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QUICK special mentions:
to ALICE ( intenselouis) bc she is (probably) my oldest friend on this website, and i love you more than actual words describe. meeting you irl was the best day of my life and we have to meet up again. i was the original daughter and you are the original mother to walk on the planet… i may have to kill ur children out of jealousy?? lets see???
to Jamie ( bellybuttonpiercedharry) for being just the amazing person in the world. you never fail to put a smile on my face and i loovveeee you!!!!
to LILY ( hickeystyles) WHOM I LOVE DEARLY. YOU ARE MY BESTFRIEND, MY SOULMATE AND MY CHEEKYCHOPPY. like u my literal favourite person and just ????????!?!?!? i fuckig love u a lot and u make me happy
and to gabi and lyns ( louibi and justadoreya) niether of u have been ONLINE in like month?? but i love u both and you are family xx
and emily ( tomlinsbird​) just because you are the most gorgeous person on the planet and i actually loveu more that pretty much everything :)

if u are in italics it means ily as a person, if ur bold it means ur blog is TOP NOTCH and if ur both then u are special to me!! if ur not anything i still love u more than quite a lot, everyone on the list is special lol :)

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Joanne “Jo” Rowling is turning 50 today (Harry’s 35?). Thanks to many amazing things she’s done with her years on Earth, I’m sure that we, her fans, can all easily list 50 reasons why we’re grateful for her existence. But I won’t do that because Time had 17 cooler people write her a little something for her birthday (including Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Wright, Robbie Coltrane and many other awesome peeps, so grab some tissues and click the link).

You can feel the love reading the messages and I believe that says a lot about what an amazing and extraordinary person Jo is. The birthday notes show people feeling perfectly comfortable to have a laugh with her (and Mark Williams says she “has one of the best laughs”). They reveal people clearly inspired by Jo as a person and certainly moved by her stories and the way she sees the world and human beings. They show people believe they can count on her friendship. And it’s not surprising at all if you’ve been following this woman for over a decade.

When the Harry Potter saga was coming to an end, we were all overwhelmed and words failed to express the magnitude of our experience. So we often simply went with “thank you, Jo” and hoped she would understand. Now that I think of it, I think we might as well also say “thank you, Harry”. Thanks for introducing us to this beautiful mind and gigantic heart <3.

Even if we place her at her most basic, Darcy Lewis is still amazing.

Most basic meaning what we simply see on screen and in the companion comics. 

She’s a student at Culver University. You know, the very scientific driven institute known for to tie the Marvel Universe together! The one that employs Betty Ross, Bruce Banner, Jane Foster, and Andrew Garner to name a few. Darcy is a Political Science Major who applied for an internship under a particle physics during her post-doctorate research simply for six credits. Out of all the ways a person can get credits and of all the internships she could have applied for, she choose a fringe expedition. A lot of people focus on her being the only applicant, meaning it wasn’t a choice. It was a choice. The moment she applied, she choose. I think that speaks volumes to Darcy. 

Let’s not forget, Darcy hacked into live feeds to see Thor in Manhattan. Yep.

This iPod lover and taser handler was the first to be open minded about Thor and helped fight of intergalactic elves without a second thought. She is amazing. Hell, how many people would stop to rescue a pet shop in the middle of giant alien robo attack?

It’s not a far cry to make her a SHIELD Agent or send her back to school to be a lawyer or what have you. People keep saying Darcy Lewis is popular because ‘we know little about her.’ I laugh in their faces. All that above? That is a lot to go on! 

Darcy is popular because she has a lot of potential.



h oly shit people do not care about max at all and it makes me so angry bOOooy hOWdy……………..

all this weight is on her and she’s so exhausted and alyssa and hayden and ms grant are still acting like fixing arcadia bay and keeping everyone safe is all exclusively her responsibility

and then the text from joyce basically blaming u for the breaking into the school thing and being like ITS UR JOB TO FIX CHLOE 4 ME

just because she’s being incredibly strong about it all doesn’t mean it isn’t weighing on her like didn’t you notice all the people commenting on how tired and intense she looked?? and how she thought she looked older?? hOLY TOLEDO…….

stop blaming everything on max stop pretending that just because she erased something from existence in her reality means that she never thinks about it or doesn’t have to deal with the emotional and psychological consequences of LIVING IT 


