she is the root of all of my problems


I liked Show Barry’s reaction to Iris risking her life. I mean yes he was upset but he wasn’t at all surprised. Come on, she’s the love of his life yes but she’s also his best friend who he has known forever. He knew she wasn’t going to just drop it. At least she took Wally.

More importantly, he knew it was something else. It was more than a story and instead of piling onto what Joe already said, he tried to stay as calm as one can about something like that. Tried to point out other things to get to the root of the problem. To get Iris to tell him the truth of what she was feeling.

THAT IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME. Not just because its a follow up to last week’s “I’m fine (not at all)” conversation but because it addressed how IRIS REALLY FELT ABOUT EVERYTHING. She isn’t afraid of dying. She’s afraid she won’t matter and MY GOD THAT IS SO DAMN RELATABLE.

To me. That is the most relatable fear of all. And for Iris? With a speedster boyfriend/best friend and a speedster brother and a cop father, she wants her contribution to matter. (IT DOES). Outside of her work with the Flash, she wants her, IRIS WEST, to matter.

That was everything.

Side-note: the actors slayed in that scene

I talk so little about Isabela but honestly if I hadn’t been rooting for Anders I’d end up romancing her on my first playthrough as Mia? Mia legitimately likes Isabela because she’s beautiful and fun and unexpectedly kind and intelligent. She’s basically everything Mia isn’t and wishes she could be

Isabela is straight forward and blunt and is pretty much the only one Mia can turn to when she has emotional problems because she doesn’t know how to describe them but Isabela puts it all in words for her. It’s worth the concusion she gave her when she accidentally pushed her off the bed

Natural Disaster

Yesterday I called my mother crying

Told her I couldn’t get out of bed

Told her nothing was wrong expect for everything

Told her I think the sickness is back

My hands feel heavy again

I punched a hole in my mirror
Because my face wouldn’t stop scowling at me

my skin it doesn’t fit right

That I keep reaching into myself trying to pull out all the bad thoughts

Like I’m digging through dirt looking for the root

But you and I both know this kind of sadness is the kind with no reason

She said “Maybe I should go back to therapy”

I said “Yeah maybe”
But it tasted like defeat

She said “Sweetheart, you deserve happiness.”

I said “Where can I find it?”

I thought I saw a glimpse of it outside a window a few months ago
But it was just a shadow

Just a passing light
I can never get my hands around

Maybe that’s the problem

I’m always trying to grab onto things that are too fleeting
Too out of my reach

I want to be able to sit quietly in an empty room without my hands shaking

Without out my body feeling like a landslide
All this downfall

My depression is a natural disaster

And I’ve been looking for shelter
Under every porch light I see
But no one is ever fucking home

And I’ve been searching for the safety that’s supposed to be inside of me
But I just keep pulling out flare guns

I think maybe there’s mold growing from my mouth

Because I haven’t had a fresh smile in months
I just keep reusing the one from the last time I saw refuge

2 years ago when I told my mother I didn’t need
the pills anymore

That I no longer saw open blades as exit signs

That I was done crying into my empty palms

But goddamnit my hands are wet again

And today I refilled my prescription

Because my body turned on its tornado warning
And I want to get myself out before all I am is debris

Today I told my mother I would go back to therapy
I could feel her shoulders loosen from the other side of the phone

The thing about depression is
It comes and it goes
But the aftershock sends so many waves through me
I know I’ll need help smoothing out all of my skin

And this defeat is inevitable

But I saw hope once and i swear to god it was an open hand

Today I was standing in the rain
When a stranger gave me an umbrella

I think they knew I needed a little shelter

I think they knew I couldn’t handle anymore of this downfall

I’m not sure I’ll ever become the happiness my mother thinks I deserve

But at least I’m no longer wet.

By Jessica Green

Dear Clexa and Shoot fans,

Alright listen the fuck up all of you. And, yes, I am putting this in any tag I can think of because every single person in each fandom needs to hear this.

