she is such a super cutie i love her

Alyadrien Week- Day 4: CN and Miraculous Wielder Alya

being someone’s tutor is tiring, isn’t it chat?


Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers

Dear Taylor,

I think that you need these four people in your life- so how about hitting that follow button real quick? 

allyouhadtodowasme - Nicole is such a great fan, and a feminist just like you! Plus, she owns an “unpopular taylor swift opinions” instagram account which has over 98K FOLLOWERS!? She is really an amazing and loyal fan and an incredible and sweet person!

wefoundtay - Frida is honestly so sweet. She reached out to me one day and we have been friends ever since. She is such a great listener and she is always there for me when I need her!

Twentyone-taylors - Nadia, my name-twin have been trying to get noticed by you for such a long time. Besides having the coolest name ever, she is so sweet, a really great listener and an incredible friend!

toriautumn - Victoria, is such a sweetheart. She has an instagram account and during every tour she tries to help people get picked for Club red, loft ‘89 etc by giving them tips and ideas for outfits. She has also covered almost every song from your RED album, and she makes amazing mashups of your songs! (Also, she loves red more than you do)

ripoldtaylor - Jasmine, is such a total cutie. Like, she is my fave. She is the funniest person I know and she is just so lovely. We freak out together whenever you do something, Taylor. It’s so much fun. She has been trying to get a follow for years, so I think it’s about time! You’ll love her, I swear

You should really follow them, because they are all super dedicated swifties, and I really think that they deserve some love!

Just gonna reupload her alone to my pony blog for discussion sake.

THIS IS BLUE MOON, she is very pretty. She has a mom bat pony and a dad unicorn? My vague idea for her parents. I think she probably has a twin brother or even older sibling - undecided.

I was really just super craving one of those old school ponies that had the beautiful sleeve like cutie marks/patterns on their back legs and bodies. So I decided to try designing one myself! She came out darker than I intended but I love it too much to change her now.

I’m still not set in stone over exactly who she is. I typically do need more celebrity ponies so I’m guessing maybe I’ll have her be a model? I am tempted to make her a popstar for Poppy and Tang to fawn over though. lol Maybe she has her own private villa in Cloverly? I’m not entirely sure yet. I know I just don’t want to go the too-easy gardening route with her. I think I def want to work on her talent being gorgeous and helping bring out that inner beauty in other ponies she works with as well. Hm hm.


Whipped up this cutie in honour of the new splatoon 2 release! Have to admit I love this smol angry child xD

I’m also super happy with how the arms turned out! First time making a plush with dangling pieces :D I want to try out something a bit different with the eyes before I list her on my etsy but she and the others should be going up this week!

madd-mcgeeky  asked:

HEEEY IT ME! *I am in denial! I am soo fuccing busy!!* I'm not sure if you've done this yet, but could you do some Swerve, Cygate, Rodimus, and Rung and how their S/o reacts to seeing them in their holomatters? Thankys! you're doing a more than awesome job! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Hello my friend! You’ve come to visit my blog, thank you so much.

Can I just say how much I love these bots? Their avatars (the updated/Swearth ones are what I’m going off of for this) are so damn gorgeous too. Tailgate’s throws me off, but he’s a cutie in a little kid way. But holy shit the rest are so hot! Rodimus, Rung, and Swerve are my favorite out of all the avatars we get to see. So I got super cheesy with this request, I’m sorry. XD 

Also for anyone confused, I do consider a ship one ‘character’ in my five character limit. I went with she/her pronouns for Cygate btw because of their avatars. :) So anyway I hope you like this sugar~! 


  • His s/o is immediately excited when they learn Swerve has a holomatter avatar. A chance to fully hug their hubby, hell yes! They get caught up in their imagination quickly. Swerve on the other hand, is noticeably nervous. Even if the two have been dating for a while he still sometimes struggles with his low self esteem and wonders to himself how he got so lucky. He’s afraid that his s/o will see what he looks like as a human and think he’s ugly.

  • So his s/o has to work to convince him to show them. Please Swerve they love you. After a lot of persuading, praises and kisses to his face plate, Swerve finally gives in. His s/o at first just stands there standing there with an open mouth and Swerve’s thoughts start going downhill. Oh no, they don’t like it! He’s just about to deactivate it when his s/o suddenly runs at him, causing them both to tumble to the ground. They leave kisses all over his face again in their happiness, unable to help themselves.

  • The two lay on the ground together for a while, Swerve listening in surprise and awe as for once his s/o is the one that can’t shut up.They go on and on about how cute (and hot) he is, how much they love his holomatter avatar. But not just that, how much they love him, no matter what form he’s in. They end the night playing video games, trying to beat one another while laughing a lot. Then they watch a movie while just cuddling together, spark & heart light and filled with love.


