she is so young and she has a fascinating career so far

things my shakespeare professor said over the past semester

“toni morrison did not develop the career she has because she spent her time in drug-fueled orgies.” EDIT: my friend reminded me that our prof said orgies, not threesomes, and that the following sentence was “no, she spent her time at her desk producing very fine novels.”

(about acting in shakespeare) “this is not the golden globes or whatever, if you’re not white, you can still participate.”

“many important things are discovered on the way to the restroom.”

(what sonnets mean) “please sleep with me”, “i wish i could be with you so we could get it on, but you’re far away and we can’t so all i can send you is a dumb poem”

“juliet is a very smart chick.”

(a few vague threats) “oh, i laugh, but people cried.” “i will cut you.” “when i am sardonic, you will feel bad.”

(about the histories) “it’s mentally easy if you see it all as game of thrones.”

“the plantagenets were no longer in charge, which was good, because they were bitches.”

(about richard III being obsessed with anne) “i’m not just some horny dude that wants to sleep with you, it’s just that you’re so hot that i had to mow down everyone else in my way to get to you.”

“what’s the fun of throwing a party if you don’t not invite people?”

“you fuck with my kids, your kids are going in a pie.”

“the people who are in love [in comedies] are usually young, dumb, and boring.”

“comedies begin in shit places- if the play opens and the sky is falling, you’re in a comedy.”

(about ephesus in the comedy of errors) “everyone’s a witch here, let’s just bail.”

“henry VIII breaks with the roman church and fucking destroys every monastery in sight.”

“henry V started off as a party-going, panty-chasing loser.”

(about hamlet’s entrance in I.ii) “it’s always fun to arrive late to the party, it does imply that you have a fascinating social life.”

“conspiracies are erotic.”

“art, am i right?”


Aaaallllllrighty, the interest in the Dragon!AU was big enough for me to go ahead and do a couple of doodles for it, and given they’re my favorite ship and, as always, one of the main pairings in the AU, I started off with Twilight and Rarity!

For a very brief rundown of the AU: Twilight Sparkle is a bright scholar and is sorta famous for her work as a Monster Slayer. She’s one day contracted to hunt down and kill one of the most dangerous and rarest creatures known in the world: a dragon. But, her encounter with said dragon sort of turns her world upside down.

This is probably the tallest and built I’ve ever made Twilight in an AU aside from good ol’ Bodyguard!AU, from which I took some cues from. :3 She’s far more taken to her father’s side of the family and, like her brother, she grows to be pretty tol. Service in the name of Queen Celestia and Princess Luna is a long-standing family tradition/career among the Sparkles and in this AU, Twilight doesn’t stray too far from that calling. Not technically a soldier but she could serve as one, her job primarily revolves around containing, relocating, or slaying hostile creatures of the… well, unordinary caliber (including cockatrice, chimeras, manticores, draugr, werewolves, vampires, star spiders, so on). Twilight much prefers studying and learning about the creatures she hunts over killing them, but sometimes it honestly can’t be avoided. While she’s studied dragons and listen intently to the stories her mentors tell, Rarity is the first time Twi ever encounters a living dragon.

As for Rarity, given that dragons are sought after for several things (their scales/pelts, teeth, horns, treasure, or simply something to kill), she keeps to her territory high in the mountains and, if she ever needs to interact with civilization, takes on her pony form. Rarity is forever fascinated by the lives of normal beings and tries to immerse herself as much as she can without getting caught, but pony fashion in particular has really caught her eye. So much so that she often spends some of her vast trove of gold on supplies so she can make dresses herself. The fashion is probably the primary reason why she likes being in her pony form so much: she gets to wear the outfits. Despite her admiration for normal beings and their vast cultures, she isn’t naive; she knows just how dangerous it can be, no matter how good a disguise her pony form may be, if someone recognized that she were a dragon. As such she isn’t so quick to trust anyone, including other dragons (some of which who’ve taken up selling or killing their own kind for their own greed). She is the primary caretaker of her baby sister, Sweetie Belle, and the young orphaned drake Spike, both of which she’s extremely protective of because dragon youngsters are by far the most valuable.

Aaaaand that’s all I have for now? Feel more than free to ask me any questions if you’d like, and let me know what ya think. Thank you for taking a looksie and keep a lookout for more of this AU! c:

You're welcome to join me


“After a long night of partying with the BOTS tour cast, Bianca makes her way to her hotel room to relax. She gets out of drag and she starts walking down memorylane, thinking about her time with her sister Adore on the show and after er success and before she knows it, the younger queen turns up behind her hotel room door. Bianca takes the younger in to let her shower and sleep the night away. Adore, however, has other plans ready.”

I do not know anything about writing about Drag Race queens and this is my first fic ever, so please take it with a shot of tequila or at least get medicated before reading this. I tried my best and I am semi-proud of this fic….or so I keep telling myself.

Biadore is a challenging pair to write about, but I hope this gives off the right vibe and I didn’t just completely ruin one of the biggest ships in Drag Race herstory. I also used female pronouns throughout the fic and didn’t really mention their boy names, which I hope no one gets triggered by.

This fic is not influenced by All Stars 2 so just act like it didn’t happen at all. Also, this fic is not related to reality in any way. I just took a random set of queens for my ideal BOTS tour cast, which has actually never happened.

I hope you enjoy this!!


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anonymous asked:

I'm the anon who asked about the girls moving in together and I also think T is ready for a glass closet 2.0. But it is Karlie who's fascinating to me. She was way more carefree back in the day, I mean she kissed Cara on the lips in front of a camera! No fucks given. Lately? It looks like she's the one reluctant to gay it up. I do have to wonder if it's because of JK or she's getting cold feet maybe? The Tribeca place renewal implies that /both/ of them made a decision about their future though

Agreed. About all of it, including Karlie being more guarded now than before. I think that is two-fold. The gross association we all hate is a big motivator for JK to remain closeted, deeply. So deeply he may have forgotten Narnia isn’t the real world. And he may be really fighting to keep the association with her even as it appears she doesn’t want the same.

But also, I think Karlie didn’t fully understand in 2014 what being with Taylor meant as far as exposure and media attention and baggage and possibly threats to Taylor and to herself on a scale she couldn’t imagine until kissgate exposed her to all of the other things. She’s had girls before, at least one long term, and it wasn’t a big deal because she and her girl were on the same level, fame-wise. Very few can truly understand what Taylor’s level entails.

That is also why I think Taylor has come to terms with the potential fallout and Karlie may not be there yet. Taylor is self aware enough to know she may have hit a career peak with 1989. Karlie is continuing a slow rise. Being publicly with Taylor will skyrocket her recognizability in the GP but at the cost of being Mrs. Taylor Swift rather than Supermodel Karlie Kloss, as she is currently known now in her own industry. There are a lot more balls in the air for her future than just “who do I want to wake up next to.” She’s young, and probably seeing forever as a lot longer when faced with such a life-altering decision.

They made it through 2015 so there are no doubts, I wouldn’t think, about their love or relationship. But that doesn’t mean she’s settled in her mind about the other stuff.

All my own opinion and speculation based on observation over the years.

Ninjago Headcanon about the ninja before they were ninjas


-He was really impatient when it came to certain things like when it came to things like forging something, waiting for somebody to finish shopping, or waiting to be seated at a restaurant

-Blacksmithing took up most if not all of his time during the day and, when needed, repairs and upgrades to the blacksmith shop. He left advertising and some errands to Nya

-Aspired to be the best of his trade so that he could produce more quality items and therefore get more customers and business. Not to mention the boosted quality against those who would mean harm to him or his sister

-Business had been slowing progressively as of the time before Wu went to recruit him to become a ninja and due to business slowing down he had gotten more and more impatient when he was working at the forge

-His main customers were the nearby farmers that would be willing to defend themselves against thieves and the rare mercenary that was sent to deal with thugs, although crime rate was surprisingly low in Ninjago and really the only places victim to crime were the outskirts of farming villages

- Had a surprising spike in business a short time before the skeletons attacked when he started making scimitars and longer but slimmer katanas

-He had not known much about his parents but believed his father was hiding something in the shop, but despite searching, he couldn’t find anything. (Slight Season 7 Spoilers Ahead) As much as he loved his parents he still felt anger because of how they left him and Nya at such a young age and so abruptly, but after learning the truth, he forgave them about how it was against their will (End of Season 7 Spoilers)

-The more popular items he sold at the shop were swords, katanas, daggers, and body armor

-He had been searching for hints or secrets his father may have left behind before he left but couldn’t find anything and just went to making more swords to sell. However he was frustrated after failing to find anything and messed up making the sword, ending in having the blade curve and twist. That was when Wu came to him, a stranger to the blacksmith at first he was wary because he was acting different compared to a normal customer. Raising his suspicions he got a bit more hostile and this did not pair well with his agitation, however he thought that he might buy something after Wu’s choice fo words. Then, everything happened so fast with the skeletons, the map, and Nya


-The only time he really left the junkyard to go anywhere was to either test an invention or go run some errands in the city

-Spent most of his time tinkering and inventing, sometimes with his father. However he did also really enjoyed playing video games and he sometimes as well just went around the junkyard searching for cool gizmos and parts he could use for something

-Picked up inventing from father and watching him invent when Jay was very young. Jay didn’t have much else to do so watching his father create something great out of what was thought to be useless junk was fascinating to him

-He enjoyed to make puzzle cubes and small puzzle containers that each were unique in design. He had collections of them, of sorts, with each collection having their own theme. For example, he made a series of puzzle cubes just based off abstract which gave him the opportunity to work with curves, twists, and turns in his contraptions

-Jay decided he could make some money if he made duplicates of inventions and sold them, although he didn’t really enjoy waiting for buyers and he doesn’t really have a formal shop so it took alittle longer to sell them all. Of course he kept all the first inventions from the blueprints because they had more value to him and were special

-He has a close bond with his parents, especially his father, but sometimes his mom can embarrass him when she has her friends over and talks a it too much. Although he begs her to be quiet when she is with her friends sometimes but he still loves her nonetheless

