she is the w o r s t

Riverdalllleeee I just !!! (Mad spoilers)

  • JugHEAd cUT tHe fUCkInG sKIn Off oF A WoMAn WhAT ThE fUCK
  • That Barchie shit was weeeiiiirrrdddd bro idek what that was
  • Josie had one line it’s cool guys it’s not like she’s a beautiful fabulous woman with a lot to offer the show
  • Archie Andrews is a fucking cinnamon roll ik he’s also kind of a slut but a fucking slutty ass cinnamon roll
  • Lmao Alice and FP didn’t see each other I’ll be fine (but I’m not tho)
  • I love that they give Cheryl all these kinda miscellaneous scenes like “omg she’s buying an Xmas tree” and then “Oh nevermind they’re cutting her scene off cuz Archie has to go ok that’s f i n e”
  • Tbh my sympathy to mr svenson he is a traumatized person with mental issues and yeah he’s hella fucked up and manipulative and psycho but he watched his whole family get slaughtered and no one ever deserves that and it clearly caused him some bad shit later in life
  • “This is turning into that weird end scene in Psycho” Jughead the weird end scene in Psycho is weird but legit nothing like that moment at Pop’s. I’ve seen Psycho I know and they were so very different I still love your reference even if it was 125% unrelated
  • Glad that Varchie is back but I feel bad cuz Bughead still is on the rocks and mCMANTLE ISN’T ON THE AUTHOR’S MINDS
  • And one final note:

Is being the Black Hood going to be the new Gossip Girl???!!! Like Betty saves the fuckin hood is she gonna be the Black Hood then stop and then someone else is like “LoL let’s do it” And then it gets to the point where no one knows who the current black hood is???? Cuz I watched Gossip Girl I’m not watching Riverdale to watch Gossip Girl AGAIN

And let’s just review how Reggie is talking to Veronica in the promo and nOT MISS JOSIE MCCOY CUZ THAT’S MY COMPLAINT OF THE FRIGGIN NIGHT, GUYS

anonymous asked:

i love the way you draw max bc honestly it looks like he has the w o r s t posture

his spine is weighed down by all the force of the hatred that fuels his body. or he just hopes if he slouches enough he’ll straight up disappear into his hoodie

lowkey tho i used to have this teacher in elementary school that if she saw us slouching she’d jab us in the back or sides to make us stand/sit up straight and david would totally take that approach

for about a week bc at some point a kid is gonna end up biting him or smth


L U N A F R E Y A   A P P R E C I  A T I O N   W E E K

August 29th: luna + favorite outfit(s)

P E T E R  M A X I M O F F

Originally posted by maryjosez

“I love you, idiot,” Y/N confessed, an anxious feeling wrenching at her gut. The boy’s face illuminated in happiness as the words left her mouth. Peter’s eyes lit up as he leaned in and feverishly kissed her, smiling against her lips. 

“I love you too, dork,” He asserted, skimming his thumb across her jaw as he gazed into her E/C hues dreamily.

W A R R E N  W O R T H I N G T O N

Originally posted by gryffinddor

“Y-You what?” Warren repeated for the third time as his eyes shot open at the final realization at what she said. He shot forward, tackling the girl onto the floor as he placed small, yet hungry kisses upon her face, and then one on her lips.

“I love you too,” He said, getting off of her, and carrying her bridal-style back to his dorm in confidence.

A L E X  S U M M E R S

Originally posted by lucasdaily

Alex nearly choked on his beer as those words left Y/N’s mouth, Jubilee’s jaw dropped, Jean passed Scott a twenty dollar bill with a shit-eating grin, and Peter wolf whistled as loud as he possibly could. His Azure-Blue gaze shifted to your serious expression, and without thought, his lips crashed onto hers. The kiss was full of hunger and need, and for a split second, he forgot he wasn’t alone with her. He let go of her, and her fingers were at her lips, tracing where his were in shock.

“I knew that,” He asserted with a smirk. “But do you know what’s cool?” Alex’s smirk disappeared, and a smile found it’s way onto his lips. “I love you too,”

“I told you, sucker,” Jean smirked, as Scott’s face was dumbstruck.

C H A R L E S  X A V I E R

Originally posted by holy-cherik

“That’s quite a stupid thing to say,” Charles stated with confusion placed all over his usual calm expression. “But I can say that I love you too,” He admitted, adverting his Icy-Blue hues away from her E/C ones. The woman’s petite hands found their way to the collar of the button-down he was wearing, and she’d crashed her lips onto his. His arms snaked around her waist, and he smiled against her lips as they kissed.

