter, where I knew I was getting frustrated for sure.

I looked at my phone, switching on the front camera, to check the little makeup I had applied was still there. I tried to play around with my hair, but they were a little long now, and since I never had hair this long, I was not used to experimenting. So, I just left them open, and fixed my dress. I had fifteen minutes left, and I shifted on my seat, keeping my bag close, and fixing my heels, looking around an almost empty park.  In our last call, last night, he texted me the location of where to meet since, he knew this place better. It was so strange, we had each other’s number, but we didn’t text last night. He had his phone for three days before he had to submit it back, three days with me.

 I was so nervous. I played a song on my IPod, but shut it back down, since I couldn’t get myself to concentrate. What if he doesn’t come? What if he us a bad guy wanting to kidnap me? No. That’s not possible, okay.

I texted Ashley, about how nervous I was, and went through my mails, since I had work to respond to, and it was a good distraction as well.

 "Jade?“ I heard his voice, and I stopped typing. I slowly looked up to the man standing next to my bench. I literally, scanned him. From his boots, to his brown checked pants, to the white shirt, unbuttoned a couple from the top, his tattoos peaking through his shirt. His hand, held his coat jacket. He dressed up for me, with a bouquet of white roses, my favorite in his other hand. My eyes traced up, to his full lips, lips I had dreamt of kissing again and again, his lips smiling to show a dimple on his cheek, to his eyes, sparkling green, staring at me in question, a little frown coming up, since I was not responding. 

"I am Jade,” I nodded, sitting up straight, and keeping my phone inside my wallet. 

“Am I late?” His voice sounded so much more delicious in person. His accent more prominent than it sounded on call. “I swore I was early,” he said.

 "No, no I am just really early,“ I stood up, standing right in front of him, as his eyes did the same thing to me and I did to him. I noticed how I was shorter than him, trying to remember this height. Our eyes met again, after we had imprinted each other in our brains, and he smiled so wide, and bright.

 "That’s good, then,” We couldn’t say a lot. I was a chatterbox, he still remained quiet. But, somehow the Skype sessions didn’t prepare me for this interaction. “I, I…umm, I got you this,” he said, giving me the bunch of flowers. 

I took it from him, as gracefully as I could. Trying not to embarrass myself, and I thanked him for it. “You’re way beautiful in person than I could ever imagine.”

 "Ditto,“ He smiled. "Is that your bag? Let me take it,” he picked it up from the bench and started walking towards the exit of the park with me. “So, umm, like I told you, my aunt has an apartment in this town," 

"Which she doesn’t use,” I said, remembering our conversation.

“Yes, she doesn’t live in town. I got it all ready for us, so umm, we could keep your bag there, and go around town?” He asked.

 "You talk way slower in person, than your calls,“ I said, looking at him. He was so beautiful. He stopped, a frown coming up, "That’s good though, I talk really fast," I laughed. 

"You do, it balances out, I guess. I like you laughing,” He said and I blushed. “I think we have a lot of firsts to get through today." 

"Yeah, that is true. I have a habit of saying things on my mind though, I am trying to control it, and am getting better, but it’s pretty instinctive,” I said, realizing it was the exact thing I was doing. 

“You write what you exactly think as well,” He smirked. 

“Are you teasing me?” I giggled. 

“Me? No,” He hand my bang on his shoulder, as he took my hand to cross the road. I swear, I felt a spark and we both stopped at the foot path. Our first touch. I tightened my hold around his fingers, and he did the same, looking at me, and then we crossed the road. 

Not letting go of our hands, he explained how the house was right next to the park, in the lane we were walking towards. “Harry?” I asked, stopping a bit. 

“I like you saying my name in person,” he said. “What happened?" 

"Nothing, I wanted to say your name in person." 

"Jade,” He smiled. “Here we are,” we stopped in front of a small house, and climbed up the stairs. He kept my bag down, and still didn’t let go of my hand, which made me feel so warm. He opened the door of the house and picked up my bag, as we walked in. 

“Wow, it’s a beautiful house,” I remarked, as I saw the beautifully furnished apartment. 

“Thank you, my aunt is a home designer. She uses this one as a show piece." 

"You sure we can stay here?” I asked, not wanting to touch anything in this place. 

“Yeah, don’t worry. I took permission and everything!” He laughed. He led me inside the house as I saw his muscles flex. It was so weird. When you are with a person you don’t notice the little intricacies of the person and, with him I was trying to remember everything and ingrain it. 

“I’m going to keep your bag here,” He kept it on a desk. “Do you need anything from it?” I nodded, finally letting go of his hand, noticing we both sighed and then taking out my wallet. “Do you want water?” He asked. I nodded and he went into the kitchen. I quickly texted my location to Ashley, and followed him inside. “There you go,” He handed it to me. “I have food planned. Preparations are made, and we’ll have dinner at home,” He said, looking proud. 

“I’d hope so. You do boast a lot about your cooking,” I teased. 

“Soon enough, you’ll know why!” I kept the glass in the sink. “Do you want to rest for a bit, or want to go out?”

“Whatever you like,” I shrugged. 

“Let’s go to the beach?” I nodded and we walked out.                                                                                                                                                                                      He took my hand again, and we walked out the back door. “This is the ideal house,” I laughed. For a while we didn’t talk just taking each other in, I guess. “I can’t believe, I’m here with you,” I said after a while. “I’m sorry, I can’t stay silent for a long time and I just want to hear your voice,” I said.

 He laughed, “and hear you laugh. Hear you shout, scream, get angry, scold, tease, there’s so much to do, and we don’t have time!" 

"Well, I am glad we don’t have that wall to break. I kind of knew you’ll take care of the communication gap. We can take off our shoes here.”

 "What if someone steals em?“ I asked. 

"No one would, really, it’s safe.” I stepped on the sand, feeling it in my toes, "I like sand,“ I told him. "When I was young, we had a backyard where my grandma just left this part of the land to play with mud and sand, always saying it gives you character. I loved it! I talk a lot don’t I? Tell me when you get annoyed?” I asked, shying away. 

“I don’t think that’ll happen, Jade. I have waited so long to just hear you talk.” He took my hand, again as we walked towards the water. “I love the beach. There is something really calming about it. Want to sit?” I did at once. “I thought, you’ll crib about getting your dress dirty,” He laughed. I just looked at him, “you aren’t really like anyone else, are you?” He said, putting my flick back behind my ear. I put my cheek in his palm, quite instinctually.

“I like your suit." 

"Thank you.”


We spent the afternoon chatting. Somehow I didn’t have to think of topics. They just came up and we took it from there. It felt nice to know that, he was the same in person to the guy I was talking to for so long. In the couple of hours, all our boundaries of not knowing each other just fell apart, quite like the Sand we were surrounded in and, we sat close to each other. His fingers playing with my hair, mine playing with his fingers. “Are you hungry?” He asked after a while. 

“Hmm, where are we eating?” I asked. 

“C'mon, get up. We have to walk a bit. There is this nice seafood restaurant here.” He knew the things I was allergic to, like shrimps, and how much I loved prawn. He ordered wine, which I knew was his favorite. 

“Oh! I got something for you!” I remembered. “I opened y wallet and took out the little piece. It was a ring. I knew he liked wearing them, whenever he could. 

"Hey! Where did you find this from?” He asked, shocked.  

“Is it similar to the one you had?” I asked. 

“Yeah! It’s so similar. Thank you, Jade,” He looked at me with a look of such adoration in his eyes, I swore, I was all puddle inside. We ate food, talking about his childhood and mine, and so much more which just added to one another. 

“I am paying,” I told him, as he called for our checks. His thumb was brushing my collarbone, “you’re making me dizzy,” I told him. 

“Really?” He smiled. “We are splitting, come here,” He said trying to take the bill from me. 

“No! You are making dinner, and I want to spend on you." 

"Why can’t we split. C'mon, let’s split. We ordered a bottle, listen to me!” He said, and I couldn’t help rejoice the tone. 

“Are we having our first argument, Mr. Styles?” I asked, cheekily. 

“In person, yes.” He said, distracted by my smile. 

“I’ve paid though,” I said, shrugging. He frowned, leaning back. 

“Not fair, Jade,” he huffed, I came forward, showcasing my chest as his eyes shifted, and kissed his cheek, slowly, relishing this moment.

“Deal with it, Mr. Styles,” I whispered in his ears. His hands climbed up and held my hair in a fist, pulling my face, directly in front of him. His eyes shifted to my lips, as I gulped.

 "Your bill, Ma'am,“ The waiter called and, we sat up.


Please tell me if you liked it and what do you think about it! It will mean a lot. Thank you so much and I love Harry so much.




I’m Happy With Her (Dan x Reader)

Warnings: None

You sit on Dan’s bed, scrolling through the live stream chat on your phone. Dan had just started his live stream, and you weren’t in the mood to be in it but still wanted to be near Dan. You and him had announced your relationship just a week ago and haven’t gotten the chance to see how the fans took it. By your guess, most of them would be really mad at you and saying how your broke Phan, and other crap. 

“Hey Rowan, Mike, Micheal, Avery, Carley, John, Ashley-” You hear Dan say as he reads off of the chat. “Oh the reason I sound different is because I have been sick the past two days.” 

“I told you take the cold medicine before the live stream but you wouldn’t do it,” You tell Dan. 

“Sorry about her, she just doesn’t know when to stop talking,” Dan jokes. 

“Oh sut up Howell,” You say, you grab one of Dan’s pillows and fling it across the room, hitting Dan. 

“Thanks for that Y/N” Dan says with a laugh. He turns back around to continue with his live stream. 

Relationship Goals! You read off of the chat. Some of the fans seemed to be reacting alright, respecting Dan but others were bashing out. For instance you read a comment saying that you don’t deserve Dan and should break up with him. Then again this just general hate. 

“Daaaaaannnnn I’m hungry,” You say. 

“Then get your lazy but up!” Dan jokes again. You squirm off of the bed and walk over, waving at the web camera. 

“Hey guys,” You say. The chat then began to explode with comments about you. 

Aw they are so cute. I ship it!

Why are they even together? 

What about Phan?!

Y/N doesn’t deserve Dan. 

Ugh it’s Y/N

I wish they would break up. 

“This needs to stop it is getting annoying and all of you are being a bunch of twats,” Dan begins. 

“It’s fine Dan,” You tell him. 

“No its not,” Dan replies. “I get that some of you may be mad but telling someone they don’t deserve someone or wishing that they would break up is rude. We are real people, not fictional characters.” 

“I wouldn’t mind being a fictional character though,” You cut in, trying to break the seriousness. 

“Y/N I’m trying to be serious,” Dan says, trying not to laugh. 