-Was testing a pair of mechanical wings but the Junkyard was too small and his parents were afraid that he would have gone too far away due to strong winds so Jay went to test it in the city. After ascending to the roof by walking up many flights of stairs. He had taken off and at first it started good but shortly afterwards it  

-Never had any real friends growing up due to the fact that he was home schooled and he developed one or two acquaintances while in the city for errands over time

-Never really minded not really having any friends but sometimes the thought passed his mind about what it would be like if he had more friends and was a part of a community

-One of the acquaintances he developed happened to be Cole. Jay first found Cole when he was outside the bakery as Cole was looking for work to feed himself. Cole was leaning against the wall on the outside of the bakery when he noticed a boy with greasy auburn hair wearing a blue sweatshirt with a white stripe going across the middle who seemed kind, gentle, fragile, and very lost. So Cole inquired this blue boy about if he was lost or not, despite pretty obviously being lost. Jay responded with how he couldn’t find the new grocery shop due to how he doesn’t go to the city very often and it is ever advancing. So Cole, still in search for work, thought he could not only help this boy but also possibly find work. On the way they talked, soon developing a good acquaintanceship. However they parted ways and did not see eachother again until they met together as ninja, which was a pleasant surprise for the both of them


-Had to make a living for himself since his dad assumed he was going to the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts

-He had tried to make as many friends as possible that could serve as connections to a job or even care for him for a while

-He made a surprisingly good living besides not having his own place to stay and ended up staying at a friend’s house most of the time. Although he never did tell anybody about how his father thinks he is at the dance school his father sent him to

-Cole’s father did not suspect Cole was avoiding the performing school, not in the slightest

-At first it was very difficult being self-sufficient but it helped to build his leadership skills and the whole experience taught many lessons

-He didn’t have any regrets leaving the school but still wondered what it would be like when his father found out about him avoiding the school, or what it would be like once he had to tell his father about it

-After a while he got very concerned about his future since he didn’t know what career he would pursue. He got this off his mind by doing activities like mountain climbing, and then it hit him. He got the idea of that he could use his incredible strength to compete in tournaments, get money, and possibly by showing off his strength he could become famous and then he would tell his father about how he ran from the performing school because their is no way his father could not hear about him becoming famous. Either his father would find out himself or a friend of his father’s would tell him

-He figured he could climb one of the taller mountains in Ninjago with a group of people climbing the mountain as well, and there would be a news story about it. So he figured if he showed of his strength that this would be an amazing way to start off his career, and as he was ascending the mountain with cameras focused on him, they shifted to the others to show how far Cole was ahead but then Cole found Wu, and when the cameras went back to Cole, they couldn’t find him


-Zane knew he was suffering from amnesia but he felt like their was some other core aspect of himself that he was missing, so he meditated on it

-He had no idea where his home was or who his parents were. He wandered aimlessly hoping to stumble into answers and he didn’t have any needs because he didn’t feel like he needed anything

-He felt like a part of him was missing that probably stemmed from his memory. He sought answers to this and he figured and he would find them within himself so he meditated in very remote places

-He didn’t have any friends or acquaintances, but he didn’t bother searching for them anyway because he knew he wasn’t good with people and with his search, he didn’t think anyone would want to help him  

-He didn’t really feel a need to eat or sleep and he just avoided people in general due to how socially awkward he was around anywhere

-He often did pilgrimages to certain landmarks that had a special, usually spiritual, significance to meditate there and since he could not find the answers he was looking for he kept traveling to more and more locations but over time he started to travel less and less distances and then decided to try different places, like underwater

-He had tried this once under a pond near a small farming village on the outskirts of Jamanakai Village that the local farmers believed have a blessings against that which means harm to their crops and family. Zane had stayed meditating under this pond for three days when it iced over on third day. The villagers thought Zane was in peril and tried to rescue him, and then Zane noticed Wu meditating with him


-He doesn’t remember much about his father but blurry memories, but he doesn’t like to think back on these, seeing them as the long gone past. He remembers a few things about his mother which was mostly him homeschooling him for a while and teaching him lessons about discipline, which was ironic when his mother sent him to a boarding school for bad boys

-Was seen as a leader of sorts at his boarding school due to the fact that his father was not only the son of the First Spinjitzu Master but also very evil, which the other kids admired

-Since he was the leader of the popular clique in the boarding school this slightly helped develop his leadership skills but it helped nonetheless

-With the help of fellow students he did pranks on the teachers pretty often which often involved being tied in rope and gagged, left for whoever finds them to deal with. This of course ended in him getting scolded because of the serious harm he is causing right now for a child, they are trained to be evil but he is a couple steps too far ahead

-Although he had started to get bored and feel too much of a routine, not too mention it started to get progressively less and less academic

-Due to less and less participation and more and more antics he was eventually kicked out from the school, furious, he donned his cowl and set out on a journey for vengeance against the school

-He had wandered aimlessly and he figured the solution to how he would get revenge would stumble upon him and he started to stem a few ideas from his head, starting with robbing the candy stalls in Jamanakai Village

-The trek between the boarding school and Jamanakai wasn’t too bad considering he got a bus along the way, all while trying to act intimidating and menacing to passerby, who felt sympathy for him and gave him some spare change and occasionally a fruit

-He had gone through many plans to start his evil doing spree which included, but not limited to: robbing an art museum by being intimidating and disappearing into smoke and getting away, rob the large candy store  in Ninjago city, Find his evil dad and do evil with him, and taking over Ninjago (by having all the candy)


-She knew Kai felt like he was in charge of everything dealing with the blacksmith shop but sometimes she ended up having to help him and do right what he failed to do, although she never talked about it like that because she knows that Kai would get mad if she made him realize how much he can learn on her support sometimes

-She had run most of, if not all, of the errands for the blacksmith’s shop that involved shopping for supplies and such. She avoided trying to make any friends or acquaintances while in the city because she didn’t really need any more friendships than the bonds she developed with the nearby farmers and their family, as well as with their customers. Not to mention she would be content if the only friend she had was Kai and she couldn’t deny that she leaned on Kai for support sometimes and also for money for food

-She often made small renovations to the blacksmith shop so that it was more appealing to everybody. This worked very well since she understood the blacksmith shop’s customers well and tried to appeal to everybody but yet keep it simple and not get too complicated

-She had noticed that Kai had gotten a bit obsessed with where their parents went and to see if they left any clues behind… she couldn’t blame him, she got obsessed with something easily if she wanted it pretty bad as well

-She couldn’t deny that her and her brother shared a lot of traits and they have lived together for all of their lives and also usually work on the same thng as an occupation which started with the blacksmith’s shop and then becoming a ninja. They both leaned on eachother for support, and it worked perfectly, like clockwork

-During the time she was working the blacksmith shop, she had done everything else that Kai didn’t do, which was mainly the financial state they were in, advertisement, decorations, design, and also shopping for items like clothes, food, and supplies for Kai

-Sometimes in her free time she would usually train in combat against a training dummy. This actually helped attract customers sometimes because Nya’s combat prowess with the weapons from the shop was a bit of a show-off and certain passerby that saw it were intrigued to learn more about the weapons and their quality

-Other times in her free time she would spend engineering and tinkering. She loved to build small mechanical mechs and one day dreamed of having her own giant pilotable mech suit, but they didn’t have emrely enough supplies for that. She would have also liked to make mechs to help with chores however she didn’t have merely enough knowledge to program that

-Despite playing a big role in Kai’s life and Kai playing a big role in hers, she can be very independent if she gets a good footing

The Show Must Go On: Metal Hammer, August 2017

From going DIY to career-threatening medical conditions, nothing can stop In This Moment from realising their grand vision. We head Stateside for their biggest-ever tour to find out why…

Words: Mischa Pearlman | Pictures: Jeremy Saffer

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary tourbus, casually parked outside a music venue like on any other day of the week. Climb inside, however, and it’s anything but. Swathes of black fabric cover the furniture, the smell of incense fills the air and candles adorn almost every surface possible, creating a peaceful, mystical vibe. Even when Maria Brink, dressed in a long, black gown, sits down and accidentally knocks one of the candles over, she doesn’t panic at the thought of fire or impending doom. Instead, the In This Moment singer simply picks it up and places it back on the table. It’s a plastic flame, after all - if there’s going to be a raging inferno, it’ll be when they’re on stage in a few hours. Because In This Moment have what must be one of the most incredible stage shows in alternative music right now.

Tonight, the LA band are bringing that show to The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts, as they hit the home stretch of the first leg of their Half God/Half Devil headline US tour. Doors aren’t quite open, and a huge line snakes around the block. There’s also a large group of diehard fans - known as the Blood Legion - waiting for a meet and greet. It’s a solid indication that this tour’s been going well.

“It’s been spectacular,” beams Maria, sitting across from guitarist Chris Howorth, with whom she co-founded the band in 2005. Her voice is chirpy and friendly, matching her demeanour perfectly. “Ninety-five percent of the shows have been sold out. We’re so grateful. It’s blown our minds, because we were off for a while and didn’t know what to expect coming back.”

That must be something of a relief, given the epic scale of their live show on US shores. There are props galore, outrageous costumes, disturbing masks, moving platforms, smoke machines. And then there are the Blood Girls, a cast of faceless women who dance throughout the gig, taking up different roles for different songs, diverting attention for when Maria escapes to change outfit, stalking the stage like creatures from the Underworld. Each song is a true performance piece, with visuals and choreography designed to enhance the power of the music and the message while also creating its own unique scene. It’s somewhere between the Thriller video come to life and the most fucked up Katy Perry performance you’ll ever see. It hasn’t always been this way, but it was always meant to be this way.

“I think Maria always knew it was going to be like this one day,” says Chris, whose jovial tone is at odds with his imposing presence, “but when we started out, we didn’t have anything but our own microphone. And it’s evolved into this.”