  • Their s/o is obviously really surprised that these two have holomatter avatars. Well, more so Cyclonus, she just doesn’t seem like the type who would care to have an avatar. They’d understand better once they were told the story of Swearth and are thrilled that Cyclonus and Tailgate are willing to show them this. It’s a big deal and makes them feel trusted~

  • Tailgate is also super excited because she wants to spend some time with her s/o as a human! It’ll be lots of fun! Cyclonus is just glad there won’t be a chance of squishing her human s/o for a little while. The moment of reveal is pretty dramatic thanks to Tailgate acting as if it’s a magic show. Cyclonus is calmer and brings Tailgate down a little bit but she can admit to herself that she’s strangely worried about what their s/o will think. Luckily for them, their s/o loves their avatars!

  • They think Cyclonus’ outfit is so cool and that awesome purple hair! And Tailgate - you’re adorable! There’s a lot of relief and sweet hugs. They spend the rest of the day doing some activities they normally can’t together, like playing games (Cyclonus does occasionally join in because she’s in a good mood). There’s also a lot of gentle, affectionate touching because Tailgate has to be held, but also it’s nice to be the same size for once. Tailgate and the human end up falling asleep in Cyclonus’ arms at the end of the night, Cyclonus smiling to herself.


  • Both Rodimus and his s/o are ridiculous when it comes to finally seeing his holomatter avatar. They have a random dance party (only them dancing because everyone else is like wtf) in their anticipation. After wearing themselves out and just generally being nerds, Rodimus finally shows them his avatar. He has his s/o close their eyes for this moment and his s/o is just bouncing on their feet because of how eager they are. Rodimus are you ready yet, jeez?!

  • They immediately start giggling when they can finally uncover their eyes. At first, Rodimus is startled, wondering why his s/o is laughing at him. Does he look that bad? He thought the tattoo was cool … But his s/o is wrapping their arms around him in a tight hug only a moment later. They’re still giggling as they explain how cute he is, but that he looks like he came from the 80’s. They like it though~ Both start really laughing after Rodimus suggests they put on some human disco music and dance again.


  • They spend most of the day after that running around the ship messing with others. Rodimus likes being smaller because he can slip away faster and so they do a lot of pranks and almost get stepped on several times. Not that it stops them honestly. When they finally get in trouble and have to stop, they head back to his habsuite. If his s/o has tattoos, they are Tattoo Buddies™. But either way, they spend the night mostly making out and cuddling because wow his s/o is just so soft and beautiful. .


  • Rung’s not the one to bring up showing off his holomatter avatar or even having one. He doesn’t even think about it until his s/o hears from some other bots that these exist. They go to him, assuring him that he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to, but they’d love to see his avatar. There’s a brief moment of hesitation on his end. His avatar has been updated and fits him much better but there was still a nagging feeling of concern that his s/o wouldn’t like it. He gets over it quickly though because well, this is his s/o. They love him and he knows it.


  • When they first see his avatar, they’re astounded. Wow, Rung you look so - so - so cool!! They’re rushing to check him out and complimenting him all the while. They love his outfit (seriously that’s bad ass) and his red hair. Oh how they love his red hair, they mess it up a little with their hands in their elation. But after they calm down a little, they’re just happy to be able to hug him. For a moment, these two just stand there, holding each other tightly.

  • Rung enjoys seeing his s/o so upbeat. Though they’re too small too work on his model ships, he had gotten them some smaller ones a while back. They put one together, working side by side, and neither one can keep the smile off their face. It’s really nice to be able to reach over and run his fingers through his s/o’s hair without possibly hurting them. After that, they either listen to music or read together, just relaxing together and holding hands.


REQUESTS AND STORIES: Puffs and bets (Simon D x Black Reader)

none of these pictures and gifs are mine! Credits to the owners (everything found on google; if I took your picture without credits by mistake, or you didn’t want it edited, let me know so I can fix it). Please don’t remove the captions.


Tags: request / reader’s pov (black woman) x idol / relationship and motherhood / mixed raced daughter / fluff / funny / slightest smut innuendo (it’s very subtle) / 
Featuring: Jung Kiseok (Simon D, AOMG).
Writer: CL
Word count: 1,2k words
Requested by: @novocainelaced “Hi! 😊 I really love your writing and I saw that request are open, so I was wondering if you could do some fluff/comedy with Simon D trying to do his daughters super curly mixed hair while the reader is busy or something and she comes backs to see her child’s hair?“
Comments: I tried to make it as funny as I could, I don’t know if it’s any good, please excuse me if it wasn’t (it’s my first funny story!). I’d like some feedback on this, if you can, I’m not very sure about the story. / PS: I am in love with the little girl from the moodboard, what a cutie!

