she is truly the red queen

Requires Fantasy Novel Things (feel free to add more)

- Title contains the words “Wolf/Rose/Sword/Dark/Crown/Throne”
- Unexplained white haired girl
- Evil Queen that is definitely a red head
- The one black haired guy that dresses in all black but his eyes are blue and beautiful
- Special Eyes™
- Someone turns into an animal and exactly one (1) person might question it
- The Blacksmith
- The mysterious hooded woman in the woods (bonus points if she has a fancy stick)
- Barn sex
- The fastest horse in the land that gets shot by an arrow on page 215
- The one soft spoken healer that gives life changing advice and then is never mentioned again
- A truly excessive amount of dead parents
- Everyone is British except for one inexplicable Irish guy

When she took
her very first
the world was
truly blessed.
Oh, and when
she smiled
all eyes were
on that child.
Her soft cheeks,
they blushed red
like a cherry
that little gem
of a girl
was named Elle.

Birthday Poem #2

Happy birthday Elle @ellenya


You Said You Loved Him Too.

From the sneak peek 6x10 in the graveyard with EQ and Regina after.

It’s cold, pain stakingly so as she crunches over frozen leaves on the path she has walked a thousand times. And yet. It’s so different this time around. Hours earlier she’d come upon her darker self sitting in front of Robin’s grave, mumbling something her thunderous heart muffled away, but it was her eyes that had Regina’s heart stilling. The Queen, the one without a heart, had red rimmed eyes, and a shining wetness hidden from everyone but her.

She’s figured it out, well, they both have, being split apart though till technically tied together by a soul comes with it’s own intricacies, they feel the other’s emotions. The anger, the rage, the bitterness, the softness, the pain, the longing…it’s all there, whether they want it or not. The price of magic, unable to truly escape the other.

She screamed at the Queen in panic, furious she would dare stand in front of his tomb, but then, the monarch spoke, a tremble in her voice, thick and heavy, she loved him too. The words sank into Regina’s gut, spiked and swirled about like tar. Of course the Queen would have loved him. Had been loved by him in some capacity. Regina knows that feeling. The pure light her lost love embraced her with, whispered it into every cell in her body, kissed his endearment into her skin every day, the butterflies flourishing at his dimpled grin saved only for her, hands that held her own strong and steady, much like the heartbeat she used to fall asleep with.

It’s why she is here, eyes glued to the stone arc where his name is etched as she passes by, silently telling him she loves him, words he never had the chance to hear, but he knows she did, he had to of known.

For three weeks since his passing she has searched for a way to bring him back, but how she finds a lost obliterated soul, she does not know, spell books only can go so far, most relying on True Love’s Kiss as a last resort.

But it didn’t work.

She tried that night, in her office, huddled over his body, calling his name in a whisper through tears, brushing back tousled sandy brown hair and stubbled cheeks, had kissed his cold hard lips til her own felt like bleeding. She begged, quietly pleaded for his eyes to open. And much like the first time a love was taken from her, he didn’t wake up.

So no, her spell books haven’t helped, but Henry…he had given her an idea, probably on accident as he made mention of their soulmate title, her heart doubled over, and just maybe…maybe.

The door creaks open as she pushes against it hard, flicking away the blood lock tiredly, in no mood for any more games tonight, she’s exhausted and just wants Robin back. There is no quiet muffled entrance she tries to hide, simply clicks down the stone steps and into her vault, commandeered by the Queen, and it’s strange, walking into her own space that another holds, she should be annoyed, put up a fight and banish the royal, but she can’t, finds it odd, and yet rather endearing? If that’s the right word, that the monarch feels safe in this space, in her space.

“What do you want?” Her own voice growls out from around the corner, the sight of the Queen in a dark blue silk night gown and robe startling, but it’s not really the time to comment on how undone her other half looks, dark circles under cold angry eyes, fatigued etched across her face. She wonders if she is looking into a mirror, the exhaustion that clings to her is overwhelming at best these days.