S C O T T  S U M M E R S

Originally posted by 08s

Scott dropped the Pop can he held in his hand, Jubilee squealed like the little girl she was, Peter said something disgustingly funny, and Alex said something completely vulgar and amazing as the words finally escaped your lips. “R-Really?” Scott choked out, his jaw basically touching the floor at this point. 

“Of course, goofball,” She confirmed, a chuckle and a small ‘idiot’ coming from Alex, his lovely older brother. Scott was beaming in joy, as he snaked his arms around Y/N’s waist, picked her up, and proceeded to spin her around as he kissed her. 

“I love you too, Y/N,” He agreed, a smile plastered on his face.

the types as | people i know

esfp // always fucking with people; loves to pretend he doesn’t care what people think, secretly really does; “what could possibly go wrong?”; everything he does is spontaneous; “we have to go, there’s going to be free food”; gives great practical advice; is loyal af with close friends (but will still fuck w/ you. always)

enfp // biggest goofball daydreamer; loves harry potter more than you. seriously though; p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n; recommends the best books/art/music, and secretly gets upset when you don’t like them; has a huge woolly scarf collection; gives the best cuddles; his patronus is a golden retriever

isfp // “hey look at this painting, it symbolises me overcoming my fear of rejection”; so empathetic, will listen to you talk for hours; gives the best advice; she has the most aesthetically pleasing bedroom; fairy lights; fucking lives for inspirational quotes; owns all the self-help books; owns 4 dream catchers

infp // the shyest bean; spills out all of his thoughts when he finally trusts you (good luck w/ that); all the s a r c a s m; second most socially awkward bean (after intp) but he tries; secretly super witty; isn’t afraid to speak up for himself/his beliefs; will lowkey murder you if you cross him; *eyerolls*

estj // “the boss”; no, literally. he’s my boss; “okay guys, so this is what we’re going to do”; is super intimidating from afar; still quite intimidating up close; a l p h a  m a l e; master of getting shit done™; convinced he’s a social butterfly, is actually kinda awkward; loves spreadsheets + telling people what to do

entj // natural leader; “this is so pointless”; is very protective over her stationery; owns approx. 2389 sharpies; aggressively helpful; is better than everyone at everything (well, she thinks so anyway); organisational skills like no other, thanks to all her sharpies/post-its/lever arch files; “how is that offensive?”

istj // grumpy old man syndrome; shows affection through constant nitpicking; he only ever buys plain black socks, except for one pair w/ hotdogs on; “ugh no, that’s not how you do it, let me show you”; nearly always frowning; d a d  j o k e s; has the best dress sense (to his estp friend’s frustration)

intj // loves her cat more than you; surprisingly creative; has a youtube channel for her bullet journal; “it’s legitimately exhausting being around so many idiots”; cares deeply about those close to her; gives incredible pep talks; gets super competitive with her estj + entj colleagues. the worst loser award goes to…

esfj // mom friend who lowkey loves drama; bakes the best lemon drizzle cake; one of the most stubborn people i’ve ever met; thinks she’s not judgemental, is super judgemental; “is that weird?”; can’t help but be kind, even if she dislikes you; always making lists; simultaneously loved and feared

enfj // the reluctant leader; somehow knows when you’re sad; the most friendly, helpful cinnamon roll (until he becomes kinda over-bearing); wants to know your life story, and will tell you his; has all the friends; “it’s okay to be sad, you know”; always looking out for the little guy™; secretive about his true feelings

isfj // shy, fashionable mom friend 2.0; represses all of her feelings; communicates only via her pinterest boards; n o s t a l g i c; only goes out when her esfj friend convinces her - almost instantly regrets it; won’t admit when she’s angry; can be kinda very passive-aggressive; “i’ve missed you”

infj // your free local therapist; socialises even less than isfj; is v sensitive and kind but will drop a truth bomb on you if she has to; recommends the best poetry; is so jaded with people/life/the world; sees right into your soul; can and will quote shakespeare at the drop of a hat; fervent bookmark collector

estp // e g o; always dressed well; the final evolution of the class clown; biggest fuckboy you will ever meet; hate to love him/love to hate him; constantly a danger to his own well-being; “oh, the sling? i broke my arm trying to dumpster dive when i was drunk last weekend”; relentlessly reckless

entp // wit + ego + more wit + more ego; lives to make people laugh; always has a flirtatious glint in his eye; the awkward social butterfly; “well, it depends…”; refuses to plan anything; has a tortoise plushie on his desk called “terrance”; secretly very thoughtful and sentimental; busy defending his infp friend