“I always had a big vision,” confirms Maria. “I’m one of those people who loves to seek out new things and learn and evolve and push our vision as far as we can. At the beginning, I started telling Chris these things I was seeing in my head and we started doing them without the budget. We were building stuff in the parking lot with nails and wood from Home Depot. And when I started seeing that it actually was possible, the sky became the limit.”

Twelve years into their career, In This Moment are still reaching for the skies and pushing those limits. After four albums on influential label Century Media, they signed to Atlantic Records for 2014’s Black Widow, something that brought the reality of achieving their vision closer than ever. Yet that doesn’t mean they’re close to where they actually want to be, even in terms of the seamless and polished show we see later tonight.

“Right now,” says the singer, “we have a crew of 20, including the drivers. There are two buses and a semi. But in my mind, with the show I want to create, it’s probably going to be double that. There’s a bunch of new things in the show that we’re doing, and we’re still putting pieces together and figuring out some little things. There are so many little details, and people behind the scenes working incredibly hard. By the end of this tour going into the next one I think we’ll be at 100%.”

Her fascination with the theatrical began as a young girl, when she’d put on plays for family and friends. That developed into a love of Madonna and Michael Jackson, before settling on the more macabre imagery that dominates In This Moment’s stage show. Equally inspired by the aesthetic of Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, an In This Moment gig is much more than just a concert. It’s an all-consuming experience for both the audience and the band, and Maria admits her ultimate dream is to have a Las Vegas residency. But although the performance aspect is incredibly important - it’s not just at the centre of what the band do, but of who they are - they’re aware that they can’t only rely on the visuals. The songs also need to be good. More than that, though, they need to work together as two sides of the same coin. So while pre-production for the live shows starts a month before a tour, the seed for the visuals is planted incredibly early on in the songwriting process. Rather than divising the live show for the song after the fact, the two are pretty much interlinked from the beginning.

“Before we even go into the studio,” says Maria, “I come up with a storyboard for everyone. From there, it goes into writing the songs and then working out how to bring it to life onstage. You have to get the balance right. If the performance is really amazing but the music sucks, it’s a flop. And if the music is great but we’re trying to do a performance that’s not quite working and we’re tripping and falling and it’s turning into Spinal Tap, that’s not great either.”

“It’s much more than just making sure you play or sing everything right,” adds Chris. “She’s thinking about the show while she’s writing the songs. As this gets bigger and bigger, we’re going into places and things we’ve never done before. It’s a constant learning process, and we’re learning every step of the way because things are always developing.”

That ambitious vision has led to some logistical issues, not least when it comes to taking that gargantuan production abroad, where the band aren’t as high profile as they are in the States. “We want to take this as far as we can go,” insists Chris, “and we want the show to get better and better. Maria has so many ideas that we’re not able to make realise right now because of money and practicality. We also want to take the show overseas, and we haven’t really got to that point either.”

“What happens,” explains Maria, “is you can blow up here and have a certain budget for all these people that you have to pay for, but we can’t necessarily afford it where we’re not as big. But we’ve got to go there anyway in order to get this big there, in order to bring them that show. We don’t want to cheat anybody of the full experience of what it’s supposed to be, but we realise that we have to tone it down a little. You can still pull off something magical without all the bells and whistles.”

Being so invested in their art doesn’t come without its physical consequences, either. Both Maria and Chris admit that the spectacle of the band’s live show leaves them physically drained, and it has caused their health to suffer. In particular, in April 2016, the band were forced to cancel a UK tour after Chris was diagnosed with acute arthritis. It’s something he’d been suffering from for years - and which had led to a painkiller addiction - but it had gone undiagnosed. Although he’s better, he’s unable to move his neck much because it’s fused to his back.

“I thought I was never going to be able to do this again,” he says. “I was watching [tour support band] Avatar the other day and got depressed because they’re all young and banging their heads like crazy and I’m never going to do that again. But it is what it is. I did that at the beginning and that’s what got me into this situation, because I wasn’t taking care of myself properly.”

“We never thought we’d be those people who have to get physical therapy every day,” adds Maria, “but we took what happened really seriously because it was so devastating. So now we’re dorks who get physical therapy every day. It’s not just about the exercise and how hard you sang physically, but when you’re connecting with a crowd, that’s a lot of energy coming at you. You’re moving your soul and your energy, so you’re pretty drained at the end. We take care of ourselves and get massages and do yoga, but we’re still in pain. You just have to push through.”

That’s exactly what they’re doing, both in terms of their show and the music. The band’s new album even features a guest vocal from Rob Halford on a song called Black Wedding, something that happened after the Judas Priest singer saw the band live (“He wanted to come see us,” exclaims Chris, “which blew us away.”). Clearly, things have come a long way since the band began life over a decade ago, and even further from the productions Maria used to stage as a child.

“She’s directing a play that costs a lot of money now,” jokes Chris. Maria looks across the aisle of the bus at him. “But when are we going to make any money?” she laughs. “We spend it all on the show. It’s kind of like betting on yourself.”

They shouldn’t worry too much. At the rate they’re going, the odds look very good indeed.

Ritual is out on July 21 via Atlantic Records.

Strawberry Moon - (Trixya) - (2/?) - spacespice

Just another Hollywood lesbian AU. Trixie is a struggling music artist finally discovered by a sleazy Hollywood manager; however, his Russian trophy bride (along with her small-waisted young lover) complicate and confuse Trixie’s rise to the top as a legend, icon, and star. 

A/N: This took a little longer than I expected. Apologies. I’ve still got one or two more chapters in me before it’s curtains. No overt Vatya content this time. (Which, is sad to me, because I’m Vatya trash but…whatever.)

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An Unlikely Pair (part 1)

A/N: Hey there, I created this story based off of the prompt “you are born with your soulmates initials and they burn more intensely the closer you get to meeting them”. This is my first story so I would really appreciate feedback. Tell me how you feel! Thanks for reading :) NO CIVIL WAR SPOILERS 

Pairings: Bucky/(F)Reader 

Warnings: none I think? wrist pinches. this is basically a build up to their meeting

 Bucky had never been an outsider. From the day he was born and all through his school years he was extroverted and playful and always willing to make new friends. He had never felt different or odd, he had always felt comfortable with himself, but when his teenage and eventually early adult years rolled around, he began to feel left behind. 

 See, everyone on this Earth was born with the initials of their soulmate. If you didn’t have any initials, well you just weren’t human. Never had it been recorded that a human was missing the letters permanently seared into their wrist. How though, you may ask, does one know that they had found their soulmate? There were millions of people with identical initials, how could you possibly know who is yours? Pain! That is the wonderful sacrifice of love. The closer you get to the day you meet your one and only, the sharper the burning on your wrist is. The minute you lay eyes upon your other half though, the burning immediately goes away and the pain is nearly forgotten as you dance into the sunset with your lover. 

 James “Bucky” Barnes has never felt even a tingling on his wrist. In fact, sometimes he feels he will never find this Y/IN, and that is the reason for his increasing sorrow. As the people he’s grown up with leave and find their partners, he is stuck here in Brooklyn with Steve, wondering if he’ll ever find his lover in this life.

 Bucky wouldn’t feel his wrist tingle for 70 more years.

 Y/N was born with a very faint soul mark. Her mark wasn’t readable until age 6 and even then, it was hard to make out the subtle ‘JBB’ on her soft skin. 

 Y/N had never worried of her soulmate as other girls her age so often did. At 8, she was fascinated with nature. 11, space. 13, biology. And at 16, she had decided her career would concern science. Then, by 23 she was soaring through school faster than anyone she knew and it had suddenly occurred to her that she was very much alone. 

 Her best friend had found her soulmate in second grade. A new student who had made her way to their school from several towns away. The parents had been surprised at the early revelation, but not shocked. Though second grade was young, the two girls certainly weren’t the youngest soulmates. However, the destined lovers never got along until high school, where they realized that elementary affairs were a thing of the past and, as anticipated, Y/N was maid of honor at the wedding only 5 years later. 

 That was Y/N’s first taste of true love. And it wasn’t a bad experience, but she never truly felt a need for openly seeking out her mate. She figured as soulmates, their paths were destined to cross. She wasn’t aware of how lonely she was, though, until she felt a small pinch on the inside of her wrist. Dropping her pencil on the lab table, she pushed the sleeve of her white lab coat up to find the JBB on her left wrist was no longer as faint as it had been. 

Bucky kept his head down. He walked through the streets of whatever city he was in and just observed. People watching, he found, was something he was very good at since his escape from HYDRA. He could sit at a cafe table and just watch. All day. Then he would make his way to whatever hotel he stayed at for the next couple of days, and do it all again the next day. 

 One particularly sunny day, he found himself sipping cheap coffee at some street side cafe when he got the feeling he was being watched. He slowly turned his head to each corner of the street. Each building, every person around him, every car that drove by. So when Steve sat across from him he practically jumped up and ran to the other side of the country. But something kept him seated. Looking around he spotted a man in glasses across the street who just waved. Bird-man. He’d done a number on him at the Triskelion. He turned his attention back to Steve. 

“You remember me?” Steve asked. Bucky didn’t answer. 

“Bucky, do you remember me?” Steve asked again, stern. Bucky nodded. 

“Buck, I know you’ve heard this a thousand times, but I really mean it. We can help you. I know you are going through a tough time on the run, you are probably having nightmares, always on edge. Just come with us, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

And Bucky didn’t know is it was because he was tired, the cheap coffee, or because his wrist pinched at the words come with us but he nodded his head. 

And he was starting over. 

 Bruce Banner and Tony Stark were like her old married grandparents. Y/N was so grateful for the chance to work with them in the lab but anytime she mentioned it Bruce would always say something like “That you are even in this lab shows we are equals. You are as important as me,” while Tony would quip “I’m grateful I get to see your pretty face everyday.

 The environment was perfect. She never really liked high school, she got on fine in college, but working in Avenger’s Tower with two genius avengers (and a couple other lab technicians or SHIELD agents) was practically what she was meant for. The friendships she had made in the tower were stronger than any friendship she’d made in her life. Whether it be a SHIELD agent or an Avenger, they treated her as a human. And that was more than she could ask for. 

