she is such a beautiful human being

I told my therapist that I always had heated arguments with my mom because she doesn’t allow me to wear shorts thinking shorts are inappropriate where I live. My therapist told that my mom was sorta right because if I wear short clothing id draw too much negative attention and people will think that in spite of being a girl from a respectable family I’m someone of questionable character and I was like wtf? I wanna wear shorts because it’s fucking hot outside and Im sweating like a pig !Why should I care about the opinion of people who don’t even know my name !? I told her that people should stop stereotyping and that my dress doesn’t equal my character to which with a pained smile she replied that “ It’s just the way of the world hun” She even said that she avoided talking to her closest acquaintances on the street if they wore too short dresses that made them look “vulgar”!!!!!! Finally I made her talk to my mom and I came to a compromise that I’d wear long pants if any outsider came to our home and I’m fuming over this.
The point of this long af ramble is that it’s fucking 42°C outside and I have to suffer due to my clothes whereas all the boys in my neighbourhood are smartly walking around in the dumbest and weirdest shorts and no one’s batting an eyelash!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ?????????I CAN’T SHOW MY LEGS ????? IS HAVING ARMS AND LEGS ABNORMAL FOR A GIRL?????OR SOME ASSHOLE JUST CAN’T CONTROL HIMSELF AND WILL CUM IN THE PANTS ?????WHY SHOULD I CARE WHAT SOME INSIGNIFICANT MORTALS THINK ABOUT ME?? I am wearing clothes for comfort not for every person in the town ! And I AM MORE THAN MY CLOTHES I AM DEFINED BY WHAT I ACTUALLY AM AND NOT BY FUCKING WHAT I WEAR YOU HEAR ME ???????????????? DON’T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER

I smile at her, she looks back at me and says “what?”… I reply “nothing.” But little does she know that she is the most stunning human being I’ve ever laid eyes on and I can’t help but fucking stare. God she’s just so beautiful. I adore her.


Zendaya is more than just a pretty face. She’s a beautiful human being and an amazing role model, and this is why I stan for her.

[update: finally got around to fixing the caption for the the photoshop and barbie photo’s. Thanks for letting me know @underbree@merlzii ]

One more time, Louis Tomlinson left me speechless. I never admire and love someone so much like I love louis. He made everything that he could to sing to his mom and he did that. He made the best. I’m sure that Jay is smiling now proud of her son. She’s proud of this strong and beautiful human being that she raised with so much love and passion. I’m so proud of Louis Tomlinson


Rough around the edges, memories and baggage… You know me;
Never play the safe card, when I go I go hard.

She’s real.
She’s so perfect at being imperfect and human,
it makes me want to reach to the sky and pluck out a star,
just for her to hold in her heart.
This star would not outshine her,
for she would outshine it with her beauty.
She would outshine the star with her kindness.
She’s someone you always long to be with.
Someone who actually cares about life and what it’s about.
Who cares about love.
—  A poem about her

from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco (x) (x)

Auli'i Cravalho is the most perfect human being on Earth; we literally do not deserve her.

She is adorable and beautiful, and she can sing like a goddess. She is so mature and confident and inspiring. She speaks so well; she is simply brilliant. She loved her character and she understands it. She’s passionate and authentic. She loves her culture and speaks about it a lot. She’s pure and happy and beautiful inside and out. I have not seen a single thing to convince me that she is not a perfect cinnamon roll ray of sunshine. I’m 168% sure she is an actual Disney princess who escaped from her own movie.

My interpretation of a mermaid glass fish, for the art trade I did with @anonbea, they did an Angler Fish and oh my fucking god is she scary looking! Here!

So the images I was looking at for reference were pretty creepy looking, fish with clear or translucent skin, able to see their organs through and everything. i mean, way cool, but trying to translate that into a human-fish hybrid, not so cool, especially for one with lazy drawing skills. So I half-arsed her translucent skin, giving her some clothing/costume wear.

She wears a mask and a bodice, mimicking the human female.The ribbon and veil tie it all together, making her look doll-like and somewhat theatrical. Her interest in human women stems from her need to copy them, to duplicate their actions and behaviours. She takes pride in her appearance, appreciates being beautiful and maintaining that standard of what she thinks is beauty. When she kills, it’s mainly for fun, or in anger for those who mock her appearance.


Adele talks about Beyoncé in her interview for Vanity Fair 2016, stating “Beyoncé is her Michael Jackson.

 Beyoncé ALSO talks about Adele, stating “It is so easy to talk to her and be around her. She’s funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary. The most beautiful thing about Adele is that she has her priorities straight. She is a gracious woman and the most humble human being I’ve ever met.

Full Vanity Fair Interview Here

Let’s be real. Molly Hooper is the only one of those three that John and Mary trusted to ACTUALLY RAISE little Rosie. 


Surreal Self-Portraits, Erika Zolli 

Milan, Italy-based fine art photographer Erika Zolli’s phenomenal self-portraiture is a beautiful metamorphosis into her own psychedelic, dreamy world. 

Combining traditional and cutting edge techniques, Erika first became interested in photography while studying Philosophy and Cognitive Science in university.

“I started to apply the study of the human being and its reality, whether conscious or unconscious, to the arts,” she says. What intrigued her about photography was its ability to create fictional realities. Through this fiction, she could reveal the invisible side of humans and their thoughts.

why do so many people hate miranda lawson? is it because she’s beautiful? smart? capable? because she knows it and isn’t ashamed of it, all while thinking she didn’t really earn any of it? is it because she was loyal to cerberus and thought she was helping humanity until she realized she was wrong, at which point she immediately sided with shepard? is it because she’s an abuse survivor? is it because she doesn’t apologize for being a victim? is it because she loves her sister enough to save her from the same abuse despite the potential consequences? is it because she wears a tight jumpsuit? why do you really hate miranda lawson