istp // the fast-thinking lego meme lord; his mother tongue is sarcasm; known to wear sunglasses indoors; always contemplating borderline criminal activities out of sheer boredom; constantly sharing knowing looks w/ intp; p r a n k s; once constructed a makeshift slingshot for estp to launch paper balls at esfp

intp // your local awkward fact-dispenser; cute bookworm; owns the same oversized sweater in five different colours; “oh, yeah, i already knew that”; looks permanently disinterested; watch her eyes light up when she talks about a topic she loves; “please speak slowly, i’m exhausted”; blushes a lot

the signs as important moments in great comet



gemini: sAyS tHe mEaN oLd mAn iN hIs uNdErtHiNgS

cancer: natasha and ANATOLE KURAGIN!!!!!! wHAT?!

leo: oooOOOOoOh, this is horribly stupid

virgo: wEEEEEELCOME, wELCOME TO MOSCOW! scrUfFy, aNd cOzY, LiKe aN oLd dResSiNg gOwN

libra: my brother is quite madly in love. he is qUiTe mAdLy iN LoVe wItH yOu mY dEaR, ooOoOOOOHOH OHOOOOOOH OH HOW SHE BLUSHES HOW SHE BLUSHES MY PRETTY

scorpio: so eAsY tO cLoSe ofF, pLaCe tHe bLaMe oUtSiDe. hIdInG iN mY rOoM aT nIgHt sO tErRiFiEd. aLL tHe tHiNgS i cOuLd’Ve bEeN, bUt i nEvEr hAd tHe nErVe. LIFE AND LOVE I D O N T D E S E R V E

saggitarius: now you listen to me when i speak to you, NOW YOU L I S T E N T O M E W H E N I S P E A K T O Y O U, in MY house, in MY HOUSE, DO YOU HEAR WHAT IM SAYING OR NOT?




alternative be more chill titles
  • jeremy's theme: bee boo boo bop boo boo bop beEP
  • more than survive: i can't keep my hands outta my pants and i love to dance with my stoner friend
  • i love play rehearsal: im not emo promise
  • the squip song: made in japan™
  • two player game: n o n o t b e c a u s e w e ' r e g a y
  • the squip enters: tHe fReAks fReakIng oUt
  • be more chill part 1: beCaUse sHe cHeaTed oN mE
  • do you wanna ride?: get in loser we're gonna make you popular
  • be more chill part 2: all obey satan
  • more than survive(reprise): cccccccmmmmmmmoooooooooonnnnn
  • a guy that i'd kinda be into: ya got filthy pranked
  • upgrade: jeremy wtf why'd you do that to my man michael not cool
  • halloween: sPoOky sCarY pArTy
  • do you wanna hang?: jeremy gets mad pussy™
  • michael in the bathroom: why are my eyes sweating so much that's not normal oh look more eye sweat
  • the smartphone hour (rich set a fire): burn baby burn disco inferno
  • the pitiful children: all my friends are dead on the inside
  • the pants song: i'd put my pants on for you if you wanted me too
  • the play: miChAel mAkes aN enTraNce anD eVerYone's oN ecstAsY
  • voices in my head: still ended up with the girl but why not michael tho

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do u think Raven (in the shower biz fic),once she saw Clarke stroll towards the shower w Bellamy in it, that she opened up the groupchat: Raven-it's happened!!- Raven-i'm @ bellamy n clarkes apt & theyre literally showering together!!!!!!!111!!!!!- Raven-who bet on 4 months- Jasper-IUFESJDKXNOUJFKXVCIHOFDLB- Jasper-FINALLY- Miller-yea that was me pay up *sunglasses emoji*-

this?? turned?? into?? a fic?? wow okay

wc: 2 458
part 1 | read on ao3

Saturday, 8: 53 a.m.
Mom and Dad aren’t home

Raven: i don’t mean to alarm anybody but i think bellamy and clarke are dating
Raven: or at least having sex

Harper: [click to view image]

Murphy: you can’t say that and then not expect us to be alarmed reyes
Murphy: some of us have money riding on this shit

Monty: pics or it didn’t happen

Jasper: [click to view image]

Miller: Jasper if you don’t stop fucking screaming i’m coming over there and choking you

Jasper: ooh kinky ;) ;)

Monty: excuse you, i’m the only one allowed to flirt with miller here

Raven: yeah jasper, keep your kinks to yourself
Raven: this is me kinkshaming you

