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The Matchmakers - Part 7

Art made by the amazing @bambz-art

@setthestarsxnfire​ and I wrote this one together! Hope you enjoy! This one is long so more under the cut~

MC: It’s a beautiful day!

Jaehee Kang: We should do something together

V: Agreed, it’s been awhile since we went out as a group.

ZEN: Like what?

707: Let’s go to the fair~!! ✧◕ヮ◕✧

ZEN: We’ve already been to the fair

Yoosung★: Oh? Since when :3

Saeran: ‘We’?

ZEN: Since
ZEN: Ehm
ZEN: No no, I misspoke
ZEN: I’ve never been there

Jumin Han: …

MC: Great!
MC: Then it’s settled, let’s all go!

Jaehee Kang: I don’t know if it’s something for me.

MC: Jaehee, it’s not the same without you (;﹏;)

707: MC’s secret weapon has been activated!

Jaehee Kang: Ah! I will go, MC!
Jaehee Kang: Don’t cry!

MC: Yaaayyy!!

Jumin Han: I really should finish writing these reports.

V: Come on Jumin, it’s Sunday.
V: Zen, you will be there, I hope?

ZEN: Hah… I suppose I can’t refuse if everyone wants to see me

Jumin Han: Alright, I’ll join.

MC: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yoosung★: Saeran, you’re not going to protest as well, right?

Saeran: Saeyoung is already dragging me out the door ⌐.⌐

707: Whoo~!

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Opposites Attract

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“How is the most beautiful girl in all the world?” Kiseok smirked knowing you would overreact for the simplest things.

You blushed hearing the compliment. It wasn’t the first time he had told you this but it never failed to get a reaction out of you. “Who are you talking to” you covered your cheeks with your hands trying to avoid him.

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Building a Scene: It’s over isn’t it?

For Pearl’s song “It’s Over isn’t it?” the scene is about Pearl accepting a loss. As the series has progressed, she’s learned that she isn’t always right, and that there are things about herself that she’s has to reevaluate. This all comes to a sort of climax in this scene where she accepts and admits out loud that her relationship with Rose was never as deep and complete as she wanted it to be or told herself it was. This is where she’s left at the end of the scene, feeling lost and out of place.

In the outline written by Ben Levine and Matt Burnett, this is how the scene looked:

You’ll notice a lot of things ended up changing compared to the final version. Most of that was due to time constraints. When we started storyboarding the episode, all of the rough demos of the songs were recorded so that we had an idea of the amount of time we had between each song (which ended up not being very much). The result was that we had to basically be transitioning constantly between songs, but doing it in a way that felt natural and as gentle as possible.

In addition, Rebecca remembered a part from the 1982 movie “Victor Victoria” starring Julie Andrews that she wanted to use as reference for the feeling of the scene:

Right away we latched onto this spinning 360 degree camera move. I loved the energy and focus it gave to the character and I immediately roughed out a version with Pearl.

If you’re ever stuck during a scene this is what you do: Don’t start from the beginning, find the moment you see clearest in your mind and build out from there. From these rough thumbnails I built the rest of the scene outward. I brought back motifs like her sword skills and her dance style to help evoke the past events of the series, and I tried to give as much time as I could to each shot and make her acting as expressive a possible.

Below are my rough boards set to Rebecca’s demo. At the end, i added a pause for when she throws the Rose into the air. It felt like a good spot for things to crescendo ring out. Deedee Magno Hall’s rendering of this blew us all away when we heard it.

From there clean up was pretty much straight forward. The scene didn’t change much except for tweaking her acting here and there. I’m super proud of how this scene turned out, hats off to Nick DeMayo our animation director and to the team at Sunimin in Korea where they draw the entire episode on paper:

CS FF: Motherzilla

Summary: Emma and Killian want a small, simple wedding, but an overly excited Snow has some ideas of her own.

Rating: PG

Note: So I started writing this before I saw that sneak peek.   I didn’t expect Snow to want to have something simple at Granny’s and David to want something befitting a princess.  So I wrote this the way I think it should go.   Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Motherzilla: Part 1/1…

~Flashback: Emma at age 7~

Sarah and Rachel danced around Sarah’s room.  Sarah took a pillowcase and placed it over the back of her head as she pretended to march down an imaginary aisle.  

“I can’t wait to get married. It’s going to be in a big, beautiful church with lots of flowers.”

Rachel grabbed a bunch of fake flowers out of a vase on Sarah’s desk and spun around.

“I’m going to get married on the beach.  I’m going to wear a beautiful dress.”

Emma watched them from her spot on Sarah’s bed.  They were all in the same class at Emma’s new school, her fifth in two years.  Every time she changed foster homes, she changed schools.  She didn’t usually make friends quickly.  But Sarah and Rachel were nice and welcoming.  She had been excited when Sarah invited her over for a sleepover.  

That excitement was quickly wearing thin as she watched them dance around the room, excitedly discussing a future Emma couldn’t fathom for herself.  

Sarah turned to Emma. “What about you, Emma?  What kind of wedding do you want?”

Emma’s mouth opened, but no words came out.  She finally dropped her eyes to the comforter and shook her head.

“I’m never going to get married,” she whispered.

Sarah and Rachel stopped moving and stared at her in shock.

“Why not?” Rachel asked.

Emma shrugged, unable to meet their eyes.  "Because nothing good ever happens to me.  No one in my life ever lasts more than a few months.  I’ll never have a real family that loves me.  I’ll never have anyone who loves me.“

The little girls stared at her awkwardly, unsure of what to say or do in response.  So instead they returned to their game of pretend. And Emma returned to watching them do something that she believed would only ever happen in her dreams.

Emma rolled over and was met by the beautiful blue eyes of her new fiancé.  He offered her a smile.

"Good morning, my future wife,” he said.

Emma felt a smile appear on her face at the mention of being Killian’s wife.

“Good morning, my future husband,” she said.  

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her lips, neither concerned with morning breath.  They were just so glad to be back in each other’s arms again.

Emma reached out and caressed his cheek as he pulled back, her thumb tracing along his lower lip.

“I missed you so much,” she said.

“I missed you too, love.  I feared I would never see you again.”

Emma blinked back sudden tears.  "A few minutes later and I would have lost you again.“

"Hey,” he said, taking her hand in his and kissing her palm.  "You’ll never lose me.  I’ll always be by your side, remember?“

Emma shook her head. "Until the next time something separates us.”

He shook his head, taking her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “And if that does happen again-…”

“When,” she corrected.

“If it does,” Killian continued steadfastly. “Then we will do everything in our power to get back to each other, just like we always do.”

A tear slipped down Emma’s cheek. “Until the one day when we can’t,” she replied softly.

Killian pulled her into his arms and he felt her tears wet the skin of his shoulder.  After a few moments, he pulled back and cupped her face with his hand.

“I know you have a tendency to expect the worst, Swan.  I know you have a tendency to believe that happiness doesn’t last and good things always go away.”

“Can you blame me?” she asked.  "I never thought I’d get married as a kid. While all of the other little girls were pretending and planning their future weddings, I couldn’t even imagine it.  I couldn’t even fathom a time when I could be as happy as I am now, that I could find a love like this.  That I could find love at all.“

Killian smiled gently.  "But you did, Emma. You opened your heart to your family and you opened it to me.  Now we are about to get married.  And I know that’s frightening because getting everything you’ve ever wanted always is.  It means you have so much to lose.  But we can’t focus on the what if.  We can’t live our lives like that.  We need to focus on the here and now and the wonderful future I know awaits us.”

Emma nodded, as his thumb swiped at a tear on her cheek.  "How is it you always know exactly what to say to make me feel better?“

He grinned. "It’s a gift.”

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Dear I‘m Alive Volunteers

Dear I’m Alive,

Can we talk for a minute about your presence at the Supernatural Seattle convention? When I first heard the idea of I’m Alive volunteers being at the convention, I was apprehensive. It was presented in the light that the volunteers would be gatekeepers to the cast members. I heard we weren’t allowed to cry or get upset before seeing cast members. If we did, we’d be ejected by volunteers until we got our act together. Looking back on it, I don’t know how that idea even was thought up. Safe to say, though, I was pensive.

My first photo op was with Rob and Rich. If I was nervous, the young lady a few spaces behind me was wrecked. She could not have been more than twelve years old and was shaking like a chihuahua. Ahead, I spotted a bright blue shirt and called out to the person wearing it.

“Hey, I’m Alive!” I yelled.

“I think her name is Elena,” the girl in front of me said.

“Hey, Elena!” I tried again.

This time, she heard me and immediately came to see what was going on.

I gestured to the anxious young woman near me and said “I think my young friend here is a little overwhelmed.”

Immediately, Elena sprang into action. She tossed an arm around the young lady’s shoulder and said “Hi! Are you excited? This is so cool! What pose are you thinking of doing?”