Regina swallows, shrugging her coat off and laying it on the chest beside her, “I need your help.” The Queen laughs, rolls her eyes and arches an eyebrow at her docile twin, “I was wondering when you would switch sides.” She stands, the silk robe flowing around her, “That’s now what I meant.” Regina snaps back, crossing her arms over her chest.

They can’t hurt each other without inflicting pain on themselves, and while the thought surely has crossed Regina’s mind that maybe it would all just be easier if she ended this herself, taking both Mayor and Monarch out in one swift crush of her heart, it’s Henry that holds her here still.

“Then what Regina?”

“Robin. I need your help to bring him back.”

The Queen stills, scowling hard, fire flickering behind her eyes.

“Why would I?”

Silence echoes around them, ricocheting off the walls as they stare at one another, equally trying to find a crack in the facade the other holds. The Queen breaks first. “It’s not possible to bring back the dead. You of all people should know that.” Regina winces, nodding that yes, she does know it, but still, the amount of hope speeches she has had to endure from Snow White have left maybe the smallest glimmer in her fragile heart that maybe there is a possibility, a chance.

“This is different.”


“He and I shared a soul, technically all three of us did now that you and I are…” she motions between them, “what we are.”

A dark smile tugs across the Queen’s face as hands come to rest on her hips, a finger pointing, accusingly questioning as she stalks forward, “You want me to give up my soul for him, don’t you?” She snarks, pressing a long red painted nail into the black wool coat Regina wears, pushing hard till she see’s the other woman shift under its pressure above her heart, their heart.

“I’d be giving up a part of mine as well, I just need a part of yours too.”

“Do you really think I’d do that? For you?”

“Yes” Regina swallows thickly, tears burning at the back of her eyes though she dare not shed a single one now. “I think you will, I know you will. You remember what love felt like with him. I know you want that back.”

“Love is weakness.” The Queen hisses, though her eyes betray her, a swirling of something Regina hopes, is well, hope. Robin loved them, both of them, equally, unequivocally, and intentionally.

“You know that’s not true.”

“It made you weak, his death was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“That doesn’t make me weak.”

“Doesn’t it? You nearly destroyed yourself, destroyed me, all because of lost love. Haven’t we gone down this path before.”

“You weren’t there with Daniel.”

“Wasn’t I? Haven’t I always been with you Regina? Tucked away, locked up in a box you never intended on opening.”

Regina shakes her head, but the Queen smiles, knowing the truth in her words. “I know what love felt like, but I also know that it’s not worth the pain when you lose it.”

“He loved you, just as much as me.”

“No. He only loved you. I just sat beneath the surface like a good little pet while you played heroic housewife. He never loved the Evil Queen.”

“What about in the Enchanted Forest? He didn’t fall in love with me, that was all you. Hard headed, tempered, angry and lost.”

“We were still one person, he may have found interest in my presence, but it was the light side of you that pulled him in.”

“You know that’s not entirely true.”

“How? How could I possibly know that?”

“The night of the shattered curse, you came out, in full force, and he wanted to stay, to protect you. Not me. You.”

“No that’s —”

“It is true. Don’t deny it because you are being too stubborn to see the truth. He was never afraid of you, or of me.”

The Queen steps back, dropping her eyes from Regina’s that shine with tears, her own traitorously lining her lashes. It’s not the same. If she brings him back, Regina gets him. Not her. He won’t choose her. Won’t love her. Won’t want her. She’d be a bystander, forced to watch from the sidelines as her other half found the happiness they both craved with the same man.

“You said you loved him too.”

“I can’t.”

“If you help me, I promise I will help you in return.”

“You can’t help me, Regina. I’m the Evil Queen, destruction and revenge are all I know.”

“I don’t think that’s completely true.”

“Then you’re just fooling yourself.”

“Why else would you sit at his grave, in the middle of the night, laying a rose on his stone? Why, if you didn’t want him back just as terribly as I do, would you be there talking to him?”


“You miss him.”

The Queen nods, stunned.

“I miss him too. And I need him back.”

“If I give up a part of my soul, I don’t know what happens to me. We are already split in two.”

“I know. But if it brings him back, isn’t it worth it?”

