she is such a super cutie i love her

okay but why isn’t rosario dawson loved more on this site, especially by the marvel fandom? (well, I know the answer to that) 

honestly tho, she truly loves and appreciates her mother and father for helping her and her brother live through a difficult childhood where she was in a poor environment, she’s super intelligent, very caring, has a collection of instruments that she doesn’t know how to play, is an incredible actress who has a great filmography, once cooked lasagna for 200 people to raise funds for west africa and other charities, is a female gamer who fangirls over the last of us and arkhum knight, literally planked on an elephant, is such a cutie, is a huge nerd and trekkie and is an inspiring latina actress.

you can spend all day crying over the male casts and white faves, but rosario dawson deserves so much love and respect. Where are her appreciation posts ??? Networks related to her ???  Meta’s about how great she is ?? Rosario Dawson is a gift. 

Boyfriend Winwin
  • nct’s china line is reciving so much love in this blog
  • i’m so happy
  • keep blessing me with your fluffy requests for this angels k?
  • anyways, let’s start rn!!
  • so, how you cuties met
  • yall started to get closer bc of baby yuta
  • once he was showing sicheng some photos that he had in his phone
  • and there was this pic that he secretly took of you 
  • and it really caugh sichengs attention
  • “ah, and this is y/n, she’s one of my best friends i took this picture of her because i really loved that outfit on her”
  • “woah,, she’s super super super pretty, and has cute nice”
  • “y/n? yeah and she’s also really friendly, you two would get along well”
  • sicheng spent the rest of the day asking yuta things about you
  • and spent the rest of the night thinking about you
  • and it was super weird because no one never caugh his attention so fast?? he was so confused
  • things keept being this way for weeks
  • but sicheng was too shy to ask yuta to introduce him to you
  • he would start smiling and feeling butterflies in his stomach just with remembering your face
  • if he saw you in real life he wouldn’t be able to work properly, he would pass away just there lol
  • but yuta he did it anyways lmao
  • i mean
  • sicheng would always ask yuta for his phone, and he would always go to his pictures just to see your pretty face again and again
  • and probably stalk you in social media everyay
  • and he would even read your convos w yuta
  • and when he readed those he discovered that you were really funny and sweet
  • he was having a crush on you eVEN BEFORE MEETING YOU
  • and of course yuta noticed this so he mUST INTRODUCE BOTH OF YOU
  • he really though that you and sicheng would be a really cute couple ok
  • he needed his ultimate ship to became an otp
  • so when sicheng went to the dorms after having a little date with kun
  • when he saw you he almost forgot how to breath i swear
  • he recognzed you instantly and omg you’re so perfect??
  • you were even more prettty in real life than in pictures and he was shooketh
  • how’s this possible¿¿? is she seriously real¿?
  • he forgot everything and couldn’t think of anything more than you
  • “oh, i didn’t know that you were going to comeback so early so i invited y/n, she’s my best friend”
  • “hey! it’s amazing that i finally can meet both of you!”
  • “yeah, she’s a fan of nct as well, i’m her favorite member”
  • you eye rolled at his comment and he felt those butterflies in his stomach again
  • he grabbed kun’s hand and went with him to his bedroom bECAUSE HE WAS DYING
  • long short story, as i predicted he couldn’t focuse in anything with you around lol
  • like he would mix chinese with korean, and just acting really distracted
  • yuta invited you more and more to the dorms but he realized that sicheng was starting to look like an idiot in your eyes because of how flustered you make him lol
  • this is getting too long i’m sorry
  • and he was tired of this, so he planned a little date without any of you knowing
  • like he invited both you to the same little park and cancelled to both of you at last minute
  • "oh, hey sicheng! what a coincidens that you’re here. yuta told me to came here but he had an schedule or something haha”
  • “a-ah hi y/n”
  • you would laugh at his cuteness and invite him to a cafe
  • he was so nervous the whole time but you were so easygoing and nice an tried your best to calm him by making him questions and talking about you
  • he walked you home that day and guess whatTTttTtTT
  • “i’m sorry if i was too silent today, or if i always act like this is just that.. you’re so pretty. what about doing something else tomorrow? i’ll be better”
  • our baby became a man that day
  • he looked so worried and sweet, hOW COULD YOU SAY NO
  • you had a lots of dates after that one and yes, feelings developed
  • yuta was also the reason why sicheng confesed
  • he literally obligated him to go to your house and confess
  • “ilikeyoualotpleasebemygirlfriendbutifyoudontwanttoisperfectlyfinedontworryok”
  • and you were like
  • “ilikeyoualottoosichengandyesidowanttobeyourgirlfriend”
  • and yuta was like lmao what
  • and honestly is the cutest relationship ever
  • he’s so caring and sweet with you and love you so much
  • and your first kiss was the fluffiest thing
  • he placed of his hands in your waist and witht he other one he cupped your face
  • and he just went for it
  • and it was magical, his lips were so soft oh my
  • after that he hugged you and told you that he loved you for the first time and it made everything even more special
  • he’s a gr8 boyfie and you’re so lucky to have him by your side because i swear he would do everything for you to always be happy and healthy
  • basically, you’re dating an angel omg
  • i’m soft af rn
  • bye, i’ll go to punch a wall to fell normal again