As I said before i’ll make my first follow forever when i reach 300 and im so thankful for everyone who followed my trashy blog like you guys are the real mvp man! ヽ(;▽;)ノ  Aaaanyways, i dont even know how to do a fanart for follow forevs so everything will be in text yeah sorry  ┐(‘~`;)┌
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Special Mention to Huda aka vnons for being an amazing person and for actually taking the time to reply and talk to me like i feel seriously loved by this girl (even though she sometimes forgets that i already replied) but nevertheless, i really love her and i consider her one of my good close friend. So, if you haven’t followed her, please do! because she’s really amazing and she’s also a Hansol trash so?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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There goes my first follow forever!! It took me like 5 tries to get this done but im glad that I finally finished it. I feel like I havent missed out anyone but if i did, im so sorry because im such a piece of shit for forgetting you (just message me, i’ll edit this) I HOPE YOU GUYS FEEL SPECIAL BECAUSE I LITERALLY TAGGED YOU ALL IN THE TAGS OH MY GOD (tho i probably got a few url wrongs for fast typing heh) also, i’ll probably do a follow forevs every 300 follows so yea AND ONE MORE THING, i probably got some urls repeated? i removed the ones i noticed so yeh..  

I thought of uploading a cover sometime this month because its my birthday month and why not

There has never been a trans character in a movie or on a show before whose story did not revolve around transition. Nomi is the first. Her story has nothing to do with the fact that she’s trans. She just is. And she’s living her life, and she’s in love, and she has a job, and she’s a whole complete person who is then thrust into this amazing cluster. And no one cares because, at the end of the day, we shouldn’t care that she’s trans. It doesn’t matter. She’s a human being. Woo!

Jamie Clayton, AfterEllen interview

I am honestly just not here for people who hate/dislike cherry and don’t give real receipts for why. It’s one thing to be indifferent about her. I get that. There are some characters that just don’t move you. But blaming her for the plot action and villainizing her because she didn’t say “hi” to your fave or called Dallas “trash” is weak af.

People in the BJD Hobby Who Deserve Some Love

lordhigheverythingelse - I’m pretty sure we all know Arthur, but he is amazing and a wonderful friend, and you should all consider getting a faceup from him if you haven’t already because he is just that good.

nephilem-of-the-woods - beautiful precious cinnamon roll who is very kind and very sweet and deserves all the love in the world. Their dolls are beautiful and so is their artwork and they deserve all of your love.

madjawdolls - incredibly creative, beautiful person who has a killer sense of style and originality. Have you seen their dolls? They are all beautiful and detailed and amazing. She is incredibly creative and talented, and I suggest you check her blog out!

feileastram - do you need an amazing person to follow? No? Shut up, yes you do. Feileastram is a terrific person and their blog is so wonderful and full of adorable pictures of their tiny centaur babies, Gerdy and Petunia (and Oliver too, but he’s not a tiny centaur). They also love Marvel (major Sanna points here!!)

smallstuffdolls-bjd - She (?) is the cutest person ever, and so sweet; she makes tiny crocheted critters for dolls and it is precious and adorable. Super fun and easy to talk to, I love them. Also, they have a frog bjd named Froggy and he is super cute and makes me want one too.

Go follow these wonderful people, and add your own friends to this list! Everyone deserves some love :)

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Do you have any smutty Naruhina or Sasusaku fics you'd recommend? *wink wink*

I’m not the best person to ask for fic recs. I don’t remember the titles of most of the fics I’ve read. And tbh I haven’t been reading ss fics for a while now. Only what I see on my dash here on tumblr.

I suggest you take a look at xxlovendreamsxx‘s blog. She herself is a writer, she’s got some amazing smutty fics. Take a look here. She also has a rec list you can look through.

No idea about NH as I don’t read those at all.

Selfie Saturday - Bea Miller

Sixteen years old and already labelled a badass musician by many (including her close pal Demi Lovato), Bea Miller has accomplished more than we could ever dream of and she’s not stopping there. Currently touring with girl-group powerhouse Fifth Harmony, we caught up with her to get to know more about what makes Bea Miller tick and the fearless attitude that shines on her new debut album, Not An Apology.

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Venting About A Certain Girl

Sorry about this and the entirety of how random this is. She’s probably going to think I’m really corny for this but I don’t care. There is this girl I’ve been friends with on and off for two years. She suffers from anxiety just like I do. It was such a nice change of pace being able to talk to someone who understands me more than most. Her anxiety keeps her from calling people because it starts to spike. One day we started talking but it was too much to type so for once we decided to talk over Skype. To be honest, I was probably more nervous then I should have been. I had always thought she was cute and had an amazing personality but now I was able to put a voice to this person. 