Regina’s heart pounds in her chest, rattling between her ribs as she watches the Queen search inside herself, battling between self preservation that has been her only companion, and the desperate longing of what might be. She freezes as the Queen’s heart pulses in purple electricity, slamming her fist into her own chest, catching a tight scream that Regina feels in her core, a ripping sensation that tugs low at her spine, shearing through tendon and muscle as it claws through her chest. A bright white ball produces in the Queen’s hand, a second in Regina’s. They both stare down at the swirling globe, light as a feather, opaque and warm.

“I thought mine would be darker.” The Queen muses, walking back towards Regina, extending the glowing ball out in front of her. “Take it, before I regret this.”

“Thank You.”

She turns, sweat pooling down her back as her hands shake holding the two tiny wrapped up spheres of their souls, humming in her palms with steady vibration.


Her eyes cast back into the vault, to where the Queen has resumed sitting on the chest, the one where Robin had chosen her all those months ago, her hands wrapped tightly around her abdomen, as she licks her lips, huffing out a trembling breath.

“If you do it, if he comes back…”

“I promise I’ll bring him here.”

The Queen nods, toying with a curl of hair.

“I do love him.”

“I know. So do I.”

The signs as Carmen lyrics

Aries- “Carmen, Carmen, staying up til morning. Only seventeen, but she walks the streets so mean”

Taurus- “Darling, darling, doesn’t have a problem. Lying to herself cause her liquour’s top shelf”

Gemini- “She says, you don’t want to get this way, famous and dumb at an early age. Lying, I’m lying”

Cancer- “It’s alarming truly how disarming you can be, eating soft ice cream, Coney Island queen”

Leo- “The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen. She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes”

Virgo- “Put your red dress on, put your lipstick on. Sing your song, song, now, the camera’s on and you’re alive again”

Libra- “She laughs like god, her mind’s like a diamond. Buy her tonight, she’s still shining, like lightning, oh, white lightning”

Scorpio- She says you don’t want to get this way, street walking at night, and a star by day. It’s tiring, tiring”

Sagittarius- She says you don’t want to be like me, looking for fun, getting high for free. I’m dying, I’m dying” 

Capricorn- “She says you don’t want to be like me. Don’t wanna see all the things I’ve seen, I’m dying, I’m dying”

Aquarius- “It’s alarming honestly how charming she can be. Fooling everyone, telling them she’s having fun”

Pisces- Baby’s all dressed up, with nowhere to go. That’s the little story of the girl you know, relying on the kindness of strangers, tying cherry knots while doing party favours”

Throwing it back to when @vaveyard came to Manila. My dream of meeting her came true. I wasn’t able to talk to her for long, but I’m glad I was able to not only have my book signed, but I was also able to give here these little drawings of Mare, Farley, Evangeline, Cal, Maven and Kilorn. Plus…she greeted me a happy birthday :) That day is truly a day I will never forget.


So today we will take a look at the queen of airport fashion and the fashion icon herself,Jessica Jung.Before I start with this long post I have to say that I’m a huge fan of her and that I love her with all my heart. I am so excited and I hope she will have a huge success with her debut album because she truly deserves it.So enough of that lets take a look at her outfits.Jessica is like her sister very, very fashionable.She turns the airport into a runway show.Although she doesn’t wear bright colours and crazy combos of clothe pieces she definitely gets attention for her style. She keeps it classy yet very stylish and beautiful.The first picture is my favourite outfit of hers.The dress is just to die for and combined with the boots she instantly stole my heart.Jeans are also a must have.Some people wear jeans that don’t suit their outfits but Jessica combines them perfectly. Another thing that she is really good at picking are her purses.Most of the time they’re small but colourful.Her purses are giving always a splash of colour to her outfit.You can already tell that she has an amazing scenes for fashion and that she indeed is a fashion designer/icon.All of her lines,no matter sunglasses ,jeans or whatever,are to die for.She was always criticised for being to plain or that her fashion lines are boring but the simple look is an art itself and she totally knows how to rock it.She is been trough so much and seeing her as the woman she is just makes me happy and proud.