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What kind of person would Switzerland, Liechtenstein, China and Taiwan would fall in love with?


  • A hard worker, he wants stuff done and his s/o would need to understand that
  • Maybe an underdog? He seems to help alot of countries get back on their feet so I’m guessing he likes helping people grow to their full potential
  • A domestic person. He spends alot of time with his sister so I’m guessing he wants a family of his own
  • Someone who can strike a bargain, he likes cheap stuff. The cheaper the better
  • A cutie, anyone that is remotely cute he will love.
  • A calm person, I can’t see him with a loud excitable person


  • Someone who can protect her, she is an angel who needs love
  • Someone that will wear the things she makes, she takes pride in her work and having a s/o that will wear her stuff will make her Super happy
  • Cuddle bug. she wants a cuddly person to hold her in her arms at night
  • A calm person, The little lady isn’t good with people that bounce around
  • Sweethearts are required, I don’t think she would ever go out with a “Bad-boy/girl/person/dog (I’m sorry i had to)
  • Honestly as long as they are honest and loyal she will love them forever


  • A foodie, as long as they would eat anything with two eyes and a mother and that will let him cook he shall date
  • A life lover, when i went to china everyone was so grateful for everthing they had. Someone who complains about 1st world problems would annoy him
  • A calm person, he’s an old man he can’t deal with drama
  • Someone who can listen to him, he vents alot. allow him to vent
  • Gentle soul. he wants to feel like he can protect his s/o
  • Not important, but someone who athletic, he loves sports and if you’re good at one he loves to watch them 


  • A shopaholic, She goes shopping alot so…SHOPPING SPREES
  • Someone who wears pastels, she loves cuties
  • Sweethearts are needed, I can’t see her dating a bad boy/girl/person
  • An emotionally strong person, she can be pretty brutal when angered and she would be heartbroken if she made her s/o cry by accident 
  • Huggable person, she is a hugger and needs love and affection
  • She’s a very positive person and would want her s/o to be one too.

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Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers


i’m still really busy but i’ve been drawing these in my spare time hence the lazy colors so time for some FEM TEAM OCS YAY (sorry they’re just floating heads on blank backgrounds, would love to make better versions later)

Scout: A high-school track star, this scout loves playing all kinds of sports. (almost as much as she loves flirting with boyzzz)

Engineer: Nobody expected this small-town girl to want to pursue engineering, but this gal loves to challenge everyone’s expectations. Always daddy’s little girl, she likes to impart his wisdom to others, including how to handle men or handle yourself in DEADLY COMBAT

Medic: vaguely unsettling in general

Soldier: she’ll kick your ass. she’ll kick anyone’s ass. she’ll kick her own ass. 

