she is such a super cutie i love her


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So Glad To Meet You

So Glad To Meet You| Im Changkyun/I.M.

Prompt: Your friend got asked out by the guy she’s being crushing on for months and left you and his friend behind so hey let’s just study together

A/N: Post 1 of Teentopgot7teen’s Fanfic Extravaganza! IMmie is one of my favourite idols what a cutie. Requests are open so send me your prompts or use the posts on my blog to suggest a story!

“Hey, Y/N.”

You look up from your textbook and gaze at your friend passively.

“Don’t you think the blonde on the table over his super cute?”

You loved her to death but you couldn’t ignore how different the two of you were. You had come to the library to study and she had insisted on tagging along. You knew she wasn’t going to do any work at all. She was just going stare at the boys who always sat on the table next to yours like she did every single time. You had come to the library to study not get distracted by boys.

“I don’t care.” You said, trying to find your place in the textbook again.

“He’s looking at us! He’s looking right over here!” She continued in a whisper.

When you didn’t reply she poked your arm with her pencil and you just swiped it away. She let out a whine as her pencil skittered across the table. She stared at you until she realised you weren’t going to react. She huffed and brought her textbook in front of her again. You sighed at her childish antics and took a quick look over at the boys she was talking about.

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what's your favorite fluffy taeny fics ?

Alright, since I love fluffy here it is:

I hope you enjoy them just as much as I did. YAYYYYY 

Follow these amazing people

(I probably forgot someone… I’m so sorry if I did.)

@desthedemon (Very awesome and lovely and amazing and a sweetheart and like 11/10 art follow Des seriously)

@theinsidiouscinnamonroll   (Follow her she’s a sweetheart and v awesome and also phenomenal writing and also my platonic bae)

@alexfierrno  (V nice and sweet and Alex is a good person to talk to… And she’s just awesome….  V good writing omg… Follow Alex… )

@nerdyandgeekyenby  (They’re a cutie omg and super nice follow them they have like an 11/10 blog and just follow)

@crispyninjadonut (Tbh I don’t talk to you much but??? You’re like super awesome???? And you’re also funny??? And like v amazing. FOLLOW.) 

callout post for my friends who I love

@commoners-coffee - this girl.. holy shit, morgan is the love of my life, a total memelord, goddess, my best friend and super kindhearted and loving !! most amazing artist and cosplayer i’ve ever met and just a masterpiece <3 she’s my everything and more

@hypno-rose - JESS U ARE such a sweetie !!! literally a cutie who’s so pure and kind and supportive 

@spitz-and-miley - ken, a humble meme farmer, one of my good friends who is so kind and a fantastic artist ! you are wonderful my friend 

@stormyshuuya - stormy my sweet summer child,,, literally a smol swweetheart who i cherish and care about so much

@millard–nullings - abBY YOU ARE SO SWEET. just,,, my ren, i cherish her so much, abby is my l i f e and one of my best friends <3 

@amsterjams - veroNICA so so nice and pure and just a true friend who i appreciate so much, love her even more cuz of heathers, she is blessed and i am blessed to know her 

@hammadge - liz,,,, you’re my family and i love ya so much and idk what i would do without you. thank you for everything my dude <3

@shigatsudreams - hails you are pyrhha but even better cuz you’re alive so i can hug you. so motivating and strong and one of the dorkiest and coolest people i’ve met. really gay too 

@aidelu ems,,, the gay counterpart to hails,, so caring and sweet and a total cutie. part of the meme team of me, abby, and hails, and just a total sweetie

@cuteshotatrash - TOTTY, YOU SWEET ANGEL, literally a pure bean whos art is almost as cute as them, just, so kind 

@xxblackswxnxx - val,, i’ve known her so long now and she’s one of the kindest most sincere people i’ve met and when i finally meet her i’m giving her the longest hug ever 

I love all of these people so much and they’ve all helped me grow as a person and have saved me in some way. I cherish them all so much and they’ve shown me what true friendship is. i’m so blessed to know them all <3 

Rolled the Love Gacha after grinding a bunch and got this little cutie!

