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Glasses — Part One

Title: Glasses [1/3]

Pairing: Richie Tozier x Reader

Type: Platonic | Romantic | Familial | Other

Summary: Richie sees you, a fresh face in Derry, and thinks maybe you’re cute. He talks to you, and thinks maybe you’re cool too. He sees you put on your huge, dorky glasses, and thinks maybe he’s a little in love.

New school, new life. That was the deal.

One you hadn’t been too happy to accept initially. You’d had a perfectly good life back home, with friends and grades and, you know, a social life. And it probably would have panned out into a slightly-boring but happy lifetime if your parents didn’t decide to up and haul ass to this dust-speck of a town in the good old US of A, but they did and here you are.

Friendless, sullen and vaguely intimidated as you stand on the outskirts of the grounds of your new middle school in Derry.

Admittedly, the town wasn’t too bad. It yielded loads of forests and even a quarry which you were eager to explore. A downside was the open plan of sewers, and openings cropped up everywhere - in sidestreets, beside lakes, in the middle of the road. The middle school you were standing outside now was rustic-looking, a little bit of an eyesore, somehow grand and shabby at the same time, and crawling with people.

You shouldered your bag and went ahead through the doors.

Inside was a slightly less-busy hallway. Your schedule was in your palm, folded eight times over in a mini nervous breakdown over cereal that morning. You’d only moved schools once, and you’d been too young to remember it, so being the new girl was an entirely new experience for you. A gradually-rising sense of diluted dread began to rise slowly inside you as you unfolded your schedule, checking out your first lesson.

Design Tech. Of course.

Now you swallowed, panic setting in. The hallway was growing swollen with passing students with only ten minutes until first bell, none of whom gave you a second glance after the first curious one. You could spot no teachers you could ask about the location of the DT classroom. The school was large, and you saw at least three separate blocks from the courtyard. Anyone of them could hold your class. You swallowed, nervously toying with the hem of your sleeves, entirely unbeknownst to the several pairs of curious eyes fixated on you from across the hallway.

The Losers Club looked on, each taking in your expression, a pitying hybrid of bemusement and panic as you dithered on the spot, turning one way and turning the next, looking for a class that wasn’t there.

“She looks lost,” was what Stan chose to break the silence with, startling his friends from their reverie. He glanced at the three of them. “Should we…?”

Eddie shrugged, dropping his gaze. Bill made to go forward but was stopped in his tracks by a hand flying to meet his chest. He looked in surprise to where Richie had halted him, as the skinny boy squared his shoulders in a mockery of slick confidence.

“I got this one boys,” he said, before readjusting his glasses and sauntering off. The illusion of confidence was slightly shattered by him stumbling over a sticking-out foot on his way over, and Stan groaned, turning around to lean his face against a locker.

“I can’t even look,” he said in a muffled voice, but Bill and Eddie certainly could.

Meanwhile, you were panicking so much you figured you were on the edge of an anxiety attack, and the tentative touch of a hand on your arm made you jump so violently your schedule slipped from your grasp, floating down to graze the floor.


You watched, startled, as a boy around your age with a head of curly, dark hair, a Hawaiian-style flannel, bright eyes and huge, red glasses too big for his snubbed nose ducked swiftly to retrieve your schedule.

“Um - sorry about that. Didn’t mean to like, scare you.”

“No!” You took the schedule from his proffering grasp, so swiftly you almost gave him a paper cut. “No, no no no, that’s okay. I just…” you trailed off awkwardly, absently folding the paper again. “First day, y’know.”

“Right,” he laughed it off nervously. “It’s just, uh… my friends and me, we saw you looked kind of…”

“Like I wanted to be literally anywhere else but here?” you supplied. “Huh. I thought I’d hidden that pretty well.”

His chuckle came more naturally this time. “I could help you find your class, if you-” he broke off quite suddenly, shifting his feet. “Y’know. If you want. Or I could just tell you where to find it.”

“Actually, I’d love it if you would show me.” You smiled gratefully, unfolding your paper, and squinting at the small print. “I have Design Tech first with… Ms Greene?”

He frowned. “Which classroom?”

You squinted again. You could only make out two blobs of black ink, fuzzy to the eye. And as the seconds ticked on with you trying to decipher the two dark digits, and the silence stretched on, growing more awkward by the second, you reluctantly caved.

He has them too, you told yourself as you fished into your right pocket. It’s not like he can judge.

Reluctantly, you drew out your glasses - thickly-framed and slightly too large for your head - and slid them on. The blobs took sharp form immediately. DT5.

You looked up. The boy was watching you with a slightly open-mouthed expression, eyes glazed in an almost comical way. You fidgeted, cleared your throat, and he jumped out of the daze. A tide of red flooded his pale cheeks.

“It’s uh, DT5,” you supplied gently, and he smiled in relief from the awkward moment.

“Cool,” he said faintly. “That’s upstairs. I’ll take you, if you still want me to.”

“Please,” you answered, tucking the timetable away. You began to walk, and you glanced at him. You still didn’t know his name. “I’m Y/n, by the way.”

“Richie Tozier,” he replied in a surer voice. “But you can call me your future husband.”

You scoffed, reaching up to remove your glasses as you walk, but your hand stayed when Richie blurted out, “I think they look great.”

Too startled to even move your hand, all you could muster up was, “Huh?”

The blush returned. It was painfully dark, from the tips of his ears to the contours of his thin face. “The glasses. You shouldn’t be ashamed of them. They’re kinda hot,” he added almost as an afterthought, and though you burst out laughing, you felt your hand drop back to your side, your glasses still firmly on your face as you resumed the trail to DT5.

Eventually you found it, and as you reached the door, you turned to Richie. “Thanks, Richie.” And not just for helping me find a classroom, either. “Maybe I’ll see you around.”

“You could have lunch with us!” he offered slightly too eagerly. “Me and my friends, we always eat on the wall outside the Art block. You can meet us there, if you want.”

You considered briefly, then smiled. “Sure. I’ll be there.”

“Cool.” He kicked the tiled floor semi-awkwardly. “See you around then.”

“Yeah.” You grinned, turned and walked into your first class, confidence raging like a fire in your gut. You didn’t see Richie hover outside the door just to watch you for the next three minutes. You didn’t see how he was late to his first lesson, or the looks of open-mouthed shock his friends gave him as he sauntered in with a smirk on his face and a blush on his cheeks.

You didn’t see the doodles of a pair of large, thickly-framed glass dotted all over his exercise books that draw, carved in ink covering a whole page with the memory of you burned bright into his brain.

Modern Amis (and co.) Coming-Out Headcanons

(I don’t even remember how the subject came up but @beatlemaniacinthetardis and I were taking about the Amis getting together at someone’s house and telling each other stories from when they came out of the closet. We stayed up way too late last night coming up with these so we felt the need to share) 

Bahorel comes out to his family when he goes downstairs in the rainbowest of rainbow shirts, announces that he’s going to Pride, and just sort of stares at each of them until they understand.

Courfeyrac realizes he’s gay in his preteen years and it takes him like a year to work up the courage to come out to his friends (Enjolras and Combeferre) and family (mom and dad). When he tells them they all just go “sweetie, we know”. Enjolras and Combeferre bake him a confetti cake that says CONGRATS in edible glitter. Courfeyrac cries. 

Feuilly doesn’t really have anyone to come out to, since he has no living relations and he went straight into a job at a young age. He kind of…forgets to, to be honest, so he’s not out to his co-workers. They only find out when Bahorel comes to get him from work one day and he kisses Feuilly hello.  

Like in canon, Cosette grows up into a pretty girl who loves attention. She’s very meticulous about the way she looks and is like nice when she notices guys checking her out. One day, though, a pretty girl smiles at her and does the checking-out thing and Cosette is like oh no when she feels her heart do the THING. She tells papa later that evening, and he’s amazing and supportive because, well, he’s Jean Valjean. He joins her marching in the Pride parade the following summer. 

Enjolras’ coming out doesn’t go so well. He’s pretty much known he likes boys since forever ago, but only tells his parents at the end of high school. His parents are cold and arrange a Nice Girl for him to marry at the age of 25 or whatever. Enjolras fights with them on it, but when they continue to stand firm he decides they don’t deserve to be in his life anyway. He moves in with Combeferre, who he came out to years ago.

Joly and Bossuet, who have basically known each other since birth, come out to each other before anyone else. They then make a pact to come out to their friends and family on the same day. Bossuet’s parents don’t take it so well–his dad is pissed, and his mom tries to push him to go back to church. His friends, too, say “yeah that’s cool” but he can tell every time he says something that even approaches the subject of his sexuality that they’re weird about it. Joly’s, on the other hand, went well. His friends start teasing him like “yeah man I bet you thought you had appendicitis the first time you saw a guy you liked” and stuff, but they’re cool with it. Joly’s family ends up pretty much adopting Bossuet, too. Bossuet’s parents come knocking for him one day and Joly’s four younger siblings work together to slam the door in their face. (Bonus: since those two have a hivemind, they tell each other about being poly the same day.)

The subject of their combined affections, Musichetta, was a total badass about her coming out. She told her parents straight up that she was poly/pan. They were not sold on the idea, but she told them to accept her as she was or she’d leave without a second thought. It takes them a while to get used to the idea, but Chetta answers whatever questions they have. They grow to understand her, and come to love Joly and Bossuet once the three of them start dating.

Jehan has a hard time with it all. They WANT to come out, to family and friends alike, but they want to understand themselves before they try and explain it to anyone else. They tell this to the Amis who are all just like…you don’t have to ever figure it out. It’s alright. No matter who you are or what you do or who you love, we’ll be here to support you. Jehan cries really hard because they’ve been so confused for so long and their found family is saying that it’s okay to be unsure forever because who needs a title anyway? The greatest of group hugs happens that day, Jehan smiling in the centre of it. (Bonus: shortly after that, Jehan asks the Amis to start saying “they/them”. Grantaire buys a ton of neutral-looking clothes with gross flower print that he knows Jehan will LOVE. Enjolras falls in love with R a lil bit more since he knows he doesn’t have all that much money but he spent a bunch of it for Jehan to be happy and comfortable anyway).

Combeferre comes out to all his friends shortly after he meets them, but he never comes out to his family at all. He knows they’re homophobic, and a) he doesn’t like to start fights, and b) he decides that they don’t deserve to know. In an act of silent rebellion, he secretly gets a part-time job as a sales guy at a boot shop for drag queens. Courfeyrac’s the shop’s #1 customer. (Kinky Boots AU someone back me up here)

While Marius is almost entirely on the straight side, but every so often he’ll meet a man who sets his little Pontmercy heart aflutter. Courf is one of those guys and when they end up roommates Marius kind of…”aksdjasgkdhdh Lord save my poor bisexual soul”. But then he meets Cosette. He doesn’t tell her for ages because he’s terrified of what she’ll think, but eventually he works up the courage. She laughs because hey she’s bi too!! From that point on, they point out attractive people of various genders to each other while they’re on dates. (Bonus: one day, Marius and his grandfather get into an argument about politics over dinner. In a moment of passion, Marius stands and yells “LONG LIVE NAPOLEON! ALSO, I SOMETIMES LIKE BOYS!” His grandfather faints into his chair.)

Eponine never really had friends, so she has no frame of reference for what romantic attraction feels like. When she meets Marius, she figures instantly that what she’s feeling is romantic love. Shortly after, she meets Cosette and feels the same way. Now she’s confused. And then she meets the rest of the Amis and feels the same way about ALL of them. It’s very strange to have a crush on everyone, she thinks. With Grantaire and Jehan’s help, she comes to understand that what she’s feeling is, in fact, platonic love. And god, is she relieved to know. The only family members she tells about being aro/ace are Gavroche and Azelma. Azelma is like “I think that might be me too” and Gav is like “sweet, more lovely ladies for me”.

FINALLY, Grantaire. He’s never really given a shit about what gender his lovers were, and never given a shit about who knows about it. He doesn’t know or care whether or not his parents know. But oh, god, then he meets Enjolras, and can no longer imagine loving anyone else of any gender. When the Amis share their coming out stories, he just snorts and says ‘does it count if you’re only attracted to one person?’ and he accidentally stares at Enj as he says it and the Amis collectively suck in a breath because if they didn’t know who he was talking about before, they certainly do now.  (Bonus: Everyone braces themselves when Enj stands up and goes to R, thinking Enj is going to try and start shit, but they start applauding when instead Enjolras grabs Grantaire’s face and kisses the life out of him). 

Something Just Like This

Summary: AU. This is the story of an ordinary couple with an extraordinary love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,652 (without lyrics)

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, pregnancy, mentions of bullying, illness, and death, song fic style

A/N: This is my oneshot submission for the poetic noble land mermaid @whothehellisbella and her Bella’s Cool Time Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge. My song prompt was Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers, Coldplay. I hope you approve and enjoy!

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Imagine starring with your best friend, Bill Skarsgard, in a new Marvel movie and the cast, including his father and Robert Downey Jr, teasing him during an interview because they know he has feelings for you.

“So Bill-” Conan paused for a moment as the crowd cheered once more for the younger man, his costars around himdoing the same “Bill, I’d like to give you a big congratulations for your role, you did an amazing job and everybody saw it!”

“Thank you, thank you very much! It was great working with such an amazing cast and crew!” he said with a smile, nodding his head.

“And you did an amazing job! I almost- almost had a heart attack when I saw you jump off that skyscraper without anything to protect you! How was that for you?” Conan asked and Bill grinned when he heard you giggle next to him.

“Well, it was- it was fun, yeah consider I was just- barely ten feet off the ground.” he chuckled “It seemed scary in the movie I know but thanks to all the CGI it was so much easier. The reason- the reason she is laughed-” he grinned as he pointed at you “Is because I too nearly had a hard attack when I first read the script, and- and when she asked me if I was ok I just- my voice came out all squeaky and high pitched and- and she has it on a video too, so yeah.”

“Video?” Alexander gasped, his eyes widened and a grin on his face “How have you not shown me that yet?!” he asked you from Conan’s right.

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By Jonathan Heaf

The star-wrangling DJ takes Kanye’s meltdown and Bieber’s moods in his stylish stride at Luca

Is Nick Grimshaw still cool? This is, after all, precisely the reason why he was hired by the BBC in 2012 to host The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, taking over from the old, unfathomably uncool Chris Moyles. He certainly looks pretty cool as he hops from the back of a cab outside our lunch destination, all teeth and sports luxe.

Navy suede bomber, blue tailored trousers, black Vans and dark shades. He’s trendy yet clean, sort of Shoreditch via a bath, if you will; a hipster who’s made some decent wedge. The idea that authenticity (what young people think of as cool nowadays) can be upgraded for Joe Public via a little luxury befits our location, Luca, on St John Street in Clerkenwell. It’s run by the same team who run The Clove Club, a restaurant that brought sophisticated food - rather than just triple-cooked chips with aioli - to Shoreditch several years ago. This is their attempt at a posh Italian.

We begin by talking about Justin Bieber. Grimshaw and I - only school kids call him “Grimmy” - have something in common in that we both adore gossiping about famous people we’ve interviewed. Bieber, Beyoncé, Beckham, he’s done the lot. I tell him my worst interviewee by far was Christina Aguilera during her Stripped period. She was wearing so much fake tan that she left a trail of brown radioactive sludge wherever she perched. At the time, I remember thinking she resembled an enormous melted orange crayon.

“I’ve done Bieber every year since he was 14, so I’ve probably had deeper conversations with him than I’ve had with my own family,” he chuckles. Is he a terrible brat? “He used to be. But then every teenager is a dickhead, aren’t they? This year he came into the studio for a prerecord and he was monosyllabic and disinterested. I stopped the interview and asked him what the problem was. He told me he was hungover. So I got him a pint and a Nando’s. Celebrities are just dogs who need petting. Show them some love and they’ll be humping your leg before lunch.”

Speaking of which, we’ve ordered already: shaved fennel with pear salad and carpaccio of Hereford beef with oyster emulsion to start; for mains we choose pasta entrées: garganelli with pork sausage, tomato and anchovy (for him) and tiny pheasant milanese swimming in a peppery, sepia-coloured broth (for me). We drink lager and pale ale and agree the food is, although refined, broadly unexceptional.

Getting back to the gossip, I want his take on Kanye West - meltdown or precision press strategy? “Kanye might be having a nervous breakdown or he might just be really bored.” He’s bleached his hair, I say. Like with Britney Spears, extreme grooming is always a cultural cipher that indicates a celeb is one sad-face emoji short of self-immolation. “I like Kanye, or I like his music. I asked him once if he got lots of free stuff sent to him and he took it as an insult. ‘Do you think I’m cheap?’ he shouted. 'I drink champagne all day. Do you?’ No thanks, Kanye. It gives me dog breath.”

You can see why stars like Grimshaw. He’s brilliant fun, smart and utterly self-deprecating. “What I do isn’t work - it’s talking to myself in a room really early in the morning.” He doesn’t take talent, or himself, too seriously, thus he’s able to sweetly pop celebrities’ ego bubbles and talk to them like a normal person, something the swarming teams around megastars all too often are unable to do.

“I hate a kiss-ass,” he agrees. “Any celebrity that comes into the studio at 7am in the morning to be grilled by me and tells me how happy they are to be here is lying.” His realness has meant he’s been able to make friends with some of those he’s encountered along the way, Harry Styles, for one. Has he heard from Harry recently? “Sure, we texted this morning. He’s worried I won’t like his new solo record. He recorded it in Jamaica so I am praying it’s some awful white-man reggae.”

Cool? Yes, Nick Grimshaw will always be cooler than his employers -always has been, always will be. That’s why he didn’t fit in with Simon Cowell on The X Factor: “Everyone told me not to do it as it was so naff. Simon had weird energy: very Machiavellian.” So what happens when he eventually leaves The Radio 1 Breakfast Show? Where do DJs go to die? The pub? “I’m doing an internship,” he confesses proudly. “With Es Devlin, who designs huge stage sets for Adele and Beyoncé. I’ve been using a glue gun! I’ve always liked three things: music, nice shoes and good lighting. I’ve ticked two of those boxes, so why not the last?

"I’ve reached a point in my life where I know all that celebrity stuff is, ultimately, nonsense. What I need to think about is this: am I happy, am I healthy and am I being nice to my family? I guess it’s about being present.” Which is the least cool, but most honest thing Nick Grimshaw says all afternoon. GQ

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 10.3

Wow, this was such a slow update. I genuinely thought I would have been finished quicker but I’ve been spending my time studying for exams but I hope you guys enjoy this part.

I have a killer headache right now omg

In other news Dean is coming to London Akaksksnesksoo I’m so happy. We don’t really get that many Korean artists down here so I’m excited.

I guess this may be the end of the date series so I hope you guys enjoyed the break from the drama (although I think I’m still going to keep it all to a minimum… we’ll see how it goes.)

To the beautiful anons who suggested making homemade ice cream and a study date (even though they were both short) thank youuu <3

Anyways, I love you guys and thanks for reading. <3

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You were currently home alone, your mother having to take your sister to her weekly judo classes. However, since your sisters birthday was coming up, she had given you the task of making homemade ice cream.

Who even makes homemade ice cream anymore? Your family sure as hell didn’t.

Sighing, you searched online for a suitable recipe to use.

“Vanilla pods, caster sugar, eggs, milk and double cream? Seems simple enough…” Searching your house cabinets turned out to be useless since you were still lacking the vanilla pods. The only solution was to take a walk to the nearby supermarket and hope they had what you were looking for. Grabbing the money your mother had left you, you slipped on your shoes and left your house, making sure to lock the door behind you.

Ten minutes later you found yourself standing before an aisle in the shop, searching the shelves for vanilla pods. For some reason, vanilla pods were just not as easy to find as one would think.

“Where the heck are these vanilla pods?” A warm breath suddenly brushed against your earlobe, making you all but jump out of your skin.

“Maybe if you had bothered to look at the top, you would have found them.” A glare spread across your face as you folded your arms and turned towards the direction of the voice. There stood Jungkook, a hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone.

“I don’t appreciate that tone of voice.” He in turn, locked his phone and shoved it into his jacket pocket before he stretched his arm out to the top shelf, grabbing the vanilla pods.

“Y/N, you’ve literally been standing there for five minutes mumbling to yourself. Not once did you bother to look up so sorry for just stating the obvious.” Had you really been staring at the same shelf for five minutes? You doubted that.

“Sure… anyway thanks Kookie.”

Taking the pods from him, you turned on your heel and walked towards checkout as he fell into step beside you.

“Why do you need vanilla pods anyway? You don’t cook or bake.”

“Okay, that’s a lie.”

“Scratch that. You’re not good at cooking or baking.”

Ouch. You were pretty good at making egg and toast. That deserved some sort of reward, right?

And mixing the right amount of water and undiluted juice counted for something. Wait, that’s not cooking.

You decided to push the painfully dense thoughts out of your head.

“I’m going to pretend that that didn’t offend me, jerk.”

A deep chuckle resonated throughout his body and you were reminded about how much you enjoyed hearing him laugh.

“It’s true though. Listen, whatever you’re doing I’ll help. You can’t get through it without my skills.”

You found yourself rolling your eyes at his egotistical comment. Surprisingly, he’s been more vain recently. Normally he wouldn’t even boast about getting a good score on a test. You chose to believe it was all to impress you.

“One day your ‘skills’ aren’t going to do you justice and when that happens just remember I’ll be there recording to show the others.”

Silence ensued and you finished paying for your item.

“So what are we making?”

“…Ice cream.”


Keeping to his word, Jungkook followed you home to help with your task of making ice cream. You may have seemed unenthusiastic about his appearance but you were sincerely grateful he turned up out of nowhere to keep you company. You didn’t even mind that he wasn’t actually doing anything except from getting the equipment and ingredients needed out.

“I already put a tub in the freezer so I guess that’s step one done.” Checking the instructions on your phone, you followed the next step which consisted of cutting a vanilla pod and scraping the seeds out into a pan with milk, cream and the leftover pod. Turning on the heat, you left the pan to boil and turned to find Jungkook sitting on the kitchens island, staring right back at you.

“Can I help you?” The corners of his lips tugged up into a smile and he rubbed at his eyes.

“I was just thinking about the future. You almost look like a mum.” Your eyes bulged out and you tried to fight the blush that was growing on your cheeks. Sending a dirty look his way, you turned back towards the pan, taking it off the heat and leaving the ingredients to infuse.

“I’d rather not be thinking about being a mother. I find it awkward.” You were too engrossed with the pan of ingredients in front of you to notice Jungkook hop of the island and bee line straight towards you. He wrapped his arms around you and placed his chin on your shoulder whilst you poured sugar into a bowl and mixed it with the egg yolks.

“Why? You find it awkward to think that far ahead with me?” Whilst his words left him, he took the whisk out of your hand and began to whisk the egg and sugar together. You shrugged your shoulders, watching the ingredients fuse together.

“I’m thinking so far ahead that it counts for the both of us.” You elbowed him in the stomach which immediately caused him to wheeze out a dry chuckle. You were definitely not going to let him know that it actually hurt when you made contact with his hard stomach.

“Whatever, Jungkook. If that’s what makes you happy.” You felt him press his cheek against yours and he stopped whisking.

“If you only care about if it makes me happy, why’d you elbow me? Don’t tell me you like the idea? You do, don’t you?” You could feel the smirk that was present on his face right at that moment.

“Just shut up and continue mixing. You ask too many questions.” He obeyed you but not before he gave you a sweet peck on the cheek. When the sugar and egg had taken on a fluffy texture, you ducked underneath Jungkook’s arms and reheated the vanilla cream for a few minutes, stopping just before it began to boil. Taking the bowl from Jungkook, you slowly added the vanilla cream to the egg yolk and sugar, whisking until it was completely mixed.

