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Lol sarumi realising that their bio daughter has powers also and them trying to keep said powers at bay

So maybe they didn’t expect her to have powers either, like there’s no precedent of children of clansmen inheriting their parents’ powers (the Minato twins I assume were already born when their parents joined Scepter 4). Then one day maybe Yata and Fushimi are walking with their daughter near the park and she gets distracted by like a passing cat, Fushimi and Yata not noticing because they’re bickering about something. There are some kids nearby playing baseball and that’s when one of them hits the ball straight at the Sarumi daughter. Yata and Fushimi both move to protect her just a moment too late, both terrified that she’s going to be hurt, which is when she raises her arms in front of her face and the ball bounces off a shield of blue light. Fushimi and Yata are both staring at her like wait what as she lowers her arms and comes running back to them all ‘can we go now?’

They end up taking her back to Scepter 4 where Munakata has some of the Gold clan come by to take a look at her. It turns out the reason she has powers is due to how she was ‘born,’ so to speak, that she was created by a Strain using parts of both Fushimi and Yata’s inner makeup including portions of their souls, and as such she has inherited clansmen powers without being a clansman herself. Yata’s all concerned, probably worried that maybe she’ll hurt herself with her powers somehow, while Fushimi just asks if there’s any way to keep her powers in check for now. As it turns out even most Strain-dampening artifacts won’t do much to her, since her powers are considered clansmen powers and those are harder to contain. Also as they’re talking Yata’s suddenly like 'wait, so if she has powers because of our souls, doesn’t that mean–” He’s cut off by his daughter using green sparks to knock out all the electricity in the building. Yata kinda sighs and Fushimi facepalms as they both realize that thanks to Fushimi in particulate their cute little daughter can now use three colors.

They end up taking her home with instructions from Munakata to try and help her keep her powers in check until he can find some other way to help. This turns out to be difficult because maybe the more she uses the powers the stronger they get, like first she just lights a little fire on her finger because she thought it would be fun but then next thing they know she’s set fire to the couch and is crying and scared. The blue powers are probably the least destructive so they try to help her focus on those, Fushimi sitting next to her and just using his own experiences as a three color user to help her focus on one color at a time. Yata’s mentally a little annoyed that his daughter is using blue powers and not red but he also knows that if the blue is what it takes to keep his kid safe then he supposes he can live with it as long as she knows that red powers are the coolest okay. (Ooh but maybe the more she uses her powers the more it drains her and suddenly there’s the worry that she’s losing control and she’s going to burn herself out before Yata and Fushimi can stop it. Fushimi starts having a small angst meltdown because again here’s a precious person who could be lost while Yata’s like storming the gates of Mihashira demanding that the golds find a way to help his kid. In the end things look bad but then Shiro shows up with this bracelet that will help her keep her powers in check and Yata and Fushimi are just holding their exhausted little girl, staring at each other in relief and Yata holds out his fist to Fushimi like yeah, we made it through this and we’re all gonna be fine now.)

I think that one of my favorite things as a kid was right after a powwow my ma and I decided to go with her then fiance to an ice cream shop with some of our regalia and leathers still on. Out of nowhere a little girl comes out, points and yells:


My ma without missing a beat turned around, pointed at her and screamed, “LOOK JEFF! A WHITE GIRL!”

And I think about that moment a lot.

shout out to m’gann m’orzz, who came from a species that wanted to destroy planets and kill/enslave all the inhabitants, for fighting for what was right and actively try to save people. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for showing everyone that where you come from doesn’t have to define the person you are. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for proving that she is a hero time and time again without just going around and saying “i’m a hero now!” like other characters on the show.

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?


in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other

I know everyone remembers Alix as the reckless angry one who’s always ready to fight, and she is, but like… she’s also, in canon, really dorky and sweet?? Like how excited she is to get the pocket watch as her birthday present after seeing how cool it is, and reassuring her dad that she’s not gonna ditch him, and waving at Marinette’s parents, and just… look at this sweet happy child

And at the end of the episode when she thanks Ladybug for fixing her watch and says she’ll take better care of it next time and will try not to be irresponsible, it’s so Pure and Humble, she’s just such a Good

And Christmas episode??? Where she’s so happy to get sweets??? And happy to see Adrien’s okay??? And just generally so adorable and happy??? I’m love this child so much???


In conclusion: Alix is an adorable precious bean in addition to being a terrifying little monster, this has been a PSA


·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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When your parents want to go through your phone to see what you’re hiding but all you have are memes

I feel like she would be the short haired twin? I guess cause all the fire spells having long hair would be a problem? Tho I cant decide if she should have like wavy medium/short length hair or like short hair like this? I also wanna give her like blue hair dye too? She is also definitely the buff twin. I’ll draw that content later tho-