 Among her greatest friends were two SHIELD agents, Agent Byron Johnson and Agent Tina Cordell, and practically all of the Avengers (the closest being Wanda, Natasha, and Clint). She spent more time with the Avengers themselves, however, making upgrades to their suits or even going as far to patch everyone up after missions. 

 The Avengers thought of their sweet Y/N as their little sister. They loved her bright, bubbly personality and how she could make any dreary day better. So when she began to feel down about her long lost soulmate, it’s no wonder they noticed so soon.

 Steve came to the team after Y/N had left for the lab one morning. "Have you guys noticed something off with Y/N lately?”

 "I haven’t noticed anything. She seemed sunshine this morning. Why?“ Clint responded, munching a spoonful of Cap'n'Crunch. 

 Steve sighed, "it’s not that she isn’t ’sunshine’ it’s just… there’s something bothering her. I can’t place it.”

 "She’s lonely,“ Wanda spoke from behind them. 

 ”Jesus, I didn’t even see you there!“ Clint coughed. 

 Wanda narrowed her eyes at him then spoke to the team again, "Y/N has never met her soulmate, and she is beginning to feel lonely." 

 They all nodded their heads in silence. "Well I don’t know how a pretty girl like her hasn’t met her soulmate yet,” Sam chuckled. 

 Everyone smiled. “I have a feeling she will meet this person very soon,” Vision spoke, before the group dissipated to their daily activities. 

Bucky’s rehabilitation had been a tough experience, but he was making progress and even he could see that. But no matter how distracted he could get with the new technology Tony tried to introduce, the new life of living around the avengers, or even trying to keep his memories together, he still felt a familiar longing for someone to go through life with him. 

His wrist had tingled (again) one day during a therapy session. His day had been made to say the least. He was ecstatic! but he couldn’t tell you why. Somewhere deep inside him was jumping for joy and the reddened Y/IN, and that wasn’t a bad thing at all but he had never remembered feeling this way about a girl before.  At least, before he escaped the grips of HYDRA. 

 But now? Now that his wrist had tingled? He couldn’t get this person off his mind. He needed to find her. He wondered if this was James “Bucky” Barnes’ deepest desire. Maybe this girl would make him human again.  

It was almost more important than getting better. 

Kylux AU prompts/ideas

Oh my god okay I have so many that I’ll never do because time, but I’ve got billions, so if anyone is looking for random ideas, this is the place for you.

  • pro figure skater AU: Hux is a career-driven skater determined to make it onto the Olympic team, no matter what anyone else thinks. Kylo just wants to skate to the Imperial March. They are the least compatible ice-dance team history has ever seen, but they’ve got to make it work.
  • Hunger Games AU:  Kylo is a slightly unstable volunteer for the Games (against his parents’ wishes), who everyone thinks only volunteered so he can kill people. Hux is the ruthless career who’s only here to win. (I think this one’s been mentioned before).
  • Alien AU: Kylo is a down-on-his luck spacer who just wants to get paid. Hux is in command of the ship, but everything keeps going wrong. And that’s before another crewer is brought back from a planetary excursion with a strange creature attached to their face…
  • Alternate Alien AU: Tensions are high on the Finalizer as she heads into the Unknown Regions to deliver Kylo for the finishing of his training. Hux and Kylo both are annoyed that Kylo has to be escorted while they’re at war, but it soon becomes clear that this is part of Snoke’s ruse. And then crewers start dying, one by one.
  • James Bond AU: Kylo Ren is one of MI-6′s best agents, loved and hated in equal measures by M and command branch, and utterly detested by Q branch for never being able to return his gadgets in once piece. Hux is Q, and hates Agent Ren with an unprofessional passion.
  • Alternate James Bond AU: Hux is a card-carrying Bond villain. It’s down to Agent Ren to convince him that there’s perks to being a Bond girl that don’t include world destruction.
  • Zodiac AU: Hux is a prestigious police detective from San Francisco PD in 1969, Kylo is an junior journalist who is a tad obsessive and loves puzzles. Their paths cross during the hunt for the Zodiac killer.
  • Bodyguard AU: Hux is a very famous and beloved politician, venerated as the savior and leader of his country. However, multiple attempts on his life have been made after a political crisis breaks between his country and its neighbors, and he is convinced to hire a personal bodyguard to accompany him at all times until the crisis passes. This bodyguard is Kylo Ren, and in his opinion Hux has the most obnoxious personality on Earth.
  • Kingsman AU: A blond woman in an aggressively impressive suit comes to save Kylo Ren’s delinquent ass when he calls in a mysterious favor owed his dead father. She calls herself Gallahad and offers Kylo a chance at saving the planet and a really nice suit. Kylo can tolerate just about every other kid at the trials except Hux, who comes out on top again and again. Their rivalry is thrown aside, however, when the powerful Snoke Corporation’s plan to kill 99% of the world population is brought to light.
  • Pacific Rim AU: Humanity is on its last legs. In a last-ditch effort, the Jager program is re-instituted. Among its recruits are Hux and Kylo Ren, bitter enemies and veterans from the program’s glory days, both of whose partners were killed. Of the many recruits considered, they alone are drift-compatible. And they’re humanity’s last hope.
  • Firefly AU: Hux, a promising young cadet at the Alliance academy, defects and rescues Kylo Ren, the subject of a brutal Alliance training program that has made him into a living weapon. To Han Solo, captain of the Serenity, all he sees is a rich but clueless young man and a box full of crazy, which happens to contain his long-lost son.
  • Jason Bourne AU: Kylo Ren wakes up with no recall of his past, with nothing to guide him but a name and a bank number. The already difficult task of piecing together his past is complicated significantly by the ginger gunman someone has dogging him all over the world.
  • The 10th Victim AU: Matched “Victims” and “Hunters” play a game of death, tasked to kill 10 opponents without being killed themselves. Kylo Ren is on his 10th hunt, and he’s been assigned the role of Victim. Hux, his Hunter, is also on his tenth hunt. Who will win? (Hint: they elope)
  • Vauge but Obligatory Ex Machina AU: Ben Solo, alias Kylo Ren, is a famous hacker invited to the private mansion of the CEO of Snoke Corporation, with the promise of something that will “fascinate him.” This is Hux, the first artificial consciousness, with a mind so beautiful Kylo would give all his remaining years of life to study. But Kylo soon realizes that Hux is not the only prisoner in Snoke’s mansion: he himself has been taken captive. And now he and Hux must escape.
  • In Time AU: Humans are quasi-immortal, but time to live is the new currency. Kylo Ren is a man with a mission of revenge after the death of his (mother? sister? father? cousin? dog? you pick)–he wants to level the playing field between the rich–born with hundreds of years already on their clocks, and the poor like himself. Pursued by the Time Keepers, Kylo somewhat accidentally kidnaps Hux, the son of an impossibly wealthy man in New Greenwich, and his unwilling hostage soon becomes his ally as they cross they country robbing the rich of excess time and giving it to the poor. (I suggest you watch the movie, it’ll make more sense).
  • Vague Terminator AU: Hux is leader of humanity in the war against machines. But 20 years prior to that, he’s an ordinary man in an ordinary world, targeted by an impossibly powerful assassin named Kylo Ren, apparently his future nemesis traveled back in the past to kill him before he can rise to power. Coming to his aid is Ben Solo, his future ally and lover, who has traveled from an even more distant future to protect him.
  • Irreverent Matrix AU: Ben Solo, bored office worker extraordinaire and hacker Kylo Ren by night, dreams every night of a mysterious (but attractive) ginger man in a tight-fitting leather suit. He soon realizes that his reality is false and that he’s a lot kinkier (and gayer) than originally bugdeted for. Oh yeah, and he’s also the One meant to bring freedom to humanity. But so far virtual sex with physics turned off has been more fun.
  • Hannibal AU: Kylo is a very socially awkward psychology guest lecturer who has a large collection of dogs and empathy scores off the charts. He’s asked to consult with the FBI on a string of grisly murders as a profiler for his unique ability to see evidence from the killer’s point of view. But when staring into the abyss, there’s always the danger of falling in: and that’s where Hux comes in, a psychologist with a dangerous passion for psychoanalysis and fine dining. He’s meant to keep Kylo from tipping over the edge, but in reality he’s hell bent on pulling him over it–and maybe making him into a fine meal.
  • I Hunt Killers AU: Kylo Ren is a mostly ordinary teenager with foster parents he pretends he hates (but really doesn’t) in a small town he definitely does hate, and his best friend/boyfriend, Hux, is really his only his only friend. The thing that makes Kylo Ren not ordinary is that his biological father was arrested for the murder of over a hundred people when Kylo was eight. His father, a killer who was known to the media as “Snoke,” had wanted Kylo to become an even better killer than himself. And now, eight years after Snoke’s arrest, the body count is going up again–and Kylo is somehow at the heart of it, not to mention the prime suspect.
  • Ender’s Game AU: Hux is a child genius, brilliant military tactician, and will save humanity–if he can survive his rigorous training first. Kylo Ren is an absolute child and a liability, but Hux does have to concede he is very good at protecting him from his enemies. (pls for the love of god make the relationship platonic, a friendship, unless you age up a lot)
  • Iliad/Troy AU: Listen this is completely trash but I NEED it so let me have this. Kylo is the greatest fighter of the Greeks, ferocious and feared over Mediterranean, Hux is his best friend and lover, a deadly warrior in his own right. Together, they are an unstoppable killing machine. When Snoke, the leader of the Greeks, snubs Kylo, he retreats from the Trojan War and refuses to fight. Hux takes Kylo’s armor and fights, out of loyalty to Greece, and turns the tide of the disastrous battle, but is killed, as fated by the gods. Kylo is destroyed, and enraged–he wants revenge at any cost, including his own death.