“Jungkook, can you get a small bowl and put it inside a bigger bowl of ice water please?” He did as he was told and you poured the custard mix back into a pan, heating it up once again. You made Jungkook mix the heated custard for ten minutes before you turned the heat off and transferred it into the small bowl in the ice water. Allowing it to cool, you slapped Jungkook’s hand when he went to taste the result of your hard work. Well, both of your hard work.

“That’s for my sister, idiot.”

Instead of listening to you, he stuck his finger in once again and licked the custard off, grinning at your vexed face.

“Your sister won’t mind, she loves me.”  That certainly wasn’t a lie. She practically worshipped him.

“I don’t care if she loves you, stop being greedy.”

Holding your stare, the room went silent and he dipped his finger in the bowl again without breaking eye contact. Just as you opened your mouth to reprimand him again, he shoved his finger into your mouth, allowing the sweet taste of custard to fill your taste buds. You blinked a couple of times, not fully understanding what had just happened. He flashed his rabbit-like teeth at you in a smile, his finger still in your mouth.

You bit it. Hard.

Yelling out in pain, he pulled his finger out of your mouth and inspected the damage you had dealt.

“Ow! Why’d you do that? Wait… I’m not dating a cannibal am I?”

Smacking him upside the head, you then grabbed the flesh of his cheek and lightly tugged on it. He stuck the finger you had bitten into his mouth, trying to ease the pain.

“Do I look like a cannibal to you?”

Jungkook’s eyebrows drew together and he actually seemed like he had to think about your question.

“Well, I don’t know.”

You could only sigh as you let go of his cheek and grabbed the container you had stored in the freezer. Taking the cooled finished product, your poured it into the container and placed it back in the freezer.

“We’re all done.”

“Finally! I was getting so tired…”

Glaring at him, you began to wash the dishes that had accumulated in the sink.

“You’re acting like you can even cook.”

You missed the offended look shot at your turned figure.

“I can.”

“That’s not what Hoseok told me. He said the last time you tried to make something it stuck to the plate like it had been superglued down. He even said you turned the whole thing over and it didn’t budge.”

Scoffing, he began to play with his ear piercings.

“Hoseok is full of shit.”

“Apparently so was your food that day.”

Jungkook remained silent and you mentally praised yourself for your comeback. Suddenly, you felt a hand connect with your bottom and a resounding slap echoed throughout the room. You turned your head quick enough to catch Jungkook partially crouching with his hand held high in the air, confirming that he had indeed slapped your bottom. It wasn’t hard enough to be considered painful but you still narrowed your eyes at him.

“I’m going to shove the whisk up your ass when I’m done with these.”

The ice cream better be worth having to put up with Jungkook’s antics.


Your plan had been to spend the next few hours studying for the test coming up on the first week back to school but Jungkook didn’t seem like he was going to leave anytime soon.

“What are you doing now?”

“Well, I was going to study but your still here and you’re someone who apparently needs to be entertained twenty four seven.” He smiled at your attempt to jab him with an insult and slung an arm around your shoulders.

“Don’t worry, i’ll study with you.” You highly doubted that but it was always worth a try. Heading up to your room, you sat down at the desk beside your bed whilst Jungkook seated himself on your bed. You pulled out your revision notes and spread them across the desk for Jungkook to use as well.

“Your handwriting is cute.” Raising an eyebrow and allowing a smile to spread across your face, you thanked him for his compliment.

Jungkook managed to spend an hour and a half studying with no distractions which was a complete surprise. However, it was short lived as you noticed he stood from his position on your bed and moved out of your sight. Not bothering to turn around, you continued working on the question in front of you, struggling to make sense of it.

Sometimes you wondered if they gave questions like this on purpose to see who can come up with the dumbest answer. It was making zero sense to you right now.

A tap on your shoulder brought you out of your thoughts and you craned your neck to find Jungkook standing behind you with sunglasses on his face.

“It’s your first time with bangtan right?”

He then took hold of the sunglasses and whipped them off his face to reveal your black swimming goggles pulling the top half of his face down.

What kind of drugs was this boy on?

“Why are you like this? What did I do to deserve this?” You tried your hardest to keep a straight face but his unmoving expression soon broke your resolve and you burst out in laughter. He seemed satisfied with the reaction he had received and pulled the goggles of his head, placing them down on your desk. When you had recovered, Jungkook was peering over your shoulder at the question you had been struggling to decipher for the past ten minutes.

“The answer is three million six hundred and twenty eight thousand eight hundred.” It took a few seconds to comprehend that Jungkook had solved the question you had been debating for ten minutes in less than thirty seconds.

“Wait what?” When you questioned him, he began to explain how he had achieved the answer and taught you the technique needed to solve similar questions in the future.

In the end you had grasped how to conquer said question and spent the next hour studying more with Jungkook before you closed your text book.

“That was very productive, even more so with you around. Thanks for helping me.” He ruffled your hair and grinned before stretching his limbs out, falling back on your bed.

“Anything for my cute girl.” Beaming at Jungkook, you laid beside him and wrapped your arms around his body, briefly hugging him before letting go and looking up towards your ceiling.

You were grateful that you happened to bump into Jungkook at the supermarket.

Only he knew that you hadn’t coincidentally been at the same place at the same time. He was planning to spend the day with you when he spotted you leaving your house and decided to leg behind to see where you were going.

But you didn’t need to know that.

ML Fluff Month || Day 8

AN: My dudes, I did not plan on making this a reveal but it sorta just happened


Day 8- New

Marinette yawns behind her hand as she turns another page of her physics textbook. She glances at the clock and is pleasantly surprised when it reads 12 a.m. instead of the usual 3 or 5 a.m. that she has become accustomed to seeing these past few days.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a large influx of akuma attacks piled on top of schoolwork that has been keeping her up so late. The akuma attacks have been rather tame as of late and the designer counts her lucky stars that it stays like this just a while more. And even more shocking news, school has been rather calm as well. With a bulk of the school year’s work out of the way, it was the calm before the storm.

What’s been keeping her up so late was actually a black cat. Although this cat’s company was welcomed, it was seriously cutting into the designer’s sleep. But she didn’t give it much thought until after the cat had left. She just looks at the clock and wonders where the time flies because it certainly couldn’t have gotten so late.

“Knock knock,” an all too familiar voice calls out. A smile makes its way on to the designer’s face at the sound. She rolls away from her desk and waves the cat in. “Hey Princess, studying?”

Marinette shakes her head and closes the textbook. “Just refreshing a bit,” she says with a stretch. “What brings you here tonight kitty?”

Chat chuckles and takes a seat on her desk. “You say that as if I always have a reason for coming here besides spending time with my favorite person.”

“Mm now I know you have a reason this time,” Marinette replies, as she puts her schoolwork away. “Something’s got you in a chipper mood, and if I remember correctly, the last time you were like this ended up with us stargazing somewhere. So excuse me for picking up on it this time.”

“You know me too well Princess.” Raising his hands in defeat, Chat surrenders. But the grin on his face doesn’t falter. “You got me. I might have something planned.”

“Does this plan involve traveling? Cause I’d rather be prepared and grab a sweater this time.” Despite the days in Paris being warm and sunny for the most part, it did tend to cool down a little by the late nights. Though this normally wouldn’t be a problem, zipping across the rooftops in just pajamas tend to be chillier.

“It’s really not that chilly out. Besides, you always have me to keep you warm,” Chat says with a wink. “But yes, we are going out for a bit.”

Marinette rolls her eyes and grabs a thin cardigan off her coat rack. “Ready when you are kitty cat.”

Marinette sighs and looks at the light’s whizzing past. Even though she loved zipping through streets and across rooftops with her yoyo, she had to admit there was a certain charm to taking a trip with Chat and his baton. The feeling was a cross between bouncing on a pogo stick and pole vaulting. She could feel Chat’s muscles moving beneath her, and sometimes her cheeks would heat up if she focused on them for too long.

“You okay Princess? Kinda quiet back there,” Chat called out, turning his head just a fraction to get a quick glance at her.

“Just taking in the sights. Where are we going anyway?”

“That is a secret for me to know, and for you to find out pretty lady.” Chat chuckles when he hears the girl on his back scoff. Although the emerald eyed cat boy seemed all smiles and fun, he was nervous underneath his cool exterior. He had been planning this for quite a while and hoped that his Princess would figure out the reason behind it come tomorrow morning. “But since I’m such a nice cat, I’ll let you in on a hint. It’s something you’ve told me you wanted to do before the school year was over.”

“That was literally no help,” Marinette says after a moment of thinking back to what she could’ve told him. “I said a lot of things Chat. Can’t I get another hint?”

“Sorry Princess, my lips are sealed.” Chat felt Marinette’s sigh against him, and it puts a smile on his face just thinking about the way her lips look when she pouts.

“You brought me to get my ears pierced?” Marinette asks as Chat sets her down on her feet. “I think you’ve gone crazy. Only you would find a place that’s open past midnight to do this.”

“Well I can’t exactly run away with you during the day to get it done so past midnight is what we have to work with.” Chat slung his arm around Marinette’s shoulder and pulls her towards the parlor entrance. He stops with his hand on the door knob and looks down at the shorter female tucked under his arm. “You do want to do this, right? Because if you don’t I can always take you back home.”

“Yeah, I’m good. I do want this, I was just surprised, you know. Let’s go in.” Marinette was grinning brightly, the excitement starting to set in.

“I can’t believe we did it. We actually went and got our ears pierced.” Marinette was bouncing with joy in her seat. She held up the hand mirror and couldn’t stop looking at the new dainty cuff piercings adorning her left ear. It was a simple and clean design comprising of three thin gold rings that sat snuggly against her ear with a cute little black cat charm sitting on the center ring. “I can’t believe you got one too!”

Chat laughs and shakes his head. “May I remind you that mine is fake, you know I can’t get any real ones for myself.”

“Yes, yes I know. But we got matching ones! It’s too cute. Thank you, thank you thank you,” Marinette all but squeals as she envelopes Chat in a tight hug.

The blond cat boy strokes her hair and presses a kiss to the crown of her head. “Anything for you Princess.” He glances at the clock and sighs. “I’ve taken away enough of your sleep, try to catch some shut eye before school.” Chat smiles and presses one last chaste goodnight kiss to her forehead and bids her farewell.

Marinette’s ear was still a bit red the next morning but she didn’t worry about it as the piercer had told her that some redness was normal after a piercing. The designer opted to keep her hair down in order to hide the new addition from her parents and rushed to school, making it just before the bell rang.

She slumped into her seat and closed her eyes after greeting her friends. The blue haired designer hadn’t gotten much sleep as inspiration struck after getting the piercings done and Chat had left. So she took out her design book and sketched out some ideas before falling asleep.

Adrien walked in not much longer after Marinette and took his seat in front of her.

The day was going by as usual. Alya occasionally sent her notes to pass the time when the class was getting boring. It wasn’t until Adrien turned in his seat to pass her the stack of papers did she notice the dainty gold rings on his ear, dainty earrings that matched her own. She froze in her seat, hand holding on to the papers but making no move to pass them back. Alya had to nudge her to get her moving again.

During the entire class period her thoughts kept drifting over to the earrings adorning Adrien’s ear. All the similarities began falling into place and on more than one occasion did she want to smack herself on the forehead for not realizing it earlier. He had even called her ‘lady’ more than a few times but each time she paid it no mind and wrote it off as a slip of the tongue.

Once lunch finally rolled by she dragged Adrien off to talk with him, surprising both Alya and Nino.

“How long have you known?” Marinette asked once they were a good ways away from the others.

“A few months? I saw you drop your transformation by accident. I was about to drop mine behind the dumpster when you landed in the same alley. Before I could say anything Marinette was in Ladybug’s place.” Adrien shifted his weight from foot to foot, his nerves coming back even stronger than when he first walked into class.

Marinette stood there speechless for a while, making Adrien more worried by the second that he made a mistake.

“Jeez, and here I thought that I’d be the one to figure you out first kitty,” Marinette finally said, chuckling as she shook her head. “You’re pretty sneaky chaton, using one of my wishes to reveal yourself to me.”

“Hey, you try keeping your paws to yourself when you figure out the love of your life is also the cute girl you’ve been crushing on. Give meow some credit Princess,” Adrien said after letting go of the breath he’d been holding, slipping in to his alter ego easily.

“Paws to yourself? You didn’t do a very good job then.” Marinette laughed as she shoved her blond cat lightly.

Adrien shrugs his shoulders before draping his arm around the smaller girl, much like how he’d done the night before. “Well if I’m being pawfectly honest, you make it pretty hard to do so, my lady.”

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Either "Bitch better have my money" or "Zero fucks given. Next please" for the five word prompts.

Pairing: Trimberly

“Bitch better have my money”

read it on AO3

Trini’s sneakers pound against the pavement as she scours the entire school grounds at the end of the day. Her eyes scan the passing areas acutely but fail to yield the results she’s seeking. Fingers fly across her phone’s screen as fast as her feet are carrying her across campus.

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Pure Chance // Jungkook

Originally posted by squeakjimin

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: @camillavanilla2029 - You are auditioning for a singing competition and Jungkook is also auditioning for the same thing. You both meet and end up falling for each other~

A/N: I changed the storyline slightly ^^ But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

You sat at the back of the school bus, almost shaking in your seat with how nervous you were as the rowdy shouting from the rest of the students filled your ears. You took a deep breath, before taking out your iPod and putting your earphones in, trying to forget about all of your worries and the day that lay ahead of you.

Today was the day that a few schools in your area would be auditioning to compete in a local singing competition to create a group to take part in national and international performances. You had been singing all your life, so of course when you seen the audition notice stapled to the wall outside of music class in your all girls school, you had decided to put your name forward – along with 19 other girls who all shared the same dream. You knew that today, you would be competing against your female peers alongside an all boys school who would also be attending the audition. Your music teacher had previously informed you all that out of the 40 boys and girls auditioning today, only 4 would be selected – 2 girls and 2 boys, making you feel both anxious and scared of even auditioning in the first place. But you were confident that you could at least try your best, so you decided to give it your best shot regardless.

You arrived at the audition venue – a modern, grey and white building with large, tall windows along the riverside at the edge of the city which was usually used for theatrical performances. You followed the rest of the students off the bus and into the building – the excited chatter of everyone making your veins course with adrenaline as you knew that soon, you would be standing on an empty stage in front of 4 judges, plus your peers…and 20 boys. And as if right on queue, in walked the boys of Saint Claire’s High school. Maturity was nowhere to be seen as the childish banter between both schools began, it was only natural as the girls never spent any time regularly with boys and vice versa. You however, didn’t care for such juvenile matters as you were only 100% focused on your audition, as you sat back in the chair you were sitting on and went over your audition song in your head, listening to it again and again through your earphones.

“Mind if I sit here?” a boy to your right asked you. Well, you didn’t hear him say it, you just saw him motion to the seat beside you that your bag was currently occupying. You pulled your earphones out quickly, before grabbing your bag off the seat.

“Ah I’m sorry! I didn’t think anyone would sit next to me so I just dumped my bag there, here you go.” You replied, not even looking up to see his face as you nodded your head quickly and hugged you bag in close to your chest.

“That’s okay! What’s your name? I’m Jungkook” he continued to make conversation. You turned your head to face him – his cute, bunny-like smile greeting you as he softened his features. If you were nervous about singing in front of everyone before, you were certainly terrified now.

“Uh, I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you…are you here to audition too?” you asked, immediately scolding yourself internally. “Of course he’s here to audition you idiot, why else would he be here with the rest of his school?”

“Yup! To be honest, I’m really nervous. I’m not as good as the other boys here. But I thought I’d try out anyway. What’s your audition song? If you don’t mind me asking” he smiled at you again, turning his body around to completely face you while slightly fiddling with his fingers. He had told you he was nervous, but something about him oozed calmness, as you basked in his strange, yet relaxing aura.

“Actually, I’m singing something that I wrote myself. I thought it would be cool to showcase one of my own works, so I hope it doesn’t backfire on me” you giggled slightly at him.

“Wow…you write your own songs? Me too! I’m singing one of my originals as well. That’s so cool, I don’t know anyone else my age that does that.” Jungkook replied, looking genuinely impressed with you. You smiled shyly under his wide eyed gaze, both of you smiling at each other at the purely coincidental situation.

“Alright kids. If you could all make your way into the theatre and sit near the front – your names will be called one by one to audition. Please remember your manners and have respect for the person who is auditioning – this way please!” your music teacher called out to you all, as she motioned both schools through the large red doors of the theatre.

You walked beside Jungkook, feeling your heart rate increase as you took in the majestic walls and ceiling, not being able to take your eyes off how big the stage actually was. It seemed as though everyone else began to feel the same thing as for the first time that day, all of the students fell quiet as everyone began to take their seats at the front. You sat down, expecting Jungkook to walk right past you and go and sit with the rest of the boys, but to your surprise, he sat down beside you as if it were no big deal at all.

“Man, I hope I don’t get called up first. I always hate going first” he leaned in close and whispered in your ear. You felt small, cold shivers dance across your neck at how close he was to you, his soft breath ticking the tiny hairs on your skin.

“Me too, but I kind of hope I’m not last either. Somewhere in the-“

“-middle would be great” – you both finished the sentence together. You both looked at each other, trying to keep your giggling to a minimal, as the first person was called - thankfully it was neither you nor Jungkook.

“Phew” Jungkook sighed a breath of relief, his being still comfortably close to yours as you tried to focus on the performances, but failing miserably.

Student after student was called, before finally, it was Jungkook’s turn.

“Good luck” you whispered to him as he left his seat, looking back and smiling at you while giving you thumbs up. He climbed the stairs to the stage, before plugging his iPhone up to the speakers and setting his track.

“This is a song that I wrote and composed myself. It’s called “Taking Chances”. I hope you’ll enjoy it.” He said into the mic, eliciting a bunch of “ooo’s” from the audience. You held your breath as you watched him press play and waited for the music to start. You didn’t know why – because you hadn’t heard him sing yet, but you wanted him to be really good. You wanted him to do well and get a place on the team. He was the first person in a long while to show you such kindness, and for that you were so very grateful.

Jungkook began singing his song. The entire room fell so silent that you could hear a pin drop as everyone took in his soft but husky voice. Chills began travelling up your arms as your hair stood on end. He had told you that he wasn’t the best singer in his school, but from what you had heard so far you began to extremely beg to differ. His voice was beautiful, sweet but with an element of angst from the lyrics he was singing. The music was acoustic, a little piano and guitar for rhythm as he swept all of you away with his melodic voice and a single, hard hitting high note at the end. The whole room erupted in a round of applause – you included as the judges passed knowing glances between themselves and made a few notes on their papers.

“Thank you Jungkook, thank you very much for that. Good job! Okay…next we have…Miss (Y/N)! ” the judge called out as you felt your heart sink into your stomach. Of course you had prepared yourself as much as you could, but you couldn’t help it now after Jungkook’s amazing performance. You didn’t know he would be so breathtaking and spectacular – it completely star struck you.

“Hey, you can do it okay? Good luck up there. I’m cheering you on!” Jungkook whispered to you as you met him halfway up towards the stage. He placed his hand on your shoulder, giving it a small and caring squeeze as he smiled warmly at you. You weren’t sure why, but you started to blush, smiling back and him and thanking him – making a mental note to tell him how amazing his song was after your performance. Just as Jungkook had done seconds before, you set up your music, before taking the mic in your hand.

“Uhm, I am also singing my own song that I wrote. Thank you” you said bashfully into the mic, as you felt everyone’s eyes on you. You pressed play on your iPod, before closing your eyes and waiting for the intro to start. Jungkook sat up on the edge of his seat, watching you with your eyes shut tight as a quiet melody began to echo throughout the room. You opened your mouth and began singing, getting lost in your own world as you gripped the microphone and imagined that you were the only person in the room. Everyone sat with their mouths wide open, Jungkook especially as your voice playfully climbed the different scales and notes of your song, ascending and descending as you sent chills up and down everyone’s body. You didn’t dare open your eyes, as you knew you would fall apart right then and there. Jungkook smiled uncontrollably, gently biting the bottom of his lip as he clasped his hands together, listening to you finish the song. He was the first one to take to his feet as he began to loudly clap and give you a well deserved round of applause, the rest of the room joining in as he did so. You opened your eyes and the first person you saw was Jungkook, grinning from ear to ear as you bowed to the judges and took your iPod with you, walking down the steps to sit back down beside Jungkook.

“(Y/N)…you were amazing! You didn’t tell me you were that good!” Jungkook exclaimed as you sat back down beside him, trying to hide the fact that you were blushing beyond belief at his stream of compliments that were falling from his mouth.

“Well…you told me you weren’t the best singer in your school, but to be honest…out of everyone here today – including me…you’re the best, Jungkook. I’m serious. Your voice gave me shivers” you said without meaning to, making Jungkook giggle softly as he looked anywhere but your eyes. He didn’t know why, but he felt really drawn to you – almost like a magnetic force pulling him closer towards you.

“Alright…maybe I told a little white lie. I could see you were feeling nervous and I wanted to let you know that it’s okay~ Everyone feels nervous and like they are lacking sometimes…even me.” He looked at you intensely, his dark eyes swimming with compassion and understanding. You giggled lightly, filling his ears with your nervous girlish laughter that he had began to enjoy very much.

After everyone had finished their performances, the judges deliberated and whittled the numbers down to 2 boys and 2 girls. You remained beside Jungkook the entire time, him talking to you about anything and everything – completely taking your mind off of the competition, making you relax and open up to him more. You felt strange – you had only known Jungkook for the best part of a few hours; but it felt like you had known him your entire life. He had a familiar smile, one that you were sure you had seen before but you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Maybe from a dream? You didn’t know. But what you did know was that there was a huge chance that after today, you would never speak to Jungkook again. He would go his way, and you would go yours.

“Hey..maybe this is really rude of me to ask you, but…I know we just met today and I don’t want it to seem like I’m being pushy or anything but I think you’re really cool, and - ” Jungkook laughed at you trying to skirt around asking the question.

“(Y/N), you know you can just ask me, right? I was going to ask you after they gave the results anyway. Can we exchange numbers?” he smiled into your face as he pulled his phone out from his back pocket, making you want to hang your head in embarrassment as you felt the familiar glow of pink creep upon your face. You swapped phones, saving each other’s numbers before returning them and watching the judges as they ascended on to the stage to announce the winners of today’s audition.

“We will now announce the 2 girls and 2 boys who have successfully made it through to have a place on the performance group. You all did very well and we commend you highly, but unfortunately we can only pick 4 people. The first two that are going to be on the team are… Jeon Hyemi and Lee KiBeom!”

The entire room began clapping and congratulating Hyemi and KiBeom as they walked up together on stage and shook the judge’s hands one by one. It was then that you felt a large hand placing itself over yours on your lap, causing you to snap your head around to see Jungkook looking at your hands together. You felt like you couldn’t breathe as his touch felt hot, but soothing at the same time.

“Whatever happens, we did all we could. Don’t worry” he said softly, smiling and gently chuckling in an attempt to make the air lighter. For a brief moment, you didn’t care at all about the competition. All you cared about was right in front of you – the pure chance of meeting Jungkook and getting to hear him perform was one of the best moments in your life thus far. You knew now that whatever the outcome of this situation; you would still walk away a winner.

“We have decided to put the next two people together as a duet as well as being in the team performance group because we believe that their voices would really complement each other. Everyone please give a huge round of applause to the last two people, Jungkook and (Y/N)!”

7 Years - Final - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 20

Oh my gosh. My heart was kind of aching when I was finishing this part and I’ve just realised it still is.

It’s finished.

I wanted to make it as special as possible so I made it double the length it normally is. I hope you can forgive me for taking so long to post it.

And to @tokki-mon  I am so sorry it took ages but I decided to save your suggestion until the very last part. I thought it would fit in so well. I hope you don’t think I forgot and I hope this makes you happy too.