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.

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anonymous asked:

Talk to me about trans girl yamaguchi / yachi like give me all the soft cutie lesbians I love them I love them I love them Just, yams is super self conscious bc she thinks yachi, the Biggest Lesbian Ever™, won't find her feminine enough to be attractive but guess what yacchan had a crush on her BEFORE SHE EVEN CAME OUT and yacchan's reaction to her coming out was basically "oh thank god that makes sense I was starting to have a crisis here but she's a girl I'm still a lesbian" -underwater anon

wc friendship hcs

* i noticed that theres not a lot of headcanons that deal w/ friendships in warriors, so this is just me dumping my fave headcanons for whose friends w/ who in canon fmdfsd

- sorreltail & brambleclaw are like,,, best buddies. he’s one of her best friends after leafpool and they’ve always been super super close - she loves to tease him and calls him nicknames like ‘hon’ and ‘cutie’ and he gets flustered w/ how friendly and affectionate she is

- birchfall & berrynose are best friends and oh god. oh god. everyone knows them as the twin terrors of thunderclan bc berrynose brings out birchfall’s wild and jokey side and they both love to bug and prank everyone in thunderclan - berrynose stole the fresh kill pile while birchfall was guarding camp, birchfall and berrynose love putting little frogs in someones nest, etc etc

- whitestorm & tigerclaw were suuuppperrrr close best friends to the point where some cats even thought they were like, mates or something, they’re just INCREDIBLY close and were for their whole lives. lionheart became apart of that friendship later in life, but whitestorm got sorta :/// when tigerclaw and darkstripe became friends and darkstripe “brought out a bad side of tigerclaw”, in whitestorm’s words

- mothwing adores sorreltail. like whenever she goes to a gathering, she walks up to sorreltail and leafpool and sorreltail’s always like “THERE SHE IS THERE’S THE DARLING OF RIVERCLAN” and mothwing just loves how friendly she is

- bluestar & crookedstar were still really really good friends as leaders, even tho the sunningrocks dispute did get in the way of that sometimes. she talked with him at gatherings sometimes about oakheart after oakheart’s death - crookedstar would always talk to her about her kits and stuff and update her. she also has always thought he was a cutie [not romantically tho, more like ‘my friend is adorable’] and squishes his cheeks sometimes

- hawkfrost & reedwhisker were also super close when hawkfrost was alive, and reedwhisker was sorta hawk’s only like, real friend in riverclan. hawkfrost would talk w/ him often and they’d do stuff like hunt and talk about stuff, and reedwhisker was really broken up over hawk’s death

- blackstar & tigerstar were super close when tigerstar became leader, like they were the “hey man r u ok” “yeah dude im fine ilu” type of friends and everyone just sorta watched them like “thats weird”

- not a surprise that i’d put them on this list, but mapleshade & darkstripe are somehow friends in the DF. like they have this odd friendship where darkstripe is super annoying and talkative and mapleshade is like “you’re so fucking weird” but they give each other company and she puts up w/ her stinky buddy

- yellowfang and mousefur struck up a friendship in thunderclan; mousefur was like “hey you’re tired and don’t put up w/ shit huh” and yellowfang was like “yeah same w/ you?” and they became angry, petty, but soft at heart friends. they complained about petty shit to each other ALL THE TIME

- feathertail & tawnypelt were best friends and tawnypelt really really enjoyed her company; feathertail’s death sorta hit tawnypelt hard, harder than it did for a lot of others on the journey - feathertail visits her a lot in dreams and they just talk a lot

anonymous asked:

Ah, yay, I'm happy your requests are open! I love your writing so much, you're very talented! How would the RFA (+Saeran, if you don't mind, he's a cutie) react to MC being super into musical theater? Like, all of her music is Broadway and musical soundtracks, she sings show tunes all the time, follows theater groups and performers on social media, get super excited about news and merch, knows choreography of scenes by heart. Thank you! Hope you have a nice day!

wowie wow, thank you so much anon! /( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’m glad you like what I write❤  and I hope you like this, too! 

especially because i lO VE MUSICALS HAHAH YE SSS

throwing v in too hehe. also im gonna focus on one musical for each of them, but mc is theater trash dw these are just the ones that popped in my head;; 

zen [in the heights]