If you do any of these, please please PLEASE let me know!! I would love more than anything to read it. Honestly, I will probably cry. (I may add more later). (Also consider that in ANY of these Kylo and Hux can be genderswapped because we really need more lesbian fic in this fandom).


The translation from italian is very rudimentary, so I apologise in advance if I made mistakes.

Aidan Gillen, who plays Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish in Game of Thrones, attended the Berlin Film Festival to present the film You’re Ugly Too, the debut of Irish director Mark Noonan: we met to talk about the new season of the series HBO, arriving on April 12th.

Wavy hair disheveled and graying, fast-talking and looking almost shy: Aidan Gillen, Irish actor born and raised in Dublin, is very different from Lord Petyr Baelish, also known by the nickname “Littlefinger”, one of the most ambiguous manipulators of Game of Thrones, HBO’s famous for having a character so immaculate between thick ranks of protagonists. Versatile actor, Gillen has done so much theater and film first to be known by the general public thanks to television in 1999, with the role of Stuart Jones in Queer as Folk, forcing viewers to remember his face, then made even more recognizable thanks to The Wire, in which he played the Mayor Tommy Carcetti. Great popularity came, however, thanks to Game of Thrones, which has made viewers hate at the same time admire the interpretation of Machiavellian Lord Baelish, friend, yet treacherous clan of Stark, due to its complicated relationship with Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner).

Arriving at the 65th Berlin Film Festival to present his latest film, You’re Ugly Too, the debut of fellow countryman Mark Noonan, presented in the section Generation Kplus and nominated for the award for the best first, Aidan Gillen has confessed to be very different from his diabolical character who stars in the series, although now it is used to feeling an apostrophe as “Lord Baelish” even when he goes to the grocery store. Trying to get him to reveal something about the fifth season of Game of Thrones, arriving on April 12th in America - whose trailer, released on February 2, has already warmed the hearts of the fans - the actor has also spoken of his love for Ireland.

In the role of super controlled and serious Lord Baelish in Game of Thrones, but here plays a character fragile and insecure: is it one of the reasons that led you to make the film?

A.G .: “Certainly. Game of Thrones is now a worldwide phenomenon that has been going on for years and in my career I often play characters of this type, cold, manipulative,  but my personality is very different: I’m a father, I have two children, it was nice to have the opportunity to work with a child, have a role closer to my life every day, even if Lord Baelish allows me to pay the bills! Watching this film my daughter told me that is the role that looks more like me . It’s amazing the perception that children have for you: I took my daughter to see Boyhood and I said "I bet you wish you were more like the protagonist” and she said, “but that’s the problem: you’re too similar to him! ”. Even my mother after seeing this film said she was glad to have me finally seen in a warm role. I had a curious path: I did a lot of theater, television and film, and then until the 90’s I always played  vulnerable roles, sometimes real victims, then I played a killer in Mojo (1997 film of Jez Butterworth) and from that moment I was always engaged in villainous roles ; I must admit that I enjoyed it, but now I feel the need to return to express my softer side. “

So you hate the fact that the public associates you with bad characters as Lord Baelish?

"At one time I hated when people approached me calling me with the name of a character: couldn’t bear it, because obviously I’m an actor, not the character. In my career I’ve done a few roles very recognizable, this is definitely one of Game of Thrones, the other is Tommy Carcetti in The Wire, England also John Boy’s Love / Hate, and I realized that, by changing over the years the character so I would stop people, actually my privacy is not violated and that even if I believe I was credible in that particular role, it means that I was good. The important thing is to be recognized again for a new character. I'm  now more peaceful if people see me as Lord Bealish suits me because I know not to be like him. Of course now when I go to the grocery store there’s often that the guy that is enveloping the stuff he’ll say "Lord Baelish want something else?” Or “How commands, Lord Baelish”.

In Game of Thrones, and in this film you play a figure which is not exactly a role model for two young girls: being a good father in life helped, by contrast, with roles like that?

A.G .:
“But how? I’m not a perfect role model for Sansa ?! I’m teaching her a lot of things! In You’re Ugly Too I’m her uncle, a surrogate father figure, and not as crucial: the child is in control, knows what she wants and is very strong, it is she who has the real control, so actually I try to be a father but without success. I believe that being a father certainly helps me to work with children: remember, years ago, at my first scenes with the children I felt uncomfortable, not sure what to do, now they are 16 years old and that I’m always around the kids and now I know exactly how to behave. Definitely be a good father, or at least try to be, makes you understand what it means to be the opposite instead. The boys are hard, when you think that they behave in a way for a reason it is actually the opposite and everything changes every time: I think for an actor like me, who is now in his forties, is fundamental to have children to understand how to interpret the roles of this type, because who is not a parent does not know exactly how hard it is, and at the same time it’s beautiful, being a father. ”

You’re in Dublin and in Game of Thrones, season after season, your accent becoming more Irish, is that a sign that you miss working at home? Did you chose to shoot You’re Ugly Too also turn to return to Dublin?

A.G .:
“You notice so much ?! Yes I’m trying to work as much as possible in Ireland, I shot several series here, while the film is more difficult: even I shot recently Mr. John in Singapore, far far away from home! The next film is instead Irish Sing Street, the director John Carney, the author of Once and Everything can change, and will be set in Dublin in the 80s. These are the films that I feel more at ease. ”

So will we not ever see you in a superhero movie?

“I am taking part in a great American film, The Scorch Trials, the sequel of Maze Runner, I like to take part in different projects as both roles as budget, but yes, I do not think that I will never be a superhero movies. Although the superpowers are fascinating: I wish I had the power to eat what I want and not gain weight. Eat donuts all the time. ”

A few days ago HBO released the official trailer of the fifth season of Game of Thrones: from what you can see, your character will have an increasingly important role. Can you tell us something about the evolution of Lord Baelish?

“This year I can reveal even less than before: at this point in the series, the authors are increasingly detaching from books and are inventing many things, then in the fifth season many facts will appear that are not in the novels. Last year would not have made much difference if I had revealed something about my character, because it was all so much already in the books, even just reading on Wikipedia you could find news, but now it’s all new. I can say that my character and that of Sansa Stark are setting out on a journey to the Valley of Arryn to take control of the House of Arryn. Oh dear, it seems Harry Potter now! For Lord Baelish there will be more adventure, more travel and an important relationship with Sansa Stark is all I can say for now. No, I can say that there will be the arrival of a new character, The High Sparrow, played by Jonathan Pryce, who is a fantastic actor, and this role is perfect for him, a spiritual leader, a sort of Gandhi, though not just as good as Gandhi. ”

Did you shoot scenes with Jonathan Pryce?

A.G .:
“I can not say it! The trailer is still very good: I understand that feeds high expectations. Surely we expect all something big by Daenerys. ”

As a spectator, and not as an actor who plays Lord Baelish, what is your favorite home in Game of Thrones? Who are you rooting for?

“I support the good: Arya Stark is my favorite character, I hope the people who were sincere and honest in the end have the better. I’m not saying this will happen: because Arya has embarked on a dark road, begun to kill. Also I like the character of Cersei, especially as it is written and how it is played by Lena Headey. ”

As contrast of her sister Arya, Sansa, is always so sad: less crying and act more in this season?

A.G .:
“My lady? Last season she had to face a lot, but in the new episodes she will be undergoing major changes: first of all with regard to the hair! And then change of clothes: always wearing black and many feathers: it is becoming a darker! We will have the goth version of Sansa. ”

In addition to Game of Thrones in 2015, Charlie debuted, a series on Irish politician Charles Haughey: how was it to play a real person?

“Charlie is a mini-series in three episodes of ninety minutes each facing ten years of career of Charles J. Haughey, leader of the Irish government by the end of the 70s to the 90s: a very important figure and, even if he died more than eight years ago, has left a great legacy, many people still love it. He was a true leader: not everyone has had the courage to go against the Thatcher. In addition to the charisma he had flaws, came from a poor family and has always aspired to a lifestyle almost aristocratic, so then you have money problems. A complex and interesting figure: controlled and at the same time brutal and fun. For me it was a real challenge: we were  too young to interpret and do not resemble us, so it was one of the most challenging jobs in acting that I have faced in recent times. ”

Many of your most famous roles belong to the world of TV series, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Queer as Folk, Love / Hate, now Charlie: do you think that you will continue to do television in the future?

“I do not know: recently the quality of Irish television has grown exponentially and worldwide, in the last 10-15 years, the TV, and in particular the drama, has changed completely. Today’s anti-heroes are the real stars: what happened in the ‘70s in American cinema, on television began in the 90’s with Tony Soprano and continues now with Walter White, one head of the Mafia, the other manufacturer of drugs . A few years ago would have been unthinkable to have two players like that. ”

Photographs Are Forever

Part III/VII of The Playground

Pairing: Hongbin/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, oral sex, explicit sex, angst, character death, pregnancy, mature themes/language.

Wordcount: 8589

Notes: Here is Hongbin’s instalment in the single dad AU. It was hard not to fall deep into melodrama with the subject matter but I think I’ve managed to write this out decently without being too cliché or cheesy. You guys tell me *wiggle brows*…I hope you guys like it, there’s only three instalments left plus an epilogue. Enjoy!

ps. big hugs and much love to everyone writing me stuff!!! I’m super busy these days and I keep all my free time to write things so I don’t answer much but your messages are read and deeply appreciated. all of the love for y’all xoxo


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Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Ashley Osborn

Meet Ashley: the talented 24-year-old photographer who spends her days touring the world, shooting bands, and living the life so many young creatives only dream about. Ash has long since been a member of the Vans family, and continues to hold sh*t down year-after-year at Vans Warped Tour. While partying it up with Ashley at House of Vans Austin (and by partying, we mean working until 6am each day editing photos) we got to know this bubble of positive energy a little more, and quickly decided to make the adult decision to crown her as one of the coolest women we’ve ever met. Get to know this week’s insanely inspiring Kick-Ass Chick after the jump…

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Hunger Games Hannigram Head Canon of Dooooooom

I’m just really curious if this has been done or discussed before, because it seems like the *perfect* Hannibal AU. Of course, this comes from someone who hasn’t read the books (I can’t deal with first person narratives, with very few exceptions. I just can’t.) and has only seen the first two films, but I am a big Battle Royale fan (the novel, the manga and the live action film).