Jasper: jokes on you kinkshaming is my kink

Monty: how much kink could a kinkshame shame if a kinkshame could shame kink

Miller: i will murder all of you is2g

Raven: we already have one psychopath in this groupchat miller we don’t need another one

Murphy: fuck you reyes

Harper: she didn’t say it was you murphy
Harper: … but we all know it’s you

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girlfriend!mj ↬ headcanons

this is so long but i love mj so much and i love queer characters and headcanons so here we go!! hope you like them. requested by @anonkidd 

• so you would not like her at first 

• she’s very intriguing but comes off a closed and cold at times 

• she doesn’t try very hard at all because she feels no need to 

• yet you two constantly butt heads 

• y'all are sarcastic as fuck 

• but it’s endearing in a way 

• it’s never on the border of being rude or hurtful 

• just banter 

 • ned and peter roll their eyes whenever it happens. y'all are too much. 

come on, y/n and mj—get a room already 

• mj scrunches up her nose and goes 

• shut up, loser 



• decathlon practice is a nightmare 

• everyone is sick of it 

• except for liz, who thinks it’s adorable 

• even flash—king of being annoying so he can keep up his reputation—is exasperated 

not even penis parker and i argue this much 

• eat my shorts, thompson 

• you can’t stand the fact that you guys actually have everything in common with each other 

• she finds you very cute but never says anything 

• she’s bad at dealing with feelings so she tries to show her affection by teasing you 

• you guys sit next to each other on the bus so you can “get a better earshot of who’s talking shit”

lies y'all just wanna be near each other 

• you end up having a normal conversation and everyone’s Thankful™ that you guys have finally shut up and have just started whispering 

• you guys actually have normal conversations all the time 

• but it’s more fun to put on a show for everyone else 

• neither of you know the other’s (exact same) intention 

• she puts her books down for you 

s h e p u t s d o w n h e r b o o k s f o r y o u 

• she’s taller than half the population and she teases you for it 

hope you’re ready y/n, do you need me to push the buttons for you in the hotel elevator 

• ex cuSe?! me?! bitch— 

• you two begin to fight all over again 

everyone on bus: groans 

• peter and ned have a bet (only off of five bucks bc they’re both broke) on which one of you will make a move or admit their feelings first 

• peter thinks it’s mj, ned thinks it’s you 

•  those two boys are the biggest supporters ever, they ship you behind your backs and made up a ship name 

• sharing a hotel room 

you stay on your side of the room, and i’ll stay on mine 

• what am i, mj? your dog? 

• no because that’s objectifying 

• feminism rants at 2 am that are peaceful because you guys are actually!!! agreeing!!! on something!! 

• when mj wins the decathlon the next morning, you hug her so tight 

• she blushes 

oh my god! i can’t believe—the trophy, mj, you won it for us!! i’m so happy i could kiss you. 

•  i don’t kiss on first dates 

•  ned and peter give each other a look 

• during the elevator crash, you were on the ground with mj because you too did not want to celebrate something built by slaves 

• after realizing you could’ve been on there and died, she contemplates telling you about her feelings for you 

• but she doesn't 

• for the first time in her life she’s nervous around you 

• she’s very observant and analytic

• she keeps track of things you like and what you enjoy and hobbies you have 

• she notices your new haircut and when you put on new jewelry or if you got your nails done or if those are new shoes— 

e v e r y t h i n g 

• but she pretends like she doesn't 

• you notice what books she reads 

• you like to smile whenever she reads a book you’ve read before 

• you like when she puts her hair down instead of in a ponytail 

• but you don’t tell her that 

• on homecoming night, 

• you’re both alone 

• she looks great as always 

• she gives you the finger and you roll your eyes 

• long story short, you danced together for one song and 

hey i have a crush on you 

• you choke on your saliva and she pretends she didn’t say anything 


• what? 

• oh…uhm…i have a crush on you too, mj. 


• very simple nick/pet names 

• y'all are so cute 

• ned owes peter five dollars 

• one of your first dates was protesting together 

• DreamTeam™™™ 

• always understanding each other’s humour 

• she sits with you at lunch 

• nothing has changed except now she hugs you and calls you pretty 

call me soft one more time y/n see what happens

• she talks about you to her mom and dad  

• A L O T 

• she used to do this when she had a thing for peter but she’s moved on completely 

• she used to talk about you before y'all started dating too 

• her complaining = her actually gushing about you 

• her mom going is she cute 

• mj groaning and stomping up the stairs as she blushes 

VERY! she screams from her bedroom 

• power couple of the year

Full Bootleg List - Updated 8/18/17

Here’s a full list of bootlegs I have with any cast information I have of them. Message me if you want anything, I’m always willing to gift but if you have something you’re willing to share (especially something from my wants) I’d greatly appreciate it! My wants are really just anything from National Theatre so if youve got any of their productions I’d love to see them. Also any version of Wicked I don’t already have, especially with Willemijn. Thanks!