I sincerely hope you guys enjoyed reading this story because I know I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for staying with me throughout the process and I hope you continue to stay with me for my future fics.

I love you all so much, have a great day!

Don’t be shy to drop a message or comment about anything whether it be about the ending of 7 years or just life in general because I’m always here to listen.

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“This is it. I can’t believe it’s finally the end.” This was probably the third time Areum had brought up the fact that you were now at the end of your school life. You would have thought she would be too preoccupied with her sandwich to even speak but then again, she was temporarily moving away in a matter of a month. You had already promised yourself you would try your best to make her last weeks memorable though you weren’t completely sure how.

Ji Hee piped up from beside you for the first time since the three of you had sat down.  "I’m upset we didn’t get to meet sooner Areum but I’m glad that we even had the chance to meet.“ Areum smiled  sadly and nodded her head in agreement before tucking into her lunch, Ji Hee doing the same.

You glanced around the lunch hall in search of the boy you called your boyfriend though you already knew what the outcome would be. You hadn’t seen Jungkook since your first lesson which wasn’t unusual but you half expected him to at least stay for the whole day. Apparently you were expecting too much.

Both Areum and Ji Hee had finished eating by the time you switched your attention back to them and Ji Hee suddenly stood from her seat, apologising for leaving so soon. She explained that she had forgotten that Jae Hyun had wanted to meet her during lunch to which you quickly ushered her away, a smile on your face.

"Hey, let’s get some fresh air. This is the last time we’ll have a lunch break in school.” Areum hopped off her seat and brushed away stray crumbs from her thighs before heading towards the exit with you in tow. You had ended up walking towards the back of the school building only to find a group of boys spray painting on the wall.

“What are you idiots doing now?” You stood directly behind them, arms crossed and Areum beside you, curiously peeking over their heads. The first to turn around was Taehyung, who immediately grinned at you and bounded towards you, encasing you in a warm hug. You had to stifle your laughter at the way Hoseok jumped out of his skin at the sound of your voice.

“Hey! What are you, a ninja? Why’re you sneaking up like that, I almost peed myself.” Yoongi stopped spraying the wall to pull down his face mask and give Hoseok a dirty look. “That’s disgusting…”

Either Hoseok didn’t hear Yoongi or he chose to ignore him. Taehyung shook you from side to side excitedly and began to push you towards the wall. “Look at this! We’re leaving our mark here! Come closer Areum!” At his command, Areum drew closer and stood beside you once again, taking in the words spray painted onto the schools wall.

“‘BTS are coming?’ What’s BTS?” Namjoon took a couple of steps back to appreciate their work before he glanced at you. “Bangtan Sonyeondan. It’s what we’re calling ourselves.” Taehyung nodded energetically, still clinging onto you.

“That’s kind of cool.” Seokjin stood from his position and began to rub his hands on his trousers whilst making his way towards you. “Kind of? Hey! 'That’s very cool and handsome.’ That’s what you should have said. Or at least 'Seokjin is very cool and Handsome.’” Rolling your eyes at his ego, a giggle escaped you and you ducked out of Taehyungs arms.

“That’s what I meant to say. Anyway, lunch is almost over so I’ll see you guys later.” They each said goodbye and you headed back towards the main school building with Areum. “I’m going to miss catching them breaking rules.”

You hummed in agreement with Areum as you both silently reminisced over the past year. The time had certainly flown by and with it so had your old attitude towards the people around you. If anyone were to ask you what you had thought of Jungkook and the boys at the beginning of the school year, you would have simply laughed in their faces and replied that you didn’t think about them. It was amazing how now they were some of the most important people to you whom you thought of on a day to day basis.

The bell to signal the end of lunch dragged you out of your thoughts and you turned to Areum who joyfully hugged you. “I’ll see you after school. We’re still going to the café so don’t think of cancelling. It’s our last after school trip there.” A pang of sadness settled in you before you pushed it to the side, grinning at Areum.

“Never would have thought of cancelling.” You waved her off before heading to your own classroom, dreading the end of the day and your very last hours of school.

Hours later, you found yourself sitting in the café that had been your hangout for the past two years, dwelling on all the good times you shared with Areum. “I’m glad we’re having an official leaving party in three weeks. It’s kind of postponed the feeling of actually leaving for good.”

Nodding in silent agreement, your phone buzzing snatched your attention and you took a long sip from your frappé.

A message from none other than your boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook.

'Are you and Areum free today, two weeks from now?’

Once you had finished reading the message, you returned your attention back towards your bestfriend who was looking down at her own phone.

“Hey Areum, Kook wants to know if we’re free two weeks from now.” She blinked at you a couple of times before pretending to think about her answer.

“Well, I’m not really doing anything besides packing so yeah, I guess… why?”  You shrugged your shoulders and asked Jungkook what he had in mind. All you received back was the side eyeing smirking emoji.

“He’s being secretive, so lord knows. He could be taking us to our death.” She choked on her drink and immediately began patting her back, attempting to help her recover.

“Sorry…” Areum chuckled before coughing again whilst shaking her head. “I’m sure that’s the last thing he would do. He loves you too much.” Although you knew what Areum was saying was true, you could only scoff.

“I’m being serious, he puts you above mostly everything else.”

You let a crack of a smile grave your lips. “Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?”

“Wow, Seokjins ego is really rubbing off on you, you know that right? And don’t pretend you don’t do the same.” You couldn’t argue with her there. You knew you had your moments when you spoiled Jungkook just like how he spoiled you. In your defense, he was someone that you believed needed to be protected at all costs like Jimin and Taehyung or even Yoon-

Scratch that. Yoongi is more than capable of protecting himself.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve been hanging out with him too much.” Areum smirked at your obvious avoidance to her last comment and you continued sipping your drink, trying to not make eye contact with her though it didn’t really matter if you did or didn’t.

She knew you were aware of that fact.


Two weeks came and went faster than you would have liked. What Jungkook had planned for both you and Areum still remained a slight mystery despite the fact he had unintentionally dropped a few hints. When the day had arrived, you found yourself being woken up at seven in the morning by the blaring sound of your ringtone. You blindly clawed at your desk, attempting to answer your phone as soon as possible. When you finally did manage to answer the call, your face immediately scrunched up in annoyance at the sound of Jungkook’s smooth voice at the other end of the line.

“What do you want?”

“Well that’s one way to greet your boyfriend in the morning…” Growing increasingly annoyed, you began rubbing your temple with one hand, the other clenching your phone tighter.

“Jungkook…” The warning tone you spoke his name with alerted him that he didn’t have time to joke around and so he jumped straight to his point.  

“We’re all waiting outside. Get ready.” Before you had a chance of questioning him, he hung up the phone and you forced yourself to leave the warm covers that lay on top of you. You took your time in getting ready and making yourself presentable which ended up taking about half an hour. You were sure that by now they were all getting restless which made you feel slightly bad.

Heading downstairs, you grabbed a piece of toast that your mother had left for you before turning to slip on your shoes. “Have fun with Jungkook and everyone.”

“Thanks, I wil- wait… how did you kn-” The honking of a car interrupted you and you dashed out of your front door after bidding your family goodbye.

Outside were two cars, one of which you recognised as Namjoon’s from your trip to the beach. The other was a pristine looking black Cadillac pickup truck. Another honk made you jump and you scowled at the driver of white convertible BMW, who turned out to be Jungkook.

“Hurry up Princess, what were you doing in there? Having a coronation party?” You flushed at his nickname for you and practically stomped towards the car. “I told you not to call me that.”

He smirked at you and motioned for you to get in with his head. You climbed into the back seat beside Yoongi who gave you a small smile and a quick 'Good morning’ which you returned.

“We’re going to pick up Areum now.” Making eye contact with Jungkook in the rear view mirror, you nodded your head before turning to greet Hoseok who was sat in the passenger seat beside him.

“Good morning! Wow, we’re so lucky it’s not raining today otherwise there would be no point in going to th-” All of a sudden, his seat jerked forward and it took you a couple of moments to register the fact that Yoongi had kicked the back of his seat with such force that he snapped back into place seconds after.

“Hey! Are you trying to kill me!? What if I didn’t have a seatbelt on!?” The pure fear that was laced in his voice had you stifling your laughter and Yoongi making a sound of annoyance.

“Tch, stop exaggerating Hoseok. I wouldn’t have killed you.”

“When I woke you up the other day, the first thing you asked me is if I wanted to die…”

All was silent until you burst into a fit of laughter.

“What’s so funny about Yoongi wanting to kill me!? I thought I was your favourite!” Your laughter grew louder until Jungkook decided to intervene.

“What makes you think you’d be her favourite over her own boyfriend? Does that make any sense to you?” Hoseok shot Jungkook an annoyed look which he chose to ignore.

“Maybe because I make her laugh more. Did that ever cross your mind?” Jungkook pulled up towards the front of Areums house before turning in his seat to face Hoseok.

“I make her laugh too, it’s just when we’re alone.” Both you and Yoongi watched as they threw several points at each other for the next five minutes. Deciding now was the time to alert Areum that you were waiting for her, you whipped out your phone and messaged her.

“Why don’t you just ask her you idiots.” All eyes were on you and you slowly raised your head to meet the steady gazes of Hoseok and Jungkook.


“Well, who do you prefer? Me or Hoseok?” Yoongi scoffed at Jungkooks question but watched you from the corner of his eye, slightly curious of your answer.

It was fairly obviouswhat your answer would be, wasn’t it?


Hoseok choked on air and Jungkook pulled back, making an offended face. To your complete and utter shock, Yoongi chuckle, seemingly satisfied with your reply. You gaped at him for a few seconds, admiring his handsome smile before your eyes snapped back to Jungkook, who had recovered by then.

“Jimin!? Why!?” Hoseok’s exclamation startled you and Yoongi kicked the back of his seat once again, causing him to yelp in surprise.

“Because he’s so cute and small. Anything he does is done in a cute way.” Jimin was someone who you could never imagine purposely causing trouble. However, you had no doubt in your mind that when it came down to it, he was capable of causing a dangerous amount of damage. You had seen him mildly annoyed and you hoped you would never see it again. It almost seemed like he was a completely different person what with the sudden change in character.

What were you talking about again?

“Everything Jimin does is cute? Sure, maybe when pigs fly.” Before you could retort, the car door beside you opened and Areum climbed into the seat next to you.

“Good morning everyone.” There was a chorus of greetings from the rest of you and Jungkook asked if you had all settled in to which he received a nod of confirmation from each of you.

“So I’m assuming that the rest of the guys are in the other car? Whose car was that anyway?”

“It’s Seokjin’s but Namjoon is driving it. He said he doesn’t trust Seokjin to drive because he’ll be too focused on looking at himself in the rear view mirror.” You were sure Seokjin would prioritise the lives of his friends over his looks. Namjoon had to be overreacting. Or maybe Jungkook was the one over exaggerating the story.

“If you guys were that scared of being in a car alone with Seokjin you should have just left me in there. I could care less what he does as long as it doesn’t require staying awake and witnessing both you and Hoseok argue.” That was typical of Yoongi but you had to agree with him once again. You’d prefer not to be woken up this early in the morning on a non school day. “Honestly, same.” Your reply brought a smirk to Yoongi’s face and Hoseok huffed in annoyance. Areum blinked in slight confusion having come after the whole argument had taken place.

With that Jungkook pulled out of Areums driveway and set out to todays destination, wherever that may be.

Half an hour into your journey, Yoongi had succumbed to the drowsiness that seemed to always follow him and fell asleep on your shoulder. You didn’t dare wake him due to the many stories you had heard of his temper. Instead, you decided to take a picture of this moment because never would you ever have thought that the scariest person you knew could have the most adorable sleeping face.

“Hey, send that to me after. I can use that later on.” You pursed your lips at Hoseok whilst shaking your head. “And get killed by the Min Yoongi? No thanks, take your own picture.” He seemed to heed your advice since within the next moments he pulled his phone out, stretching his arm out towards Yoongi’s face. However, before he could take a picture, a hand shot up and grabbed his own hand, locking it in place. Your eyes trailed towards Yoongi’s closed ones before glancing back at Hoseok’s startled face.

“If you even think about pressing that fucking button, I’ll kill you right here, right now.” Hoseok slowly retracted his arm and turned to face the front, not making a sound. Yoongi, surprisingly, still hadn’t opened his eyes but he did move his head from your shoulder to the head rest.

A few minutes later the silence that had ensued died away and you all broke into conversation, picking up where you had left off. This made the last half hour whiz by and Jungkook was soon parking at what seemingly was an abandoned parking lot.

“Where are we exactly?” Jungkook unbuckled his seatbelt and craned his neck in your direction, flashing that same bunny like grin he always had.

“One of our special hangouts. We come to this one a lot and just chill out for the day.” He then stepped out of the car and everyone else followed suit. Just as he had locked the doors, Namjoon pulled up beside your small group and Taehyung bounced out of the car, jogging towards you.

“Good morning! You didn’t miss me too much did you?” He winked at you whilst pointing finger guns. “I missed you tons, I almost died without your presence.”

Taehyung’s boxy grin grew more and he hugged you tightly. “You’re the only one who understands me and my personality!”

“You said the same thing to me the other day!” Jungkook’s offended voice made Taehyung pull back from you. Before he could answer, Jimin made his presence known.

“And me! You’re playing all of us, aren’t you Tae?” Taehyung began to visibly sweat and within the next few seconds took off behind a small building.

“It’s my car, I should be able to drive it!”

“And kill us all? No.”

Seokjin and Namjoon joined the rest of your group and Hoseok clapped his hands together. “Let’s go!” He started in the direction Taehyung had disappeared in and you followed behind him.

You had all set up something close to a base at the side of the building, which you discovered to be an old bowling alley. After a few hours passed by of simply trading each of your own stories and eating the different foods Seokjin had prepared, a question popped into your head. “Are there still bowling balls and pins in there?”

Yoongi glanced back at the building for a moment before nodding his head at you. “There should still be some left from the last time we came here…”

“Let us bowl!” Seokjin jumped up from his seat and marched into the building and Taehyung all but skipped in after him. Jungkook made his way towards you, sticking his hand out and you grasped it, letting him pull you up. He didn’t let you go but spun you around, very loosely wrapping an arm around the front of your neck and shoulders.

“Okay, now that was smooth.” He nuzzled your cheek at your compliment before pecking it. “I know but that’s just the beginning.” From the corner of your eye you spotted his smirk but decided to ignore it.

You’ll let him stay cocky just this once.

When you eventually caught up with the group, you found Seokjin wiping down one of the alleys with a mop whilst Namjoon collected the stray pins from the ground.

“Let’s see who can get the cleanest strike first.” Taehyung’s proposal was one everyone seemed to be interested in and you all negotiated over the order you would play in.

“I’m just warning you, I beat the almighty golden maknae so you all better watch your backs.” Areum decided to wipe the smug grin off your face with her next words.

“Well he must have let you win because I know for a fact that you missed almost every shot the last time we went bowling.” Well, she wasn’t exactly lying about that.

“That was two years ago! I thought you were my friend!?” She giggled and gave you an apologetic hug which you couldn’t reject.

By the time you had released her, everyone was ready to start and you prepared yourself for what was probably going to be the most intense bowling game you would ever play.


Your first competition had resulted in Jungkook being the victor unsurprisingly but when you all decided to play a real game, you were shocked at the fact that Yoongi had single handedly beat you all by quite a bit. It didn’t help that you played two more games only for Yoongi to come out victorious both times.

“I’m ninety nine percent sure that Yoongi has rigged this game.” Your comment received a chuckle from said boy who then shook his head.

“Nope. I like to think I have been blessed with many skills and this just happens to be one of them.”

“Bowling isn’t a skill.” His smile dropped at Taehyung’s reply and he cast him a lazy stare.

“Do you want to die? Of course it is but I wouldn’t expect you of all people to understand.” They continued bickering and you glanced at the time displayed on your watch. Almost six in the evening.

Who knew that you could spend this long bowling? You did take hour long breaks in between so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.

A tap on your shoulder pulled you out of your thoughts and Jungkook placed a finger on his lips, grabbing your hand and guiding you out of the building.

“What’s up Kookie?” He pulled two spray cans, one white and one black, from his hoodie pocket and handed you the lighter of the two.

“Let’s leave our mark here.” You raised your eyebrow at his suggestion but couldn’t deny that his idea did sound very appealing.

“Isn’t that stereotypical? You know that whole 'leaving our names on a tree forever’ thing?” He shook the can and grinned at you, stepping towards the other side of the building.

“Who said we were leaving our mark on a tree?”

Upon following Jungkook, you found him spraying his name onto the back of the building, in big bold letters. Once he was done he spun around and nodded his head at the wall.

“Your turn.”

Staring at his name sprayed in black, you had a short mental debate with yourself which, honestly, was useless since there was almost nothing wrong with what you were doing. Stepping up to the wall, you spread your name in white beside his before adding a little heart in between both of your names.

“I thought you didn’t like clichés?”

You looked up at him with a delicate smile and scratched your cheek.

“I guess a little cliché isn’t that bad…” He returned your smile with one of his own and in that moment you were reminded that his soft smile was one of the many things you loved about him.

“So this is where you were hiding!” Jimin’s voice made you spin on your heel and you were greeted with the sight of the rest of the group, all standing with their own spray cans, even Areum.

“Thought you could leave us out?” Taehyung jumped forward and tutted at the both of you before admiring your 'work’.

“Ah, this is cute. But… it’s missing something.” He proceeded to spray his own name above yours and motioned for everyone else to come forward. Your smile widened as everyone began to leave their names around Jungkook’s and your own.

Minutes later, they one by one stepped back and Taehyung directed his next question at the both of you.

“What do you think?” On the once plain wall was an array of names each in their own unique colour and you felt a sense of pride in what you would describe as a masterpiece now.


“Don’t you think your name is too close to mine?” He began chuckling as did everyone else though Seokjin’s window wiper laugh was undoubtedly the one that stuck out the most.

By the time the sun had set and night had just barely arrived, you had all settled around a fire Yoongi had lit. You sat beside Jungkook watching the flames of the fire dance whilst distantly listening to the jokes being thrown about. That is until Jungkook drew your attention away.

“Those seven years really flew by back then. I wish I had known to enjoy them while I could.”  

Jungkook lowered his voice to avoid interrupting the conversation taking place in front of you.

“Honestly, there are better years to come. You just wait on it.”

You were sure that as long as you had these people beside you, there would only be better times.

There could only be better times.

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I have a prompt for you. I was thinking that maybe Sana after the last clip will pretend that she is okay and nothing happened so nobody will know what she really feel. And then to a next party, because she, I don't will be very tired for reasons, she will search for a quiet place and then Yousef come to her and they start to talk normal, but she fall asleep and I was thinking that maybe she will talk in her sleep and will tell him something like "you hurt me"... thank you, I love your work!!!


First of all thank you so much for trusting me with your idea! Sorry for the wait!

I didn’t intend to write this much but I couldn’t help myself. Hope you don’t think it’s too angsty. I really hope you like it and that you won’t mind if I post it on ao3 (saying that it’s a prompt of course)

So, here it is, hope you like it:


She had made it through the week. It had been like hell, but she had made it through.

Somehow she had managed to make everyone believe that nothing had happened and that everything was okay.

Every day she would get up, get ready for school, look at herself in the mirror and put on a fake smile so everyone would think that nothing was bothering her. Her mom and Elias had been the most difficult to convince, they had noticed that something was off but Sana had just blamed it on the school stress and they had eventually let it go.

At school, though, no one had noticed anything. She had tried to stay out of everybody’s way for as long as she could without giving them any reason to think that she was avoiding them.

She would pass the girls on the hallways and smile at them like her chest wasn’t aching. She would eat lunch with Noora and listen to her talking about William (not Yousef though, Noora hadn’t said his name once during the whole week which Sana found weird but it wasn’t like she was going to ask) and just nod at whatever she was saying like she was used to.

The real Sana would come out at night. She would closed the door of her room, removed the make up from her face and with that, her fake smile. She would lie on the bed and there, in the darkness of her room, she would finally allow herself to cry and be sad.

The problem was that, once she would start to cry, she would be doing that for hours which meant that she couldn’t sleep at night. Every time she closed her eyes she’d see the same scene on repeat, a certain older boy and a certain blonde girl kissing each other in front of her. If she thought about it, she had probably slept about 4 or 5 hours as a whole during that week.

That was probably one of the main reason why, when Friday came and she was invited to a party, she wanted to say no. She didn’t though, she had made it through that week without anyone noticing, she couldn’t let her be discovered because she didn’t want to go to a party.

So, when the evening came, she put on her mask once more like she had been doing during the whole week and pretended to be happy about partying with her friends. That mask almost came off when she entered the apartment of whoever was hosting the party and saw her brother with his friends, and yes, Yousef was there too. Apparently Vilde, always Vilde, had invited Elias ‘cause “they are 97, Sana, they’re cool”. Ha, that was funny. Only a week ago she could’ve sworn she had heard people saying that Vilde didn’t really fancy her brother. How the tables could turn when she needed to seem cool in front of people.

The party wasn’t going as bad as she had expected. Yes, she had a really bad headache and felt like she hadn’t slept in a week (which, actually, she hadn’t) but at least no one had approached her the whole night. She had stayed in the corner of the room waiting for a reasonable amount of time to pass before she could leave the party without being questioned. She looked at her watch, she still had to be there for at least two hours so no one would suspect. When she looked up again she noticed a pair of eyes looking straight at her from the other side of the room, Yousef’s eyes. He hadn’t tried to talk to her during the whole night, which she was thankful for. He also hadn’t tried to talk to Noora during the whole night, which she was even more thankful for. She quickly averted his look and acted like she didn’t care. She could still feel his eyes on her but she wasn’t willing to surrender, she was stronger than that, or at least she wished she was.

The song that was sounding ended and another one started. She didn’t know which song it was but apparently everyone else did ‘cause almost everyone in that party started to sing and shout.

That was it, too much noise, her head was about to explode. She pushed her way out of the room and entered a hallway. She tried the first door, bathroom. She tried the second one, locked, and she didn’t want to know why. Then, in the third was the charm. She opened the door and walked into what seemed to be a bedroom.

There was big bed in the middle of the room with a bunch of coats over the covers.  She sat on the edge of the bed and put her head between her hands. She felt like she was about to pass out of exhaustion when the door opened.

“Hi” a voice she knew way too well said.

She looked up and saw Yousef standing by the door looking at her with a concerned look.

“Are you okay? I saw you coming in here by yourself and just wanted to make sure”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I just wanted a little bit of silence, I have a headache” she said pressing her hands against the mattress so he wouldn’t notice that she was shaking.

“Do you want me to go?” he asked hesitantly.

She wanted to say yes so badly, she couldn’t trust herself around him, too much pain. But at the same time she wanted to tell him to stay. She had missed him so much that week. She felt stupid for feeling that way when it was clear that he didn’t care about her, not like she wanted him to. But she couldn’t help it.

“Do what you want” she said shrugging.

He closed the door and walked over to the bed sitting next to her. She looked at the floor not daring to look at him

“I haven’t really seen you this week” he said

“Yeah, I’ve been busy with school and stuff”

“Sana Bakkoush, always so efficient”

She nodded and her headache increased. She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose wishing for the pain to stop, and not only the one she was feeling in her head.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked worried

“Yes, just tired. I haven’t been sleeping very well this week” she confessed, then she added the lie she had been using during the whole week“school stress”

“If I had known that you were that stressed I would’ve sent you a meme to make you laugh”

“To make me laugh or to make me cry?” Sana asked raising her eyebrow and looking at him for the first time

“Are you trying to say that my memes are lame?” he asked

“No, I’m not trying to say that, I’m saying it”

“You’re hurting me” he said bringing a hand to his chest acting offended.

Sana laughed bitterly, if only he knew the way he had hurt her. She saw him frowning at her laugh, probably wondering what she was laughing about but if he was about to ask he certainly changed his mind when Sana yawned.