Emma will be put under a sleeping curse by midseason: A prediction.

I truly and completely believe Red Kansas is the premonition and foretelling of Swan Queen. This is my (extremely hopeful) prediction of the season.

Emma’s self doubt and faith will swallow er completely. She will be beaten down by Morpheus and convinced by the Evil Queen that she does not know what real love is. And that she a true coward. Somehow, by either protecting her family or wanting to see what real love is, the Evil Queen manages to put her under the sleeping curse. Maybe even before the wedding of Hook and Emma

Hook will obviously be very arrogant and confident he can lift the curse. After all, he was to marry Emma. There is a dramatic set up and, Hook in his blacks and Emma in all white, will kiss Emma to wake her.

But she doesn’t wake up. He kisses her again. Nothing. Again, with conviction. Nada. Again, this one frustrated and angry. Dead Fish. 

He turns to Emma’s family, Regina included, and says “I cannot wake her. The Evil Queen has made a curse that prevails over True Love.”

BOOM END OF MIDSEASON FINALE (either that or the actual finale but i think it will be mid) 

The next season, we turn to Regina to save them all from her dark self. They will try any and all t kill her but they cannot because to kill the Evil Queen, Regina must die too. In order to defeat the Evil Queen, Regina must embrace her. And she must discover her true happy ending. 

The entire 2nd half season deals with everyone attempting to wake Emma, but with no luck. Maybe even Henry writes her awake. She’s awake, but she’s not Emma. She’s an empty shell. Nothing like his real mom. So he has to force himself to write her back to sleep until the curse is lifted the way it should be.

It also deals with Regina’s struggle. With Emma gone, her real feelings for her are coming to surface. But she’s terrified. Not only because it is Snow’s daughter, but surely, Emma cannot feel the same. She was with Hook! Snow becomes her guide, helping her come to terms with these feelings, and discover what they mean, even if it means rejection. Snow gives Regina her blessing.

The Evil Queen has full control over Storybrooke. Maybe even Hook has joined her because the one thing that made him good didn’t love him the way he loved her. Everyone is at Emma’s glass coffin, mourning their loss, except for Snow, and Henry too. They have not given up hope.

Regina has a heroic discovery. She embraces bravery to go to Emma and admit her true feelings to her lifeless body. She appears to her in red, Emma still in white, and has a long monologue that Lana will destroy lives with her acting skills. She admits she love Emma, and regrets she didn’t find out sooner. With a tearful goodbye, she says “I love you, Emma Swan.”  and kisses the corner of her lips.



Emma looks at Regina and whispers, “Gina. It’s you. It’s always been you.” She sits up and kisses Regina. CHEERS AND TEARS AND APPLAUSE.

Hook will not have it. He becomes a true villain. Cue the villain of season 7.



What do you all think? Let me know!

But wait, let’s really talk about this, because it’s pretty interesting how many different scenes come into different people’s minds when they think of the first moment where Anthy truly feels something. And I’m of course talking something deeper than just empty amusement over Chuchu or flip books.

Some of the scenes I hear about are Anthy’s smile at the end of episode 2, when she dances with Utena, when she has lunch with Utena and Wakaba, or, which seems particularly popular, this scene:

Which, personally, I think was one of the biggest spoonfuls of bullshit Anthy ever fed Utena with.

So I can’t really agree with any of the above, and while we all know that the biggest and most climactic display of Anthy’s emotions in the first arc are her tears during Utena’s second duel with Touga, there is an earlier scene that is first to come into my mind.

To me, this is the first time something within Anthy has been shaken, it’s the first real look into Anthy’s mind that we ever get, and it’s rather unsettling. 

Throughout the first arc, Anthy has never really been short on expressions. She’d smile when someone was nice to her, she’d look sad when someone was mean to her, but now we’re given the exact opposite. Anthy feels something, she’s facing the fact that she had developed some genuine affection for Utena, and her face is completely blank.