Sniper: constantly sunburnt as SHIT but at least she puts on her zinc, atta girl


Spy: surrounded by unfashionable ameteurs ugh

Heavy: Always super self-confident, Heavy is her own biggest fan. She’s gorgeous and she owns it gurl ;P

Pyro: yes


-talking to each other for hours

-being eachothers biggest supporters

-holding hands


-lazy days where you watch movies

-just lots of movies and cuddling

-cooking things together

-she shows you how to make things that she loved growing up

-lingering touches on each others waist

-so many ‘girl’ days





-her skin is so smooth tbh

-doing each others make up just for kicks

-quick kisses in public

-walking around

-knowing each other completely

-helping her learn to control her powers


-like blasting horribly amazing music and dancing around your room together

-pillow fights because why not?

-holding her and running your fingers through her hair when she just needs to think about the horrors of her past

-probably games, like tag through the compound

-you two pretty much monopolize the living room, like you guys are constantly making blanket forts and watching movies and no one wants to be in there with you two cuz it would be interrupting

-she’d have cute nicknames for you in her language

-then you’d look them up to make sure she wasnt lying when she said she was calling you “cutie” only to find out she was actually calling you “sexy”

-super romantic things, like i feel like she’d be sooo romantic

-constantly getting each other flowers or chocolate

-cheek kisses

-borrowing her bad ass rings

-dat corset though ;)

-its almost like puppy love

-constantly smiling at each other

-sitting next to each other at meetings, playing with each others fingers


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Despite the lack of Japril, I’m just so so so happy to have April back on my Thursday. She’s so cute. When the boyfriend freaks out, her reaction was super hilarious. She’s back to being this happy little cutie that I love so much.

And she has great chemistry with everybody. It’s nice to see her interact with people, especially Stephanie.

I mean that woman could work with a wall and i’d still ship them.

Kiss says it all (Bruce Banner x Reader)

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Fandom: Marvel
Character: Bruce Banner
Persona: Female reader insert
Prompt: Hello can I request a fluffy/angsty Bruce Banner x reader where they’re best friends but In love with each other but the reader thinks that he’s in love with Natasha but he’s not and she gets hurt on a mission and he gets worried and when she wakes up he kisses her and says I love you (Is that too specific it feels very specific)
Author’s Notes: I’m so happy to be working with a Bruce x Reader because I personally believe that the cutie doesn’t get enough of the Avenger Fandom love, so I’m super psyched to write this. Essentially the prompt describes how this is going to work out. @mentallydatingrobertbrucebanner, this is for you!

Bruce was your best friend, had been for quite a while now, and you liked that, he was geeky and meek, unless provoked, then a whole new guy came out to play, but you didn’t mind, to you that was what made Bruce, well Bruce, he was cute, adorable, well adorkable really, he was a dork and a science geek, but that was all part of the charm for you, part of why you’d fallen in love with him, many on the team believed it to be nothing more than a “school girl, he was cute and nice to me” crush, but you knew better.

Currently though, he was also avoiding you, you believed that to be rather unlike him and all sorts of other words that all lead up to it simply being a bit odd, considering that he usually was quite happy to hang with you. the past couple of weeks whenever you’d asked him to hang with you, you’d received his apology for being too busy helping out Nat at the moment, you of course laughed it off and told yourself maybe next time. The end of the second week you couldn’t take it anymore “why did Natasha have priority of you? why?” you wondered as you searched all over the tower for Bruce, eventually finding him in the lab “I should have know…..” your happy greeting slams to a stop and your smile falls from your face when you actually see what was going on. You saw Bruce talking with Nat, she seemed like she was happily flirting with him, and he was awkwardly smiling and taking it, tears stream in rivulets down your cheek as you about face and rush toward your bedroom door, that was when Bruce noticed you’d walked into the room but by the time he made a move to speak you’d flown out of the room like the whole of Jotunheim was after you. “ (Y/N)?” he starts calling out, “(Y/N) Come back please” he says racing after you as you rushed to your room. It took Bruce only several moment to reach you room in the tower and a couple of seconds after that to begin knocking, but you didn’t want to know anything, you had seen enough to surmise what was going on and you didn’t like it, the thought that Bruce was in love with Nat was enough to make you sick to your stomach with jealousy, and that was a feeling you didn’t particularly like “Why if he loved Nat didn’t he say so before, if Nat’s so special, if Nat can do that and Nat can do this” you think feeling yourself succumbing to your jealous rage and all the feelings of hatred you had for Nat, Bruce was knocking away at the door, trying to get your attention “GO AWAY, BRUCE I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU RIGHT NOW!” you practically snarl at him , and you hear his knocking pattern falter as he registers what you just said and processed it, knowing him he was probably fighting the Hulk’s desire to break down the door and demand you apologize for yelling at Bruce like that but you didn’t care, you like, noo you loved Bruce, but he obviously preferred the redhead over you and that hurt you more than you’d ever be wiling to admit. If Bruce was at all offended by the tone you’d taken with him on that one, he never made mention of it.

