she is the effing queen

v-reb  asked:

Do you think the queen masturbates


I mean, she’s the effing queen. She’s gotta have like a royal sex toy collection with high tech shit that hasn’t even been released to the public. Just let that image sit with you for a bit… ~ Excerpt from my latest novel “Sex Dungeons: Royal Edition”

My question to you is, has/does the queen ever send nudes? If so, to whom?

Molly hooper entered 221b for the first time after the phone call shine like a star bright like a diamond.

“Hi John is Rosie ready?” Smily Molly headed to the proud daddy, totally ignoring the other stupid one.

“Molly about the phone call…” Sherlock started to talk to her.

She faced him with her sweet smile and simply said “EF you sherlock”.

“Sorry what?” Dumbfounded Sherlock said with shock on his face.

Ignoring him, she took Rosie who was raising her hands demanding to be held by the queen.

“Uncle Sheeeerly can EF off” she said to the girl nodding and smiling, Rosie’s giggles were ears piercing.

“yes he can, awhhh yaaas he caaaaen” she said with high pitch to the little girl making funny faces leaving the flat with the giggling girl.

Two minutes after:

John patting on Sherlock’s shoulder with sympathy getting him out of his two minutes shock stand.

“Did Rosie…”

“Look to you in the eyes and stick her tongue out, yes I saw it too”

“Well you will need to try harder and faster, they are uniting against your a**e and it does not look good” he said supressing his giggles.

Another pat “good luck mate”

Molly’s flat:

Sound of phone ringing for the 17th time.

“Your uncle doesn’t know when to give up Rosie” she said feeding her.

“Do you think I should answer?” Rosie shaking her hands enthusiastically, finally holding her rattle and keeping it.

heavy sigh “ok just to get done with it” she got up to answer the phone.

“I thought I made my point clear” her voice annoyed.

“Yes, yes, very clear, would you get near the window in your living” he was yelling, sound of wind was heard.


“I’m not stopping before you stand near it”

“What are you up to now, another experiment?” Her voice was hurt, Rosie pouting at the back of the room.

“You will know if you got near it, it’s only few steps, please, for me” she could hear him whinning.

She rolled her eyes and went to the window looking through it, it was all normal.

“Ok I’m looking from it" 

“Alright, just stand away a little and let it open, it would take a lot of work and time to clean the glasses”

“What?!!!!” She asked in shock.


A body flew from the air in front of her suddenly, with a rope tight to it, she screamed throwing her phone when she recognized the belstaff.

“SHERLOCK” she screamed running to the window to see the body hanging in the air with the rope and suddenly flew back directly to her window.

With the remain of her sanity she took few steps backward waiting for the lunatic to enter from the bloody window. 

When he theatrically entered, he lost the rope ruffled his-oh damn-hair, turned up his collar and all that without getting his eyes of her.

‘This is not happening’ was all she could think of with wide eyes before he pulled her face with his hands-god his HANDS- and smashed his lips to hers, she deepened the kiss with her fingers in his hair, while the other was around his neck.

she suddenly broke the kiss with her hands still around his neck, leaving him hungry for more and more and more.

“I see you take advices from Anderson now” she said with a smirk.

“I see you read his blog” he smirked back.

She blushed deeply.

“You should thank him for saving your sorry a***” she admonished him.

“I guess it’s enough talking about him” he kissed her gently.

“I guess it’s enough talking at all” he said,ready to kiss her again before they heard Rosie mumbling in the back playing with her rattle.

“Yeah, not any time soon” she sighed patting his shoulder, and went back to Rosie.

“Oh my god is she holding her rattle” he said with a frown, heading to join them.

“Emmm yes, is this a problem?” She didn’t know what was the surprise in that.

He chuckled and got closer to Rosie’s face.

“You have no idea how much I tried to make he..” a rattle hit the face …. again.

“keep the rattle.” he said gritting his teeth looking to the -oh so proud with cute smug on the face- Rosie.

OK, so I really would rather make a gifset about this but my computer is being a butt and I have to go to work so I guess I’ll just write this out. 

There was one thing from last night’s episode of Once Upon a Time that I really did like, and was very happy with, and that was how Emma treated Regina when she got back from the Enchanted Forest.

I know that sounds kind of dumb because she ended up screwing her over (which was accidental, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a fuck ton to make amends for next season because she already does), but before that happened, I think there was something really important about Emma introducing Marian to her.

Because at that point in the episode, Emma had just gotten back from the EF, where she had seen first hand “the Evil Queen,” and saw Regina burn Snow to death. That had happened just hours before Emma came back, and you know how Emma treated her? The same way she had before she left.

Emma wasn’t suddenly terrified of Regina, she wasn’t focused on her past, and she didn’t forget everything about the Regina she knew in Storybrooke in favor of the cruelty she saw in the EF. Instead all she saw was the depth of Regina’s redemption.

When Marian panicked, the first reaction Emma had was to soothe her and tell her it was fine, to reassure her that Regina was different. There was no hesitation, no doubt that Regina wasn’t really softer or anything; Emma knew who she was regardless of the visual evidence she now has of Regina’s past.

She went over to Regina, wasn’t short or uncomfortable or nervous around her at all. She wanted to reassure Marian, but she also wanted to make it easy on Regina–hell, she couldn’t even say “evil” because she didn’t want to hurt her. 

And I think that’s pretty important. Paired with Emma’s horror at what she caused, and Regina’s pain but not rage (which is HUGE) at Emma’s actions, I’m actually OK with where we are with them right now. Because the way it ended wasn’t set up for war between them, not really. But instead set up in a way that will parallel Snow, with one big difference: Emma is old enough and unspoiled enough to learn about her consequences and make appropriate amends.

At least that better be what is going to happen.

Marian is a strong ass poc woman! She stood up to the evil queen in the ef knowing what the consequence was. Still she never wavered. I am sure the evil Queen questioned her intensely about who she was in order to use marian’s family (robin & roland) against her to get the info on snow. But still marian was strong and never gave in.

Now in storybrook she is still a strong woman. She has only memories of Regina being the ruthless killer evil queen. And again she stands up for what she believes in. She protects her son from what she views as a threat. Then when after the snow monster knocked everyone else out, marian grabbed a bow and arrow and tries to shoot him. She could have easily ran and saved herself at the point after seen what this monster could do. But no, she stands tall and strong and faces him.

I don’t care what anyone says about marian, she is one badass strong woman.