It speaks volumes for how far Anthy has come in killing her own sense of self in order to play out the role of the Rose Bride. I’d say it’s even debatable whether or not Anthy understand what it is she’s feeling during this scene, as that part of her might very well have been pushed off to a much more subconscious level. That face is the face of someone observing her own emotions, but not really feeling like she’s a part of them.

I guess that’s why I feel so opposed to the idea that any of the times, prior to this scene, where Anthy would put on a smile or a frown, were actually genuine. Because it feels like it makes light of how broken Anthy really is, and how well she has perfected the art of being the doll without a heart.

[…] “Tommen is king now, and he is not his brother.”

“Nor is he his sister.”

It was true. Tommen was a good-hearted little man who always tried his best, but the last time Ser Arys saw him he had been weeping on the quay. Myrcella never shed a tear, though it was she who was leaving hearth and home to seal an alliance with her maidenhood. The truth was, the princess was braver than her brother, and brighter and more confident as well. Her wits were quicker, her courtesies more polished. Nothing ever daunted her, not even Joffrey. The women are the strong ones, truly. He was thinking not only of Myrcella, but of her mother and his own, of the Queen of Thorns, of the Red Viper’s pretty, deadly Sand Snakes. And of Princess Arianne Martell, her most of all.


A Feast For Crows, The Soiled Knight, George R.R. Martin

(I’ll never get tired to find the context of the most famous quotes from ASOIAF. I’d forgotten it was Arys Oakheart who said this one, for example, or that Sansa’s porcelain-ivory-steel quote was thought while she was in the godswood, getting ready to flee from King’s Landing with ser Dontos. *__*)

A wonderful day for a walk. A wonderful, clear day for an adventure. Why not, the pale ginger asks herself as she wanders out of her villa, the one she has cleaned and crafted in for several years. She leaves through the back, plucking a few flowers on her way out and pocketing them, all but on iris that is black as night that she places in her blood red hair as she walks out the gate. In to the woods, a source of adventure no matter what usually, and takes a meandering stroll.

Not many people or creatures wander in her woods often. Non humans knew she hunts in the area and humans assume the area is haunted, so only the stupid or truly lost ended up in the woods. She ties her hair back and continues on her way.

Before long, her sensitive cat ears pick up the sounds of a child crying. Worried, the demon queen tucks her tail and ears in, and rush over to see what was the matter. She sees a child, on the ground. He smells scared, and looks like he hasn’t seen abed in a few days at least. The demon leans down, crouching on her toes a few steps away and smiles at the tiny boy.

“Hey. Do you like flowers?” she asks, trying to make it nice and pleasant between the boy and the stranger. She wasn’t trying to make him scared. A lock of white and red banded hair strays from her tie as the wind carries her scent over to him.

anonymous asked:

Could you explain the symbolism behind Anthy's glasses?

I see Anthy’s glasses in two ways.

First of all, they’re a shield and a mask, and I think of them as part of her Rose Bride attire, even when she’s not in the dress. Anthy doesn’t actually need glasses, she sees perfectly fine without them. It’s very important to note that the only times Anthy truly opens up to someone, either Utena or Akio, her glasses are off. Anthy also takes off her glasses every time she goes to have sex with Akio, almost ritually so, and this is an act of empowering Akio, because it’s showing him that he’s the only one who knows her true self. (That is, until Utena started to as well.) Both the glasses, the hairdo, and the Rose Bride dress are all parts of a costume for an acted role that in no way reflects who the real Anthy Himemiya is.

Secondly, glasses are a tool which you perceive the world through, and that’s what makes it so meaningful when Anthy leaves them behind in the end. Her perspective of the world has been changed, it’s not the hopeless, hateful place she thought of it as, the rules she felt bound by don’t actually exist, and now that she’s ready to change her life accordingly, she no longer needs them.


  “I hate them,” Arya confided, red-faced, sniffling. “The Hound and the queen and the king and Prince Joffrey. I hate all of them. Joffrey lied, it wasn’t the way he said. I hate Sansa too. She did remember, she just lied so Joffrey would like her.”

  “We all lie,” her father said. “Or did you truly think I’d believe that Nymeria ran off?”

  Arya blushed guiltily. “Jory promised not to tell.”