The next day and everyone was acting like it was all completely normal, no one at all found anything to object to, Bruce seemed to still prefer Nat over you and you found yourself feeling even more jealous and then angry at yourself, because when you thought about it, yelling at him about not wanting to talk about it probably didn’t do anything except drive him closer to Nat and that made your jealousy over her even worse, and it didn’t help that you were comparing yourself against her, she had training in combat and was quite renowned for being rather pretty, and what where you compared to her, you cried yourself to sleep at night you were so torn up about it.

a couple of months of you being totally jealous of Nat because Bruce seemed to like her better and you were offered a mission which because you’d decided that it was either you take the mission or sit around the tower doing close to absolutely nothing you took it. At first the mission seemed relatively easy and you weren’t worried that you’d fail or otherwise become incapacitated by the perils of a dangerous mission. When you actually arrived at the location of your mission, which was currently in Paris, France, you were supposed to be undercover, so you had disguised yourself as a French National under the name of Luna Bellerose, Steve helped you pick it out and Tony worked on the techy stuff that would help get you a legitimate appearing back history in case anyone got too suspicious of why a “Luna Bellerose” who supposedly lived in France her whole life would suddenly turn up out of no where. You were supposed to be monitoring activity and make sure agents of HYDRA or any other of the groups of enemies the Avengers had accumulated weren’t planning on attacking soon, the first several days were spent establishing your place of “residence”  and making sure that it looked reasonably appropriate for someone who’d supposedly lived in France since the day they were born and then came the job, luckily you had a small team of technologically superior people working on this whole thing, so they find you a good job to help with the disguise, one that wasn’t too demanding but still could hold water if anyone tried to take too deep a looksee into your “life” as it were.

This had been happily going on for a whole two months more before the worst thing you could have ever thought possible happened, because of an accidental blunder on the part of the group sent to watch over you, your identity as not in fact being Luna Bellerose was discovered and that was were things turned from bad to far, far, far worse in a span of only a whole two weeks, you’d gotten kidnapped, and your captures were wanting only one thing, domination over you for the sake of information on who you really were, where you really came from and what reason you were to have ever set foot on French soil. Determined as you were to hold out for as long as possible you took all the forms of beating on you they could come up with, this was being kept up only a week longer than you had expected, you knew you had quite the determination to not give up your fellow Avengers, and with that you were also quite determined to return to them as much intact as you would ever be after this.