This is addressed to both fandoms, because there are problems in each, and I’m going to highlight those problems.

First, let me start by saying that I am a diehard Clexa shipper. Lexa was by far my favorite character on tv ever. Root is certainly a close second, but quite frankly, I don’t think any character will ever live up to what Lexa represented to me. Lexa was strong, intellectual, wise, beautiful, loving, and yes, she was a lesbian. T1OO writers created one of the most complex, intriguing, beautiful characters to ever exist on tv and they wasted it all on a death that was sloppy. Yes, Lexa deserved so much better.

So to the Clexa fans: I feel your pain at losing Lexa. I understand what you’re going through because I went through it with you that horrible night 3.07 aired. I understand that many of you are still angry/upset about it.

However, this does not make it okay in the slightest for you to come into the Root/Shaw and POI tags with your negativity.

Trust me, I have scrolled through the POI tags every day now, and it’s turned into about 75% of POI and T1OO fans arguing with each other. It’s hard to see because the POI fandom is one that has never gotten involved with other fandoms. We’ve kept to ourselves and we’ve been extremely happy with everything we’ve gotten from the show. Let us enjoy our last season in peace!

Just because T1OO writers hurt you does not mean it’s the same for POI.

POI is lucky to have amazing writers who truly care more about the story as a whole. Our writers are more experienced than T1OO’s writers. They truly know how to tell a complex and amazing story. We are especially lucky to have JJ Abrams, who has continuously pushed for more diversity in his projects, and POI is no exception.

I’ll be quite honest with you, I personally think Root and Finch aren’t going to die this season, mainly because, back in s4 when they were captured by Samaritan, The Machine explicitly told them “you are not interchangeable.” That was a huge moment and it was something the writers included with further intentions. Finch told Root many times that The Machine would just move on once Samaritan put a bullet in any of their heads, so The Machine straight up saying that it couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t) replace them was very important.

Anyways…back to why y’all Clexa fans need to keep your negativity out of our tags: We do not want to see it!

This is our last season, and we are well aware of the danger presented to the characters we love. Saying Root and/or Shaw has a higher probability of dying than another character is just plain wrong. Here’s why:

It is near impossible to speculate which character has a greater chance of dying than another on POI simply because every single main character’s death has been HEAVILY foreshadowed at many points throughout the show.

Of course, y’all Clexa fans wouldn’t know this because most of you don’t even watch POI. You have absolutely no knowledge of the plot, character and relationship developments, or where the story is headed.

And don’t even get me started on the few Clexa fans who have tried to say Root/Shaw is an unhealthy relationship. Honestly, if you say that, it’s so obvious you don’t watch the show. Either that or you just really hate neuro-atypical women.

POI fans have every right to get mad at you for this, because of what I just stated above. If you don’t watch a show and don’t know the situations characters have been through, don’t comment on it!

Honestly, Shoot and Clexa are two of the best f/f relationships ever shown on tv. Just because one ended in a horrible way does not mean the same will happen to the other.

However, I have also seen some Shoot shippers attack Clexa shippers. I hate that this whole thing is happening because I am part of both fandoms, but just because I am more involved in the Shoot fandom does not mean I will disregard some things they have been saying. Whether it be calling the Clexakru movement a “white feminist movement” or trying to disregard the impact Lexa’s character has by calling her a “brown-faced girl wearing a bindi.” Now you  are the ones who don’t know the full story.

First, many Clexa fans are POC, end of.

Second, Lexa was and will be one of the best LGBT rep characters ever. Don’t try to undermine that just because you’re upset she was “appropriating” a bindi. Two people killed themselves after 3.07. Crew members had to tweet suicide hotlines. Cast members had to actively console fans who were breaking down - Devon Bostick even donated to the Trevor Project.

Yes, I know that T1OO mistreats all of its POC characters, but that should not and does not undermine what Lexa represented and meant to so many young LGBT people.