But seriously, the violence of the show lends it self to that ‘verse, and a lot of the characters fit so perfectly into various positions in that society. This is a looooong post, with their casting and outline for how the fic would go…

Hannibal, I think, *has* to be from district 1, for a variety of reasons–primarily because he needs to be from a wealthy district, and one that produces Career Tributes (which he clearly is), and out of all of them, the jobs in 1 fit best with him–vintner or perfumer would be perfect. He could still have his ~tragic back story, losing all his family, and maybe that’s when he was chosen to be a Career (or volunteered? Maybe the Capital is to blame for his family’s death and he wants revenge, and sees winning as his first step in that). Also, though a lot of their names are goofy luxury names, there is precedence for historic names, as one of their winners was Augustus. Hannibal wouldn’t be a strange choice, then. His female tribute counterpart is a bit trickier, maybe an OC, because as it stands, Chiyoh is the only one I can see to fill to spot.

Will was a bit trickier to place. I was tempted to put him District 4 with the boaters and fishermen, but they are a wealthy district and produce Careers as well. I eventually settled on district 9–a very impoverished district, and one that doesn’t really produce any winners (there are only two winners from that district in the history of the games, both unnamed and both they, and the ones in Katniss’ first game die in the bloodbath on the first day). So no one would expect anything different from Will. Except Will is smart and determined. He never planned on volunteering, but wanted to be ready if he was chosen. He volunteers because a 12 year old gets picked, and Will, being the good person he is, volunteers to save the kid’s life. Miriam Lass is the female tribute alongside him.

Jack and Bedelia are the previous winners of 9 and 1 respectively, and therefore function as mentors to Will/Miriam and Hannibal/Chiyoh. They both cold, practical, and calculated, and it makes sense that it is a result of what they’ve experienced and survived. Also, the characteristics of those districts fit well with the characters. Chilton is escort to district 9 and Gideon district 1 – both of them strike me as Capital citizens, and both would be almost comically caviler about the fate of those involved in the games, more interested in how they can use the tributes to their own social advantage.

I’m afraid poor Abigail is going to be the very young (13 year old, I think) tribute from district 12, who Will takes under his wing.

Mason and Margot are tough, because I’m inclined to make them the tributes from district 4, one of the most wealthy with Careers, thinking Mason forced Margot to volunteer along with him. But on the other hand, I hate to kill poor Margot, and they could as easily be in the Capital.

Freddie is a Capital citizen, involved in reporting. Can we talk about how DESPERATE I am to see Freddie all done up in the ridiculous fashion and hair of the Capital? (Alternately, I can see Freddie as an escort to 9 and Chilton as the host of the games)

Zeller and Price are the game designers–I think between the two of them there is a twisted sense of humour that might get some perverse enjoyment out of the work, but they also have a soft spot which will come in handy for Hannibal and Will’s benefit.

Dolarhyde, Randall, Matthew, and Tobias could all be tributes from various other districts. I’m thinking poor Beverly is as well. Maybe she and Will work together briefly at some point.

The only ones I can’t really find a place for would be Bella and Alana. I think Bella could work as a previous winner and maybe she and Jack are still married (and childless so their child never has to go through what they went through). But Alana, IDEK.

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Maisie Williams On ‘Game Of Thrones’ And The Future: “It Needs To Happen Organically” 

Maisie Williams has every reason to be cheery, even as she’s battling a cold. Her Emmy nomination for playing Arya Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones is as long overdue as any acting recognition has ever been: how many actors can claim to have taken a character from awkward little princess to dangerous warrior in the space of just six ten-episode seasons—and as part of a mammoth ensemble cast—without it ever feeling false or unjustified? Think of Arya, watching her father’s execution, helpless; serving the table of the man who architected that execution, incognito; making a list of sworn enemies she intended to kill, who were all bigger, stronger and more powerful than she could ever hope to be; suffering the painful lessons of Jaqen H’ghar, resolved to push back.

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A Friendship Caught Fire (Chapter 5)

So here is the promised new chapter. Sorry for the cliffhanger at the end, it just got too long. I won’t keep you waiting too long for the continuation!

The usual warning: This is a real person fanfiction. If you don’t like to read stories like ths: I tag all parts of the story with #AFCF, please blog the tag if you don’t want to see this story on your dash.


It all started two weeks ago. They talked about their Christmas break. Cait is exhausted. She has been filming non-stop since September, has moved her life completely from one continent to the next and hasn’t had the time to really think about anything but work. He has had a much lighter schedule than she has and he says so and tells her she deserves to be pampered a bit. “You need someone to take care of you over the break, get you away to some place nice, feed you good food, talk to you, drink wine with you, take your mind of things.”

She laughs. “Sounds heavenly, but where is this wonderful person? I’m afraid all my friends are on the other side of the world right now and I’m too exhausted to fly overseas. So it will be just poor old, bored Caitriona hanging out with Eddie in her Glasgow flat.” She is laughing when she says it, but he means to hear some longing in her voice and that’s when the plan forms in his head.

She’s certainly astonished when he invites her on a three day trip to Paris during the first week of their break a few days later. He’s trying to be as nonchalant about it as he can, but inside he is nervous as hell. He can see she’s unsure how to take it and so he rushes to tell her, that he just wants to be her good friend and be there for her when it is clear she needs a time out and she told him about the Frieda Kahlo/Diego Rivera art exhibition she’s longing to see so much, right? So he thought it could be his Christmas present for her…

She’s touched and agrees without hesitating, which makes him incredibly happy.

They film till Friday and they leave Glasgow on Monday afternoon. Sam has butterflies in his stomach from the moment the taxi stops in front of Cait’s flat to get her on his way to the airport. But then she grins at him and looks so obviously happy that he instantly feels at ease again. All is well, they know and trust each other, they have spent a lot of free time with each other during the last months and they’ll just have fun as friends.

He’s able to relax and laugh with her during the flight and even later on the drive to the hotel. They’re both excited when they catch the first glimpse of the Eiffel tower and he takes a pic and tweets it. He has chosen their hotel carefully. Nice, but not too fancy and certainly no implied romance. He really hopes she’ll like it and she won’t fell threatened or anything or…

They’re both trying to hide it, but when they arrive at the hotel, there’s a tension between them, that hasn’t been there before and not for the first time he wonders if he made a huge mistake. It’s different no matter how much they pretend it isn’t and even though they talked about it and (jokingly) cleared the air, there’s the elephant in the room anyway. He feels it. He doesn’t want it, but he can’t help feeling the way he does, wanting the things he does and secretly he begins to wonder if she might be in the same place as he is and if maybe he is making all the wrong assumptions when he thinks she doesn’t feel the attraction.

Their rooms are on the same corridor. They separate and say they’ll meet and go out for dinner an hour later. When they meet, they both had time to adjust and to Sam’s relief the atmosphere is much more relaxed. They find a cute little restaurant and Sam is impressed when Cait orders their food in fluent French. He tells her he actually failed his French exam in school and she admits she never took one, but she learned French when she went to Paris to become a model at the age of 18. He’s amazed. There’s so much he doesn’t know about her yet, so much she has done and seen. To him she’s the most fascinating and interesting woman he has met in a long time, if ever. She asks him about his own teenager years and he tells her about his time at youth theatre in Edinburgh and of his world trip after he finished school.

To his own surprise he finds himself talking about Katie, too. The last long term girlfriend he’s had and how difficult it is to keep a relationship in their profession. She agrees, it hasn’t been easy for her either. The last boyfriend is not that long ago, too, but she’s glad she’s single now, because it gives her the freedom to fully concentrate on the show. They talk about friends and family and how important it is for them to have certain people in their life, especially now, when it looks like big things are happening for them and their career is taking off as it has never before. He tells her his mother is the one who will always keep him grounded and he hopes he’ll be able to keep his privacy somehow even if the show will become as famous as everyone seems to expect.

It’s a bit different for her than it is for him. She already has lived a “glamorous” life before the show, but of course models are not as well known as actors. She made a lot of money as a model and her close circle of friends from those days all are well off financially. Their life probably resembles the life they both can expect now, too and what still seems surreal to Sam. “I mean being able to afford such a weekend like this easily still feels weird,” he says. “I probably would have proposed a Camping trip last year instead and I’m not sure how much regeneration you would have gotten out of that,” he says and Caitriona laughs. “I would have liked that, too,” she says. “But this is better.”

They sit in the hotel bar for about an hour after they come back from their dinner, drinking and still talking. “It’s funny,” she says at one point, when he tells her about his idea for a big charity event that he’s been thinking back and forth about for the last week. “We’ve seen each other nearly every day during the last months and have chatted for hours then, too and still I find out new things about you every day.”

When they decide to call it a night and go up to their rooms, they detect a table with crazy masks and hats next to the reception. They have no idea what they’re for, but in their good mood and slightly tipsy state, they decide to take a selfie with both of them wearing one of the masks. They giggle and Sam tweets it. “Holidays!” he writes to it and they both laugh. “They’ll think you’re nuts,” she says.

When they part near midnight in front of her room, she gives him one of her warm hugs and a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for the lovely evening,” she says. “I feel recharged already, after just these few hours.”

“That’s the idea,” he says and hugs her back. “This is why we’re here.”

The next morning they visit the Kahlo/Rivera exhibition. Cait finds Sam standing in front of a painting, his arms wrapped around himself, deeply in thought.

“What do you think?” he asks her. She contemplates what she sees a while and then she says: “Uncomfortable.”

He laughs. “I agree. It almost gives me physical pain.” He looks around. “Most of his pictures do to be honest. I’m afraid I’m not a fan.”

She shakes her head. “I’m not either. It’s interesting, but I would never want to have one of these pictures around me in my own home. I generally prefer very modern art though.”

