she is totally not


This is Juniper! She’s a husky x collie. Can you believe she was returned to the shelter twice before finding her forever home? She’s a total sweetheart!

i can’t wait for the moment alex danvers gets to finally introduce the gang to maggie and like one game night “hey guys, this is my girlfriend maggie” w such a happy smile im-

people really believe “vriska is self-obsessed and loves herself” even tho upon meeting a doomed timeline vriska she went off on her and had a total freakout over how much she hated her “other self”

vriska is ignorantly selfish because she has really poor social skills and understanding of the needs of others, but she’s not vain or self-obsessed. her facade of being vain and thinking she’s the best is an obvious mask that hides not just her self-loathing and insecurity, but also the fact that she fucks up a lot on accident and has to fix it. vriska doesn’t like being wrong, and she’s wrong a lot, and instead of being like “oh shit my bad” she has a freakout and then obsessively tries to “fix” things with her “gr8 ideas”

It’s A Coping Mechanism

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so a girl ive been talking to is a trans girl and ive never really... dated a girl that happened to be trans before is there anything i should be aware of/make sure not to do? i'm sorry i'm just so nervous and worried i guess aaaaaaaah

I think really the main thing is make sure to communicate about how she wants to be addressed to different people if shes not totally out yet. if there is something weird about her clothes or makeup, be nice and try to help her if she wants it, but also respect it if she doesn’t. this is mostly just early/pre transition stuff, if she’s far into her transition, then there really isn’t anything you need to do that’s special. remember, she’s just a girl, like any other.

if anyone has anything else they think this anon should know, please feel free to rb this with any additional advice

~mod ashley

She was always an introvert, but at her core there had been something vital and alive, something that even she wasn’t totally aware of. That light, that radiance used to leak out by itself, emerging from between the cracks.
—  Haruki Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazari and His Years of Pilgrimage

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If Bridget Regan had a part on Supergirl.... who would she be?

Poison Ivy. Just, I need redhead Bridget back in my life. Give me that. Please. So definitely Poison Ivy. 

And if we are not mixing those universes I want her to be Lena Luthor’s ex who makes Kara realize she is totally in love with Lena. Because Supercorp needs to happen, and I think Bridget plays an excellent flirty ex-lover. 

(I will also accept Poison Ivy as Lena’s ex. That would be perfect really.)

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"YES I AM THIRSTY WHY DO YOU ASK" OH MY G O D LMFAO. lena totally underestimates kara too even for just a few seconds because she totally still wearing her glasses and awkwardly pushes them up her nose as she tells lena whats going on before she goes to work but then the moment kara is actually working and flexing and pushing and pulling lena suddenly realizes the only thing she shouldve been underestimating was her thirst

god Pls , lena would literally start thanking god for the Sight before her even tho she’s not even the least bit religious

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wanna bet that many people don't see leia as a skywalker because she's a woman and in their minds it's ridiculous that she'd have the force too.

that is TOTALLY the reason. I’m here for all theories, believe me. but I’d like to hear arguments that are not sexist, for once. the Force has nothing to do with surnames.

SNSD Reaction: Their s/o playing their music and singing in the shower

SNSD Prompt: Snsd reaction: their s/o playing their music in the bathroom while singing/shouting in the shower

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Taeyeon would really giggle if she came home to hear you singing “Why” in the bathroom. She would probably just reply by singing with you, and hear the crash when you almost slip in the shower out of shock and embarrassment.

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Jessica would be flattered to know that you actually listen to her music, and don’t just say that you do. She’d laugh when your voice cracks when you try to hit the high note, and tease you when you came out of the shower.

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This cutie would totally belt out the song with you. She was absolutely ecstatic (i really love using this word lmao) and even came into the shower to sing with you. She thought you were very sweet for listening to her songs, especially her new one “Don’t Speak”

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‘Is Y/N singing an SNSD song?’ she’d think as she walks into the apartment, hearing the familiar tune of “I got a boy” in the air. She’d honestly tease you to death afterwards, or would offhandedly mention that you have a good voice.

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Sooyoung would be very excited and entranced by your voice, she heard you absolutely belt the song “Gee” in the shower. Hearing your out-of-breathness as you try to sing all the parts at once.

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Honestly, she waited til you came out of the shower and offered to teach you the choreography for “Mystery”, and all the other hit SNSD songs.

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Heart eyes for days. Get ready for lots of compliments for the next few days because she heard you sing like once. She didn’t even tell you until like 2 days after.

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Tol giddy Yoona must be protected. Honestly I think she just kinda squealed and started to kill you with aegyo, asking you over and over again to sing for her.

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Was pretty surprised to hear you (attempt) to hit the high notes of “Holler”. She laughed when you were also saying the “Ladies and Gentlement” section.

Reasons why Diana > You

Because she is, indisputably, perfect af.

Totally the face of every Young Witch magazine out there. Can’t convince me otherwise.

Is a nice girl.

Would never let you fall to your death.

A nice girl who’d never let you fall to your death.

Pays her dues.

Better than my fucking tenants.

Aka “don’t kill yourself”.

When Diana cares, the ozone layer repairs itself.

Super competitive!

And doesn’t get distracted from concentrating to be nitpicky about the details. Win first, ask questions later!

Won the race fair and square w/o any cheats (woot, as it should be because INTEGRITY dammit!) but has the grace to acknowledge her competitor’s strength, even if it is Akko’s only redeeming trait atm.

Also, that side profile. Beautiful~ 8O

…yea, I don’t think anymore needs to be said.

Diana = BEST GIRL.

Food For Thought

I really mean it when I say all girls should be a little more like Hani. Hani is always so supportive of girl groups you could totally see it when she was a weekly idol host and she’d be the most excited to see a new girl group, even if they weren’t the most well known she’d always praise them and look after them fondly. Even off tv Hani has shown to just be really cool whether it be helping seolhyun when she tripped during rehearsals or giving twice members her pillow when she realized their skirts were too short. I remember krystal saying she felt happy knowing she has female fans because she thinks it’s rare for women to be supportive of other women. And that’s kinda sad. Support other women, give the females around you a high five and support each other!

Moving In || Kara and Lena

Kara looks like she just got caught with a stolen potsticker in her mouth.
“Wh-whaaaat? Nothing! Nothing at all- though, now that you mention it, uh…” she’s totally red; she doesn’t like trying to butter up Lena for anything because she’s sure Lena sees that a million times every day, but still.
“I… I was just wondering… b-because we have been going at this for quite a while now, if, uh…” she frowns, getting redder, trying to figure out what she wants to say.
“If… have you ever thought about… uh… moving in… with……….”
She stops.
“… a cat!”
Nice turnaround, Kara. Way to go.
“D-do you like pets?”
She wanted to say something else, but she whimped out.

Lena was frowning as she tried to keep up with what Kara was saying, and then her eyes widened as it finally clicked in her mind.

It took a second, but the shock disappeared, and she smiled brightly.

Walking over to Kara, Lena wraps her arms around her girlfriend’s neck. “Miss Danvers, are you asking me to move in with you?”

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Eliza going from "she's grieving" to "she's open to moving on, I guess" totally reads to me like the spoilers are probably right and Ep. 1 is her wallowing, and then basically L isn't mentioned again. tbh, Eliza seems unsure of where Clarke is on that front, probably because writers are just avoiding it. I still get big "S4 setup/S5 canon" Bellarke hints overall.

I feel very confident in canon Bellarke by the end of Season 4. VERY confident.