Just like that, they were off and running. I became focused on my own upcoming op, but could tell that the girl behind me became noticeably more steady having Elena to talk to.

On a personal level, I have anxiety and an irrational fear of Jared Padalecki. I went into my photo op with him with several friends. Their presence couldn’t calm me down. I kept trying to do grounding exercise, but I couldn’t focus. As such, I was getting more and more angry that I couldn’t get my act together. An I’m Alive volunteer came right up to me.

“How are you doing?” she asked.

I let loose a string of expletives that could make a Navy Seal blush. The volunteer took it all as a matter of course. As I rearranged my friends and encouraged (read: Shoved them) to go in front of me, my volunteer stuck to me like glue.

When I reached the front of the queue, she gently asked “Do you want to sit for a second until you’re ready?”

I nodded and stepped aside to let my friends get their pictures. As my final friend got her picture, I stepped forward and announced I was ready.

“Are you sure? You can still wait.” the volunteer offered.

“If I don’t f***ing do it now, I’m not doing it at all.” I replied.

“Okay!” she responded and we turned around…just in time to see my friend having her picture taken. Jared had a grip on her hair at the back of her head and was pushing her hair out of her face.

My volunteer chuckled and said “…awkward…”

I just barely survived my photo op and ran away like a scared child once it was over. At the end of the convention, though, my volunteer sought me out. She told me how proud she was of me that I made it through the op and fulfilled my personal promise to look Jared in the eyes.

All weekend long whenever anyone looked even a little uncomfortable, I saw a blue shirt headed their way ready to make it just a little bit easier. I’m Alive volunteers really reinforced the idea of “you are not alone.” They were kind, courteous, and respectful. They were a force of overwhelming love and support in a chaotic environment.

To anyone who is concerned about your emotions being managed and judged at the con by I’m Alive volunteers, please don’t worry. These volunteers know you’re struggling, but they see greatness inside of you. They know you can overcome what’s plaguing you in the moment and they’re there to help you. If you go to a con and you need someone to lean on, even for just a moment, look for the blue shirts. They have your back.

To all of the volunteers who came out to help us in Seattle, thank you so much. You are so loved and so valued. Thank you for being part of our family.


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A/N: This is my second and last Baekhyun one shot. I think I have most of the feels out at this point. Also Yaja Time (야자타임) , if you don’t know, is when ages flip. So they youngest people are the oldest and the oldest are the youngest. So, the youngest are in charge for a specific amount time.

This is soft smut, I think, there is no actual sex but just heated making out. Don’t hate me for putting this in the smut tag.

Part 2

~Admin Allie

One thing you hated more than the game Truth and Dare and that was Yaja Time. So, you couldn’t understand why you agreed to combining the two games and sacrificed your title of oldest for the sake of your younger members’ entertainment.  

“Since this is a game run by the younger members of each group, you cannot refuse the tasks given.” Youngji took a sip of her beer and made hard eye contact with you. You knew she was itching to get you back because last time you said the same thing.

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Stare || Jason Blossom

A/N: So this was requested by @phanwth, I hope you enjoy what I wrote and I’m sorry if it isn’t what you wanted, and that it took so long! Feel free to request more you guys! :)

Warnings: Swearing

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.


Joining the River Vixens wasn’t something you had ever considered doing. It wasn’t like you wouldn’t want to try it out, maybe you would enjoy it, most of your fear had come from the thought of the people that would be watching you do it.

So naturally you were opposed to Cheryl suggesting you try out. Many people thought that someone like Cheryl being friends with someone like you was bizarre, but you knew better.

You had taken the time to get through to Cheryl privately, and saw how she really was. Although she acted the way she did at school, she had a soft spot for you and you had one for her too, so you put up with any looks, you hardly noticed them now.

The moment you saw Cheryl walking up to you with that sly smile you just knew she was going to suggest some crazy idea she had to you, and you were right. She walked up to you quickly, luckily without her two minions, and smiled even wider if that were possible, “I had a great idea and I won’t even give you the chance to say no” were the words that came out of her mouth.

You quickly shook your head, “what is it now?” you asked in a rushed manner, reaching into your locker as if you actually had something to be doing. Cheryl, being your only friend besides Jughead, saw past you rather quickly.

She closed your locker and grabbed you gently by the shoulders before you could walk away, “I know you too well (Y/N). Now listen up, you are going to join the River Vixens, no excuses.” she said boldly, staring you directly in the eyes.

She was met with an exhausted sigh, “Cheryl you know how much I hate dealing with people in general. Do you know how many people are going to watch and criticize me if I do this?” you said quickly, immediately rejecting the idea.

Cheryl looked at you with pleading eyes, “(Y/N). Please do this, for me? I know how you are, trust me, but please do this one thing? I know you would be great at this, believe me.” she begged, but she still indicated that you wouldn’t have to do it.

She nearly screamed with joy when she saw you nod your head, muttering a quiet “fine, I’ll do it.” under your breath. Cheryl grabbed your arm and quickly dragged you down the hall, talking about your routine and schedule.

After many practices and a very embarrassing ( for you anyways ) tryout, you were finally a part of the River Vixens. Cheryl was ecstatic about you joining, and proceeded to rant to you about the next football game you guys were going to cheer at.

You quickly realized it was very close, and panic overwhelmed you, but you chose to just ignore it for now, ‘i’ll worry about it later’ you thought to yourself. Cheryl continued speaking to you excitedly, “I’m so proud of you! Now we can cheer on JJ and the rest of the team together” she said smiling proudly, her gaze turning to you.

It took you a moment to process something, it was like you completely forgot, Jason Blossom was on the football team. For unknown reasons Jason intimidated you, without a doubt he was similar to Cheryl, maybe he just seemed bad, after all they were twins, but he still was intimidating.

Despite all of this you nodded, smiling back at cheryl cheerfully, walking down the sidewalk as you got closer to your house where you would both split up from each other.

Cheryl sighed contently, “I’ll see you at the game, (Y/N). Don’t stress, you’ll do awesome.”  she said quickly, giving you a quick smile before walking away. You stared at her retreating form in thought, snapping out of it as you ran up to your front door, retreating to your room to stress about the upcoming football game.

It felt like no time had passed at all but here you were, already getting ready for the game. Panicked thoughts swirled through your mind, and the thought of so many people- especially those you didn’t particularly like, watching you, was unnerving to say the least.

You had already messed up in your panic getting dressed, accidentally shoving your arm in the hole meant for your head. The moment you noticed this, a loud and annoyed “fuck!” escaped your lips, as Cheryl and the other River Vixens looked at you curiously.

Cheryl quickly picked up on what was going on, walking over to you and helping you get your arm into the right place, “Calm down, trust me these things are not as bad as you may think they are” she said comfortingly, putting a gentle hand on your shoulder.

You nodded mostly to yourself, looking to make sure everything was in order, just in time as you noticed it was time for you guys to cheer. Attempting and failing to ignore your nerves, you ran out with the other girls, getting in your place as you began to cheer.

The football team had begun running out too, and then you noticed the familiar red hair, and stared for a moment.  Bashfully you looked away before anyone could notice you staring, everyone except for Cheryl Blossom.

Little did you know, just as you had looked away from the teen, he caught sight of you. He felt paralyzed, staring at you as you stood there, cheering with the other Vixens.

Many thoughts ran through his mind, ‘when did she join the Vixens?’ being the first one he thought of. He knew that you had to have just joined, and he swore that he had seen you with his sister, then it all clicked.

You were (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You were in a few of his classes and Cheryl had talked about you a lot, ‘how did I not realize?’ he thought to himself lamely, his stare still on you although luckily you hadn’t noticed.

Just as he began thinking about why Cheryl hadn’t bothered introducing you, he figured the whole situation out. Cheryl wouldn’t introduce you because of his reputation, why would the introverted (Y/N), who always made it clear about how much she hated meeting new people ( according to Cheryl ), want to meet a new person? Especially if that new person was the most well known person in the entire school?

His thoughts were quickly interrupted as he heard the whistle blow and quickly got into position to play, although you were all that remained on his mind. When the game started Cheryl noticed an off look in her twins eye, and wondered what it could have been as they began to cheer.

Jason noticed he was distracted, his coach did, Cheryl did, and a few teammates did, but no one said anything yet, ‘why do I keep thinking about her? I don’t know her’ he thought to himself as he shoved someone down roughly.

He looked over to you briefly and noticed you staring back, although you looked away quickly he continued staring, getting lost for a moment. That was when Cheryl noticed, she saw immediately that Jason had stared at you just like you had done to him a few moments ago, but decided to confront the both of you about it after.

Jason heard his name and even though his feet moved, his mind stayed on you, and even though he jumped to catch the ball, his mind was zoned out. So it came as a surprise to him when he felt the wind get knocked out of his lungs and found himself on the grass, a pounding headache beginning to form.