“Well you aren’t doing a good job re you?” You reply. 

“I love Y/N alright? She makes me happy, and it still means Phil and I will remain friends. I’m not going anywhere I would never do that to Phil,” Dan says. “So all of you need to just accept that I’m happy with her.” You smile and lean in to kiss Dan on the cheek but he turns his head causing you to kiss his ear. 

“You missed,” Dan says. You smiled again and this time you kissed him on the lips. You then walk out of Dan’s room and into the kitchen.


Requested By: @httpashmeme

hi so i wanna request something else if that’s okay,

jughead x reader request: the reader and jughead are together and they basically love each other and think of each other as perfect but as time passes what they have gets old fast and they used think highly of each other and then they both have a change of heart because it got old for them, so the break up in the end and the reader gets a boyfriend and jughead doesn’t like the thought of the reader being with someone else, so it’s based off of 3 songs robbers by the 1975, change of heart by the 1975, somebody else by the 1975. robbers is their in love and all that, change of heart is like they don’t like each other anymore, and somebody else is like jughead doesn’t want the reader but he hates to think about the reader with somebody else, it could be split up into 3 parts if you’d like to do that other wise it could just be one part.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: You and Jughead were the long lasting couple everyone would call the ‘otp’ in high school. People expected you two to last forever and eventually end up getting married. That’s what you two thought also, until time went on and it ended up feeling old, so you decided to break up after five years together. You soon got a boyfriend some time after your breakup, which bothered Jughead. He didn’t like the thought of you having a boyfriend that wasn’t him, but he had to remember that you two were no longer an item.

Warnings: Sad breakup, a bit of jealousy

Word Count: 2,448

A/N: So this was a bit tricky since I’ve never heard any of 1975’s music, but I did my best to make it go along with the songs requested. :) I did merge all of them together only because I have a lot more requests to do. Overall, I hope you like it! :)

Originally posted by lightwoodxalec

In high school you rarely have couples that last forever, some relationships last a few months, some last a few weeks, some even days.

But you and Jughead were one of those rare couples that started dating freshman year and had been together ever since.

People made bets saying you’d breakup over the summer, but you never did.

Instead it only made you two fall in love even more, being able to spend even more time together.

As time went on in high school, people started to believe you two would never breakup, they started calling you two the ‘otp’ of Riverdale High.

Even your friends were surprised you both were still together, but at the same time they weren’t since they could see how in love you both were with each other.

You two stayed together the entire time of high school, people gave up thinking you two would breakup.

They started making bets you both would end up getting married, having children of your own.

Jughead truly believed you had a face straight out of a magazine, and that he’d never leave you.

You never knew someone as amazing and genuine as Jughead, you truly believed he was the one like everyone else did.

And that’s what you both thought too, until a year later.

You both were now in college, still together, but the happiness you both had during high school had started to fade.

You both found being together all the time to be boring, you liked being with your other friends and so did Jughead.

Months went by and you both had drifted a lot, you barely spent anytime together, you still talked however, but it wasn’t the same as it used to be.

One day after classes, you and Jughead had planned to hangout, since you both hadn’t done that in a while.

You two had been together for five years now, but it just wasn’t what you both wanted anymore.

“Hey Y/N.” Jughead smiled, giving you a hug, which you returned.

“Hey, long time no see.” You joked, making him smile.

You both sat down on the couch, planning to watch a movie.

Which you did, for a bit until you both couldn’t take the awkward tension anymore.

“Look Y/N, I think we should talk.. You know.. About us..” He sighed, turning to face you.

You nodded sadly, already knowing where this was heading.

“I know.” You sighed, looking at the boy in front of you.

“These past five years have been amazing with you, you were my first real love and that will never go away, but you have to admit, what we had in high school isn’t here anymore.” Jughead spoke calmly, trying to hide the sadness in his voice.

But you could hear it, you could tell it was breaking him just as much as it was breaking you.

“I know.. We’ve drifted a lot.” You sniffled, giving a sad smile.

Jughead wiped your cheek, but more tears kept falling.

“I guess we both just had a change of heart.” He sighed, looking at you sadly.

You bit your lip, tears slipping down your face as you nodded.

“I guess so.” You choked out, wiping your face.

Jughead pulled you in for a hug, which you accepted and hugged him back tightly.

Nobody ever thought this day would happen, people thought you two would last forever, get married, and have children.

But like they say, high school relationships don’t normally last, and they were right.

You both spent an hours saying goodbye, returning belongings back to each other.

You two were still going to be friends, but you both needed time to be separated from each other.

That night after Jughead had left your dorm room, your emotions kicked in, you didn’t know what was happening but before you knew it you smashed a glass into pieces.

Your roommates’ came home an hour later to find glass everywhere, along with you sitting against a wall, an emotionless tear stained face.

They instantly knew what had happened, comforting you, doing whatever they could to cheer you up.

Jughead wasn’t any better, he was a wreck, his way of dealing with the pain was different.

Him and his guy friends just went out and partied.

And by guy friends meaning Archie, Kevin and some new people they had met on campus.

You both were a mess for a while, you were in a dark place for a good six months, and Jughead was for about five.

Your friends decided one day that you needed to get out, to go meet someone new, to get that spunk in your life again.

You knew that they were only trying to help, but you had no motivation, no energy.

“Y/N, come on, we can go to the beach and meet cute guys.” Veronica smiled, nudging Betty.

“Yeah, it will be fun.” She smiled, making you sigh.

“They’re right you know.” Your roommate Ashley agreed, winking at you.

“I second with Ashley.” June spoke out of nowhere, eating a sandwich she had just made.

Your roommate’s’ Ashley and June had been a big help for you, without them you wouldn’t be as stable as you were right now.

You finally agreed, getting ready and soon you all were off to the beach.

You spent two days there, partying, having fun, meeting cute guys.

One guy you really hit it off with, his name was Scott, he had blonde hair, and a slight accent.

Veronica ended up getting you two on a date once you had left the beach, and it overall went really well.

You told Scott about your breakup with Jughead, and he listened, making you feel a lot better.

He then talked about his past girlfriend, he also had a bit of a bad breakup.

This gave you both something in common, and it worked.

You two ended up going on a lot more dates, and soon enough were dating a month later.

You were happy again, and so was Scott.

You two were in classes together your sophomore year of college, making it easier to study together and hangout more.

One Friday after classes Scott had planned to take you two the movies.

“I’ll pick you up at eight?” He smiled, kissing your cheek as you nodded, smiling and waving him goodbye.

“Ooooh Y/N’s got a date, Y/N’s got a date!” June chanted, making Ashley laugh.

“Shush!” You laughed, throwing a pillow at your friend.

You spent time getting ready, even if you were going to be in the dark the entire time.

“I’m going to head out, I want to get a smoothie before the movie.” You let your roommates’ know just in case Scott came by a bit earlier.

You walked across campus to the smoothie shop, they had the best strawberry mango smoothies.

You stood in line, ordering your smoothie, then sat down at a table to wait for it.

While you were waiting you heard the door jingle open, but didn’t bother looking up.

“Y/N?” Someone questioned, making you glance up for a quick second.

You felt your stomach drop, it was Jughead.

“Oh. Hey.” You smiled, then looked back at your phone.

“It’s been a while.” He smiled, making you internally sigh.

“Yeah. It has, hasn’t it.” You nodded, trying to act interested in the conversation.

He was about to respond when one of his friends pulled him away, including him in a different conversation.

Your smoothie was soon called, which you eagerly went up to get so you could leave.

But like usual, you were too slow, and Jughead stopped you before you could leave.

“Hey, would you maybe like to stay, and catch up?” He questioned, rubbing the back of his neck.

You blinked a few times, not knowing what to say but thankfully someone else did.

In came Scott, who had a bright smile on his face.

“Y/N, your roommates’ told me I’d find you here.” He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

“Yeah, I went to get a quick smoothie.” You laughed, letting him try it.

“These smoothies are amazing, I think I’m going to buy one too.” He laughed, kissing your cheek and walking around to get in line.

You awkwardly looked at Jughead who was in shock, not expecting that at all.

“So.. Is that..?” He tried to ask, but you just responded with a nod.

“You know I heard you had found somebody else, but I thought it was a lie.” He admitted, looking at you sadly.

You didn’t know what to say, you were sure Jughead had moved on too.

“I don’t like seeing you with someone else Y/N.” He confessed, shifting awkwardly.

You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion.

“For the record you broke up with me, our love went cold Jughead, it was going to happen sometime.” You shrugged, taking a sip of your smoothie.

“Watching you leave with someone else is hard, no, I don’t want your body, but it’s hard picturing your body with somebody else that isn’t me.” He rambled, making you roll your eyes slightly.

“You said you’d find someone to take my place, therefore, there is no excuse as to why you should be so jealous.” You looked at him, making him bite his lip.

Jughead knew that you both had to move on eventually, but it was impossible for him to get over you.

Sure, his friends took him out partying almost everyday for five months to get him over you, but it never worked, he only said it did so they’d leave him alone.

“I’m constantly reminding myself that I should be getting over our breakup, but I hate seeing you with someone else Y/N.” He sighed, rubbing his face.

You looked at Scott who was now ordering, meaning your time with Jughead was almost over.

“Listen Jughead, we’re not in 1975 anymore where high school relationships were normal for people to be together and eventually end up getting married, were in 2017 where relationships in high school are just meant to stay in high school.” You spoke quietly, giving a sad smile.

He just nodded, messing with his hair.

“I just miss you Y/N.” He admitted, wiping his eyes quickly.

“Then we’ll hangout soon okay?” You questioned, seeing Scott walking back towards you.

Jughead nodded, watching as Scott took you away off to a movie date.

Jughead knew he had messed up, that he lost the love of his life to another man that was doing better than he did.

But Jughead didn’t care that it wasn’t 1975 anymore, he was determined to get you back, no matter how long it took.

He was going to get the love of his life back.

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Could you write an imagine about the reader and Josh's wedding? I haven't really come across wedding imagines, only proposal ones. :/ Oh also, could Tyler and Jenna be the best man and maid of honor?


“You did it up all wrong,” Michael sighs with a little chuckle, gesturing at Josh’s tie from a spot behind him in the mirror. “Look Ty, he did it backwards. He’s nervous.”  

“It’s hard in the mirror.  Just tie it for me then,” says Josh, rolling his eyes as Michael bats his hands away and begins to loop his tie properly.