I had been doing solo rolls every 5 melons I got to fill my Love Meter to roll for Haraiku (even though as always her art isn’t very good), and got Choquirrel! Choquirrel is my favorite Dolly Dolci member and I really wanted her swimsuit limited back when that came out, so I’m happy to have a limited of her now.

She’s super cute I love her <3

I just wanna say happy Valentine’s Day to @supermassivesupernova because I love her and she’s super cute and this is her first Valentine’s Day with someone and we aren’t doing anything today but this weekend I’m going to make it the most special day ever!! :) 

Knowing me, something will go wrong but I know whatever happens it will be fun because she is honestly just the most fun person and it really never matters what we do because we can always be so open and just joke and have fun with each other and its literally perfect and she’s perfect and ahhhhhh 

I love you, cutie. ❤

I was messin around with the brushes from @bardofmotherfuck‘s version of sai they gave me and… wow Hemera… your brushes are pretty good!!!

This is my oc Xena btw, more info under the cut if you’re interested!

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I’d write posts about me and my boyfriend but you all would be like “squadron-of-damned is so desperate for attention that she pretends some improbably fluffy cheesy romantic fanfic is actually her love life.”

The truth is my love life actually is a highly improbably fluffy cheesy romantic high school AU fic. Yes, exactly that kind of fic I super dislike because they are darn unrealistic. But you know, irl it isn’t that bad.


HYE GUYS :D , here you have the lovely and super cutie that is @lexivine !

she is amaing artist that (WARNING: she has some nsfw) i really like and it the first of my tumblrcuties !!! which i will be posting as a way to help grow all kinds of female artist that i like and respect (and ofc that i think tat are cuties ;3)

and LEXIVINE its the first ! i hope she likes it and you guys too , show her some loveto this lovely girl !


everybody cute girl should date @azkabanwolfstar. she’s a cutie, loves Harry potter, very cute, is uber nice, many cute, is super rad, such beauty, such grace, is loyal, is creative, much cute, very amazeballs, a huge nerd, ships destiel, and is getting bi quite well (yes that was just for a bi pun but deal with it bc my friend needs a cute girlfriend)… oou did I mention she’s cute or if you want to be friends with her she’s still a huge nice cool gay nerd who would love to be your friend because she’s great™ so message her, her name is Trin and she is more scared of you then you are of her

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Let's see, my crush is a girl, she's super pretty, I'm not kidding she looks like an angel but only prettier. She's really funny and sweet and always makes me feel happy. I call her my sun, because I live in Alaska and theirs not much warmth, but she always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. She actually lives in New Zealand, so I don't get to see her in person. She's a lil shortie, she's wooed by my card tricks, even though they are dumb. She's also my girlfriend of 4 months and I love the lil cutie

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD????!!! she’s you’re “sun” ahh i just melted a lil bit 💕💛 i hope everything is going well in your relationship and that it continues to go well!

sleepover friday! (send me asks ((about ur crush too bc i’m a sucker for those)))

#okay em is the sweetest person for real#so kind and caring and lovely#which is weird because as a writer she’s a cruel punishing angst master who doesn’t care about your feelings at all and enjoys your tears#i mean her fics are phenomenal but also PAIN and SUFFERING#really well written but also DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU HURT#but anyway a super cutie all round 10/10 would follow again 

okay normally i wouldn’t call someone out like this (i guess you can’t really refer to it as that when it’s a good thing but listen) but it’s 12:07 am and hannah’s (@mermaid-reyes‘) tags on that say something nice post are the cutest thing ever bc

a) they are so damn funny (and sweet<3), and b) she is clearly confused bc it is hannah who is the awesome sweet kind caring lovely one & also the amazing writer ;*

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What's Sayuri's reasoning behind frog?

I’ll answer this one in-depth for kicks. Her original interpretation was a frog girl wearing the suit from Super Mario Bros. 3. Eventually inspiration from Noodle turned her Japanese, and now she’s become a particular cutie as one of my main characters

Her current reasoning in-universe is because frogs are cute. Her favorite animal since a little girl. She loves them to the point of her nickname being the onomatopoeia for frog croaking