she is the only one who gives him orders

Shy Bellamy

I wish people would recognize and speculate over this scene more, because it’s just so cute and highlights Bellamy’s character development between the two so well.

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While watching this gif, just remember that these two were enemies a week or two ago in that scene. Clarke and Bellamy despised each other because they had opposite objectives. But over the course of a few days, Bellamy slowly opened up and Clarke was easily able to understand him more. She was one of the only people who got to see the soft side of him. The true side.

When he asks how’s she’s doing in this scene, it reveals very subtly how much he has grown to care about her. How much he is willing to let this relationship develop with her. Bellamy has only opened up to her because he has seen how much she can trust him. He wants to offer the same to her. He wants her to trust him. In order to do so, he has to open up and care, instead of giving her the cold shoulder like he does with others.

What’s sad about this moment is how shy he is when he asks how’s she’s doing. He’s not used to this whole hearted relationship but doesn’t want to screw it up. Bell’s not sure if asking how’s she’s doing is not how he should be acting. He thinks he has to be the tough one in the leadership duo. But he can’t stop himself from asking how she is, because he cares that much. I just love how he hesitated when he asked.

This moment is not mentioned a lot I find, and I think more people should start remembering the low key Bellarke moments from earlier seasons, especially season 1.

Transboy Oswald headcanons

- He was very surprised when he came out to his mother and she accepted him. There was a lot of kissing and crying and hugging involved.

- Fish Mooney was really the one who sculpted Oswald into the man he is. And not only by giving him the time of day. She was the one who hooked Oswald up with his testosterone. In return, he was indebted to her. She was the only one who took him seriously and gave him a chance.

- He gets more pissed off when people misgender him more than it does when people call him Penguin

- Oswald is very dysphoric, but he doesn’t let it show. When he’s with Jim, he has to keep his binder on.

- His dysphoria and self-consciousness transfers into anger

- He used to bind with bandages (which is extremely dangerous). In order to pay Oswald back, Jim bought him a proper binder and some new underwear.

- Trans Oswald also goes hand in hand with chubby Oswald so he has a lil tummy tum. And thighs for days.


Some  give Ian a hard time and they don’t like them. but no matter what anyone thinks about him he is not only the biggest fan for Kat on the cast, but he is also the biggest one who stands up for Bonnie’s story and understands things from Bonnie’s POV. Like understanding why she would be angry that Damon abandoned her.

And here is is saying that Bonnie shouldn’t die in order for Elena to wake up. Smh where DE Stans are eager for Bonnie to die for Elena/Delena and where JP doesn’t care about the constant pain that she puts Bonnie through, I am fan of Ian’s more for not only stanning for Kat but Bonnie as well. 

I’m kinda disappointed at how Junko is using a brainwashing technique to create the remnants of despair.

I thought it was her charm, her sly personality and her way with words that convinced them to spread despair. I thought she went to the root of everyone’s personality and stirred up the despair that she said in sdr2 was already there in the first place. I mean she even did that for Izuru!! She convinced him using words alone!! “Feel bored with your life? I’ll give you something exciting to look forward to. Join despair!” THAT’S what she did to Izuru why can’t she do it to everyone else??

For example Tsumiki, in sdr2 she said Junko was the only one who accepted her as she was. So I thought it went down like this “No one accepts you in your life? I’ll accept you. Hell, I’ll even LOVE you. Join despair.” Even if not true, doesn’t matter. She uses their weak points in order to make them despair and manipulate them at her will. That’s how leaders usually work, through charm and persuasion. But brainwashing through a videotape???

Honestly, I feel her character is being diminished and reduced… I just hope the next episodes aren’t half as bad as they are being lately (or were from the very beginning actually).

Run and Escape

You opened up the scars again
Consume me like a cancer
Bringing on my wicked might distorting all the answers 


– Rated T –

There is no one left in this world

Our world is dead. 

Deep within the acid belly of the Underground lies those who no longer recall the smell of fresh air, who could never recall what “blue” looks like. Rain is a myth. Clouds are black and dry–stealing air from lungs and replacing them with the burning start of flames that consume, consume… and give off nothing but death in return.

Those who live only know survival is fair game. Death is the only order that stands above. 

It is here that she meets him. Her arms chained down to the wrists, and a tracker lodged in the metal choker around her neck. She hides the shackles fairly well; beneath black fishnets, a mass of black Ironworks that could pass for jewelry, and a long black cloak that covers her from head to toe. 