  • ok so remember that time when he asks if mc’s into musicals and you say yes and jaehee says she’s never seen you talk about them?
  • well zen found out just how much mc likes them when she comes over to visit 
  • he’s cooking dinner in his cast and mc decides to put on some tunes
  • zen is honestly so curious about her taste in music so he asks to just put all her songs on shuffle 
  • guess what comes first. 
  • zen is so surprised and mc isn’t even phased she just breaks into character 
  • he joins in while as Kevin and Benny and Vanessa while she’s doing Sonny’s part 
  • both of them: “AND I CAN’T FIND USNAVI”
  • the kitchen turns into a stage and suddenly they’re moving everywhere
  • yes they do the Benny and Nina kiss at the end yes they do ‘Sunrise’ right after 
  • but even more musicals pop up on mc’s shuffle and dinner turns into a production
  • zen is so happy mc is theater trash, and that she’s his fan too! a few of his soundtracks are there!! 
  • they speak to each other in musical references, the rfa is sick of them
  • what a dork couple 

yoosung [fun home] 

  • it’s cleaning day! mc, put on some tunes! 
  • ‘welcome to our house on maple avenue’ starts
  • she starts there cause it’s a very in the mood cleaning song
  • and at first all yoosung could do was just watch her
  • like wowie wow his gf can sing!!!
  • totally gets interested in the story and such, especially when he hears the kids singing
  • so they stop cleaning and she tells him the story of the musical while they listen
  • he’s all ‘!!!’ and is so into it
  • when he looks through mc’s music, it’s literally all musicals and so is her lockscreen and such
  • now she got him into it
  • they like to sing ‘come to the fun home’ together the rfa is slightly concerned tbh
  • both of them cry over musicals too its a mess
  • you should’ve seen him on his first listen to ‘edges of the world’ 
  • and both of them cry at ‘days and days’ so do i
  • yoosung has a good voice too, it’s so cute

jaehee [rent]

  • yooooo jaehee is all about this
  • their music taste is literally identical
  • but mc has to introduce her to Rent
  • jaehee is so focused on the screen and the characters
  • she falls in love with it!!
  • imagine jaehee singing ‘over the moon’ god bless
  • they sing ‘tango: maureen’ together it’s amazing
  • zen is lowkey their biggest fan 
  • when the three of them are together, it’s non-stop ;))) 
  • there has to be a designated space in their apartment to dance
  • and there are numbers they always have to dance to no matter what 
  • guess who shares merch?? they do
  • they get matching coffee mugs and shirts and even socks
  • sometimes they serenade each other too!!!

jumin [les mis]

  • mc drags him to the movie first
  • and at the end of it, he’s very interested
  • the asks driver kim to play the soundtrack in the car 
  • literally swoons when mc sings ‘on my own’
  • he likes to sing ‘empty chairs at empty tables’
  • they’re both a mess when they watch it tbh 
  • now mc can get him into even more musicals
  • and he’s into it!
  • also he buys her a ton of merch
  • anything she wants, he’ll get it
  • one more thing!
  • one day, a birthday probably, he surprises her with plane tickets
  • “where are we going, honey?” “america”
  • thEY’RE GOING TO BROADWAY FOLKS wow juju take me with you
  • mc is so happy, super duper happy, and so is jumin!
  • he’s almost as excited as she is tbh

707 / luciel / saeyoung [merrily we roll along]

  • it was her latest obsession and she wanted to show saeyoung
  • and he listened, because he likes musicals
  • but he really likes this one, wow
  • it goes backwards?!!? woaah
  • his favorite is ‘now you know’, ‘opening doors’ is a close second 
  • they both of them cried at ‘not a day goes by(reprise)’ so did I
  • part of him identifies with Frank, to be honest
  • without, all the cheating and stuff 
  • when ‘that frank’ comes on, the bunker turns into a stage 
  • it’s amazing, really
  • let’s also get one thing straight here
  • saeyoung is the Bootleg King
  • he’s only partially ashamed of it 
  • he and mc can watch broadway from the comfort of home, if they wanted
  • mc thinks its cheating
  • he thinks that they’re on korea and Not America, so it’s fair

v [phantom of the opera]

  • v loves this one 
  • mc is so happy about that tbh 
  • it takes a while for him to learn the routines, but they love dancing to it more than singing 
  • he also loves all the emotion! 
  • when he gives it a listen for the first time, he does little gasps every now and then, it’s adorable 
  • but yes, they are more of a dancing couple
  • also, V is all about the aesthetic of this
  • takes pictures of mc and him sometimes in her favorite musicals’ styles
  • i know i said they don’t really sing it, but when they do
  • V has an amazing voice
  • mc could just listen to him tbh 
  • he sings so good
  • she persuaded him to cover a few songs
  • everyone is amazed
  • mc is proud
  • they do duets too! those make v even happier

saeran [heathers]