Be More Chill Original Cast
Dear Evan Hansen Broadway w/ Colton Ryan as Evan
Dear Evan Hansen Broadway w/ Michael Lee Brown as Evan
Groundhog Day OBC
Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 - Broadway w/ Okieriete Onaodowan & Ingrid Michaelson
The Lightning Thief OOBC



[title of show]


A Bronx Tale OBC
A Chorus Line 2006 Revival
A Christmas Story Broadway
A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
Aladdin Original Toronto Cast
Amélie OBC
An Act of God w/ Jim Parsons
An American in Paris OBC
Anastasia Hartford Cast
Annie 2012 Revival
Anything Goes 2011 Revival
Avenue Q 2004
Avenue Q (local production but good)


Bare the Musical OOBC
Beautiful OBC
Beauty and the Beast Broadway
Big Fish Chicago Pre-Broadway
Billy Elliot Live - 2014
Bonnie and Clyde OBC
Bring it On OBC


Cabaret 2014 w/ Emma Stone and Alan Cumming
Catch Me If You Can 2011
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory London
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Broadway
Chicago US Tour 2005
Cinderella w/ Carly Rae Jepsen
Come From Away OBC


Dear Evan Hansen OBC
Dogfight 2012


Falsettos 2016 Revival
Fiddler on the Roof 2016 Revival
Finding Neverland Cambridge w/ Jeremy Jordan
Finding Neverland OBC
First Date OBC
Frankenstein - National Theatre w/ Johnny Lee Miller as the Creature
Fun Home OBC


Grease Live
Groundhog Day OBC
Gypsy 2008 Revival


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Hamilton OBC
Hamilton OCC
Hamlet - National Theatre w/ Benedict Cumberbatch
Heathers Unknown Cast
Hedwig and the Angry Inch w/ Neil Patrick Harris
Hello Dolly 2017 Revival


In the Heights OBC
Into the Woods OBC
Into the Woods 2002 Revival
Into the Woods Live in Central Park
In Transit


Jekyll and Hyde 1997


Legally Blonde OBC
Les Misérables 2014 Revival
Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert
Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert
Little Shop of Horrors OBC
Little Shop of Horrors 2009 UK Tour
Love Never Dies - Melbourne


Macbeth - National Theatre
Mary Poppins US Tour
Matilda Broadway 8/23/14
Miss Saigon w/ Lea Salonga
Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary Performance


Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812 OBC
Newsies OBC (w/ Jeremy Jordan)
Newsies w/ Corey Cott
Newsies Live! OBC Recording
Next to Normal OBC


Oliver! West End 2010
Once OBC


Peter Pan Goes Wrong BBC Production
Pippin 1982 Toronto Production


Rent: Closing Night Recording
Rent: Hollywood Bowl w/ Aaron Tveit


School of Rock OBC
She Loves Me 2016 Revival
Side Show 11/14
Something Rotten
Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
Spongebob the Musical
Spring Awakening OBC and Deaf West
Sunset Boulevard 2017 Revival
Sweeney Todd 2005 Broadway Revival


The Addams Family US Tour
The Book of Mormon OBC
The Book of Mormon Chicago w/ Ben Platt
The Book of Mormon West End
The Color Purple OBC
The Color Purple 2015 Revival
The Drowsy Chaperone OBC
The Glass Menagerie - Cast Unknown
The Hunchback of Norte Dame at La Jolla
The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Paper Mill
The Last Five Years OOBC
The Lightning Thief 2014 Tryout
The Lightning Thief OOBC Partial Video
The Little Mermaid Denver Pre-Broadway
The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary
The Phantom of the Opera Broadway 2014 w/ Norm Lewis and Sierra Boggess
The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown


Waitress OBC
Waitress ART
Waitress Broadway w/ Sara Bareilles
War Paint OBC
West Side Story 2009 Revival
Wicked w/ Aaron Tveit
Wicked OBC 10/12/03
Wicked w/ Shoshana Bean & Jennifer Laura Thompson 1/9/05
Wicked w/ Shoshana Bean & Megan Hilty 1/8/06
Wicked w/ Eden Espinosa & Megan Hilty 5/23/06
Wicked w/ Julia Murney 1/20/07
Wicked w/ Stephanie J Block & Annaleigh Ashford 10/19/07
Wicked w/ Kerry Ellis & Kendra Kassebaum 6/17/08
Wicked w/ Nicole Parker, Ali Mauser, & Aaron Tveit 3/8/09
Wicked w/ Donna Vivino (Standby) & Alli Mauzey 2/10/13 - BEST QUALITY
Wicked w/ Willemijn Verkaik & Katie Rose Clarke 4/11/13 - Act 2 Incomplete
Wicked w/ Willemijn Verkaik & Katie Rose Clarke Complete

anonymous asked:

You called for angst? HC's for the RFA and minor trio reacting to getting into the first real argument with MC.