Levi greets his “client” with a stare that gleams down at her through a sharp nose and a lit cigarette caught between the damp parts of his lips. He’s openly impressed, yet she couldn’t discern that emotion from all the ones churning in his eyes even if he wanted to. 

He could smell blood in her clothes, note the half-dead emptiness in her eyes and know immediately that she’s one of the Strong. 

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If Henry will be the one to show Regina the book and tell her the story...

I need a moment in which Henry will admit he didn’t/doesn’t want the story to change. Regina has said several times that she wouldn’t change the past because it gave her Henry. It’s time for Henry to admit that the past shaped the woman he came to love so very much. I need him to tell bandit Regina he not only needs his family back but, he needs his mother back; he needs the woman who panicked when she thought she was losing him, the one that was going to sacrifice herself in order give her son the family she thought he deserved, the one that gave up her own happy ending for him to have his, the one that had the guts to go through the darkest of souls ripping hearts out to give his own heart back… This woman was shaped by a past and a present that shouldn’t change. I need him to tell bandit Regina, that he not only needs her, he needs his mother back. And that’s the story to tell.


4. Easy Come, Easy Go

Dustin’s back! Just don’t get too attached because he’s also eliminated again.

Tyra’s above face says it all. She likes it when you kiss her (fat) ass, and she wants it done with enthusiasm. As far as she’s concerned, offering subdued gratitude is the equivalent of spitting in Tyra’s face.

For the record, I think Dustin is appreciative. He just also happens to be an image-conscious, heterosexual, cornfed male teenager. He’s not going to give Tyra the flamboyant soundbite she’s looking for in a reality tv character. His constant mumbling probably doesn’t help to convey enthusiasm either.

While Tyra seems irritated with Dustin, Hadassah outright despises him. The edit comes out of nowhere; I don’t recall the two of them having beef previously. I suspect that Hadassah’s the only one who had a bad thing to say about the guy, so they just loaded the episode with quotes from her in order to “justify” cutting him again immediately.

Sure Devin has a couple choice quotes about Dustin, including the awesome sequence where he compares Dustin to a fly he wants to swat, but his comments are more in line with being annoyed that someone came back - not the personal attacks that Hadassah engages in. She questions why he’s here, she calls him a “hot mess” in the challenge photo (the same photo he scored higher than her on), and moans that she would have gotten second place points in the challenge if he weren’t there. She also can’t get passed the fact that he laughs a lot and treats the show like a joke.  

Guess what Hadassah - this show IS a joke. Even Tyra knows it. If Dustin’s laughing at what they’re asking them to do, that just means he’s paying attention.

For someone who could have easily gone home on at least three occasions if the judges had scored photos fairly, you’d think Hadassah would have some perspective on a second-chance. Instead, she asks Dustin condescending questions like, “What have you learned by leaving and coming back? Hmm?” His response: “How to relax and not stress out about this competition like everybody else” is exactly the strong, concise kind of answer that Hadassah ought to learn how to give if she ever wants to win more prestigious beauty pageant titles.

What’s less impressive about Dustin is that he seems to have picked up some modeling “tips” from Mikey and sexually harasses the model extras on set. He suggests that one girl get his name tattooed on her upper back, continues to touch woman’s leg no matter how many time she slaps at his hand, and on multiple occasions encourages them to check him out on Instagram. (His signature pose seems to be tugging down on his pants and/or underwear to reveal the slightest hint of pubes.)

Hadassah yells at Dustin for flirting with everybody and complains that he’s too distracted. Dustin isn’t oblivious to Hadassah’s attitude:

Ultimately though, it’s not the girls that do Dustin in, it’s his lack of rhythm. When the deaf guy is able to match lyrics to a beat better than him, Dustin is doomed. I don’t know that that’s a reason to eliminate him, though. Isn’t it kind of refreshing to finally have a guy on this show who doesn’t fancy himself a rapper? (Yes, I’m throwing shade at Don Benjamin.)

I still can’t believe we lost Justin for a one-episode Dustin return. What a lousy trade. Whereas Dustin leaves with a big shrug while mumbling that he doesn’t mind leaving since he’s annoyed with most of the other models anyway, Justin actually cries those tears that Tyra loves to see.

Wait - I thought the one thing we knew about Justin’s parents is that they are most definitely not proud that he’s pursuing modeling. If that’s what he’s looking for in life, it’s time to become a pharmacist! 

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