Behind them, Tyler paces dramatically with a notecard in his hand.  “You’re not allowed to be nervous,” he says, motioning towards Josh.  “I’m nervous enough for the both of us!  To be, or not to be,” he continues, outstretching his arm theatrically, and placing it on his forehead for effect, “that was not the question that Josh Dun asked Y/F/N on one fateful night almost a year ago.  My name is Tyler Joseph, and I’ll be your tour guide through this emotional rollercoaster–”

“Emotional rollercoaster?” Michael laughs.

“We’ll laugh, we’ll hope, we’ll cry.”

“Um,” says Josh, eyeing Tyler warily in the mirror as Michael laughs helplessly, “I’d like to think you’re just messing around… but you’re just messing around, right?”

Tyler opens his eyes wide, looking appalled.  “Absolutely not!  You made a choice, the right choice I might add, asking me to make the big speech.  It’s my moment, Josh. Everyone will be talking about it for years.”

Michael laughs even harder, patting Josh on the chest once his tie is done right, “There you go. Like a real gentleman. Don’t worry about Tyler,” he adds in a whisper. “I’ll keep him in line, I always do. ”

Tyler throws them both a dark look, one hand over his heart, before continuing, “Now what… What is real love? Come with me now on a journey and I’ll tell you.  Together, we’ll delve into the love story between two young heart throbs. Charming, sometimes incredibly tragic, but always pure and true.  Our tale begins on the eighteenth of June, 1988. Josh Dun was a summer baby emerging on a cool brisk evening–“

“You’ve only got like three minutes to talk,” Josh tells him, just in case he was unaware of the time limit on his speech. Just then, Jordan pops his head in.

“Practicing our speeches?” He looks at Josh and raises his eyebrows with an assuring thumbs up.  “Looking good, bro.”

“You’re just in time,” Tyler says, pointing at Jordan, “I was thinking you could act out my speech, like performance art.”

“No plays at my wedding!” Josh says, but he’s laughing too.  

Just saying the word ‘wedding’ aloud makes Josh’s heart leap a little.  He starts thinking of how Y/N probably looks right now.  She had fussed around nervously all morning, organizing and re-organizing things around the house, cleaning things that were already clean. The same way she always was when she got anxious.  Josh finally hugged her from behind and said, firmly, “Stop.”  

She had rolled her eyes but allowed Josh to tug her down onto the couch, wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug.  “It’s going to be perfect,” He had said.  

Josh then stands up from the chair, smoothing his hair down over his ear where it’s come undone.

“C’mon Michael,” says Jordan, still lingering at the door, “Your wife sent me in here to get you, she wants to get some pictures beforehand.”

“Duty calls,” Michael says, smiling lightly at Tyler and Josh before following Jordan out the door.

Once they’re gone, Tyler grins at Josh.  

“You ready for this?” he asks. Josh gives a little shrug. After month building up to this day, it almost feels like a dream – the hum of people collecting in the church, his shiny new shoes, the look in Y/N’s eyes earlier when she’d said in awe, “Next time I see you, I’ll marry you,” which Josh can’t stop replaying in his mind.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.  Any last words of advice?”

“Yes,” says Tyler seriously.  “Four, actually.”  Tyler says the words slowly and clearly, “Don’t – mess – it – up.”  

“Like don’t stutter when I’m reading my vows?  Or like, don’t be a horrible husband and drive Y/N away?”

“Both,” says Tyler, his face breaking out into a grin.  “See?  That’s why I’m so helpful.

“Ah,” says Josh, smiling.  “I see.  You’re the master. Thanks, Ty.” He meets his eyes, which are soft and fond.

“You deserve it, Josh,” he says. “All of this. I’m so happy for you.”

“Aw,” Josh teases, trying to conceal the lump in his throat, “are you going to cry?”

“I might,” says Tyler.  “Your bride certainly will.  She was already looking a bit teary when I left her earlier. We’ve actually all taken bets on how long it’ll take her to start bawling.”  

“What?” Josh exclaims indignantly. “Nobody told me that! Come on, I want in.”

“Sorry, but Jenna said it’s not nice to bet on your own wife’s wedding day tears.”  

“But I’d have the best chance at winning!”  

“Nope, not allowed,” says Tyler. “Although I’ll tell you my guess – she won’t last thirty seconds after she sees you.  And it will continue for the rest of the evening.”

“That’s – that’s probably true,” Josh admits. “What did everyone else guess?”

“Jordan said she’d cry during vows,” says Tyler, ticking them off as he counted on his finger.  “Micheal bet same as me, when she sees you, and Mark thinks she’s already crying.”

“I think I’m with Mark on that one,” says Josh with a little laugh.

Just then Ashley pokes her head into the tent, hair piled elegantly on top of her head, gesturing at him.  Tyler gives her a charming smile, which she returns.

“Josh, are you almost ready?  Everyone’s waiting!”  

Josh nods as Ashley sighs and crosses the floor to hug him, straightening his tie.  

“You look great,” she whispers.

“Thanks,” Josh says, swallowing another lump that rises in his throat.  “Alright, let’s get moving. I can’t be late to my own wedding.”

As it turns out, they all lose the bet – Y/N holds it together fairly well, misty-eyed and fond, through most of the ceremony.  It’s Josh who gets teary eyed the moment he sees her turn the corner and start walking down the alter.  Her arm’s latched with her father’s and the minute her eyes meet his the lump in his throat is back, only this time with some tears as well.  

She’s beautiful, in the most elegant and true way.  Her hair is pulled back, complimented by a veil.  Her face breaks out into a huge smile of triumph when she sees Josh.  She clutches tightly onto the assortment of flowers in her hand and makes her way closer and closer.  

Josh let’s out a shaky laugh, trying to cover up how emotional he really is.  After a few moments of just staring, in complete and utter awe, he has to wipe his eyes on the sleeve of his jacket.  

She reaches the front of the church, kissing her father on the cheek one last time before stepping up to the alter.  

Josh can’t help himself.  He’s smiling so wide, his insides bursting with love and affection and disbelief.  He was so lucky.  So so so lucky.  

The ceremony’s a blur.  Josh’s head is spinning and it all goes so fast.  Before he knows it, he’s saying his vows, the words falling off his tongue from memory. He’s clutching onto her hand so tight, squeezing out his anxiety from the event.

The phrase “you may now kiss the bride” barely leaves the lips of the priest before Josh’s mouth is on hers, pressing them together as close as he can.  

It’s after their first kiss that her fingers clutch tightly into Josh’s waist and she’s crying when she pulls back, smiling so hard her eyes are nearly closed.  Josh pulls her closer, holding onto her for dear life, his heart is so full he thinks it might explode.  

“We did it,” she breathes into his neck, a secret whisper just for Josh, even as everyone’s cheering and applauding from all sides. It’s almost too much – He sways against her, arms locked tight around her back.

“I knew we would,” he murmurs, kissing her on the cheek.

Tyler’s speech isn’t as bad as he’d promised – in fact, it’s incredibly touching.  Y/N, predictably, sniffles and giggles her way through the entire thing, much like the rest of the crowd.  

The day passes in a blur of relatives and champagne, Josh and Y/N slow dancing, Tyler and Jenna cozying up together.  Tyler wrapping Josh in a bear hug and muttering “I love you, man,” with tears in his eyes.  

Josh’s mom, who cried even more than Y/N, pulls her close and whispers, “I’d say welcome to the family, but you’ve always been.” She hugs her with tears prickling in her own eyes, at a loss for words.  

It’s frantic, fast-paced and fun, a sensory overload. Josh barely gets time to eat a slice of his own wedding cake.  He’s not sure what he’s going to remember about the day, but he knows that it’ll be something with Y/N’s hand on his back, her eyes locked on his even from across the dance floor.  The feeling of her cheek pressed to his while they dance, just swaying together under the soft lights.

“Will you kiss me?” she asks Josh towards the end of the night, when they’re almost the last two left dancing.  Josh smiles down at her, cupping her face, eyes incredibly fond.


Imagine #3:Best Friends till the end.. Maybe.

Originally posted by tylerjosephappreciation

Requested: Yes

Request: Hi! :) I noticed that requests are open and maybe if you have the time you could write one for me? If you don’t like the idea you don’t have to, but maybe one where Josh Dun and the reader have been best friends since they were young and the reader starts to like him but he gets a girlfriend and it gets really angsty. (But I don’t really want the reader to be obviously jealous, maybe she tries to support him?)

Word Count: 1464

Warnings: None

A/N: I didn’t want to use Debby, since I like Debby Ryan. I used a different name instead, hope that is alright :)

-Age 5-

“Promise me, we will always be friends?” You told Josh, his head shooting up at the sound of someone talking.  With a goofy smile coming across his face, “What?” He asked genuinely confused by what you had asked, pouting out your bottom lip at Josh and at his trouble of paying attention.

“I said promise me, we will never change!”

His mouth forming in an O shape at what you said, “Why?” He questioned you, rolling the ball that was on the ground towards you since you finally sat down across from him.  With a shrug of your shoulders in response, you really didn’t know why in all truths.  It just popped in your head since your sister had came back from school yesterday crying about how her boyfriend and her friends had all stopped talking to her. And weren’t the same at all like they were from last year, “Well you don’t have to worry about that! I’ll stay the.. Goofy, cool self like always!” He beamed at you with a smile stretched across his face.

Giggling at his smile that showed he had lost his two front teeth, and the little dirt on his face, “Good, cuz if you turn out like my sister friends, I’ll beat you up,” Simply stated going back to rolling the ball between the two of you as your sister came back from school, already talking about how her friends have changed, and didn’t care what they did to their bodies.


“You’ll be here for my birthday, right?” You tried hard, very hard not to sound upset or desperate. But Josh had promised you that he was going to be here for your birthday. By the tone of his voice, you knew that he was shuffling around in his dressing room.  

“About that.”

With a groan and finally a sigh, “It’s fine, you can be up Britney’s ass 24/7 again.” You hollered into the phone before hanging up, in your own defense you haven’t seen Josh in two years. He missed the birthday party you had for some girl, and he is doing the exact same thing over again. And he couldn’t say that he had a concert that day or that there was suppose to be a signing because, Tyler always talked to the crew and management about everyone birthday’s that he found were important. Tyler was along with Jenna were at your birthday party last year, and Josh was going on a date with Britney. Josh was your best friend has been since the both of you were three years old, since you both went to the same daycare and figured out that you both were living on the same street. Well kind of on the same street, he was four streets down from you. His sisters and your sister had gotten along just fine as well, going shopping together even becoming the besets of friends. They formed a stronger friendship when her friends suddenly just stopped talking to her.

And now that’s what it felt like with Josh, that he was slowly distancing himself from you. You couldn’t lose him, he was the rock that held you upright, the guy that helped you up when you fell down in front of the whole town at a football game, (those stairs were the worst thing ever to walk on when wet,). He was also you’re first kiss, and first date to homecoming and prom, he was first for a lot of things. Well besides sex, that was your ex and he was an ex for a reason. He is also your celebrity crush and just normal crush, has been since that slow dance at prom.  