This took so long to do, but I sort of really like this one. I will do the minor trio in a separate post! I spent a lot of time working on this one (I mainly got really lazy in between doing them, yikes) I hope you enjoy!


  • He failed his finals
  • You knew it was because he was on LOLOL the night before
  • He got no sleep due to his gaming
  • You were furious
  • You took time out of your day to help him study, but he just threw away those hours of studying
  • “Yoosung, how did you manage to fail it this hard? I helped you study for days!”
  • “I got distracted the night before…”
  • “What? By LOLOL?”
  • You snorted out loud and glared at him
  • Yoosung knew that he was in trouble, you’ve never glared or yelled at him before
  • “Yeah…”
  • “How am I not surprised! All you do is play that dumb fucking game!”
  • He glared back at you
  • “It’s not dumb! The game supports me better than you do!”
  • “Exfuckingcuse me! You know that’s a damn lie! I have done nothing but support you!”
  • “Psh, yeah, sure. Rika always supported me!”
  • Boi just crossed a line ohohoh
  • “Fuck you, Yoosung Kim, fuck you.”
  • You angrily stomped to the bedroom and locked the door, throwing yourself onto the bed
  • You let out a few angry tears, growling
  • Your anger soon dissipated into sadness, which resulted in loud sobs to wrack through your body
  • Yoosung sat on the other side of the door, feeling his heart break at the sounds coming from you
  • He felt horrible
  • He knocked on the door gently after standing up
  • “Leave me alone”
  • He knocked again
  • “We need to fix this, MC”
  • Sighing, you opened the door to the bedroom before walking back to the bed
  • Yoosung sat beside you on the bed, laying his hand on your knee
  • You wiped away the excess tears that still remained on your face
  • “I am so sorry, dear.”
  • You looked at Yoosung, sighing again
  • He looked back at you, frowning more when he sees the puffiness under your eyes
  • “Please forgive me? I’ll quit LOLOL and do whatever you want. I promi-”
  • You cut him off
  • “That’s not going to fix what you said…”
  • “I know it won’t, I feel so terrible for what I said. I was angry and said the only thing that I knew would make you mad. I regret it a lot.”
  • “…You know I try to support you as best as I can? I’m sorry if it seems like I don’t. I just want you to succeed”
  • He pulls you onto his lap, kissing your head
  • “I know you do. You do a really good job, dear. I’m so sorry for saying that in the first place”
  • You place a gentle kiss onto his lips
  • “I forgive you, Yoosung”