“You seem really tired. You can sleep here if you want. I can wait outside by the door to make sure no one enters” he offered.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to. I just need something to keep me awake”

“Something like what?”

“I don’t know. Since you’re here tell me something. A story”

“A story?” he asked smiling

“Use your imagination” she said rolling her eyes.

“Okay, let’s see.” He paused for a moment to think. “Once upon a time, there was this girl…”

“Let me guess, she was a princess. Very original” she interrupted him

“No, she wasn’t. She was a warrior. And don’t interrupt the artist” he said

“Fine, continue” she said yawning again

“Well, once upon a time there was this girl who was a warrior. She was the strongest girl of her village. But not only that, she was beautiful, kind, funny and a great friend. She would always put other people first and fight for what she thought it was fair”

“Sounds like a great girl” she said letting her eyes close.

“She was the best. But she had a problem though, she carried everyone’s problems with her but she wouldn’t ask for help when she needed it. She felt like everyone was counting on her so she was always there for other people but when she felt bad or when something hurt her she would swallow all her feelings and deal with them alone because she didn’t want to bother anyone.”

He looked at her to make sure that she was still listening to him. She had her eyes closed but her hands were moving so he supposed she was awake.

“Like I said, this girl was really strong so at first she dealt with it pretty well. But eventually the weight on her shoulders became so big she stopped eating and sleeping”

“Sounds familiar…” she mumbled almost inaudible.

She felt the weight of her head begging her to lie down but she tried to fight it.

“There was this one boy in the village too. He was a farmer, his specialty was carrots. He admired the warrior and looked up to her. He had always thought about talking to her but he felt like he didn’t deserve her, like he wasn’t good enough for her. But one day, the farmer started to notice that the warrior seemed sad and tired and all he wanted was for her to be happy. He wanted to make her laugh and take some of the weight she was carrying so they could share it and that way she would feel more relieved and she could get some sleep at night. But still, he was afraid that the girl wouldn’t want him like he wanted her and…” he stopped talking when he felt a weight on his shoulder, Sana’s head.

She had fallen asleep during the story and now she was resting on his shoulder. She looked so peaceful and like she really needed the sleep so he gently laid her down on the bed and covered her with one of the coats. He looked at her for a few seconds, making sure that she was asleep.

“Good night, my warrior” he whispered

“You kissed Noora” he heard her mumbled when he turned away to leave.

He froze in the place afraid to face her. He slowly turned around and looked at her, in the same position where he had left her, her eyes still closed.

“Sana?” he asked

“You hurt me…”she muttered before turning to her other side still asleep.

He approached her and called her name once again but she didn’t talk nor move. He stood there for a couple of minutes, not sure of what to do, not sure of how to react.

When he realized that she was indeed asleep and wasn’t going to wake up he turned around and left the room.

He stood outside the door to make sure no one would disturb her.

Those two sentences haunted him during the rest of the night. “You kissed Noora” “You hurt me”.

He could feel the pain on his chest, his hands sweating.

Another thought came to his mind: his story was true, the farmer boy didn’t deserve the warrior girl.


So this is it!! I really hope you’ve liked it and that I didn’t disappoint you♥♥


A/N: You aren’t even ready…


Dan was in for it now.

Whenever they had arguments it was her fault. Only a few words could be said and he would fly off the handle, or be stewing for the rest of the day. Some isecurity, embarrassing moment, stressful reminder, and they were ignoring each other for the rest of the night. She was always the bigger person, able to swallow her pride and apologize before they both went to bed. There were the couple of times their stand offs had lasted longer than a few hours. They’d escalate to neither of them speaking to angry sex to Dan sleeping over at Phil’s.

But now…now Dan had really played with fire. She had told him from the beginning that he often confused who he really was with who he portrayed himself as. The internet had created this character for him, and no amount of curly hair or name changing could truly shake it off. He carried that character everywhere, showed it even when he wasn’t on camera. She hated it, hated when he became this cold and detached individual that felt like garbage while also feeling like he was above everyone. He teased Phil, and straight up harassed her, making fun of everything she said if only to get a laugh from the rest of the room. She was a big girl, he knew she could take it, but she also couldn’t stand it. Tonight he’d taken it too far, even Phil and his date knew Dan was being harsher than usual.

The drive home was stiff, silent with her anger and his discomfort. When the two of them entered the flat, she only toed off her shoes and headed for the kitchen. He sulked around, reading through tweets and changing out of the nice clothes he’d worn. There was the sound of a cork popping. Dan stared at himself in the dresser mirror. Should he apologize? His pride was too strong, he didn’t want to. He wasn’t even that bad to her! She was just being too sensitive! She knew he loved her, that everything he did was 95% sarcasm. That seemed to solidify his resolve. He came back to the living room in a pair of sweatpants and a simple t-shirt. She still wore her dress. A half full glass of wine seemed to permanently tipped toward her lips and she scrolled through her phone. She didn’t even acknowledge him entering the room.

Yeah, this was going to be one of those longer arguments.

Dan sighed and sat next to her, far on the other end of the couch. He clicked on the television and started watching something on Netflix. Every few seconds he’d look over at her, and she’d be doing the same thing.She only got up to get wine once, then proceeded to sit and ignore him some more. When she finished that glass, she placed it in the sink and went to their room. Dan didn’t see her again.

He made himself watch the TV for another half hour before daring to enter the bedroom. She was asleep, snoring softly. Dan removed his shirt and pants, and snuggled up to her to get some rest of his own.

Something was wrong when Dan woke up. The bed was empty, and he was without blankets. The shades were still down, the room was a weird kind of dark with the tiniest bit of sunlight creeping through. It was earlier than he usually woke up, the flat was freezing.

Oh, and his arms were tied behind his back.

Like, seriously tied. He felt like a hostage. His fingers were a little fuzzy, like they might fall asleep but they couldn’t. What the fuck was going on? Moving around, he managed to flop onto his stomach and see the time. 9:45. The house seemed deadly silent, and he was stuck on his bed. Somehow, he knew she was behind this. It still baffled him that she’d managed to get him restrained like this. He wasn’t a particularly heavy sleeper, so why didn’t he feel her doing this? He’d woken up at time just from the movement of her leaving the bed! He gave an experimental expansion and contraction of his fingers. Maybe he could maneuver himself and reach for his phone? It was still sitting on the night stand charging. He flopped around like a fish for a little, trying to get a sense of balance in his new predicament. It was so embarrassing, to look so helpless.

He shouted in fear when her ice cold hand gripped his left ankle. With a strength he’d never seen before, she flipped him over to his back. She was in nothing but a matching bra and panty set, one Dan loved on her but right now only made him more upset. “Just what the fuck is this?” She smiled darkly. “You know I hate it when we fight, bear. But I’ve got all this rage inside me still, and I figured out the perfect outlet last night.” Dan swallowed. They were no strangers to kinky sex, but she had never gone so far as assume control over him like this. “Um, alright. Can I, uh, ask why you’ve tied me up like some sort of witch to be burned at the stake?” She gave a cold laugh. “That fucking mouth. The things that come out of it. I considered gagging you, but I couldn’t have you waking up.” She squeezed his ankle hard enough he felt it in his calf. Some of that pain…excited him. “If you keep speaking I’ll have to put your mouth to better use, though. Mind your manners, and maybe I’ll actually let you cum today.” Dan had to admit, her voice was doing things to him. The restraint hadn’t been so nice, but everything else she was doing was certainly making him hotter. “I’m sorry. I’ll behave.” The smile she gave him then made his chest warm. It was genuine, she was happy he was listening to her.

She crawled onto the end of the bed, bypassing where his feet were. Dan had sat himself up, and watched her warily with what he hoped was no expression. Eventually, she was sitting right on his thighs, the heat of her center palpable even when it wasn’t touching her. From this close, he could really appreciate what she had on. Lingerie wasn’t a big deal to either of them, but damned if his cock didn’t do a little jump when he saw her like that. He flexed his fingers behind his back again. He was so close to her, close enough to touch.

And he couldn’t have it.

“You know.” He forced his gaze away from her chest and made himself meet her eyes. “I’ve put serious thought into how you act around others. I would ask myself if it was because you liked attention, but you get that plenty, don’t you?” Her tone of voice was like the one his elementary school teachers used when he was in trouble. Like he was so tiny and she was so big. “Then started to wonder if it was because you secretly didn’t like me, that I wasn’t good enough. Sometime I still think like that, baby.” Was that true? He didn’t know that. How could he tell her she was enough, more than enough for him? He was starting to feel a bit bad for how he acted, but he was also starting to think with his other head. She leaned in and kissed him, barely a brush of her lips on his. He licked the faint taste of her just to have more. “But now, looking at you like this, all open and vulnerable for me…” She reached down and pulled his cock through his boxer briefs. More embarrassing. “I see that the internet has told you you’re some sort of cool individual that’s too cool to enjoy anything.” She gripped him as hard as she had gripped his ankle, and wow, that hurt a lot more. It still gave him that odd rush, like when his hair was pulled. She got close enough he could feel her breathing down the skin of his face.

“But you’re still just that scared little boy you were when Phil found you, so caught up in what people think and desperate for someone to tell you what to do, huh?”

Fuck, she was right. Years of hiding who he was and she reads him like an open book. It was one of the reasons he loved her. She was also stroking his cock, fast and hard. It was as desperate as he felt. He was so embarrassed, but humped into her hand just to feel more of that delicious friction. She didn’t give him any other contact, none of the sweet kisses she littered his sensitive neck with whenever they had normal sex. Was this even sex? It seemed more like Dan being used. It was new, it was angry, it was hot. It made him feel 18 again, ready to be under anyone’s thumb, so long as they made him feel good.

Already he was whimpering and worrying his lip at the edge of an intense orgasm. He held it though, to open his eyes and get a glimpse of her. She was in heaven, watching his face with that same smirk on her own. The look in her eyes told him she wanted him to cum, and his eyes begged for permission. Her chin dipped forward in a subtle nod, and he was moaning and whimpering and releasing into her hand. More. More embarrassing. When it was over he felt more unsatisfied than he’d ever felt in his life. “What’s the matter, little bear? I let you cum, but you still don’t look happy.” He couldn’t keep looking in her eyes, and looked down at his stomach instead. His fingers were cold and going numb, there was mess on his abdomen. Wow, wasn’t he a picture? She grabbed hold of his sensitive cock and he hissed.

“Looks like we’ll just have to try again, until you do what I want you to.”


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V E R N O N #1: Prom Date

Genre: Fluff, School

Category: Sweet Seventeen

Word Count: 2497 words

A/N: This has been in my drafts for quite sometime now and I finished it just in case i forget! Enjoy~

The ticking of the clock was only sound that filled in your bedroom while the dimmed desktop lamp gave the room a melancholy glow. Your parents were working overtime for the fourth time this week and your two year old brother sounded asleep in the next room. You were getting some studying done and truth be told, you were actually trying to study. For the past hour and a half, you’ve been procrastinating by scrolling through your favourite social media. You looked at the clock hung beside the door and sighed, it was only nine o’clock.

Slouching your back, you made your way to the kitchen and shuffled through the fridge to grab a soda. You nearly dropped your drink when you heard vigourous knocking at your door.

Rolling your eyes, you already knew who it was.

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my youth (my youth is yours)

chapter : 1/?

word count : 1389

pairings : remus lupin /sirius balck, james potter /lily evans, marlene mckinnon / dorcas meadowes


summary : “You’re in my spot,” Sirius interrupts. “And I’d like you to move.” Remus raises his eyebrows. (Yeah. He’s definitely cute. Sirius hates him already.)

“Your spot?”

“My spot.” Sirius only then realizes how stupid he sounds, but it’s too late now to back down. “Again, it would be really nice of you to move over one table.”

“And it would be really nice of you to choose a spot one table down for a single day.” Remus smiles, and it’s sort of sharp and sarcastic but also really, really pretty.

[ or : sirius really wants one particular spot at one particular coffeeshop and perhaps an excuse to flirt with the cute boy that frequents there, james wants to impress the love of his life - hopefully without being overbearing, and peter is done with everyone’s shit ]

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Michael turned on his heel, and strode out of his father’s office, trying his hardest to relegate the conversation to the farthest reaches of his mind, but worry gnawed at him. It gnawed at him as he tried to finish his letter to the Icicle King, and it gnawed at him as he scanned pages and pages of bank documents from one of his clients, and it gnawed at him as he e-mailed Brett back and forth about their new account.

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Savior (Hercules x Reader)

Request from the lovely Anon: ANYTHING HERC

31: “I’m fine.”
“No you’re not, now come here so I can hug you.”
86: “You saved my life.”

Warnings: Bullying, Swearing, Bodily Harm, Mentions of Dark Thoughts, Mentions of Self-harm

Words: 8,119

A/N: (Just a disclaimer. I haven’t been bullied to the point where I’ve thought of giving up. But if anyone has, I only ask that you all loves take care of yourselves, and know that giving up isn’t the answer. There are people to help you and people who want to help you. You just need to have the voice to say that you want them to.)

(Name) let out a quiet whimper as she sat on the ground, listening to her tormentor berate and insult her.

Just part of the daily routine of her school day.

Ever since the middle of her sophomore year, some prick named Charles thought the best way to spend his time was to hunt down the teen and find any means to make her feel bad about herself.

Monday was “Ugly Day” since Charles tended to insult her looks more on Monday.

“You know what’s especially funny, (Name)?” Charles questioned as he kneeled down in front of the girl, his sickening grin sending shivers through her trembling body. “I believe what’s really funny, is the notion of someone actually caring about you.”

He’s right. No one would really care that much.

“After all, you are a nobody. You don’t have any friends, you haven’t since freshman year, and you still don’t. Here we are, almost done with our junior year, and you’re still a freaky loner!” Charles laughed as he stood.

His cruel laughter rang in (Name)’s ears, but was deafened by the ringing of the school bell. The boy shrugged before stuffing his hands back in his pockets and walking to his class, leaving (Name) sitting against the wall as students flooded into the hall.

Slowly, she stood to her feet and trudged to her next class. Home Economics. It was an easy class, required for those who wanted to graduate the school, but easy.

Walking through the door of the spacious classroom, she sat in her usual table at the back of the room. Usually it was two to a table, but since her class had an odd number of students, she was able to have the entire area to herself.

“Good morning, everyone!” Chirped the teacher as she walked into the room.

“Good morning, Mrs. Washington.” The class chorused in reply.

Mrs. Washington, probably the only teacher that took the time to notice (Name) set her files down on her desk and looked out at her room of students. “I want to let you all know that soon, I’m going to be giving you all a project.”

The class let out a mix of excited noises and unenthused groans.

“And it’s going to be a partner project!”

The unenthused groans got louder.

(Name) felt her blood run cold. Mrs. Washington never assigned projects that required partners before, let alone projects! There was always the possibility she could just work by herself, wasn’t there?

“And the way I’m splitting you all up, there will be one group of three while the rest of you are in groups of two.”


“Now, about this project…” Mrs. Washington began as she pulled out the project rubric and passed it around the room. But her words fell on (Name)’s deaf ears as she tried to figure out how she would manage the project while working with someone she probably have never talked to before.

Home Economics was only a semester class, so (Name)’s only been in it since they got back from Christmas break. After two and half months, she hasn’t spoken to a single person in the class besides Mrs. Washington.

The rubric reached (Name), and she read it over carefully.

In this project, both partners will perform the following:

-Properly clean a kitchen area. (Sink, Stovetop, and Dirty Dishes)

-Cook a three course meal. (Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert)

-Mend a piece of clothing. (Example: Sew a button back on, stitch close a tear, etc.)

(Name) sighed as she read over the requirements for the project before running a hand through her hair. “Damn…” She quietly cursed before turning her attention back to the front of the room.

“Now, let’s get these partners assigned.” Mrs. Washington spoke as she pulled out paper, a paper that most likely held the grouped students.

(Name) tuned out what Mrs. Washington was saying. She dreaded the aspect of working with someone, and the idea of working with two people? Unthinkable.

“(Name), you’ll be working with Hercules.”


The girl glanced up from her desk to meet the gaze of the modern-day demigod. The gorgeous, dark teen’s eyes met (Name)’s as he looked over his shoulder at her, flashing her a small smile before turning back to the front of the room to listen to Mrs. Washington call out the rest of the groups. (Name) quickly looked back down at her desk as she felt her cheeks and ears warm up.

Why did he have to be so cute? The girl thought as she stared down at her papers.

“Now then, since we’re all split up,” Mrs. Washington began. “Everyone get into your groups and start planning. Your projects are due at the end of next month.”

Oh God he’s coming over, he’s coming over, he’s coming-

“Hey, (Name).”

The girl looked up from the desk to see that Hercules was standing in front of her, holding his notebook in his arms and his backpack on his shoulders. His hair was covered by his signature gray beanie, he was dressed in a comfortable yet stylish fashion, and he wore a friendly smile.

“H-Hey, Hercules…” She answered back before looking at the empty seat beside her. “P-please, take a seat.”

“Thanks.” He responded as he moved around the desk to sit next to his new project partner. “So, you ready to get to work?”

She gave an uncertain nod. “Yeah…”

“Cool, cool…” He brought out his own rubric and pulled out a couple pieces of paper. “So, is there anything that you want to work on yourself?”

“Well… I like to cook, so I can take the lead on that, I guess.” (Name) explained, hardly glancing up from her own rubric.

“‘Kay.” Hercules scratched down the girl’s name and looked back at her. “What should we make?”

“Well… What’s your favorite kind of food?” She asked, daring to look up at her partner.

Hercules hummed in thought for a moment before looking back at (Name). “Well, I’m from a kind of traditional Irish family, and I have some family recipes that we can use. How does that sound?”

(Name) wasn’t very familiar with Irish food. “You don’t plan on cooking that sheep stomach stuff, do you?”

“That’s called Haggis, and it’s Scottish.” He retorted with a chuckle. “But no, we’re not cooking sheep stomach.”

“Good… Because you’d be handling that on your own.”

The teen laughed quietly before scribbling down a few ideas for food. “Now that we have that settled… Why don’t I take the lead on the sewing aspect of the project?”

(Name) looked up at him, surprised. “You know how to sew?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I was taught by my dad who learned from his dad, and so on… I’m actually from a pretty long line of tailors.”

“That’s… Really cool.” (Name) spoke, offering Hercules a small smile.

“Thanks… Do you know anything about the cleaning part?”

“Well… I’ve paid attention when we learned about what cleaners do best on what surfaces. I’ll have to look back over some old assignments, but I think we can handle that without too much trouble.” She explained as she glanced over to her binder. “I’m sure I can remember without too much trouble.”

“Awesome. Then it sounds like we have a plan.” Hercules concluded, giving (Name) a grin.


Hercules tipped his head at the girl who began to fidget in her seat. “How come you don’t talk much in class?”

“Oh… I’m just a quiet person, is all… I don’t talk much, and I’ve never really had a reason to, I guess.”

“Well, I think we should talk more.” Hercules told the girl. “I think you’re pretty cool.”

(Name) cheeks flushed at the compliment, and she glanced up at Hercules, seeing that he was giving her another one of his handsome grins.

“Th-thanks… Y-you’re pretty cool yourself. Not many guys can sew.” She mumbled in response.

“You think so? Thanks.” He laughed again before letting out a quiet sigh. “What are your plans for lunch?”

“Um… I’m probably going to eat in the library… That’s where I usually have lunch.”

Hercules frowned. “Well, how about you sit with me and my friends for a change? I’m sure they’d like to meet you.”

The friends that Hercules was speaking of were notorious around school. Everyone knew who they were, even (Name). Alexander Hamilton, the star student in Mr. Washington’s AP Government class. John Laurens, the temperamental but artistic athlete. Gilbert du… Everyone called him Lafayette, the flirtatious French exchange student who’s been with (Name)’s grade since sophomore year. With Hercules with them, the four were inseparable, loud, obnoxious, but the best of friends.

“I-I don’t know… I-I don’t want to intrude.” She stuttered out. The other three wouldn’t know who she was, she would probably be the only girl sitting with them, the reasons as to not sit with Hercules and his friends just kept adding up.


(Name) hesitated, and just as she opened her mouth, the bell rang. Quickly grabbing her stuff, she rushed out of the classroom. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire as she weaved passed other students who were trying to get to their next class.

Sure it was a sweet gesture, but it was just better if she stayed by herself. After spending time around her, Hercules would probably grow to hate her too, just like Lee did. She certainly didn’t need another bully coming after her.

Hercules sat down in his desk with Lafayette, Alexander and John sitting in front of them. He listened to his three friends chatter on before letting out a heavy sigh.

“What’s up, Herc?” He heard John ask, pausing his debate with Alexander.

Hercules shook his head. “Nothing much…”

“Come on, mon ami. What’s bothering you?” Lafayette asked as he nudged his companion. “You usually don’t sigh like that when you leave Home Ec.”

“It’s nothing, really. We just got assigned a project and we have partners.”

“Who’d you get stuck with?” Alexander inquired.

He hesitated, rubbing the back of his neck. “(Name)… (Name) (Last Name).”

The three friends remained silent at they processed what their fourth friend told them.

John looked at his friend in question. “(Name)… As in the quiet girl in our grade?”

“The same (Name) who has never said a word in any class that she’s been in?” Alex quipped.

“The exact (Name) who you’ve mentioned on a number of occasions because you’ve been in classes with her since our freshman year?” Lafayette finalized.

Hercules gave a confirming nod, averting his gaze from those of his friends who began to grin.

Mon ami…”

“Looks like someone got lucky.”

“When you gonna take her out on a date?”

Hercules’ cheeks burned before glaring at his friends. “Shut up!”


The four boys looked to the front of the room where Mr. Washington was looking at the boys over the rims of his glasses.

“If you four are quite done, can I get along with class?”

“Yes sir…”

(Name) meekly walked out of the cafeteria and into the breezeway of the school. Probably the one thing she liked about her school was the campus. It was spacious, there was a lot of open area, greenery, and just free space for someone to sit.

“Maybe today is an outside day…” She murmured to herself as she looked up at the clear sky. Giving the idea a nod, (Name) walked to a bench that sat under one of the oak trees planted in the school’s amphitheatre. The teen let out a sigh as she sat down, laying her tray in her lap.

The school served decent food, and today was pasta day.

(Name) had picked up her plastic bowl to begin her meal, a hand came from behind her and knocked the food out of her hand, the bowl with her food falling to the grass.

“Aw… Looks like someone’s out of a lunch.” Taunted Charles Lee as he walked out from behind the oak tree, leaning over the back of the bench and seeing (Name)’s look of distraught before laughing. “Shit, that’s priceless! How pathetic can you be?”

The girl didn’t respond, letting out a shaky sigh as Lee laughed at her misfortune. She kept her eyes down on the grass to avoid looking at her bully. Said bully noticed (Name)’s lack of response and leaned closer to her, grabbing her hair and yanking her head up so that me could meet his cruel dark eyes.

“Look at me when I talk to you.” He growled, his glare burning into her. “You might be ugly as hell, but you should still know how to respect those above you.”

She whimpered in response, letting out a gasp as he yanked her hair harder.



“Yes, what?”

“… Yes sir…”

The bully let go of (Name)’s aching hair before standing up. “Now then. I’ll leave you to it here. Enjoy what’s left of your food.” With that, he left his victim at the bench.

(Name) let out a pathetic sigh as she looked at her wasted lunch. She kneeled down so she could pick up her ruined meal.

“Hey, you okay?”

The girl looked up to see that another girl was standing over her. She recognized said girl to be Elizabeth Schuyler, the middle of the three popular sisters. Last time (Name) checked, Alexander and Eliza were dating.

“U-um… Yeah, just ah, dropped my lunch.” (Name) answered as she picked up the ruined food.