“What is wrong?” Your mother asked from behind you, she stood behind you with a concerned face. As well with Vanessa, Ashley and Abigail who stood behind the kitchen counter with equally concerned faces, “Nothing, just that Josh won’t be here again for my birthday is all,” You simply stated, trying hard not to have your voice to crack. Tears were starting to blur your vision, and the tightening in your throat was becoming too much.

Pointing your thumb at the door, indicating that you were going to go for a walk real fast. They didn’t say anything, just nodding their heads in understanding. With a final fake smile to them, rushing out the door the minute they went back to drinking wine, the door slamming a little too hard behind you.

“That asshole, missing it again! I always make sure I see him on his birthday, why can’t he do the same?” You blabbed on and on, ranting to the birds in the sky, to the neighbors dog that was yet again out. After making sure that the dog was back in the yard,  you wondered down to the park that was just a little ways away. With a huff, climbing up the twisting slide not even caring if anyone saw you doing it, half of your body was in the tube the outer half gazing up at the night sky. Tears freely falling from the corners of your eyes, the phone in the front pocket wouldn’t stop vibrating, with a struggle you pulled it out the pocket. Not even caring to see who was calling, “What?” You didn’t realize how horse you’re voice was till you spoke into the phone, “Y/N?” Josh questioned not believing that you had been crying.


“I’m sorry, I am so fucking sorry. I’ll be there I promise, I have been a pretty shit best friend lately.”

Arching an eyebrow at the statement that he had just made, you were not about to deny or confirm it for him. Besides the birthday, he has missed a gathering with other friends were he was suppose to be your date, the annual ‘Best Friend Day’ that has been a tradition since age 10, he has missed the past three. And not to forget, but to be your date at Vanessa wedding.

“You don’t have to come to it, you can just skip out on it just like everything else that involves us two being around one another,” It was silent on both ends after that sentence, he knew that you were right. He knew that you were hurt by him never being there for you anymore, he also knew that you liked him.  Tyler had let it slip one day when they had gotten into a little spat after he told him that he wasn’t going back home to see everyone, well mostly not to see you. And it just slipped out, that was one of the other reasons why he really didn’t want to go to anything that involved you two being alone together. He liked you as well, but he wasn’t about to cheat on his.. Well he really didn’t know what Britney and him were. Friends with Benefits? Dating? They both didn’t really know, but everyone thought they were dating, even you.



“What did I do too you to not have you be around me anymore?”

His chest tightened at the way your voice just cracked, with a heavy sigh he spoke, “You didn’t do anything, it’s all me. All my fault and I’m not saying that just to make you feel better or anything, it really is all my fault.” He said not even saying good bye before hanging up the phone, he couldn’t handle being an asshole anymore in this friendship. You were the one that was keeping this friendship going, inviting him places too events.

“Josh?” You questioned shocked at the fact that he hung up on you, setting down the phone on the slide next to you. Feeling the raindrops starting to fall from the sky onto the playground along with falling on you. Was that it? Was he just going to throw away your friendship just like that for some other girl, that treated him like crap?

Sitting up with a groan, not realizing how much your neck was going to hurt from lying with your head out of the slide. Sliding down the slide, the phone falling out and landing on the damp ground, after picking it up and making sure that it was not in fact broken. You called Tyler, “Hello?”

“Ty, hey where exactly are you guys at. What venue will you be at in the next week?” He was on speaker, while you were looking at the earliest flights to wherever they were at.

“Why do you ask?” He was suspicious, but he had a good idea what you were doing. Telling how Josh was acting, and mopping around the arena. “I’m coming out there to knock some sense into my best friend.”

“Sweet, see you when you get here.”

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Sorry it was 94, the "I'm broken and you can't fix it" one.

Alright! This is also a very old prompt so sorry for the delay! Hopefully you end up seeing it since you’re anon <3

Kiiiinda sad but it’s happy in the end :3 


Shepard sat in the Normandy Shuttle Bay. Her head was lowered with her chin set lightly in her palms. Her expression was blank as she stare forward absentmindedly. Each breath she drew was soft and steady. She felt numb, sad, but mostly she just felt broken and uneasy. Like there was something wrong with her…

Life hadn’t exactly been easy since she had been revived. Revived was her nice way of thinking about it… She knew that saying ‘revived’ implied they actually had a body to bring back. But considering she had been reduced to meat and tubes when they found her, the body she now rocked wasn’t entirely her own. Jane knew that the skin she saw covering her bones wasn’t hers. That the blood that pumped through those tiny blue veins appearing through her pale skin wasn’t hers… She knew that that soft red head of hair she had wasn’t even hers. But, on the plus side she didn’t have a new affinity for eating brains so at least she had that going for her, right?

Somehow apparently even as a sack of meat, her brain had been in tact though. I mean clearly it had been, hadn’t it? She could remember everything that happened to her throughout her life. She remembered the day she enlisted. She remembered every night she spent with Garrus. She remembered every family holiday back on Mindoir. Every gunshot and cut that scarred her body. 

But why then… did she almost feel nothing? What was wrong with her if she came back right?

“Hey… You busy?” Garrus spoke softly pulling her from her thoughts. He stepped closer casually shifting his weight after a light tilt of his head. After a moment he crossed his arms and leaned against a nearby crate. Only a hint of his nerves sliding through to his subvocal’s.

“Uh… no, not exactly. Just… thinking.” Jane replied in a calm voice that was relaxed and steady. She leaned up straight as she fiddle with her fingers anxiously in her lap, tossing him a small soft smile.

“Anything a clueless turian could help you with?” His voice was kind and gentle. The purr made her feel warm and she wished again that she hadn’t been so cold to him lately… It made her glad to know he was still interested and trying after all this time.

“I… don’t think this is something that can be fixed, Garrus.” Lifting her finger to her temple she tapped the side of her head a few times. “It’s all up here… fucking with me… Reminding me…” She pulled her eyes from his to her hands again as she lowered her brow in a deep sigh. 


“I know what you’re going to say… I shouldn’t let it effect me. But I can’t help it. Every time I close my eyes I see the Normandy exploding and every time I fall asleep I can’t breathe again… Every time I look at my hands and arms and face…” She pulled her hands in front of her gazing at the bright orange scars decorating her skin. “It’s just not right, Garrus. None of it is right.”

“Shepard.” He tried a little hard this time, but still she ignored his attempts.

Moving to her feet she placed her hands on her hips, pressing her tongue against the inside of her cheek then pressing her teeth atop it lightly. “I can’t keep doing this. Walking around… pretending I’m okay. Like everything is just fine and dandy. Like dying didn’t completely fuck me up. Like I’m still this amazingly powerful woman. I mean come on. I’m hardly even human anymore…” She paced the space, exclaiming with her limbs as she talk frustratedly. 

“Shep-” But before he could even get her name out this time she had already started again. 

“I mean look at me? Just look at me.” Jane stopped, turning toward him abruptly. She opened her arms to the side as if she were revealing something hidden. “I’m completely fucked, Garrus. I’m completely fucked beyond repair. I’m broken and you can’t fix me. None of you can… And the sooner you realize it the soo-”

“Jane!” Garrus stepped close to her, grabbing her lightly by both of her arms forcing her to stop and breathe. 

His voice was almost a yell, but she was getting rather manic and he didn’t know how else to stop her from spiraling further. “Listen to me. Everything is going to be okay. I’m here and I’m not going to give up just because you think you can’t be fixed. Let me tell you something, Shepard… You can push and push all you want, but I’m not going to budge. I won’t lose you again.” 

She was breathing heavily with her brow still furrowed in self doubt and denial. “Garrus, please… We don’t even know if I’m… human. Or if I even came back right. What if I’m… We can’t do this anymore. I’m not good for you.” Lowering her head in defeat she felt her shoulders weaken as her eyelids grew heavy.

 She had never been much of a crier but in that moment she felt her eyes burning as they filled with tears. She was giving him one more out… One more chance to call it quits and before it was too late.

“You listen to me, and you listen good, Jane. You’re real and you’re you. I would bet my life on it.” Sliding his hands to her neck he look down at her large forest eyes. As he wipe away a stray tear that escaped he remembered the only other time he’d seen her cry. It had been after Virmire. After Ashley… He shook his head lightly removing the thought as he cleared his throat and started again more softly. “I will never give up on you. Believe me when I say that if nothing else. I’d know you anywhere, Jane. There is nothing wrong with you.” 

“Then why do I feel like this?” Her lip quivered lightly as another small tear slid down her freckled cheek, stinging her fresh orange scars on the way down.

“Because you were dead for two years. Of course you feel messed up… Now I don’t know if you’ll ever feel how you used to. But what I do know is that you’re here. You’re alive, Shepard. You died, but now you’re here again. You have a chance to find out.” Slipping the hand from her neck to rest at the base of her skull, he pulled her into a soft kiss. “And I’m not letting you go this time.”

“Good.” She smiled and leaned into his chest as he pulled her into a tight hug.

His warmth surrounded her and she felt a small fire light again deep within her chest. For the first time in weeks her mind was silent. For the first time in weeks, she didn’t feel broken or incomplete… For the first time in weeks, she felt at peace.

My Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 823
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( @angelwriter3895  ) Could I get a comfort fic with lucifer? Perhaps the reader (or your own OC that is very much whatever you want) has had a shit day and kinda realizes after she goes to the bathroom that she is on her period. (Period sex in the comfort stuff is up to you.) Luce does what he can to make her feel better bc she is his favorite hunter. Perhaps a little Dean and Sam planking in retaliation for making his favorite hunter/mate upset.

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End Up Here
5 Seconds of Summer
End Up Here

#61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V


Everyone loves a little bit nerdy 5sos, right? Wrote this earlier whilst I was chilling at the pool, really loved Ashton’s part x

External image


My head spins

I’m pressed against the wall

Just watching your every move

You’re way too cool

And you’re coming this way

Coming this way

Pressing my foot against the lock of the troll I was having my hands on, I pressed hard enough for the lock to open letting me remove the troll from its usual place where people came and left to return the books they had borrowed - being too lazy to actually find the books original place. That was where my part came in, a couple of weeks ago one of the librarians had hung up a note saying they needed employees on the school library and since I had lack of money due to not having time enough for a real job, my mom thought - being a math teacher herself - that I should take it because what could be bad about working and studying in the same time; a win win situation as she said herself.