  • Zen always insists that you go to his practices with him
  • You ~inspire~ him to work harder
  • You usually love going with him, but this week has been the W O R S T
  • His female co-star keeps feeling him up
  • Some girl keeps touching YOUR man
  • Subtle little touches everywhere
  • His bicep, his thigh, his face, his hair
  • She’d also do this annoying giggle with it
  • Today was the last straw though
  • She decided that she would walk out on set in only a very revealing lingerie set
  • That’s not even the worst part
  • He didn’t even hide it, he full on looked her up and down
  • Then, this bitch started dancing in front of him, and you were P I S S E D
  • You literally up and left the theatre
  • Zen must’ve heard you leave because he started to call after you
  • You quickly started to walk home, not wanting to deal with this anymore
  • You two didn’t live too far from the theatre, so it was and easy 20 minute walk
  • When you got home, you saw Zen’s motorcycle parked in the driveway and sighed
  • Damn him for knowing you too well
  • You walked into the house quietly, not wanting any attention from him
  • “Why did you run off?”
  • You bite your lip and look over at him
  • He was sitting on the couch, staring at you
  • “I didn’t feel well”
  • “MC, you’re lying. You are crying right now, so it’s obviously more than that”
  • Zen never missed a beat
  • “I don’t want to talk about it”
  • You made a move to go to your shared bedroom, but he was on you in a flash
  • “Tell me, MC”
  • You tried to shrug his hand off your shoulder, but he just tightened his hold
  • “You really don’t know what’s wrong?”
  • He shook his head
  • “Hmm, why don’t you think about how that stupid bitch was all over you all week? Or about how you stared at her ass when she came out today!”
  • Zen frowned immediately
  • “It was part of the scene, MC. Besides, she has no interest in me due to the fact that she doesn’t even like guys”
  • You were completely shocked. You’ve been jealous all week because of this?
  • “Zen, dear, I’m so sor-”
  • “I can’t believe that you would even think that I’d let that happen! Do you seriously have no trust in me?”
  • “No! That’s not it! You would have gotten jealous if I would have done that same thing!”
  • Zen looked furious. Oh no
  • “No, I wouldn’t! I would understand that it was part of your job! I actually trust my significant other, unlike you!”
  • “I do trust you! I just got worried!”
  • “You obviously don’t trust me, MC!”
  • Zen made a move to leave, but you grabbed his hand
  • You were NOT finished with this fight
  • “You sure sound like a hypocrite right now! What about your whole ‘all men are beast’ shit that you always dish out?! You get jealous if I even look in Jumin’s general direction! You warn me about all of this shit, but the moment I bring up my concerns I’m labeled as the bad guy!!”
  • This was getting H E A T E D
  • This was the first time Zen had ever really yelled at you which caused your eyes to start watering
  • Zen realized this too, and he immediately looked apologetic
  • He tried to backtrack, but you let got of his hand and wiped away a few stray tears off your face
  • “MC… I’m sorry for yelling at you”
  • Zen pulled you into a tight hug, running his hands through your hair
  • “I’m sorry for not trusting you, Hyun…”
  • He leaned down and kissed your head gently


Honestly, I don’t know how you and Jaehee would get in a legit fight. She’s so calm, and she’s dealt with a lot of shit with Jumin. I feel like that’s trained her to be able to withstand a lot of shit. P r a i s e Jaehee. I love her


  • Jumin had been working a lot recently
  • He was barely ever home
  • You were left alone in the penthouse for almost a whole week
  • He would come home and be there for no more than five hours
  • You were already asleep when he would come home
  • You just really missed him
  • Your loneliness got to you, and you decided to hang out with Zen
  • You two went to a small cafe in town
  • Zen let you complain about your husband’s absence
  • He ranted back about how much of a jerk Jumin was
  • At the end of your get together, Zen gave you a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek
  • Which is pretty typical for Zen, but the media didn’t know that
  • The media started a shitstorm of rumors
  • You sighed softly when you saw an article that said you were cheating
  • It was just a hug? Zen hugs you and Jaehee like that all the time? Why did they think a simple hug and kiss on the cheek was bad?
  • You turned on the TV to find a movie to watch, but the front door slammed open
  • You quickly turned to see Jumin walk in, looking furious
  • “Jumin! Are you okay?”
  • You walked over to him, trying to hug him, but he pushed you, rolling his eyes
  • “Leave. Now.”
  • You looked at him confusedly
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “Go!”
  • “Jumin, dear, what’s wrong?”
  • “You really thought you could get away with this? I want you out”
  • You gently touched his arm, only for him to shrug it off
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • “You making out with Zen! It’s all over the news, MC! You know, I never thought you to be the type to cheat, but I suppose I was wrong.”
  • “I didn’t make out with him!! He kissed my cheek and gave me a hug! That’s all! I would never cheat on you, honey!”
  • Jumin pulled out his phone and showed you an obviously photoshopped picture of you and Zen kissing
  • If you looked closely, you could see that your lips weren’t even touching
  • “Jumin, that’s photoshopped”
  • He shook his head
  • “You were out with him at a cafe for two hours, it sounds like a date”
  • You glared at him
  • “Maybe I wouldn’t have had to go see him at a cafe if you would actually pay attention to me!”
  • You flinched at his words, eyes filling with tears
  • “I would never cheat on you, Jumin… I can’t believe that you’d think I would.”
  • You started to walk towards the bedroom, wiping at your tears
  • “Where are you going?”
  • “I’m doing what you wanted, I’m leaving”
  • You walked to the bedroom and grabbed a bag to begin packing your stuff
  • Jumin had followed you into the room, sitting on the bed with his head in his hands
  • You packed your necessities, leaving out everything Jumin had bought for you
  • “MC… I’m so terribly sorry. Please don’t leave me. I love you so much, dear”
  • He grabbed a hold of your hand gently, kissing the back of it
  • Jumin had a few stray tears falling down his face
  • You brushed away his tears, looking into his eyes
  • “I love you too, Jumin”
  • He kissed you softly, causing you to smile