“Uh-oh… Hey, you’re (Name), right? You were in my technology class last semester.” Eliza spoke as she watched (Name) stand.

(Name) nodded. “Yeah, I sat at the back of the room.”

“Mr. Jones seemed to like you though.”

“I guess…” The girl shrugged. She couldn’t help but feel awkward in situations like that. She never knew what to say to her classmates when they tried to talk to her. She always came of as strange or quiet to them, and it would lead to them never talking to her again.

Eliza waited a moment before speaking again. “Why don’t you come sit with me and my friends? I always pack a bigger lunch than I need, and I don’t mind sharing.”

(Name)’s cheeks flushed. “I-I couldn’t, I don’t want to intrude on your lunch…”

“You wouldn’t be.” Eliza smiled at (Name), helping her clean up the remains of the ruined lunch and throwing them away. “Come on, I know one of my friends would love to have another person who can hold up an intellectual conversion.”

The girl felt like no matter how much she denied the offer, the Schuyler would continue to persist. Swallowing a sigh, she nodded and grabbed her backpack. “Lead the way, then…”

Eliza gladly led (Name) to the breezeway that laid in between the buildings for the gym and the auditorium. The girl never really went through this way except as a route to a class that she used to take in Freshman year. Since then it had been refurbished as a lunch area with plants and metal picnic tables.

Sitting at one of the closest picnic tables sat a rowdy group of friends, all of whom she recognized.

The two other Schuyler sisters sat on one of the four benches, the eldest and Senior Angelica, and the youngest and Sophomore, Peggy. On the bench to their left was Lafayette and John. To their left was Hercules and an empty seat. Lastly, to his left sat Alexander with an empty seat next to him. The group of friends were all enjoying their conversations, and having a good time.

“I’m back.” Eliza chirped as she walked closer to the table of her friends. “And I brought a guest.”

The sisters and the boys looked up from their current conversation to see the middle sister, as well as (Name). She didn’t notice it, but Hercules’ eyes brightened when he saw the newcomer.

Eliza motioned for (Name) to sit as she sat next to her boyfriend. “You guys know (Name), right?”

“Of course.” Hercules answered, patting the seat next to him. Cautiously, the shy student sat next to him.

“She’s probably the only other student who Washington brags about besides Alexander and Jefferson.” Mused Angelica with a chuckle.

(Name)’s cheeks flushed. She knew that Mrs. Washington kind of liked her, but she didn’t know that Mr. Washington was that fond of her. “I-I didn’t know that…”

Alexander quirked a brow. “Seriously? Whenever that hack Jefferson and I get into it in class, he’s always mumbling about how you’re so smart and you don’t even cause trouble in your class.”

“Kind of hard to cause trouble when you sit in the back of the room and stay quiet…” She admitted with a small shrug.

Hercules lightly nudged (Name)’s shoulder. “Doesn’t hide the fact that you’re pretty smart.”

Her cheeks flushed an even darker red, glancing up at Hercules as he gave her a kind smile.

“Geez, Herc. Don’t scare the girl off.” John joked, throwing a grape at his friend that hit him in the side of the head.

The taller and more muscular friend of the group sent a glare at John before entering a quiet conversation with the freckled teen.

“(Name), mon cheri. Why don’t you have half of my sandwich?” Spoke Lafayette from the other side of John.

The girl tried to answer, but it meekly came out in a stutter. “I-I couldn’t, i-it’s your lunch…”

“I insist. Seeing as you didn’t bring a lunch with you.” The French teen chuckled before handing the girl half of a sandwich that had been wrapped in a paper towel.

“Oh! Right! (Name), here.” Eliza chirped as she passed (Name) a bag of sliced apples.

“E-Eliza, I-I couldn’t-”

“Don’t worry.” Peggy waved off (Name)’s insisting. “She packed two bags of apples.

“For lack of a better word, Eliza can be the ‘mother hen’ of our little group here.” Angelica chuckled before being slapped on the shoulder by her younger sister, to which she laughed at.

Not knowing what to say, the girl silently took the food. She unwrapped the half of sandwich that Lafayette had handed her and took a timid bite into it. Her brows rose in surprise as the flavor of the sandwich danced across her tongue.

“Good, oui?” Lafayette asked with a chuckle.

(Name) nodded. “Oui.”

It was then that (Name) actually began to loosen up around the little group of friends that had taken her in. Hercules didn’t even notice (Name) had begun to have an actual conversation with Peggy until John stopped muttering to him and laughed at something that the youngest Schuyler sister had said. He glanced down at the girl next to him and listened as she carried on a little rant about a classmate of theirs.

“I mean, I get that his dad is a huge thing at Princeton, but he doesn’t have to act all high and mighty about getting an early acceptance when he applies.” (Name) grumbled.

“Of course, that also means that he thinks that he can land any girl he so chooses.” Angelica mused with a roll of her eyes.

Alexander scoffed. “And his rants about the constitution and about how the Federalist Papers didn’t need to be written! How arrogant can you get?”

“Exactly!” (Name) exclaimed before finishing the sandwich half that Lafayette had given her.

Hercules chuckled quietly at (Name)’s sudden burst of enthusiasm, but immediately quieted himself when he noticed that she had turned to him. He was caught off guard to meet her gaze so suddenly, but cleared his throat to try and compose himself.

“How was the sandwich, (Name)?” Lafayette asked the girl, catching her attention.

She smiled politely and nodded. “It was delicious, thank you so much for sharing it with me.”

“De rien, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” He answered with a smile.

“(Name), in case you ever want to score more food from French-Fry over here, you can sit with us whenever you want to.” John quipped, letting out a yelp when Lafayette flicked the side of his head for the nickname.

“You should, (Name)!” Eliza chirped with a grin. “It’ll be nice having another girl to talk with!”

“What? You’re getting tired of talking with me?” Alexander questioned with a quirked brow and a playful smirk.

Eliza rolled her eyes before pressing a kiss to the boy’s cheek. “No, but sometimes the testosterone over here can be a bit overwhelming.”

“I second that.” Angelica added, causing her youngest sister to laugh.

The girl glanced around at the other faces at the table, noticing that Lafayette and John were looking at her expectantly. She glanced up to see Hercules giving her a similar, but encouraging look. (Name) hesitated to give her answer, but she managed to utter her response before the bell rang to signal the end of lunch.


It was Friday.

Thank God for Friday.

Since Monday had passed, (Name) had gotten to sit with Hercules’ group of friends and actually get to know each of them a little better.

Despite being loud, Alexander was passionate about his work.

Despite having a temper, John was kind when it came to his friends.

Despite his constant flirtations, Lafayette was sincere in everything that has ever left his lips.

The girls were all welcoming to her, and they accepted (Name) as the honorary “D’Artagnan” to their “Three Musketeers.” Even though (Name) wasn’t much for conversation, the three sisters recognized that she had her limits and respected them. The boys did too.

Hercules was as kind and sweet as ever to (Name). He was welcoming above anything, and he was always the first to realize whenever (Name) was getting uncomfortable during a conversation. He would make sure as to check if the topic was bothering her and if the group should drop said topic.

Still, even though (Name) had found what seemed like a new sanctuary, she still had an issue that she had to deal with.

Lee was still relentless when it came to hurting her still. His verbal abuse was constant, and he wasn’t one to shy away from a punch here or there either.

Friday just so happened to be one of his more physical days.


And he had found (Name) as she was walking away from her locker to head home for the day.

(Name) let out a choked sound as a punch landed on her stomach, causing her to drop to her knees and cough in order to try and get some air back into her lungs.

“So… I’ve noticed that you’ve been hanging around Washington’s favorites.” Lee mused as he looked down at (Name). The student let out a snort as he crossed his arms. “That hack of a teacher doesn’t know what he’s doing, and the fact that he’s gained a little following is bad enough.”

She panted lightly as air slowly returned to her, but Lee walked to her side and kicked her in the ribs, causing (Name) to land on her side with a quiet groan.

“It’s pathetic, (Name). You think that just because you’ve made friends with some guys, and a senior and her sisters, will change anything?” Lee questioned as he placed his foot on (Name)’s ribs. “You’re still going to end up alone with noone to care about you. You’re weak, no sane person is going to want to waste their time on a worthless sack of shit like you.” With every insult, Lee applied pressure to (Name)’s chest, causing her to gasp out of pain.

“Your ‘friends’ won’t want to help you once they spend more than a week with you. They’ll drop you flat before you even know it.” He added before bending over (Name) and looking her straight in the eyes. “Just you wait. You’ll be alone again before you know it, and I’ll still be here to remind you why you’re still alone.”

(Name) swallowed hard as Lee stood up, motioning for her to stand up as well. Shakily getting to her feet, the girl faced her tormentor but didn’t meet his gaze. She heard Lee click his tongue before his hand found it’s way around her throat.

“That is one of the reasons you piss me off, (Name). Your sense of self-confidence is lacking to the point that you are no better than a mouse.” He hissed as his grip on her neck tightened, causing the girl to whimper as she trembled.

“Maybe if you weren’t so weak, you’d actually be likable.” He spoke with a shrug, his frown remaining on his thin lips. Lee let out a sigh before shaking his head. “Now I feel like I’m just repeating myself. I need a break from you, I really do.” As Lee spoke to no one in particular, his grip on (Name)’s neck got tighter and tighter to the point (Name) felt as if she would pass out.

Hearing footsteps faintly echo in the halls, Lee grimaced before meeting (Name)’s gaze, letting his hand drop from her neck and grabbing the front of her shirt. “Have a good weekend with a bloody nose, freak.”



A burning pain shot through (Name)’s nose as Lee’s fist connected with it. She didn’t even see him rear his fist back for the punch. Lee pushed her against the wall before walking away and leaving the girl in pain as blood began to drip onto her shirt.

She couldn’t stay on the floor too long, it would attract the unnecessary attention of students or teachers, and she certainly didn’t need Lee getting in trouble and taking his anger out on her.

Getting to her feet, (Name) let out a pained breath as she cupped her bleeding nose. She stumbled into a nearby bathroom as to get some toilet paper so she wasn’t holding her nose the entire walk home.

(Name) hurriedly rushed to the bathroom when she got home. Due to her parents and their busy schedule, she was used to them not being home when she returned from school. Today was just a lucky coincidence where she wouldn’t have to sneak around them.

As she looked at the mirror, a groan left her throat.

Her nose was already bruising from the punch Lee had given her, and her neck was red from his grip. She could even see smaller bruises forming from where his fingers pushed down on her flesh. The blood coming from her nose had dried, but left an awful red trail down her chin and stained her shirt.

“Shit…” She whimpered as she gripped her hair, feeling tears prick at her eyes.

How long is this going to go on?

With trembling hands, (Name) reached for a wash cloth and wetted it to wipe away the blood.

How much longer are you going to let him beat you senseless? For all you know, the next time he beats you up, he could kill you!

She carefully wiped away the red stain from her face, then placed the cool cloth on her throbbing neck.

You know, it would be so much easier if you just gave up.

She stopped.

She hated the dark thoughts that liked to come up from time to time.

But… She wasn’t disagreeing this time.

You wouldn’t have to go through this pain anymore.

She put the cloth down on the counter.

Your parents wouldn’t have to worry about taking time off to take care of you when you “fall” so badly you need to be taken to the hospital.

She opened the cabinet under the sink and pulled out a box of her father’s replacement razor blades.

Hercules and his friends wouldn’t have to put up with you anymore.

She turned the sharp blade in her hand, letting her fingertips brush lightly against the cold metal.

You can be free from this suffering.

She sat down in the tub, pressing the blade against her wrist.

Just let it go. Let everything go.

Just as she was about to let the blade glide over her veins, (Name) was startled by her phone vibrating from her back pocket. The girl let out a sob as she threw the blade to the other side of the tub, hearing it clatter against the porcelain as she brought her knees up to her chest.

How could I almost do that?

I don’t want to die… I don’t want to kill myself.

She repeated the phrase over and over again in her head as tears ran down her face. She felt her phone vibrate again, but it took her a minute to reach back behind her and take it from her pocket.

Hey, it’s Herc.
You still wanna have me come over this weekend so we can practice cooking?

(Name) had to read the message over a few times before she could even think of an answer. She couldn’t think of why he couldn’t come. Her parents would be out so the two would have the house to themselves. She would have to make sure that she covered up her nose and neck so Hercules wouldn’t be suspicious of anything.

Shakily, she responded a good five minutes after Hercules had messaged her.

Sure. Come around 10, I guess

The girl tried to stand from the tub, but her legs were shaking so violently she didn’t know if she had the strength to do so. Her phone vibrated again, and she glanced at the screen to see that Hercules had responded.

Awesome! Can’t wait!

She read the message and let out a quiet sigh. “He can’t wait…” She murmured before somehow getting out of the tub. (Name) then went to her room as to find her multiple concealers. She needed practice working on hiding her bruises.

“Damn, that’s so good!” Hercules exclaimed as he bit into the piece of soda bread that had just finished cooling. “That tastes just like how my Grandma used to make it.”

(Name) smiled up at her partner. “You really think so?”

He nodded. “Absolutely. You have a real knack for cooking, (Name).”

Her cheeks flushed slightly as her gaze returned to the pan that contained the other pieces of soda bread. It wasn’t too hard to make, to her surprise, but it was still surprising that she was able to recreate the recipe that Hercules had given her. She looked back up at her partner as he finished his piece. “So, what next?”

“Well, the corned beef is cooking, so let’s get started with the Apple Cake.” Hercules replied as he moved back to the kitchen table where he left the recipe book he brought over. He flipped through the pages before looking back at (Name). “Here it is.”

Walking over to join him, (Name) took a glance over the recipe. “Hm… Looks simple enough…” She murmured. She looked back to the bags of groceries that Hercules had brought when he arrived. “Can you get the apples that you brought?”

“Sure thing.” He responded as he turned away from (Name). “So… You said that your parents are working… What exactly do they do for a living?” He asked.

“Doctors… They’re both ER doctors.” She responded as she went to gather the spices that the recipe called for. “They’re hours are pretty crazy, so they aren’t home very often.”

Hercules frowned as he looked over at (Name) as he brought the apples to the counter. “Don’t you get lonely?”

She shook her head. “I understand it though, they’re providing by doing what they can, and I just need to do what I can while I’m at home… Which includes cooking and making good grades in school.”

The young man nodded slowly, watching as (Name) read the rest of the ingredients needed. “Well, you know how to do both, which is good.” He spoke with a small but encouraging smile.

Giving a nod, (Name) walked to a cabinet to get the flour. Upon opening the cabinet door, she let out a huff before turning to Hercules. “Did you have to put it on such a high shelf?” She questioned.

“Hey, you said to get it out of the way.” He said with a small smirk. “What better way to get it out of the way than to put it out of reach?”

She shook her head before turning back to the flour. She stood on her toes and the tips of her fingers just barely brushed the paper of the flour bag.

“Do you need me to get that for you?” Hercules asked, almost laughing.

“I got it.” She grumbled in response. She barely had a grip on the flour.

“You sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

Hercules chuckled quietly before turning to the other ingredients. Just as he began to core the apples, he heard a quiet squeal, along with the sound of something hitting the marble counter. Upon turning around, he had to bite his tongue to keep himself from laughing.

(Name) stood, her face scrunched up, and flour covering her head, face, and shoulders. She let out a sigh, that came out as a puff of white powder. “Not. A. Word.” She spoke quietly as she felt her way to the sink.

“Well, at least it could’ve been worse.” He spoke as he picked up the flour bag and setting it upright on the counter.

“How?” (Name) questioned as she brushed what was on the top of her head into the sink.

“The bag could’ve landed on the floor instead of the counter.”

“It still would’ve landed on me.” She muttered as she tried to get what she could off her shirt.

“Maybe.” He answered as he moved to get a dishtowel. He joined (Name) by the sink and turned on the water. Once having wet the towel, he turned to (Name). “Look at me for a sec, I’ll help get some of the flour off.”

Thankfully, the flour was covering her cheeks, because they were a warm shade of pink. “Y-You don’t have to do that, Hercules…”

“I know, but I don’t mind.” He replied as he gently took her chin in his hand and began to wipe her cheek with the cloth.

She didn’t know if she should meet his eyes or watch what he was doing, so (Name) just kept her gaze on anywhere but Hercules’ face. She noticed that he was gentle in wiping her face, that his hands were carefully cupping her chin.

“You know, you’ve really made a positive impact on my friends.” Hercules spoke suddenly.


“The girls have another girl to make a friend out of, Alexander has another ‘intellectual’ to talk with, John has someone else to laugh at his God awful jokes, and Lafayette has another person to appreciate his cooking.” He explained with a small smile.

(Name) felt her cheeks flush again. “I-I don’t know about all that…”

“I do.” He spoke as he gently wiped her nose, causing (Name) to flinch. Her flinching caused Hercules to quirk a brow. “What was that?”

“N-nothing!” (Name) quickly answered as she stepped away from Hercules, but not in enough time to keep him from seeing the dark bruise on the bridge of her nose. “N-nothing at all!”


“Hercules, I-I think this was a bad idea-”

“(Name) let me see your face!”

The girl swiftly dodged the hand that was reaching out to her, but Hercules followed her as she walked into the living room. “Hercules, you really should go.”

“I’m not leaving until you tell me what happened to your nose!” He answered firmly, his voice growing louder.

She shook her head, trying to get to the bathroom down the hallway. “You don’t need to know!”

“Yes I do! When my friends are in trouble, and they don’t tell me, I worry about them!”

Hercules chased after the girl until she reached the bathroom and slammed the door in his face. She turned the lock and pressed her back against the wood as Hercules’s fist knocked against the hard surface. She quickly tried to brush off as much of the flour as she could so that she could at least get that off. When she looked into the bathroom mirror, she could see that a lot of her makeup had been rubbed off as well, revealing her bruised nose and her blackened eye.


She slid to the floor, bringing her knees to her chest and burying her face in her hands.

Why? Why did he have to find out like this?! How could I let him wipe the flour off when I knew he could’ve wiped off the makeup?! I’m such an idiot! Dammit!

“(Name), please!” His voice was beginning to sound desperate… He really was concerned. “Talk to me!”

“You won’t want to bother, Hercules…” (Name) muttered weakly. “I’m not worth the trouble.”

“Don’t say that!” He objected. “You’re absolutely worth the effort! You’re my friend, (Name). I care about what happens to you! You can trust me with this kind of thing, can’t you?”

Yes. “I don’t know…”

“You know that I want to help, right?”

Of course. “Do you really?”

“I do! I want to know what’s happening to you… I really care about you, and I don’t want to see you hurt!”

(Name) blinked, lifting her head from her hands.

“Please, talk to me… I really want to help.”

She bit her lip, letting out a quiet sigh. “Lee…”


“Charles Lee… He’s been bullying me since Sophomore year.”

(Name) didn’t see Hercules tense from the new information. For the last year, the girl that he’s liked for the past two years has been bullied by a jerk that he and his friends all dispise… How could he not have noticed?

“Why haven’t you told anyone?” He asked gently.

“Because I didn’t want him getting in trouble and taking it out on me…”

“Do your parents know?”

She shook her head, but realized that he couldn’t see she had until after the fact. “No… They’re busy enough already, I don’t need them worrying about me when they have to worry about other people… People with serious injuries.”

“(Name), for all you know, the next time Lee does something to you, it will be a serious injury.” Hercules spoke with a frown.

“It hasn’t been so far. Just a lot of insults, and stuff that I can cover up.” She objected half-heartedly. “…And a lot of wasted lunches.”


“That day Eliza asked me to sit with you guys, Lee trashed my lunch and she found me just as I was cleaning it up… She’s the whole reason I started hanging out with you guys in the first place… You’ve all made everything better, despite the fact that he still found time to beat me up.” (Name) said, leaning her head on the back of the door.

“(Name), this isn’t okay. This sort of thing isn’t good for you. It isn’t good for anyone.”

“No one else but me has to get hurt… I don’t see anything wrong with that.” (Name) murmured in reply, she wondered if Hercules even heard her.

“I do… You’re the one getting hurt.” He objected once more. “(Name), I know that the last thing anyone wants for you is to get hurt. My… Our friends care about you, they wouldn’t be happy to know that you’ve been keeping this a secret from them… And I know your parents wouldn’t like the idea of you getting hurt and keeping it from them, especially when it’s in their job description to make people feel better.”

(Name) didn’t answer, she knew he was right, and she didn’t think arguing would do her any sort of good.

“This isn’t good for you, and you know that.” He added.

“I’m fine.” (Name) answered through the door.

“No you’re not, now come here so I can hug you.”

She paused again, surprised by Hercules once more. “Why are you so intent on trying to help and make me feel better?”

“Because like I said, I care about you, and I hate seeing the people I care about get hurt.” Hercules replied. “Now… Please? Can you come out here?”

(Name) was reluctant, to say the least. She could already tell that he wanted to help, but what would he do? How could one other person on her side be of any help to her at this point?

Even with all this running through her head, she stood and unlocked the door. She turned the knob and slowly opened it to see Hercules standing there. His brows were furrowed with worry, but he still tried to give (Name) a comforting smile, despite the shocked look at the state of her injuries. “Now, c’ome here.” He said as he held his arms open. You need a hug.”

Timidly, (Name) stepped into his embrace, her hands carefully finding a spot on his back where they gripped onto the back of his shirt. Hercules squeezed her smaller form, his chin resting on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry,” He murmured to her. “We’ll sort this out, and we’re gonna make sure you’re safe at school. Okay?”

The girl nodded ever-so slightly, her grip on his shirt tightening. “Okay.”

It was a long process, a long and tearful process.

What came first was (Name) telling her parents when they were home at the same time for a change, which only occurred a couple days after the whole event with Hercules.

Hercules had asked her if she wanted him present while she told them, but she felt that would possibly start more problems than solve them.

She cried, her mom cried, and her dad felt guilty. They both did, after all, what parent wouldn’t feel guilty about not being there for their kid? (Name) even broke down about actually thinking about ending it all in the bathroom that one day. Her parents didn’t even know what to say for the first half of it, except that they were so sorry. (Name) couldn’t hold a grudge against them, especially since it was her fault from keeping it from them in the first place. She told them that, but they still insisted on apologizing.

Thankfully, Hercules was right next to his phone whenever (Name) called him after the whole thing with her parents had passed.

The next plan of attack was telling their friends.

For that, (Name) really wanted Hercules with her. She didn’t know if she could take six people bombarding her with worried and angry questions.

The two sat their friends down after school, a couple days after (Name) had settled things with her parents. Hercules opted that they take a secluded booth in a coffee shop that Alexander frequented, so thankfully it wasn’t too hard to get them all to comply. When (Name) actually explained to them what was wrong, she was surprised to see that not only did Alexander, John, and Lafayette loose their cool, but Angelica and Peggy also lost their tempers. It took (Name) and Hercules both to keep John from running out of the booth to hunt down Lee.

After a bit of explanation as to her position and her reasoning to keeping everything a secret, (Name) shed a few tears that led to her being comforted by Hercules, Eliza, and Lafayette. That was one of the things she didn’t want to burden people with, having to comfort her. She didn’t want them to go through the trouble of having to watch over her in case she broke down.

“You’re kidding, right?” Eliza asked with a small smile.

“(Name), that’s what friends are for!” Peggy added as she scooted closer to (Name), hugging the girl to her.

“You’re supposed to be able to tell us what’s wrong, vent, or something else. That’s what we’re here for.” John agreed, trying to give (Name) an encouraging smile through his simmering anger.

“I-I just d-didn’t want to b-bother any of you.” She sniffed as Hercules handed her a napkin to wipe her eyes.

Alexander huffed, reaching across Peggy and putting a hand on (Name)’s arm. “(Name), listen. Friends are supposed to be there for you to vent, bother, confide, or whatever else. If we haven’t made it clear to you in the past week, we’re your friends.”