My mind was drifting away as I walked down one of the aisles, stopping up a couple of times to grab one of the books on the trolley and place them back on their original spot. I repeated the same action but stopped in track before I came to the end of the aisle, hearing a faint sound of girly giggles, my eyebrows increased, but I couldn’t get myself to look. I knew the giggle - too well than necessary.

I grabbed a book on the stall and to my theory Y/N and some of her friends were “studying” as they would call it, sharing chit chats with each other and draw doodles in their note books. I stared at them for more than necessary, admiring how calm they were when it came to school and stuff. Y/N threw some of her hair over her shoulder before standing up from the couch and heading towards where I was standing. Panic spread through my body and I almost threw the book I was holding back to its place before turning around back to my trolley just as she approached me.

 “Hey Luke.” She greeted, walking past me and over to one of the other shelves, looking around at the different titles probably trying to find a book. It was amazing to see her still greeting me with the same smiles she used to do when we were smaller. Back in kindergarten we used to be best friends – living next to each other being neighbors and our mothers – still – best friends. But as time passed and we started in high school, we choose different subjects to study which is a conclusion on where we’ve ended today. Y/N hanging around with the different jocks and being on the cheerleader team and well me spending more time than necessary in biology and math. But it wasn’t like we couldn’t talk together, Y/N always enjoyed to come up to me before lunch to chat, yet I always tended to forget what to say, so it was mostly her doing the talking.

I watched her as she stood on her tip toes, trying to grasp a book placed on one of the top shelves, but having the few inches she has it was rather difficult to reach. I zoned out from my daze before letting out a chuckle, walking over to her. “This one?” I asked standing behind her to grab the book she was reaching for. “Yes.” She said standing back on her heels, me grabbing the book for her before placing it in her hands. “Thanks Lukey.” She smiled before heading back to the other girls, my heart fluttering by the nickname. “What are you guys studying?” I blurted without realization. She held the book up for me to read the title and I mentally slapped myself for asking. “Psychology, right.” I mumbled, but she only chuckled at me as a reddish color appeared on my cheeks. “We should chat some more.” She smiled. “You have my number right?” She asked walking backwards with the book, before she disappeared into another aisle leaving me alone again.

 I stood frozen in my spot for a few seconds, still trying to register the words Y/N had said to me before I threw one of the books I held in my hand and onto the trolley, grabbing my phone from my pocket before unlocking it and going through the contact. “Of course I still have her number, why would’ve I deleted.” I thought to myself going through the different names when hers finally popped up. But what should I text. And why would she even wanna be in contact with me? 


My friends say I should lock you down

Before you figure me out and you run away

But you don’t and you wont as you kiss me

And you tell me that you’re here to stay

Rumbling through my locker, I tried to find my biology book, determined to find it before class would start. I let out a small groan with a roll in the eyes afterwards as I couldn’t find it, starting to pull every single thing out of my locker. “Need a little help here?” I looked away from my locker to see Ashley standing next to me, a small smile forming on her lips. I let out a sigh but formed a small smile afterwards as I placed some of my other books from my locker in her waiting arms, letting her hold them as I roamed through my stuff with easier access this time.

“What’s this?” She questioned, holding out a note that was usually used to be in the book so I could find the correct page but she had pulled it out looking questionable at me. I grabbed the note, squeezing my eyes to get a better look through my rimmed glasses. “It’s just an address.” I replayed casually and let out a smile as I finally found my biology book, placing it between my thighs so I could take my stuff away from Ashley and put it back in my locker. “Yeah I can tell but who’s?” She asked eyeing me skeptical as I filled my locker up and taking be note out of her hand, throwing it back to my locker.


 "That spoiled up cheerleader with lack of knowledge of other persons’ feelings? I thought you didn’t have to tutor her anymore?“

 I swallowed thickly as Ashley’s skeptical eyes were burning into mine waiting for answers. "We’re hanging out at times.” I scratched my neck nervously waiting for her rage move. Ashley didn’t say a word, the face expression that should have been madness was replaced with sympathy and sadness. “I think you should watch out Cal. You know girls like her. Takes the opportunity to manipulate people and afterwards crush them.”

My mouth turned dry as she spoke nodding my head along with her words. “You know, being hurt is last thing I want to happen to you.” She reassured. “I know.. But I don’t think Y/N’s like that.” I trailed off, not really knowing what to say. Ashley gave me a glare that said “Listen to yourself and think how ridiculous you sound right now” look but I could only shrug at her again. “I’m not saying that you should cut her off just..” “You kind of are.” I interrupted, putting the rest of my books into the locker. “Persons like us do not belong to persons like her. We have nothing in common with them so why interact with them?” “Because maybe some of them are different.” I eyed some of the jocks already looking over at Ashley and I, their smug looks never leaving. “Believe it yourself Cal.” She gave me one last smile with a shrug before she started to walk over to her own locker making me turn my attention back to place the books in my own.

“Hi Calum!” The sudden sound of Y/N send a jolt through my body making me almost drop my biology book from my hands but catching it by pressing my thighs against the lockers, having it pressed in between. I grabbed the book standing up straighter.

“Hi Y/N.” I mumbled quietly, watching Ashley’s back as her words repeated in my mind. “Same time today?” She asked biting her lip as she eyed me.

I was about to say no, telling her that things would be better if we stopped when things were still new before things would grow bigger into something that would be difficult to get out off, but as her soft lips connected with my cheek fast, my mind started to fuzz and all I could think about how fast her lips had left my skin.

She pulled away slightly, giggling my dazed state. I nodded my head repeatedly in a fast mode, thinking that if I did it faster it would probably fall off. “Good.” She smiled. “I’ll see you out in the parking lot after fifth period okay?” I nodded my head again with lest desperation as she gave me a wink turning on her heel before walking towards whatever class she was going to. I could feel my cheeks burn as the corners of my mouth turned upwards, but it faded when I caught Ashley’s attention again, her head shaking in a disappointed way, rolling her eyes at how easy I was to tear around a finger with. I gave her a shrug before throwing my bag pack over my shoulder, heading towards my biology class.


You walked in

Everyone was asking for your name

You just smiled

And told them “trouble”

Detention. That was definitely the last thing I expected would happen today when I woke up this morning. But a sudden fight in the hallway one of the jocks started including me ended up bad and a teacher had to pull us apart. I opened the door to the very unfamiliar room, seeing a few different people around the tables – people who were here as usual, causing either trouble in class or outside.

I felt ashamed as eyes felt on me, people giving me a questionable look as in why a person like me would be in a room like them. But here I was. I walked over to one of the tables being placed in the back of the class, trying to avoid the other people. A teacher came in through the door as I had taken a seat, scribbling something down on his notepad before looking towards up. “The rules are simple, you know them, no talking, no phones, you can’t leave before the detention is fully over, find some homework occupy yourselves.” He said it all in monotone before taking a seat at the teacher’s chair, grabbing out some assignments he could correct. I reached out for my bag on the floor, taking out some left over homework I had planned on making at home, taking out a pencil as well, placing it all on the table.

“Sorry I’m late.” A girl suddenly announced as she barked in through the door, taking both most of the students and the teacher aback. “What are you doing here?” The teacher asked confused yet curious, a girl like her wouldn’t even dare spending any time here.

“Detention.” She smiled through gritted teeth, showing the purple note in her hand before walking back to the nearest tables, taking a seat next to mine. A few glares were send towards her as she stared out in the air, crossing her arms. The stares didn’t leave making me rather uncomfortable, shifting lightly in my chair. Even though that they weren’t staring at me, it still had some effect.

I did as everyone else and took a look at the girl. Her hair was falling into her eyes as she stared down her table, her eyes opening and closing like she was having a hard time trying to stay awake. She seemed familiar, but I didn’t know from where I had seen her before. She lifted her gaze towards the people that were looking at her, a pinkish blush appearing on her cheeks as all eyes were on her. The teacher suddenly stood op making every student look back at him. “I’m going to the toilet.” He mumbled leaving the class. All eyes felt back to her in a questionable manor.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” A blue haired lad asked with a laugh.

That was it, she was Y/N Y/L/N, a girl I had science with when we were sophomores. She was the typical good girl, always making her homework and being smart herself, yet everyone seemed to like and be pleased about her. My eyes felt on her again, “I woke up too late this morning, didn’t catch the bus.” She shrugged, starting to grow tired by the constant staring.

“What about you what are you doing here?”

She suddenly turned her head towards me, giving me an odd stare. My mouth went dry as everyone started to look at me, waiting curiously for an answer as they saw my presence. “I uhm..” I stammered trying to speak up. “I was in a fight.” I trailed off, everyone’s eyes going wide inclusive Y/N. It seemed to be enough said as everyone else turned their heads back towards the blackboard but Y/N’s eyes kept on staring at my form.

I hesitantly looked over at her meeting her curious eyes. “Who started up a fight?” She asked quietly as she noticed the teacher coming back into the classroom. I looked back at the teacher in a fear of getting caught, taking my pencil in my hand before writing something down on my note. I showed her the name I had written on the paper and her eyebrows furrowed before fire filled in her eyes, letting her hand dip down in her pants pocket, taking out her phone. I eyed her as she started to type down something in a message before pressing send and sending it.

She gave me a small smile before placing her phone on her lap, starting to play some kind of app game. I teared my eyes away after a while trying to focus back on my homework but kept on catching myself as my eyes sneaked back to her, watching her every move.


Call me lucky ‘cause in the end

I’m a 6 and she’s a 10

She’s so fit

I’m insecure

But she keeps coming back for more

My eyes scanned the paper Mr. Flench just had delivered to the class, another boring math example - a perfect example on a brain washer compared to the lack of intelligence in this class. Not that people were dumb, they just seemed to push their academic skills away, replacing it with a typical high school mind, parties, alcohol and what so ever being the only important topic.

My eyes gazed the paper and a small smirk formed to my lips. The test was easy but when my eyes scanned the crowd around me people were either scratching their heads in confusion or staring at the paper blankly, probably wishing for the assignment to fix itself.

The pencil I was holding right above the empty space where the answer should be written was making circular motions in the air as my brain was working for an answer. The pencil stopped when the math example was clear in my mind and I started to scribble down the answer after answer. My brain was working fast as I was progressing well in the assignment but it all stopped when the sound of the door opening interrupted - a faint sound of “Sorry I’m late” appeared.

My mind stopped and so did my pencil.

My mouth was going dry as I looked blankly at the paper, my mind fuzzing and thinking about everything but the assignment in front of me.

Snap out of it Ashton.

