she is so sweet and nice


Jessie was such an angelic, sweet and nice person who loved Taylor with all her heart. She decided to commite suicide and some Swifties are trying to get Taylor to see this. Help to spread the word so Taylor can notice this. Jessie may not see Taylor noticing her but I’m sure she will see it from heaven. ♥👼 #RIPJessie

As of right now I’m crashing on my friend’s couch. She’s supporting herself so she can’t afford to feed me so I’ve been eating my own stuff. She’s also been giving me rides when I need them for appointments which is sweet of her, so I’ve also been paying for fuel. I’m lucky she’s so nice.

I’m going to give my situation a couple more days and if dad doesn’t want me to come back, I’ll start looking for a more permanent place to stay and seeing if I can get more shifts/a second job. It’s Christmas so I’m sure I can if it comes down to it.

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Last night I saw Niall in SF with my mom and we were in the merch line and behind us was this Mom and her daughter. We got to talking and it was the daughters 1st concert (she’s 9) and she was so cute and excited and had an old Niall shirt on that she got to borrow from her older sister and she was like giddy and giggly and so cute! The mom was so nice and was telling me all about stuff Niall has tweeted or insta-ed and she knew like everything and it was funny cuz I did too and I thought (1)

(2) of you and how cute you’d be with your kids at his concert if this were old enough/ interested in going and I literally was like wow this is literally gonna be me when I have kids some day lol ❤️

Omg this is so sweet!!!!!  I met a girl in the bathroom at the Chicago show who went to the meet and greet and I was asking her all these questions and her mom was kind of giving me side eye bc, you know stranger danger, but I was like - it’s ok I’m a mom too.  😂

I took my 4 year old to the summer radio show and he totally loved it.  We danced and he kept yelling and pointing at Niall saying “Niall!!!  He’s got a hat!! Hi Niall!!!!!!”  It was adorable.  And I was extra and dressed him like Niall.  He’s a good concert date.  Both my kids want to go next summer so I’ll probably have to get them tickets.

taylor swift invites me to her Reputation Secret Session listening party. i know that this means taylor’s read my blog, and she must know i’m not super happy with this album cycle. so i’m on my best behaviour, trying hard to be nice and not kill the joy of the fourteen-year-olds around me. we all sit down on her living room floor and chat for a while. it’s nice. taylor swift is nice. i’m starting to feel more relaxed, but i’m definitely still trying to keep the peace though. i tell her that fearless was a formative album for me and she thanks me and says it was so sweet of me to say that. taylor swift announces that she made snickerdoodles and she has to go pop them out of the oven. the fourteen-year-olds cheer, and as taylor walks away, they begin to talk amongst themselves. i happen to look up. the kitchen door is slightly ajar and taylor swift is staring at me through the thin crack, her eyes twin coals of searing, black hatred. i gasp a little. the fourteen-year-olds ask me what’s wrong. i say that nothing is wrong. taylor swift comes toward us with a tray of piping hot snickerdoodles and invites us all to take one. i decline and tell her i just ate. she insists that i take one. i tell her that i’m sorry but i’m really full and they smell delicious. she forcibly places a snickerdoodle in my hand. she tells me to eat it. there is no way i am going to eat this snickerdoodle because i am genuinely afraid that taylor swift will kill me. i am seriously afraid that taylor swift has put poison in this snickerdoodle and is trying to kill me. one of the fourteen-year-olds asks if the cookies are gluten-free. taylor swift’s mother andrea swift calls out from the kitchen to say that the cookies do, in fact, contain gluten. i loudly announce that i have celiac disease and then i toss the cookie into a nearby artisanal woven wastebasket while loudly announcing that nobody wants a cookie that has my germs all over it. taylor smiles at me. she says nothing. the fourteen-year-olds demand to finally hear Reputation and she presses play and the living room’s surround sound system begins to play the album. i am sweating. the fourteen-year-olds are having fun. we get to the part where she says “island breeze” in a caribbean accent. i visibly wince. taylor swift affects a friendly voice and asks me if i like the song. i tell her that i do. i announce that i have to go to the washroom. my thought is that i can walk down the main hallway and escape through the front door. taylor stands up and says she’ll walk me to the washroom. i say that it’s fine actually and i can hold my pee. taylor swift says that’s silly. she tugs at my arm until i stand up and then she very lightly holds my arm and guides me down the hallway, out of the view of the fourteen-year-olds. i am very scared. we reach the bathroom. taylor swift releases her hold on my arm. she looks very intently at my t-shirt. it’s an animal collective 2017 tour t-shirt. i got it when i went to an animal collective concert back in may. “i see you like animal collective,” she says. “please don’t kill me, taylor swift,” i reply. “there was VX nerve agent in that snickerdoodle,” taylor swift says. “oh my god,” i say, and i say, “taylor, please, i know i said the singles were bad, but that was only because i believe so much in your potential.” taylor swift levels her eyes at me. kubrick stare. “you’re seriously going to stand there,” she says, “wearing a t-shirt plastered with the cover art for painting with, and you’re going to tell me that my album is bad.” i am crying now. “floridada is a really fun song,” i whisper, through phlegm and tears. taylor swift’s eyes roll back into her head and an ancient voice echoes forth from her throat, intoning in latin: “Vos ipsi deceperunt me, quia novissima hora est.” somehow i die just from that.

I met Joe Alwyn!!!

So, I was walking around my neighbourhood minding my own business, when I went inside a café to have a drink, and there he was!!! He was with a couple of other actors from Operation Finale, paying and getting ready to leave. I decided to approach them and I was so nervous that I started talking to the other actors first, who were all super nice! Then I finally got the courage and approached Joe. He is such a sweet heart! I told him I loved his work on Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk and he thanked me, so I asked him for a picture and he agreed. Then I told him that I was a swiftie and to please say hi to Taylor and to ask her to come here to Argentina. He said he had no idea she had never come here and that he would tell her! I asked him if he was having a good time here and he said he hasn’t been here too long but that yeah, he was having a great time. Then I thanked him for his kindness and left, I didn’t want to bother him or impose on him. He was really kind and smiling all the time, I still cannot believe that I got the chance to meet him!!!!

Also, he is so gorgeous in person! Like, the photos do not make him justice! Now I get what Taylor was singing about (well done girl, well done!!!)
@taylorswift please thank him again for me, will you? :)


those fluttering eyelashes are killing me… and that tiny smile at the end…

the cashier lady at walmart said the pikachu underwear i was buying was cute and i didnt know how to tell her i loved her :^/


I kept my promise and now you will keep yours… we will be happy

For Day 4 of @tazladyweek, Canon Divergence. Don’t get me wrong, I love NO3113 as a member of Team Sweet Flips, but I really want her to be able to go home and chill with her family as well, maybe have some fun being an auntie?

Kagami: That is not what the girl saw, is it?

Adrien: The girl? Marinette? Who is honest and nice and smart and fantastic and never cheats and is a little clumsy and wonderful and tried fencing and did I mention nice and is totally just a friend by the way like she’s obviously my sweet clumsy great friend only totally only an-

Kagami: …………dude.

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Um sorry to bother you but did you see that Jake Boyd posted your art on his Instagram story and pointed out one of the characters is Madelyn (she's French)

he didn’t post it on insta but he retweETED IT AS WELL AS GEORGE AND IM JDHFBJHFSBJDHGJSHDFB!!!!!!!