Three days after the third month, you were weak from hunger, thirst and the abuse your captures were putting you through, and quite sure you’d be very close to dying first before they’d even relent or otherwise give up, at this point you had every intentions of dying first, when you thought about it what was there to really live for anyway the guy you loved was in love with someone else, the rest of your team was good points towards living but if you couldn’t have Bruce by your side what was the point “he’d much rather be by Natasha’s side anyway” you think bitterly right before you heard a rather inhuman growl sound and you couldn’t help the smirk that twisted your lips halfway and then you had to do the best you could to avoid being slammed in the face by debris as Hulk burst through the door with his usual but endearing, lack of regard for if anyone was in the room, he just stood there like that looking at you with the oddest expression on his face, you look away, unhappy that he was the one you saw first since even seeing Hulk couldn’t make you forget your jealousy of Nat but if Hulk noticed that anything was amiss he never made any mention of it, well honestly he really wouldn’t Hulk never had been one to really speak, which if you thought about it at this present moment in time was a fact you were supremely grateful for, although knowing your dorky friend he’d have gone totally berserk trying to get you to realize just how much danger you were in and you’d have rolled your eyes and said “No duh, Sherlock” and the banter would have continued on from there, as it was Steve, Sam and the other members who had joined in on your rescue mission filed in all business like and quietly, knowing Steve he was doing the “calm before the storm” bit and you didn’t bother to point out how unnecessary that would be, that you were just so gosh awful happy that they were there that you’d even be nice to Nat, although for the longest time before leaving on this mission you hadn’t exactly been so nice to her. Steve and Sam were quick to undo the shackles your captures kept you in when they weren’t abusing you and Tony kept guard alongside Thor and Hulk who were two of your team’s heaviest hitters, so it made a bit of sense that they’d have been put on look out duty with Tony who was a long distance wild card next to Hawkeye the always ready with a witty zinger. Steve and Sam finish up getting the shackles off of you, you’d had them on long enough that your wrists where they’ d rested had been rubbed so raw they were bleeding and your wrists still felt as though you had them on you and felt heavy and nearly immovable, you were so weak that Steve and Sam had to carry you because you couldn’t walk, they handed you off to Hulk, knowing he’d be able to handle carrying you, he took you in his bulky muscled arms and grunts at Sam and Steve and without further “conversation” he takes you to the nearest hospital within the area, although in between being taken off the shackles for good and being handed to Hulk you’d passed out and were actually quite close to death.

When the Hulk reached the Hospital in New York City, New York, USA the Doctors and nurses were quite shocked to say the least, but Hulk tenderly places you onto a gurney for them to wheel you to immediate surgery and try to work on getting you stable. It took the best Surgeons in the whole state four whole hours to get you even close to stable and another three to get you to where you wouldn’t die if they moved you again. three hours after that and they’d finally gotten you able to go into recovery with all your wounds stitched up and otherwise taken care of, the had you on several IV fluid to help with recovery and rehydrating your body one of the doctors comes into the waiting room to discuss with the rest of the team the prognosis “Well, we’ve done everything physically that can be done, all her wounds have been surgically closed and taken care of, she’s in recovery right now with some IVs in her, there’s some to help with her dehydration and some to help with the rest of her recovery, however she’s unconscious right now and we’re not entirely certain when she’ll wake up, she coded twice when we went to operate on her so her system has been through a lot of stress and trauma, how long was she like left in this condition before she was found?” he asks and Steve says “about three months and three days” and the doctor nods “so whoever was her kidnappers had kept her for almost more than the body can stand without proper care, my big concern is how emaciated she is, they obviously fed her just enough to make her able to stand another day but nothing more, you see this commonly in cases such as what was observed in the WW2 concentration camp prisoners, who were treated fairly similarly to way your friend in the recovery room has been treated” he says after a small nod.

During the four months it took for your body to slowly recover and become at least slightly more the way you normally looked, except with pale skin waxy lips and just general “Death bed” look which the doctors were quite certain that once they’d gotten you awake and healthy again wouldn’t be too big an issue for some time out in the sun and other restoratives to help fix, Bruce never left your side for longer than it would take to go to tend to himself as well, he literally slept by your bedside, his hand always on yours as he sat there waiting to see your eyes open, waiting to see some sign that you were going to pull through and live still. Steve and Sam and the others took turns popping in whenever their duties as Avengers could spare them some time to stop by, mostly they were hoping to draw Bruce away from you to help out, but where Bruce felt he was needed or was more important the guy could be downright adamant about things “Come on Bruce, you’re a part of this team too, don’t you think it’s time to leave (Y/N)’s bedside and be a part of the team?” Sam asked one day during the fifth month since you’d been in the recovery room and Bruce practically growled at him he was so fed up “NO, I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE (Y/N)” he says and Sam was quick to back off after that “Okay, Okay, checking the concern at the door man, Stay with your girl then” he says.