The feeling of a present next to me appeared and someone took a seat next to me making my heart flutter. Y/N took out a pencil case from her bag, roaming through it before she grabbed a black and pink pencil letting it fiddle between her fingers, chewing on her bottom lip as Mrs. Hemmings passed out a paper to her, placing it on her desk as she leaned forward to look at it, some of her bangs going in front of her eyes. She knotted her eyebrows before rolling her eyes and leaned back in the chair again. Math was never her favorite subject if she could get through with a D she would be happy.

I tried to tear my eyes away from her and back to the paper but I caught myself every fifth second, my eyes scanning back to her. She looked blank - or lost to be more exact. The way her mouth slightly parted as she read a question, her eyebrows furrowing when she didn’t understand. I mentally slapped myself when I did it yet again, returning my eyes back to the paper, my brain starting to progress the questions again.

“I don’t get this.” She mumbled, probably more to herself than me but it made me raise my head anyways, flipping my curly locks in front of my classes away. My mouth was open as I stared at her but no words came out as she looked up at me with a timid and confused gaze, looking at me extremely vulnerable with a hint of shouting “help”. I was the only one knowing about her problem - the only one who knew how much she actually sucked about this, how much numbers made her head go numb with confusion, and how much she hated to talk about others with it.

I hesitated for a moment before letting my arm sneak under hers, my pencil making circles around the correct answers on her paper as I tried to make it look as secret as possible not wishing to get any trouble with cheating. I finished making the last circle on the first page - that would make sure she would at least pass on the test, and removed my arm so I could lean back in my own seat again, going back to my own paper.

But my body jolted with a buzz as I felt her hand on my thigh, looking hesitantly up at her. As our eyes met she formed a shy yet happy smile before mouthing “Thank you”, making my heart flutter even more. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, giving the correct answers to her under every task wouldn’t help her in the end but the smile of hers always told me otherwise. She made my heart flutter more than anything else in life with such a small action. But there was always that little devil in the back of my mind telling me that it would bite me in the ass in the end. That she would trick me and stamp on my feelings in the end. I teared my eyes away from hers and back to the paper, her hand keeping on resting on my thigh throughout the class but I never determined to touch her hand with my own, I couldn’t dare to do it in a fear of rejection.

Chapter 39


It was a little after nine at night and I find myself here. I ran up the steps to the front door and rang the bell. Didn’t take long for her to open the door. I stood there looking at her as I leaned against the stone wall waiting for her to let me in. She was clad in what looked like my over sized t-shirt and her hair in a bun. She stepped aside creating space for me to enter. I kicked off my shoes and she locked the door and she didn’t even look my way as she walked into the living room.

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A gift from heaven (Josh Washington x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys :) I hope you enjoy this story and I’m so sorry if it sucks again and also for some grammar mistakes :D you can also write me you opinions so I know what I can do better ;) Love you

Word count : 1,116

You were sitting on the hospital bed, holding a blue bundle in your hands. A few hours ago you gave birth to a healthy boy. You were really exhausted and tired. That little precious thing stole your whole power and energy, but you didn’t dare to take a nap. You became a mother for the first time and you wanted to savor every second with your new- born. Josh was sitting next to you, observing every little reaction from his beloved wife. Just like you, he thought that his son was the most precious thing he ever saw in his life. Nobody told him that becoming a father was the best thing that could happen to a man. You stroke your baby’s soft cheeks, earning  little yawn from him. “He is so beautiful, isn’t he?” You asked. You couldn’t still believe you were a mother now. It seemed like a dream to you.  A wonderful dream. And if this wasn’t real, you didn’t even want to wake up.

“He is.” Josh answered, grabbing his son’s little hands, stroking them gently. Right now, he was the most proud young man on this earth. He had a beautiful wife, who gave him a healthy little boy and he couldn’t ask for better. You realized your eyes starting to close. “You need to sleep, Love.” He advised. ”No. I don’t want to.”

“Come on, Babe. I know you’re exhausted. Try to take a rest. I’ll take care of this little boy here.” A smile appeared on your face. Josh’s excitement was so visible. You already knew that he would be the best father of the world. The baby wouldn’t miss anything as long as Josh was by his side. “He looks like you.” You commented. He looked like Josh when he was a baby. He had his beautiful crystal blue eyes , his lips and also his curly hair. “I don’t think so.” Josh laughed.  

Just when you were about to close your eyes, someone knocked on the door. You looked at Josh questioningly. Who would come in the middle of the night at 2 AM? When Josh allowed the person to come in, you could see Hannah’s head appearing along with Beth’s. “Hey!” They greeted a way too loud.  “Pshh!” Josh warned. “The baby is sleeping.” When they stepped into the room, Sam and the others followed them. Even Emily came, although you had nothing to do with each other. “Hey guys.” You smiled at them. Everybody congratulated to you for  your baby.  “How are you, (Y/N)?” Sam asked.

“I’m good.” You responded. “Just a little bit tired.” Sam offered you a smile and Ashley came to you pulling, you into a gentle hug.  Hannah went over to Josh after spotting the little infant in his arms. She looked at him desperately, definitely wanting to hold her nephew in her arms. Josh hesitated at first, he wanted to have his son only for himself right now, but it was his sister after all. “Take care.” He instructed, carefully placing his son in his sister’s arms. She rocked the baby back and forth in her arms, whispering her favorite song in his ears. “He looks stunning.” Her eyes were showing a track of fascination. Sam joined her best friend, also wanting to see the little infant. “Hello, handsome.” She said. “Welcome to our family.” She carefully stroked the baby’s rosy cheeks, afraid to hurt him. “He looks like you, Josh.” She commented. You gazed at Josh, laughing at him, while he rolled his eyes. “Ha! I told you.” Everybody joined your laughter.

“What’s his name, anyway?” Mike asked. “Nathan. Nate for short.” Josh answered.  “Nate Washington.” Hannah repeated. “Beautiful name for a beautiful boy.” You agreed, so did everybody. “I wish I had also a baby right now. “ Beth pouted. You took her hand, smiled reassuringly at her. “Your time will come too, Beth.”  After a few conversations, everybody left. They had to work or study the next day. You were left with Josh who laid Nathan into his crib, then sitting next to you and laying his arm over your shoulders protectively. “Go to sleep, Baby. I’m watching over you.” He kissed your temple and then you drifted to sleep.

After a few days you were finally allowed to leave the hospital. You couldn’t wait to take Nathan to your house and showing him his bedroom. Josh was carrying your bags, while you carried Nathan in his baby seat. You opened the door to your home and entered. “Welcome home, Nathan.” You whispered, kissing his cheeks, after you pulled him out of his seat. Josh put your belongings on the floor, walking behind you upstairs to the nursery. When you arrived, your eyes went wide open. The whole room was decorated with balloons and on the light blue painted walls were posters, written with “Welcome home Nathan and (Y/N)” . Your eyes stared at the presents which laid next to the crib. There were so many of them. “We wanted to surprise you.” Josh stepped behind you, laying his hands on your waist as you laid Nate in his crib. You turned back to him, staring in his wonderful eyes. Then you bent over to place a soft kiss on his lips. “Thank you so much, Josh.” You said. He looked at you questioningly.

“For stepping into my life. You make me the happiest woman on earth. I’m so proud to call you my husband and being your wife is the best thing that could ever happen to me. You’re always there, supporting me and protecting me from all the dangers out there. I love you so much, Josh. Even words can’t describe how much I love you. If you were gone, I wouldn’t know what to do without you. You’re the reason why I learned to love, live and laugh again. You saved my live. And now you gave me a son. There are so many things I would like to tell you but I don’t know how.” You noticed your eyes filling with tears. You gently put your hands on his cheeks, stroking them. You sniffled as you continued speaking. “You and Nate are definitely a gift from heaven and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you, my beloved husband. Thank you for everything.”

Suddenly you felt soft lips on yours, kissing you wild and passionately. Josh pulled you closer, your bodies were pressed against each other. You felt something wet on your cheeks and noticed that he was crying too. When you pulled away, you panted breathlessly. Josh kissed your forehead.

“You are also a gift from heaven, my Love. And  I love you even more.”

No fear. No Hiding.

Requested by anon.

Request: Halsey and y/n hook up at a festival after months of a secret relationship.

WARNINGS: None, just love and sweetness :)

A/N:  I didn’t read this over, so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes.

“Ashley, are you sure about this?” you said apprehensively looking at your hands while playing with your fingers.

You felt her fingers passing through your hair in a way that made you smile instantaneously. “I can wait a bit longer if you want to, it’s alright.” she said looking at you in a calm way with a comprehensive smile.

You thought about waiting more time until you’re really confident about yourself, but being with Ashley was confidence enough for you to want to express and show your love for her to everyone.

“No, I think I’m ready.” you said confidently, taking a huge breath before looking straight at her eyes.

“Okay babe.” she pressed her lips against yours for a few seconds. “I just don’t want you to feel forced to do anything.” her gaze was worried and she licked her own lips nervously.

“I wanna do this, Ash. I’m ready.”

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Secret surprises

Josh x Sam FLUFF
For the lovely beautiful-bathing-bird :) xoxox

Sitting at the table in this small cafe, Josh mumbled under his breath as he watch Sam swat off a guy that kept trying to hit on her while she waited for their coffees. He stared down the man from far as Sam pointed at him, probably telling that wack-job she was with him. The man grabbed Sam’s outstretched finger and seemed to be talking menacingly at her. Josh stood up quickly off his chair and started to make his way to her but was stopped as Emily laid a hand on his shoulder from behind him.

Matt appeared behind the guy and held onto his wrist, telling him to let go of his friends hand before he snapped his bones like a twig. The man tried to protest but as the cafe’s employees seemed to be calling the police, he let go and ran out. Matt helped Sam bring the coffee’s over to their table and waited for the rest of them to arrive.

Josh’s stitches ached as he tried to drink his coffee and was soothed as Sam gave him a straw with a small smile. Emily began telling him how foundation would maybe help out with the mouth scars if ever he wanted to cover them up but declined, telling them it was a reminder of what happened and how he had changed to be a better man. The air turned morbid as Matt tried to find something witty to make them smile again.

They didn't need to go back to that memory of Sam running to save Josh that was half Wendigo. Running to him and saving him with Mike. Wendigo Josh had been passive as she ran to him and cried as she thought he was gone forever, not even laying a finger on her until he noticed Mike. How Wendigo Josh had tried to ‘save’ Sam from Mike, thinking he was the one hurting her. How Sam had lured him out of the mines into the unsuspecting hands on rangers with needles filled with liquid to put him down, to be able to bring him to the hospital. How Sam visited him everyday at the hospital and psychiatric ward, how she never gave up on him. They never truly gave up.