She would always tell me how miserable she was and how sad she would get everyday from certain things. This came as a surprise to me because when we talked for the first time she was laughing throughout the entire thing. I was the first person in a very long time to make her feel this way. That alone made me happier then I could have imagined. Once that was up we actually decided to video chat. I’ve been in quite a few relationships and have complimented them on their smiles. I can, without a doubt, tell you that she has one of the brightest and most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. What made it better was that I was the one responsible for it. It isn’t “Colgate commercial” perfect because those smiles are fake to me. It’s beautiful but a little dorky and I absolutely love it.

After the Skype call I asked her if she had wanted to come over. Obviously, she had said yes. Those smiles of hers just got bigger and brighter when she was actually with me. I honestly feel like they get better and brighter each time she’s around me. Normally, I put the happiness of others ahead of my own. For once I’m actually happy because she is. It actually brings me joy to see her happy instead of being miserable like she used to be. There is no doubt in my mind that I love this girl and that she loves me too. 

My mom works in a call center where new customers call in to get service for a tv provider and she works in the Spanish division. My favorite story that she’s told me is that one day a few years ago, she answered the phone, “buenos días, gracias a llamada —–” and she was interrupted by this person saying ‘whoa whoa whoa! We speak English in America!’ And she responded, “well you did call the Spanish line” and this person was so rude so my mom said she would transfer them. She put her headset on mute and transferred them to the Chinese department and listened to the person freaking out cause they couldn’t understand what was going on.

The fact that any time someone speaks their own language, a white person says some shit like “this is America, speak English,” is just amazing

Partnership Announcement!

The Fake Fake AH Crew is proud to announce its partnership with the Beta Cats!! ( They make amazing quality content reenacting scenes from GTA playthroughs and are coming out with some awesome new skits!!! 
Our Jack is the creator of the Beta Cats, and is absolutely the sweetest person ever, she deserves all of the support in the world!!! Go check it out!

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tell us bout Jayde

Well, if you want to know facts about her you’re probably better off going to her blog, but if you want to know what I think of her, I’ll have to warn you that I could go on forever. I’ll try not to though. 
She’s actually perfect. She’s the most beautiful person, I’ve never known anybody like her and I really doubt that anybody like her actually exists. That includes her, because honestly she’s too good to be true. 
She’s the kindest, most generous, sweetest, cutest person to ever exist. She cares so much about her friends and she does whatever she can to make people happy. And she succeeds, obviously, because she’s amazing and adorable and just makes people happy by existing.
She’s just incredible. I can’t actually describe how amazing she is because there aren’t words good enough.


Happy birthday to the biggest inspiration in my life. She’s one of the major reasons as to why I am still alive, and why I have the courage to pursue a crazy dream. This is the girl that gives her all into everything. There will never be anyone else who can claim her position in my heart.

“Sometimes, the best thing one can say is nothing at all. Sometimes, a hug is the best possible thing to do.”

A bit of art for asksalamanderpony , who’s going through a real rough time. Show her some love, folks, she’s an amazing person who is nothing but kind and funny, and she deserves to be supported and uplifted!

Okay guys so neyyjr is twenty-two followers away from getting to her next thousand. And so to all my beautiful followers you absolutely HAVE to go and follow her. If you love Ney and Barça and the Brasilian National Team. And her blog is really really awesome. And she’s just so so so so so so so so smart and amazing and beautiful and smart and funny and sweet. And if you ever need some help she is always around and willing to help you out. And I am so thankful for her. And her tags are always so funny and sweet and cute and you won’t regret following her. And when you follow her I promise you’ll love her almost as much as I do because I love her the most!!!! And come on look at Bae up there!!!!
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Ney is sending you hearts and in return you follow this beautiful person neyyjr!!!! BABE IF YOU ARE READING I HOPE YOU REACH YOUR GOAL SOON AND I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH THERE ARE NO WORDS!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙

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Okay, so once upon a fucking time there was a princess. She wasnt really thought of as an actual person with any ambition so just insert a stupid romantic story here. The End, twist: she wanted to become a doctor but no, that's not ok in our story

You can do anything you want, lovely. You’re amazing and independent, fuck what anyone else says x