He’s intrigued. “Really modern? Like those pictures that show a blue circle and the artist calls it "blue circle”?“

"Yes, something like that,” she nods. “Not all of them of course, but now and then I look at such a picture and it totally fascinates me. Beauty in simplicity I guess.”

“Interesting,” he says. “I guess I’ve never paid that much attention to modern art. I do see the beauty in simplicity though. But maybe more in nature. The beauty in a mountain for example. I think it’s breathtaking, you know, just the sight of it standing out in the landscape in front of the sky.”

They leave the exhibition an hour later and stroll through Montmartre. It’s a beautiful day, cold, but with a blue sky and clear air. They go for lunch in a little restaurant and then decide to visit the Louvre. Ciatriona wants to show him the sculptures. She says she was so impressed with them when she first saw them. He wants just what she wants. If she’s happy, he is, too and when he tells her just that, she blushes. “So much art in one day, you must think me very boring, but I don’t have the opportunity so often.”

But he shakes his head. “Far from it,” he says. “I’ve seldom enjoyed me more.” He’s delighted when she blushes again.

They return to their hotel in the early evening. Their feet hurt and they both decide, that they would rather stay in instead of going out for dinner again. He happily agrees when she invites him over to her room for room service and a movie.

In the end they never get to the movie after their dinner, because they’re chatting again. She sits on the bed, her feet tugged up under her while he’s lying on his side, his head on his elbow and she tells him about her siblings and her parents, Ireland and her upbringing. She laughs at his stories from his childhood in New Galloway where he grew up pretty much strolling around the landscape on his own. “Very much like today,” she says, reminding him of an incident not too long ago, when he got told off by the producers, because they found out he was out hiking on his own in the Highlands in early December.

“Got in very much trouble then, too,” he remembers. “My Mom let me run around pretty freely, but I had to be home at a certain time and now and again, I wasn’t. Forgot the time, forgot how long the way back would be and such.” He grimaces. “She was seldom really mad at me, but then she was. Usually I was punctual then for the next month until the next incident.”

She yawns and stretches out next to him looking at the ceiling. “I was lucky, that I was one of the youngest in our family. My older siblings let me tag along most of the time, so I always had someone to play. I think I was never on my own.” She turns her head and looks at him. “I only learned to be truly alone when I became a model. It was tough at first.”

He watches her face, which is suddenly so near to his own. Absently he admires her clear skin, the fine structure of her bones and the beautiful mouth as he done countless times since he’s met her for the first time.

“Do you like being on your own now though?” he asks.

“Not much,” she says. “I guess that’s why I have Eddie.” She gives a little snort. “And why I had some not so great relationships in the past which I should have ended sooner.”

He nods “I’m a bit of a loner. I do like being with people in general. I mean, I like being with you here right now,” he clarifies. “But overall I need my space from time to time. I’d say that’s not the best personality for a relationship either. Maybe that’s why most of them ended so soon.” He laughs.

“Oh dear,” she says and smiles at him, her eyes clear and icy blue, laughing into his own. He loves those little wrinkles at the corners when she is genuinely amused, which is very often. He can see the very light freckles on her nose. They’re so light you only detect them if you’re very close to her and he is. In fact they’re lying next to each other on her bed way too close for friendship, but he feels unable to move to give her a more appropriate space. She doesn’t move either. He’s surprised by the sudden wave of desire rushing through him. How is she doing it, he wonders. There’s something about her, that sets him on fire from one moment to the next and he never sees it coming.

He clears his throat in an attempt to get rid of the sudden constriction in his throat. “Do you miss it?” he asks and his voice sounds hoarse even to his own ears.

“Miss what?”

“Being in a relationship.”

She wrinkles her nose. “I’d love to say, I don’t.”

“Why?” he asks. “What’s bad about missing it? I certainly do.”

She sighs. “It sounds so dependant. I try to tell myself, that I can be perfectly happy without a man. Better single than in a bad relationship.”

He nods. “Okay, I agree here. But still…,” a slow grin is twitching at the corner of his mouth.

She returns it. “Yeah… I know.”

He falls on his back and sighs. “Yeah…”

She giggles and looks down on him. “That bad?”

“Come on,” he groans. “Why do you think I spend so much time in the gym?”

That makes them both laugh. “Too much testosterone, Sam. I’ve lived with boyfriends who were not into it at all. Life with them was actually not much different to my life now…”

He raises his brow. “You got to be kidding. I mean look at you!”

“Well, thank you, but I swear it’s true.”

“Ok, I’m glad to say, that I think my testosterone level is just fine.” he grins. “Current state of frustration or not.”

“And it’s so very good for your physique,” she laughs. “All that weight lifting and running and crunching and stuff. You probably should stay single forever when it comes to the producers. Once you’ll have sex again you might lose your Jamie body.”

“Don’t worry,” he says. “I’m perfectly ready to have both. And btw physical activity of that kind is good for burning calories, too. If it lasts longer than five minutes that is.” He snorts.

“Ah, maybe that would be finally an exercise I could be friends with,” she laughs. “I’m so lazy. I started with Pilates in LA, but I haven’t got around to find a class here. Sex certainly would be easier and you don’t even have to leave the house!”

He doesn’t answer, just smiles and then his smiles fades as they’re staring intently at each other.

“No,” she whispers. “That’s certainly a bad idea, right?”

He doesn’t move. Neither does she.

“We’re colleagues,” she says. “We’ll have to work with each other maybe for years. It’s all going so well.”

He nods, but still doesn’t speak. Her eyes are wide and blue and he can’t for the Lord look away now.

Finally he finds his voice again. “I didn’t invite you on this trip, because I wanted sex,” he says. “I hope you know that. ”

“I know,” she says. “But it’s in the room now, isn’t it?”

“I guess for me it was in the room the minute I’ve met you,” he admits. “It’s our much talked about chemistry, right?”


He sighs. “We’re both adults, I guess. We can deal with it one way or the other.”

“Which is the other?” she asks

“Just ignore the attraction and try to get over it.”

He looks at her. She licks her lips. “Or we give in, but then what?” Her voice is almost a whisper.

“Then what?” he echoes and before they really know what is happening nor who started it, they’re kissing.

How will Sherlock shape up to the toughest role an actor can face?

News that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Hamlet at the Barbican next year has prompted a ticket frenzy. Is the actor ready for the ordeal ahead of him?

Watching an actor take on Hamlet is the closest we get to witnessing someone go into battle on stage. Does that sound like hyperbole? I don’t think it is.

The mad rush for tickets to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet at the Barbican next autumn – which began yesterday – isn’t simply about seeing the Sherlock star on stage. It’s about seeing how he connects with what must rank as the greatest play ever written, and one from which no leading player emerges quite the same. He – or she – may prove victorious, or be defeated. It is a mettle-testing, rite-of-passage experience. Small wonder that most of us want to be present at the reckoning.

I say “or she” because the challenge of Hamlet can, of course, be undertaken by an actress. Back in 1899, the French star Sarah Bernhardt courted controversy and earned plaudits by tackling the part in a landmark four-hour production, and this September Maxine Peake will fill the role at the Royal Exchange in Manchester.

And yet, without wishing to rend the flag of equality in tatters, when we talk about Hamlet, we’re thinking – more often than not – about a male character and when we talk about Hamlet in performance, we’re thinking of the many male actors who have tried to make the part their own.

The mountain Cumberbatch, 38, has to climb isn’t simply the colossal nature of the role – its bewildering abundance of choices, its world-famous lines and soliloquies, and the tortuous psychological journey inscribed in the character’s epic five-act progress towards oblivion. No – just as Hamlet finds himself stepping into his father’s shoes, spooked by his ghost, full of doubt and confusion, so every actor who lays claim to a fresh interpretation is treading in the footsteps of many others, some of them giants of the world stage. Their reputations haunt and daunt. How will Cumberbatch measure up? That is the question.

Hamlet has apparently never been out of the repertoire since Richard Burbage created the role of Shakespeare’s Prince in the early 17th century. Many of us are far too young to have seen Burton, Gielgud, Olivier or Scofield; even Kenneth Branagh’s career-making performance in 1988 has now receded into theatrical lore, as has Jonathan Pryce’s tour de force in 1980. And yet these feats of performance are still referred to, held as benchmarks, just as the mighty conquests of Garrick, Kemble and Kean once were.

Since the turn of the last century alone, we have been spoilt for different shades of Dane. In 2000, Simon Russell Beale gave us an older, wiser, more rueful (and yes, more portly) Prince than we are used to, at the National. In the same year, Adrian Lester presented a different face as well, not just black but incredibly sensitive, sorrowful and gentle, in Peter Brook’s fleet-footed version originating in Paris.

Four years later, 23-year-old Ben Whishaw’s intense, painfully skinny and fearfully young Hamlet was a palpable hit at the Old Vic. Box-office hysteria engulfed then-Doctor Who David Tennant’s angular, wistful and sweetly sardonic turn for the RSC in 2008. And there were queues around the block to behold Jude Law’s febrile, muscular, petulant-yet-charming inaction-hero for Michael Grandage in 2009.

It’s interesting that one of the actors who was most expected to shine as Hamlet – Michael Sheen – came a cropper at the Young Vic three years ago, in large part because of the conceit of the production, which rendered Denmark as a psychiatric institution. I hope the director of the Barbican revival, Lyndsey Turner, took note: the role itself is the wellspring of the play’s intellectual excitement and emotional energy.

Each actor casts the part in his own likeness, and it will be up to Cumberbatch to dig deep to show us what he is made of. From what we have seen so far, he has great reserves of mercurial fascination. He’s capable of charm, intelligence, wit and likeability, but that’s almost only the starter-pack for Hamlet, who must burn with the rawness of grief, storm with the tempestuousness of youth, teeter on the borderline between insanity and revelation.