  “Jory kept his word,” her father said with a smile. “There are some things I do not need to be told. Even a blind man could see that wolf would never have left you willingly.”

  “We had to throw rocks,” she said miserably. “I told her to run, to go be free, that I didn’t want her anymore. There were other wolves for her to play with, we heard them howling,and Jory said the woods were full of fame, so she’d have deer to hunt. Only she kept following, and finally we had to throw rocks. I hit her twice. She whined and looked at me and I felt so ‘shamed, but it was right, wasn’t it? The queen would have killed her.”

  “It was right,” her father said. “And even the lie was … not without honor.” He’d put Needle aside when he went to Arya to embrace her. Now he took the blade up again and walked to the window, where he stood for a moment, looking out across the courtyard. When he turned back, his eyes were thoughtful. He seated himself on the window seat, Needle across his lap. “Arya, sit down. I need to try and explain some things to you.”

  She perched anxiously on the edge of her bed. “You are too young to be burdened with all my cares,” he told her, “but you are also a Stark of Winterfell. You know our words.”

  “Winter is coming,” Arya whispered.

  “The hard cruel times,” her father said. “We tasted them on the Trident, child, and when Bran fell. You were born in the long summer, sweet one, you’ve never known anything else, but now the winter is truly coming. Remember the sigil of our House, Arya.”

  “The direwolf,” she said, thinking of Nymeria. She hugged her knees against her chest, suddenly afraid.

  “Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa … Sansa is your sister. You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you … and I need both of you, gods help me.”

  He sounded so tired that it made Arya sad. “I don’t hate Sansa,” she told him. “Not truly.” It was only half a lie.

Arya II, A Game of Thrones.

On Invisible Characters of Color

So, listen: I have no problem with Victoria Aveyard. Red Queen wasn’t one of my faves, but I know a lot of people who enjoyed it and I’m happy for her success - I also think her drawing attn. to people openly pirating books on tumblr is a good thing, bc guys that’s a wild shitty thing to do - BUT a few months ago I realized she was doing the invisible POC thing with Mare and that book, and it’s very frustrating to me. By invisible POC, I mean that the character is not truly written as a person of color with little to no textual evidence, but the author intends the character as one, making them invisible to readers. 

So basically, though little to no one actually read Mare as mixed/POC, Aveyard explained that because the book takes place in an American future, Mare would be mixed. 

Which, to be frank, is just bullshit. Or at the very least, it is meaningless representation. And it is not what readers of color, who want to see themselves within the pages of books, deserve. Casually inserting that a character is mixed in the second book is so insulting to me. 

When you write a character, you factor in many facets of their life - physical appearance, socioeconomic status, family, wants, desires, many things - but Mare’s physical appearance, besides her red blood, is not a factor in her characterization, or her place in the world. Even working within the frame of a future world in which most people are mixed, there is a meaningful way to put this into the text. If she is mixed, SHOW that she is mixed. We all know how easy it is for people to white wash a character - it can be a revelation to linger over traditionally non-white features. 

All readers deserve an actually thoughtful treatment of race. It should not be something casually thrown in. Though not every book written about people of color has to be about their race or culture, to ignore it completely AND insert it in the second book, is just unacceptable. Ultimately it feels both like pandering to the current campaigns for more kids lit books with people of color, as well as a slap in the face. Here’s some diversity - wasn’t enough of a priority to put it into the first book, sorry. Just so not okay. 

**It should be known that this is in no way intended as hatred toward the author, but critique. Like gender, sexuality, mental health, race deserves thoughtful intention from both readers and writers. 

❝If she were (looking into my eyes), she’d have seen how absolutely floored I was the first time I finally, truly saw her. The clouds moved at just the right moment, fully lighting her face by the moon. She was dazzlingly beautiful. Underneath thick lashes were eyes blue as ice, something cool to balance out the flames in her hair. I felt a strange flutter in my chest, like the glow of a fireplace or the warmth of the afternoon. It stayed there for a moment, playing with my pulse.❞ — Maxon Schreave about America, on The Prince.