He heard multiple calls of his name as he was pulled up onto his feet, disoriented he blew off the coach and insisted he could play, and he continued. Despite him continuing, even though he didn’t have a major fall again, a few people noticed he was a bit off.

He wouldn’t immediately respond to his name being called, and sometimes he wouldn’t knock someone down properly. everyone on his team was growing concerned and slightly annoyed at Jason’s suddenly distracted behaviour, and made it known when the game ended and they lost.

Chuck was irritated because of Jason’s performance on the field, and infuriated when he noticed that Jason wasn’t paying attention to him walking over at all. Jason did notice however, when Chuck decided to give him a rough shove, “what the hell Jason. What was wrong with you today?” he asked  angrily, staring Jason in the eyes.

Jason shook his head, “I don’t know, wasn’t feeling good is all. Back off Chuck, I think you’re forgetting who the hell I am” he responded, quickly switching back into his usual state, the tough rich boy.

Chuck glared at him, “You’re lucky this was just one game. Don’t fuck this up for the rest of us.” he muttered, storming off, seething with rage. Reggie walked up to Jason and pat him on the shoulder, however Jason shoved his hand off and walked outside to get some air.

The moment Jason stepped out Cheryl got in his face, “Hey JJ, I saw you today. You were looking at (Y/N), and normally I wouldn’t let you because of how you act around girls in particular, but you’ve never looked at anyone like that.” were the rushed words that came out of her mouth as she gave him a suspicious look.

Jason shook his head, processing what she had just said before he responded, “I don’t know what you-””Don’t give me that JJ. I want you to be happy and I know how you looked at her, so you’re meeting her in two days for a date, this Sunday around 5, be. ready.” she said, smiling as she gave him a loving peck on the cheek before walking off to find you.

She didn’t have to look very far, quickly seeing you standing outside out of your outfit looking lost. Cheryl ran over to you smiling from ear to ear, “You’re meeting Jason this weekend!” she shouted, giving you a knowing look as you chocked on your own spit for a moment.

After coughing, you gave her a look that screamed ‘what the fuck’ before responding, “Cheryl- why? I don’t want to meet-””you don’t want to meet anyone. I saw both of you looking at each other and I can’t let that go. You were gaping at Jason, he was gaping at you, and the look you guys had… that was a look that meant a lot.” she said knowingly, giving you a pleading look.

You rubbed a hand over your face in an annoyed manner, “Fine, but he better not pull anything Cheryl.” you muttered, throwing Cheryl a look that she was already used to.

The time leading up to the date was stressful for both you and Jason. Cheryl had been preparing you both and found it very difficult. Jason was doubting that you would enjoy yourself and constantly worrying about what he would act like, meanwhile you were worried about Jason trying to pull a- well a Jason

It was now an hour before the date and Cheryl had helped you get ready and emotionally prepare yourself, “I already talked to him, he isn’t a bad guy (Y/N). He’s just like me, I promise” she said convincingly, making you smile to yourself as you nodded.

You and Cheryl began talking about the date and before you knew it the doorbell rand. You got up and frowned, “I can’t-””Yes you can, come on” she insisted, dragging you to your front door.

When you opened it and saw Jason it seemed fake, he stood tall, red hair messier than usual, a casual outfit on him as he gave a quick smile, looking over to Cheryl.

Cheryl quickly stepped over, “Jason, (Y/N). (Y/N), Jason. I’m sure you two already met while gawking at each other during a football game though” she added slyly, making both you and Jason throw a glare her way.

Quickly grabbing Jason’s arm in a boost of confidence, you dragged him out, “Bye, Cheryl!” you shouted sarcastically as you walked towards the familiar neon sign at Pop’s diner.

Jason laughed to himself, and the sound was soothing, “Hey uh, I just want you to know that you’d better be like Cheryl said, and not the Jason I always see swooning girls at school” you said lamely. Jason just smiled, “Well I hope she didn’t paint me out to be some hero or some dick because i’m neither of those. I just want you to think of me as some guy, not ‘Jason Blossom, the captain of the football team’” he said quickly, looking over to you nervously.

You bit your lip in thought, “This is a step in the right direction. I can’t think of you as ‘some guy’ but I can think of you like I thought of Cheryl” you said finally, looking over to Jason.

Jason nodded quickly, “And how did you think of her?” he asked curiously, glancing at you from the corner of his eye as you neared Pop’s, “Someone who was ruined and forced to act a certain way because of family reputation” you put simply, glancing to see his reaction.

Jason looked at you solemnly, “How often does Cheryl talk about us?” he asked, opening the door for you to enter the diner before him. You stepped inside, walking to your favourite seat in the back, “Not too often, but i’ve seen the way your parents are, no offence” you muttered out quickly, sitting down.

Jason shook his head, “Let’s talk lighter, I don’t want you to think of me as some victim. I’ve done bad shit that I shouldn’t have, you know that” he said sincerely, looking around the diner to avoid your gaze.

You nodded, “Lets not talk about that, I want our first official ‘date’ to be happier, the sad shit can happen later” you replied in a light tone, smiling at Jason when he looked back to you. 

He nodded, “Right of course. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you, is it true that you befriended Cheryl after you threw a water balloon filled with paint at her face from the roof?” he laughed, giving you a questioning look.

You nodded bashfully, hiding your face behind your hands, “Yes I thought it would be funny, I’m surprised she didn’t kill me. I was surprised at my aim though, it was pretty good, if I do say so myself” you said jokingly, peeking our from behind your hands to see Jason laughing silently.

The rest of the night continued with lighthearted jokes and smiles. Jason walked you back to your house, and was greeted by a very excited Cheryl who quickly brought both of you in.

Jason walked into your kitchen, you and Cheryl following as you mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Cheryl, who smiled and mouthed an ‘I told you so’ back.

Little did you know, Jason talked about you nonstop to Cheryl all the time after that. The three of you spent the rest of that night together making jokes, watching movies, and trying to forget about any reputations you would deal with when you got back to school the next day.

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I always got the feeling a lot of these “crazy” right-wing types were in it for the speech tour money and book deals and Fox News host spots, more than anything.

Palin was seen as pretty moderate in Alaska before she rose to prominence. The Dems there didn’t mind her. She was conservative, sure, but she was normal.  She was reasonable and willing to negotiate. Not like how she acts now. 

From what I understand, Ann Coulter’s more liberal, on a person level, than she lets on, too.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an openly gay man who suddenly decided to hate immigrates, feminists and, um, gay people. It makes no sense.

Kinda feel a lot of Republicans have gotten conned and are too foolish to realize it.  

anonymous asked:

top 5 (or 10) scenes in the 100 in terms of acting? (like, which scenes stood out to you, or which scenes do you think highlighted any of the actors' ability?)

This is such a good question! It’s hard to narrow them down to ten because there’s so many I love, but here are the ones that came to my mind first! So in no particular order:

1. Raven realising her pain is gone [3x05]

One of my all-time favourites! Moments after Raven succumbs to the temptation and takes the key to the City of Light, we get this spine-chilling shot where her revelation, her absence of pain starts at her leg and creeps up to the rest of her body. The entire scene, beginning with her taking the chip to here is absolutely stunning. Lindsey so beautifully straightens herself and looks up, and that’s when we know that Raven knows that it’s worked. It was executed so perfectly, kudos to the wonderful Lindsey Morgan!

2. Clarke scrubs at the blood on her hands [2x09]

Eliza’s performance in this scene really reminded me of Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as she tried to scrub away the blood she was hallucinating (’Out, damned spot! out, I say!’). Taking place immediately after Clarke had mercy-killed Finn, Eliza perfectly displayed the hysteria of this moment as she shakes and raves incoherently. Her sharp breaths really encapsulate the trauma Clarke has just experienced too. It’s just beautiful.

3. Bellamy is overwhelmed by a sense of failure [4x07]

It’s really difficult to choose a scene with Bob Morley because each scene he acts in really does display how talented he is. Of course, the 4x04 scene where Bellamy realises Octavia is dead is breathtaking and still haunts me, but that’s a given, so I’m choosing another scene. This moment from 4x07 made me cry…a lot. As Bellamy had to sit and listen to people he could have saved die because he failed them, watch his gaze. He is not mentally there. His gaze is so very distant, it’s made to feel like he’s seeing all his failures play out before his very eyes. He breaks then and there as he’s forced to listen to the vocalisation of his failure, the nasty feeling settling deep within. Bob was fantastic through 4x07, but this scene really got to me.

4. Raven blows up the bridge [1x10]

I remember the first time I watched I Am Become Death, I fell in love with this particular moment in the episode. Raven staggers to the end of the bridge and, with the little energy she has left, successfully sets up and sets off the bomb. It was so wonderfully done by Lindsey, everything from the way she moved to the breaths she took was oh so perfect.