  • ohohohoho listen
  • his favorite song here is actually ‘seventeen’
  • ya’ll thought it was ‘freeze your brain’ but listen
  • he loves ‘seventeen’
  • he imagines doing everything veronica says with mc 
  • mc did persuade him to sing ‘freeze your brain’, though
  • and it was, amazing
  • ‘damaged’ really hurt, they both cried there
  • criticizes it, though. “veronica should have known jd was trouble, come on. at least at ‘our love is god’’ 
  • mc made him and saeyoung sing ‘candy store’ with her
  • saeran only agreed if saeyoung was heather duke
  • he would be chandler 
  • and mc was mcnamara 
  • they got it on video
  • it was, amazing 
  • one time he sang the line ‘i worship you, i’d trade my life for yours’ before they fell asleep
  • mc was so touched

-talking to each other for hours

-being eachothers biggest supporters

-holding hands


-lazy days where you watch movies

-just lots of movies and cuddling

-cooking things together

-she shows you how to make things that she loved growing up

-lingering touches on each others waist

-so many ‘girl’ days





-her skin is so smooth tbh

-doing each others make up just for kicks

-quick kisses in public

-walking around

-knowing each other completely

-helping her learn to control her powers


-like blasting horribly amazing music and dancing around your room together

-pillow fights because why not?

-holding her and running your fingers through her hair when she just needs to think about the horrors of her past

-probably games, like tag through the compound

-you two pretty much monopolize the living room, like you guys are constantly making blanket forts and watching movies and no one wants to be in there with you two cuz it would be interrupting

-she’d have cute nicknames for you in her language

-then you’d look them up to make sure she wasnt lying when she said she was calling you “cutie” only to find out she was actually calling you “sexy”

-super romantic things, like i feel like she’d be sooo romantic

-constantly getting each other flowers or chocolate

-cheek kisses

-borrowing her bad ass rings

-dat corset though ;)

-its almost like puppy love

-constantly smiling at each other

-sitting next to each other at meetings, playing with each others fingers


requested by (x)

okay but why isn’t rosario dawson loved more on this site, especially by the marvel fandom? (well, I know the answer to that) 

honestly tho, she truly loves and appreciates her mother and father for helping her and her brother live through a difficult childhood where she was in a poor environment, she’s super intelligent, very caring, has a collection of instruments that she doesn’t know how to play, is an incredible actress who has a great filmography, once cooked lasagna for 200 people to raise funds for west africa and other charities, is a female gamer who fangirls over the last of us and arkhum knight, literally planked on an elephant, is such a cutie, is a huge nerd and trekkie and is an inspiring latina actress.

you can spend all day crying over the male casts and white faves, but rosario dawson deserves so much love and respect. Where are her appreciation posts ??? Networks related to her ???  Meta’s about how great she is ?? Rosario Dawson is a gift. 


i’m still really busy but i’ve been drawing these in my spare time hence the lazy colors so time for some FEM TEAM OCS YAY (sorry they’re just floating heads on blank backgrounds, would love to make better versions later)

Scout: A high-school track star, this scout loves playing all kinds of sports. (almost as much as she loves flirting with boyzzz)

Engineer: Nobody expected this small-town girl to want to pursue engineering, but this gal loves to challenge everyone’s expectations. Always daddy’s little girl, she likes to impart his wisdom to others, including how to handle men or handle yourself in DEADLY COMBAT

Medic: vaguely unsettling in general

Soldier: she’ll kick your ass. she’ll kick anyone’s ass. she’ll kick her own ass. 

Sniper: constantly sunburnt as SHIT but at least she puts on her zinc, atta girl


Spy: surrounded by unfashionable ameteurs ugh

Heavy: Always super self-confident, Heavy is her own biggest fan. She’s gorgeous and she owns it gurl ;P

Pyro: yes

anonymous asked:

hi I was wondering if u could recommend some blogs pls??

hi!! ok i,,, wanted to actually put reasons n stuff this time akbhgb sry this is late lov u❤💘

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my part of the arttrade that is the super cutie asura Ookie for @joydrawsart !

honestly she is too cute! I hope I was able to represent her well enough ! Thank  you for being my first art trade, this was a lot of fun and i’m definitely for more interactions in the future, even if Throvara and Ookie are super different id still love to see how they would react to each other XD