It took some time for all of them to come around and talk to him again but everything was better now. He was getting the help he needed to be happy again. He had gotten the help of the old Natives in the mountain to ward off the Wendigo spirit of his body when the doctors didn’t know what to do. It stayed inked in Matt’s mind how he had seen Josh slump down to the ground as the old Native woman finished her prayers to the Gods and Ancient Spirits and how she had informed Sam of how their future would be.

“Child, Sun of his light you are, please be the gravity that keeps him to this earth. The Spirits are with you young soul, they will help you and your friends move along in life.” she had mumbled into Sam’s hair, holding the blonde to her.

“But what if he’s never the same again? What if I’ve lost Josh, and only left with the shell of what he was before Ma'am?” Sam had cried into the Priestesses hair.

“Sun Child, you will light his way back to himself by simply being there, now go to him.” the older woman pushed Sam towards Josh that was being transported to the closest hospital with him and Emily, and took her hand before she left, seeming like she was remembering something. “Do not linger on the past anymore Child, the Spirits have let me see your pain and they are now in peace, both of them. They thank you for reuniting them back together and taking care of their close one.”

Emily shook Matt out of his thoughts to ask him how he was and he smiled, pulling her over the table to hug her.

“I’m just really glad were all together again babe, that’s all.”

Josh played with the ring around his finger and found Sam’s hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing it softly. Matt and Emily smiled to themselves, seeing Josh fiddle with Sam’s matching ring. They couldn’t wait for the rest of the group to arrive and tell them the news.

Mike arrived afterwards with Jess, soon after followed by Chris and Ashley. They all hugged Sam and Josh, saying their hello’s and got their coffees. Mike benched himself beside Josh, squishing him against Sam.

“So, I heard the news my man! Whats this all about?! Congrats on the engagement lovers!

Jess popped a bouquet from behind her back and gave it to Sam, kissing her on each cheek, remembering that’s how they did it in Sam’s family. Ashley took out a present, from her and Chris, and passed it to Sam, urging her to open it later when she was alone. They all stared at the two lovers, waiting for an explanation.

“Well?! Don’t we deserve to be updated on how this happened?! Over a hot dinner or after movie night, hiding it in popcorn?” Chris whispered to them, earning a 'yeah’ from everyone.

Josh took Sam’s hand into his and showed them their rings, telling them how he had simply watched her make a cake and asked her, telling her how she was glowing, smiling and giggling together as Ashley and Chris bounced in their chairs, Matt and Emily smiling at them lovingly and Mike and Jess congratulating them.

Emily stood up, bringing out a small envelope of her jacket. She got everyone’s attention and placed it infront of Josh, her finger firmly on it as he looked surprised and oh so curious at what was in it, knowing full that Emily didn’t make a scene like this unless it was big.

“So lover boy, you got to surprise my dear Sam here last night with a marriage proposal, now let me surprise you.”

Everyone’s attention turned to Josh, begging him to open it. He slowly took the envelope and looked it over, his eyes sliding to Sam ever so often. He opened it, everyone leaning fully on the tables now to see what it was.

His long slender fingers pulled out a black and white photograph, an ultrasound of twins, and placed it onto the table, a mutual gasp being heard by everyone. They all turned to Emily, the cafe suddenly quiet but none of them had noticed, they were transfixed on what Emily seemed to be trying to tell them.

Matt voice boomed out into the open. “Em… Is this for real…”
His voice was small but excited, but Emily’s sly smile told him not to be.

“Now Josh, I want you to slowly flip that picture over. I said slowly Josh dammit!”

Mike pushed Josh’s arm and told him to flip it, wondering who’s name was on the other side.

As he flipped it over, silence reigned again in the cafe, the employees waiting behind the group that was now all behind Mike, Josh and Sam, looking at the name on the ultrasound.

Josh’s hands began to shake as he turned to Sam, her small form sitting beside him, quiet as ever. His eyes implored her, begging her to say something. Mike looked over Josh at her and smiled, getting up and hugging Jess hard as they all began to cheer. The employees came to the table, and laid a cake with he words ‘Congratulation Daddy’ down infront of Josh but he wasn’t paying attention, he was still waiting for his small fiance to talk.

You're going to be a daddy, surprise Josh.

Matt smiled into Emily’s hair, holding her to him as they watched the happy couple. Josh seemed to be crying into Sam’s arms, kissing her over and over again and telling her how much he loved her.

“How did you come to have those pictures Em?” Matt told his girlfriend, watching her shine of pride.

“Sam had been planning to tell him today since its their 3rd year anniversary, and when he proposed last night, she recruited me, the fabulous and dramatic Emily Bloom to surprise Josh. He only thought we were coming here to celebrate their engagement. She gave them to me this morning, I came here and told the employees about it and here we are.” she looked over at Josh, seeing how her two friends were happy and melted as Sam looked over to her and mouthed Thank you.

Mike came over quickly to the couple, telling Josh how he was proud of him and how they were all going to help them however they wanted. Chris and Matt followed, offering them to teach their children video games and football, the girls telling Sam they would help her anyway they could and be the best aunts ever.

They all drank their coffees and ate the cake, talking lightly after congratulating Sam and Josh. Josh couldn’t concentrate on what everyone was saying, his eyes only stayed on his small bird and watched her laugh with Ashley, one of her hands on her stomach all the while. The redhead noticed and told her friend she had to go pee, quickly leaving the two alone again.

Sam’s glacier blue eyes connected with Josh’s beautiful orbs and took his hand, holding it to her stomach. He seemed to be holding back tears as she looked up at him, his face glowing with happiness even with the tears threatening to fall.

“I don’t think I could have had a better day Sammy. You, everyone here with us, sharing this incredible moment… I’m so happy, I feel like it’s going to end soon…”

He took the ultrasound picture into his other free hand and observed it, his fiance’s eyes shining with curiosity, hoping to chase his worries away.

“Did you notice what sex they are Josh?”

He frowned at her, realizing he hadn’t even looked and searched for it at the top of the picture. Sam worriedly took his hands after a full minute of just staring at the image, hoping that he wasn’t sad or hurt.

Girls… We’re having twin girls…. WERE HAVING TWIN GIRLS?!” he said loudly, realizing what it meant and held her close.

He was wrong, now he was having the Best day of his life.

Ship Name

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Reader
Word count: 1,155
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( @girl-next-door-writes​ ) Hey sweetie, can I request a bit of Rich from you? He’s always had a thing for the reader and you’re at a con when he discovers the fans ship you with Rob and they keep asking Rob questions about it at panel and he gets a little huffy about it and maybe has a little rant so people put two and two together but the reader didn’t see their panel but when they do their own panel they are bombarded with questions about Rich and someone shows footage of his rant and then fluff please xxxx

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Fearsome: Josh Washington x Reader

Part Two- Intimidation

As requested by Anon: “ I love your blog sm❤️❤️ would you please do an imagine set when it’s revealed Josh did the prank and the reader (Josh’s gf) is scared of him even though he made sure during the prank to leave her out of it?? and like he goes to hug her and she’s terrified of him?? thank you!!” 

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Too Cute to Be Real III

Part 1: Hi, I’m the Prophet
Part 2: Crush(ed)

Request: okay um @olgaplaygames‘s request is a little too long to describe, but I’ve kinda deviated from the original request to suit the storyline better, so it may not be exactly as they requested…

Pairing: ‘prophet’!Chuck x Reader

Summary: Reader babysits the prophet Chuck Shurley during the Apocalypse, but over time finds herself falling just a little bit deeper in love with him every day

Warnings: swearing, reader making a stupid mistake…

(I do not have a gif for this)

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Imagine #5 My Valentine

Originally posted by carboneross

February 14th…

Valentine’s Day… Our special day. Not only was it Valentine’s Day to us, but Neymar also asked me to be his on this day, exactly 2 years ago. But just like every day I had to go to college and Neymar had to train for his upcoming match.

I was getting ready for college, so I took a quick shower and put on a casual red dress with a pair of wedges. I quickly added just a little bit of make-up to my face. I grabbed my bag and phone and headed downstairs, only to find him making breakfast in just his boxers. I sneaked up from behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Happy Valentine’s Day baby,” I greeted him, leaving a kiss on his bare back. I felt his muscles relax under my touch and he turned around. “Happy Valentine’s Day Y/N.” He smiled giving me a kiss. “So what are you making?” I asked looking behind him. “French toast with strawberries.” He grinned. I moaned just hearing the words french toast, however, it made Ney laugh at me. “Ugh, you know I like french toast, yours especially.” I winked at him. “Baby, you love my french toast.” He said winking back. “That sounds weird,” I made a weird face and he laughed, “So what are you gonna do today?” I asked him. “I’m gonna wait for you to come home when I’m done training.” He smirked. I smiled at him, “I’m so lucky to have you amor.” I couldn’t help but kiss his lips. He broke the kiss some time later and said, “C'mon, let’s eat querida.”

After half an hour I left the house and drove off to my university. When I got there I stepped out of my car and entered the campus. I met up with my best friend Katerina and together we walked to our first class of the day.

“So have you made any plans with Drew?” I asked her, wiggling my eyebrows.

“Stop it girl,” She laughed, “But, yes, he is taking me out and then we’ll see what happens.” She blushed.

“Aww, you’re so in love! I’m happy he’s treating you well, you deserve it.” I smiled at her.

“How about you? Are you and Neymar up to something?” Now it was her turn to wiggle her eyebrows.

“Well, no not really, he said he’ll be waiting for me. So I guess we’re just gonna hang out at home.” I told Kat. “But maybe he has a surprise for you.” She squealed excitingly. “I doubt that, he is training hard for his upcoming game, so he hardly has time.” I said. We dropped the subject and took a seat in the auditorium. We nearly fell asleep during class, because the man was just going on and on about the same thing. This lasted for almost an hour, then he thankfully moved on to something else and after 45 minutes we got dismissed. One down, two to go…

Our second class was over which means lunch break. Kat and I got ourselves Starbucks first and then quickly went to get something from Subway. We chose to sit outside since there was a pleasant temperature today. We talked about some random things and ate our delicious subway meanwhile.

Third class of the day was pure torture. Boring would be an understatement, but hey, if I want to graduate, I will have to cope with it. Kat and I were now walking with a good friend of ours, Ashley, towards the parking lot. I looked on my phone to check the time, “Oh my god. I totally forgot. I promised my mom I would help her with her bakery shop.” I sighed. “Oh chica.” They both looked at me with sympathetic looks.

“It’s fine, I’ll try to not make it long, I really want to spend the rest of the day with Ney,” I said, “You girls have fun tho, catch y'all later.” I both hugged them.

“Bye, Y/N! See ya tomorrow!” They waved bye.