5. Clarke tells Bellamy that the world is ending [3x16]

This is one of my favourite Bellamy and Clarke moments – look how intense Bob and Eliza’s gazes are! They really do perfectly display just how exhausted Bellamy and Clarke are, and in finding out they can’t kick back just yet, we can see them search each other’s eyes for strength and hope.

6. Monty kills his mother [3x11]

Monty killing his mother was one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever seen on this show. Chris did such an amazing job with this…the screams Monty let out? They’re a vocalisation of just how traumatising this is for Monty, how he has to make noise, make chaos in order to pull back the trigger. And it was all so perfect. My heart broke when watching this scene, and even more so afterwards when Monty realised his mother’s death was sort of in vain because he might have been able to save her.

7. Pike and Bellamy talk about Mount Weather [3x04]

This scene between Michael and Bob is of the most fascinating from season 3. I was rewatching it and decided that I really did enjoy Pike’s character. The reason why this scene is in here is that we see, so perfectly from Michael, Pike locating Bellamy’s low point, and catches him when he’s weakest. @cosmicbell often labels Pike as a demagogue when we discuss this season together, and I agree. He promised action, he criticised stagnancy and Bellamy, somebody who’s been extremely affected by the grounders’ actions, was just tired of waiting around and never retaliating. He bought into Pike’s argument, and this is the scene that it occurs in. You see it in his face as Pike challenges him: ‘I’m willing to suffer the consequences to save my people…are you?’ and we know that Bellamy has begun to cross over to the dark side.

8. Jasper scatters Finn’s ashes [3x04]

I highly recommend everybody to rewatch this spectacular scene with Devon and Chris, from start to finish. It’s one of my favourites from the whole show. These two best friends have lost each other, and they’re trying to find that old spark once more. They fight, they argue, they yell. They’re no longer the pair they used to be. And as Monty leaves, Jasper screams ‘See you on the other side!’ and trips over, spilling the jar of ashes. The remnants blow away with the breeze, mingle with the Earth and Jasper realises what’s just happened…and Devon’s performance in that moment is so incredibly breathtaking. One of his best, for sure. 

9. Murphy makes Clarke cry [4x08]

This is fairly recent, of course, but Richard and Eliza were amazing throughout this entire scene. Murphy’s desperation is so well voiced by Richard: when he screamed ‘I love her!’ my heart broke completely. And as Murphy starts provoking Clarke, I began to wonder how Eliza would portray Clarke’s reaction. Clarke, who has, in the past, tried to develop a harder exterior around her friends when making tough decisions…she did something I did not expect. She lifted her head slightly, and through her lashes looks at Murphy, and her eyes are glistening with tears! She’s been trying this whole scene to be assertive in her decision to use Emori but Murphy’s speech almost takes her to her breaking point. I was really impressed with both Richard and Eliza here, they were just amazing!

10. Niylah tells Bellamy that he’ll always be sorry [3x11]

Bob Morley, once again and as always, comes through perfectly in this scene he shortly shares with Jessica Harmon. ALIE got to Bellamy, and bad. ‘Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina.’? Do you know what Bellamy heard, instead of that? Probably something like ‘you could have saved her, but you spent that concern on Clarke, who didn’t even end up coming back to Arkadia with you. You killed Gina. You misplaced your responsibilities, so it’s your fault.’ And the final straw: the mention of what he did to the Trikru army, and Niylah hitting him after finding out. Bellamy flips out and has to leave the room, kicking a barrel, punching something. He looks up to the sky, so incredibly hopeless, and shakes his head. He’s realising he’s never going to get over this pain, he’s never going to stop feeling guilty, and worst of all, the pain he’s caused to others is so deep and so sharp and he can’t handle knowing that. He hears Niylah’s voice behind him, and the sight of her brings all these emotions back. He tells her what he truly feels, that he only had good intentions and he’s sorry, but she delivers a harsh sentence: ‘People like you always are’. This small moment between these two was jaw-dropping to me. I loved it so much.

Honourable mentions: Lincoln’s season 2 ordeal with the reaper drugs, literally all of Erica Cerra’s (ALIE/Becca) scenes, the Lexa and Roan fight from 3x04, Clarke getting in the rover with Jasper and discovering Abby is chipped, Luna mourning Derrick in her arms, Octavia surviving the fall in 4x04 and Abby smashing the radiation chamber in 4x08.

Jealous Sf9

Inseong: jealous inseong is a petty bitch. Will be really obvious and salty too.

Him: So did you just get done cheating on me? How was it? Fun?

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Youngbin: the type to keep it inside and not tell you, but you can totally tell something is wrong with him. If you give him attention and a cuddling session filled with kisses, he will get over it. He just wants to be reassured he’s the only man you need in your life.

Originally posted by ohjuho

Jaeyoon: Offended. Upset. “Uh Rude.” He will say to himself when he sees other idols/guys hanging near you. 

You: Are you Jealous?

Him: I don’t know, am I?

Zuho: Rough in a sexy wayyy . Doesn’t hesitate to drag you away when your talking to other guys or confront guys when they are staring at you. “You’re mine.” Be sure to show him often that you are his if youknowwhatimeannn.

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Dawon: plays it off like he’s just joking around, but the cutie is actually jealous and wants you to tell him you love him.


Originally posted by ienseong

Taeyang: More cuddly and in need of affection. If you were unaware and didn’t give him enough affection,he will give you affection instead. 

Originally posted by hwichans

Rowoon: Literally tries to be a better boyfriend. Acts more cute, cooks for you more and just become irresistible. Shes like it when I’m cute. Let’s do what she likes, she will never leave me.


Originally posted by ienseong

Hwiyoung: Tries to be manlier and tough despite his age, but you know inside he’s very sensitive. The minute you ask him if he’s jealous, he will prob break, but instead of asking him if he’s jealous, just tell him how much you love him and how cool he is. It will reassure him alot.

“How do I look today? Can you spot what changed?” (literally just new hair gel)

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Chani: the cutie isn’t used to being jealous like this, so he just tries to figure all of this out himself or asking the other members for advice. When he’s with you, he is still sweet as always. Even a bit more needy. Tries to be a better boyfriend to you so you don’t think of leaving him.

Inseong: flirt with her like you two are still in that push and pull phase before dating. 

(one day)

Him: Hey!

You: Sweetie, I got to go. I’m busy.

Him: Wait! 

You: Yes?

Him: “Seeya later cute stuff.uh..sweet thanggg”

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Hide and Seek

Eek okay, first Avatar story, first story told with almost an entirely one person cast, first story that deals with some nasty child treatment that made me feel a bit ick writing it. But the thought came to me and it just exploded out over a few days. So here it is, please let me know what you think and how I can improve!

Warnings: Child torture/abuse, mild blood and gore, Zuko is very, very unhappy

“You will learn to firebend, Prince Zuko,” Ozai said with a smile. “Your life depends on it.”

Zuko knew today was going to be a good day.

It started with Father asking them if they would play a game with him. Father never spent time with them, never showed any desire to see them unless necessary. Azula saw him more than he did since Father was currently supervising her firebending training while they looked for another teacher. She’d run off the last one and the one before that. Zuko thinks she’s doing it on purpose, because she enjoys hurting people, because it makes their father proud, maybe both. Since Zuko wasn’t firebending yet, Father never wants to see him. It seems every time he does, Father spends all his time glaring at him, as if that would make him any less worthless. Seven was a little late for someone to start bending but it wasn’t impossible because he had to be a bender, Father and Grandfather said so.

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watch me fall

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: a thing where he’s rude to her from the beginning and she thinks he doesn’t like her. he’s just this way because he do likes her but he thinks it wouldn’t be good to start something because of the other boys and the whole situation in general. Like that she’s the only girl and stuff. Aaaand maybe the reader could be a bit bigger (I’d like that because I am but you don’t have to.) it could be like some guys make fun of her and he’s protecting her. And than she thinks maybe he likes her after all but he ignores her again and than she had finally enough and confronts him. @dylan-trash-tbh
Warning: negative comments regarding weight, swearing, unprotective sex ( don’t try that at home kids ), oral ( female receiving ) && I believe that is it !!
Pairing: thomas x reader
Notes: i really really hope you enjoy this !! also shout out to @ninja-stiles for looking over the story and adding in a few edits! :)
Words: 2,924