  • You were really moody this week
  • Saeyoung was pretty grumpy this week too
  • You two had been fighting over stupid little things all week
  • And I mean reaaaaally stupid things
  • The one fight was about the TV remote being on the couch instead of on the coffee table
  • Another was about how the noodles you made were under-cooked
  • There were so many things you two had fought about this week, but none of them lasted very long
  • You felt horrible for Saeran because he had to be around you two’s yelling all week
  • So you decided to make him some cookies as a way to apologize
  • When you went to give them to him, you didn’t notice Saeyoung sitting on the couch, watching you
  • Fuckin creepo
  • You knocked on Saeran’s door with the cookies in hand
  • Saeran opened the door and stared at you
  • “Hey Saeran. I’m sorry you’ve had to hear Saeyoung and I’s fighting all week. I made you cookies as an apology”
  • Saeran took the cookies out of your hands
  • “Thank you, MC”
  • You nodded and smiled at him
  • “You’re welcome, dear”
  • “Oh, so now you’re cheating on me with my brother!”
  • You and Saeran both looked at Saeyoung
  • “What the fuck are you talking about, she simply brought me cookies, idiot”
  • Saeyoung shook his head before speaking
  • “I’ve noticed how she looks at you. She loves you”
  • You snort at Saeyoung, rolling your eyes
  • “He’s my brother in law! What the hell are you on?”
  • Saeran rolls his eyes as well before retreating back into his room
  • “Maybe we should divorce so you can live your life with Saeran!”
  • “You really are an idiot. I’m not going after Saeran. You must be blind if you think I am”
  • He glared at you
  • “Then why did you bring him cookies?”
  • “I felt bad because he has had to deal with our fighting all week!”
  • You begin to walk away, but Saeyoung grips your wrist
  • “Let go of me, asshole!”
  • You felt tears well up in your eyes as your rip your wrist out of his hand
  • “Fuck you, Saeyoung”
  • You took off your wedding ring and threw it at him as you ran to your room
  • Saeyoung looked down at the ring on the floor and felt his heart break
  • You grabbed your suitcase and started throwing your things into it, sobbing harshly
  • Saeyoung walked into your room and pulled you into his chest
  • You struggled at first, but you stopped when your heard him start to talk
  • “P-please don’t leave, MC. I l-love you a lot. I’m such an idiot, I’m sorry.”
  • You shoved your face into his chest, soaking his shirt with your tears
  • You felt his tears falling into your hair which made your heart break more
  • “I love you, too, Saeyoung. So much.”
  • He held onto you tightly for a couple of minutes, letting the two of you cry it out
  • You looked up at him and kissed his lips softly
  • Saeyoung grabbed your left hand gently and slipped the wedding ring back on your ring finger



// I L I K E I T W H E N Y O U S L E E P F O R Y O U A R E S O B E A U T I F U L Y E T S O U N A W A R E O F I T //


H I D D L E S W E E K — R O L E  Y O U ’ D  L I K E  T O  S E E  H I M  I N

Professor Henry Higgins, My Fair Lady. Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak? This verbal class distinction, by now, should be antique. If you spoke as she does, sir, instead of the way you do, why, you might be selling flowers, too!

The fourth troll call has arrived, and more children have been delivered:

Chahut Maenad (Prospit, Hope): Probably the oldest troll we have ever seen, that isn’t an ancestor / That isn’t troll blood sweety, its her s c r a p b o o k i n g materials :)))))))) / The thicc big tiddy goth girlfriend that the Homestuck/Hiveswap fandom wanted, but didn't deserve
Nihkee Moolah (Prospit, Rage): Literal embodiment of anger, that a short person experiences daily / Someone told her to break a leg out on the stage, and she did just that / lets be honest people, quite a bit of the fandom will forget her because she was overshadowed by big killer momma over there

And for the funnsies:
The Extended Horoscope: The thing that not only might start a Homestuck renaissance, but also already divided the current fandom into team “Its so spot on i cant XDX3<3<D” and team “yeah this is totally not me, so i guess it isn't me that should reconsider my life, but the test is simply a scam and here are 95 reasons why” / *Andrew Hussie, probably smoking crack, and with the voice of Bill Wurtz* You know what would be magnificent? What if the horoscope… was really… big? / it confirmed that Karkat is actually a mutated limeblood, explained what aspects mean what, explained what the different blood types are like, and just other great shit that will only root homestuck/hiveswap deeper into popularity, and still people arent happy