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8 Second Revilation

Alex reacting to Maggie’s fight with the Phantom in Ch18 of Kryptonite is a Painbow by @green-ranger-maggie-sawyer


Alex had been staring at the monitor for what felt like hours. She’s seen the video dozens of times and still she doesn’t want to believe it.

The fight had lasted maybe five minutes, probably significantly less but Alex was trying not to think about it (2 minutes and 41 seconds - 2 minutes and 41 seconds from appearance and disappearance). Seeing the first few seconds of Maggie transforming had momentarily stunned her, not that she’d admit it. That Maggie had been hiding something had occurred to the operative in her. Little pieces that didn’t add up in stories and check ups that the doctor in her had brushed off. That Maggie was a Power Ranger? One of Earth’s sworn defenders?

At least the oddities made more sense now.

The first thirty seconds or so of the video were of little interest to Alex. It was the actual fighting that had Alex holding her breath, that had Alex reeling internally, that had Alex watching the video again and again and again. In two moves Maggie had been disarmed and striped of her armor. Now Alex had no idea how Ranger Armor worked, but she had to bet the tech used to remove it was explicitly designed to do that. When she’d first watched the video seeing Maggie get back on her knees after collapsing had her heart in her throat as she silently encouraged her girl on.

Then she realized it.

At second 46 Alex felt her world slip out from under her. Realization had stolen her breath right out of her lungs even as horror had turned her blood to ice in her veins.

There was no doubt that in that exact second Maggie had been about to die.

And Alex had had no idea.

The what if’s ran rampant in Alex’s mind with each rewatch. The trained operative rallied at the use of the Daxamite weapon and the arrival of the Pink and Yellow Rangers. The doctor in her filed away the knowledge that if the Daxamite weapon could hurt the interloper it could still hurt Maggie. The DEO agent in her noted the fighting styles used and the near loss had Maggie not summoned her armor in time to aid the others. The scientist in her wondered at the visible struggle Maggie had been in to summon the armor compared to the near instantaneous summoning at the start. Multiple parts of her noted the blood of the attacking ranger was blue.

Every part of her noted the threat of a repeat attack.

Every part of her watched the eight seconds of combat that had literally placed Maggie seconds away from death.

Every part of her was terrified that Maggie wouldn’t survive next time.

hayley kiyoko is such a fucking gift, ok? she tackled violence against trans women (it’s very triggering but holy shit she addresses it) in her new video, that she directed, while actually featuring a trans woman (erin armstrong) in it, who gets saved by a young black boy THE LITERAL HERO of the story and they end up becoming friends? it’s so stunning and i l o v e her she’s so inclusive and important and she’s truly a gift to our generation and i’m crying tears of happiness. ♡♡ our ultimate wlw icon.

👉Repost this if you’ve never heard of the Blanket Octopus!
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⚡️Young female blanket octopuses have been observed ripping the tentacles off of portuguese man-o-war jellyfish, whose highly venomous sting can be fatal. She grips the stingers with her suckers to stun and kill predators.☠️
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A quick Clexa AU fic list as requested by anon

This is rather chaotic as I’ve put it together real quick and I’ve plenty favorites - I might add more as I remember or as I go through my reading (some are finished, some are on-going). For now though …

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“It’s what’s cool, bitch.“

Soulmate The8

Part of the Seventeen Soulmate Series

It was funny, really, that no one could ever truly know what was going on in someone else’s head. Except one time- for one moment. The first thought your soulmate would ever have when they saw you would be written in bold letters across your arm.

Some people had some pretty embarrassing words. They were sweet, really, when you considered the sentiment, but they were pretty awful for the young kids who had to walk around with them. Your close friend had, spelled in huge letters across her arm, “holy fucking shit!” 

Your own words were in letters that, at first, everyone around you had not understood. Luckily, all hospitals had a language expert somewhere on their staff who would either translate unknown marks on the arms of newborns or at least inform the parents what language it was so that they could get it translated themselves if they wanted to. Your local specialist had gazed in amazement at your mark and told your family it was a mix of languages. First Korean, then Mandarin. It was also… unusually long. A stream of thought.

They were surprised. But it was assumed that your soulmate must be bilingual. And since a very young age, determined when it came to the idea of your soulmate, you set off on the tough road of trying to learn both.

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ScarletVision kissing scene, the theory.

I’m writing this theory when I should be studying for my Anthropology class for tomorrow. I’m tired, it’s 00:37 am, and I have a full mug of coffee with hot chocolate in front of me. I would rather die than say that this was not worth it

Let us begin

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Saw your war winds won and stayed soundly made by the incredible  agnecce

(inspired by @rosesonmyshelf‘s fantastic fic to the bone)