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I posted about my first experience with Ezra before when Sons played in my hometown in PA, but my friend and I had the ultimate experience last night in Brooklyn at their last show…like holy fuck. I have no idea where to begin. First of all, my friend and I were really high and drunk (my friend was way more fucked up than I was) 5 other bands played and everyone was amazing. My friend and I were up front dancing our asses off to every band, taking smoke breaks inbetween sets as well. We met so many cool people and were constantly being told we were the life of the party. Ezra himself confronted us while we were dancing with this guy we met telling us that we were giving off amazing vibes and later he came over and danced with us for a little. While Sons performed we were right up front doing our thing, screaming and dancing and the whole band loved it, constantly pointing at us and smiling and nodding. Earlier that night my friend asked Lilah if she wanted to get high with us and she jokingly said she had a set to do later than night and said maybe after. During their set, they were having technical issues and my friend yelled “I love you sexy baby” or something wild to Lilah after she apologized for the issues and Lilah asked who said that and my friend said the crazy girl who’s been talking to you all night and everyone laughed. After their set was over, we took a picture with Lilah who remembered us from the other show. Then we were dancing with some people we met and Josh walked by and my friend grabbed him and they took some pictures and he showed us his moonwalk and Ezra came over laughing. My friend told him how much we loved neil young (he was wearing a neil shirt) and she was definitely in a touchy feely mood, carrassing his chest and she asked if she could lick his face for a photo. He made a goofy face and she said she’d settle for touching his hair so they took a picture and he went to touch her face and she told him she was gross and sweaty and kept apologizing saying she was fucked up and he hugged her for a good 2 minutes and said “It’s okay, babe, you’re just being yourself. Always be yourself and always do you baby.” He was definitely a little fucked up too haha. I’m no where near as bold as my friend but Ezra and I tried to find a good spot with good lighting to take some pictures and this girl who had been up his ass the entire time was trying to get in on it and he was definitely annoyed but politely said to her “We’re done for tonight, hun.” And we took our pictures and this chick would literally not back off and he was telling me and my friend how he wasn’t having it and my friend yelled that Ezra wasn’t cool with how she was acting and she backed off. I would have wanted more time to maybe sit outside and smoke a cig together and talk about music and life and shit, but there were so many people all over him. The best part of it all was definitely Ezra’s body guard and another body guard introducing themselves to us and we were trashed so we danced with them for a little then went outside and smoked with them. Ezra’s body guard was funny as hell and we had some good conversation for a half hour or so while Ezra smoked with some friends. We had to call an Uber and the one body guard offered to give us a ride and Lilah came over with her mom and introduced us to her mom. It was definitely one of the best nights of my life.

vehement-fallen-angel  asked:

I am in love with your art style and resistance lance au like I need to know everything about him and that universe and how his relation with keaith and the others progress, have an amazing day!

oh gawwsh thank you, Ok ok I’m working out a few more specific details but the relationships are pretty messy at this point since i don’t have much content for the au (because i am slow) but I’ll do my best to explain. Also be aware I’m really not too concerned about ships with this Au (but I’m not against and I do have some ships I enjoy but interpret as you wish) I just find more interest in other things. Another thing, I don’t want to lean that far from canon personality and relationships.

here are the links to other Resistance Lance stuff:

drawing 1 / drawing 2 / drawing 3 / Comic 1 / Text

Keiths relationship w/ Lance: Keith is suspicious of everything he knows little about, Lance is an alien who knows a lot more than he gives to the team and has a past with the galra, he catches on and suspects foul play. He will confront Lance about his blade and they do get in a fight. He still is always standing near him, reacts to the taunts, but in the end they learn to bond and trust each other most like canon.

Shiros relationship with Lance: Shiro has survived as Champion but Lance was involved in that (HOW??? heheheh you’ll find out, comic coming soon). What happened is a blur for Shiro but Lance makes him a bit uneasy because of that involvement causing them to have less bonding moments. Still he learns to care about Lance as a leader and trusts his determination and knowledge. He’s a dad tho and Lance is Lance, what’s in canon is what I’m keeping as base.

Hunks relationship with Lance: Best friends at first sight, Hunk loves Lances energy it makes him feel like he can push past his fears. They trade stories, recipes, jokes, and stuff about their cultures all the time. They have each others backs and trusts each others minds and instincts. So their bond is same just without their history at the Garrison.

Pigdes relationship with Lance: They have that sibling bond however to add to the mix Lance has a tech dependance that gave him his leg and keeps him alive, Pidge nerds over the craftsmanship. Pidge also asks him a LOT of questions about alien stuff but she’s got her main focuses so she’s usually busy. (I’m using female pronouns for the sake of her saying ‘I’m a girl’)

Alluras relationship with Lance: She respects him as a paladin but she is totally thrown off by how different he acts to the altean culture she was raised in that’s where i’m going to make a few assumptions for old altean culture (I assume they were kind of regal adventurers who embrace the concept of fear, strength, universe spirituality, and order) Lance’s altean culture is completely different. It’s a very rough start for them at first but they learn each other’s differences and eventually they connect over the small similarities they find.

Corans relationship with Lance: There’s no doubt Lance has touched a soft spot in Corans heart. He see’s himself in Lance and keeps an eye on him. I think they have conversations about hard things Lance has gone through and Coran helps him. Their differences don’t bother Coran as much (I have this theory that Coran has a history of adventuring across the universe before becoming a king’s advisor and he’s seen a crap load of stuff so he’s unbothered by Lance being different)

More about Lance: I thought it was a cool idea if Lance was altean but not because that would make him a pretty prince (he already is one matey) but I thought it could open the Voltron Universe a bit more since the the beginning of Voltron the only people had that knowledge of the galra had memory loss, are from 10,000 years ago OR are super secretive(Marmorans). At the same time Lances nature as an adventurer and being a people person can be shown off. He’s shown the skill and capability to gain alien allies, lead as a friend, and follow as a ally.

He’s a bit secretive not only about his past and his feelings but Keith’s past as well. He guessed there was a connection to the Blade of Marmora the moment he saw the blade. He’s survived this long fighting against the galra because he doesn’t trust anyone with certain information. This will cause a problem with Voltron at first, but Coran will eventually teach him a way to keep valued secrets safe. One day he may trust someone with this information but it’s not going to end well.

Face the music/starcrushed

Late submission 

Spoilers ahead

Sorry for the late discussion, school has been rough and my spring break just started so it gives me a little more time to work on some fan fiction stories, and to catch up with my discussions. 

Face the music

This was probably the best episode for me by far, and not just because my favorite person (Patrick Stump) in the world played as Ruberiot. The music was good, and it even came up with revealing Star’s crush through song. How has Marco not realized sooner if a magic musician noticed it.  

Originally posted by pikasuz

I mean look at them, even the cutest of looks no wonder Ruberiot put them on the spot during the concert.

Originally posted by galaxysoulrube

If he can see what’s going on between them I wonder why Marco never noticed especially when star was being super awkward around him. She isn’t acting like herself even before her secret got revealed, but who can blame Marco, if that was me I wouldn’t be able to tell at all. Marco probably thinks it’s impossible for someone to like him with his insecurities about himself. He feels lucky just to get a girl like Jackie whom are super cute together despite my little Starco heart. 

Originally posted by nicoleaguilerahv

Jackie has really become a great character and she’s gotten more screen time and is super cute. I want Star and Marco together but I don’t want her to get hurt in the process. I know how it feels to like someone and then you have to give them up for someone else, and it’s not a fun feeling. Hopefully they do this triangle justice like they’ve been doing so far.

Originally posted by hazystrangers

Also Ludo’s parents and family seem to not care about him to much aside from his little brother and it makes me sad like the poor baby. He can be super cute sometimes and he may have stolen the book of spells but I believe Ludo has his reasons and does not deserve whats happening to him. 


This was possibly the best season finale I’ve seen with the fight scenes and even with oscar’s return and confused feelings. It was wonderful. Let’s start off with Ludo and what’s going on with him. Glossaryk is missing, and honestly who knows for how long, but Toffee definitely has him. Toffee is possessing someone but it’s not Star like I thought he’d want to do, but Toffee is hard to read. Ludo definitely doesn’t deserve this and he’s scared and doesn’t know what’s going on. He probably doesn’t even know that Toffee has control over him. Let’s hope he’s saved soon, who can hurt this precious face. 

Originally posted by burritodetodo

I mean come on he’s so excited to just be practicing magic. Moon and Toffee definitely have some sort of past, but what kind of past is it? I want to know more and I hope in season three we get to see that, and get to look more into their past, and the reason why Toffee lost his finger, and maybe give us more of an idea on his motives. Jackie was super cute in this episode too but Oscar reappeared and he’s so cute and you can actually see his eyes. He’s like a cute little cinnamon roll. 

Originally posted by irlsmol

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but they put him there for a reason. Star had a crush on Oscar but then she got to know Marco more and more, and started to develop feelings towards him. Oscar seems to like Star considering his blushing face when she held his hand which was shaped into a fist. He seems to think she’s pretty cool, so what does this mean for the future of star vs the forces of evil. Star revealed to Marco her crush and Jackie didn’t know what to think, even Janna seemed concerned for her friend’s relationship. She seems to be friends with both Star and Jackie, so that makes it way more awkward, hang in there Janna. 

