she is so talened

tiatess  asked:

Rose/(nine or ten or tentoo, whomever you want!) -"Stop crying and listen to me."

Pairing: Nine/Rose
Fandom: Doctor Who

“Stop crying and listen to me,” the Doctor told her.  Panic seized him at the sight of Rose’s tears and he clenched his hands at his sides to keep from reaching out to grab her, hold her close to him, never let her go again. 

“But Talen… he—” she gasped, choking on another sob, the tears leaving tracks in her dust smeared face. 

“I know.  He’s gone,” he said, his hearts twisting as he thought of the young Ephranite who had sheltered he and Rose the last few days and aided in their quest to get back to the TARDIS.  "But let’s not have his sacrifice be for nothing.“

His words go through to her, thank the gods, and she wiped at her eyes as she calmed herself.  ”You’re right.  So tell me, what’s the plan?”

"Talen bought us some time, but we have to be quick.  If we head for the center of town, right now, the guard presence will be light and we should be able to get past them,” the Doctor explained. 

"Okay,” she said, sounding a little breathless.  "And what if we can’t?“

Rose peered up at him with big, brown eyes.  She trusted him.  This young girl from Earth who had every reason in the universe to run away from him trusted him with her life.  They’d been traveling together for a couple months now and already she had become so important to him.  Too important.  

Talen’s death at the hands of the guards, just moments ago, upset him as any death ever upset him.  But at the same time, he’d felt relieved.  Relieved that it wasn’t Rose who’d been killed, relieved that Talen was giving them a chance to get to safety, relieved that he’d have yet another day to spend with his girl.  

His girl.  What in the name of Rassilon was the matter with him?

"Let’s go,” he replied tersely.  He grabbed her hand and pulled her along.  Rose, always game, ran along with him.  Trusting him.  He couldn’t get over that.  It prickled at his conscience. 

His plan went smoothly for once and the Doctor was busy thanking every deity he’d ever crossed paths with as he unlocked the TARDIS doors and hustled Rose inside.  There had been a few guards patrolling in the center of town but the Doctor had used his sonic to knock one out and Rose had used her shoe (her shoe) to knock out the other.  Brilliant, resourceful girl. 

Rose was beaming and gushing about their escape as he sent them into the vortex.  She hadn’t forgotten Talen, no, but she spoke about him in glowing terms, praising his compassion and ingenuity and even made him promise to visit his family so that she could speak to them and thank them in person.  

The Doctor told her that’d be their next stop. 

With a brilliant smile, Rose suddenly pushed up onto tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his cheek.  Then she twirled away down the corridor, headed to the galley to fix them both some tea.  The Doctor was left standing there, staring after her, his mouth gaping open and his fingers already pressed to his cheek where he could still feel the pressure of her lips.  

Yes, it was safe to say that the Doctor would take her smiles over her tears any time.