I got into my car and started driving towards the bakery shop my mom and dad owned. We sell a lot of brazilian sweets, since we’re originally from Brazil. It’s actually where Neymar and I met. I smiled to myself remembering that day. The shop is doing good though, it gets a lot of customers, so I promised I helped them when I could.

I walked inside and saw my mom frowning at me.

“Hey mom,” I gave her a kiss on the cheek, “Where’s dad?” I asked.

“He’s in the back. Y/N, why are you here?” She asked me.

“I promised I’d help you today, remember?” I answered, a little confused.

“Oh right, oh god…” She muttered under her breath, “Listen, you should go home filha. I want you to enjoy the rest of the day.” She smiled at me.

“Are you sure mom?” I asked her even more confused, but happy at the same time.

She nodded and gave me a hug, “Yes honey, you deserve it.”

“Well, let me just say hi to dad.” And I ran off to the back, quickly greeted him and then back to the front.

“Thanks mom! See you soon.” I waved her goodbye.

“Have fun!” I heard her shout.

I got into my car again, put my sunglasses on and raced home. It’s been a tiring day. I pulled up in our driveway and got out of the car. I grabbed my keys and opened up the door. I dropped my bag on the floor and closed the door behind me.

“Neymar! I’m home!” I shouted so he could hear me, wherever he was.

No answer.

I started walking towards the backyard, but no he wasn’t there. Upstairs maybe? I walked to the staircase and what I saw made my heart flutter. There were little candles on each step and at the bottom there was a letter. I picked it up and began to read it.

Dear Y/N,

To some people February 14th is just another day.
For me this is a day to take time and say… I love you.
Stop, and think what we’ve been through and how much our love has grown.
Yes, we fight,
And I’ve lied,
But never forget for you I would die.
Everyday I see your beautiful, smiling face,
And there are moments that I stare and you take my breath away,
and leave me with nothing to say,
On this special day,
I ask myself how it is possible to love a person so much.
My heart has been permanently touched.
All the tears and pain seem to go away.
The pieces of my heart that were chiseled away, you make them ok.
Once there was a deep dark hole nobody could touch,
Until you came and filled it with all your love.
On this special day I want you to know,
I love you,
More than I could write down, tell, explain or even try to show,
In this life or the next.
I’ve done things I regret,
And they hurt you inside and made you cry,
But let those things die,
Not you and I.
I want to be with you the rest of my life,
Until the day I say good-bye.
So on this Valentines Day I want to say,
I love you and will always be with you.

Your Neymar.

That is honestly the most beautiful thing I have ever read. It brought so many tears to my eyes. I walked up the stairs and wondered where he could be. I tried our bedroom first and I think I am going to have a heart attack soon, because I don’t think I can take any more surprises. On the king-sized bed was a heart made out of rose petals and the rest of the room had some lit up candles. There was also some romantic, swaying music playing. But still, he wasn’t here.

“Neymar?” I called desperately, I need to see him. I looked around the room one more time. I started walking towards the bathroom, “Si, amor?” I heard his deep voice say.

I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around. And there he was, standing closely to the balcony door, which was slightly opened. He looked smoking hot. His hair was styled to perfection, he wore a black suit with expensive looking shoes and held a big bouquet of red roses in his hand. He looked at me with an evident smirk playing on his lips and he slowly walked over to me.

“Happy 2 year anniversary baby.” He said reaching me. He held out the flowers for me to take and I gladly accepted them.
I looked up at him and finally said something, “Happy 2 year anniversary Neymar.” I started tearing up again.

He smiled and grabbed me by my waist and brought me closer to him. He then wiped away my tears and put his hand on my cheek.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“For?” He asked me with questioning eyes. “Thank you for this, for everything. For always being there for me, for making me happy. For treating me like a real queen. I love you so much Ney. I am so blessed to have you.” I smiled while telling him this.

He brought his head closer to mine and I could feel his breath fanning my face.

“Anything for you Y/N. You’re my sun, you make me shine like diamonds.” He winked.

“You’re being very poetic today, huh.” I teased him laughing. With that I closed the gap between us and we kissed passionately. He moved his lips to my neck and left some sweet kisses there. He then stopped himself and took my hand, “The food is getting cold.” He winked.

“You’re crazy for doing all of this.” I commented while shaking my head.

After our dinner outside on the balcony it started to get a little chilly. So we went back inside and there was still music playing. I recognized the song as Make Love by Chris Brown.

I was already sitting on the edge of the bed but Neymar had some other plans for now.

“Can I have this dance with you?” He asked smoothly holding out his hand.

“Yes sir.” I smirked giving my hand to him and let him lead. We sensually danced to the song and knowing Ney he got a little excited. He started kissing my neck again, this time more aggressively. He slid his hands from my waist to my ass. I moaned as his tongue worked magic on my skin. Soon one thing led to another and that’s how a perfect day came to an end.

(Credits for the poem goes to
Hope you’ll like this! Also a big thank you to all my followers and readers! I’m so happy with 300+ followers! 

Teasing Ashley Doesn't Go As Planned

You screamed as a water balloon fell on you from above.

“You assholes!” you yelled, looking up at Ashley and CC who were snickering from the roof. “I’m going to kill you guys!” you glared up at him, and they disappeared.

“Relax, (Y/N), you aren’t wearing make-up or anything so it’s not like they made you look that much worse,” Juliet told you coming out shortly after.

“Jeez, Jules, thanks,” you said sarcastically. You were really trying to like Juliet, but she was so condescending. As the newest member of the BVB & girlfriends group she was either hazing you or really bad at being welcoming.

“Shut up, Juliet, she doesn’t look bad at all,” Ella laughed from where she was lounging by the pool with Jake.

“You’re all so supportive,” you laughed rolling your eyes. “Has anyone seen my boyfriend?” you asked, and then you heard Ashley and CC making their distinctive war cry.

“Fuck,” you yelled, because you knew they were coming for you.

“This way,” Jinxx said to you, and you followed him thinking he was going to save you, only to be ambushed.

“Damn it!” You yelled as Ashley tackled you to the ground.

“I win,” he smiled, and you glared.

“That’s not even fair, Purdy, not even,” you smiled when he kissed you.

“I know,” he grinned.

“I’m just going to kill you, okay?” you asked, and he smiled.

“I can deal, but the band may not be happy,” he chuckled and you rolled your eyes, relaxing against the ground.

“Wanna have sex?” you asked and his eyes widened.

“Are you serious?”

“No,” you giggled, “but the look on your face was hilarious,” you told him as he glared down at you.

“You guys are gross,” CC said and you both turned and stuck your tongues out at him.

“Eww, tongues, how disgusting,” Ella laughed, and you giggled, kissing Ashley’s cheek.

“I think you missed your target,” Ashley chuckled, kissing you on the lips.

“No, I don’t think so,” you smiled then tilted your head back to you could sort of look at where Jake and Ella were longuing.

“Hey Jake!” you yelled, and Ashley and Jake both looked at you.

“Yeah?” Jake asked a sort of amused grin on his face.

“I’m just going to talk to you about nothing in particular for a moment so I can distract Ashley,” you told him, and he was confused.

Ashley looked down at you and you smirked before rolling him over and putting him on his back.

“That’s cheating,”

“Nah, you sent Jinxx as a decoy, that was barely a fraction of the cheatingness.”


“It’s a word, look it up, it’s a staple of the (Y/N) dictionary,” you smiled, keeping his arms pinned above his head.

“It’s like dating a kid,” Ashley said to Andy who was watching bemusedly from the side.

“Except I’m legal,” you giggled leaning down and kissing his lips lightly. “But you’re still mean,” you smiled at him.

“Aw, does the baby need to go tattle to her mommy?” he teased and you rolled your eyes.

“You know, when I turn out to be a serial killer you’re going to be the first to die,” you smiled, rolling onto the ground beside him and looking up at the clouds that were almost non-existant. “Why the fuck is the sun so bright? There can’t be a logical reason for that?” you joked and Ashley chuckled, taking your hand.

“Because science,” he laughed and you smiled.

“Talk nerdy to me,” you whispered in a mock sultry voice and he chuckled.

“Star Trek,”

“Yeah?” you asked, pretending to be aroused by the words.

“Quantum mechanics,”

“Mmm,” you hummed, biting your lip.

“Gravity,” he whispered low in your ear. You had to frce yourself not to giggle and instead fake a moan.

“You’re so good at this Ashley,” you told him breathlessly and he tried to hold in a laugh of his own.

“I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet,” he told you in a low, seductive voice. “The square root of pie times the number of sides on a quadrilateral at the speed of light equals physics.

“Holy shit, take me home,” you told him, biting your lip and barely containing yourself.

“If I do the nerdy talk stops,” he chuckled, kissing your lips lightly, “and the real stuff starts.”

“Really?” you asked, and he nodded.

“Maybe later,” you told him, getting up and dashing for the pool. You heard him yell your name just before you jumped and landed in the water.

When you surfaced he was glaring at you. “You know, Ash, you were always my favorite,” you smiled at him, pretty sure you were in for it.

“Yeah, I know, you better stay in the pool, because I’m slinging you over my shoulder as soon as you get out.” He told you with a grin.

“But Ashley, don’t you just wanna build a snowman? I mean look at that sky, it’s just so awake!” you told him, laughing.

“The second you get out,” he warned you taking a seat in a chair by the edge of the pool.

“Are you really serious?” you pouted, and he nodded.

“Ashley,” you whined and your face heated up a little bit, because everyone was staring at you two.

“(Y/N),” he mocked putting his sun glasses on. “I can wait all day, babe.”

You glared and considered just giving in for a second, but the decided firmly against it. You turned your nose up at him and decided to go for a swim. You felt tense, fairly certain everyone was staring at the two of you and it was just sort of awkward.

“Ashley,” you called to him, floating on the other side of the pool.

“Yeah, babe?”

“If I run are you going to chase me?”

“Yup,” he said, taking a sip of his beer.

“How drunk are you?”

“Not very,”

“Good, I don’t want you to fall while I’m running,” you told him, jumping out of the pool.

“You know, I’ve never seen a couple trying so hard to get away from each other.” Ella said to Jake as Ashley chased you around the pool.

“Yeah, it’s kind of pathetic,” Juliet said and you stopped, glaring at her.

“Take me home, now,” you whispered to Ashley as he approached you.

“Thank God, she was mumbling the whole time you were in the pool, she’s pissing me off too,” he said, kissing you lightly then throwing you over his shoulder.

“Damn it Ashley,” you grumbled and he laughed, spanking you.

“I’m going to fucking murder you,” you told him, kicking him in the thigh.

“I look forward to it,” he chuckled, taking you to his car.

“I hope I ruin your interior,” you grumbled and he chuckled.

“Who said you were riding inside?”