Lafayette nodded. “Oui. We want to help, we just can’t unless you tell us what’s the matter.”

“When it’s something like this, you should know that we’re here for you. And even if it wasn’t some jerk, we would still be here for you… That’s what friends are for, right?” Angelica asked.

(Name) nodded as she tried to muffle the sobs that wanted to escape her throat. Hercules gently wrapped an arm around her shoulders and brought (Name) in for a hug. The girl hid half of her face against his chest, not catching the looks that Alexander, John, and Lafayette were giving Hercules.

It was the day after that that (Name) went to the principle about Charles Lee. Luckily for her, all of her friends were right outside the office, waiting for her to finish. It was a tiresome process going through it all with the principle and the counselor asking her questions that were almost word-for-word what her parents asked her only days prior. She answered them all the same, though. As Hercules convinced her, the only way to make this whole thing go away was to do something about it. And she finally was.

A mere week after (Name)’s episode in the bathroom at her house, Charles Lee was expelled. Hercules stood with (Name) as she watched Lee was pulled into the principal’s office by Mr. Washington himself. She caught Lee’s glare and shuddered, but Hercules glared right back, his arm moving around (Name)’s shoulders.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.” Hercules advised, gently pulling (Name) down the hall and out of the school building.

As the two walked into the common area, (Name) glanced up at him, seeing that he was keeping his gaze locked in front of them, and his arm still around her shoulders. She didn’t know what to say to him, despite the fact that he had helped her through all of it. He had been her shoulder to cry on, her number one person to talk to.

“Thank you, Hercules… For everything.” She murmured.

“Huh?” he asked as he looked down at her, meeting her gaze. “What do you mean?”

“For being there for me when I really needed someone… I wouldn’t have had the guts to tell anyone what was happening if it wasn’t for you.” (Name) explained. “It was because of you that all of this happened.”

Hercules smiled down at her, giving her shoulders a squeeze. “Like I said, I care about you, and I’ll do whatever I can for those I care about.”

“Yeah, I get that… But Hercules, You saved my life.”

“(Name), I really don’t think-”

“The day before you came over, I was almost at the point of killing myself. You texted me just as I was about to do it. You stopped me, and evidently, saved me.”

The two stopped walking, Hercules stared down at (Name) in shock. “What?”

She nodded slowly. “I told my parents, but I couldn’t tell you or the others…”

“(Name), how could you-”

“Because telling you that I almost killed myself would just make everything so much worse, and I-I just couldn’t tell you that… I just couldn’t… But you’ve been through my drama to the point where I had to tell you how much you’ve helped me.” She muttered, struggling to meet his gaze.

Hercules’ brows furrowed with worry. “(Name), thoughts like that-”

“I know… And my parents and I have already talked about a therapist, and I’m going to go to one. I need someone to talk to about this stuff, and it’s going to take a while for me to completely get over what I thought about doing… But it’s thanks to you that I was able to actually speak up.” (name) explained, giving Hercules a strained smile. “So… Again, thank you, for saving my life.”

He was shocked, he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what to say, except: “You’re welcome…”

She nodded, turning her gaze to the ground.

“And… (Name)?”

She looked up and met his eyes. “Yes?”

“Could you… Would you… Can we-”

“You want to go out on a date?” She asked, tipping her head slightly.

He nodded his head feverishly. “Y-Yes… I-If you really want to, that is.”

(Name) smiled up at her savior and nodded. “I would love to.”


This is a short little Crosshairs and Arkos piece I wrote. SketchHungry has a pretty swell Grease!AU going on for crosshairs I felt like writing something for it. (This also may or may not be a slight bribe to ask SketchHungry for arkos Grease!AU art. >.> But only if they want. xD)  Seriously check out @sketchhungry and their blog here. Also, fair warning. I don’t think I’ve seen Grease all the way through so some dialogue may be awkward and based off my hazy understanding. xD Anyway, enjoy!


Coco leaned back in her chair, sipping her coffee with a sigh. She was currently sitting in the back of her chemistry lab, wracking her brain for any idea. The rest of her group was currently taking care of measuring some chemical reactions. Coco had already done her part, and at the moment had for more important things to ponder. Such as how to capture the interest of a certain brunette.

Leaning forward, she dropped her chin into her hand, blowing her bangs out of her face. For as cool as she was, she had to admit scheming wasn’t her strong suit. The two of them ran in different circles, so she couldn’t exactly just walk up to Velvet and start talking to her. A cool girl like herself talking to velvet? Rumors would fly around the school like wildfire. Now Coco wasn’t too concerned with what losers would say about her, but she had to admit she was a bit concerned about causing trouble for velvet.

She had gone to her little gang earlier, asking their advice but they had all been unhelpful, as usual. Great people to hit the town with, but not exactly the top thinkers of the school. The new guy, Jaune, had actually suggested just talking to her. Saying that making a new friend was more important with what others thought, and that she was cool enough to handle any problem anyway. Coco had to admit to herself that he may be on the right track honestly, but he didn’t understand the situation they were in. Coco worked very hard to achieve her status at this school, and she wasn’t going to throw it down the drain, and Velvet was also adorably shy so rumors aside, so being direct could still cause problems for the girl.

Taking another sip, memories of Velvet laughing danced through her mind. She just needed a chance to talk to her, surely she could woo her off her feet, right? They just had to be alone when it happened. She needed an excuse to get Velvet alone. Coco toyed with the idea of sending someone to fetch her. Perhaps Jaune? He was still too new to the game, she could easily convince him to help her out. Plus, she’d run interference if he started getting any negative attention for approaching the proper girls and calling them out like that. After a moment, she sighed and dropped her head onto the desk. That was assuming he wouldn’t screw it up. As nice as Jaune was, he wasn’t exactly the smoothest person. The last thing Coco needed was a problem to come up between Velvet’s group and her own. So Jaune was out.

“Coco, pass the sheet. We need to record the results.” Coco’s group member said.

Absentmindedly Coco reached over, passing the sheet. Her eyes were still staring off across the room with her gaze locked the back of Velvet’s head, trying to form a plan. After a moment, Coco was suddenly aware of the sounds of panic and a strange heat source radiating near her. Looking over, she saw that the sheet of homework was suddenly on fire.

Keep reading

Game Of Thrones: Season 7 episode 6 non spoiler review: Starkbowl, The blue eyed army, Jon Snow (King of my heart), A dragon or two, A tale of the hammerless Gendry, A love song for Tormund and me being absolutely done with Game of Thrones. Because I'm not ready to die and the show wants to kill me.

Note: Even though this is a non spoilery review, it may contain spoilers which will be noted/indicated before they are revealed. All thoughts are just my personal observations and opinions.

Firstly, let’s talk about Arya and Sansa- because that’s some BS right there and I can’t even; at first, I thought Arya and Sansa were playing littlefinger. But from this episode, I am now unsure. D&D, do you truly expect me to believe that these two sisters who haven’t seen each other in years, believed most of their family members to be dead and had no one and nowhere to call home would honestly be fighting like this? I can understand if there were only a slight atmosphere of distrust and/or caution- they didn’t get along even as children and of course now that they’re grown up they’d be trying to get a better feel of eachother, but all full blown bloody starkbowl is not what I had in mind. I mean [SPOILER] Arya (essentially) only threatened to kill Sansa [SPOILER] by saying she could wear her face (can you wear the face of someone living?). I mean maybe threatened is too harsh a word? But Arya’s intention in that scene was certainly to intimidate Sansa. It was working very well. But bravo to my Sansa (Queen of my heart and my Kings heart), for standing her ground. My point is, I find this very unrealistic and if it’s not a ploy planned by my Stark girls, I very well hope they band together in the end (which they will). I just want my baby’s to understand and recognise each others struggle and bloody love eachother.

Now let’s move on to the King of my heart: Jon “I am a King” Snow. Sigh. Jon oh Jon. Why oh why would you do that? No, seriously. I’m very very angry. I saw this coming of course ( I read the spoilers- shame on me). But I seriously can’t even comprehend what you think you’re doing. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. [MAJOR SPOILER] There was absolutely no need for you to “bend” the knee. She had promised to help you fight the white walkers. She was going to help you fight the blue eyed demons. Soooooooooooooo why did you do that. [Spoiler] My Queen- YOU ONLY KNOW ONE TRUE QUEEN IN THE NORTH WHO’S NAME IS STARK. Sigh. I don’t get where this sudden affection for Dani has come from. It was literally non existent before. It’s either due to his gratitude for her help. Orrrrrrrrr he’s playing the game. He’s killed the boy, recognised her great affection for him, and has decided to use it to his advantage. He’s killed the boy. Hopefully it’s that latter, but I can imagine it being a mix of both. Furthermore Jon Snow, I am very cross with you, but I love you and trust you enough to know that when we are at the end, your duty to the North, to your family, to your one true Queen Sansa Stark will override everything. Including Dani. You’re a man of your word Jon snow. A man of your word.

Ah, Dany. Now this episode, Dany’s character intrigued me immensely. I’m going to start with her wardrobe choice. When she went to help our gang, she transitioned back in to her lighter coloured clothing (to show that she’s actually doing something selfless for the first time in ages). But as soon as she gets back to the boat, she has changed back in to her darker attire (to represent the dark path she’s still walking on). Nothing in GOT is a coincidence, they’ve done this on purpose. To foreshadow. To mirror her actions. I repeat nothing is a coincidence. They even throw in the conversation with Tyrion. Tyrion’s begging her not to go- to do nothing. Not because he wants our blue-eyed demon fighting companions to die- oh no. He does it because he loves her and he’s scared and he doesn’t want to lose her. But Dani refuses. She has to go. She has to help them. Why is this conversation thrown in? I think it’s to give us hope. Last episode Tyrion and Vary’s are having that whole conversation where they are convincing themselves (mostly Tyrion) that what she did to the Tarly’s (my poor Dickon), was justified. When Tyrion says she isn’t her father, Vary’s replies she never will be with the correct consul. And here in episode 6, we perhaps see the earlier version of Dany. Helping people because she wants too, because she sees it as a duty, because it’s the right thing to do. Not the Dany we’ve been seeing recently: a Dani obsessed with the iron throne because she believes it’s her birth right (lol- R+L= J. Targbowl is really on the horizon). And it gives us hope. Perhaps she makes questionable decisions, but she is still good. Nope. As soon as we’re back on the boat, back in to her dark attire to represent her dark path. I mean think about it, [SPOILER], if they wanted to paint her as this truly good leader, why accept Jon bending the knee? If she had said no, I’ll help you either way, no my faith in her would’ve been fully restored. Because she’d be helping Jon not because she got something out of it, but because she recognises the threat the white walkers pose is too real to ignore. I have a love/hate relationship with Dany. I don’t hate Dany, I love her in the way that I love Cersei- not because she’s a good person, because she’s a complex one. When her and Tyrion discuss what happened with the Tarly’s, she calls it necessary. When Tyrion explains other ways they could’ve dealt with it- SHE DISREGARDS HIM. Sigh. There’s so much I could say about Dani but honestly, I’m just not bothered.

The blue eyed army- also known as the White walkers. This paragraph will include spoilers in essentially every sentence, so I suggest you just skip this one. Okayyyyyy- let’s talk about The King of the Blues- or the night King. Whatever. Same thing. This guy is BADASS OKAY. [SPOILERS FROM HERE UNTIL THE END OF THE WHITE WALKER PARAGRAPH]
The way he killed Viserion on his first attempt? Yeahhhhhh byeeeeeee. Dude’s just too cool for school. He’s too cool for the North. He’s just cool in general to be honest. I really can’t wait until season 8 and the rest of the books to find out what the WW’s true purpose is. I’m really interested to find out. They really killed my baby Benjen. Who deserved so much more in life- YOU SEE JON. BENJEN DIDN’T DIE FOR YOU TO BEND THE FRICKING KNEE. YOU POMPUS SWINE. YOU ATTRACTIVE BEAST. YOU PANTY DROPPER. Sigh. Jon Snow, King of my heart- he knows nothing. But the White walkers are seriously such an interesting aspect of the show and now that they have a dragon on their side, it’s about to get very very interesting. The wall’s coming down. And the war’s about to begin.

Tormund and a splash of The Hound- I just love Tormund and thought it was wrong to write a review and not mention him. I love him and all the cute things he said about Brienne. And his observation of the Hound was bloody spot on (the hound is another interesting character).
[Slight dialouge SPOILER].
“I don’t think you’re really mean, your eyes are sad.”
[SPOILER] I just thank the God’s (the old God’s and the new), that they kept him alive as it was a very very close call.

The Hammerless Gendry- A tale: A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR BLOODY GENDRY THE HAMMERLESS who indirectly saved our gang. Whom is already loyal to his future “brother” (mwahahaha) in-law and the KITN (forever and always) Jon snow. Who could’ve died but kept running. The true hero of this episode: THE HAMMERLESS GENDRY. [SPOILERS AHEAD BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE HIS HAMMER IS READ ON] Okay, so we’ve captured a WW, just another day in the North you know- no bigie and we’re ready to return to perhaps not the comfort of dragonstone (we are essentially bloody prisoners), but definitely as far away from the blue eyed ones as possible when we find ourselves surrounded by the army. YAY. Bloody brilliant. So what does Jon who knows nothing Snow do. We send our most capable rower- sorry- runner to run back to Dadvos (I do love Daddy Davos) and get a Raven to Dragonstone stat. At first, he refuses to leave bro in-law but Jon tells him he’s the only one who can do it. So he begins to run when The Hound stops him, says he’ll be faster without the hammer and so (hesitantly), Thor- I mean Gendry- entrusts the hammer with The Hound (guess he’s worthy). And that my friends, is how Gendry the Hammerless lost his hammer. And he’s a bloody hero for it. If Gendry didn’t get to Dadvos, Dani wouldn’t have known what was going on and therefore, they’d have been screwed. Gendry is the true hero.

My final thoughts: I enjoyed episode 6 thoroughly (apart from a few bits and bobs) and don’t know what I’m going to do next week when it all ends for maybe two years as opposed to one. It definitely gave me all the feels- I shouted, I jumped, I rolled my eyes, I almost cried (twice) and I got very very angry. I don’t understand where Jon and Dany popped out of but understand its necessity in the show in order to set up Targbowl, The (inevitable) Northern revolt and the fulfilment of Dany’s prophecies (three mounts you must ride… three fires you must light). I can tell Dany is smitten with Jon. Couldn’t say the same for Jon until this episode (poor Jorah). I’m happy the gang is safe for now. And I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of Sam and Gilly at Winterfell. Littlefinger death shall be immensely satisfying. Can’t wait for this foolish Starkbowl to end. The meeting at KL is going to be epic. Dany vs Cersei. Brienne and Jamie reunion. Euron shows his face maybe? A flipping R+L=J REVEAL WOULD BE GREAT. And yeah. I have too many feelings to type coherently, but overall, I quite enjoyed that episode.

I’m on book two of The Ice And Fire series: a clash of kings. And so far, I am enjoying them immensely.