Two more days of waiting by your bedside ignoring all the others’ pleas for him to rejoin the team even for just an hour and Bruce is rewarded by you finally waking up. He was so happy to finally see your (Y/E/C) eyes and that you weren’t dead that he leaps up and practically mashes his lips on to yours in a kiss so vigorous you wondered if it was even Bruce who was kissing you or even if you had in fact died and gone to Heaven, the next thing he did was curl by you on the bed and nuzzle you and whisper “I love you, (Y/N), you and only you” he says and you smile so happy to at last have him say the words your heart desired but your jealous mind feared was going to be given to another, so happy to be by him and that he was yours “I love you too, Bruce” you say, your voice still weak from your being unconscious so long, but he was close enough that he heard every word you’d said.


Melinda May Appreciation Week 
Day 6: Ming-Na Wen Appreciation Day! 

I love Ming so much! She is such a cutie and so gorgeous!! I mean come one she doesn’t look 51 at all! She is super sweet with her fans and she ships philinda. Plus without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

“I’m not one of those actresses that’s going to feel like I never achieved my dreams and goals and just get disgruntled and hate everything about the business. I’ve had so much fun.” ~ Ming-Na Wen <3 

tagged by the super cutie patootie @castleoblivions​!! ♥

RULES: Choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

  • Final Fantasy
  • Legend of Zelda
  • NieR/Automata

The first character you loved:

  • Aeris, she has been my #1 fave for 20 years ♥
  • OoT Link!

The character you never expected to love so much:

  • most of the FFXV cast tbh, as undeveloped as they are
  • I know she’s not a canon character in the loz verse but LINKLE!! she’s adorable and I use her so much in battle now 
  • Pascal ;;;;; he needs more love. also A2

The character you relate to most:

The character you’d slap:

  • ….Just one?? :( I would say Snow but he gets punched a few times anyway. so yeah still Snow. 
  • Bokoblins, all of them.
  • Jean Paul

Three favorite characters:

  • Aeris, Zidane, Hope
  • BotW Link, OoT Zelda, Medli
  • Emil, 9S, A2

A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  • Lightning, I loved her in XIII but not so much in the other 2 games
  • None I can think of
  • ^^^

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

  • Terra, mostly because I played Dissidia before playing VI and they completely destroyed her character in Dissidia 
  • Revali, that stupid douche bird
  • Eve, he just wanted to be naked and play with his brother :(

3 OTPs:

  • Zidane/Garnet, Aeris/ZackCloudTifaTseng oops, Ignis/Noctis
  • BotW Link and Zelda/happiness, Medli/Komali, Hetsu/since the nekkid song

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Tag Game

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 9 people you’d like to know better!

I GOT TAGGED BY A SUPER CUTIE !!( @twindoodle! ) Thank you!

Relationship status: Single

Favorite colour: Teal

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

Last song you listened to: This Melodic Dupstep Vidye

Last movie you watched: To be honest I think it was Moana and that was like… a month+ ago.

Top 3 Characters: Mercedes from Odin Sphere for her character development. Hated her at first but she grew so much throughout the playthrough and I just?? My heart?? She’s actually really awesome. Junpei Iori from Persona 3 FES, again because of character development. I loved him all the way through like yeah he had his quirks at the beginning but he grew past them, and like– he had to mature under tough circumstances. (They all did really.) But he still managed to retain his fun side for the most part. That was a ride. As for a third character…? Tifa from FF. I’m sorry she was one of my first fictional crushes and I would gladly get my ass handed to by her. //yells

Top 3 Ships: Oh gosh, hm. HMM. I am Marichat trash (honestly the lovesquare from ML as a whole tbh). I guess I’m really bad with this question because I ship a lot of things but not enough for me to yell out about. I mostly ship my own characters with each other so… it’s not really all that interesting. //weeps

Books you are currently reading: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It’s the only book I own that I haven’t read yet. I’ve yet to watch the movie too.