Originally posted by starryhunk

Now that Star is gone, Marco is going to want to get her back. I do wish we got to see what happened after he witnessed star’s room disappearing before his eyes but hopefully they make up for it in the first episode of season three. We got to see some Star jealousy, and it was done the way that Star would react, she would be confused and she wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. What would happen if Marco started to get feelings for Star and got jealous of Oscar. Marco would definitely react way differently from Star and probably angry mumble to himself. He likes Jackie there’s no doubt about it but the relegation that Star likes him might confuse him a whole lot and hopefully it’s done in proper way where it’s not forced. I want a slow burn for them to get together so it seems more natural let’s not rush things. I can’t wait for season three and I know you guys can’t wait either. This has been staruary, and I can’t wait to start the discussions again in the summer when season three is released. 

Their Struggle Chapter Two

You asked for more - you got it!

Scully hesitated as she and William reached the door to Mulder’s hospital room. Her partner appeared to be sleeping and the last thing she wanted to do was wake him. Glancing up at William, Scully could sense the anticipation in her son’s eyes. She could tell he was both excited and nervous for this moment – to see his biological father for the first time in well over fourteen years. Maybe this would be easier, she thought to herself. If Mulder was unconscious, William would at least be able to get his bearings before his dad woke.

Opening the door, Scully swallowed hard as Mulder suddenly opened his eyes and glanced over in their direction. She could see the moment that it dawned on him just who was stood next to her. His eyes widened as he looked William up and down, and his lips curved up into a proud smile. Aware of William’s nervousness, Scully spoke first, not wanting her partner to put their son on the spot. She knew only too well the things Mulder said when he was drugged in a hospital bed. “Hey. You’re awake.”

Mulder tore his eyes away from William briefly to glance over at his partner. “Just about.”

“How are you feeling” Leaving William’s side, Scully approached the bed, reaching out to run a hand through Mulder’s hair.

“Much better.”

She looked at him skeptically. “Your body’s been through a lot.”

“I’ve had worse.”

Rolling her eyes, Scully glanced back at William. “He’s just trying to act macho in front of you.”

“Ok, ok,” Mulder relented. “The truth is I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and reversed over for good measure. But I do feel a lot better than I did, no thanks to you,” he added, his breath hitching as he made eye contact with William for the first time in years.

“Mulder, this is William,” Scully said, making the introduction.

William smiled shyly, standing with his hands in his pockets. He looked so nervous, so hopeful and yet cautious, as though waiting for Mulder to pass judgement on him. Thankfully he had nothing to worry about.

“My boy,” Mulder whispered, his voice barely audible as he reached out for his son, before collecting himself and lowering his arm back down on the bed. William however, took the hint and approached the bed.

“Hi,” he said, the nerves evident in his voice. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Chuckling to himself, Mulder nodded. “Yeah, yeah it is.” He looked up at Scully, meeting her teary gaze with his own. Scully’s expression reflected his own – it was one of shock, pride and disbelief. Finally, after all these years, their son was finally with them. He was healthy and he was happy, and that was all that they ever wanted for him. “I owe you a thank you,” Mulder continued. “A big thank you. I know this has been a crazy week and we asked a hell of a lot of you. And I owe you an apology too –”

“It’s fine,” William protested, his eyes narrowing when he noticed Mulder reach out and nudge Scully. “What?”

“Your mom says that a lot too, and I don’t believe her either.”

There was a moment of awkward silence before Scully moved in to try and ease the tension. “I’m going to pop and grab a drink from the cafeteria. William, would you like anything?”

William shook his head before he realized that Scully was making her excuses to give him and Mulder some time alone. “On second thoughts, a coke would be great.”

“I’ll have what he’s having.”

Mulder’s suggestion was greeted with a raised eyebrow. “You’ll get what the nurses give you.”

“Oh come on Scully…please?” A close encounter with death meant there was a chance Scully would give in to him faster than normal.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Oh and have a word with the nurse on your way out and see if you can grab me a wheelchair.”

“What? Mulder, no!”

“Why not? I feel better.”

“That’s not the point and you know it.”

“It’s a beautiful day outside.”

“And thanks to William tomorrow will be a beautiful day for you, and the next day, and the next.”

“Scully –”

“No wheelchair, not today.” Sighing in amusement, Scully turned to William. “I’ll be back shortly. Keep an eye on your…on Mulder. Don’t let him talk you into anything while I’m gone.” She bent quickly and pecked Mulder on the lips then froze momentarily before regaining her senses. “Be good.”


And with that she wandered out of the room, leaving father and son alone. Mulder counted to ten before grinning up at William. “Wanna help me break out of this joint?”


Like father, like son, Mulder thought to himself as William wheeled him out of the doors and into the hospital yard. He was glad William had inherited a fondness for breaking the rules, even though Scully would likely panic when she returned to his room to find them both gone. They hadn’t even had to ask the nurse – William had simply disappeared for a matter of minutes, returning with a wheelchair and blanket he’d stolen along the way. His willingness to go along with Mulder’s escape plan had helped to break the ice between them, and as William brought the wheelchair to a stop by a bench, both parties seemed more relaxed. “Is here ok?”

Mulder took a deep breath, feeling the fresh air invade his lungs. Just a few days ago he didn’t think he’d ever see the outside world again, but here he was, thanks to William. “Here’s fine, thank you.” He watched as the youngster took a seat next to him. “I meant what I said back inside William…William, or Will?”

“I like both,” the teenager replied. “Will’s good. My friends call me Will.”

Mulder nodded, his heart inflating at his son’s words. “I owe you a huge thank you. This whole country does.”

William shrugged. “It was just a little blood. It was nothing.”

“It was everything,” Mulder replied. “And it wasn’t just the fact you gave some of your blood, it’s that you gave it to me, after everything. And you’re still here now. That means more to me than you’ll ever know.”

“I think I have an idea.” William gave his dad a small smile as he caught his eye. “I wanted to meet you, and my…my parents said we could stay a while longer so I could do that. I wanted to see you both before we left. I’ve always been curious about you.”

“Were we what you expected?”

“Not even close,” William replied, and Mulder chuckled. “I just didn’t expect you to be so…”


“I don’t know. I didn’t expect you to still be together for starters.” William paused, catching sight of Mulder’s sheepish expression. “You are together, right?”

“It’s complicated.”

“How complicated?”

“I don’t know what your mom…what Dana has told you.”

“She told me why I was adopted. That there were people after you.”

Mulder nodded. “Just after you were…adopted…” William noticed that Mulder was struggling to say the word, as though it was an open wound. “I was accused of a crime I didn’t commit.”

“By the same people?”

“Yeah.” The kid was smart. “I went back on the run, and this time your mom came with me. It was a few years before she was safe to show her face in public again – as herself I mean – and longer still before I was finally exonerated. The first thing I did when I was free again was propose to her. It was on vacation, in Mexico,” he added, smiling at the memory. “I figured it had been long enough, and after everything we’d been through we deserved a slither of happiness. We got married just after we got back home. It was just a small affair, with a few friends and your grandma….” Mulder sobered, his heart aching as he realized William would never know Maggie. “She was there too.”

“Then what happened?”

“Your mom and I have been through a lot over the years.”

“I’m starting to realize that.”

“There was a lot to deal with and I guess I didn’t deal with it well. I was angry and bitter, and I started to withdraw. Your mom tried her best but I was suffering with depression and I didn’t want to let her in. I was difficult to live with, let alone love, and your mom had enough of me pushing her away and eventually left. We talk a lot and we’ve been working together recently, but that we’re still separated.”

“But you guys seem close,” William protested, clearly not liking the thought of his parents apart. “And Dana kissed you back in your hospital room.”

“Things have gotten a little better recently. I’m seeing a therapist and getting help and trying not to be as much of an asshole as I once was. It’s baby steps.”

“Dana was out of her mind when I first got here. She thought you were going to die.”

“Oh there’s still a lot of love there William. We’ve been through too much together to lose that. But we can’t just go back to how it was. That doesn’t mean we won’t work at it though. I’m not going to give your mom up without a fight.”

William smiled sadly. “I hope you guys work things out.”

“Me too.” Mulder sighed. “So what did you expect when you imagined us?”

“I guess I thought you would be a lot younger.” A flush crept over William’s face as he realized his words could offend. “I mean, I don’t know, I guess I just thought that you’d been kid when…when my mom got pregnant, and that you couldn’t cope, and that’s why you didn’t want me.”

“We wanted you more than anything,” Mulder stressed, hating himself for William’s insecurities.

“I know that now. But at the time I thought you could have been too young, or deadbeats, or you just didn’t want kids. I had so many different scenarios in my head, but I just didn’t imagine it was like this. I always thought you didn’t want me.” William shrugged. “I’m just sorry you guys had to go through all that.”

Mulder shook his head. “You have nothing to be sorry for. After everything you’ve been through, we’re the ones who are sorry, for everything. Your mom and I have regretted every day we haven’t spent with you.”

“I know.”