Every Single Rupauls Drag Race Queen Ranked from 1 to 100 by David Mason
You will notice as thece list goes it runs from HARSH to KIND being that we go from people who are wasting our time and perhaps not living an honest fantasy but trying to be something they FEEL they’re SUPPOSED to be and talented artists who capture us as they reveal beautifully honest selves which bloom from their unconscious.
The Top 25 are ICONIC GOLD and are identities who hold their own amongst all the queens. They are APEX PREDATORS and each could arguably be made number one depending on each persons values. This is MY list and therefore it reflects my values and needs.
100. Phi Phi O’Hara Shes actually the worst for being a horrible person who cant figure out why shes terrible and thats the worst part. I actually BOOED her in public when I saw her. Is it wrong to not like someone just because they were born??? I think it probably is BUT I dont like Phi-Phi because when they showed her mom her mom was like 26 and I just thought YUCK, unplanned pregnancy is just TACKY and I wouldnt have to deal with you if your mom just had the balls to own her own body and be responsible and kind to the Earth and abort you but apparently the apple doesnt fall far from the (say this in Goldie Hawn from Overboard voice) “short, fat, slut" and you come from a long line of short selfish inconsiderate people. Phi-phi is the best case as to why Planned Parenthood should be next to every McDonalds.
99. Kenya Michaels : Oh god Im disturbed by her. She was like that little doll from Trilogy of terror. I found her strong sexual identity so uncomfortable as it was just too obviously a defense mechanism from being a tiny rapeable person from a third world territory. Thats AWFUL to say but Im sorry its just what I saw. I didnt find it funny or sexy. I found it awful and cringy. Its NOT a reason to not like a person but it is a reason as to why I dont want to see her on my tv bending over and WAGGING HER TWAT at me. I dont want to celebrate her complex attempt at molestation management, Im sorry. Lets hope this is me just projecting. I know this is too much for the SECOND entry but Im just saying what I felt. I wish shed read a book instead of just GOING WITH THE SEX THING.
98. Kandy Ho: What gross name, what a skank not even a good skank like Samantha Fox, just a shitty skank.
97. Phoenix: Who? I really have to speed through this list I have to go to the gym.
96. Madame LaQueer: Id put her at 99 but I feel bad for her. Im a nice person.
95. Alisa Summers: i have no idea who this person is
94. Penny Tration: Oh fuck you for that stupid name. Get the fuck outta here.
93.Vivienne Pinay: Why did she think she was pretty or passable or fishy or WHAT? All I saw was “Hi, Can I get the lunch special? I’ll have tai Iced tea with Rad Prik Chicken and coconut soup. Thank you.”
92. Venus D-Lite: Venus is who I think of when I think of queens that dont matter. I didnt even say that to be mean. She just is.
91. Jaidynn Diore Fierce: ??? oh she was the one I think should be named PEANUT.
90. Naysha Lopez: What plane of consciousness thought this person needed to be seen?
89. Sasha Belle: Awkward entry! Rip off Mugler Chimera dress. HERES A TIP PEOPLE, dont try and copy the most amazing well made dress in the world that cost 300k to make and 900 years of 900 year old Parisian couturiers to make. I PROMISE YOUR VERSION WONT BE AS GOOD. If youre going to copy something also make sure said reference has a TEENSY bit of wiggly room for either styling OR improvement. The Mugler Chimeira dress does NOT. Stop looking at it, you cant have it.
88. Akashia: Maybe the first person to fall on the runway??? I dont know? I dont remember her exactly
87. Rebecca Glasscock: I went shopping with Ru once at Saks and a sales girl came up and said “Rebecca works here now!” Ru went from Cafe au lait to FISHBELLY faster than she could mutter… “Rebecca is here?…….now?” thank god the girl was like “Not today”… Cocoa pallor regenerated, shopping recommenced. Rebecca must have been INSANE.
86. Honey Mahogany: Who and Why and whatever….
85. Derrick Barry: Nope.
84. Robbie Turner: I wish you were Tina Turner
83.Cynthia Lee Fontaine:The cowboy look was like a THANKSGIVING revelation that GRANPA IS A CROSS DRESSER?!?!
82. Darienne Lake: Dip into the cool water of Darienne Lake was the best thing about her and that was Rus doing so.. BYE and shes from like Rochester or some shit. YUCK mid/western New York is SKANK.
81. Ginger Minj: Just everything I don’t appreciate.
80. BeBe Zahara Benet: She won season one and I think the prize was 10k and it shoulda gone to Nina.
79. Bob the Drag Queen: After the extraordinarily beautiful Violet won. The audience of sheep were put off by their inability to relate to her because they just arent as good as her so the next season they wrote the season about having a “peoples princess” win and that why we have SHITTY BOB the person who shouldnt have ever been invited. Whats WORSE and MORE ANNOYING is the LATENT worship of Violet after they realized JUST HOW GOOD SHE WAS ONCE THEY SAW BOB and Im sitting here with my fists clenched screaming YOU IDIOTS THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT?!?!?! Bobs season was the worst.
78. Delta Work: Shes the drag queens drag queen. Shes too bitter for tv though. Same reason as to why Jackie Beat isnt on tv, too sour for tv, but thats ok. There is certainly somethig to have the cache of being the type of queen you have to go out to see. When she botched the comedy challenge I felt for her. I could really relate. She has the comic ability and you could just hear the inner dialogue of self sabotage running in her mind. It sucked. Thats one of my challenges too.
77. Thorgy Thor: Funny smart queen that I like. Tv isnt a format that suits her.
76. Sahara Davenport : A sweet soul.
75. Yara Sofia: Ick… The best example of LEARN TO EDIT. Her styling is THE GOOP SHOW. You know how some people just have BAD VIBES? I just dont want her around me. I dont see her vibes swirling in a direction I wanna head towards. I kinda hate dreads, Id lie and not say it to sound cool but there just unsavory to me. Patchouli.. thats what I smell when I see them in my minds eye.They just make me ask.. Why do you deliberately choose to be kinda not so clean? Its some romantic notion I don’t prescribe too. Im not earthy in that way. Im Earthy in a watermelons are fierce kinda way.
74. Kelly Mantle: This person is not Christine Baranski! Why are you telling me youre related to a baseball player like Im supposed to care?
73. Magnolia Crawford: ahahahahahahahahahah… that poor homosexual. He MIGHT be more disliked than phi-phi. THAT NOSE gets points.. it HAD to be a critique on nose contour right?! Does anyone ACTUALLY know her?! I feel like this might be some weird dare that a straight guy did and made it on the show. It was all so WEIRD?!
72. Jade. I really dont remember a damn thing but kinda thought she was a nice person maybe??? errr ummmm I just shrugged my shoulders to myself.
71. Lanaysha Sparks: She was quite lovely and even surprisingly talented on the craft contest but not knowing who Diana Ross is and your a drag queen is SATANISM. Poor bitch is from Puerto Rico, do you now Puerto Rico is twice as poor as the poorest state? That sucks.
70.Laila McQueen: Is this an OSBORNE CHILD?? Had she been on previous seasons she would have faired better. Seemed like a kid Id hire as an intern and could trust.
69. Serena ChaCha Oh my god Serena snook right by me?!?! AHAHAHAHAH Serena! Worst look of ALL TIME. how was SHE an art school student?! I cringed when she said that as Im an art school kiid and was like NO NO NOPE TAKE IT BACK CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! Serena was the victim of QUEEN ON QUEEN GANG BULLYING and what was worse is AMERICA BACKED THE GANG RAPE. It was like that scene in The Dark Crystal when the Skeksi looses the sword challenge and they all tear the clothes of him and banish him! Alyssa WENT IN on her….Coco even got a piece of Serena that day! Serena is lucky to be alive.
68. Jasmine Masters: Im disturbed by my own ability to impersonate Jasmine Masters. Its not THAT GOOD but its better than a 225lb Pollock should be able to do. Her Slinky worm routine makes me GIGGLE. She is ANGRY……BLACK RAGE which I kinda appreciate in a way. I get it. I have gay rage so why cant she have BLACK RAGE?!
67. Tempest DuJour awww tempest.. We all like Tempest. Kinda funny shes a costume design teacher though no? She gave my husband a shirt and my husband wore it for her all day in Provincetown because my husband is like the sweetest person ever. I mean people were like “TEMPEST DU JOUR?!” they practically SPIT on him and he still wore it and he tagged her in the photo and she didnt even regram lolololol My poor husband, I love him so much.
66. The Princess: I made a comment about the Princess’ look being shitty on Instagram once and all her fans went APESHIT. It was the two nastiest messages I ever deleted.
65. Monica Beverly Hillz I shoulda put her farther back. She was not so great.
64. Vivacious: Awwww the old battle axe of drag. I support her endaevor but her looks were so dated. I do however respect her respect for the art so…
63. Lashauwn Beyond: That name is so real. You can say she sucks but you can also say shes the spirit of drag taking you “up" so let her be.
62. Mrs. Kasha Davis: WOAH boy did she sneak by me?! She must have got here EARLY and just WAITED. She sucked so hard you kinda loved her for being honest. Kasha was like your olde gay neighbor whos taste level sucks but you respect her because she went through the AIDS crisis and is still smiling. Not even kidding.
61. BenDeLaCreme: I just did not like her.
60. Pandora Boxx: Oh god Pandora. Did you see that Unicorn video she made… bless this bitch.
59. Shangela Laquifa Wadley: Shangela was just cheap. Shangela is like the same taste level as like Paula Abdul, Mad Tv, Khols, a Sketchers Sneaker… I just never like what she does. I dont need it. Its poor person humor. Just because you say something LOUDLY doesnt make it more funny. ( as I type in CAPS)
58. Roxxxy Andrews: This poor bitch dug a damn hole… You know shes not likeable because she was shadey but she was more talented then anticipated in the creative challeges, and I thought she had nice skin. My husband HATES HER.
57. Kim Chi: One note. Refrigerator being pushed down a runway. I actually dont like her for not having the courage to be out to her parents. Its insulting to the rest of us. Buck up bitch, your mom already knows, shes known since you were 2. The fact you think she doesnt know is INSANE. Your non outness renders any talent moot.
56. Adore Delano: Thanks but Ive been to Hot Topic, NEXT.
55: Acid Betty: I don’t remember much about the 00S BUT I STILL REMEMBER THOSE WIGS.
54. Courtney Act: Ok sure, but wheres the interesting part???? Her finale dress that was like rainbow hologram acetate was cool and nobody even mentioned it.
53. Trixie Mattel: I tried so hard to be nice to her in Provincetown and she was a cunt. Why are you a cunt to someone being NICE to you?
52. Coco Montrese : I could say mean shit but I wont. shes worked long and hard and deserves a clap. Shes not even a cunt. shes out of touch but shes from another world. Respect your elders.
51. Dida Ritz: Talk about out of touch. Her weird self loathing “Im a white girl” routine turned me into Jasmine Masters?! Like EWWW NO, learn to love yourself BITCH. We all know she did one of the best lip synchs ever.
50. Stacy Layne Matthews: Wait shes NOT black?!??? She was from BACK SWAMP, that gets TREMENDOUS “SWAMP CRED” She was so fat her hormones were just like “WHATEVER.. theres simply "NOT ENOUGH of us to go around?! WE DONT KNOW WHERE TO GO.. What do you wanna be today??? When was the last time youve seen your genitals because are you SURE youre still a male?? We dont know and could use some DIRECTION?!” and I appreciate that. I like people who are just like IM WHATEVER. Not everyone has to be a male or a female you know.
49. Jade Jolie: Jade is surprisingly the fishiest queen in my opinion. I saw her at the premiere party before her season started and we honestly thought she might be BIOLOGICAL. This holds some cache in an art of trying to be a woman at least SOMEWHAT. She made the unfortunate mistake of becoming Alyssas ENEMY which at the time was ACTUALLY kinda necessary because if you remember when Alyssa first started she was not the Alyssa we know and love and was kinda of a cunt who needed to get CLOCKED. BACK ROLLS has now been mutters a million times by ME ALONE and lets be honest WERE ALL now VERY CONSCIOUS of our back rolls now. I even got COOL SCULPTING and yes it worked. It works if youre like semi normal with a slight love handle or backroll but not if you have a spare tire because then its just like removing a brick from a wall, and no it didnt hurt, but get it done in Florida because procedures are cheaper there. Florida is basically LAWLESS, they also gave me a VITAMIN DRIP as I did it. That is not legal in NYC.
Jade had horrible style and made what looked like NAZI MATRIX PORN but dont imagine that in a good sorta Night Porter chic Nazi way. Imagine it as a black vinyl raincoat that that greasy haired kid in high school who wasnt allowed to be a faggot because you already had that role and did it better so he sorta segued into FETISH GOTH would have and now imagine him filming himself masturbating with a NON APPLE iPhone to a Marilyn Mason poster… That was her porn.
48. Sonique: Sonique is responsible for one of the wisest self realizations to ever surface on RPDR to me. After getting the chop she said something along the lines of “Well I guess theres more to life than being better than everyone.” YUP. Stop competing, life isnt a competition. You do you and thats your challenge, forget about everyone elses storyline.
47. Mystique Summers Madison: DANGEROUS PERSON but such good TV. To me it seems Mystique has the kind of tongue that can only tell lies, which is sad because that means she thinks whatever the truth is is so terrible she has to come up with an alternative. Thats unfortunate. That said I dont want her in my home. If she lies to herself and others this means she feels she doesnt have to play by the rules and probably steals. Did I just imagine her a thief? Yes, I did. I imagined her at a party at my house slipping one of my Versace candy dishes in her pocket WITH THE SOUR PATCH KIDS STILL IN IT.
46. Gia Gunn: Gia to me really is the sorta line between the queens you care about and the queens you take the opportunity to go get a drink while they come on stage. I took my two assistants on that Drag Cruise as a present and I cant remember what exactly happened but somebodies sneakers were TEMPORARILY ABDUCTED and Gia was UNNFUCKED and SURLY ABOUT IT. Gia on the show was half gross and half awesome. I feel shed LIKE to be nice but has so much DEFENSIVE ANGER she can’t. Its a mistake as shed be much more successful if she got over that. She really feels herself despite having a wonky eye, really short legs, and likening herself to Talapia and aligning herself to TIM GUNN??? Your fashion references are from TV????!… OH GURL… NO!.… I like her though. Shes a talented performer. I feel like Gia is that friend you have thats sorta like a bad dog on leash. You have to be careful with them when around kind people but theyre also helpful because theyre more than eager to be the bad guy if someone is bugging you. We all have that friend and theyre kinda fierce.
45. Mariah. Mariah walked into the room first episode and I thought DAMN shes FIERCE… and then she never looked that good again. If I was just going by tv, which Im 98% going by shed be placed lower BUT I saw her on that drag cruise and her performance was PERFECT. It was CLASSIC DRAG but executed flawlessly and she was nice when we got stuck in the elevator with her. I feel like she thinks she has to be mean or fierce or whatever when shed actually be more well received if she was the person I saw on the cruise who was down to Earth and chill.
44. Milan: Milan is one of the few New York Queens that Ive ACTUALLY SEEN OUT. These other queens im always like NEW YORK? NEW YORK WHERE?!? Im a third generation new Yorker who has lived here 18 years on my own and Ive never seen most of these queens who claim to be from NYC. Milan is nice and a talented performer. I was never into her drag because shes real STAGE oriented and real JULIARD STYLE ( I dunno if she actually went there) and thats just not my interest but she at least TRIED.
43. Dax ExclamationPoint: I feel Dax sorta made a mistake pigeon holing herself as “Queen of the nerds”, as soon as someone claims identity of something on camera queens for some reason HATE IT. I imagine its some kind of projected self loathing as gays are trained to hate themselves. Like how dare YOU assert yourself as something, you CANT do that youre a faggot. I seriously think this is the unconscious voice in 98 percent of gay guys heads and its why so many are self sabotaging or drug addicts and why there is no such thing as a gay gay icon and even kinda why DRAG EXISTS AT ALL. We cant like ourselves because straight society taught us to hate ourselves so we put it all onto a fantastic woman. Dax seems like a nice person who doesnt have that insane person need to “win” and therefore really shouldnt have been on the show as she just got used as sacrifice for hungrier queens.
42. Kennedy Davenport: Wait did I already do Kennedy Davenport because I really didnt like her??? huh I guess I didnt. Well maybe my unconscious mind liked her more than my reptile ego did and she got placed higher than anticipated. How can you hate on a hard working talent who has a retarded sister she has to support?! Jesus christ give the bitch a tip and never do less than a FIVE when tipping queens people A DOLLAR IS THE SAME THING AS A QUARTER!
41. India Ferrah: Oh god I worry saying mean things about India because I dont want to hurt her feelings as worry that she TEETERS ON SANITY but she to me is what drag is WHEN I DONT LIKE DRAG. Her “combat contour” is brutalist to the point of being vulgar. To me her styling concept is PUT EVERYTHING YOU OWN ON NOW BECAUSE MAYBE WE NEED TO RUN OUT THE DOOR AFTERWARD. I mean its the 8 foot braid with a giant bow, and the top hat, and the body stocking, and the thigh high boot, and the breast plate, now a giant necklace to cover the edge of the fake boobs, now put a spider SUCKLING THE TIT of the breastplate, oh wait I have TWO BOOBS and I NEED ANOTHER SPIDER, now add a couple jewels to the eyes of the spider OH WAIT spiders have six eyes so add four more… now what about belts, I only have TWELVE….
40. Mimi Imfurst: OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! She fucking CAPTURED India ferrah like some kind of MOUNTAIN TROLL?!?!? That was one of the most amazingly insane moments on TV ever! Then when Raven WENT IN on her in All Stars …omg I have that segment saved on my phone and just watch it when I need to feel “myself” again. Mimi on the cruise actually did the best read on the Michelle Visage roast. Shes smart but lets her inner voices get the best of her. We all have inner voices but I feel chubby people are chubby because the voices are louder. Im not even saying it to be a dick but it seems like with people who suffer from body issues LIKE ME the inner voices are so LOUD you can see them reacting to them on their face. Hang around me long enough and you’ll totally see this. This is called being a function insane person!
39. Morgan McMichaels: Ahhh the Morgan McMonkey! Did you know shes actually Scottish, like from Scotland? That didnt come off on the show. Ok Morgan to me is interesting because as a person Morgan is just not my kinda person, she even has a SUPERMAN TATTOO and you know how much I hate Superman as to me he is the OPPOSITE OF CREATIVITY and a HERO TO SHEEP but that does NOT discount her talents. Ive seen her perform live and shes VERY good. Do I want to hang with her NO, is she a solid talent YES. I met her once and she tried to tell me she doesnt eat pork because PIGS DONT HAVE KIDNEYS. She said this while chain smoking cigarettes and drinking heavily… hmmmm. I dont even know how to organize the judgements I have. All this said I feel if Morgan was your friend you could trust her and shed definitely not be afraid of taking a hit to defend you.
38. April Carrion: She is the best example of being chopped too soon. Shes very talented and pretty and makes her own looks and I respect her abilities. She had more to offer as Ive seen other looks of hers and they were good. Too much of a shrinking violet to survive a comepetition. Shes quite lovely Im surprised she hasnt got some rich old benefactor.
37. Nicole Paige Brooks Oh my fuckin god Nicole Paige Brooks?!?!? Nicole is so important as she is SO MANY THINGS. Nicole is the ESSENCE OF REGIONAL TALENT. She is THE small town coke head faggot drag queen WE ALL KNOW. My mom would have had her on PROBATION. The spirit that has possessed Nicoles body is an ancient spirit which haunts every rural gay bar! Remember how she had the hots for Raven and also had FRECH TIP TOENAILS?!…That BODY built EXCLUSIVELY by COCAINE. Ugh.. Ive never even seen Nicole but I know her sooo well. Nicole has that IVE BEEN TO PRISON and ALSO HAVE CHILDREN and ALSO HAVE A CLOSETED BLACK BOYFRIEND vibe that is SO PURE. Nicole is the queen who marches in the regional gay pride parade wearing flat sandals and a bikini and ACCEPTS TIPS while she does it! Nicole might also work at BEST BUY when “O.D” (out of drag). and when in drag theres also the worry that she might ACTUALLY O.D. Nicole is important.
36. Carmen Carrera: Ok Carmen is from Jersey where its NOT EASY to be a gay soul. Carmen once tried to tell me its ok that straight guys call you a faggot there because its not an isult its just what you are… EEEESSSSHKKK That is some HARDCORE Stockholm Syndrome. I could say more but its none of my damn business. Im not crazy about Carmen because I think shes made some choices based on where shes from but thats none of my damn business so I’ll shut the fuck up. To me Carmen is an example of an unfortunate situation. Ive had to deal with those hardened Jersey boys as a kid and as a tender gay boy its NOT A NICE THING and it would have been easier for me if I was just a girl too. Yes shes pretty, I wish her happiness. If I was raised where she was maybe I would have killed myself. In a way she sorta did I guess but also rebirthed herself.. maybe I need to give her more credit.
Im going to add this. Most of us have to deal with being a "faggot” in a straight world and deal with it however we choose. I for example fetishisize it as for me its a safe place thats at least exciting as its FIERCE to have your hot husband call you a faggot as he bangs your puss hole out. At least that way youre dealing with the anxiety in a safe place and its HOT its also a lot easier than getting a sex change, pretending it never happened, and siding with your abusers in an effort to make the best of a bad situation. Maybe Ive made the wrong choice, see instead of siding with them and changing my sex I went punk and just write horrible things about them on St Patricks day and work out a lot so I can intimidate them on the street. SIDENOTE I have NEVER had someone make an anti gay comment to me when they’re by themselves, have you ever noticed that? The comments are only made when youre out numbered… fuckin pussies.
35. Jiggly Caliente: Jiggly is real.
34. Victoria “Porkchop” Parker: Porkchop must be worshipped as she was sacrificed for all our sins.
32. Ivy Winters: Nobody ever put it together that Ivy Winters looks almost identical to Grace Jones AND Jean Kasem. That is POWERFUL MAGIC. Too bad she didnt know it either because if she channeled that spirit she could have won this thing so damn easy.
31. Pearl:
31. Tatiana: The day Tati steps away from low brow nineties references and learns to kick is the day Tati advances much farther. She NEVER uses her legs and her legs are AMAZING?! I wish she woulda had the self confidence to get tougher on Raven when Raven attacked her on her season because it was so clear that Raven was operating out of total jealousy being both have great beauty but for Tati it was effortless and for Raven its four hours of incredibly skilled painting. Tati was too green to have that wisdom. If she had it…ooooohhhhh it woulda been FUHEEEEIRCE!
30. Laganja Estranja: Oh god… I dont have the mental capacity at this point to go into the psyche of Laganja…Laganja is so important. Laganja is the litmus for bad faggotry because shes ACTUALLY TALENTED, shes got an amazing body, but OH GOD shes a nightmare. You can tell her parents felt guilty and coddled and spoiled their baby gay into a place where the only way she now knows how to operate is to be a needy indulged victim. Her comedy routine with the old people was a SURREALIST MASTER PIECE. Get off drugs laganja, they dont make you cool and needing the crutch of a vice does not a personality make.
29: Jinkx Monsoon: Does anyone else remember how bad she was at the beginning of her season??? She got the ONLY edit and they spun her into a storyline where theres was no way she could loose. Ive seen this storyline somewhere and it was called PRETTY IN PINK. They basically realized she both Molly Ringwalds character AND the Ducky character at the same time and spun a storyline for her to win because they hadnt a queen like her yet. She is talented, not my kinda talent but whatevs, to me shes the MACARONI ART of drag. She woulda been my friend first year of art school but then you have to change schools because you find out she has a crush thats a touch much on you and its weird because you thought you were just good friends.
28. Tyra Sanchez: In person I think Tyra might be the most beautiful of all the queens actually. You won’t believe this but its true, she’s a stunner. Too bad she just wants to be the best Beyonce, and not the best Tyra. Tyra, you be TYRA because Trinity K already does a waaaaaaaaay better Beyonce to be honest and youre actually so good on your own if you just owned YOURSELF youd be extraordinary. Its a shame she doesnt have the insight or desire to be HERSELF. Isnt that INSANE??? Its why nobody likes her, because SHE doesnt like her?!
27. Alexis Mateo: When you read her name do you also read it with a lisp? I do! Alexis is a sweet person whom I really appreciate and is also a victim of the pageant system. Pageant girls suffer from not fully grasping why the pageant system is bad. Ladies, we dont think YOU are bad, we think youre victims of a horrible oppressive system that wishes to put women into a structure of something like a DOG show. THIS IS DEGRADING NOT ONLY TO YOU BUT TO ALL FEMALES. It attempts to organize the female sex into ONE SINGULAR IDEAL based on the values of MEN and thats FUCKED UP. To organize females into ONE SINGULAR IDEAL is HORRIBLE and ROTTEN. It DEVALUES any ability that men might see as something THEY have to deal with and DENIES ABILITIES and STRENGTH to women creating an oppressive structure for females to operate in. Its GROSS, dont buy into it, its not cool!
26. Shannel: I know you dont agree but Shannel is important. Shannel wears VON DUTCH HATS. Shannels best friend is the WHISPERING FACE in the mirror that tells her to believe insane things. Shannel has THE BEST EYES of all contestants. Shannel belongs to a mentally ill race of people known as SHOW FOLK. Shannel thought JUGGLING while walking down the runway would be IMPRESSIVE. Shannel paid FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for that garment and Shannel paid TOO MUCH. Shannel WAS NOT ELIMINATED… SHE CHOSE TO LEAVE!….. Shannel is important.
OK the TOP TWENTY FIVE IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. These are the APEX PREDATORS!!! Have you noticed as the list has gone on the comments have gone from VENOMOUS and PUNISHING to RESPECTFUL ACCOLADE and thats because as the list goes the talent increases and Im grateful that these people are inspiring, not wasting my time, and are championing values that need to be championed! When I typed this I just got so excited I moved my ENTIRE BODY on top of my little clear desk chair and Im sitting here typing like a GARGOYLE! Every single one of these queens are a WINNER and I mean that. Im not just saying this shit, each one of these queens is a SOLID ARCHETYPE and depending on your own values you could place most of them in the top five and have a SOLID ARGUMENT. This list however is MY opinion and MY VALUES so this is much more about ME than THEM of course. Honestly every single queen on this entire list is a talent and deserves respect for making the effort!… yes even Phi-phi. To be in the top twenty five however means you can STAND YOUR GROUND AND OWN YOUR OWN CROWN. Remember this is MY list. Youll understand reading this list I value creativity and HEIGHT more than anything. Being fishy doesnt count for much to me and if youre dumb and dishonest it aint gonna work out…. Here are THE MOST IMPORTANT QUEENS OF RUPAULS DRAG RACE!!!
25. Jessica Wild: AHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAH How the FUCK did Jessica Wild make the top list?! FUCK YES MISS JESSICA you MADE IT!! Ahahah this is WONDERFUl. I secretly admit I LOVE Jessica. Ill go so far to say shes almost like a KINDER EN ESPAñOL version of Alyssa! Jessica live is FUN and shes VERY KIND. I met her and she was a doll. Jessica is GOOD VIBES. I can totally hang with Jessy. Is she creative? NOPE. Is she Edgy? NOPE. Is she fierce… actually she kinda is???!. Shes a good person who you can tell HONESTLY LOVES DRAG and has fun doing it and THAT is why she made top 25! Shes a pure soul who enjoys what she does and that its the SPIRIT and HONESTY rarely found on EARTH!
24. Max: Max CLEARLY is really into Kristen Mcnemany. Max served us upper middle class white privilege. She was NOT bound by the oppressive low class moral standards of gender and sexuality! Max allowed herself to be flat chested and have GREY hair and this says IM WEALTHY AND EDUCATED ENOUGH NOT TO HAVE TO PLAY BY A MANS RULES AND BE A BIMBO YOU POOR PEOPLE?! Max was well read and Max is probably the most well travelled person in the semi mid west sorta shitty small to medium sized city in which I imagine she is from NEXT TO HER SISTER that was in THE PEACE CORPS (I imagine). I bet Max went to a college that was previously ONLY FOR GIRLS. Off the show Max really gave some fantastic editorial moments. I appreciated Max, she was refreshing.
23. Naomi Smalls: The Praying Mantis of drag! Naomis skeleton is the best of all the girls and thats why shes here. TALL and THIN is SO IMPORTANT. She actually was a nice person and very creative too. I don’t like how people discounted her, she was far more creative than most of these people.
22. Milk: Milk is kinda like Max but not as annoying as a person and more “boy aware”. Like I imagine sitting on train with Max might be tedious as her affectations are what got her chopped, and Milk though shes a touch WASPY for my tastes is actually cool and smart and you could share and laugh with her. Milk was MY club name in the 90s so thats interesting as were both tall white people I guess that name just gets handed to you. Milk is sorta the Sandra Bernhardt of RPDR to me but maybe its just the STRONG NOSE. I liked Milks Pinnochio A LOT but if I remember correctly she used the same wig or a pair of shoes a few times and that DOES get a deduction. She was REAL “I have a mom who went to college and shes tall and for my birthday she bought me an AFGHAN (the dog).” . SMART WHITE PEOPLE LIFE… basically everyone I went to college with.
21. Joslyn Fox: Jossy Fox is not trying to be anything she isnt and that is her refreshing appeal. Jossy shops at Tj Maxx and has lunch at Panera because she used to work there and still gets a discount because her fag hag never left despite making a lot of lateral moves that took her nowhere. If I had kids Id hire Jossy to babysit them. Jossy asked to have my husband visit her at her dining table on the drag cruise, BUT NOT ME.
20. Willam: I really should have put Willam at a higher ranking place simply because shes a class act and one of the only queens whos never asked for a discount and buys my clothes. She is the one queen who decided to play by her own rules which sorta bit her in the ass ALMOST, but shes also one of the only queens who has her own career outside of RPDR. I like Willam, shes distant and calculating, but so am I.
19. Ongina: Ongina is important because shes the first one to show that to be successful on the show its not about your elaborately constructed artifice that you might THINK is what makes people like you, but about the REAL YOU you fear to show others that is what makes people like you and this TEENY BEING had the balls to do it. Ongina is all about the live performance as shes a total charmer. She can dance in the palm of your hand and sleeps in a walnut shell at night. Her charm is her human connection that you dont get from most performers and you can’t really get from TV.
18. Manila Luzon: Manilla gives the best costumes in drag styling. Her puppet faces are great, but ONE TIME USE, so shes a little for the kiddies and straight people who only see her once and dont follow drag so thats why she isnt higher for me. Remember if youre top 25 youre iconic! Im just organizing MY VALUES here so its not about these queens abilities but more about MY PERSONAL AGENDA and how I would ORGANIZE WORLD VALUES should I be given the chance…. (echoing Skeletor laugh)
17. Latrice Royale: Latrice is the spirit of America. If you dont like Latrice YOU ARE ISIS. Watch her performance at the season finale where Violet wins, its sooo darn good. Id love to put her farther up but I cant because she only wears THE SAME PAIR OF SHOES with every look. Lady… lay out some coins stop “living poor”. The moment you spend the dough to move yourself forward YOU ACTUALLY MOVE FORWARD. Stop living in a world where you cant afford shoes, break out of that mindset where youre worried to spend a little cash because you might not have it. LIVE RICHLY…YOU CAN AFFORD SHOES. That said remember CREDIT IS NOT CASH BITCH, do NOT use a credit card pretend you have the fantasy of the security of wealth, but I KNOW you at least have 49.99 for a plus size pair of PLEASERS!
16. Katya. The first time I saw Katya I thought TOTAL FORMER COKE HEAD… and I was right. Thats not a read its just the vibes. I think shes very smart and funny and her finale “read ya” was the best of al of them BUT she got a TOTAL SWEETHEART EDIT BECAUSE ALASKA WAS SLAUGHTERING EVERYONE so they needed to make it seem at least a LITTLE like a competition (though detox was like on another level) but I REALLY dont like that FORCED self deprecation and FAKE NICE LAUGH she gives people ESPECIALLY Trixie.. Stop GIFTING her that reaction, we all see right through it! It comes off like less of a laugh and more of an APOLOGY for existing and you dont need to do it youre fierce, just stop. Before you get too big a head though I have to be a good person and let you know your finale look on All Stars was the THIRD worst look ever to go down the runway behind Serena and Cynthia. Don’t believe me???.. check out the hemline.
15 Jujubee: Out of all the queens I think if I had to spend an extended period of time with them Id choose Juju. Shes smart and funny and hopefully that would give me the opportunity to teach her about STYLING because she needs some help. Damn your looks are CHEAP woman. They sell Vogue at the GROCERY STORE!? Im not even asking for the far superior Italian Vogue, Im just saying SHITTY COMMERCIAL GROCERY STORE FASHION MAGAZINE VOGUE. Pick it up and then look at your clothes and figure out the difference. I actually think Juju might be the funniest queen even over Bianca. Shes certainly one of the smartest, and dont forget her library reading was really good.
14. Trinity K. Bonet: I imagine youre suprised at Trinity ranking so high up. Trinity is something I respect.. QUIET CONFIDENCE. Trinity was too damn well mannered to get as far as she should have in the competition and the reason why is Trinity K is the personality type I really respect who is someone who is QUIET and TALENTED. She lets her talents do the talking and unfortunately for good tv you cant just sit there and wait to slay on the runway, you have to have provide soundbytes and dramtic facial gestures for gifs etc. Trinity respectfully minded her own damn business and let her abilities do the talking and I REALLY like that. I went on that nightmarish drag cruise and hands down the best performance was Trinity it was about a ten minute Beyonce number and it was BETTER than Beyonce. It was FANTASTIC and im not even a Beyonce fan. I also think shes very beautiful and has a total Angela Basset quality to her which Im charmed by. Trinity was well mannered and polite and I kinda wanted to be her friend because someone like that benefits from someone like me who isnt afraid to maybe NOT be so polite should the rare occasion call for it. I guess Bianca kinda saw that too. I kinda think for some weird reason Im sweet on her because Tina Turner was my first concert at 8 years old, which I won the tickets to answering Tina Turner Triva on the radio, and that remeinds me of my mom who I went to the concert with and so therefor I want to protect this “good woman”.
13. Nina Flowers: Speaking of good women the next is Nina Flowers. I have NEVER heard ONE person say ONE bad thing about Nina and the multiple times Ive met her she is KIND AND LOVELY. Nina endured that entire CONFLAMA of SEASON 1 and DIDNT EVEN GET THE PALTRY 10k she deserved?! THEN Nina got CURSED with being paired with RAVING MAD WOMAN TAMMIE BROWN and ROLLED WITH IT without complaint. In fact if you watch All Stars 1 instead of complaining Nina handles her like a loving mother who has a RETARDED CHILD who YELLS A LOT. Speaking of YELLING RETARDED PEOPLE one time my husband and I were in Miami and we bought BAD PILLS (is there any other kind in Miami) and were TWACKED OUT ASSHOLES and ran into her and we COULD NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP and she was SO TOLERANT, AND SO NICE, AND SO UNBOTHERED that we almost wondered if we PASSED FOR SANE. Looking back WE DID NOT, Nina was just really nice. Nina is also a great Dj who really gets that CUNT FACTOR and makes for a great night out.
12 Miss Fame: Drag being an art form that relies so heavily on the magic of transformation being the best make up artist of all the queens certainly gets you TOP THREE placement. Too bad Miss Fame is the SECOND BEST MAKE UP ARTIST of Rupauls drag race. If this was a BIOLOGICAL female make-up challenge Fame would be the best, but DRAG MAKE UP is a VERY different art form. Fame had fantastic looks and a greatly appreciate her. I just wish the brains matched the visuals because theyre SO sharp. She really is the Linda of RPDR. Linda was my SECOND choice of the Supermodels, my first was Nadja so you can see where Im coming from. To me alien proportions and snowgress fantasies trump “classic fashion perfection”.
11. Chi Chi DeVayne : Chi Chi Devayne is THE SPIRIT OF DRAG. Chi chi is POOR AS FUCK and still managed to teach herself how to do BACKFLIPS IN HEELS. THERE IS NO REASON FOR ALL OF US NOT TO BE ABLE TO DO THE SAME BUT WE CANNOT! She is THE DRAG ASSASSIN. I respect her SO much. Imagine if she was given the same opportunities any of us in the North East of the United States were given?! When I was a little kid I wasnt rich either but I feel in North Eastern America you can receive a great education and you dont have to be wealthy at all. A good education is just kind of built into the psyche just like our PURITANICAL JUDGEMENT. I mean as a kid I grew up in a tiny single parent home next to a pond and it certainly wasnt GLAMOROUS but if I felt like it my 8 year old self could wander over to the neighbors house which was basically THE ADDAMS FAMILY MANSION to me which belonged to the professor who established the local community college and Id just sit there in his living room while he and his wife watched JULIA CHILD Id point at the random objects hed collected from around the world and ask “Whats that?!” and hed reply “That is a TURKISH BULLWHIP!” FIERCE?! ..with that information alone not only did I learn of exotic locations I never heard of I knew I TOO wanted to go there AND had the ability too. Something tells me being from Louisianna Chi Chi didnt have the opportunity to learn how to cook LONDON BROIL (I still remember Julia saying “Ooh this roast is SPITTING at me) while sitting in the dark at a baby grand piano while a Grandfather clock gonged in the background like these people did. It would be VERY EASY to be an angry bitter person coming from her situation and instead Chi Chi took it upon herself to excel to the best of her abilities and BOY HAS SHE. I feel Chi Chi was THE BEST when it came to Lipsynch for your life. All she needs is 12 months, a handful of those McDonalds gift certificates you got at Halloween, a stack of VHS tapes of STYLE with ELSA KLENSCH, 6 National Geographic magazines, and everyone dies. Chi Chi is FIERCE.
10 Chad Michaels: Being the number one Cher impersonator in the world gets you top ten placement forever. Its not debatable its DRAG LAW.
9.Tammie Brown: Tammie Brown is an UNCONTROLLABLE FORCE OF NATURE. Tammy is the SWIRLING POWER OF CHAOS. GRAVITY DECIDES TO LEAVE WHEN TAMMIE IS AROUND! Tammies superpower is that she holds no power unto her own but EVERYONE ELSES POWERS ARE RENDERED USELESS WHEN SHE WALKS IN THE ROOM. NO QUEEN has any power over Tammie and for THAT ALONE she gets top ten placement. Have you ever seen those crazy cat videos of cats reacting to people who throw a cucumber on the ground? If you havent, check them out, but in a nut shell cats are for some reason TOTALLY FREAKED OUT by a cucumber sitting on the ground. They go from acting relatively sane to COMPLETELY BIZARRE at the toss of a cucumber… well TAMMY IS THAT CUCUMBER.
8. Bianca Del Rio: Bianca is a hard working professional and a talent and Im glad we have her on “our” side as I cant think of any straight comedian who could beat her in a “read off”. She doesnt particularly check any of my boxes as what she is Im not super into but you cant deny her abilities. Shes the sharpest tack. My friend Bradford hired her for a dinner and it was fine and fun and all and as she was walking out the door my NUMB NUT husband brings up “but what about the movie youre making?” this of course lead her to go on about how shes raising money etc so then BRADFORD THE ASSHOLE makes everyone say how much theyre going to donate to her film putting me on the spot to donate 500 dollars to the fucking crappy movie?! It was well shot but UGH LADY wheres the funny? I paid FIVE HUNDRED GOD DAMN DOLLARS FOR THAT MOVIE?!?! FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS….. FUCK…. thats TWO tickets to see CHER?!?!?!?
7.Sharon Needles: When Sharon first came out I BOUGHT IT, literally, I bought the t shirt which was secrelty packed as a GLITTER BOMB.. FUCKING CUNT…She really gave us hope and spoke to so many and was a creative and funny star. Shes a great talent who has done some amazing looks. Unfortunately shes become super sour and nasty and nobody wants to work with her and former fans are made uncomfortable to be around her. Sharon Needles is THE BEST DRAG QUEEN nobody wants to be around.
6. Violet Chachki: Im pretty sure Violet was trained by a SITH LORD or something. Shes CURIOUSLY YOUNG to be so professional and SO on point and just soooo good. God I hated the idiot RPDR fan base who talked shit about her simply because they couldnt relate to her because she was confident in her abilities. A wolf does NOT consult the sheep as to what to have for dinner!?! Im sorry but thats NOT something to make apologies for and its CERTAINLY not something you need to change. Nobody should have to dumb themselves down for the masses and Violet has not. She consistently DOMINATES THEM with her BITCH GODDESS self and Im SOOOO THANKFUL FOR THAT. This icy goddess holds the title for the number one AND number two AND number three best gowns on RPDR history. Dont go against Violet you WILL loose.
5. Alaska: Alaska broke all the rules by being HER OWN CREATURE. You cant pin down Alaska as one specific thing. Shes is an entity unto her own and that is so important to recognize. Shes also maybe the smartest queen of all of them. Her drag is a critique of drag itself which makes her a more evolved creature compared to “lesser” queens. Like all these top five shes really carved out PERSONALITY in her drag persona. Shes maybe made me laugh more than any other queen.The only “negative” I can think of is I dont like her interest in nails, seems like something India Ferra would be into. Its sorta weird that she named herself Alaska when the biggest gay icon in Spain and many other Spanish speaking nations is Alaska but shes from Pittsburg, not Madrid.
4. Alyssa Edwards: Oh fuck is Alyssa Edwards important! The DON KNOTSS of Drag Alyssa is sorta just like Texas from which she hails… BIG AND WEIRD THINKING AND despite being the essence of AMERICA its also ITS OWN ENTITY and by its own design is flawless and also VERY FLAWED! Remember when ALyssa first started and she was mean and people did not like her?! This is important to recognize because Alyssa HOOKED US with a very special chemistry of herself as a real person and this SWIRLY KOOKOO TOWN that her psyche exists in where shes the MAYOR, THE RICHEST LADY, THE NOSEY NEIGHBOR, AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN! Shes all those things and we get to see them all exist in every gesture. The gif of her negotiating a sip on an extra long straw was just as responsible for us falling in love with her as was her UNSELFAWARNESS (is that a word?) upon the HARD REVEAL of her BACKROLLS. Those lips and eyes are insanely MAGNETIC but all of it would be only half as magnetic if we didnt know what a LOOSEY GOOSEY she is?! You KNOW that Alyssa PERFORMS FOR NOBODY when shes by herself…. OFTEN.
Alyssa I think is the only queen Ive ever hired and she got out of a cab by herself in FULL DRAG wearing like a TEDDY and a SHEER DRESSING GOWN and walked down the street in broad daylight asking my assistant if the MEXICAN RESTAURANT ON THE CORNER was where she was PERFORMING?!?! Alyssas personal styling is: “Dress, not particularly expensive shoe, AND PIECE OF THING ON HER HEAD- but NOT a complete thing on her head just a PART of something on her head! Its the VAGUE ALLUSION that this is part of MAYBE SOMETHING GREATER, or maybe shes been to SPAIN, or maybe she shoplifts at CLAIRES BOUTIQUE?!
Alyssa is an America treasure!
3. Raven: Raven is JEALOUS BEAUTY. RAVEN IS EVERY FIERCE VILLAINESS THAT EVER EXISTED. Raven VERY EASILY could be my number one BUT IM LEARNING TO LOVE MYSELF and Im not going to SIT HERE and WAIT to be loved by someone I adore as they DENY MY EXISTENCE simply because THEY THEMSELVES are incapable of being loved. I already DID THAT SHOW its called ME AND MY DAD and thanks but over a lifetime as a child I sat there on the couch waiting for him to show up, which he often DID NOT, as I hoped that MAGICALLY ONE DAY this person you adore is suddenly going to take interest in you. GUESS WHAT… IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!! I might love Raven but RAVEN CANT LOVE BACK and instead of being MAD (like I was for a lifetime with my own dad) Im going to recognize that I dont hate this person at all, in fact this VILLAIN is a HERO to me and though I wish theyd be capable of liking me back theyre NOT and THATS OK. Im not the bad guy for that, and neither is Raven, and neither is my dad. Its something they cant do and MAYBE someday they will and if so THATS GREAT but until then Im gonna love myself and put interest in people who reciprocate my feelings.This all may sound like I had some kind of ACTUAL relationsship with Raven WHICH I HAVE NOT but Ravens entire DRAG CONCEPT HER VERY DRAG BEING is that story line to me. The even more twisted part is we love Raven BECAUSE shes cruel?!?! I think shes TREMENDOUS! Raven is THE EVIL QUEEN from Snow White, shes Alexis from Dynasty, shes Katra from She-ra. Raven IS jealous beauty. Raven is a cruel and powerful goddess and I LIVE for her. We have tried SO MANY times to hire her and it falls on dead ears. Shes cannot be bothered. She needs to GET BOTHERED because the reason why shes not an All Star is because she cant be. I mean I think its really because shes had a couple DUIs and theres no way a liquor company was gonna give 100k to a person who has 2 DUIS but you know what I mean….
Raven is also THE BEST DRAG MAKEUP ARTIST. All these future queens stand on Ravens trompe l’oeil bone structure. Ravens one word comments on fashion photo Ruview make me HOWL. Ravens astute observations are as sharp as her nose contour. Raven has the teeniest room for evolution spiritually I think JUST A TEENY BIT, like DONT CHANGE, but MAYBE get a LITTLE kind and Raven will be my number one and OH GOD I want her to be number one SO BAD.
2. Raja. Ok, now Im back to sitting on my tiny clear desk chair like a Gargoyle because its THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT QUEENS?!!?!? VERY SIMPLY without Raja Rupauls Drag Race would be MEXICAN TELEVISION! The show would be an FAR less elevated and be a GOOPEY SUNDAE of WIGS AND BOOBS AND WELL WORN DRESSES THAT SMELL LIKE B.O and ANGEL! Raja brings in references that lift the entire competition UP. Alyssa is Cosmopolitan but Raja is ITALIAN VOGUE AND NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Shes still the best runway walker of all the queens which is like MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING. In her single season she gave us gold robot, amazon tribes person, Marie Antoinette, and when she walked in first episode it was the most obvious time someone was CLEARLY the winner from MINUTE ONE.
Raja is the PUBLIC TELEVISION OF DRAG RACE! A FUNDAMENTAL NECESSITY to the CLASS LEVEL of Rupauls Drag Race and without her the floor would drop out. LETS IMAGINE AN AFRICAN WATERING HOLE with baboons squeeling, zebras making their weirdo sounds that you would never expect to come from a horse, hippos eating, hyenas laughing and all of a sudden the GIRAFFE enters the scene and everyone SHUTS UP AND STARES… Well RAJA IS THAT GIRAFFE… and yes Shangela and Yarra Sofia are the babbons. We need LESS BABOONS and MORE GIRAFFES. If I HAD to make a negative critque Id say Id just like to see LESS POT and WINE references on her facebook page because when I read that I think she might be mildly depressed and I dont want that from this creative talent whom I adore!
1. Detox. DETOX IS CHARISMA. Detox IS the MUGLER woman. Thierry Mugler is what saved me in college. Mugler is clearly what has saved Detox as well. The first time I saw Thierry Muglers work was at a newsstand in VALENCIA CALIFORNIA at CalArts and his robot suit was on the cover of STERN magazine and I grabbed it, and some suburban TWAT MOM shot me side eye because the robot suit shows nipple and of course she disapproved that because she was JUDGEY UNTRAVELED TRASH. I looked inside at his work and I thought I WANT TO BE WHERE THESE PEOPLE EXIST?!?!? I actually brought the magazine to my mentor and said “I NEED TO BE HERE.” Well Detox takes me to that place! I can relate to Detox. Were really similar in many ways, both of us have tried to manefest that Mugler construct as best as possible and through ANY means necessary. If Raven is the Evil Queen from Disneys Snow White, Detox is Maleficent! Both are SO MAJOR how do you pick?! Well I will tell you how! Remember how in my Raven rant I was saying I was going to learn to love myself well putting Detox first is learning to love myself! Why?! Because Detox is the EVIL QUEEN who MAKES GOOD. When Alvaro offered to pay both Detox and Raven to send me a little happy 40th birthday message Raven didnt respond, and DETOX DID and REFUSED TO TAKE MONEY. You know when Skeletor feels the spirit of Christmas in the Heman Christmas special?? Well SKELETOR DETOX. Shes the VILLAIN we all love with A HEART thats open to be loved. Detox is the DAD WHO SHOWS UP.
Detox takes great measures to embody the values that mean so much to me. Its actually HARD to be this GOOD. She is SOFT AS NAILS but you still wanna FUCK HER?! She had TREMENDOUS sex appeal without being soft, amazing style without being trend driven, and shes a bitch goddess without being bitter. Detox is number one, Detox is the good mommy.