So please, to the Shoot fandom, don’t try to downplay the importance of Lexa’s character. Just how we are offended when Clexa fans post negativity in the Shoot/POI tags or try to accuse Shoot of being an unhealthy relationship, it is equally if not more offensive to try and put down the importance and momentum their movement has inspired across fandoms.

Now, to draw a line of peace between all of you for a moment, let me highlight everything amazing about both relationships/fandoms.

Clexa: literally soulmates. The girl from the sky fell in love with the girl on the ground. Two different worlds meeting. Clarke and Lexa elevated each other. Clarke admired Lexa’s strength, but she ultimately fell in love with Lexa’s wisdom and vision for peace. Lexa admired Clarke’s wisdom for her age, but she ultimately fell in love with Clarke’s strength. These two young women balanced each other out in the best of ways, each challenging the other to become better and question beliefs that might not always lead to the best outcome. Their love was raw and passionate and beautiful, and it was ripped from us in the most horrible way by writers who were too busy gloating and kissing their egos to actually think through the decision to kill Lexa.

Since then, the Clexakru has raised well over $100k for the Trevor Project and has trended something every week on twitter. Yes, many trends were about Lexa/T1OO, obviously, because we want to call out JRot and The CW for how they have treated their LGBT and POC characters. However, there were other trends that united many fandoms to highlight the issues in the media, such as LGBT Fans Deserve Better (over 250k tweets), Minorities Are Not Disposable (over 275k tweets), and most recently 307 Reasons To Fight (over 125k tweets). In addition, the situation of shows constantly killing off LGBT and POC characters has been written about by various large news outlets such as Variety, Vox, Buzzfeed, and many others, all thanks to the movement T1OO fandom started. And this movement won’t stop until we see LGBT and POC characters being treated with respect across all tv networks.

Shoot: perfection all around. One is a brilliant hacker, reformed killer-for-hire, and a woman who is still trying to move on from her past. The other is a neuro-atypical woc, technically a sociopath even though it’s clear she cares very much about those in Team Machine. They started off tolerating each other and only helped each other for the greater good of Team Machine. But they quickly realized they needed each other. And then, they trusted each other. Behind Root’s shameless flirting and Shaw’s incessant eye-rolling at every come-on, there’s deep trust, respect, and - confirmed by both Amy and Sarah - love.

The Shoot fandom loves these two ladies. We’ve had the privilege of their amazing development, and we’re lucky to have amazing writers who saw the potential for their relationship and took off with it. Our writers have never gloated about how “progressive” POI is because they have an f/f relationship, nor have they ever promoted it excessively to gain viewers. They’ve treated these characters - and every character for that matter - with respect, and the things that happen to these characters are never OOC; they always have significance. Yes, we are aware of the danger s5 presents to Root and Shaw, but that danger is widespread to every main character too. No one knows what’s going to happen this season, but it is the last, so we know it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Let us enjoy it without bringing our fandom down before the season has even aired.

All this fighting and arguing needs to stop. It was petty for the Clexa fandom to drag us into the whole BYG trope, especially because it never even happened on POI!!! That fact that y’all include Shaw on the list of characters lost to the BYG trope is wrong; she isn’t dead!!! The writers literally had no intention of killing Shaw; they had to write her off the show somehow because Sarah was pregnant, and they handled the situation really, really well. “Killing” Shaw only to have the audience find out she was alive served two purposes: One, it furthered the Samaritan plot for an s5 because of the fucked up things they’re doing to Shaw, and two, it allowed the writers to explore the depth of Root’s feelings for Shaw, to show how much Root loves her.

So Clexakru, just because your writers betrayed and used you does not imply that the same thing has happened with POI simply because it’s hasn’t. So please, keep the negativity out of our tags.

As always, my ask box and messages are always open, so if you want to talk or rant with me or whatever, please feel free to do so in a respectful way. I love both fandoms so much, and it’s hard to watch one of them drag the other into something we don’t want to be a part of.