“How was it? Growing up with your…with the….?”

“My other parents?” William offered hesitantly, and Mulder nodded. “It’s been ok. They’ve been great, and kind and loving. Their curfew is a little too early to my liking, but their punishments aren’t too harsh if I break it,” he added with a grin. “They’ve always been honest with me about the adoption too. I’ve always known they weren’t my real parents, but they’ve never treated me any differently.”

“Good, I’m glad,” Mulder replied. “Not that it makes me feel any less guilty for what happened, but I’m glad you’ve had the love and support you deserve. That was one of my biggest worries about you. I know what it’s like to grow up in a household where you don’t always get the love you need.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It was a long time ago.”

“Your parents?”

“My father mostly. He and I never really saw eye to eye, and I often felt that he blamed me for a lot of things. My mom tried her best, but then she and my father separated and I…well I took the opportunity to leave home as soon as I could.”

“Do you still see them?”

Mulder shook his head. “They’ve both passed now.”

“I’m sorry.” William thought for a moment. “What about my other grandparents? Dana’s parents?”

“Her father died not long after I met her. Your grandmother, Maggie, she died a couple of weeks ago. I’m so sorry Will.”

William’s eyes filled with tears as he processed Mulder’s words. “Wow. Umm…What was she like?”

“She was amazing. She was beautiful, kid and welcoming. She was always so good to me, even when I didn’t deserve her kindness.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m bad news kiddo. I was even more of a disaster back then.”

“I think you’re kinda cool,” said William. “You’re kicking ass with this virus.”

“Are you allowed to cuss?”

William grinned. “It’s not a cuss word.”

“It isn’t?”


“Let me guess, it depends who you ask?”

William nodded. “You’re trying to change the subject,” he said knowingly. “You seem to have a low opinion of yourself, but I think you’re cool, Dana clearly does, and my grandma thought so too. You’re outnumbered.”

Mulder smiled gratefully at this son. “You know Will, I always knew we’d meet. I always thought about how it would go, but this surpasses everything I’ve ever imagined.”

William frowned at his father, in a move not too unlike Scully in another life, when she was getting ready to refute his suggestion of the paranormal. “You thought we’d meet? How?”

“We would have found one another.”

“But m…Dana said that you hadn’t looked, that you didn’t want to so as to not unsettle me.”

“My sister went missing when I was twelve years old,” Mulder admitted. Though Samantha’s abduction was decades ago, it still pained him. “I never stopped looking for her, not until I found answers, and I would have found you too. Or hell, you’ve got half my genes, I’m sure curiosity would have gotten the better of you.”

William nodded. “I was already starting to look for you.”

His father smiled. “Me too.”


“Your mom didn’t know because I’d only just started. I didn’t want to upset her and give her false hope. She’s been beating herself up over your adoption ever since the day it happened. She’s never stopped regretting it, neither of us have. I think at the very least we both wanted a chance to see you and to tell you how sorry we truly are.”

“And here we are.”

“Here we are.”

“Did you ever find your sister?”

Mulder shook his head. “I found out that she’d died. I never found her body though, but I had a sense of closure.”

“I’m sorry. What was her name?”


William smiled sadly. “That’s a nice name.” His smile faded. “So many people have died.”

“I’m sorry. Did you envision a big family?”

The teenager shrugged. “I tried not to think about it too much. When I was younger I used to wonder whether I had any brothers or sisters, whether you had any other kids.”

Mulder shook his head. “Your mom was told she couldn’t have children. You were our miracle.”

“That’s what she told me.”

“We were always careful after that.” He noticed William grimace and smirked. “Too much information, I know. But after you were gone we didn’t want any more children, it wasn’t fair on you. We just wanted you back, but we knew that couldn’t happen.”


“But you’re here now, and I’m glad we’ve had the chance to explain and to apologize and…” Mulder took a deep breath, trying to control his emotions. “You know, I never remember my dad encouraging me as a kid. I never once recall him telling me he was proud of me or that he loved me. Just before I left you and your mom, you and I had a man to man chat. Well, I was talking and you looked as though you were listening. I wasn’t sure when I’d next see you and I wanted you to know that whatever happened, whatever path you chose in life that I would be proud of you, and I’d love you no matter what. I stand by that Will. You’re already a fine, young man with a pretty sensible head on his shoulders. Thankfully you’ve inherited that from your mom and your other parents, and I’m grateful for that. For many things actually. I’m so proud of you Will, and though I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now, and you have every right to hate me, I love you. Nothing will ever change that.”

“I don’t hate you,” William replied, sniffing. “I would never hate you. You’re my dad.”

Mulder rushed to brush away his tears but William noticed the movement. He smiled sadly. “It makes me sad and angry to hear what you guys went through and why we couldn’t be together. And I don’t wish you ill or anything, but I’m glad we’re here.”

“Me too buddy,” Mulder replied, his tears now falling freely as William reached out and placed his hand on his dad’s arm. They stayed like that momentarily, until Mulder reached out and embraced his son awkwardly, the wheelchair getting in the way.

“I thought I’d find you two out here,” came a voice from their right, minutes later. Both Mulder and William broke apart and looked over at Scully’s playful eyes. “I leave you alone for two minutes and you make a break for it.”

“I’m sorry,” William began, but Mulder interrupted.

“It was my fault Scully, I forced the kid to break me out.”

“Oh I don’t doubt that.” She held up the can of coke she held in her hand. “William, I got you this, but Michael and Sue are in the waiting room.”

“Right.” Both adults detected the disappointment in William’s voice. “Do I have to go now?”

Scully’s face said it all. “It’s getting late,” was her response. “But they have suggested you might like to come back tomorrow, if you –”

“That would be great,” William replied enthusiastically. “If that’s ok?”

“Of course it is, I’ll still be here,” said Mulder. “Unless I can convince the doctor to –”

“We’ll still be here William,” Scully answered.

“You can call me Will.”

“His friends call him Will,” Mulder volunteered, winking over at Scully as William got to his feet.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow then,” William said, smiling at them both. “It’s been good to meet you.”

“You too.”

“Take care Will. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

As William headed back inside, Scully wandered over towards Mulder and took a seat next to him on the bench, immediately taking hold of his hand. “Look at him Mulder.”

“I know.” He shook his head. “I’m half convinced I’m hallucinating.”

“He’s here.”

“He is.”

“And he wants to know us.”

“He’s awesome.” Mulder’s smile faded. “So you’ve met…?”

“His parents?”

“Yeah.” He shook his head. “It feels so wrong calling them that.”

“They are though Mulder. They’ve raised him. And yes, I’ve met them.”

“What are they like?”

“They seem nice. And they’re patient too, and happy for William to spend time with us. They’ve said he can spend the whole day with us tomorrow too.”

“The whole day?”

“Yeah.” Scully got to her feet. “So you need to rest up Mr.” She moved to wheel him back inside but Mulder reached out and took hold of her hand, tugging her downwards so she was at eye level with him.

“Thank you Scully,” he whispered, pulling her in for a chaste kiss. “For William. For everything.”

She grinned. “Come on Romeo, let’s get you back to bed.”


“You wish Mulder, you wish”, she said, wheeling him back indoors, both of them feeling better than they had done in a long long time.

Bad Reputation


A/N: This wasn’t requested, I’ve just had this idea in my head for so, so, so long and last night I started writing. I just feel like every one can relate to having put a label on them, idk. I may delete it again.

Word count: 4,286

Bad Reputation

The music was loud, actually giving me a rather unpleasant headache. I must admit, I didn’t really want to be at this party, but it was my first day back for months and I think my friends needed to see me make an effort.

Loads of people were here, half of them I didn’t even know, it had taken me an hour and a half to take pictures with people. I didn’t mind that, but I would just rather have been kicking it at home with Aaliyah watching Harry Potter or something.

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plans || thomas (the maze runner series)

word count: 2118

warnings: none

prompt: “do you ever think about us, what our future will be like, our memories?”

author’s note: this has been posted before on my old blog, but this is my imagine. so repost! also there is some austin mahone lyrics in here ;)

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squirrellygirlart  asked:

"Did you just DRUG ME!?" (Adrienette)

(Warning: inaccurate depiction of drug use as the writer has never tried drugs in his life. He is a good boy and shall stay as such.) 

Disclaimer: Characters are 16 of age in this prompt.

Disclaimer: The author does not condone the use of drugs of any kind. Don’t do drugs kids their not fun. 

“Did you just DRUG ME?!” Squealed the petite bluenette with a tint of mirth from where she sat across from Adrien. One slender hand hit the table in a feeble attempt to brace the tiny girl from falling over as the other abandoned the fourth chocolate confection she had previously been eating to press against the side of her temples as if it could restore her mind to proper thinking order. Those sweet blue bell eyes were glazing over pretty quick as a melodious sound bubbled up from her throat, threatening to break free.

