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eunji on scene stealer ep. 08


Snapshot: Irish Exit

Shawn’s birthday gave me an idea so here it is. It’s shit, but I wrote it in like less than a hour so… Enjoy :-)

           “Shots!” one of my friends yelled, holding out a tray of shot glasses in front of her. We all took one and I swallowed mine back, my nose scrunching at the burn the liquid left in my throat. Zoe giggled beside me, spilling half of her shot on her dress as she struggled to stay on her feet.

           “Whoa there!” I exclaimed, laughing with her as I put my arm around her waist to steady her.

           She chugged back the rest of the Vodka before wrapping both of her arms around me, smiling drunkenly up at me. “Ya know something?” she slurred. “You’re so cute!”

           “Oh, am I?” I asked, amused.

           “Soooooo cute! The cutest!” she practically yelled.

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Is Mehday almost over? Work is nonstop but I needed a break. I have to work more later. 🙁


I miss taking selfies for her…so you guys are stuck with them instead!

This really fucking pisses me off too, because I totally broke a 2 year anti-selfie streak because she asked me to snap chat with her. She was soooooo damn cute, I couldn’t resist. You gotta send selfies in return if you wanna keep’m comin, amirite?

And fuck ghosting. If you don’t want me in your fucking life just tell me. Like, what the hell? Ghosting is for selfish assholes. Either they don’t have the balls to make a clean break or they want to leave the door open “just in case.” But guess what, if you want the door open, all you gotta do is say so. Some people actually like open doors. 😎

Poly is about communication. And you know what? So far, in recent months, I’ve interacted with more poly people who fail at this than those who don’t. What’s up with that?

Guys, is it really THIS hard to date chicks, what the hell?