Okay so here’s my opinion on McLennon:

–Disclaimers: I haven’t done extensive research on this and I’m too lazy to cite sources. I’m just working off of things I remember seeing and reading. –

It makes sense to me that johnandpaul were a thing from the early days. I mean. John was this cool older kid. I know they shared their love for music early on, but that doesn’t change the fact that John was a “tough guy” and paul was a baby. What makes it especially obvious is the fact that John dropped all his cool friends in the band to hang out with paul and Paul’s friend George. George was a lot younger than John, and I feel like he never would have gotten anywhere with John if it hadn’t been for paul. It’s almost like John kept George around initially just because it made paul happy. Especially with that whole Japage 3 thing. John should’ve been too cool to go along with that. And the cringey name. Unless he was making excuses to spend time with paul, I don’t think he would’ve been so enthusiastic about babysitting Georgie. Also, The whole “banging around upstairs listening to records” quote is really suspicious. Like good job being friends but if you’re as into music as you say you are, you might want to sit still and listen to all aspects. Not jump around and bang into walls. John had other friends who were okay at music. He didn’t really need paul. In all honesty, Paul was kind of an embarrassment compared to John. Kind of trying too hard to be a cool guy and top marks in school. John put in the extra effort to teach paul how to break rules (skipping class). He had plenty of other people to do that with. So yeah. I think they were a thing from the start. At least there was a chemical attraction between them that they acknowledged early on and recognized that they were more than friends to each other. It’s possible at that point that it was only a lot of hinting. Maybe they never came out and said it. This would explain Paul’s jealously over Stu in hamburg. He felt like he and John had something and he was losing it (or so he thought). By the time the Beatles reached America though, they must have finally admitted what they felt for each other. What with all the Sappy love songs being sung to each other, it’s hard to deny that those words stemmed from that thing between them. And, i read, the original lyrics to “I want to hold your hand” were “i want to hold your thing”. A joke, possibly. But this happened again with “she loves you”, which used to be “I love you” according to John. And I don’t know. Paris, the spider hand thing, sharing clothes, arms around WAISTS (a romantic gesture) doesn’t seem like a thing just “friends” would do. I know my timeline is screwy and my thoughts are incoherent so I apologize. Anyway, I think that by this point, they were definitely lovers. We all know that John was unfaithful to his wife Cynthia many times and paul was in an open relationship with Jane Asher. Paul doesn’t seem like the guy who would deliberately hurt his female partner by cheating. He had to make sure she was okay with him sleeping around. And John, well, he did what he wanted. By the time yoko came around, I think they were still together. Lovers fight, right? John never had a problem with going behind Cynthia’s back, and had no problem going behind yokos. However, I think he must’ve been so fascinated with her, he was starting to neglect paul. And paul was still in it as much as he had been, which means that he wasn’t getting out of his affair what he had been putting into it. Hence, jealousy and anger towards yoko. And John was so enthralled with her he didn’t really notice or care that paul needed him. They were still together, but suddenly paul wasn’t the priority any more and it was the Stuart problem all over again. Around the hey jude/revolution filming in September of 1968, when they wore the same shirt in different videos taken on the same day ;))))) it must’ve been their last hurrah. In the hey jude video, John looks pretty annoyed. And he loved that song. Obviously there’s other conflicts there. They certainly had feelings for each other still, but paul didn’t like feeling second fiddle to yoko. I think that’s especially when tensions got high because the songwriters of the team weren’t getting along because of unresolved feelings and sexual tension that was too painful to deal with. They had to put it off because they had deadlines and contracts to uphold. At this point, I think John and paul must’ve still been together but they were falling apart. They were never together sexually anymore because they just ended up fighting about yoko and apple and other stuff. I also think paul started dating Linda initially because it bothered John. Maybe he thought he was making John jealous. And I don’t believe he officially broke it off with John until he got serious about Linda. Obviously, he fell in love with her after a while. But, as he said so himself, she wasn’t really his type and he was surprised that he fell for her. I think she definitely changed him for the better. And since they only dated for (two months?) his wedding to her seems like it was on a whim and he got lucky that she ended up being his life partner. Just the fact that he dated Jane for like eight years and was married to Linda for like thirty proves that paul was in it to win it. He wanted to be prioritized and took hit relationships seriously. I think? Anyway. John was mad that paul dumped him (even though it was his fault) and married yoko a week later. Probably to spite paul. Or make him jealous. And that’s when the band really fell apart. I think paul was sorry that he had to give up his partnership with John and tried to let him know (oh darling, etc), but he was also unwilling to give up Linda because that was his most realistic relationship (and universally accepted by the public) as opposed to being gay with his band mate. Besides, she brought out a new side in him that he hadn’t experienced before. I guess tensions got too high and the band broke up. And John and paul never reconciled because it was too messy for them to deal with their issues without hurting their wives. After the break up, there were a lot of hostile words between themselves. John resented Linda (for stealing paul?) and showed it in that letter he sent her using a lot of nasty words. He put everything into yoko and paul into Linda. They wanted to be apart so they would just forget everything. In imagine, you can see the evolution of his thoughts towards paul. He was angry (how do you sleep) but then he was apologetic (jealous guy). It’s like he realizes this whole mess was his fault with yoko. And he doesn’t really want to hurt paul because despite everything, they still loved each other. And when paul released dear friend, it’s kind of a cry for help. He loves Linda but he also loves John. But he can’t be with John because it’s frowned upon and he’s too loyal to his wife and stepdaughter. So he’s torn between his childhood love and his family. They both matter to him. With paul showing up at John’s house unexpected, it must’ve been his awkward attempt at reconciliation that never quite panned out because John was too terrified of confrontation and too frustrated by Paul’s inability to commit to a purpose. I guess they made up and saw each other again officially. The last picture ever taken of them, in 1974, shows them sitting together on a bed. Taken by may pang I think. So here’s John, no longer loyal to yoko, and paul, still loyal to Linda. With all the old feelings festering behind the surface and just the nature of johns character, I can’t help but think of how easy it would’ve been for him, emotionally disabled and fragile, to lean over and do something stupid, like kiss paul. Which would lead to another falling out because paul still isn’t ready to give up Linda or confront his affliction. Maybe that’s why John was so gruff on the phone when paul called him afterwards. He was embarrassed to have been so vulnerable. Did paul yell at him? But on the phone, paul was apologetic and did anything he could to keep him on (baking bread! Babies!). Like he wanted to talk to John but couldn’t remember how. And I think that by the time their relationship had mended enough and they had set up some boundaries, they wanted to work together again. Both experienced roadblocks that only the other could solve. Paul wanted to help his career and reignite the flame of his childhood. But John wanted the entire relationship back, more than professionally. That would explain the tape saying “for paul” with all those songs on it. It’s like a message saying “look. I miss you and all but I can’t be just friends with you. I need you all the way with me for the long term”. Obviously, the reunion never happened because some dick gunned him down. However, when paul finally got that tape, he must’ve understood and felt bad about everything that happened. Paul of all people should understand how fragile and messed up John was. Paul was much more insecure about his sexuality than John was, but John was in no place to convince him to stay. Also, when Linda died, I feel like paul must’ve thought something along the lines of “so this wasn’t long term”. Not that their relationship was a waste, but that he could’ve saved himself all that pain of her dying if he’d just stayed with John.

Idk the whole situation is weird. Like obviously they had their problems and those never went away. I know that this whole analysis is long and stupid and factually incorrect, but thanks for taking the time to read. If it doesn’t make any sense, it’s because I didn’t have time to edit. I thought this up while watching my cousins band perform. Holes in my story? Probably. There’s definitely a lot I left out that I meant to include but ran out of time and mental capacity for. If my crappy way of thinking offends anyone, sorry in hindsight, but I would like to know your thoughts on the matter!!