Adrien for his part was fairing pretty well, all things considered. He slowly dropped the browning he himself had been planning to eat as he watched blue haired girl he’d invited over for a fun afternoon of tutoring and gaming quickly devolve into a fit of giggles. The blonde had only just offered her the plate of brownies not ten maybe twenty minutes ago before he left her side to mess with his TV and console systems to get it ready for their would-be epic fight royal in Ultimate Mecha Strike III. When he finally got the system working, he returned to her to find… This.

Why was the normally shy and clumsy Marinette Dupain-Cheng trying to hold in a laughing fit as her mind abandoned normal reason? The answer was in the pudding, or in this case, brownies. Adrien hadn’t meant any harm by them, he’d been given them by a fan that morning and thought they’d be perfect to share with Mari when she came over in the afternoon for their second hangout in two weeks. He’d been so excited to hang out with her again after their ‘date’ at the theater that he didn’t reason out why accepting fan gifts and giving them to friends was a /bad/ idea. Also, who in their right mind gives a celebrity model LACED BROWNIES?! If he ever found out who that girl was, he’d have choice words with her.

Back to the problem at hand, Adrien looked up to profusely apologize to the girl he’d just accidently baked, only to realize she was no longer there. A loud ruckus coming from the mini fridge across the room drew his attention, and the blonde boy nearly had a heart attack. Bent over in front of the fridge, her cute tiny bottom end wiggling happily in the air, was the bluenette rummaging through his fridge for something.

Calling over her shoulder the girl chuckled. “Hey! How come you don’t have anything good to eat in here? I need something to wash down those brownies… Oh a salad! Wait… aw nuts, Balsamic Vinaigrette. Geez Adrien don’t you have any sweets?” Marinette inquired as she stood up, taking with her a small salad that she began to shovel into her mouth. Blue bell eyes locked on green as a wicked smile slowly crept across her lips as the bluenette took in the blushing model who’s eyes most certainly weren’t on hers. A dastardly idea came to her addled mind as she took another bite of salad.

Adrien felt as if he was slowly dying inside as the normally hot mess of a girl strut like a model before plopping her rear on his lap to get comfy. She took another bite of lettuce, chewed, and swallowed, all before addressing her new seat with mirth lacing her tone. “You know, this is kinda nice. A little weird, but i could get used to this.” 

They both could hear the audible gulp as the blonde struggled to figure out where the shy Mari ended and this unrestricted mari began. “D-do you mean t-the salad or…” Marinette just laughed as she turned her head to look Adrien dead in the eyes as she whispered. “No silly, i meant your lap. You know i’ve had a crush on you for the longest time right?” 

Plagg, the little shit god of bad luck himself, couldn’t contain his hysterical laughter as he fled through a wall before Mari could notice him. Adrien promptly bore holes in that spot before a certain blue haired blue eyed girl sitting in his lap shifted her legs to his side, leaning her shoulder into his as she rested her head on his neck. “You know… you need to make it up to me for those ‘special’ brownies you gave me… How do you plan to do that Mister Agreste?”

“Adrien.Exe has stopped responding, please wait while the system reboots.”


AHAHAHAHA so i’ve never been on drugs, but i’ve known a few people who have, and one person i knew got kinda frisky when high. She acted kinda like this, so i’m drawing from that. Also did confirm a few more details with a friend, they know who they are, so this is doubly fun!

Anywho, if it’s not obvious, a fan gave adrien laced brownies for some reason. He in turn offered them to mari while getting things ready for some ultimate mecha strike three, giving her plenty of time to eat a few before the ‘spike’ kicked in. 

Betcha this isn’t at all what you thought you were getting Squirrellygirlart, but tell you what, i left a hint in this text. figure out which line is the prompt to the next post i’m gonna write, and you win some very delicious sin for it!

(Yes this will have a part 2, yes it will be sintastic.)

anonymous asked:

So oddly enough there isn't a lot of tomco fics mentioning Friend enemies, maybe a fic that takes place afterwards, where Marco tells Star about everything and she ends up realising that he had a crush on Tom? (Insert Star being matchmaker)

Yes! Of course I could write this! It was so sweet and I loved making it! I really enjoyed writing about Marco being in denial about loving Tom. I think it’s the cutest thing ever. I hope you enjoy it!

Marco practically ran into his house and closed the door behind him. Once he did he smiled big and giggled happily, wrapping his arms around himself and smiling. But his little celebration was cut off when he heard a voice. “What’s got you all excited?” Star asked. Marco looked up and blushed when he realized he was acting so chipper.

“Oh! Star! I uh… I was uh…” He trailed off, blushing deeper as Star raised an eyebrow. The girl then rolled her eyes and patted the spot next to her. She somehow had become untangled from the christmas lights.

“Come on, sit, you need to tell me exactly what happened.” Star explained. Marco rolled his eyes and sat next to Star, she scooted closer and grinned, waiting for all the details. “Soooo, how was your date?” She asked. Marco blushed violently.

“It wasn’t a date! I just went out! W-with Tom.” Marco added, blushing some more.

“How was it? Was I right? Was he trying to bury the hammer?” She asked.

“Hatchet, Star.” Marco corrected. “And no! He was using me to win some sort of dumb badge. To graduate anger management.” Marco complained.

“Hold on, hold on. Anger management isn’t something you just graduate. It’s something you deal with.” Star explained. Marco nodded. “What exactly happened, I need to know this gossip!” Star jumped and Marco rolled his eyes.

“There’s no gossip, Star. He used me! He was just being annoying and inconsiderate as usual! Typical Tom Lucitor.” Marco huffed. Star rolled her eyes.

“How was the movie?” She asked. Marco growled and threw his arms up in the air.

“We never went! Stupid Tom and his stupid anger issues made us miss it!” Marco hissed. “All we ended up doing was…” Marco trialed off and began playing with his thumbs. “Well… he felt bad about using me and… he ended up raising the dead, Mackie Han, so I could meet him.” Marco admitted. Star noticed Marco’s blush and gasped.

“He raised the dead for you!?” Star exclaimed. ‘That’s so sweet!” She chirped. Marco raged.

“Since when is anything Tom does CUTE!? He is NOT cute!” Marco crossed his arms. He then let his angry demeanor drop and then he smiled at the memory. “But it was… nice of him I guess. We never made it to the movie but, we ate cereal on the curb while watching Mackie Hand beat up guards.” Marco explained. Star scooted forward.

“And?” She asked in a sing-song voice. Marco blushed deeper and began to tell her more excitedly.

“Well, after we watched and ate cereal, he was just so worn out from the resurrection spell that he fell asleep on top of me.” Marco told her. “I wanted to wake him up but I…” Marco trailed off. Why didn’t he wake Tom up? Why didn’t he roll his eyes and get annoyed that he passed out on him? It was odd that Marco just let the demon take a nap.

Star crossed her arms and leaned back, smiling with a knowing expression. “Ah, I see.” She smirked. Marco narrowed his eyes at her.

“You see what?” He asked. Star grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh nothing you don’t already know.” She told him. Marco gave her an odd look and she giggled. “Oh come on, it’s a little obvious, Marco.” Star nudged him. “You spend a night together, he does something sweet and kind for you, you eat cereal together on the curb and then he falls asleep on you? Those are the stages of love!” Star giggled.

“Those are not the stages of love, what weird love-stories are you reading?” Marco asked. “And I do NOT like Tom!” he hissed. “He is so annoying and aggro and such a jerk!” Marco seethed. “Why would I like him?” He asked the girl.

“You tell me.” Star told her friend. “What did you feel when you found out he was using you?” She asked. Marco sighed and looked down.

“Hurt… really hurt.” Marco admitted.

“Ore so than if I did something like that?” Star asked.

“Well not more so… but it definitely would be a different feeling.” Marco admitted, looking away.

“And when he brought Mackie back to life for you, what did you feel?” Star asked, scooting closer still. Marco rubbed the back of his head and shuffled back and forth.

“Really… flattered.” Marco blushed and giggled. “I was really happy he did something like that for me and I-” Marco cut off when he saw Star’s grin. “Stop looking at me like that! I do NOT have a crush on him!” He cried.

“One more question.” Star begged. Marco sighed and nodded. “How did you feel when he fell asleep on you?” Star asked. Marco blushed even deeper than he had in this entire conversation, he looked down and took a deep breath.

“I… I was nervous, my heart was racing and I just couldn’t stop looking at him. I just ignored the fight and… found myself just sitting there and hoping Tom had good dreams.” Marco stopped and had a happy light in his eyes as Star giggled into a pillow. Marco looked up and his smiled faded. He got off and marched into his room, angry at Star’s giggling.

“Oh come on Marco! You know the truth!” She called after him, laughing. “You loooove him!” Star sang.

“I do not!” Marco called back. He marched up the steps and Star sighed, shaking her head before hearing Marco’s door slam. “I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH TOM!”