I worry that, as with far less celebrated performances – notably those by Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman – he may prove too buttoned-up and guarded. His Hamlet can never be all things to all men – but he must be his own man. He has the luxury of a year to brace himself for all this, though, and I’m sure that in his head those immortal words from the play, contemplating mortality, are already ringing: “The readiness is all.”

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Anon from yesterday

Anonymous said:Since the topic of today is PR, I thought it might be fun to introduce a case study. Bradley Cooper recently gave an interview to Barbara Walters that detailed his struggle with his public persona, or as he put it, the fact that he was “unf*ckble,” which prevented him from getting the roles he needed to become a star. Therefore, a narrative was created:   1st People’s Sexiest Man Alive, then a bevy of beautiful, young blondes that he exchanged by the week, which led to him landing the playboy role in The Hangover, thus, securing the career trajectory of now being oscar nominated & f*ckable. More fascinating however, is now with this success, Cooper can reveal himself to be who he has always been: a huge theatre geek who calls his mother several times a day and just really loves his craft. I bring this up because it seems a narrative for Sam is being curated by his PR team (People’s SMA; young blondes; PerezH man crush–does he have the same publicist as Cooper?), and there might be moments that ruffle some feathers, however, just because there’s a new narrative doesn’t mean Sam or any actor has changed as a person. Perhaps the greatest silver lining to all this, is we can be certain of two things: (part 4 must have never gotten through. but I will add my thoughts).

Last bit: Perhaps the greatest silver lining to all this, is we can be certain of two things: the entertainment industry is rough and can force moments that compromise a person’s character, but SamxCait are committed to navigating it together. Regardless of their relationship status, Cait has stated on numerous occasions that they’re in this together and make a great team and that in itself is worth celebrating.

Yes, Anon.  I agree.  An image or person is is being created for Sam and probably has been for a while.  Most likely from the time he got to LA.   But, what was being done wasn’t working.  Or at least not working to his benefit.  That is because he is struggling with that image.  If he portrayed it convincingly he would be the single sexiest man alive with a rotating lineup of blondes on his arm.  It worked for some people (Purv) and I think they (Sam’s team) may have used her to their advantage.  But it got to a point where it went too far and his integrity was being questioned (again, because he could not embrace that image).  Because Sam cares what people think about him, he cares what people say, that public facade started to crumble.  So, now they are setting up a “new narrative”.  Kind of the same, but laying the groundwork for a move in the right direction, personally and professionally.  So, once media catches up with this new narrative they will see more of the real Sam.  Because Sam’s appeal isn’t just that he is a physical god.  His appeal lies in the fact that he IS a physical god who is also this really great person.  And that is the narrative that they are laying the ground work for.  If he went right from the (failed) playboy persona into admitting a relationship with Cait, it would be plagued by constant rumours of infidelity or troubles.  Pulling back and being “silent” lends more credence to an eventual “coming out”.  It also helps serve the “are they/aren’t they” PR that seems to be building. 

There are many ways in which we see this taking shape already.  The conflicting recounts of how Cait found out about her Golden Globe nomination, of how she spent her morning…..both times, Sam was removed from the narrative.  Or, he wasn’t included in it at all.  For example, Cait said her friends came to her room while she was getting ready.  But, she never mentioned that anyone else was there.  Trouble Jones’ IG pic seems to support that.  However, in the background, there is Ron and Sam’s publicist and Cait in profile.  I am assuming (and it is very likely) that Sam was there as well.  

And here is a better image of Sam with the same curly haired blonde woman (she was also in the fan vid of him signing autograph at TCAs)

The End.

Lana Del Rey, America’s most enigmatic, controversial, and seductive rock star, spent the morning in Los Angeles traffic, anxious, wearing one of her favorite minidresses—the navy blue cotton one—on the prowl for some fake palm trees she wanted as onstage props for tomorrow night’s show in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It’s the famed resting place of Rudolph Valentino and Fay Wray, and she felt certain some faux tropical flora would add the perfect finishing touch for these surreal final shows of her long 2014 tour. But she is home now and calm, at ease on the little deck just off her bedroom, hidden behind the tall hedges encircling her 1920s Tudor, freshly painted but stylishly in need of repair—Hollywood golden-age glamour gone slightly to seed—like a scene from Sunset Boulevard or, perhaps intentionally, one of her videos.

“I never saw myself in California,” she tells me. Del Rey is as much provocateur as pop star, known for moody and lush songs about the intersection of sex and violence and money. The videos with which she made her name traffic in the faded imagery of American nostalgia and decline. She combines a classic, sultry beauty with a heavy dose of all-American alienation—the head cheerleader gone desperately wrong. A few years ago, she changed her name, changed her hair, discarded an entire album, left behind a world-beating partying habit, and started anew. For someone like that, California seems an inevitable landing point.

“I had such a love affair with New York,” she says of her days as a struggling chanteuse. “I loved all the history that came with it, the early ’60s, Bob Dylan, and the Beat poetry era. I was always kind of looking for this big artist revival, but I never really tapped into anything.” She feels closer to that in Los Angeles, where she’s found a few kindred spirits who share her fascination with “that early Laurel Canyon scene. Joni Mitchell, Neil Young…I tuned in to something here and never really wanted to leave.”

Her two shows at Hollywood forever mark the end of a year of nonstop touring in support of Ultraviolence, a follow-up to 2012’s Born to Die. Ultraviolence, recorded in Nashville with a seven-piece backing band, is rock-tinged and guitar-heavy but still replete with Del Rey’s trademark hope-she’s-joking songs like “Fucked My Way Up to the Top.” Most weirdly: Critics raved about the thing.

It’s a stunning turnaround for an artist who spent the nascent portion of her career inspiring more confusion—and sometimes pure vitriol—than adoration. She emerged from the American pop-cultural slipstream, goes the story, fully formed, with the gorgeous Super 8–inflected video for “Video Games” and a two-song EP. Accompanying these was an impressionistic (some would say too impressionistic) backstory with wild chapters on alcoholism, a stint in a New Jersey trailer park, and a litany of destructive relationships with older and at times awful men.

Then came the backlash. It started with her admittedly strange Saturday Night Live performance in 2012, in which she seemed to be channeling a heavily medicated Marlene Dietrich. Music bloggers went on the attack, calling her “talent-starved,” an “unconvincing work of fiction,” and an “annoyingly faux minx.” But here’s the thing: People became entranced. Her debut album sold seven million copies worldwide, and Ultraviolence debuted on iTunes at number one in 80 countries around the world. Her concerts became frenzied pop-culture events.

These days Lana tends to shrug off criticism about her altered appearance or the veracity of her persona. She concedes that “when I went darker with my hair, I don’t know why, but people took my music more seriously.” The same thing happened when she changed her name from plain Lizzy Grant to Lana Del Rey. It opened things up for her, freed her.

“There’s a lot to be said for pretending,” she says. “You know?”

Lana Del Rey once described herself as a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” and it’s a fairly apt description of her music. Her songs, steeped in ’90s trip-hop and rounded out with lush ’60s strings, are like dioramas: tiny, insular worlds where the atmosphere is more important than the facts. Much like her life.

Del Rey’s parents dropped out of the New York City advertising game when she was a baby and raised her and her two younger siblings in rural Lake Placid. She was purportedly a wildly rebellious kid who partied hard as a teen until her parents sent her away to boarding school to straighten up. She didn’t start writing songs until she was 18.

“I was in college in the Bronx [at Fordham], and I didn’t know what to do with myself,” she says. “Everyone was going out drinking, so I had to try to find something else.” She started hitting the open-mike nights in Brooklyn, and her mostly traditional girl-pop was compelling enough that in 2007, while still a senior, she signed a record deal with an indie label. Then, a complete reboot: She bought herself out of that contract, trashed the album she had cut, destroyed all traces of the woman she had been, and tried again.

So she wasn’t exactly an overnight sensation, not really, and Del Rey doesn’t like the idea of it much anyway. “For me, there really wasn’t reinvention. That is more of other people’s reinterpretation. I feel so much continuity between all my music and all the videos.” She describes her frustration at her first label and the need to break out. “I really wanted to keep making music, but my label had shelved my records for two years. And I…I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to incorporate cinematic strings with a heavier, nastier sound and lyrics.”

That nastiness pervaded her new identity as well. Lizzy Grant was all about blond sweetness, but Lana Del Rey flaunted her obsessions with fatalism, death, seediness, and danger. In her 2013 short film Tropico—a swirling dreamscape suffused with Latino gangsters and strippers—Del Rey cast herself as an erotic dancer with a double-teardrop tattoo. Some criticized her for reinforcing stereotypes of Latinos as thugs and criminals. But Del Rey sees it as a version of herself.

“I live in East L.A., and I speak Spanish,” she says. “The girls who work in the club in the video are my friends, people I knew before I became a little more well known. Like, I’ve always spoken Spanish in all my songs the past few years. So for me, personally, it’s not a far-out-there reference.”

That’s all fine, except that, well, she doesn’t live in East Los Angeles or anywhere near it. Not all of her songs have Spanish in them. And saying that some of your best friends are Latino…Let’s just leave that one alone.

Del Rey isn’t about to apologize for anything, but it’s clear that she feels misunderstood. “I’m missing the mark in terms of having comrades and being aligned with a musical movement,” she says. “But I definitely feel like what I come up with musically is on the pulse of what is relevant.”

And that, after all the speculation about her nature, background, and intentions, is what matters. It’s beyond the point if she really meant it when she said, “I wish I was dead already” or “Feminism is just not an interesting concept” or, if one of her most notorious songs is to be believed, her reproductive organs taste like a certain well-known soda (look it up). Everything has been asked and answered, by the critics and the online trolls and the endless writers of endless knee-jerk think pieces. The music and the images are too good to get trapped by such considerations. And if her trajectory as an anti-pop pop star proves anything, it is that her art, sincere or otherwise, is hers and hers alone.

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allmyinhibitions asked you: oh my god in light of recent events (in the shape of adorable youtube videos) someone HAS to write a cophine cell mates AU and I really really really think that person should be you :D pretty please?

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