Top 5 musicals: I don’t watch musicals very often but there is one (1) that I used to watch religiously when I was very very young. CATS! I loved the costumes and acting and I remember getting to watch like… an extras vhs tape. It showed the actors and actresses getting their faces changed from human to cat. Like I know for some faces they used corn flakes??? It was such a strange concept to me at the time, haha. <3

Tagging (I actually know nine people on tumblr now to tag, this is a momentous occasion) 
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Likewise if you haven’t done this and I didn’t tag you, then feel free to say I did anyways? :’3c

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I was OBSESSED with Ariana's fashion during the yours truly era and a little bit before that era. I was so happy because it was the first time I saw a pop star who was super girly and wore princess dresses, and who wasn't super scandalous. I was always made fun of for being a super girly girl, and seeing her embrace that made me not ashamed of myself for liking sparkles. It upsets me now seeing her bash her old style and her old girly poofy dresses :(

aw, I LOVED her style too, t was nice to see someone who wasn’t a little kid being girly. I related to that in her and it was a gap in the market for a cutie. 

It’s a shame she’s decided she’s an ‘adult’ which involves gross style for the sake of independence. Especially because it’s evident that she still likes those little skirts and cutsey fashions but she feels like she has to be Rihanna to be respected :/

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Happy birthday to my super cute ticklish tumblr best friend who means the world to me By far one of the nicest people I've ever met And a damn good friend And whatever she tells you it's all lies she loves being teased and tickled about her ticklish belly button and toes😏😜

Awwwwww! Thank you so much you cutie haha! Absolutely none of what you said it true! I don’t know what you’re talking about…


How can u not smile watching this cutie!!?? @_kaitlyn_tran 😊😊she’s too adorable and her personality lights up the stage! I can’t believe how amazing her leaps are getting too😍😍😍 LOVE this fun solo and your super sparkly costume!! @thedancezone -

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What are your favourite things about your friends?

????????????? hope youre ready for a Long Post

@jazy2015!!!!! honestly!!! i love her!!!! her sense of humor is amazing!!!! shes amazing!!!! shes so positive!!!! shes probably that super cool friend you know that is kind of intimidating but theyre a huge softie on the inside. i love u bitch

@spicytoast oh my god where do i start. she is SO easy to talk to?? and like??? just venting to her is like therapy??? she gives amazing advice?????? she really likes dogs and cries sometimes when she sees them. 💯cutie. i love her

@meremyhells!!! ive only been talking to him for a lil bit but!!! he is a super big (5'7) cutie and super gay. he really likes musicals and probably (definitely) has a shrine dedicated to arnold cunningham and michael mell. 👍👌👀💯

and all of my mutuals that ive talked to that i havent mentioned!!!! you are all amazing and i love chatting with you guys!!!!!! ily!!!

Welcome To My Thought Processes Part II

As a few of my friends like Rus, they have all in some way influenced my view of his s/o.

She’s a A framed, bean poll darling. Following the rave theme, but dork it up. She got a cutie black monster hat where the ears are super long and act like mittens.(idk what their called but I love them) Its got a little orange “X3” face with little orange horns. She got this trashy, choppy looking pixie cut that’s supposed to make her look cool and edgy but it just makes her look adorable.

Hair is black, and she has a fringe over one eye. Her eyes are hazel, and she’s rocking the freckles. She has a pair of neon green, blocky shutter shades.

Here outfit is this black and orange stripped tank with a black biker jacket. Black bell bottoms with green and orange paint splatters on them.

This A frame baby is like. “Socializing?……Yeeeaah, I ain’t about that life.” She super salty and a bit mischievous when around people she likes, but around strangers she plugs into her fav playlist and ignores reality.


Look at this cutie we met yesterday! The pictures make her look a lot bigger than she actually was. She was so sweet and apparently only just got here from the Cayman Islands like 3 weeks ago.

She was super orange and look at those fluffy ears ;_;