she is such a cute lizard


When she takes me out for sushi…

help, my wife wants to adopt every animal that there is in the world. every time i send her a cute picture of an animal she goes “aww let’s adopt one million” but our future apartment won’t have enough space for one million lizards!

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Can I have Ruby fluff headcanons please?

  • Ruby’s answer to “Are you a dog person or a cat person?” is “Both”. She’s also a fish, bird, lizard, rodent and insect person. She just likes cute things she can have as pets. Yes insects can be cute, no you won’t convince Ruby otherwise.
  • She gave her plush Grimm toys the most intimidating names she could think of. Mostly to try and scare Yang and Taiyang when she lobbed them at them. Then she plays hero and saves them from “the fiendish Grimm” and they play along when they can.
  • When she first met Zwei she cried a little because he was just too cute. Yang and Taiyang completely understood where she was coming from and adopted him immediately. Ruby didn’t leave Zwei’s side for almost a week after that, eventually realising that he might want some alone time.
  • She airguitars to songs she listens to, making the noises and everything, and she always comes up with incredibly poor excuses whenever she gets caught.

- Admin Doc

p.s. am i the only one who didn’t know zwei was a male dog? literally had to look it up on the rwby wiki.


One more iguana video- I really love the interactions this person has with their male. They seem to really understand the nature of keeping male iguanas- they can be very territorial, and they make it clear that sometimes it really is difficult- especially during breeding season! I really like this video in particular because when he hops up onto the stool, his owner lets him investigate- and when she goes to intervene, it’s kind of a matter of safety to stop him from pulling the big heavy wooden cutting board onto himself. It’s really cute to see a big curious lizard being, well, curious!


Unboxing Sakura, a pet-only adoption! She has come to me with some nose rubs but they’re almost healed up. Because of her nose-rubbing habit, she will live in a tub, instead of a terrarium. She also broke her tail a long time ago (before her previous owner acquired her), so that’s why her tail looks woogly. So plumptuous, so pink, so spotty. 

pink spotty gecks ftw